Is Koe no Katachi failed? What's the review?

Is Koe no Katachi failed? What's the review?

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It was pretty nice.


8/10, doesn't compare to the 10/10 which is Kimi no na wa

is doesn't matter it's kyoani so it's going to sell

I'm very worrying about it. I like KnK very much, so if the movie failed, i'm gonna die

Yamada on suicidewatch

>Kimi no Generic Flick

Why do Japanese cartoon enthusiasts have such low standards?

順位 販売数 座席数 回数 館数 先週比 映画(作品名)
*1 168847 413169 1121 218 *84.6% 君の名は。
*2 *58286 100403 *377 102 ****** 映画 聲の形
*3 *35920 205696 *898 228 ****** 怒り
*4 *30669 160355 *892 238 *48.0% スーサイド・スクワッド
*5 *30555 138291 *824 217 *62.9% 四月は君の嘘
*6 *24810 *69000 *455 233 *70.9% シン・ゴジラ
*7 *22572 114772 *729 207 *52.0% 超高速!参勤交代 リターンズ
*8 *16920 166925 *956 238 ****** BFG ビッグ・フレンドリー・ジャイアント
*9 *10235 *51870 *349 234 *51.3% ペット
10 **7538 *65539 *467 223 *38.9% キング・オブ・エジプト
11 **7429 *64165 *489 225 *47.1% 後妻業の女
12 **6831 *38716 *303 209 *56.8% 青空エール
13 **4232 *68981 *446 103 ****** レッドタートル ある島の物語
14 **3904 *20058 *150 172 *46.0% グランド・イリュージョン 見破られたトリック
15 **3150 *30043 *213 208 *53.2% ファインディング・ドリー
16 **2801 *23887 *174 180 *49.3% ONE PIECE FILM GOLD
17 **2303 *28394 *190 212 *39.4% ジャングル・ブック
18 **1839 **3654 **34 *34 ****** VAMPS LIVE 2016 ライブビューイング
19 **1722 **7120 **37 *19 *24.4% 弱虫ペダル SPARE BIKE
20 **1647 *10770 **67 *95 *40.5% 傷物語 Ⅱ 熱血篇
21 **1428 *36705 *217 227 *62.6% ルドルフとイッパイアッテナ
22 **1227 **2028 **11 *10 *82.8% planetarian 星の人
23 ***971 **8397 **65 143 *17.9% ゴーストバスターズ
24 ***638 **8007 **59 *97 *25.0% ミュータント・ニンジャ・タートルズ 影(シャドウズ)

Damn knk is flopping hard.


100m predicted gross for the weekend. That's flop status.

Goodbye KyoAni.

i cannot read

58286 tickets sold.

>Make best animated movie since Shoushitsu
>It flops in Japan
Will Japan ever fix their shit taste?

Will the 2020 Olympics finally fix everything?

Kimi no na wa didn't flop.

What is the typical opening weekend percentage of ticket sales compared to overall gross?

At least it's not flopping as hard as Kizu p2. Actually if Kimi no na wa didn't exist, knk would be ranked first right now. Just how exactly did shinkai manage such amazing feat? His movie is turning into a cultural phenomenon in Japan.

It seems to be getting pretty positive initial reviews.

I'm hype.

>is failed

Your education is failed.

Its a Classic.

A classic flop.

Too much tracing

Nobody here saw it so I'm not sure why you're asking

Shinkai did and he tells its AOTY

>Keit Ai
Shown in 300 cinemas
Shown in every japanese school

Hopefully this muted response means the crossboarder cancer that left after the Thaifag dump threads stopped won't come back

It wasn't yuri. Hibike S2 will redeem Kyoani though.


>*2 *58286 100403 *377 102 ****** 映画 聲の形
KyoAni is finished.

>dat Yamada

>sells less than Free - High Speed
>Only 58% of the 100k places sold
That's a failure right here.

Not really. It's only Saturday, and Free sold 67,829 tickets for 95,546,400 yen over the weekend. Perhaps KnK will reach 100,000 tickets.

Free: First Weekend: 95.5 million yen
Free: Gross: around 680 million yen (factor 7).

Rebellion: 271,279 tickets and 400 million yen opening; 2,000 million yen gross (factor 5).

It will be between the two, probably.

Maybe people watching it know the manga ended with the biggest blueballing ever.

It's not Starting Days tiers of flop but it certainly doesn't hold a candle to Your Name's sales (duh).

Probably will end up as a very modest success financially.

Its the second grossing anime currently screening, losing only to kimi no na wa.

Can't believe you did. Now fuck off.

>Only 100k seats
Jesus Christ Shochiku get your shit together.

Meh, I'll just wait for Crunchyroll-news or AnimeNewsNetwork to tell me what Yaraon or whatever nip site cares about tracking the sales for it if it's doing well or not before I decide to pretend whether I'm either a GodAni-worshipper or a KyoAnus-hater in the KyoAni-studiowars of Fall 2016.

It's the second grossing film currently screening.

What's wrong with thos board. THIS IS LOW ENERGY SHITPOSTING.I demand only high energy shitposts.

Seem will do better than Kokosake, maybe best Kyoani film?

Shitposters and plebs here are really just uneducated people, so they can't read simple data

Give it some time. Soon the Amerigringos will wake up, stop doing their gringo-things like having fun playing video games, and then they'll come to Cred Forums to shitpost for fun.

Currently we're at 74117 tickets. If we assume each is 1300 yen that's about 100m yen today so far. Based on your numbers I'm comfortable estimating a gross of about a billion yen or so, which is honestly around where I expected the movie to be.

Are they watching a mute film?

Because pretty graphics > good story

I read the one-shot for this and loved it, I read the first few chapters of the full manga and thought it was good too but I sorta forgot about it and then I saw people saying it went to absolute crap over some movie making arc. I've kept up a little bit on this movie from the threads here, and I wanna know: should I watch this if I'm hoping for stuff more like the one-shot or the earlier stages of the manga, or will I be disappointed?

Also, I'm a shameful sorta-newfag, how should I watch it? Will torrents already be up or am I gonna be waiting?

You first, Cred Forums

It will take a while before this gets torrents.

Just hope your country gets this release in theater.

At least 6 months until the BD gets ripped

>or will I be disappointed?

Depends on how you feel about the latter part of the story, fyi the movie plot wasn't adapted into the movie. And I suggest forming your own opinions on the high school arc.

As the movie was just released to general audiences today, I don't see how you expect a torrent of the movie. You're either going to have to wait for a disc release, a camrip or write your local indie theater and ask them to screen the movie.

