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This is my wife, she is my life.

Cute girls doing cute crusades when?


Erwin is cute and she is also my wife!

Mein treues Schätzelein.

If Maho would say that to Erika, she'd probably bring her close to a heart attack.
It would still be cute.





Do we know anything new about the new season/movie?

Schwarzwaldgipfel-Mädchenschule #1



Only that it's happening

Think it was confirmed to not be a movie

This is me and my wife Katyusha on our honeymoon

No. It can still be a movie, it's just that ova and an actual series got put back up in the table as well.

The producer "confirmed" that he doesn't know what it is after (maybe, unsure about TL) blurting out it's a movie

>it's just that ova and an actual series got put back up in the table as well.
U wot?

It can still be one of the 3 not that movie got put out of the list of possiblities



You can't marry an underage that will never age

You can't stop me

But I already did user.



What exactly happened there?

she's Miho too now

I want to cum inside that british slag's cunt and make babies with her.

Jingles pls

I'll turn her into a breeding cow.

Will you cut out the eceleb circlejerk already?


In our School we're the best
From the north, south east or west
The best of girls are following the drum.
We are mighty hard to bate,
I may say without concate,
Faith the enemy are welcome when they come.
Be they pravda, maginot or Bellwall
Sure it doesn't matter at all,
We're the girls to give them sugar in their tay
For we're the Rosehip Crusaders,
The girls to face all dangers,
Faugh-a-ballagh, faugh-a-ballagh, Clear the way!

You may talk about your cromwells boys
Your Matildas and churchills boys
Your Valetnines and the chaffee
The boys we drive them crazy,
the foe we beat them easy
The Crusaders from saint Gloriana- yaarrrgh- the school on the sea!

Brushed maho's hair down so now she's miho

T'was Nishizumi who said as the Anglerfish on she led
"Yukari Akiyama, are them the Crusaders do you know?"
"Faix", says she, "There's no mistake, to our heels we'd better take
I think it's time for you and I to go!"
When the otakus hear their step, it makes their hearts to leap
"Arragh, tanks will ye whist to 'Gloriana's Day'?"
For they are the Rosehip Crusaders, the girls that fear no dangers
And they're the girls that always take the sway.

Now you haven't far to search for the girls who best can march
The girls that never fear the longest day,
Faith you easily will know, their dashing step will show
Tis the crusader girls who always lead the way.
If me words perhaps ye doubt, come and join 'em on a route
I'm thinking you'll not find it quite a treat;
You'll see them in the van, you may catch them if you can
Faith you'll have to travel fast or you'll be late.

You're not even worth being her stud.

Some user wanted some of the stories that have been through the thread in the past little while, here's a few that I had. Happy reading user.

But user i'm black! White grills love black bulls.

What's in the cup?

It's time to leave.



I bet Erika listens to Sabaton while riding alone

Her crew would listen and would laugh behind her back

Erika would cry but Maho being autistic too would comfort her

They would sing Sabaton together


why the fuck would erika listen to sabaton?

why do you hate /gsg/ my white and based brothers?

because it's unrelated garbage and if you post about it one more time it'll be the last thing you ever do

damn, don't cut yourself with that edge

i warned you bithc

Because Sabaton is the greatest band
My favorite game is HoI3 and yes I browse /gsg/ regularly

btw is the discord group(s) still a cancer?

>ywn call Kay to ask how to ask Alisa out on a date
>Alisa will never listen in on the phonecall

Why live

Erika only listens to songs made before 1945

yo where da ponys at
t. xX_[FiM]twilie_lover01_[MLP]_Xx

Me too
I lost interest in other music, now I only listen military marches
The only post-1945 song I like in unsere panzerdivision

>I lost interest in other music, now I only listen military marches

Same 2bh. lilliburlero 4 life


Level your pages nex time user.
Also save them as PNG 8bit with grayscale 32 colors to save space.

what about Preußens Gloria

>upset /u/shit votes 1.5 stars

I must rectify this injustice.

never got the reason why everyone in these things gets so wet, like there's water/sweat all over them, but fucking why???

If we talk about German ones
I like Yorckscher Marsch more

x-ray wombs too are not accurate either but who cares? It's hot to see sweat and body fluids

what about austrian shit?

That's why.

Well, they're inside a tank.

Make way for the best march


Only one that comes to my head is Radetzky but there's also the one named after the defeat of some Italians

I love the Czech polka beer barrel tho, it's popular in my country

I want to eat the toilet paper used by Wilhelmina


>this stil isn't translated

What in the fuck have just witnessed?

why vent here though

a few of my favs

shit tier


You deserve it.

