Monster Musume

Yea cool he didn't splat on the pavement he will just drown instead that's perfectly fine.

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you can't expect suu and papi to think past step one

no more generals

>still the same phoneposter
Let someone else make the thread for once.
But I'll post my waifu anyway

I'm willing to bet he could make it out without drowning unless Suu purposefully keeps him trapped.

There was no reason the last thread should have been deleted

Yes, there was. It was a near duplicate of another thread that had already been nuked. This thread right here is by the very same poster as well, though not an exact duplicate. Not sure if he's ban evading, but to have two threads nuked in a row is certainly not a good sign for him.

The first one was early which was justified. The second was after the old one died so shouldn't have been an issue

Meh, it doesn't really bother me as long as I get to post my spooder.

That's a nice spooder booter

Fuzzy bum is best bum.

It's probably the same fellow reporting both threads just because he doesn't like the phone-poster starting threads. For me, I'm fine with them as long as OP doesn't go around trying to start waifu wars.

If the threads were deleted it was more than likely more than one person reporting.


Shame she's basically the Kobold mine bicycle.

I wan(t) to have Polt put down!


Patiently waiting for that Season 2

Needs me more spooder


No spiders user. They are monsters for wanting to use humans as part of their sexual fetish of bondage.

But what if I want that?

while we wait for season 2, I want an OAV of her abusing the orcs, using her webbing to save people from fires, and getting SHITFACED on coffee and singing karaoke with the rest of the girls in a series of silly adventures as darling is always 2-5 steps behind them in their trail of disaster.

Then all spider-lovers will be kick out of our countries.

Post more fluff.

Nobody can stop me from loving spiders.

Except Billy. He'll purge all the spiders around the world. Whether they're monster girls or insects, all will be gone.

Superior fluff

Billy must have better things to do than to stop a man from loving a beautiful woman.

>kill all spiders
>suddenly an invasion of mosquitoes, flies and other insects

Congrats, retard.

>suddenly surrounded by thousands of mosquito girls who want to "suck" you dry.

Fuckin' just as planned.

>It was a near duplicate of another thread
And the thread before that, and the thread before that, and the thread before that. It's the exact same shit, day in and day out.

>exact same shit
Way to exaggerate like a woman, user.

No, I mean it was literally the same picture, and basically a one or two word difference. I know you're gunning for a (You) though, so I'm not giving you one.


>Manako is crying again

How do you make the tears stop?

Remove Eye

What the fuck did I miss?

Anyway I'll be off to remove birb soon.

Depends on how long you've been gone. Either very little or a few massive shit-storms.

Does she give fuzzjobs?

a couple days.

user, it's his destiny to ruin relationship between a man and spider girls.
Which is why we have bug spray for that issue.

Nothing of note.

I'm going to marry Draco!

I'll support you.

I want to marry a real Dragon. Not the sugar free version.

post cewt newt

Has crab shown what dragons look like in his universe?

Cewtest newt


I don't. Those are crocodile tears, designed to make us sympathetic to our Monoeye oppressors.

I hope they look like Dragons, rather than humans in cosplay.

Draco dressed like a girl is absolutely the cewtest of newts.

So a Ryu-jin is the kind of girl for you?

Translated cewt newt for you.

How do I learn moon quick enough to be able to convince Crabman to make me Draco's homestay?

Every Draco is cewtest

I believe that ship has sailed my friend. Since crab said he likes characters (Draco) who have bad things happen to them.


You can always see if Crab would partner with Bad Dragon to make a Draco pussy fleshlight

I would prefer a western dragon, but chinese dragon a cute as well.

Thar is a newt not a dragon
I kind of hope they look like amazon dragonnewts

>Reminder Ms. Smith is Best Girl.

That's a funny implication to make there user. Shouldn't you state it, rather than imply it?

Then you want Horo

>She has the manners of an aristocrat or noble, but is often lazy and idle. She is also quite prideful and has a tendency to lash out when she feels that pride had been hurt


They should have just said
>perfect for teasing

Would've been shorter

Please refrain from posting feces in these threads in the future

So basically she looks like an armor plated draco.
Im pretty sure they have a saying about bullying dragons....
Besides i would rather her tenderly care for me as her "greatest treasure"

Damn i think i'm in love with this scaly beast

Oh shitposter-kun, where would we be without you?

I'm here to show big girls some love.