Rank #1
Tickets Sold 168847
Total Seats 413169
Times (Screened?) 1121
Number of Houses 218
Compared to Last Week 84.6%
Movie Kimi no Na wa

Rank #2
Tickets Sold 58286
Total Seats 100403
Times (Screened?) 377
Number of Houses 102
Compared to Last Week -
Movie Koe no Katachi the Movie

Those who are saying it's flopping, are you genuinely stupid or just pretending you're stupid?

It's a flop because there's a movie doing better than it, obviously.

Oh look it's this thread again.

Every day until we like it until the start of 2017.

Oh god kyofags doing their hardest in damage control.

I can't read thet

Our girl looks so tired she's been working on so much recently.

I don't know where that is from, but this a guess: Does the number of seats equal to the total seats of each house multiplied by the amount of screening times?

So, say, KnK is being shown on 102 places, for a total of 377 times, and all of these had a total of 100.403 seats?
That looks weirdly wrong if you do the math, so why do they show these numbers?

Still a qt

The correct meme is
>how do i read tis
No question mark. That is important.

Will KyoAni ever recover?

She should take a week's break to rest up before starting work on Hibike 2

You're a retard.

Weekend Forecast (09/17-18)

01 (01) ¥964,000,000 ($9.5 million), -15%, ¥8,300,000,000 ($80.9 million), Your Name. (Toho) Week 4
02 (02) ¥207,000,000 ($2.0 million), -47%, ¥900,000,000 ($8.8 million), Suicide Squad (Warner Bros.) Week 2
03 (---) ¥200,000,000 ($1.9 million), 0, ¥200,000,000 ($1.9 million), A Silent Voice (Shochiku) NEW
04 (---) ¥180,000,000 ($1.8 million), 0, ¥180,000,000 ($1.8 million), Rage (Toho) NEW
05 (04) ¥154,000,000 ($1.5 million), -29%, ¥6,900,000,000 ($66.9 million), Shin Godzilla (Toho) Week 8

Kimi no Na wa 5th WKND 4 times better than Koe no Katachi opening WKND.

GodAni always finds a way my friend

>A Silent Voice is only playing at 120 locations, but its pre-sales are very impressive (~27% of its available tickets). It'll be limited in what it can do over the weekend due to its screen count, but a potential second place debut with ¥200 million, or more, is looking pretty reasonable right now.

KnK is just a filler till VEG anyway.

You're stupid.

And you're also a retard, and a worse kind of retard than

KnK flop confirmed

From what?

From being the Free! studio.


Honestly you've got decent source material and a good team working on it. All you have to do is pick a release date that gives it the best chance of success, and they choose to release it a few weeks after the greatest cinematic achievement in anime history. It's like they want to fail.

Makoto Shinkai approves.

To be fair this opening even better than any movie they did except Keion and they fixed the release date even before knowing what a mega hit your Name was going to be. I mean Shinkai's latest movie grossed less than Chu2Koi's recap movie.

I'm sure the sales will do fine ultimately, and then we can all have fun pretending to have always been KyoAni-worshippers.

>tfw have to put up with terrible memes for at least 6 months before we can all actually watch it and discuss it

And then it will be terrible memes for 3 months before interest has died off enough that real discussion for it can happen.

Problem with KnK its pessimistic movie about bullying and redemption, not exactly the most attractive material. Most people would preffere to watch an easy entertaining summer flick which is Kimi Namae or even stupid action like Suicide Squad.

How good the movie doesnt matter here. Even if perfect version of Oyasumi Punpun would air suddenly, it`d likely be highly praised by critics and flop in theatres.

#聲の形 #君の名は よりもスキ(๑• •๑) #硝子 #しょうちゃん #かわいい #好みのタイプ #誰もいなくなっていい人なんていない #誰かにとっては都合が悪くても…

How can a story about redemption be pessimistic?

Redemption isnt easy.

Damn it, Yamakan is tweeting/blogposting every 2 hours but not a word about KimiNoNamae and KnK.

Maybe in the tomorrows interview together with Gainax guy on topic "anime is dead" will say something.

In before Anthem of the Heart did better than Koe no Katachi.

It isn't a pessimistic story so much as the optimism only comes after a lot of hardship.

Wait who in their right minds would think KnK would be a hit let alone sell more than Free movie which had a fanbase? Why do people always put their feelings ahead of logic.

So Grave of the Fireflies is an optimistic story too?


>KnK, a manga adaptation, has no fanbase

I don't know, is it? KnK has an optimistic message, there's just a lot of suffering to get there. If Grave of the Fireflies is the same, then I guess so.

KnK actually have more potential to be hit than Free! since free is fujoshi niche title, meanwhile KnK is a mainstream appeal, critically recognized story (and already has greater exposure than Free! through media).

In fact, many Japanese personalities now suddenly discuss "New Age of Anime"/"Anime Reviwal" thanks to this year bringing Anthem of the Heart/Kimi no Namae/Koe no Katachi which in their eyes elevate anime over the typical otaku oriented stuff. Litterally: "anime greaw up to tell new stories".

I bet she just whored herself up.

A new wave of high school feelsbait. Lucky us.

Call me when the revival involves something other than the generic romcoms.

I saw this and kimi no ma wa today.
I can't determine which is better.
Pretty nice

I agree with you. Essentially they praise same stories they can see in dozens in Japanese dorama TV shows and movies already.

There is no point in anime copying other media. Then again, more mainstream appeal is positive in general. Its not like its the only stuff produced or would negatively shape the rest of anime.

But best anime are anime stories only anime can tell.

Revival=Moving away from otaku audience which is considered "death of anime" by critics

>Koe no Katachi

This seems to be the general consensus I've read from people that have seen both. They're both good, but in different ways.

Now that Yamakan got fired again, from Ordet and Wug - he is free, so KyoAni should hire him for S2 of Lucky Star parodying current KyoAni shows.

i mean, high school teen drama

In European cinemas, Shoko will be replaced with chocolate skinned refugee wearing hidjab and called Shaula

>>Cred Forums

>Why do Japanese cartoon enthusiasts have such low standards?
I thought Kimi no keit-ai was popular with japanese normies mostly.

and yuropoors will turn Ishida into a blonde haired blue eyed nu male filled of white guilt.

He's dead already, it's time to let go of him

Yamada is Shinkai's waifu

So how many people want their penis inside her?

Can people stop shilling this overproduced garbage which only get good press because of paid reviews.

>I haven't watched the TV series
Truly a pleb.

and hundreds of thousands of otaku

You can't stop me from shilling Your Name, faggot.

Make a Idol Anime KyoAni/10.

>Shinkai said Koe no Katachi is a work you want to replicate but can't
>Makoto Yukimura(Vinland Saga) loves Hibike Euphonium
>Toshiyuki Inoue said K-On is the pinnacle of animation

he should be thanking the original mangaka.

Camrips where?

Thread neesd more shitposting about flop, Kyoani, awful animation and CG.