>The only post-1945 song I like in unsere panzerdivision

>not listening to grorias best korwea music

Well it's North Korea, so it's pretty much pre-1945 music anyways.

Oh sure hate on me just because i don't read hentai very often.

Marshall Kim Jong Un will protect us is GOAT

if the cold war went hot would East Germany really be ok with fighting against their own for a communist regime?

>Walk in room.
>See this

What do?

Irish team when

fucking stop posting potatonigger

Pet the pussy.

Nice kitty.



Touch her ears.

Who else played the Codename Panzers series?

>tfw Hans keep hir Tiger and is fighting the soviets


Where's my stuff?

She's hidden it somewhere, if you want it back you'll have to do her a favour.

She want me to listen to her music or something? I don't know what you're insinuating.

Nope, She wants you to impregnate her

But we aren't even married.

Looks like you'll have to marry her aswell then.....


It's probably a horrible idea, but okay.

Be sure to sign a prenup first.

I'm sure she would be a great wife.

I want to steal lolis with Mika

how does continuation carrier looks like?


Just want my team senpai

>call them niggers
>still kicked the bongs out
stay mad and out of Eire protestant scum

t. IRA member

Does she wear a padded uniform? She looks flatter for some reason.


ETA an IRA did nothing wrong

Irish-Basque commonwealth soon

Paddo ja nai

superiro Shimada

This Also it's preferable to resize them to 2000p.


Please keep Cred Forums in Cred Forums.

you can see Erika doesn't want to be there



this is a white men board speak english

Eat shit.


Erika ist Weiß


Kek religion is beyond Cred Forums but Cred Forums are ISIS of KEK cult.

I admit those picture with frog and smug Miho makes me think of Pepe.

Do you think Rosehip's driver is as insane as her? Just look at how much the tank wiggles throughout the entire movie, it's like an impatient child waiting for some action.

Darjeeling is my wife!

I wonder if Miho listens to Shadilay?

I want Nishi to deepthroat me and then puke on my penis.

Geshiko stepped on something!

>watched the movie like 20 times
>bought new hyperx cloud IIs for that surround soud
>its not working
>realize MPC settings are fucked
>see they are set to mono
holee fuck ive been watching GuP in mono
holee fuck ive been watching EVERYTHING in mono

that being said, how come /ak/ subs are only 720p and stereo, i really dont want to watch commie

Just extract the subs and remux them to the other RAW.

Download the ROKUGA version, glorious 5.1 surround, and /ak/ subs work with it

looks like yogurt

But there's already an Irish team, Saunders.

it's not, it's my cum


It was confirmed by ACTAS that Rosehip crew its just as crazy

tell her im about to go on a date with Yukari

Well the Crusader only use three persons, it means that Darjeeling, Pekoe and Assam only have to deal with one, Ukulele help them to deal with them from time to time, but that's all

I have this headcanon that Rosehip's driver is normally a shy girl with glasses, but once inside the tank, she puts on Kamina shades instead and becomes a crazy speed demon.

I want to fall asleep on Mika's lap.

I want to give Mikko roadhead

Maho is such a cute autist, i wouldn't mind marrying her.

I want to kidnapGeshiko and make her my sex slave!


please stop

Why is she so lewd, /gup/?

we are sexual beings

tfw my waifu is also best garupan

That is not Erika

How fast is Rosehip?

Exactly, user.

What is she trying to say?

That you need to take it seriously like her, and it will be only one chance.

Why do people assume she's Welsh? Am I missing something?

Isn't Rosehip's family poor? Her parents must work a lot to keep her on St. Gloriana.

She looks poor desu

She looks Irish

Ugly, redheaded, dumb and potatoheaded

I have no idea what the canon is, but I like to imagine she's some sort of idiot-savant in school who rushes through her work, races to finish tests first, slams them on the teacher's desk, then dashes out the door. The annoyed teacher would then look down with scrutiny at the hastily scrawled handwriting on the paper to find that, everything has a surprisingly unorthodox but deep answer.

Maybe she's in St Gloriana for some sort of Montessori course?

She is not ugly or Irish.
I read it somewhere that Rosehip is from a poor family, which is why she is so different from other St. Gloriana girls.

well she's redheaded and has a potatohead

Most real-life savants are quite inept at other areas, so it isn't much of a strech.
Hell, I once met a guy who could do 9 digit square roots mentally in a few seconds, but needed help to put on a shirt or tie his shoes.

