I let the other thread die, I apologize. Gonna dump the rest of these Bocchi chaps instead of waiting

I let the other thread die, I apologize. Gonna dump the rest of these Bocchi chaps instead of waiting.

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I have a feeling this chapter was already posted and I'm being dumb.





Nako slowly sliding down the ranks in the gang. What is she best at?

Deadly Aru Chapter.

Hana is super-nice it seems.

Wuh oh~



Maximum hnnnnnnngh.

Aru profiting from that Bocchi karma.

Or is she???


>dressing as grade schooler by accident
That some next level doujikoness.

Sensei chapter!!!

As usual, this sensei not very good at the job itself.


Clearly planning your very violent death.

Connection errors all day!


Sensei getting the patented Bocchi mix-up.

Sensei is brutal.

Get bullied sensei!

That is cute holy fuck

A new convert!

Watch out. This is another deadly chapter.



Mustard on weird food huh? Bocchi is my kind of daughter.

Image pls!

And now Sotoka has placed herself in the running for best girl.

Reverse shuriken confession technique!?!?!? I give it a 5/5 shuriken(ninja stars).

>something eeally girlish
Was it really that girlish?

I am too hype about this chapter.

"Did you notice something new about me?" is typically something girls would say. The original "notice me senpai".

New chapters never

In fact I've heard some of my cow-orker wenches ask each other this question once in a while.

Enough about that. time for HNNNNNNNNNNNNNNGH..

TL/S user posted a few chapters, 28 and up. Check the threads if they're still available although I heard that they were gonna post it to Batoto.

That is too say, said threads were linked at the first post.

Also been taking a few breaks, letting the thread breath a bit while getting stuff done. Back in an hour or so for the webcomic chapters.

>More than Ninjas,
>Sotoka loves Master
If i didn't knew better i would think that's a love confession. But i guess a friedship confession works.

That stuff is easy to turn into good reaction images. Nice.


Oh yeah just checked batoto, chaps are up already.

Mayo best sauce

Bocchi is my wife.

Wah hah hah.

O wait, I have Chapter 27 to do. I forgot about it.

I want to bully Kako-chan.




hey were pretty chill for team members. I'm used to people skipping work or looking to pass the blame when they can.

I'm pretty terrible at dumping!

Kai is catching Aru's bad habits.

Or is it just Aru sapping Kai's strength?

>All this Bocchi over the past week

I love you guys. I still wont hug that loser user though.


Time for alt end.

I'll probably dump Bocchi every other month or so to hook more readers. I like re-reading a chapter on occasion.

Non-depressing note from the author.

Aru with the E. Honda strats.

I'll start live TL'ing 32-36 after I get some food. 31 should be in TS by now.


Well I hadn't even heard of it before I saw the original thread and now I love it so your effort isn't going unseen.

And that's Volume 2. Gonna take it easy with a nap and post the webcomic chapters when I wake up.

No pressure mate. Always feel free to do stuff at your own pace. Do your beast beamu~

I mean "Ur the beast beamu~!"

>best beast
gdi I need some sleep.

Cool, I don't normally post or dump chapters although I might make a habit of dumping lesser-known feel-good mangoes.

Kai-cahn is the best.

Also generated enough interest to get a few very kind user's to help TL and TS the magazine scans, overall I'd say it was a huge success.

Goodness me why is Aru so best?

She's the cutest loser in the universe.

What's the release schedule of the magazine Bocchi is in anyway? Monthly?

Bocchi 32




"What happened?"

Yeah it's monthly. I rip the magazine every month.

"S something big has happened"
"Something big?"

"I met Kurai-san on my way to school awhile ago"

So I called her out

"This is the big part"
"is it alright for you to put that line in there?"

Kurai-san then noticed me


"She smiled! That Kurai-san... was smiling!"
"It's big..."
"No no no..."

"You're lying"

"It's true! I enjoyed talking to her as well back then"
I was so happy
"I can't imagine Kurai-san smiling"

"We might have reached a good relationship"
"Hmmmm really?"
I can't believe that

"If it is true, then that's big. Go confirm it to be sure"
"Okay. Uhh, Kurai-san?"

"What is it?"