>*1 168847 413169 1121 218 *84.6% 君の名は。
>Kimi no Na wa. in 1st for 4 weeks
>*2 *58286 100403 *377 102 ****** 映画 聲の形
>Koe no Floptachi premiering in 2nd

B-bu-but! Kyoani is playing in all schools! Please ignore the fact that people are forced to watch it rather than want to.

>Kyoani is playing in all schools

>new generation is going to grow up learning about kindness and compassion

Kyoani is literally saving Japan

This forced Knk vs Kimo no Na wa flame war is probably the worst thing to happen on Cred Forums all year. Both of these movies are excellent, but you fags have to ruin everything as usual. Keep your sales and revenue autism contained in stalker threads.

>Shinkai and Hosoda likes Kyoani works.
>Cred Forums keep using them for shitposting.

Did Hosoda watch it yet?

>that cute obaa-san laugh at 10:15

Okada should write script for Rumiko Takahashi anime directed by Yamada with Yoko Kanno ost.

Oh its only a problem when it happens to kyoani. But when kyoshitters call Kizu a flop there is no problem.

See, now we realize why forced studio wars is shit regardless of what studio or anime you like.

>Just got out of A Silent Voice. First movie since I came to Japan where I could hear almost everyone talking shit about it afterwards

>it legit has pacing and directorial issues, sadly.

It's over, Yamada is finished.

>Shinkai and Hosoda likes Kyoani works.

Shinkai, the guy who think Kabanari is amazing.

>Oh its only a problem when it happens to kyoani. But when kyoshitters call Kizu a flop there is no problem.

Come one, come all, it's the amazing straw man!


I love both studios and ill probably love both anime. But its obvious that kyoani fans did this to themselves. The same thing happened when the poll showed madhouse destroying kyoani.

I don't know why we can't just enjoy anime for what it is. I'm guessing its the political season that is getting us all flustered.

>Serious problems with pacing, music, casting. Friend described it as a desecration of the source material.
>I don't know if I'd go that far but it definitely had serious problems. Very plodding, big scenes didn't hit.

This is sad to hear but isn't so surprising.

>filthy gaijin
He probably couldn't even understand it.

He just said that people around him was disdained as well. I hope I don't agree with them but nothing wrong with people not liking something.

Kimi is really just blowing through everything.

You know who didn't hear it?
Confirmed masterpiece.

Who's ultimatemegax going to blame this time?


The fact that he/she really thought it was going to sell is just hilarious. It doesn't have a large fanbase like k-on, haruhi, and free had.

From this image alone, the entire project seems awful.

You know that this is probably going to BTFO of everything Kyoani made not Keion right? Kizu pt1 wouldn't hold a candle to this not to talk about the absolute disaster that is Kizu pt2.

Pic related to the theater playing KnK

Kodansha will never work with KyoAni again.
The author is already distancing herself from the adaptation.

AOTY confirmed. Kizu, SAO movie, Kono Sekai and everything else BtFO because a random internet user said it was OK.

800m + 500m is a disaster now?

KnK would be lucky to even get 400m in its entirety.

>The author is already distancing herself from the adaptation.
How so?
>Koe no Katachi wasn't a tearjerker after all. I did cry at in the end, but more than any else it was an overwhelming "amazing" movie. You could say it was deeply moving.

>people posting random opinions on Twitter as a gauge for the movie's general reception

Where are the film critic reviews?

>Uses a Panasonic Toughbook
Is Yamada Cred Forums approved?

>preferring narcissistic reviews

>meanwhiel in jap blogs they praise how its doing extremely well, exceeding Shinkai and experts projecting 10bln box office

The day ended. Here are the latest stats for the opening day
*1 215029 517295 1402 218 *84.3% 君の名は。
*2 *75468 128237 *489 101 ****** 映画 聲の形
KnK in 1 day got more than Kizu pt1 did in the entire weekend. Also every movie gets a new budget so adding their tickets up doesn't work.

>every movie gets a new budget
Oh god more shitposters not knowing how industry works.

>the general public's reaction is not a good gauge for general reception
excuse me?

Never appeared publicly with the staff and cast.
Only one half-ass photo on twitter.

Didn't give any interview regarding the movie.
Hell, she didn't even show up in the special program aired yesterday but somehow they got the Titan guy to appear instead.

A bunch of randoms don't count.

Those asterisks make it look like there are hidden digits that can't be disclosed.

>shaft can produce 2 movies at the price of 1
they're cheap but not that much

You're talking about yourself right? The staff isn't even the same between Kizu pt1 and pt2. Jewplex tried to jew the nips but it flopped so hard pt2 isn't even charting anymore and multiple screens already closed up.

Please tell me what I'm looking at


Haters BTFO

and a select few do?

It already did half a billion how is this a flop in any shape, way, or form?

The fact that its still playing and didn't just drop from theaters is enough proof that its still making money despite now charting.

Absence of evidence isn't evidence.


Isn't the girl deaf?


An appreciation of privacy does not equal disdain.

>half a billion
>for something that took 5 years in the making according to the man himself Oishi
The projected sales of KnK in two weeks BTFO Kizu pt2 already and that only took 5 months in the works. SHAFT confirmed for shitters haha.

Suicide Squad is literally doing worse than a fucking noname anime about a deaf girl.




Actually its doing on par with Kimi no Namae. Consider numbers of showing (1402 vs 489) and double the number of cinemas it aired.

The issue is distributor requesting too little movie theatres, not the movie not selling. In relative numbers they are about equal.

where's my nigga pedro

He isn't talking about Japanese people who are cartoon enthusiasts, he's talking about people who are enthusiasts of Japanese cartoons


Nobody does moms like GodAni

>really thinking they worked on this for 5 years on this movie
Cmon, you dont seem like an idiot but why do you post these retarded statements?

Despite the memes and poor teviews, it did pretty well.
People will gobble up anything as long as it's men in suit with superpowers.

Nah, its performance compared to the previous day.

KyoAni has asterix since its first day its airind, Kimi no Namae does 20% worse than its previous day.

Its also illustration of why people comparing those numbers are retarded, since KnN are accumulated numbers, while KnK for one day.

Proper numbers would be once both of them aired whole weekend (which is in japanese terms 3 days)

Weak bait.

Here are the stats for Kizu to compare
販売数 座席数 回数 映画(作品名)
*5833 30937 *97 ペット[吹替]
*4175 17691 *89 シン・ゴジラ[2D]
*2982 15230 *76 ファインディング・ドリー[2D・吹替]
*2773 *5878 *26 傷物語 Ⅱ熱血篇

The absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

So kyofags go back to shaft hate because they can't compete with Shinkaifags.

This is getting desperate.

/r/ pics of based Pedro

>compete with Shinkaifags

There's no competition, just admiration because everyone loves Kyoani.

Now why did she decide to change how her name is written...

