Cred Forums moments that most people have forgotten

Cred Forums moments that most people have forgotten

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That was gg right? I can't remember which series, if it was Code Geass or Madoka, or what.

That was 5 years ago.... Where does the time go?


That weird detective show with a cute high school girl that aired right before K-ON!!.
What's its name?

Good times.

Bit more recent but I miss the Miku Mondays


Still one of Cred Forums's greatest moments.

She died for us

Milky Holmes?

Oh man ;_;

No, it's a j-drama.
We used to watch it while waiting for K-on!! episode to air.

Get your /jp/ garbage memes out of here retard.

Found it

Oh god, dem feels back then feels so surreal...

I miss gg meme subs. Too bad I don't watch Macross Triangle

Has it already been 5 years

Feels just like last year. Still the best KyoAni anime, ever.

Bit hard forgetting this. But I didn't recall what show they did this on until reading it was Madoka in this thread.

To be fair I watched a lot of gg subs though.

I meant Madoka, but K-on is good too.

Over six old

Sure, that too also.

2010 was arguably my best, favorite year. Full of fun.

Finally, a chance to repost this.

After more than 6 years...

..Oh god, where has the time gone... ;_;

It's too fast. ;_;

Still best girl. She and MOANING LESCUE man are the only things related to meduka meguca I'm still fond of.


Ne shiteru?

>gg got shit on so much they vanished
Hope you fuckers are proud of yourselves

Found another old gem

This thread makes me feel old. I'm not sure I like it.

>he doesn't know

The night the baka 3 went out of control. How many boards did we piss off?

And this.

I guess I don't user, what exactly do I not know?

Came here to post this.

>user doesn't know,
That Homura and me,
Do it in my van every Sunday.

>that crime live action before every VVV episode
Fun times. Too bad in S2 it was that road trip program instead.


This, it was also the height of shitposting and little to no mod supervision. I could get away with ANYTHING back then.

>there's no longer any page 15 for Suzakuck to go to ;_;


He'll always live on in the page 15 of my heart



2010 was actually too shit everyone including Cred Forums started to declare animu was dead, ABfag

>Lanced Jack

There will always be page 11.

Oh fuck, its all coming back to me.

>tfw manage to watch all E8 episodes

Now i get it, Yuki.


inb4 characters who'd look good doggy style

Stop reminding me.

Speaking of


Make it stop

It was glorious.

Anyway, enough of feeling sorry for ourselves.

How about we discuss the best anime of the 00's?

>greentext in 2009
I'm honestly surprised for some reason, I vaguely recall it only being a thing a few years after that

>was such a newfag back then that I went through that entire summer without noticing

The fuck are you talking about, green arrow implying implication maymay was already an old thing in 2009.

At the rate Hiroshima is going even the 404 page will be a forgotten memory soon enough.


literally who

I'd her horns, VIRAL MARKETING, and Shana being hot who was my first waifu and I'm now 8 years older than her. 2006-2007 were best years. Never watched Code Geass but whatever year that was, the threads seemed fun with the one I remember being someone recognizing shopped dick from another picture.

Oh shit

Was that the russian kid who tried to do the gaara sand coffin?

because it hasn't been a fucking thing since 2003 or anything

I remember Hox tripfagging and posting Franken Fran

I thought he was American?


Yotsuba C

Everyone now recognizes that bulge.

Why did people hate this guy so much?


Garaa's kid was American, the Russian one killed himself when Sasuke's brother (don't know his name) died.



I don't recall greentext until after like 5 years since I first came to Cred Forums. I dunno, maybe my memories are just mixed up.

Hayate right? Hina's the best, fuck Athena


No more snowman raping doujins for Christmas anymore

tramp user is probably happier than I am right now

This is ironic shitposting right?

His blatant hypocrisy and delusional posting maybe.

The post where he was typing that his keyboard breaking was hilarious, God bless that Komeiji.

Wonder what ever happened to this guy

fucking everyone forgot

Man there were a whole lot more fansubbers back then before Crunchyroll/Horriblesubs/Commie

How long has it fucking been?

The only 28th I will never forget is September 28th.

Grumpyjisan forever in the desert

I miss moot sometimes.

He was pretty vocal in the old buyfag threads

I remember the Bromont threads. Now I can't think of Katawa Shoujo without all the shit it brought. That god damn general is still going.

Hey guys remember me??

Because moeshit

>laughing elf man
Oh, how I miss thee.



I wonder how is he doing right now...