Remember Dracofags, Draco is for Orc gangbanging and the rapes.

So are orcs stronger than dragonnewts or did she secretly want the O

But love triumphs over everything. Haven't you ever read Harry Potter?

Honestly, who doesn't want The O?

Yes. Firm, aggressive fuzzjobs.

Get the anti-histamine ready unless you've built up immunity.


Is this imperiums? Looks like his artstyle but slightly different.

It is his, looks like a quick one.

Once she takes their D, she'll go from gay to straight and will forever be addicted to their orgy and become their sex slave.
Nayaa need to make a short doujin of it and maybe show it to Crabman.

>crab enjoys ntr
This has always bothered me. Who wants to bet he has unpublished ntr doujins of each of the girls?

By telling her that I love her and Giving her a hug while holding her hands.

That would make her cry more.


I'm not a Dracofag. I'm the spooder guy, remember?
I'd be hugging her legs 24/7 to get that immunity up.

Monoeyes are working to enslave us, user. Resist her false moe.


Doppel is the Superior Girl


What's wrong if Crabman has a NTR fetish? You think he going to do that on Yukio?

That's not how immunity works. You have to take small doses and then heal and repeat. Your plan just leads to urticating hairs scarring your flesh.

Nah it actually seems like he keeps his NTR stuff totally personal. The manga has been really vanilla I doubt he'd put much if any NTR in the manga itself other than the light amount with cathyl

Wait Crab really does like NTR?

True, but he could get artists to make non-canon doujins of random men or Orcs taking the girls and gangbanging them 24/7.

No he doesn't. There is no evidence to suggest that.

The only evidence is that he bought some monmusu NTR doujins at comiket a while back. He could have just been buying anything monmusu related which seems more likely considering how good at writing vanilla he is.

Yes he does. He mentioned it on twitter when he basically said
>i really loved this cerea ntr doujin! Keep up the good work!

Well, he bought some monster musume ntr doujin, but it was for the sake of fan art
I mean, who buys non official porn of his artwork

>Skin isn't blue

If you reread rachnee's introduction chapter (with the pervy film maker), it comes across as the intro to an ntr doujin. Not sure if that is on purpose or not.

It's true user. The Monoconspiracy works to control our daily lives. Read about it here:

That doesn't sound too bad.
>ywn touch your large breed and they finally feel completely soft against your now immune skin

>ywn go into anaphylactic shock from prolonged exposure to large breed fuzz

I'm starting to like Yukio

Wew lad he thanked a guy for making a doujin of his manga, im sure he loves the fetish displayed in said doujin and he's not just being thankful.

What a stupid sack of shit you are.

Lusting after married girls is NTR enabling, user.

Yukio is objectively best waifu

but you guys are lusting over girls who have their eyes on Main character only

>but I don't have any allergies

I don't.

I want to make Zombina my Zombie Queen!

Reminder that Yukio is a slut that had sex before marriage


>Loving vanilla sex in a monogamous relationship

How dare you?

Does ttf know that crab did a shout out to him in an interview?

>I get a lot of tweets and replies from fans through Twitter. (laughs) There's this one guy who loves Polt, the dog girl character. He was saying that he wants me to include her in stories a lot more, and that he wants to go to the gym with her. So based on this fan's enthusiasm for Polt, I started thinking, ‘Hm. Maybe Polt is a good character, and maybe I should put her out a lot more!’ So that's why I started including Polt more often in some of recent chapters of Monster Musume.

Yeah it's pretty old news,

Ahh. I went away for a while so i wasnt sure

Also like how he says his two favorite girls are miia and rachnee san.

Crab said Cerea was his favorite at AX I thought though.

Crab said he would miss Miia and Rachnee the most if he ended the series, but would want centorea to move in with him so he could play with her boobies.

The "good work" could have been the other pictures at the back of that doujin. Those were honestly the only good parts of it.

Old news man, where have you been?

Huh, an actual measured response. I respect crab for that.

Start of a new semester. The interview is only a month old, please no bully.

If you're caught up on the manga you'd see he got a bigger shout out in chapter 43 with a cameo, the manlet fuck.

Crab favorite girl changes like icecream.

The interview is more recent than the cameo.
I'm pretty sure it has been consistently snek with spooder and horsepussy vying for second.

Tell meeeeee, ogre and ogre and ogre again my friend, that you don't believe, we're on the eve of (pelvic) destruction.