>a nigger fucking Ishida's onee-san
Shouko already got her revenge.

This isnt called promotion what so ever. Kyoani using their revenue wisely with marketing.

Based Shinkai.

>This isnt called promotion what so ever.

Pretty much, Shinkai just loves Yamada.

Watched KnK today.
This guy is full of bullshit and his taste is garbage.

On a scale of flick to kino, how good or bad was the movie?

Because there is no competition, Kimi no Na wa has already exceeded 8 billions yen and will likely be between 12 and 15 billions lifetime.
KnK would be lucky to reach 1 billion yen.

What's up with this thread bringing up fucking twitter post as if they were of any importance at all? Am I being meme'd?

We are truly living in the golden age of anime. We have two anime out of nowhere blowing out Hollywood movies out of the water. Based shinkai and kyoani.

not gross enough to get the most sales

>12 Bil
How much did Spirited Away gross?

Continuation of the shaft-vs-kyoani studiowar on the moviefront.

TFW your a fan of both and you get to enjoy more.

Can't read shit because the chink isn't giving out good scans.

>Creators in Pack Jakarta

Japan tends to always go for jap movies instead of big Holywood franchises. Jurassic Park didn't top the charts only in Japan and Egypt worldwide.

>previous day
Same period last week, actually.

Is that for douga?

Here the top 20 of highest grossing films in Japan

1 Spirited Away 30.40b yen
2 Titanic 26.20
3 Frozen 25.48
4 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone 20.30
5 Howl's Moving Castle 19.60
6 Princess Mononoke 19.30
7 Bayside Shakedown 2 17.35
8 Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets 17.30
9 Avatar 15.60
10 Ponyo 15.50
11 The Last Samurai 13.70
12 E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial 13.50
12 Armageddon 13.50
12 Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 13.50
15 Jurassic Park 12.85
16 Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace 12.70
17 The Wind Rises 12.02
18 Alice in Wonderland 11.80
19 Star Wars: The Force Awakens 11.58
20 Antarctica 11.00

Just happened to be hanging out on the thread on 2chan.

>Didn't know anything about the source, so I was honestly looking forward to it. I think I want to go see it again during the week.
>All the shots that felt like photographs were amazing. It's been a while since I've awe of KyoAni
>The animation was at a level to be expected, I guess
>but the scenario... (sou da nex10)
>as someone who read the manga, the movie felt like a digest of the story... Not that that was a bad thing.
>All of the sign language was accurately animated. Sasuga KyoAni.
>I'm glad they didn't make this into a series.



They outsourced inbetweens to Anitus Kobe. which is quite unusual for them.

>its not a series

And here I was hoping for a 12 episode series.

>the shots that felt like photographs
>felt like


Didn't Kyoani outsource inbetweens to Studio Pierrot for the K-ON movie? They were probably rushing for time here as well.


Just like us

And this is Kimi no na wa's first day performance.
順位 販売数 座席数 回数 館数 先週比 映画(作品名)
*1 171924 464423 1287 215 ****** 君の名は。
*2 *36307 254691 1109 232 *65.8% ペット
*3 *32099 191505 1054 231 *76.3% シン・ゴジラ
*4 *20394 222938 1077 210 ****** 青空エール
*5 *15579 228860 1144 219 ****** ミュータント・ニンジャ・タートルズ 影(シャドウズ)
*6 *15488 147668 *960 237 *52.9% ジャングル・ブック
*7 *15342 181709 1027 219 *45.2% ゴーストバスターズ
*8 *14921 112153 *672 233 *52.3% ファインディング・ドリー
*9 *11782 *96834 *672 229 *54.7% ONE PIECE FILM GOLD
10 **8791 123301 *922 228 *58.1% ルドルフとイッパイアッテナ
11 **7291 *62989 *385 *95 *17.3% 傷物語 Ⅱ 熱血篇
>dat Kizu pt2 performance

it's certainly not pessimistic

Yeah yeah we know already. Absolutely EVERYONE does it, maybe except SHAFT who loves dem CG backgrounds.

Nice to see another kek-posting shitposter who doesn't know shit about KyoAni.

The movie was done in 5 months total from the day the pencils started drawing so yeah they needed outside help.

Who and why?

It is

>that lack of emotion

god what have they done.

So Koe no Katachi sold more than half its total seats in its first day and Kimi no Na wa didn't.


Kizu doesn't have big names. With Shinkai name on poster it will be top one

Why did Kizu pt2 do so much worse than p1

Do people don't care about the story after seeing the first part

Shinkai wasn't a big name until this movie.

>whats animation

>forced drama
>expected reaction

Seems fine to me

further proof that manga appeals to autists on the basis of the emotions being easier to read

>>dat Kizu pt2 performance
Psst. These numbers are important.
>*62989 *385 *95

Not comparable, Kimi no Na wa first day was a Friday, KnK is a Saturday


kids tend to over exaggerate their expressions so I think that top is fine

Shinkai films is more known to general public while this is more for otaku, of course it will not be as successful as Kimi no na wa.

>linking BBC

That whooshing sound is the point flying over your head, Anonymous.

Franchise fatigue. Hollywood multipart movies suffer the same fate. See the last 2 Hunger Games performance compared to the first ones. Also people are smarter than watching a movie for the price of three.
>Shinkai's name
He had no name before this hit. He's no Hosoda. His last movie had less tickets than Chu2Koi or Kyoukai no Kanata recap movies. Kizu flopped hard because they tried to pass on OVAs as a full fledged movie and they got shit on because of it. They even had to cut ticket prices because of the flop.

No, they don't


Both are fine. Manga has to exaggerate the emotions because it needs to capture the reaction in a single frame

Anime can show a more subdued emotion and then show the faces grimacing or eyes narrowing as part of the reaction

These ones do too
>11 *17.3%
LuL. Shaft is never getting any Aniplex bucks again after they finish the announced projects.

Did you even look at the image attachment, that's obviously not what was in reference

what a great adaptation.

I kind of feel bad for KyoAni. They won't ever recover from this flop. Shinkai really exposed them.

>improving on the source
Seems like KyoAni to me.

you are retarded

so where are the numbers for KnNw's first saturday?

I remember the lofty predictions when the movie was announced. Box office records, academy award nominations. Is Cred Forums ever right?

And finally the performance of Kizu pt1 on its opening day
販売数 座席数 回数 映画(作品名)
*3517 *13371 *66 傷物語 I 鉄血篇

>ruining the source


I remember the user who cherrypicked posts and made them representative of Cred Forums. Is he ever right?

Love Ueno's reaction in the top pic
Seems just like the kind of over exaggerated shit a lil bitch like her would do to attention whore and shit on Shouko at the same time

Those were not cherry picked. I also remember a lot of similar claims by KyoAni fans.