I want to make love to Shizuka!


I want to confess to Carpaccio

She is a dork.

She does, she just doesn't want the other people to be there, except Maho, of course.

Taka-chan please.

Why didn't Miho and Chovy bring their second in command too?

>I love you glass of coke
>you are my best friend
>I wish everyone could understand my love for you

Did anyone else think the ending of the first season was just completely disappointing?

so much so that I don't even care about the next

>I wonder if Takashi is fucking his gf right now

She wants to fuck

How much beer does it take to have GuP related dreams? I need to know.

>new Erika spin off manga in two days or something
>a pv for another animated GuP project
>Edge warrior

Is this what happens when you keep on believing? Can we believe S2 into existence as well?

I only had two

one with Duce and one with Erika I think

>be Noriko at first year
>Senpais take care of me and teach me all their volleyball techniques
>I'm their only recruit in two years
>Graduation is nearby
>We have one last volleyball game
>Still can't beat them, but I am happy that I improved
>They all say their goodbye, and I promise them that I will get new recruits and keep the volleyball team alive
>Spend weeks trying to recruit new first years
>Finally find three that want to join
>Need to get more members to officially revive the club

Being Noriko is suffering.

oh and 1 or 2 beers


Happy birthday, Darjeeling-sama!

>Be Noriko at first year
>Senpais continually use me for their perverted desires
>I'm not their only recruit but everyone else leaves very quickly
>Graduation is nearby
>Finally I can escape from this hellish nightmare
>All of them are held back
>Please kill me

>3 white girls
where's the diversity?

where's the token muslism, token black, token wheelchair guy, token gay, etc

12-24! At least for me (slab), try six to start with. Ganbare!

good night Saorifag

how fares your liver?

What's the difference from being raped by your senpais from being raped from your kouhais?

>being raped from
how does this work

Good night user, I think my liver is doing fine. Happy dreaming.

Did you guys celebrate Darjeeling's birthday?

Why can't I live in Ooarai.

w-who is going to keep all those gifts?


Someone replace Gensokyo with Ooarai.



I want to see O-Kay

Moaning in the distance

I find the lack of Anzu only doujins disgusting



What's wrong with that one?

Momanzu is CUTE!

Spin off anime about the mis-adventures of St. Gloriana when?

I'm starting to think that's no Panzer Faery.

It may be Yukari in disguise!

She's Welsh fuck off

Are you implying that Yukari is not a Panzer Fairy?

Its started when a tea shipment for St.Gloriana is misplaced.
For one reason, Rosehip volunteers to find it and somehow it evolved into a tank chase, running off from Yakuza, rescuing a PSIA agent, and taking home a Type 74 alongside the tea.

Kay is gay!

She's northern Irish. A proud ulsterwomsn man.

This one is on the house, user

You are the worst poster in these threads.



Thank you Chiyomi-san.


What is this face trying to convey?

She wants me to take her home with me.


And what is this user?

Final chapter? Bullshit , i want more cute girls driving cute tanks.

This waiting for further announcements is making me really bored.

Really really bored.


What game is this, one of those EuroTruck simulators?

Yeah, Eurotruck Simulator 2. I downloaded it mainly as something I could play while listening to podcasts and streams, but I became surprisingly invested in it. Runs well on toasters and it's fun making simple anime skins for it.


I want to go dogging with Yukari

>Okay, Yukari-san, let's see if our Camo rating holds up!

is it worth picking up the manga?

does it cover story after the events of the movie?

Momo would make a great wife.

so she's not crying bc it happened, she's just mocking miho right?


>only two leaves of basil

It's classy you mongoloid.


I drew something!



It's an anime original. The manga adaptation and subsequent spin-offs are just there to complement the anime. Also the GuP manga ended already so it doesn't cover the event of the movie and possibly after that.

Hana is pregnant and she claims you are the father

what do?

Take responsibility

>Who's Hana?

But I'm a virgin.



You sure about that?

That's pretty cute


>Child of two scrawny lanklets with insatiable appetites

Time to get a second job so I can feed a family of nine.

Then explain why you woke up with your pants round your ankles....

Why would Hana rape a minimum wage loser like me?


If she raped me I'll marry her but i don't think she did.


would Hana rape a NEET?

I think this is the most Hana has been posted all year.

She needs someone who can afford to support her diet.

Whenever I feel down I watch OVA 6.

She is going to die alone.

and what diet is that?