Yeah I saw, based on our tweets and messages I had my suspicions but I'm still surprised/glad we got more Polt. I think she's a great character even if she's not your waifu or anything.

Just popping in to say I finished the TL for 46 and we're still working on getting 45 out soon(TM) I'm really sorry about the delays. Shit has been hectic as I'm sure most of you know.

On a discussion point these last two chapters have really made me like Suu a lot more. She's absurdly cute while she's tripping out on spores. I ended up going with adding "ngo" to the end of Link's dialogue but I tried to do it in a way that made her speech sound a little more clumsy and unsure to fit her character. I'll talk to the proofers about refining it for the final release. Thabks again for the input on that front.


>No cute yukionna to hold hands with

>Picklebina will never tickle and lickle your pickle
Why live?


Can't wait

Nothing to apologize for, you are the man.


Thanks auto correct. Also this is why people proof my script.

Obviously meant "Kino's dialogue"
,,,,, ,, ,

Papi is the kind of girl who will beg you to cum inside her but then 3 months later will be so confused about why her little belly is growing and shy she feels sick in the morning

This always turned me off of pappy. I mean she forgot her own father.

I'm out of the loop here, explain the pickle thing.

But it's why I love Papi. It's easy to trick her and play pranks on her, and it's hard for things to get boring when she has a hard time remembering if she liked it or not. So long as you keep her stimulated during the day she's happy.

Maybe Crabman should commission for a Yukio NTR doujin.

Her embalming fluid is kind of like pickle juice preserving a pickle.

Don't think Papi can actually get pregnant though. We've already seen her lay an egg, except this time it'd be a fertilized one. Now I want to see a cute harpy chick hatch from an egg.

See you're just not cut out for her then.

>Put together a "50 first dates" style scrap book that's easy to read and full of pictures of you and Papi together
>Every morning leave in a place where she'll find it.
>Pick her up while she reads it and remembers all the reasons she fell in love with you in the first place.
>She slowly builds up more and more of a memory about you
>Even though she doesn't need to anymore she reads the scrap book every morning.

That's how you build a relationship with Papi.

Who's to say he hasn't already done so under an alias?

Me too.

Or just don't let her walk.

Doesn't look like a chicken, what is that?

Post best girl

no, his favourite girl always been Cerea
just his fetish has been changing through the years

On it.

>no, his favourite girl always been Cerea

That is, a blatant lie.

also calm down, it's still within two months from today

Compound eyes are best

This kind of owls.

They are.

I'd still do it

Humans > Spiders


Not even close, user. Spiders >>>>>>>> Humans. You even chose worst human to make your point, too.

it almost always has been like that
here's a Cerea pic that's very old
he said something about it in one of his first interviews

not mine tho

One guy who can't stop gherkin it to 'Bina is determined to make it a thing.

user, you know you want to see Yukio having rough sex by a random man or an Orc while her fiance stands and watch.

>That is, a blatant lie.
Then finding and posting counter examples should be easy.

>Lala in a teacher's outfit.
She knows my weakness.

I cant look at horses the same because of her...

Not yours but I approve.

Guys what if Miia was able to wa

Heh, the top reads "Happy New year"
But the small writing attached below each character makes it "Ahhhh I want to grope some centaur boobs".

Honestly even though crab claims to be a boob man he draws way better asses in my opinion.

Where is that from?

>YWN take Lala-sensei's biology lessons

Sweet baby Jesus

She ranks near the top of the cast in terms of exposure despite being hated by the casual masses. Why else would that be the case?

Actually yeah where is this from?
I've never seen it before and it looks a lot like officially art.

> 2 AM

You say that now, but your tune will change after Crab gives us Polt's pups frolicking in the nude while two rows of tiny, yet perky, nipples peek coyly out of the fur on her abdomen.

If all the monster girl's were teachers, what school subjects would each of the girls teach?

Kii has Botany for sure.

If it's not official, it's a good edit.

Her face is from the afterlife.

Just follow the rules and you'll be fine.

Even if it's an edit, it's still great.

user, horse pussy is heresy. Listen to father.

Yeah that's a damn good edit.

Polt would teach Gym, easy enough answer.

his asses and thighs are very distinguishable

I tried watching Rohirrim Charge from lotr, and I couldn't disconnect it from her.

Or business finance and management.