Fucking waifu beater.

Not as much as this guy.



The person that made this image seems really upset.

Also possibly didn't understand the fundamental aspect of the phenomenon we call "aging" through which our perceptions and opinions are changed.

Maybe he shouldn't post here before he was 18.

I'm turning 26 in three months, and I've learned that people's opinions change over time throughout my years. How old you are is irrelevant, people change in ways you'll never expect them to.

All that image says to me is is that Komeiji is a human being, which is a rather silly point to attempt to convey. Might as well try to assert that water is wet and fire is hot.




I wonder what Komeiji ever said to made Cred Forums hate him so much.


Various reasons. Being a tripfag, underage, manwhore. Other azusafags might be the ones who hate him the most if they still exist.

Do you have the fairy one?

>No one remembers No-Pan Night, probably the best night I've spent on Cred Forums

>no akibakko
It's shit.


No one?


I miss my delicious dolljoints.

No bread was had that night.


There was a Panty&Stocking clubbing event with DJs (e.g. the people who mixed the PSG ost) and performances and cosplayers dancing on stripper poles. It was live streamed and it was basically a night of Cred Forums clubbing out (at their computers) and having fun

Watching Boku no Pico stream with Cred Forums


Basically just imagine Cred Forums raving out to this for several hours and having a good time

I should have posted this when Bleach ended, but then again I'm not on Cred Forums all that much anymore

>Not linking to this version

It's like you don't even know how to induce madness.

Gaara kid burred his own head in sand and suffocated. The media also thought the show was Naruto Sand Ninjas if I recall.

Anyways there's this classic.

this is really cancerous

Love Erio!

Mudo walked around the corner...



I miss P&G


This really wasn't that long ago

Better do your warm-up stretches, Cred Forums!

It's time for the daily Panda Neko dance time!

These were good times.

Does anyone have the one in 800 years blood moon?


Haven't seen one of these in a long time


I miss Saimoe and the butthut/shitstorms it caused every big match.


S2 when

D-Does this exist?

When was Saimoe kill again, I remember Meguca participating a few times so the death must still be quite recent

back when Cred Forums used to being about having fun

Saki killed it



old Cred Forums was objectively much better than how it is today

Careful, the new kids will get mad at you.

It was in various series from that year. I remember I watched it in a episode of Mawaru Penguindrum.

in the end they'll know Im right

Ugh, that entire thing and everyone who hopped all over that were more or less gaiafags.

"Our epic dank headcanon, you guise!!! xD"

Kinda ruined Nichibros thread too.

better in what way...?


I think this is ending in like a month

A recent one

Fuck yeah.
The thread was so fast it literally broke Cred Forums for some minutes.

It was good

I'll spoon feed you because you're too new to know otherwise.

Since it's tied to muh suffering I will never forget it.

havent heard that term in a long time.
Yeah the threads could have been a lot better without it but it was fun in its own way.
the YuYu threads today are very chill though and I hang around there whenever I get the chance.

A lot more OC was made.
Cred Forums had more of an elitist culture, self moderation that is much stronger than today. It was pretty high up there with /jp/ if that helps.
There was also this feeling that I cant described that I felt whenever I lurked back then that was genuinely different and unique.
I believe its the way how anons were back then.
The newfriends actually lurked a lot before posting but I think thats a generalization, some still do I bet.

nice PPD reference

SAVAGE. What is this from?


I do miss the good old days, Cred Forums has changed a lot since then.

YuYu threads were always chill, I'm glad to hear it hasn't changed much. It was always a very specific niche for people that didn't mind discussing the show for the 100th time.

>The entire second half of what you wrote is more or less what I wrote in 2015 in an earlier post of mine.

Really makes you do the thinking emoji.

2013 was probably our worst year ever

wtf I hate the future now

That's not 2009. Nothing will be worse than 2009.

better but never good

Story behind this & Mameshiba ads?
I know this is either from Madoka or Ao no Exorcist fansub. I mean why the hell they didn't remove the commercial though?

They thought they were really funny.

They were right

is that nakai?

>good times when even the CM was subbed

People were already laughing at morning rescue from watching the episodes live.

PSG was a fun time
That ending

The fucking album hype was unreal. PSG album threads would fill 700+ posts in 15-20 mintues and the shit wasn't even released yet

Would this image be a instant thread filler anymore

Oh, I see. Thanks.


posting two in one:

Are moot's old Cred Forums mods still here or also gone along with him when Hiroyuki took over?