"It's true"

"What happened?"
"Uhh... uhh well. What're your interests?"

"Watching movies I guess. I'll lend you one I recommend"

"Something happened"
She's like a whole other person

"I wanna speak with Kurai-san some more"




"Ummm... Hitori-san. Just a minute"

"Could you leave me..."



I knew it was too good to be true. RIP Kurai.

"Kurai-san collapsed!?"

"She's resting in the nurse's room. It looks like she has a big fever"
So that's why she was acting strange
"Good thing you were by here side Bocchi. If she collapsed alone, this would've been big"

"This is the result of my training"

"Let us fold a thousand paper cranes before school ends"
"A thousand paper cranes is a heavy task under any circumstance!"

After school
"You okay, Kako-chan?"
"I was just getting giddy. I've gotten better now more or less"

"I was bothering you guys by trying to hide the fact I couldn't take care of myself..."
"I'm sorry"

"Y you weren't bothering anyone. I had a lot of fun"
"It is not fun talking with a sick person"

"But you looked like you had fun too, Kurai-san"
"Lies... Oh yeah, I have no memory of anything at all. Forget about me back then"
[Bocchi] Ahhhhhhh

So she was too sick to put her strong facade?

"You can't catch what I have so go home you guys"
"B but"
"I'm fine already"

Buheh Buheh
Haah haah

"Bocchi, she'll find out"


"I'm home"

"You feel better?"
"I'm glad. We can go back now"


>Buheh Buheh
>Haah haah
What is she doing?
Is it a laught?


"Th that's great. She didn't notice us"
"No, I'm pretty sure she did"

"Ohh a DVD"

"Sh she dropped this"
"No you're wrong!"

"She said she'd lend you a DVD this morning, right?"
"Oh that's right"

"Kako, you liar"

"Uh, is Kurai-san a liar?"
"Yeah. She said she didn't remember anything"

"Th that might be the only thing she remembered"
"She didn't say that with any bad intentions"

Coughing and breathing on her hands

>Coughing and breathing on her hands
So she wont spread the virus?

"Mom, I'm gonna watch a DVD!"
"Oh, how'd you get that?"
"Someone lent it"




The next day
"Kurai-san, are you feeling better already?"

"I was always feeling good so yesterday.... that was a fake me, so forget about it"

"Oh yeah uhhh... the DVD..."

"I'm saying this now... it was on purpose!"
"It meant I really didn't wanna lend it to you! I didn't forget to put it in!"
"Don't misunderstand me!"


Well she was going home already. And everyone was supposed to be gone.

Oh endnote.
The strict Kako returned... but we're glad she got better.

Bocchi 33
[Left note] One of them has appeared again. Do you guys know which one?

"I have to apologize"

"To those twins?"

"Which one are you apologizing to?"

"I have no clue"

My first year life soon came to an end, and I have some regrets.
"So there's a girl you haven't apologized to for drenching them in flour when you were practicing cooking"

"And she's one of those twins"

"I couldn't see their face at all back then, so I don't know which one is which"
"But I became stronger"

"I'm gonna call them both out and apologizezes!"
"Whoaa, you grew up!"
That ending there is off though

"Thereupon, here I go"
"... so there are people who say 'thereupon'?"

"C could you come with me, Nako-chan...?"
"No I'm not"
You said you're strong, right?

"I got stronger"
"I got stronger"

"Relaxing exercises!"

"And hurdles!"
Boing boing
"I gotta jump a lot!"

Flap flap
"She's slowly getting weirder..."

Flap flap

"Oh she cramped"
That's what happens in the end

"I am very sorry"

Thanks TL user for all your work.

"Ahhh that surprised me"
"So the cooking practice incident! I don't mind it at all"
"Wh what a nice person"

"The cream sure was tasty"
Futagono Saki (The elder twin) [TN: Her name means 'The firstborn twin']

"Your group had cream on yours, Saki!? Unfair"
Futagono Tsugi (The younger twin) [TN: Her name means 'The nextborn twin']

"Hitori-chan made it for us"
"Hito-chan did!? Unfair!"
Hawa Hawa

"Y you guys look... the same"
"Do we really?"
Our eyes are different

"And Saki has the same hairstyle as you, Hito-chan"
"I have mine tied on the other end"
"Don't mind the small things, Tsugu"

"Hito-chan, you're a combo of us twins!"
"Oh that's cute!"