Why are spiders in sweaters so perfect?
That just reminded me that we've yet to see Tara in a sweater

Drawfags pls

>Hated by the casual masses
Gonna need some proof here outside of the shitposting that two or three Anons perpetuate here, buddy.

user, she's the type of girl that will bring good sweets.

She thinks of difficult people as challenges. She's not worthy of a relationship like Tara and Rachnee are.

>She hiss at penis

>worst human

I'm sorry, but that's not the racist

I can see her teaching both.

only if it's not darling's

but she's racist
she thinks that monstergirls are a problem, that's why darling refuses her request to get back Rachne

What if he was porking one of the other girls, and she walked on them? Would she angrily hiss at it then?

Monster girls hate hairy men. It's time to shave, becoming smooth and hairless for your waifu.

Don't worry user, sooner or later, she'll make a return and will convince Rachnera to return home with her.
She's fill with determination.

Not that user, but that's a pretty big stretch. I mean she's a shit character for sure, but she may just treat everyone like that, and not just monster girls. Calling her racist is a little bit far afield.

oh, she would beat the crap out of darling,
while hissing

>giga nigga
>darling in miia's fantasy
Yeah, no

Oh, and she plays meme games. That's another strike against her.

>monster girls who are afraid of what the society will say about their bodies dislikes a simple physical feature of their love interest
nah, don't think so

>Monster girls can't have preferences, even if they'll accept whatever they can get
You know they are still at least part human.

Zombina is the Superior Girl

people can be hypocrites user

The only girls shown to prefer hairless girly men are the ones who cheat

then they deserve if a lot of people rejects them

Forgot about the boss

I miss our drawfags

Thats what happens when you shun them because the work they create for us you consider "autistic"

>Someone should be judged based on their preferences even if they don't act on it

Centaur Baseball League
Instead of bats, they swing around their huge asses.

>A handful of shitposting Anons who bash literally everyone in the thread, including the threads themselves, drive people away
>'''You''' people shunned them!
I mean really now. It couldn't be helped.


Isn't that "I am best girl" part implying she's a loli. Forgive me if I'm wrong. I'm still a beginner.

Well when I say you i dont mean necessarily YOU user. Im referring exactly to those people

Come on, the bikecop universe was the most creative and interesting and fun thing to come out of these threads.

She's a shit tier waifu. Don't try to convince us that she's good.

Which girl is the best at kissing?
And why is it Miia?

Mama Miia is better

You're not wrong, but there were more implications in your post

>a lamia with Rach-grade tits

No girl would be as passionate.

Traditional Lamian Snex

Crabman could end up making Ren a good girl if he decides to use her again. Like I said, she may get that Rachnera soon. No matter how many times she fails, she'll come back better than before.
A girl with determination is the best waifu.

[X] Delicious brown skin
[X] Delicious /fit/ stomach
[X] Delicious strong legs
Runbirb is the best birb.

I want to marry this snake.

user, human lolis aren't for love. They'll use their sweets to lure you into a relationship so they can steal your money.

Red slime > Black slime

>ywn watch cartoons with your monster children every weekend

I want to mating press Draco consensually.

> Polt loves TTF maymay

Mating press implies you are a man. Consentually implies you are a woman. I can't make sense of this contradiction.

Throw in some leglocking, and we're golden

stop destroying my fantasies

also back-scratching

user's a trap then

And thus, my holy trinity is complete

Some kind of she-male woman-beast would make sense. Thank you for clearing that up.

>Polt loves TTF maymay
It's more like pic related, though.

Its sadly true.

Imagine a chocolate harem of cyclops, elder devil, eel mermaid, land animal harpy, mummy, and hexa arms

Id take the eel. Free heavenly massages. And her body produces free lube you can sell.

>hexa arms
Not a chocolate Hecatoncheires
Pleb detected

What if Kiira's back underneath her bee abdomen is hyper sensitive.
I want to run my fingers down her back and watch her turn into putty in my hands

>a complete harem of elder devils


ah crap
I wish I could see her doing more daily stuff in the manga
as a teacher, she would sucks but the male students would be behind her

I want to brush Tara's fuzz to the point where she begins to fall asleep.

user why are you being chocoholic?

I want to get injured by Tara and get her deported

Get her contactlense, so wind and dust don't effect her eye anymore.

No. You hide your injuries and live with them, you do if for her. You soon grow an immunity.