The only mod that actually liked Cred Forums enough to come here often was modcat, and we all know what happened to him.

too bad we long long crossed the point where telling people to lurk does any good
even the recent anti spoon feeding elitism has has almost no effect

oh sweet you didn't upload the one that's spelled wrong.

i got to the point where i automatically assumed it's the wrong one so i almost started bitching you out

>we all know what happened to him.
what happened user?

>I miss gg meme subs.

Well, most of the people back then are either dead or long gone anyway.

He's alive on twitter

I think Kinomod is still around. Everybody else is long gone

>It's like you don't even know how to induce madness.
I have actually listened to the full thing several times. It induces not madness, but a state of transience.

goes for many 10h compilations

Seriously, Cred Forums really need Mods & Janny from both west & east hemisphere.
Because when Mods & Janny from (maybe) Ameri-chan & Yurop asleep, Asian & Aussie shitposters are wake up.

That's unfortunate.

It's just a sinking ship at this point, user. Just enjoy the disaster because you can't fight the waters... the waters be too strong and our resolve too ineffective. ;_;

It was a pretty big incident.

He did his thing where he used the warning system to send a personal message to certain posters for fun, but when he did it on /adv/, some batshit insane femanon started crying about power abuse despite it just being a harmless warning with a private message included in it. He felt bad about it enough to resign. I specifically talked to him 1 on 1 to not resign over some stupid bitch throwing a hissy fit, but he felt that he would get his power taken away from him regardless (which I don't think would've happened at all).

Whoever that retarded femanon is, she's pretty much responsible for taking away the only active mod on Cred Forums. Most of us tripfags that received messages from him in this manner never found it to be offensive in any way, but I guess that's just what happens when we welcome normalfags in and they just refuse to lurk before posting to assimilate.

>since then
>post screencap from 2011
Lurk moar

Do mods still ban spoonfeeding?

I have no problem with spoonfeeding as long as the source is not popular or barely mentioned on Cred Forums but fuck. I've seen threads where the title was put on the subject or filename and newfags/crossboarders still can't figure it out and still get spoonfed.

That's like asking sauce for Kuroinu on /h/.

Spoonfeeders are a bigger problem than saucefags.

Nah he was murdered and the kids he was "playing with" just thought a stupid excuse and got away with it

It depends. Source requests usually get deleted but I don't think the posters are banned.

You want me to post something like this instead?

at least warn them and shit those faggots aren't form here.

>It was pretty high up there with /jp/ if that helps
/jp/ only splitted in 2008 though. The endless summer only started in 2009 so that ``up there'' period wasn't that long.
Even /jp/ lost their autism now, seriously what's with all those idolfaggotry and jav generals?

>Ask a question with an obvious answer
>Answer that question by himself in the next reply
I think sometimes they just samefagging just to make Cred Forums mad.

We both know that's just wishful thinking at best, no matter how true we'd like that to be.

personally i think Cred Forums deserves probably most of the blame.
They overused lurk more to the point that it's meaning shifted to simply memorizing any semi relevant past event.
then all you had to do was avoid conversations requiring any such knowledge and that spread to all boards thanks to Cred Forums bringing in more and more people

Why are fat Indians better dancers and why do they have tighter choreography than Morning Musume or AKB0048?


Literally bakatest

>English title on the subject
>newfags can't figure it out
>Cred Forums makes of fun of that retard
>someone from reddit would still spoondfed
>fun ruined

>it was basically a night of Cred Forums clubbing out (at their computers)
This sounds so sad

Then I guess lots of anons become sad on the first Saturday of every month.

Now this is better. I still wouldn't a literal junk though.

Where the fuck cool oldfag go anyway? Are they become normalfag with happy family now?
I don't believe they went to infinity or mchan, though. Since Cred Forums in those sites are pretty much ded.
Also, I belive 'the exodus' just for Cred Forumslack, Cred Forumstard, & Cred Forumsermin.

We're all still around, just less.

I feel like some of them either killed themselves, stayed here, went to some obscure site, or just went to reddit

I'm in contact with a lot of the people that used to be here, and it's really just the combination of reddit/gaia/normalfags taking over this board making it go dowin the toilet, and just us moving on with our lives.

We lurk every now and then but... we don't really post. Anime is still a hobby for the lot of us, of course.

At least, that's what I can tell from a sample size of around 200 people.


I don't know, but at this rate I'm going to successfully leave this time.

Fucking saimoe

We should have that again

Why did it die?