"I see, then you essentially apologized to them"
"Yeah, they're really nice people"

"I I think I'd be happy if I got to be friends with them"

"B but is it too earlyy?"
"That had nothing to do with it"


"You... know where Saki is?"
Sniff sniff
"Weren't you two together?"

"We got in a fight afterwards..."
You went too far, Tsugu!
You're always making me so angry!
So you're saying I'm a nuisance!?

"Then I told her we shouldn't have been born as twins"
"What now? What do I do if Saki ends up hating me?"

"Wh what do we do!?"
"Uh me!?"

"Oh you're keeping that hairstyle"
"B because I'm happy we're matching"

"I see. That's good"

"I see, that's it!"
"I found a way to fix things!"

"I I'll put it back. I'm sorry!"
"No no! I don't mean it's because of that!"

"So I guess we split up and look for her"
"N Nosaki-saaaan"


"Notsugi-san, have you found Nosaki-sa?"

"I'm Nosaki"

"Could it be that she made you look for me?"
"I'm sorry for bothering you"
"N no"

"N Notsugi-san... was crying"

"Saki~ Sakii~"

"Sakiii I found you! I'm sorryyyy Forgive meeeeee"
"Ohh wow, she's really crying"

"...... you hairstyle"
"I'm matching yours, Saki"

"I lied about hating being twins. I'm so sorry"
"I know, you... silly"

"Hito-chan and I were looking for you together"
"Thanks, Hitori-san"
Pant pant

Pant pant
Now everything's all over

"Okay, we're going back to class now"
"Hitori-san, Sunao-san. We're sorry for bothering you"
"N no"
"It's fine"

"Thanks, Hito-chan"
Shine shine


"I might not have heard what she was saying. Suddenly."
"She was lip-syncing"

"Those sisters... are nice"

"So, did you tell them you wanna be friends?"

The next day
"I told you to fasten your button Tsugu. You're gonna make me angry!"
"If you don't wanna get angry over me, you can just open your button too, Saki"
"What's with your reasoning!"

"Those two fight everyday"
Don't worry about it
[B] Hey hey
"Tell us that earlier"
[Endnote] Frendly twins who cause a ruckus. Be careful not to mix them up

I fix TLs in case I fucked up somewhere now. Besides, doing this too much is bad for nutbladder

Twins added to Bocchi's underlings and still not a single male to be seen. I wonder if it's just going to be retconned as girls only or something.

What kind of music does Bocchi listen to?

Thanks user



Ok, 31.

This manga is fun. I like it





Being neglected by Bocchi must feel pretty bad.

Who's Mayo again?


Did you miss the last two chapters?

The rich ojou-sama the last two chapters (29 & 30) have been about

Ojousa Mayo, the girl that helped Bocchi get a job so she could buy the school when she thouhg there would be a class shuffle.

Yeah must've missed it. I'll go back to the archives. Last one I read was 27.

I edited chapter 32 TLs. They're on the folder.


Got it.

Well I guess time to kill nutbladder again

Bocchi 34
[Left side] The season of goodbyes is the season for selfies...


Today is the graduation ceremony
[Sign] Graduation ceremony


Click click click [White SFX]
For my senpai

"Today is the actual graduation ceremony for the third years"
"Please stick these corsages near you on the third years before the ceremony"

"When you finish doing it, please tell them congratulations"

"So be free to chit chat until the broadcast comes on"
Creak creak
"We're putting them on Bocchi"
"Y yeah"

"What do I do if I prick them..."
"That is completely possible"

"Then try practicing on me"
"Really!? Thanks"

"It's just practice Bocchi! Don't get so worked up!"

"This is practice Bocchi!"
[Shiver SFX]
"It's nothing to shake so much about"

"You okay!?"
"Are you okay!?"
My chest

"Oh. I put it on"

"Graduating first year students, please gather in the schoolyard"

"They said gather, Bocchi"

"It's like you're gonna graduate Nako-chan......"