That's great
Kinda weird seeing them colored, I always thought Nishimiya's mother is blonde for some odd reason

12067 39834 111 君の名は。

How? KyoAni almost always improves the source, K-On? the manga is a bland 4koma with boring jokes, Yamada adds so much, Lucky Star? The manga is just dry and boring, the characters have no personality, their only adaptations that are worse than their source are the Key ones.

Which will get the academy award nomination?


Great. Maybe we can get more low budget wacky shaft again like the good ole days.

Considering its shown in 1/3 number of theatres than Kimi no Namae and KnN numbers are for multiple days, while KnK is first day airing and KnK sold more % of seats - KnK is doing better.

Japs that actually understand it praise its box office success now. But thats Cred Forums for you.

I know most of this thread is just pretending to be retarded, but I don't think people appreciate just how great KnK is doing right now.

>I kind of feel bad for KyoAni.

Kimi no Na wa for most overrated movie

Then what happened here then?

KyoAni drones are damage controlling hard.

>12 Armageddon 13.50
Out of all the things to be surprised at, this is what gets me the most. This doesn't even remotely seem like something Japan would like, unless it massively draw in the old and retired engineer demographics or something.

So a third of total seats?

Improvement, the usual.

>non-Ghibli anime
>getting nominated ever

Most likely



For a movie, the animation looks kind of shit.

>Those were not cherry picked.
Yes they obviously were, faggot. In any thread involving a KyoAni work you can find as many people saying the studio is finished as you can find people saying they're the greatest. Seriously, are you new?

The movie was GOAT no matter what Cred Forums shitposts about it. Japan has great taste for once.

people make mistakes

ironing out all the emotional reactions from that scene was a mistake.

It's KyoAni after all, they are good with seasonal anime but not really with movies

Only 3.35 for Kizu, no wonder part II flopped.

The only mistake in that scene is the annoying chromatic aberration and blur.

I knew this was coming but it still stings

I don't understand how anyone can die of a cold unless they have AIDS or something.

>150 mil on opening night.
I actually think is right.

Plus the fact that at least half of Cred Forums hates the source material already. Even without the blind studio hate, a lot of Anons would have been skeptical of its success.

Damn that's pretty weak

Koe no Katachi's actual production duration is less than 3 months.
For Kimi no Na wa, it was about a year.

So yeah, Koe no Katachi's quality is closer to TV anime.

Call me when KyoAni can make something as impressive as this. Seriously their movies always look like low budget trash.

>3 months
How did they finish it in 3 months

>Koe no Katachi is mad in house by profficient studio perfecting their production
>Kimi no Na Wa is typical out outsorced shit invlonving 30 studios and hundred freelancers trying to put this shit together on schedule
Alpaca Pictures
Anitus Kōbe
Candy Box
Dr. Movie
Hanjin Animation
Line Farm
Nakamura Production
office fuu
Oh! Production
Production AI
Production I.G
Rising Force
Sakura Create
Studio Elle
Studio Gimlet
Studio Mark
Studio Shamrock
Studio Targe
T2 Studio
Telecom Animation Film
TYO Animations
Wafū Animation

Less than, even.

By having barely any Sakuga and low tier visuals.

Said the user who has not yet watched the movie.

>Shinkai wasn't a big name until this movie.
His Garden was showed over the globe. Even in Russia. He made advertising videos for top tier companies

Haruhi was pretty good. Unless the hi444p quality I watched enhanced it beyond the theatre

What was Tamako Love Story's?

Everyone who worked on the essential parts of this movie is familiar with each other so synergy is high. Kimi no na wa had to include a fuckton of outside help and freelancers so the project wasn't as smooth.


TLS was over 8 months with Yamada story boarding every single second of it.
He wasn't relevant in Japan until this movie. As I said even the recap movies of many anime outdid every single movie of his prior to Your Name.

Kizu is not for mainstream auditory tho. I think only artists and fans cares about Kizu. And I don't see flop. Of course it's not top 1 movie with 600000 tickets

>Koe no Katachi - Special Program (MX 1280x720 x264 10bit AAC) [E40B1708].mkv

Where to watch this?

Normally it took a month for a team of around 8 key animators to finish the key animation of a TV episode.
For the movie they with went all in with their 50 animators.

Does Yamakan count?

It's uploaded to YouTube.

Man, I hope Yamada gets more time on her next movie. At least the Hibike franchise is almost over.

They didn't. The first fucking CM came out 5 months ago, with finished animation and coloring and postprocessing. The making of video shows that the designs were being made in 2014.

>How did they finish it in 3 months
By being organised. KyoAni is famous for sticking to a timetable and deliver on deadlines. They know what speed they could work at and how everything could fall in place. Note the chart showed their workflow. The blue stickers are when they START something, and red stickers are when that something is due to finish.
So they started original sketches on the 14th of May, and plan to finish it exactly 2 months later. The Background started in 12th of June, finish at 22nd of Aug. 3D CGI started at 21/June, finished at 16th of July.

It is all planned out. And unlike almost every other anime studio, KyoAni actually TRY to stick to deadlines.

Thanks, found it on nyaa by google and not the search itself. Weird but at least I got it.

>TLS was over 8 months
Including the preproduction.
The actual production (key animation til mastering) took around 3-4 months, IIRC.

Kizu didn't even outperform the cringy Psyco Pass engrish movie. It flopped that bad and that was after the abysmal S2 performance of PP.
kizu just straight up flopped by every metric. Pt2 was already dropped by 80% in 3 weeks.

And Free took 2 years to animate right? The CMs aren't a part of the finished movie but are created from zero for the advertising.

>They didn't. The first fucking CM came out 5 months ago,
The chart in showed Feb, March and April in red, so that is likely pre-production time that wasn't shown on the chart itself.

Not impressive at all. There are late night anime movies that have had better openings with those kind of seats and way less promotion than KnK has had. It's a fucking flop.

It's the otaku retaliating against Jewniplex.

>tfw that deaf kid sings

That cm used scenes from the movie.

Meanwhile Tamako Market itself was in preproduction for 4 years

>The making of video shows that the designs were being made in 2014
2016 here.

>Implying this is a mainstream movie
Anthem of the Heart had more advertising than this and you can't count that as a mainstream movie.

Kyoanus lickers are damage controlling. They're still in denial, this movie ruined the little reputation KyoAni had left.

Look at this KyoAnusfag. Look at how deluded he is.


What went wrong?

Was this really backed by the Government or was it just the manga?

>We are truly living in the golden age of anime


This isn't backed by the government and neither was the manga. The manga was backed by the deaf association and this got a deal by the government to be shown across universities and schools.

Love how everyone ignores Kizu's WW release. Aniplex making money.

That KA list for Hibike obviously isn't complete, sempai.
The last episode alone has like 20 key animators.