>We're all still around, just less.
We lurk every now and then but... we don't really post. Anime is still a hobby for the lot of us, of course.
Oh, ok. Kinda glad to hear that.

Don't. I think /r/anime isn't better at all.

You had to be their. It was genuine fun for all.

>he combination of reddit/gaia/normalfags taking over
To think Cred Forums was supposed to be the last bastion of the original internet spirit
Hey there user, I wouldn't go to leddit regardless. Why would I leave Cred Forums for one of the major sources of Cred Forums's shittiness?

it all returns to nothing


I miss when Cred Forums knew how to funpost. The moderation's been too strict for like 7-8 years by now.

>Booze is cooler than candy, sissies
>I core apples with a big black hunting knife instead of a pairing knife

Sadly the only thing that can guarantee replies at this point are american politics.

Thanks, certain board I won't mention.

are people like you actual oldfags or are you just basing your posts on what posted

I came here when Utawarerumono was airing although I have no way to make you believe me.

>Try to leave Cred Forums
>Unconsciously comes back here every time
The "You're here forever" meme is real. At least for me


I was never cool but I've been here for 10 years.
I feel nothing but emptiness and darkness.

Cred Forumsacks are cancerous but those retards repel even more cancerous normalfags.

Just look at how many normalfags they trigger just by niggerposting.

Do you like master's sperm?

Accelerator and Wikispammer were the heroes we didn't deserve

Cred Forumsfags are normalfags. They fetishize normalfaggotry.

>Cred Forumsacks are cancerous but those retards repel even more cancerous normalfags.
yeah not true, they attract a lot of mainstream attention .

apparently he is a transfer student in japan and grew a beard, there was a thread a week or so ago

>Cred Forumsfags are normalfags
That's what I also said.

>Cred Forums
>not normalfags

It's odd that you weren't enough of an intellectual to mention gorespammer.

It's still one of the most downloaded albums on JPS.


I can't remember if I was here for that one, I only started posting on Cred Forums during the lanced jack and taiga fiasco.

Cred Forums used to self moderate, but a few whiners wanted more mod policing; and now they hand bans to any oldfags who still try and stifle newfaggotry, because it's "trolling", "off-topic" or "not a quality post".
It's also stifled creativity and original content, leading to generals and shitposting.

So to combat the generals and shitposting the same dumbfucks who created this whole situation, are now crying for even more moderation to stop it. Which will kill this board for good.

Too close to home.

Eku is still a shit on a weekly basis
Is Eku the reason why we don't have threads for r/a/dio anymore?

He started off posting gore but then became associated with the "Bakemonigatari is for intellectuals" thing.

I wonder if you were truly around for it, considering how this was around 2009.

Not him, but I agree and have been here since Shakugan no Shana first aired

I miss accelerator spammer

Perhaps you'll believe him if he posted "that" gif

To a degree, yes. Once r/a/dio stopped becoming a community thing and started becoming it's own secular group things went downhill.

>Cred Forums used to self moderat
then visible sage was removed

There was a Gillette commercial at the end of an episode of Anohana, I think. I found it hilarious, but I'm not sure if people still remember.

At least it wasn't a silent death without any reason like /jp/radio.

>muh private club

I believe they still have some threads on meguca every weekend but it's slow as fuck since they only have like 30 users every time.
Such a shame, r/a/dio used to be really fun.

Don't be stupid, we self moderated by being a bunch of elitist pricks. Visible sage did nothing but serve as a form of "downvoting" or "disliking" or whatever bullshit you kids like to do nowadays.

visible sage was a way of showing disapproval without being childish about it,
its not a coincidence that the cuck shit really took off once sage was removed.

I never thought seeing smochi post would give me a tinge of nostalgia. I still hate you.

>modcat warned me that as long as I posted naughtys under a spoiler and announced it he wouldn't ban me


cuckposting didn't start until well after sage was dead. If anything the new way of downboating is (You) posting.

Visible sage did abso-fucking-lutely nothing to discourage newfags or normalfags from posting whatever stupid shit they posted. More often than not, people used it in a childish way to basically "downvote" a thread for the sole purpose of conveying "wow stop talking about things I don't like."

The only "civil" way sage was actually used was when it was visible that the user didn't want his post to bump the thread because it wasn't on topic, and those were extremely rare to see.

You could perhaps argue that the old sage spam was an effective tool of moderation before moot added a post timer long before captchas were added, but thread spamming wasn't exclusively a sagebomb thing to begin with.