Can we have Lovecraftian Saki posting again?

If she joins a pro senshado team when she grow up, I believe the money will keep the food in good levels, she need someone who knows how to cook when she arrive tired from shooting people.

>hey sweetie, we noticed you're always alone in your room on the weekends, so we set up a playdate for you with the neighbor girl. Look, she's here now.

Mom, Dad

How the fuck did you pull this off, specially with that huge girl watching over her?

But I don't have time to get ready.

You didn't tell her that I have a crush on her, right?

Oh I see she brought her little sister

I'll play along this time, and go to Katyusha's place next time, only to become another one of Nonna's children.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARJEELING and you're so precious

Why can't more Brit girls be like her?

>Wow, our neighborhood is really diverse!
>But the good kind, not like that place a block over where a homeless Finn keeps stealing everyone's hats.

>Saint Gloriana

>dearie, did you know that user has a thing for you?

Fugg :D

>Здравствуйте, Анон-кун, где вы хотите пойти?

>tfw language barrier is real

I think the real shocker is someone calling me sweetie when I have no family around.

Go back to sleep Mako.

Does that mean I have to carry her for the rest of my life?

Mom but Maho want's to marry me after that date

Anons how do I get better at Wargame RD? I read a bit of that 200 page guide but I figured id ask for some tips since ive seen you guys mention it before. I can beat the easy AI pretty fast know so im going to move to medium.

Take this Erwin as a token of my appreciation for any help



Why my wife is so perfect?

I love Erwin

Fresh from /d/ lads

Smug, also she's one of the few, if not the only, side characters to get some characterisation in the show

there's a /d/ thread?

Why is Alice so lewd?

She has characterization outside her love for history?

It's in the genes, apparently

She had a semi-normal mother that didn't try to crush out all her eccentricities yet

Shimada > Nishizumi > shit > Itsumi


Anyone happen to have Anzio's section from the movie credits in a gif or webm?
It's so fucking cute.



I'm still terrified of playing another player, but I know that it would probably help with learning more about how to play.

Thank you mr. skeltal.

chiyo is sex

She'll take care of them just fine.

>Erika goes back in time
>rapes loliMaho and Miho

Yeh go have a look for it

She literally had an OVA devoted nearly entirely to her, maybe characterisation isn't what I meant but what I'm trying to say is she has a lot of screen time compared to most of the girls

Thank you friend.

Oh. Yes, she did. I thought you meant we actually got a little more character to her, kinda like how Ceaser had in the Anzio OVA.

What are they singing?

What is Love?

Which girl masturbates the longest? Or shortest?

Saori has been masturbating far longer than any of the other girls.

I love how Maho protects Miho

But now she doesn't have to because she has me, her husband!

Would Saori panic any time intimacy is involved?

I meant which girls takes the longest duration to finish fapping.

Miho has the best poker face.


If you count BSODing as a poker face, then sure.

At first, yes. Because all her hopes and dreams were all suddenly becoming reality after so long.

Now we are the best lovey-dovey couple, intimacy is no problem!

Ill play you, I just got the game yesterday though

I want to da-dang Emi!

I figured it more because she has no idea what to do/ expect. She talks a big game, but has absolutely nothing but magazine gossip to back it up.

Also anytime an artist forgets Saori has weird multi-lined eyebrows I get annoyed. It's one of her physical defining traits. You can't be forgetting that stuff.


That's a Momo, alright.

They aren't weird! But you're right, it's important. Which is why I like official art the most.

I only have a few where they aren't as normal, maybe I should do some edits.

We always need more Momo.

Weird is good. Nobody wants vanilla! Also spreading fixed eyebrow edits around the internet would be a service to Saori, indeed.

How do we acquire more?

How would Saori feel if a shota confessed to her?

I'm not sure. I wish I could draw. Maybe she'll get a new doujin sometime.

Flustered probably.

tfw people are posting my waifu

Her doujin track record isn't the best. It's always crazy. A vanilla one would be nice.

Although I'd prefer just vanilla fun images.

I'll be aiming to make Nonna my wife.

Here's my first attempt, what do you think?

Yeah it's pretty bad. I'd like a vanilla one too, but life is suffering.

She was my favorite when I first picked up the series. Then again, I've always had a soft spot for the soft spoken ones.

Is there only one Hanafag? I cant think of anyone with less fags. Momoga maybe? Non-Sodoko Mallards?

It's like I'm looking at Saori! Much better.