Nothing really. Just not a rushed project, they had plans for it and just took their time with it on backseat - actual animation production being as fast as others.

Could have used few more years, than maybe script would be good too.

Da fuck? Nyotaika is popular with otaku, the deal with this anime is that Shinkai found the sweet spot between normalfags and otaku

>Kyoanus lickers are damage controlling. They're still in denial, this movie ruined the little reputation KyoAni had left.
I don't get it. I really don't. Is it really going to count as trolling if you are pretending you have no idea how popular the film actually is? Does it somehow makes you happy to pretend a film didn't sell, does that magically cause KyoAni to lose money? I mean, what is even the goal here?

I will probably never watch this film, not even torrent. It isn't my thing. But I still find your action pointless. It's not like anyone on Cred Forums was planning to buy a ticket.

Tamako Market looked better than Hibike and had more style.

>caring outside Japan release

ANN is so non-comprehensive with its encyclopedia.

It's either that or GodAni is so good their episodes don't even need animators anymore, they just get beamed down from heaven

Anime movies industry looks like hell on earth.
Is it even possible for new director who wanna make original movie become famous? Without any support. Without any "kind" words from other famous directors. Good anime movies flops all day. Even Animator Expo bd flops. Someone should reeducate japanese "normal people" and chage their opinion of animation. I don't like Mamoru Oshii because he's businessman, but he was right about anime movies

>golden age of anime

>1991 (mostly kids/teen anime)
Maison Ikkoku - set a trope for the whole "MC suddenly has to live in dormitory with many girls" harem trope (mostly prevalent in VNs than anime though) and defined standard romance formula for the generations of future harem shows.

Urusei Yatsura - defined dozens of ecchi/harem trops used still now, and still present in current day in glorious form of ToLove-Ru

Ranma 1/2 - 1991 seems like a year of Rumiko Takahashi inventing "harem genre".

>1992 (mostly kids/teen anime)
All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku - popularizing and defining "artificial girlfriend" trope.

La Blue Girl - among most influencial hentai anime of all times. Tentacles were never so mainstream.

Tenchi Muyo! - final and official birth of Harem (cemented with Love Hina later)

Video Girl Ai - following footsteps of NukuNuku, the most iconic "artificial girlfriend" anime

YuYu Hakusho - birth of "modern" shounen anime. Since than shounen tropes changed surprisingly little (to tamer side mostly)

Legend of Galatic Heroes - not the begining of Space Opera genre, but near its end. The genre reached its epitome with this and died.

Sailor Moon - do i have to comment?

>1993 (mostly male kids/teens anime, start of shounen prevalation)
Slam Dunk - rise of sport anime (among other titles this year), popular in same format until now

>1994 (Ecchi and Yaoi year)
Marmalade Boy - welcome incest trope
Tekkaman Blade - if not for it, NGE would not exist. A first step for the revolution in the industry.

Thanks for clearing that up.

Tamako Market was a masterpiece.

They go into the 2D and film their anime now.

KyoAni will file for bankruptcy next year.

Mobile Suit Gundam Wing - from now on, Gundam is fujoshi genre. Also "cool" robots, rather than realistic.
Wedding Peach - thanks to it we have PreCure
Evangelion - revolution in the industry, making it reorient from kids to older audience/otaku
Ghost In The Shell - anime breakthrough to west and exposure as "respectable media"
Fushigi Yuugi - iconic "girl gets in magic world" trope set
Hana Yori Dango - most popular and influencual (until now even) meainstream shoujo NTR

Rurouni Kenshin - more development of Shounen after YuYu Hashiko

>1997 (ecchi year)
Agent Aika - ecchi was never so mainstream as that
Utena - the definition of pretentious symbolism

Cowboy Bebop - a genre of pretentious episodic musical normalfag show was founded
Record of Lodoss War - THE fantasy DnD anime of all times, still defining todays tropes
Yu-Gi-Oh! - welcome to card game anime (Sakura last year does not count)
Kite! - birth and death of Anime as Hollywood like action media
Ah My Goddess - did not invent "magical girlfriend" trope, but sure as hell the most influencial in it ever
Blue Submarine N6 - pretty much a standard to semi-serious sci-fi series. While not sharing the same themes, the style and direction are emulated still, everywhere.
Serial Experiment Lain - birth of hipster "experimental" anime. Not many titles similar, but still.

>aniplex cares

>still in the green as per their financial report this year
Sure thing.

The only way for it to get better is to actually make interesting movies and for the government to subsidize them. I mean Japs don't go out of their way to watch anime movies but Hosoda made a name for himself in less than a decade so it isn't impossible to make it.

>1999 (Eroge year)
Cosplay Complex - important historical moment!! Birth of SHITTY Harem. You`ll remember and curse this day forever.
Digimon Adventure - most influencial kids show. Before Pokemon, there was Digimon
Kuro no Danshou, ToHeart, Tokimeki Memorial - among the first ever Eroge anime adaptations
Legend of Himiko - birth of oversexualized busty sparsely clad battle maidens genre (Queens Blade etc.)

Blood: The Last Vampire - as you can assume, its not the "birth" of Vampires in anime, but gave impulse ot many others
Boogipop Phantom - first proper TV anime Horro
FLCL - birth of Toonami
Inuyasha - birth of "battle shounen" (not shoujo), oriented on girls
Azumanga - welcome the birth of comedy sol/4coma (also it isnt) adaptations

How I would love to see a Shiruka Bakuon doujin staring Ueno!

You just have to keep at it. Shinkai's been knocking on the door for over a decade slowly building his name

Just don't expect to make a blockbuster on your first try

even tho kyoani is the studio making the most money right now

Unless you're Yamada and get one of the biggest franchises at the time as your debut.

This. Not everyone can have a massive hit on their first try like Yamada.

What is toei.

That's Toei though.

Top quality animation.

K-On was a noname manga. Kakifly was riding on kyoani coattails. Look at how was the keion sequel got cancelled without kyoani input.

Creative industry has always been a wild card with high risk and little reward.

Miyazaki praised Hosoda as I remember. It's not fair.

I think it's more that he's a KyoAni-fan falseflagging as a hater.

Real haters would search for more twitter posts, negative reactions, come up with numbers or post comparisons with other movies to discredit Koe no Katachi's success.

Add OAVs.

>>Marmalade Boy - welcome incest trope
>incest trope begins with NBRshit anime
Why is this allowed?

P.A. Works doesn't do it.

Cred Forums not ready for that. most of Cred Forums probably havent watched the series on that list.

'Cause they outsource them.

>one of the biggest franchises at the time
Please don't try to pretend K-ON was popular before the anime. Carat was the much more popular Kirara manga at the time.

Yeah. I meant her movie debut not her actual debut. Keion tv anime was one hell of a luck strike.

