Can we please end the shitty heart-pupil fad already...

Can we please end the shitty heart-pupil fad already? It makes anything it appears in look like some ridiculous warner bros. cartoon.

Correct, we should move to the objectively superior alternative, spiral energy eyes

Only whores have eyes like that.

What a nice loving couple.

fuck off

Yes they are very much in rabu

Both of these make my dick diamonds

No. Faggot.

Also we should have more eXtreme ahegaos


You can take your shit taste and fuck right the hell off good sir

>good sir

>mfw this shit even appears in erotic short stories that have no illustrations, it's just mentioned in text
Over the line.

>He doesn't have heart pupils

I'm going to need some examples of this.

For purely research related purposes of course

Heart pupils are acceptable only in moments of extreme ahegao. Using them in any other context absolutely ruins them, and I wish more artists understood that.








Agreed. It's a forced fetish just like NTR

You're just too much of a faggot to appreciate it.

I find it odd that in a medium containing something as retarded, omnipresent and ridiculous as ahegao, someone would complain about heart pupils, which are relatively rare and inoffensive.

I can't think of a single show that did heart pupils that I didn't like. It's the sign of a quality production.


>Spiral energy eyes
God tier taste.

Fuck this guy, fucking getting rid of heart pupils? Fuck you, fuck you.

Who's that guy on the bottom? He better not get in their way.