At the very least we know there will be some Momo scenes in the "Final Chapter". She's shown twice in the PV, and she had a decent amount of screentime in the movie.

Are there ANY Piyotanfags?

Probably get 3 jobs, Hana is eating for four now.

I can't be the only Hana fag here, can I? I post usually every other thread.
Like this:

Thank you Momofag, you truly are my greatest ally, despite that one other guy.

Tell me about Yuzu. Why does she wear the boots?

There's a lot of girls with very few fags.

There are two rabbits who I don't even know the name of.
One duck as well.
And I don't think I've ever seen anyone repost Assam or Nonna continuously either. Or Yuzu.

Because it would be painful without them

I'm convinced the "other guy" isn't even a Momofag. He's some thirdparty shitposter. Who knows.

Cleaning duties.



She touches lightly at once and waits a few minutes for response, before slowly but cautiously proceeding on with the act, by time she finishes it's time to go to school again.

She's a big girl

>dat shy knee press

Yuzu is doing things to me she really shouldn't be doing.

There might be


Yuzu is so fertile she makes Yuzu's sweet potato farm grow faster.

your kind ain't welcome here

I legitimately don't understand all this hate against nhentai why is it so bad?

But those Momo legs!!

4 U

The panda is better.

Just how I like 'em.

Saki is made of thoughts.



Oh shit youre right. I think every one likes Katyusha and Klara.

What? I've always been a fan of Nonna's nonnas

I see plenty of Nonna around here. People rarely post about Klara.

Nonna and Ericka are best girls, and they don't get anywhere near enough love, in my opinion.


Is she pregnant or something?

Everyone likes Klara, she just happens to be no one's favorite (like Hana).

What do you think?

Please leave.

He belongs to Nina only, that ending wasn't the true end.

Please leave as well.


Holy moly, just watched that guys stuff, I've never seen such smooth stop motion, not even in professional work.

You should calm down user, it's okay to reminisce. It's not like it's a threadjack.

It's something best forgotten.

>Erika dont get enough love

You crazy?

not enough for me.

And it will be, like every other story told in this thread. Let them have some fun while we all wait for content.

So, if this isnt going to be a 2 cour series, do we riot?

How would Saki lead a school during a match?

More Groundless chapters when

I have a feeling there will be riots regardless

How would Katyusha react though?

Its just a PV. They probably didnt have the time to properly do the 3D models.

>not this

At least you have a decent quality scan

I want to make anchovy extremely pregnant

Sometimes I feel bad about myself then I remember that there are people who likes Momo

and I had even fapped to bald Sodoko
>someone took a month of their lives to animate Woody and Professor Layton gangbanging an anime figure
totally worth it desu

>and I had even fapped to bald Sodoko
All of my what ?

At least you have a scan.

We all fapped to bald Sodoko at some point, there's no shame in it.


It sure sucks


She is supposed to be a ningyo doll i guess.



Stop you are making me wanting to fuck the tomboy duck


Stop saving master1200.

so any more information on this PV ?


Seriously scans when?


Why is Pekoe in prison?

She finally snapped at Darjeeling.

Too cute for the world

I hope she's in a British prison

How would I go about fugging a Pekoe?

1. Be Darjeeling

looking for an editor by the way

/u/ please go and stay go

Make me


What did you do to Momo?

I just sneezed. Why does she always have to overreact?

I confessed!

god dammit momo keep it together

I cummed on her face and some of it got in her eye. Bitch can only blame herself for not wearing proper glasses.

You wish, bud.

Momo is a lame ugly

That's not very nice, that's somebodies wife you know.

Kay is a Halfrican!

Just remember that if you marry her, Alice will be your sister-in-law wondering why a man took away her onee-chan

>Implying you wouldn't be the one to organise their reunion

Is there any sort of proof that Mika Shimada and Alice Shimada are sisters? I keep seeing this thrown around

Mika, Arisu and her (their?) mom all kind of look the same, same eyes, same hair, same ninja tactics. The finns fuck off before the end of the battle and aren't present at the end scene. Mika is the only major character that doesn't meet Arisu face to face, why?
It's all tinfoil and grasping at straws. And maybe it was initially just a joke on the producers' part but after the nips picked up on it they started putting out official artwork of them too and teasing about it.

That's really cute and pretty cool if it turns out to be true. By chance, is there any other good Mika/Alice Shimada art?





>official MihoEri
T-this is not a shop, r-right?


What is the best outfit ever and why is it dirndl?