>Legend of Galatic Heroes
Fujoshit remake next year :^)

No he didn't.
Miyazaki hated Hosoda so much he got him fired and took over as the director of Howl.



Medicore as fuck.

I don't think anyone expected Kimi no Na wa to do this good.

hoshoda hated giblih tho

>implying the original wasn't fujobait already

I disagree with Fushigi Yuugi.
Rayearth started girl(s) gets in magic world first.

>thinking the nips rate like MAL does

Don't feed them, user.

>KnK failed kyoani
>free saved it
>it will get even more seasons/films
>kyoani will gradually become a fujo studio
>next haruhi ln goes out
>They adapt some other homoshit instead
How can we be saved form this dark dark future?

>implying 0079 wasn't fujo as fuck already with Charmuro and Charma.

Tomino has been recorded to state that it was the fujos that kept Gundam afloat when it was first cancelled.

>Real haters would search for more twitter posts, negative reactions, come up with numbers or post comparisons with other movies to discredit Koe no Katachi's success.
That would require there to BE any evidence to prove that it failed. There just isn't any. I have no stakes in this film and I am not even a fan of the manga. But I still think this thread filled with people shitting on a film that is selling out tickets is retardation that is even more than usual Cred Forums. Do people get enjoyment out of lying to themselves? That's like trying to accuse a rich man of being poor. What is the point?

>Meanwhile children's trading card game commercial has better ratings than floptachi and pornogatari

Rough week for us kyoani fans. Madhouse beat us in a poll and our movie is flopping.

KyoAni is finished

there is no need to worry most of what kyoani adapts are it's own book and as far as homoshit goes they only have free, also don't forget that we still got violet coming

Feels good to know Yamada now has another masterpiece under her belt. She just keeps getting better and better.

Definitely the most consistent director.

For me it's looks like anime indastry is so small. There is like 3.5 "Gods", some Gods are dead.. And when main God like Miyazaki speak, everyone listen him and obey. But if you look at movies/book industry there is tons of Gods and new ones always coming. And when some God speak, other ones can disagree.

Why do ppl push her as the best kyoani director. Takemoto is far better.

When you google Kyoto animation the first thing that shows up is the sameface comparison. It's obvious that KyoAni has seen that image. Do you think they acknowledge their sameface designs?

>What is the point?
Continued KyoAni vs Shaft-studiowar.
Autism is its own reward for the people engaged in that stupidity.
The problem is that they drag the rest of Cred Forums down with their lame-ass drama fight about who has more shittaste.

>push her as the best kyoani director
I don't think that user was doing that at all. Why did you turn this into an unnecessary competition?

They probably use google japan and probably don't search themselves in english.

Just a thought

>windows media player

>Takemoto is far better

>thinking all google results are the same
You can't be serious user. Pls don't be this retarded.
>Worst Kyoani movie
>Worst Kyoani episode (his PW episode)
>Worst Kyoani overall series(Lucky Star)
>Worst Kyoani OVA (Lucky Star OVA)

The image also shows up as one of the first results

>Takemoto is far better.

Did you even watch high speed? Better than Koe no Katachi

It's garbage.

>>Worst Kyoani overall series(Lucky Star)
>>Worst Kyoani OVA (Lucky Star OVA)
Fight me faggot

Now kyofags are turning on each other. Holy shit Cred Forums is a mess this election cycle.

>implying you watched KnK

>using Windows at all in a professional production

Is that the reason why they failed?

>fujoshit better than Koe no Katachi

No, landwhale.

Lucky Star OVA was good and he did Kyoukai no Kanata 10.

Yamada surpassed him though.

The AE they use are Windows only. Blame the French for that.


Windows is fine. But using the stock windows tools is retarded

>The AE they use are Windows only. Blame the French for that.

There's versions of After Effects that are not on Mac?

Macfags won. Never want to hear people say PC is the best to watch anime when anime is made on a mac.

Why does no one care that Kizu flopped?



Stopped caring about bake years ago

Because it's not. Kizu is not even proper 2 hours long movie.

Plugins. They use a windows only plugins made by Prima Linea

It's doing worse than KnK, even part 1.

>Shaft drones this defensive they say their hailed movie isn't even a movie

Because Monoshitari is going out of fashion. People have moved on and no one cares about it as much as they did 5 years ago.

That's not what he said.

>Yukari Sensei is Nishimiya's mom
I can dig this.

That's exactly what he said.


Nice reading comprehension my man

>400 posts of studio war shitposting

Cool. Did anyone here see the film? How was it?

No, you should baiting better. Don't use "drones" and "lul" next time

>They use a windows only plugins made by Prima Linea
Never heard of them.
What are the names of the plugins?
Just curious.

Apparently, the nipponjins liked it, some gaijin's opinion was eh, could have been better.

At least, that's what I get out of this thread in summary.

Read the thread.
Because despite what you imply, it looks like you didn't read it at all.

I don't know the exact names but the plugins were shown in a behind the scenes video for Tamako Love Story. They're an animation studio in Montpellier France that made the latest Ghibli movie The Red Turtle.

Kizu 2 probably had a higher production budget than KnK since they used quite a few renowned animators. Aniplex must be regretting making it a 3 part movie.

All anime have relatively the same budget. There isn't such thing as a big leap in budget.

Okay, thanks.

>All TV anime have roughly the same budget.
Movies are a different beast.

oh shit 1st ep aired already?

They don't need any hard work for backgrounds. ~40 min per movie. More like high budget OVA with bonus money from theatrical release

Oishi must be regretting his life choices for staying with Shaft when the crew disbanded. He wasted 5 years of his life on a shit movie with good storyboards.

>this shit again

>Ani-Gamers (David): For the freelancers: What’s the difference between animating a project that has a standard TV budget vs. something that has a larger budget, like Redline?

>Koyama & Hori (answer combined in translation): In terms of the project schedule, they’re basically the same for movies and TV. What matters the most is a project with a higher budget can hire more seasoned, more experienced animators. Animators are usually freelance and they cost money to contract them for a long time.
>No, it's not. It vastly underestimates just how low anime production costs can go. The lows are around Y6 million an episode, while the highs (high profile Bones-Sunrise-IG shows) can go up to 15-20 million. As for movies, cheap kids' shows sometimes don't even reach the Y100 million mark, while the money involved in Ghibli movies is on a whole different (American?) scale. Mid-range movies and high-profile OVAs probably cost about the same, averaging around Y200 million.

How is he regretting 800m + 500m? It already passed 1b which is good no matter what anyone on Cred Forums is trying to say.

>its a fucking movie

It doesn't matter. Shaft is known to be very economical. Besides anyone who thinks Aniplex isnt having a great profit right now is just stupid and denying facts for dumb studio wars.

Why do shaftfags insist in combining the gross for both movies but not the expenses?