It's not healthy to harbor hatred like that, user!

He banned me for three days for accidentally spoiling a show to him on MSN (and not on Cred Forums).

You just don't see fun mods like that nowadays. ;_;

Did the Rei trip died or is the trip usage banned?

btw how old are the oldfags here?

Still banned from what I've heard. Thankfully.

Turning 26 in three months.


I'll be 29 soon.


When did generals become a thing anyway?
Thanks gg.

>You just don't see fun mods like that nowadays. ;_;

I gave up on Cred Forums a couple years ago. We got spoiled by having mods that not only moderated but were also part of the community and participated. I don't even watch that much anymore. Part of the fun of watching was watching with Cred Forums. I'm glad though I randomly decided to lurk one day and found out about Takagi-san.


>post yfw remembering /q/

Goddamn, I can't believe how it ruined this site. narutards crying Naruto, newfags crying about anime reactions, IRC falseflagging and Narutocolypse. I can't believe RapeApe and some fags from /q/ became mods and janitors

that drink doesn't even exist anymore.


While I too miss the earlier days of Cred Forums, at least Cred Forums hasn't gone completely shit like some of the other boards I used to enjoy here.

I still watch anime, I just get most of my discussion off-site.
Modcat is still a cool guy. Don't understand how he likes love live that much though

I'm a wizard next month.


I actually bought some bottles. It resemled orange juice.

>at least Cred Forums hasn't gone completely shit
Some might say that's because most of Cred Forums doesn't support spoonfeeding. Also there aren't that much crossboarders here.

>The only "civil" way sage was actually used was when it was visible that the user didn't want his post to bump the thread because it wasn't on topic, and those were extremely rare to see
Or when the poster didn't want to bump the thread, especially in slow boards and before catalog was a thing.

How old are you fucks when you discovered Cred Forums?

Holy shit I'm turning 30 this december and only been here for a year. I got hooked by anime only a few years ago, is it too late for me?

Well, even a small win is a win I suppose. Elitism is still in effect on Cred Forums, so its kept Cred Forums at least at tolerable levels.

Shitholes like Cred Forums and Cred Forums are fucking abhorrent holy shit.

[gg] best group.

I'm 12 and what is this

25.5 and still a NEET virgin

It's actually only because the board always had a dedicated mod. That's how it managed to avoid becoming terrible during the great userbase influx. Now it just runs on its reputation.

>Some might say that's because most of Cred Forums doesn't support spoonfeeding.
old Cred Forums needs to enforced its culture again, we need an old fag MOD.


Gachi is now a twitch meme

>we need an old fag MOD.
Haha yeah right.
The oldfags of Cred Forums are either gone or post just once in a while at nostalgia threads like this one.

Time sure flies, doesn't it?

I could've sworn I was posting in a confession thread just a year ago, but it was actually six years ago.


I've been having cravings to visit Cred Forums every time a new New Game episode came out, but I just... didn't. Not sure what actively stopped me, perhaps I'm just too sad over the newfags running rampage like they own the place.

Ugh, catalog is one of the things I contribute to the downfall of this site.

The quintessential Cred Forums experience was gauging the popular discussion by looking at the front page and jumping into the popular discussion. The whole concept of the "front page" was THE Cred Forums dynamics at work, but the introduction of the catalog completely killed that and basically turned this place into an anime forum #2521.

Discovered Cred Forums when I was 16 back in 06, but I preferred to lurk because... well, the whole elitism thing actually worked back then. It discouraged me from posting while being an underage "cancer."

It's never too late for anime, friend.

In order to truly enjoy the Cred Forums experience, I feel like you have to just acknowledge Cred Forums for what it is. It's just Cred Forums with video games.

Doesn't matter anymore since the lescue man died.
According to koda it tasted like shit anyway.

>Every gachi vid onn youtube just gets FORSEN BOYS and gachigasm comments
Make it stop

Life-like texture ;_;

>there are people that like Keit-ai more than Ghost Slide


Gachi vids are dying of normalfag cancer and I can't handle it.

I'm an oldfag, but I've always mostly been a lurker. I sometimes feel guilty for not contributing more. But at the same time, I don't really complain about Cred Forums changing because I'm not contributing much.

15 in 2004

Old habits die hard, but Cred Forums is just a flaming corpse of its former self. I barely come here anymore, but I was never one of the 'cool' oldfags anyway.

Doesn't help that original content in general has died across the entire site so you can't even have that to keep you here.