But they were class buddies so nothing wrong with that.
Maybe Erika is finally on good terms with Miho again. About bloody time.

but they're holding hands and making eye contact


voice actor I guess.

You have died and been reincarnated as a young high school girl in the world of GuP!

Which school do you select and why?

Didn't know Maho is into roleplay...

KMM, I want to know why everybody who enters there is or ends up autistic

Koala Forest, because I'm an Ausfag.

It's a pin-up poster that came from MC*Axis Magazine. Found a a little better pic.

So where's Nishi, Mika and Anchovy?

inb4 zulu school raping the fuck of them

>Miho guiding the Erika into her sisters bedchamber.

Already laying in the bed and waiting for Miho and Erika.


>saving filesize over JPG for anything but large flat areas
If you can't into fileformats, don't give advice.



Haven't seen the film I take it.

There's a manga retelling of the movie, too.
Only manga happening AFTER the movie are (certainly) Rabu Rabu and (maybe) LA 2 and RW (where maybe means we don't really know, but both are post-series)

Maybe I can teach you to git gud?

What do we do if they kill our general thread?

We'll go bother /k/
Last time the faggot OP put edition in the title, 10 people told him to kill himself before the mods removed him
They'll come after us last


I have. The singing ends in both sides just as ixwa meets bayonet and mutual gangraping starts. Most people alks about the "battle of songs" of Zulu, but I actually like how both sides suddendly find themselves too busy to sing midd-line.


Funny thought, would Erika and Momo get along?
I mean, they have some things in common: They both are absolutely devoted to their school / respective superiors (though Momo probably has no romantic feelings for Anzu), both are working hard and get little gratitude for it and both tend to overreactions.

Probably not, school rivalry would probably be enough for them to start on each other. At best they'd be slightly-friendly rivals.



That's what I wanna know.

That's almost perfect Russian, I must say.

super easy to get good, all you need to do is make decks full of meme units.

rival is a word use for equal or slightly equal user

momo can't even measure to Erika's feet

Saotome-hakase, this is the new Getter team.

Why bully Arisa.

who will replace Arisa when she dies holding back the underground commie empire?

Why not?



Show me your panties, Eclair!

>inb4 new Saunders ship is Iowa

Finns are wise!


*The commander and I

Eclair really shouldn't sleep on the engine grills.

pretty sure they did this irl

Finns need to be smart so they can rape.

>Everyone is flustered except Kay, Erika and Pekoe.

According to Carius some soldiers suffocated while doing this on a tiger.

I want to make hamburger using Kay's shit.

You'd think the most English of contraceptive methods would be the good old "close your eyes and think of England", it even involves war.

Moran mentions it every now and then in the videos he makes for WoT, either praising a tank for a large, flat engine deck or condemning it for lack of sleeping space.

if someone dies doing something means that they did it a lot before




Remember to put a bit of her skirt color beind the thigh gap.


Fondue please.


Fondue or not, I really want to look up Eclairs skirt.

tfw Kei-sama gives reliably good advice because she genuinely cares about her friends' wellbeing and also fucking

I would say that the best outfit ever is actually the volleyball outfit, literally everyone looks good in it, even more so now that they've introduced the tracksuit

>Darjeeling and Pekoe

>tfw you wake up in the morning

it's a bad feel

Irish team when

How do you think your waifu is going to react when she sees you irl?

How would she even see me, I never leave my house.

I think she would be awkward at first but we'd eventually bond over sports

Ideally, because 2D.

What if Shizuka accidentally became the captain of the university team?

probably with horrified tears in her eyes before i put her to sleep

I'm in Florida now. I want to take Momo to Disney World!


>New upo chapter to post
>thread on autosage
Well shit, gonna make a new thread.

Wait for this one to die please.


i want to die

Beware not to get her pregnant while there

With all that Zika issue you might end having a daughter like Rosehip

Or worse; a daughter like Momo.

That isn't exactly a case against, user.

Zika makes you Speedy Speed Grill?

>He doesn't want a cute Momo wife AND a little cute Momo with her own monocle
>He doesn't want to see his daughteru grow up to become a loader in a Senshadou team
>He doesn't want to take his qt daughteru to the dentist to find out she's diagnosed with really cute Momo fangs

makes you head deformed and you retarded

Maybe if it's a baby with Saori, the mutations would cancel each other and you'd have a normal baby.

You're a lame ugly.

You'll have to try a little harder than that, fella.


You can't deny Saori has a HUUUUGE head, user. Just look at this.

Looks normal to me, user. Beautiful even.