"Okay first years, please put the corsages on the graduate next to you"

"I hope it's nobody scary. I hope it's nobody scary"

"Ohh hey there"

This is nice reaction pic

Shake shake shake shake

"I I'm a first year, Hitori Bocchi. Nice to meet you"
"No no, you don't need that greeting!"

"I'm Nakanai Karane, from class 3-1. Pleasure" [TN: Her name means 'I'm not gonna cry'. These names I swear]

What a nice person
"Get it over with, Bocchi"

"Hitori-san, was being a first year student fun?"
"Whoe.... y,,, y yes!"
"I see"

"That's good. It's gonna be more fun from your second year onwards"

"Oh it's on! Thanks"
"It got on"

"H happy marriage!"
"Nakanai, you got married!?"
"No no!"

Oh hey, someone just uploaded 28-31 to Dynasty.

So yeah, this just happened

I'm just gonna wrap up the rest anyways.

"The graduates are entering"
Clap clap clap clap clap clap

"It's time to give the graduation certificates"

"The graduation song"
Sniff sniff

"The graduates are leaving"
"Nakanai-senpai has graduated"
"It's way too early to get into this"

"Thanks for helping in the graduation ceremony"

"And now you all are also graduating into second years. You can also be senpai very soon"
"And we'll begin career counselling"

"Take care of me even when you become second years, you guys"

"So I want to go back home together with all my friends today"
"Try inviting them"
"I is that okay?"
"It sure is"

"I'm not your friend"

"Aru-chan, Mayo-chan, let's go home together"
"Sure Bocchi"
"Sounds nice"

"Onaka-san, Kurie-san, let's go home together"
"Of course!"
"Let's go"

"That's a lot"

"We're gonna have a pancake party for this moment"
Sounds great!

"The first year's over Bocchi"

"And you made 6 friends in a year"

"There's 29 people in the class so there's... uhhhh"

"Well, in any case this is a terrible pace"

No! Nakanai-senpai has graduated.

Why not?! He give his best!

"Bocchi, how'd first year go for you? You made 6 friends though"

"I made a lot of friends. It's like a dream"

"That's so tru, Bocchi"

"And you ran after all of them for me, Nako-chan... even though you're the kind who doesn't like to move..."
"What's this about... before that, stop saying I'm a person who doesn't like to move"

"I gave up becoming friends with you at one point in the beginning of first semester"
"But at that moment, you chased after me, Nako-chan"

"You became my friend"
"And I tried my best to make friends, so"

"Nako-chan, thanks for becoming my friend"

"Then, the pancakes are on you, Bocchi"

"Morning you guys! You're second years from today on"

"I'm gonna be your homeroom teacher for two years in a row"
"I'm not gonna hold back compared to last year"

"Teru-chaaaan, you're an adult so stop making a second year debut"

"Did it not work!?"

"Well, nothing's really changed, but to turn over a new leaf, let's start again from self introductions"
"Self introductions"

"Okay, the next one's Hitori-san"
"O... okay"
"I'm gonna show that I grew up.... cheerfully!"

"M... my nam"

She reached her second year

So yeah, I'll take a break.

I talked to the TS and he's kind of iffy since Doki seems to be serious about picking this back up monthly again. But I'll come back to wrap up the last 2 chapters.

Thanks for the work, Cred Forumsnon.

Thanks user

dont let the thread die, I haven't finished reading yet!


Just need to check something then I'll finish this off

Aghhh whatever. My external crashed and shit died today. Oh well. Here's 35 and 36.

Bocchi 35

"Nako-chan morning"
"This isn't Nako-chan"

"Maybe she's borrowing the seat"
That was close

"This is the first year classroom"
She became a second year

"U Umm, that's my seat..."
"I I I I'm sorry"

"Oh morning Bocchi"

"A Aru-chan, this is the first year classroom"

"No no, I'm not wrong, I'm not wrong. This is is not bad luck at all"
"I made a mistake"

"We're deciding on committees today, so you gonna do something?"
"I wonder what I can do"
"There's some"

"Aruu-chan, you're the vice chairman of the world"
"No I'm not Bocchi"

"This year I will be"
"The chairman of the world"

>might make a habit of dumping lesser-known feel-good mangoes

Please do


"Then you gotta sing an original song, Aru-chan"
"Yeah. That song is now no longer sold"

"But since we're in the moment, I should sing it one last time"

"Don't lose A"
"Good morning, Honshou-san"

"M morning"

"We're deciding on committees today, but are you going to announce your candidacy for chairman this year too?"