>tfw no stronk six armed hug

>get her deported
My nigga.
Always knew large breeds are dangerous and should stay at their homeland.

Well with that attitude I wouldn't be surprised if she hurt you.

I want an elf to come live at my home as part of the program.

My nigga, We sub 70 IQ mutha fuckas. got to stick together,

>Delicious brown
>Fashionable tattoos
>Thighs like tree trunks
>Six beefy arms
>Ample chest
Why can't she be real, Anons?

Kino goes to live with Kii in the forest when?

I want to caress her frills and watch her orgasm from it.

Because if she exist, the new who will as well.

> You will never make all these character hate you

That's the way to do it. Good job user.

>> You will never make all these character hate you
Try discriminating them.

What if MonMusus become a target for poachers?

So murderers?

Kino a cute!!!

>brown skin
Pick one, and only one.

I want to do shrooms with that shroom.


Doppelposter would beg to differ

I want to cuddle with the shroom and read a nice book with her. I wonder what sort of artistic skills she has if any at all. Painting with Kino would be cute.

What a fag

Would you nibble on her cap? I bet the texture is soft.

Reposting this from last thread:

It'll kill you

Nibbling does not necessarily mean imbibing.

Kino is a warm-hearted girl, is that all you'd do to make her feel loved?

>Snek comfortably napping, can see head closer to the camera poking up against the side of the box
>Uncoils underneath itself to hiss at the guy
I still love the little lunge at the end. Snek doesn't want anyone fucking with her eggs.

>Loving a mushroom
user, be honest. You want her to use her spores on you to get high.

No, I that is just for starters user. I would love to hold her hands and tell her I love her and make love to her in a middle of a fairy ring within a meadow

Snek needs to take a chill pill.

apparently you don't have any appreciation for mycology.
Kino is a sweet cute girl.

which monstergirl would bear the healthiest children with better genes?

I want to boop Miia's nose.


At least post her picture while you're at it man.

She infected everyone with her spores. That mushroom needs to be deported before she drugs more people.

needs more hip

thats probably not the correct measure
more burned with cleansing fire .

The Kimihito household is a well known den of illicit drug use, user. Suu makes Crystal Meth as a biological byproduct of her metabolism. Papi abducted kino for each of other girls to get a new high

I want to papi Papi's papis, if you know what I'm saying.

>Suu makes Crystal Meth as a biological byproduct of her metabolism.

Because you touch yourself at night.

>Suu makes Crystal Meth as a biological byproduct of her metabolism
How do you remember this amount of shitposting to make it relevant again later?

>Rohirrim Charge
Wasn't that battering ram Grond not Gronk. Or are you thinking of the witch-kings mount?

Al the (You)s people give it make effort worthwhile. If only people had staved it to death when it first appeared.

>Two responses
>All the (You)'s
I hope you got way more last time, because that's a mighty small haul.

pure vomit.

God damn it, Anons. I wasn't here for week and everything is still same here. I want some new content from you guys.

Neither seeing nor hearing it, mate.

Because if she was real, then she would be fucking Chad instead of you.

>Where do you think we are.jpg

Count up all the replies to the same phrases posted in thread after thread. It's an asshole, but it's a very productive asshole. I blame the rest of us for constantly feeding it.

Post any Zombina pictures you'd like to see humanized and I'll deliver in a couple of hours
Either that or I pick one from my collection and upload in a couple of hours - just thought I'd give anyone a chance to pick their own
Does like 5 human Zombina pictures count?

To be honest, neither her or her wife lived with him. She probably seen him far less over her life than she seen darling over the series.


>Does like 5 human Zombina pictures count?
I guess so.

Psst... Hey, you, are you interested in some oppai Manako?

That depends on the quality, user.

Oh great. You were pandering to a Jojofag.

Is it something wrong?

>Loen will literally never compile all of these doodles into one place
I mean his Imgur/Pixiv/etc. are a decent source for most of them, but ones like this he does on the fly never seem to get placed there.

i spilled spot remover on my dog and now he's gone.

What was his name? I'll help you find him.


Only the finest for my customers


Is my Welsh/Tarafaggotry new enough for you?
Damn how long have I been at it now?

Not long enough. There is never too much Fuzz


>her neck is exposed

On my phone running down the street yelling Spotty Paul Ray. I'm not getting anything.

i will go full on OPERATOR AS FUCK on poachers trying to steal my MonMusus.