I turned 28 two weeks ago.

I'm so sorry.

I lurk quite often but almost never post.

Wow, you're still around?

Exclusively anonymously except for the occasional stupid post like this.

Yo while I know you're here thanks for v/a/lentines 2014. Shit was groovy as fuck.

Ah, a proper use of tripcode, I approve.

I really miss the Dog Days threads man.

I don't remember when I started coming here regularly. I found this place because it was always listed as the source for gifs on ytmnd. But I know I was a regular by the time 2007 hit as I watched the big shows that year with Cred Forums. So I was somewhere around 17-19.

19. I'm You're going to be fine, take it easy and have fun.

>that thread the other day
>it was actually six years ago
Every time.

I think S3 kinda kills it

It's been over a decade and people still talk about shit like this

BIG FAT CAT TAT > Itchy bitty shitty puppy

There was a third party catalog site far before it was actually incorporated into Cred Forums though and I know a good amount of people used it too.

The catalogs are great if you're only visiting the board for a specific thing. You can set up filters that automatically sticky the threads you want.

'member manly anime reviews?

I mean, myself included. It was a quick way to find threads but I now realize what it turned the site into. ;_;

Glad you enjoyed it. It was some of the most fun I've had.

Please look forward to v/a/lentines 2017 and be disappointed because nothing is being made.

The catalog isn't the problem, it's the "keep it to one thread" mentality that was imported from other boards and sites.

I just generate less OC than I used to and make smaller, less thoughtful posts.

I think it's largely because my tastes have changed. I used to jump on every big popular seasonal show and participate in the threads nonstop, but I rarely watch those shows or browse their threads anymore and stick almost exclusively to seasonal SoL shows or other minor things that tends to be less popular and barely get a thread going every week. Those threads tend to generate less OC and discussion by nature so I contribute less as well.

Also the effort involved in putting thought and substance into a post seems wasted nowadays when so goddamn many people posting here are obnoxious, arrogant ESL idiots with barely a basic grasp of the english language. The last time I did bother to make a decent post it got met with something to the effect of "You're bad and wrong because I don't understand what words mean" in various degrees of broken, grammatically horrid english.

I could go on a tirade about why ESL posters who try way too hard to pretend they're not ESL ruin threads but that's a topic for another meta thread.

Smoked Cheese, kill yourself you attentionwhore. You should have stayed permabanned so you can't just drop in to these types of threads and try to act amiable to people that don't know how retarded you were when you frequently posted.

I've been fond of your work ever since you did that thing for San's birthday (Seto no Hanayome is my #1 show), and I've always been meaning to ask you... If you were interested in a group chat that kind of started as an Cred Forums chat back in 2009 but I guess it grew into something more, but it still has a decent amount of people from Cred Forums in it like Taiga and some other anons.

The catalog enables that behavior, though. That mentality wouldn't exist if the catalog didn't exist.

Mordin fingers himself live

Holy shit, Mameshiba. Those were some good times. I was a regular on Cred Forums when it was really popular. We had whole threads devoted to making Cred Forums characters into little beans. If anyone had any of those I'd be eternally grateful. I lost all of them in a hard-drive crash.


Now that is name i havent heard for long time

Were my posts as retarded as your post?

What the...

>be one of old posters in this thread
>be ESL
Y-you too.


I started browsing here when I was 14.

Cred Forums is family.


>getting banned for posting like a drunk idiot

You set such a high standard for us all. Go back to circlejerking and playing League.

Remember when Cred Forums was actually pretty chill board.

Here are a bunch of Cred Forums things that were already ancient history when the ytmnd was made.

r/a/dio during the christmas and new years is pretty great every year though

Akinator still guesses her in 25 questions.

Christmas was good last year. New Years was fucking shit because r/a/dio hosts like making drama for no reason.

Cred Forums is the highlight of my Christmases now. Secret S/a/nta, r/a/dio, Toradora stream, I'm going to post this every day until Christmas, etc.

>lescue man died.
Wait, what?

Feel free to add me, not sure how often I'd participate though due to my introvertism. My contact stuff is probably on my youtube page or some shit.

God I miss Cred Forums. It used to be so great, before the Great Feminism Shitstorms. I miss the late-night Justice League International threads the most.

And now that joke is repeated so often I facepalm.

How many Cred Forumsnons have died since these moments?

Man, that was one hell of a night. I actually started tipping over when I tilted my head just a bit.

Memories, mang.