Kizu p2 hasn't even reached 500m.

Do idiots realize that 800m alone is good. and 500m alone is good even without combining it?

It already passed 1bn. No it didn't. If you count it that way Gundam Unicorn is the highest grossing late night anime movies and that's retarded.
Ghibli blew a fuckload of money on Kaguya but goddamn it was worth it. I hope some day the industry becomes big enough that we have multiple Ghibli level releases every now and then.
Hosoda's movies are good on a technical level but they lack the finishing touches that Ghibli had.

It has. IF it didn't it can't be still playing. Just because its not charting doesn't mean it isn't selling.

500m for a movie with 120~ screenings? That's very bad. I don't think a movie with that amount of screens has had such little gross before Kizu p2

And aniplex is getting more from WW releases. All 50 states, Canda, and Europe. Idk how anyone thinks that = flop.

At least we can agree that flopgatari was a mistake.

>All 50 states


younger a definitive best.

500 millions is good on 50 screens. But to blow 120 screens and to only get 500 is Ao no Exorcist levels of flop.
Koe No Katachi is on the way to make 400 on the first week having the same number of screens.
Aniplex is having great profits off the TV animations and OVAs they sponsor. I doubt they would go for movies again if HF flops too.
Why spend so much on Kizu when you can make as much if not more with something like Tsuki?

At least we can agree that your're whore's son

>a genre of pretentious episodic musical normalfag show was founded
I didn't know so many buzzwords would go together in the same sentence.

You mean the 1 single State side showing. And the 2 screens in France are sure to make a fuckton of money.
Shaftfags are even more delusional than KyoAnusLickers.

Not in 50 states but many showings.


I like the term Shftshitters better.

hes brazilian you faggot

>Ghibli blew a fuckload of money on Kaguya
Yeah, I watched the making-of.
The animation frames for the movie costed twice as much as they would normal cost because they had to draw two 2 versions of each frame: one for the line art that would appear on the screen and one just so they can use fill bucket for coloring.

That's how they get the soft pencil lines with varying thickness.

that's not Kimi no Niwa.

Shaftslaves is more topical

>thread about kyoani
>thread can only talk about shaft

and this is why Cred Forums is shit. i thought summer was over


KyoAni just announced that Yamada will hold a conference apologizing for KnK failure and resigning from her job as directress.

nobody actually says this, do they?

That actually sounds kinda cute.


We have to separate them by genders. The inferiors to the real directors like Takemoto

And yet it desribes it perfectly, though its rather small genre with only Samurai Champloo and Space Dandy and Michiko no Hatchin.

Does the film has kiss/confession in the end?
If no then that's why it's flopping,
People need certain feel good factor in redemption flicks which makes them gooey from inside.

>Space dandy, champloo and bebop
Hmmmm, it's almost as if these things have something in common.

>The work, which becomes a new genre itself, will be called... COWBOY BEBOP

Bravo, Watanabe.

LOL what is this from

this is a prelude to the coming Hell of Autumn 2016 studiowarring between shaft vs kyoani


I'll make sure to avoid those threads.

Wasn't shitting on it. I just didn't think that movie would be liked by Japan. It's a very American movie.

It would be even more fun if Trigger join in the conflict.

Trigger are KyoAni fags, and redeemed themselves with finally making a proper work which was Kiznaiver.

The retarded ones are Imashi drones from Cred Forums

Damn not even kizu flopped this hard.
Let's hope that Hibike S2 and Violet flop as well so the meme studio comes to an end.

Proof that Shaftfags are retarded

I don't get this war. Shaft is just another Aniplex slave with a single unique style. They can't compete with Kyoani in terms of creative freedom. Yeah they made money with Monogatari and Madoka. But all of that went to Aniplex anyway. Kyoani right now has no competition as a commercially successful sovereign studio.

KnK doubled the income of Kizu pt1 opening day. Kizu had less expensive tickets.

>with a single unique style
You're a retard if you can't tell the difference between the styles of Oishi, Miyamoto, Itamura, Shinbou himself, etc

the olympics are going to make everything worse

Shit, shit, shit, and wasted?

-wanting more idolshit

Kindly go step in front of a moving train.

This. Miyamoto and Itamura are pretty incompetent directors so you can tell.

Toei is the best studio in terms of making money does that mean I should love them? No. Just because kyoani is making money doesnt mean they are good. I like them dont get me wrong. But you just are only using sales and profit to when you want to justify your taste. I rather have people discuss techniques and skills rather than hur dur my fuv studio makes money.

Were any sitting on kimi after walking out of the theater?

Shaft died when Oonuma left. But between those only Oishi has differentiated himself enough from the original Shinbou-trio style.

Technically Yamada is the next best thing after Hosoda working these days if we really believe Takahata is out of the game.

Oonuma was the best at shaft. And now the worst at Silver Link. Get him back!

Kiznaiver was proper shit.

Don't forget Yuasa. Also Sayo Yamamoto is great too.

what's the difference?

And this post is illustration of retarded Imashitard. Didnt take long.

It's not about wanting "more" idolshit. It's about wanting KyoAni idolshit.

I'm actually someone who /likes/ idolshit, but I currently think the market is horribly inundated. But fuck yeah, I'd be all in for a KyoAni idol anime.

Maybe it's something people who disliked idol anime from the get go wouldn't understand.

Supermarket dvd

I know Yuasa is a favorite here but I can't agree with that. He storyboards well but his editing is abysmal. The way he transitions from a scene to another or from an angle to the next is uninspiring to say the least.

Top retort there lad but Kiznaiver is shit and you are buzzword for thinking otherwise.

eceleb opinions are srs business.

What do you think of Yamamoto?

The judge is still not out yet. Michiko & Hatchin was great but shemade Lupin boring for the first time. Yuri on Ice is where I think I can give my final opinion on her.

They know something that's untrue?

Script for Fujiko could have been better but I enjoyed it. I love her style.
Yuri on Ice will probably be her best work so far.

most episodes of Hibike were 5-8 Key animators, it was pretty neat looking at how tight the credits were

I should be asking you if you're stupid

Tickets sold * price =/= how much money the movie made


Knowing how much tickets a movie sold is enough to project the profits for the weekend. KnK was projected to do 220mil. That's enormous for a movie with no franchise following.

Because the passion projects of the 80s and 90s are dead.

Standards have been beaten into the dirt by tv anime ballooning and the ova / film contracting.

Koe no Katachi camrip when ?

Bet you watched Your Name's camrip too fucking faglord

have you already rated Your Name with a 10 in your MAL?

that's a cute chart.

Those arent series that needs a proper watch

>Those arent series

Ok you got me.

Deaf Note didnt do so good?

All according to keikkaku

*handsigns*keikkaku means plan

Assuming shaft will be around after aniplex pulls their life support plug