Did you check the alleyways

Got it, I'll step up my game. It won't be easy, there's next to no art of her online.

There's no alleyways in my neighborhood, Wait a cat has come up to me and there's a butterfly hovering about twenty feet away. Does that help?

Have you praised Crabman today?

Is the butterfly yellow?


One kek
I'll do some actual edits later though, just did this because of it taking a literal minute

For the life of me I can't remember the name of that show


I praise him everyday for him to have his fans forget that Kitsune so see can be the new who.

Meant to say "she".


You can't cuddle her in bed without either drowning or getting soaking wet bed sheets, though


Got it from a previous monmusu thread, unless someone has the original that's all I got

>Got it from a previous monmusu thread
>non unix timestamp filename
no you didn't

>not making one yourself

Then make your own

>not making one for yourself

Do you even care for her?

She is my favorite but the other girls are pretty good too.

>keeping the original filenames
I change them when I download them, so yes, I did.

Autism at its finest

>He says while feeding even more (You)s

Good try.

Calling out autism is autism? Is this an autism inception?Are you the certifiable autist or am I? I don't remember being diagnosed but that could be my autism.

I want a monsterman

>you will never recover from an exhausting day by soaking in a tub full of your warm waifu, Suu.


I got you senpai.

I don't get it.

I just want a full body simultaneous massage. It could be in a bath tub, a kiddie pool, or in bed.

Personality types

Boy Papi needs to be more colorful

when was it all about the (You)s?
Just to be clear you are not calling out autism, user(s)? You are simply just getting triggered ,user, so back to tumblr you go.

Unexpected but alright.
How accurate is this, exactly?


There your issue, you spelled it wrong

not very accurate at all.

>Ywn show suu your amazing quints
>Ywa get one off

Never mind 40 lb. boxes, that's some stacked up gaylords full of rape.

Who are you quoting?

>I'll never be a cute girl and get ravaged in a monsterboy orgy

baka desu senpai


He leveled up just now, and learned a new trick. How to reply without feeding a (You). Just let him enjoy his new skill for a post.






I can see the snek ahegao, stop holding on us nayaa

Nothing like a good pillow fight at the end of the day.

Mama Miia.

Poor Kurusu just can't catch a break. Nice drawing, thanks for sharing.

Is best girl

Smug slime is cute.

If only Kimihito has the balls to reject them or friendzone them.

You're damn right she is.

Keep it up, looks great

dude there are like 3000 horses there.

>Snakes' hemipenes allow for double penetration
>Horsecock will puncture Darling-chan's insides
>Bird's corkscrew penis will too
>Merman will wait for Darling-chan to lay her eggs and then bukakke over them
>Spider will fap into his hand and stick it up Darling-chan's vagina
>Suu is genderfluid, so no change there
mr. Smith is the best husbando.

So she legit is a mantago? Or is it mandingo?

Eso eh cosa del mandinga

A best.

You replied to a post with Miia as the only mon musume in it, no wonder I was lost.
See if you can find some episodes of "Mr. Ed" that should put you off horses for a while.

>anime hugo weaving
Would redeem that abomination

If i don't hold on, i don't know if i could stop

Matango as in


*holding out

Picture what the mon men would be like. Papi's mom is the chief.


>Papi's mom is a tough-as-nails police chief that likes shotas

Worst and annoying waifu.

Is that some bleed through or got a bad eraser?
Will you try to clean it up some?

I guess all the ones I could ask are from the Cici chapter and they need coloring and stuff, bummer

no Zombina/Cici 'I think I actually like girls too' in the spur of the moment content yet, it hurts

I made a human version of this a while ago but deleted it after posting (like an idiot)
I sent it to a friend though, so if I can dig it up I'll post it, otherwise I could always remake it when it gets colored



You know, if she falls apart all the time, why does she even need to change out the preservative? Sounds like she'd just lose it all after she loses an arm or vagina or something.

>but deleted it after posting (like an idiot)
for what purpose

Didn't Cici slice her to pieces just before that?




I honestly don't even remember, possibly did it on accident, since I think I cleaned my desktop up before going to sleep right after, and deleted a bunch of screenshots/random bullshit
I'd imagine she falls apart like once a week, or less even, depending on the situation (like when MON couldn't work after the hospital incident)
And she could start decaying within days without it, so it's still necessary.
This too, wasn't as much of a case of her falling apart, as it was getting sliced into pieces (which again shouldn't happen very often)


I see what you did there you sneaky bugger.