Holy moly Cred Forums was one of the strangest boards because they used "HNNGH" to allude to arousal rather than finding something adorable.

Apparently it got ruined by normalfags and rampant femanons.

While I'm mostly indifferent about r/a/dio, when r/a/dio threads were getting banned the people that actively participated in them started saying stuff like "*EVERYONE* LIKES R/A/DIO HOW DARE YOU BAN IT" and the lot of us that didn't really give a damn about r/a/dio didn't care for it. It kind of gave the whole "up their own ass" impression where they think they're speaking for everyone, almost as if they didn't understand what would happen if all of Cred Forums were to post in a single thread at once, and then used the sample size of any given r/a/dio thread and assume every single poster on Cred Forums is accounted for.

With that said, I'm sure it was just a vocal minority that said all the dumb stuff and most of you are probably alright.

O-Oh okay.

>text conversation


Not him, but it took me like three years before I made my first post and even now I barely make like 5 posts on a good month.

I'm not him, but you can be too shy to type.

Sounds like a good thing given the quality of your posts. Try reducing it down to 0 posts again.

It's not as though every person that isn't a native englis-speaker is the anti-christ, but there's a specific kind of ESL poster -I'm sure you know what I'm talking about- who has an extremely tenuous grasp of the language and very limited vocabulary constituted mostly by memes imported from whatever native-language aggregator websites they browse, Cred Forums and twitter. They're perpetually angry and confrontational but don't know how to articulate themselves, and so just post aggressive, meme-laden nonsense in response to anything they don't like and assume everyone else either has as little of an understanding of english as they do (and thus that they can pretend they're an authority on it) or else try to pretend that they're actually much more fluent than they are, to the point where defensively shitpost anything which stresses their minimal understanding of the language or challenges their misuse or lack of comprehension of basic word-choice.

I frankly don't know where the hell they all came from or what makes them so goddamn bad at posting, but holy shit. Cred Forums's played host to ESL users for years that weren't actively detrimental to the quality of the board, but this new breed is something else entirely. My strong suspicion is that they're South-east asian and south-pacific islanders that rode in on /vg/ generals for big mobage franchises like Love Live and [email protected] and just stayed here, or perhaps that they're just Cred Forums crossposters that like to use everything outside of their home board's language-specific general as a toilet.

At first it was only bad in Light Novel adaptation threads, where poorly understood chinese spoilers were spammed and parroted ad nauseum by these people, trying desperately to be an authority on a story they hadn't actually read, just so they could talk down to people trying to actually enjoy the series. Lately they've spread damn near everywhere and it's a goddamn problem.


They're attentionwhores and that's the reason they were chased off in the first place.
It boggles my mind that they get like 2 days a year where they're welcomed back here and they can't make it through without reminding everyone of why they were booted off in the first place.

Angry meme-spouters with bad English skills are sometimes just children, not always foreigners.

I've actually spoke to a bunch of anons that admitted to being too shy to even add someone on MSN in confession threads.

They just need to find themselves in a comfy environment, but being too shy to talk to someone through an online messenger is an actual thing that exists.

His post is fine. It's one of those images you used to see in Heroman threads and he didn't say anything particularly awful.

Maybe you should apply your own advice to your own self.

You know you've hit rock bottom when a former shitposting tripfag is telling you this.

I remember being new and so damn scared to post because I wasn't familiar with the "culture". That's a thing of the past now, i've gotten to the point where I mostly just shitpost on other boards and come to Cred Forums for real discussion. Might just be the fact i'm not only completely comfortable here now, but i'm a more confident person overall.

I have one here, bought when madoka ended

I drunk some and it tasted like any other sport drink with orange flavor

i've been here since week 1, i don't post as often because I don't agree with a lot of the new trends in anime. moeshit was the original enemy, but low budget trash, fujoshit, and LN trash are far worse.

I remember i spent lurking for years because i was afraid of anons.

>so much time has passed
>time I will never get back

I turn 34 in 112 days

I'm afraid of dying before I finish translating this stupid manga. Everyone will think I dropped it ;_;

The worst part is how I feel I have wasted the time.

>former shitposting tripfag

All you do is shitpost when you slap on your trip. Or one of the many others you use because you're an even worse failure than everyone else addicted to this site.

I just think we need a new show to happen that everyone can get into. We haven't had a Geass-level show in too long. The most recent thing I can think of on that level was the leadup to Kill la Kill. Sure, there was a lot of "saving anime" shitposting, but it was fun and exciting.