"Oh yeah, are you doing it too?"
"Former chairman..."

Kawai Ino (Former Chairman) [TN: Her name means 'I am cute']
"Yeah, look. It's the chairman sash"

Formr, right?

I've done this an embarrassing amount of times.

"So Ino-chan announced her candidacy again"
"Things can't be this way"

"If the candidates pile up, it'll be decided by majority rule"
"I have to gather votes"

"I'll be positive about being on top for that purpose"
"I'll make it feel like it's gonna be fun"
"Aru has to smile brightly"

"Morning everyone!"
"Aru-chan, this is the third year classroom"

Yes, this is an election! Election activities
I gotta prepare for an election

First, shake hands with the voters!
Election level 1

"I'm Honshou Aru"

"I know that..."

Don't be sad, loser user! I hug you.

"We have a number of candidates for chairman, we'll have each of them say something"
"The speech has arrived!"

Leave impressive keywords in the ears of the voters!
"If I become the chairman, Class 1 will be"
"I'll make class 1 refreshing"

And now I have confirmed my victory...

"Uhh Honshou-san, could you come up front..."

Class rep
Kawai Ino - 14
Honshou Aru - 12
"And so this is the result of the poll..."

"The chairman is Kawai-san. And the vice chairman will be Honshou-san"
She lost

"We hope you take care of us this year too"

"You took money, didn't you"
"What're you talking about..."
Underhanded elections

t-thank (you)

"If it's not money, then why did I lose this year too? Tell me"
"Why me..."

"There were a lot of people who weren't hoping for change because they weren't dissatisfied about anything last year"
"That's not a serious answer"

"You have something you always say, right? I'll let you especially use them now, so say it"
"I see..."

"It's because you're a loser"

"Who's the loser!"
"Don't take so much pains to move around"

"Well, but it's a good thing here, right?"
"If you got to just one more person, you wouldn't have lost"
"A loss is a loss"

"Hm. Wait a minute"
"If I got to just one more person?"

"You didn't vote for Ino-chan there by any chance, did you?"


"Hold up Nakosuke!"

"Aghh Nako!"
"You definitely voted for Aru, Nako. Why did you lie?"
"Sotoka, Bocchi"

"Well she's better now so she's fine"

"Besides, I didn't lie. All I said was 'whoopsies'"
"You're bullying people again Nako!"

"Nako seriously worried about me... and she really voted for me. Nakosuke..."

"I thought Nako was gonna tell me seriously, so I asked"
"Nako you moron"

"Aghhh shiiiit. I'm definitely gonna be chairman next year!"
"We're singing Bocchi"

Don't lose Aru
Shine Aru
There are cans in the air Aru
Be reliable Aru
Perfect Aru
Vice Chairman of the world Aru

A few days later
"Sorry Bocchi. The committee members have to stay behind so go ahead"
Good luck

"Aru sure is trying her best even in her second year"
"Aru-chan's awesome"

"What, I'm busy"

"I voted for you and you lost so so keep it together"
"Show some consideration!"

One more chapter

Instead of "that's not a serious answer", it's more "don't give me the serious answer".

Okay I'll fix it

These twins give off a certain vibe

Hitori couldn't handle it either

Kurai needs to stop being edgy and join Bocchi's circle of friends. I'd love to see her butt heads with Nako more because they are opposite in terms of morals.

Somehow I am really glad I forced Doki to get off their butts. Anyone else happy?

I find these kind of posts hard to follow so I have been enjoying the doki translations

I have a typesetter too, but he's backing out due to Doki so I'm just finishing off my raws then I'm done.

Bocchi 36

"It's finally...here"

"It's finally here, master"

"Yes. It's finally here"

"I have changed to a smart phone"

Thank you for your hard work.