You know, if it meant I could live forever, I would probably do the whole patchwork zombie thing myself.


Maybe, but smug slime can also be pretty dangerous.

Suu is the true monster.

Suu is the cutest


That's a little harsh. It's mostly the nose that's the problem. It's still a pretty solid pretty if you ignore the nose.

not really
even the nose isn't that bad. I dont see anything wrong with it.

And a rapist that everyone hates.

Find me literally a single shot of Suu with a nose in the manga, and I'll drop the claim. It looks completely out of place, and does actually make the image worse to me.

Scratch this, I just forgot she has a super tiny indent for a nose since it doesn't show up in every panel for her. Been a while since she's been focused on in a chapter too.

I still don't like the nose, but I guess she does have a small one.

She's a slime. I dont care if she doesn't have a nose in the manga, its fine for the picture. Certainly not worth getting worked up over.

generals will only get more and more common

such is the future of nuchan

Technically, every thread is a general because it unites under a general topic. It's when it deviates from that topic that shit tends to happen.

But that would be meta discussion, which is even worse.

>Technically, every thread is a general because it unites under a general topic.
That's basically sophistry. You know what he meant by a general, don't try to twist the definition to suit your needs.

Most of these generals don't really need to be up 24/7 anyways. I'm not really sure what can be done about it though outside of making an anime general board though, and I really don't think that would be the right route to go.

i torn on general
while I like how it spurns OC, and translation efforts
I feel sometimes they become too insular and disconnected from the rest of the board

Pointless semantics and you know it.

reminds of that video of that girl masturbating over a can of spaghetti-ohs and people calling it high art.

My point on meta still stands.

I suppose that's why you're still engaging in it.

Well good luck on your crusade.

I love that rapist though.

Yes she is. I don't agree with the nose but the colors are great.

Would you entertain a shot of Suu?

Reminds me of the generalfag who tried to argue all discussion ever is "technically general" to avoid admitting he's part of the new wave of canverous posters killing Cred Forums

I want to clip Papi's wings.

What is a canverous poster, oh perfect old fag?

>I'll just negate all comments to me via crude analogies, and imply anyone doing the same thing as me is somehow worse than me
What a fantastic contributor. I bet you're great at debates.
>Well good luck on your crusade.
>A single post agreeing that generals can get a little out of hand on Cred Forums is a crusade
Alrighty then.

>I'm not really sure what can be done about it though outside of making an anime general board though, and I really don't think that would be the right route to go.
Hiroshimoot could instruct jans and mods to sit back and allow old fashioned self moderation whenever they think a thread is a general.

>A single post agreeing that generals can get a little out of hand on Cred Forums is a crusade
I can pretend to be a fairy princess but we both know I'm 5'11" with long brown hair and a beard. One of us is being more honest than the other.

>Would you entertain a shot of Suu?
What could possible go wrong?

I actually don't really mind this route. Mods enforcing board culture is a bit broad afield as is. At best it falls under GR6, but even that's a little loose.
Please point where I made more than a single post in this thread. You can't, because I haven't.

i dun get it

What would happen if I drank her in that state?

Yeah it's him. Because he doesn't try to call all discussion ever "technically general" so he doesn't feel as cancerous as he is.

It's an acute angle

Its an acute angle.

Acute. Miia is acute.

One of two routes:
>You digest her, slowly
>She worms her way through your system, coming out one route or another
I don't like either of them. I would strongly prefer to not drink Suu.

Only one way to find out. If you live, let us know how it went.

You become a permanent futa

>You can't, because I haven't.
Then please trip so I can filter you. I recommend General_Crusader_Faggot.

So you grow tits?

This was literally the first post I made regarding the general discussion at all. It was pretty much only in response to the other person who brought up generals at all. You're free to continue your line of thought as you please though.

And a vageegee

Stonking great tits.

Gaze into them and know love

>Loving a rapist
user, why the shit-taste? You should have went with Mero or Lala.

You're still not tripping so I can filter you. I don't know what you get about arguing about not being a faggot but you are still a faggot and need to be filtered. Please trip.