"Did you put protective film on it?"
"My dad put it on"

"Wow, your dad's good at putting film on"
There we go
"Sotoka has an air bubble here"

"I also have air in mne"
"If I squeeze this, it disappears a little bit, but it just comes back in the blink of an eye"
"How mysterious"

"I'll put air in it too"
"You don't have to"

"Besides Bocchi, have you said hi to your smartphone?"

"Say hi to you smartphone!? You can!?"
"Look, you tap the mic here and say hi"

"Are you shy with machines too!?"

No problem. I put my TS on standby in case Doki's just bluffing. Besides, I actually correct these before I put them up.

"Nice to meet you..."

"I hope we get along"

"I'm sorry for not saying hi on time"
"It's okay"
"Bocchi, this will be conversation training for you"

"P please be my friend"

"Sure. Of course"

"She faints even when her partner's a machine!?"

"If you're friends with a machine, you can buy them with money"

"Nako-chan, can I take a picture?"
"Uh H... hmmmmm well sure I guess"

"T take it already"

"It's a video"
"Why is it a video!?"

"Why is it a video?!"

"Take me too Bocchi"

"Hello, it's the vice chairman of the world"

"Why isn't it a video?"

>"She faints even when her partner's a machine!?"

Lol what a loser.


"Master, Sotoka too! Take Sotoka as well"

"Nin nin"
"Nin nin nin"
"She's so pretty if she does it normally though..."

"Sotoka-chan, if you leave that photo, they'll find out you're a ninja"
"That's right, ninjas are a group of spies"
Let's do this normally

"Sotoka-chan, you should stop saying 'Nin nin' at this point"

"I'll take yours too, Bocchi"
"S sure"

"Okay, here I go"

"It's a video"

"I won't take it! I won't take it anymore so calm down!"

"Ahhhh I wonder if someone will buy me something for reaching my second year of high school too"

"Aru-chan, you want a new smartphone?"
"That's not it. But I do want one"

"Okay, quiz time"
"Aru's aru-aru quiiiizz"
"What do I want?"

"Oh Bocchi, we have gym for fifth period"
"Don't change the subject. Join the quiz"

"The one who gets this correct will get a Honshou special chicken as a gift"

"Chicken! Sotoka wants chicken"
"Sotoka will give it her best shot here"

"Okay! Ding dong!"
"Okay, Sotoka-chan"

"Gold bars...?"
"Gold bars!?"

Where can I download the Japanese version of volume 3?

"Gold bars is incorrect!"
"Well, I do want gold bars though"
"I can't think of anything aside from gold bars"

"Well... let's see. There might not be anything else aside from gold bars..."
"Gold bars..."

"I will... make gold bars correct"

"This is the world's most uninteresting quiz"

"Sotoka-chan, you want gold bars?"
"You're asking Sotoka?"

"Sotoka doesn't care about money"
"Chicken is good"

"Doing ninjitsu with master is fun. And thanks to master, I made more friends"

"Sotoka is happy as she is"
"Sotoka-chan, you're making me into a filthy human being if you go any further so stop it!"

It doesn't exist yet. I'll let you know when it does exist

"Ahhh gym's all done"

"In fifth period gym class, you move around with a full belly so my tummy hurts"
"And then I get sleepy afterwards so I hate it"

"And so Bocchi"
"Good night"

Click click

"Don't take pictures of my sleeping face!"
"Get rid of it!"

"Hey Bocchi! I'm not letting you take anymore"

"It's a video"
"Stop videoing me!"

And raws are done. Which means I am done. If Doki doesn't release everything within a few days, I'll make sure my typesetter gets on it.

Later people

Where did you get the stuff you've been posting? Are you the person who's scanned it from a book?


Cool. Thanks then, you're amazing.

What's up with the passive aggressiveness? They firmly stated they would only release the next volume so a few kind user's decide to step in and do the magazine scans in the mean time instead of having everyone wait months just to see some new stuff. There's absolutely nothing wrong with either the TL, TS or the scan quality yet why do they feel they need to one up a bunch of people just trying to help on a relatively unknown manga?

Thank you for all your work.

And yet in the end he's just a loser.

I'm not a him ,___,

Perhaps you're not a loser after all, user. Lets be friends.