Mero is a cuck and who is the other girl you mentioned? Suu Is vastly better than both of them.

did anyone get this?
I know that it is a special anthology, but seems it's only beign sold in Japan and I think that Seven Seas didn't said anything about it



Damn user, never watch the anime or at least continuing the manga?


>/ss/ anthology
Oh boy, here we go

My girl does it better.

I want to go to the park with Rachnee.

No, but I got THIS
*unzips dick*

Why do I enjoy this garbage so much?


I want to spray her with raid until she dies

Thanks for the (You)

Poor Lala is 0 for 2 in the Chuunilympics.


good thing I have my trusty p226 to defend myself from people like (you)

Of course you do.

I want Cerea to finish the job she started and get rid of her

Where's that Billy and Rachnera edit?

It gets attention.

Her mistake was that she didn't kick hard enough.

You don't want it. It was sub-par.

her mistake was not finishing her.

>I will never coat that cleavage with my semen


>print it out
>jerk off onto it

It's never too late to fix that problem.

Not the same pham.

Still want it. We need Billy to protect us from the Rachnera, Tara, and the spider race.

I love Rach-nee and Cerea, and there's nothing anyone can say to change my mind.

You should have realized this when you signed on for a 2D waifu. She's always going to be 2D. ALWAYS.

From the creator himself

It was so bad that I saw it and intentionally decided not to save it.

But it's not fair


Some folks are just way too cavalier about losing out on being the meat in a sporse sandwich. Remember that Suu's read their minds repeatedly. She knows what the wedding night would be like.

Her mistake is that she only kicked once. She should have kept going.

what if I told you they are ripping you off?

You want her to just curbstomp Rach? I can get behind this.

Have all the Rachnera-fags gone extinct?

My dick? All worth the Spider and Centaur brood.
Suu knows.

>hating on Rachnera
Can do

>tfw no more bee in skirt because of cunt spider



As expected of a spiderfag.


Rach is pretty shit and what's worse is that she never faces the consequences of her actions since crab favors her.

No. They're just getting better at ignoring shit.

Take heart in the fact that there are brothers here that feel your pain. We are all of the same cut of cloth. I feel for you.

Crab favors Cerea, actually

I converted to Tara about 3 months ago.

He does in America at least. Who can know the private thoughts of a man?

>Who can know the private thoughts of a man?

>Rach is pretty shit
You are wrong, Sir, but you can have an opinion.

Good point.

Not when it comes to writing. We are constantly reminded how good and great she is supposed to be.

Like in the recent Miia chapter. Smartest, most capable. Tells Miia to stop being lazy despite her being no better. There's also the you never hurt me panel from way back.

It's bad writing. The series is full of it too.

Appreciate it user.
Shame on you.
Maybe ask a drawfag to make a better version.

>Who can know the private thoughts of a man?
The Shadow, but he belongs on a different board, so Suu.



>Maybe ask a drawfag to make a better version.
I rarely respond to drawfags because if I wanted them to draw for me I would pay them.

Guess Lala is the winner.

> Not one pegging
Complete shit

They get money from Cred Forums?
Since when?!

Futa Tio or Cerea. Get creative.

get this reddit bullshit out of here. we already went over why this was a shit list when you posted it there too.

Since I had a paypal account.

>admitting to going on plebbit

You can fuck off with him.

no, like the spider in your room you don't know about, I be lurkin.

What's wrong with her hand? The picture is nice for the most part, but the stretched out hand kinda ruins it.

I thought drawfags here do arts for free.

They do. But why wouldn't they accept money for what they were already doing? Why should I hope to be the pebble picked out of the bucket to maybe get a drawing of vaguely what I want when I can give a detailed and exact description of what I want with critique and share it with you fellows?

A lot do, but people like Imperium who draw really good requests get paid (at least I think he gets paid) on patreon

I think these threads need new blood.

Good point and thanks for the info.

No. It needs old blood.

Damn already? How come he never linked it sometimes in case any of us want to support him?

>You will never operate with your waifu

Nope. We've already got enough redditors, facebook users, and people that need to lurk more.

What we need is no more threads.

you cant fool anti-general fag

In the case he does - he probably doesn't want to shill himself and make anyone pissy.
He has a twitter you can follow though in case you miss anything @ALoneGreyKnight

This threads are nothing but that. Try and stop them.

He's right you know , I'm going to go and bring some new people here so hold on ill be back .

Thanks for sharing this, user.