I mean, I was a him
but not anymore

Are you an attack helicopter now?

no I am a girl
dont worry
I am sorry for bothering you
I am too much of a loser for anyone

No, not really.

I appreciated that you guys got chapters out but I prefer the volume releases. They look a lot better and I honestly didn't mind waiting.

Kind of would've preferred Doki waiting as well and only releasing when 3 came out, and not sooner.

The part that confuses me is why is it a competition? Doki were content with releasing the volumes and specifically stated they would do so. user's around here decided to release the magazine chapters instead for people who don't care enough to wait for the volume release. It's two separate things. Doki's release would have been the better version in the end but instead they decided to get annoyed and start releasing magazine chapters for no reason when the user chapters are perfectly good.

This is what happens when there's no communication, I guess? Assumptions are made.

To be honest, the way it usually happens for groups that wait for volume releases is that someone gets fed up and starts releasing the magazine version and claiming the original group was lazy or something. Then the magazine scans become the only scans people bother reading.

Anyway that and scanlators are naturally touchy because they do a lot of work and do it for free.

I assume Doki would've not been passive aggressive had the ragtag group who did the last few chapters over the last few days just told them what their plans were (to just release the magazine chapters because they were antsy, expecting Doki to later do a higher quality tank release). You know, assuming that's what their intentions were.

>no I am a girl

Well I mean that's the writing Doki put down. They stated they'd release volume 3 in one go and to not expect any chapters for months. And that's fine, nobody is complaining about that. user's just decided to fill in that gap with the magazine chapters until Doki releases the volume as they originally stated. Nobody is stealing from anyone. You don't see BD groups bitching to sub groups doing anime airing on TV. Maybe some communication could have been better but the threads have been going for a week straight now so it wouldn't have been hard to speak up.

pls no bully

Well that's because with BDs you just slap the previous sub track on and tweak the timing if necessary/change the few other things that need changing.

A tank release might have to be cleaned again, needs to be prepared for typesetting, typeset, and parts of it might need new translations/there may be new or removed pages or panels. This is why groups that decide to do tank releases tend to ONLY do tank releases, and get annoyed when magazine releases are put out since few bother to read the later and thus superior version. The maximum scummery of tactics like that is how Mangastream operates; the fastest TL wins, and you can rake in ad money. After that, it's a matter of e-penis, after that impatience (not scummy, but possibly short-sighted), after that it's just putting out the version that is already there without consideration to the inevitable tank release.

But again, this is why scalators are so touchy and assume the worst usually; because the worst is USUALLY the case.

also you'll notice Doki got all those chapters out quickly

that's probably because they HAVE been translating the chapters from the magazines, they just haven't actually put them out because all you need for a TL is notepad, what you need to put out a whole chapter is cleaning, typesetting, etc

so, you get the TL ready first, wait for the tankoubon, and change as necessary

Well considering it's a niche manga and there's no ad revenue to be had it all just comes down to having a huge ego?

That's not what I'm saying.

It could be, on either the anons or Doki, or it could be just trying to put out the best version either way.

I can't read minds.

I guess that makes two of us.


Dumping one or two webcomic chapters before starting my work week.
My 2 Coconut Cents on this scanlator drama, just ignore it. First rule of the internet, ignore shit, don't get hit.

I'm a Bocchi crack addict and I'll take what I can get, I don't need no drama and hopefully TL/S user is also cool with these current events. It's a shame that things proceeded the way they did. I'd rather have no ill-will among the folk but it is what it be.




How to know it's OP? Always messing up 1 or 2 pages.



Yeah yeah, I know I'm the Aru-est. At least I got these pages in perfect order!



I think I got one last in me before my sleeping meds kick in. Hope you guys had a rad weekend.










And that's about it. It's been a cool week of Bocchi. We'll do it again sometime.

Been a fun ride. Will keep an eye out for future threads.

Thanks for the content, Aru poster. I love you too.


Thanks user.

Male friend when?


Soon enough, right?

It's a normal public school after all.


I dunno, for a class of 28 Bocchi has interacted with about half of that and yet we've yet to see a proper male be shown. I think it may just have been turned into girls only at some point.

Katsuwo's other manga has male characters.
So Bocchi will eventually interacts a male character when Nako got a boyfriend.

Well male characters have been shown, just not in focus. I just think it's odd that not a single one has been mentioned in what, near 40 chapters?

The first two panels are Azuma-like as fuck.

Silly user. Bocchi's underlings are too pure for that.

I may have speedreading, but where?
I thought Bocchi & co. was attending all-girls school.

I persobally don't give a crap, I can keep going but my TS is sorta iffy so I'm in an awkward spot.

But I don't mind dropping it either since I can just pick up something else

Males are seen entering her classroom in 13.5.

Prove it.

But losers are cute.

So, loser user is a girl. Can you be more cute?

Damn speedreader, there are 2 panel with boys.

It wold be waste if no boys were introduced. Botcchi is amazing at night.

There are boys?

Maybe they are reverse traps.


Isn't that unnecessary? You're acting like waiting for the tank release is something dumb to do, even though there's
>better scans
>more content
>usually changes/fixes
the magazine raws are faster but that's all, there's nothing wrong with not scanning a series based on magazine raws. It's also not so simple to just do the chapter twice with the two different versions.


I mean, these don't have to be put up. I did this because people asked for it but I can always just pull out

Guess so.

Besides, I didn't even know my own typesetter was doing it until he said what series he was doing.

Anyways, I'm used to interiming here and leaving them for the public. It's up to them what they want to do with it. I just wanted to make sure people were up to date.

While I understand your points there's an obvious upside to doing the magazine raws - time between content. Waiting a year for a volume or waiting a month for a new chapter, as a consumer the choice is a no-brainer. While it's true that the end tank will be improved in various aspects it doesn't change the fact that people are waiting a long ass time for something in between.

The user's helped out and delivered some new magazine chapters, if you wish to wait for Doki's release (although this is now redundant with them spitting the dummy out and doing magazine chapters too) you are free to do so but for the rest of us the magazine chapters are available with the option of going back in a few months and reading Doki's V3 tank.


I imagine that conversation was mildly amusing with both of you working on another project together without even knowing about it.

It was a funny conversation.

Anyways, to answer >147387717 on one more note. I run Tsurezure Children interim threads. The author is notorious for being extremely inconsistent between the magazine releases and volume releases. Another group already claimed public releases so I just make a thread every week. It was supposed to go the same way here but well, shit I can't control happened.

Thing of it is, most people couldn't care less about what the quality is of scans and will only ever read the fastest version, which is kind of lame if you actually want the series to be seen in its best possible way (for free, that is)

And waiting shouldn't be a really big deal since there are many manga.

AND on that note, as there are so many manga, you're usually better off doing another series entirely than one that DOES have a group doing it and that group is just waiting. After all, there are many other series that could use that effort instead

well, that's just my piece; I also just plain don't like potentially aggravating scanlators since they aggravate easily and can make things a real pain

Typically my preference with "following magazine scans" is to only put them on Cred Forums and nowhere else. Cred Forums users are typically more aware and will understand that a better version will come later. That's what folks did with Ookami Shounen and that's also kinda how the Tsugumomo scanlation group works

Well many people don't read much manga, I know that I personally only follow a handful of projects myself One of which is Gabriel Dropout which is why I find it amusing the same people ended up coincidentally doing Bocchi so when I have to decide whether to wait a year or wait a month I'm generally going to wait a month, given the option. Either way many people are more than happy to go back and reread or rewatch things, which is why I'm happy to have both magazine and tank available. Take a look at Dandelion as a recent example - magazine chapters were out (although some of volume 2 was incomplete) and a group decided to do the tanks, re-released everything and it resulted in multiple threads reaching bump limit and many people re-reading it and even getting new people into the series. Same goes for anime, BD groups wouldn't even bother if nobody decided to rewatch anime since the vast majority of us will watch it while it's airing yet there's endless groups out there doing it. It all just comes down to preference at the end of the day and I'm sure many others are glad to have the magazines being done until the tank is done.

Why is she so bad at games?

Related to Aru?

Are you calling her a loser?

>amazing at night
What does she mean by this?

That she works better at night than she does at day.


Works better at what?