No, what we need is a complete overhaul of Cred Forums at the moment. That's never going to happen though.

Don't worry, anons, eventually you'll hit the point that you realize you would have wasted your life one way or another and make peace with it.

Thats why I stick to doujinshi

What we need are better mods. Ones involved in the culture of the board.

We explode every sunday with that RE zero shit. I assume it's probably the same degree of crazy fun popular shitposting, but I keep it at arm's length because the show itself is trash.

user, it's not healthy to be so obsessed over a person on the internet.

Yeah, I guess that's the closest show this season. I've just not bothered to watch it, so I'm missing out to a certain extent.

>addicted to the site
>last post was this thread and the one before that was from march
If you don't like the tripfag, just filter it.
How dense are you?

anime is cute, and good

>click drop down arrow
>show images with filename

So difficult.

We never will have a show like that. The board is too big and divided to truly "get everyone into something". The general mentality doesn't help either

It's funny because every time someone finds a funny tripcode, they dare me to post on Cred Forums with it and see how long it takes before someone figures out it's me.

I must've left quite an impression on you.

How embarrassing!

most people wouldn't even bother doing that you autistic fuck
just filter it

I'm having fun with the new DR anime, but of course it's not anywhere near Geass levels of crazy. It's produced some nice OC though.

yeah but its all we got left....

Only for this thread, young man.

I will vanish into obscurity when this thread dies.

From whence I came, I shall return.

>I just think we need a new show to happen that everyone can get into. We haven't had a Geass-level show in too long.

I had fun like I didn't have in a while with Valvrave. Lots of OC and insane theories, also gg.

To me it seems like Re:Zero spills out way further than the content of the show warrants. It's not a show at the level that warrants a board wide reaction, but since an unignorable portion of the userbase are enjoying it it spills onto the board consciousness.

Anime is something that you're not old enough to watch. Fuck off back to tumblr and kill yourself on the way there.



maybey I should become a tripfag in your stead

I don't think you got what it takes.

I realise that without some critical change earlier in my life that I was always on a hiding to nothing.

Still feels bad, man.

>It's not a show at the level that warrants a board wide reaction
To be completely fair, the shows that elicite this kind of boardwide awareness rarely ever do deserve it.

Remember Aldnoah Zero? That show was hot trash and didn't even have any meme value but still took over the whole board every day it aired. Bursts of popularity like that are spontaneous and irrational, you just gotta ride the wave when they happen. If, like this season, it happens with a show that's well and truly bad, to the point of being difficult to sit through even with the Cred Forums threads contextualizing things and making them more entertaining, then it's just a pity. I personally just can't sit through RE Zero so I miss put on what fun and shitposting the threads must enjoy, but this isn't the first time this has happened, either.

Speak English.

the only trip I've used was one I only used one day out of the year.

Picked up.

Not a lot of Mai around nowadays.

Don't worry, I was speaking English. You are merely unfamiliar with the phrase.

Yeah I remember having fun with Valvrave as well.
gg delivered a lot of good stuff.

But there hasn't been any show that formed a collective since code geass, and I don't think there will ever be one again.

I remember following valvrave, steins;gate, tiger & bunny, panty & stocking, aldnoah and plenty more with Cred Forums, but nothing stood out as much as geass.

I'm still having fun nonetheless.

Kill la Kill was the closest thing only because it spanned the entire board.

That was like three years ago.

This user and his post right here serve as a great example of what was talking about.

The least you can do is google the phrase before embarrassing yourself next time.

Guilty Crown was literally on par with Code Geass in terms of rampant shitposting, number of threads, theorycrafting, memes and edits. Also helps that it had two seasons to shit up the board with.

As garbage as Madoka is, that also had a huge impact on the boards, though not on the level of CG nor GC.

KLK was the closest to Geass?

Apparently I haven't.

In recent times as a board collective.

28 soon.
Getting so close of becoming a wizard.

Now I actually think Cred Forums's problem is, and just hear me out on this, not too many newfags, but too few. Or rather, we haven't been integrating enough newfags into the board culture to keep things dynamic. A lot of what makes this board entertaining is the youth atmosphere. The snappy comebacks, the witty banter, the sophmoric humor. But the oldfags are now into their 30s, 40s even. While some have left the board altogether, others who have stuck around have seen so much of every goddamned thing that they have no capacity for joy left. I mean what the hell is with all this "Kill yourself", "I've been trying to" crap? I don't recall this place being so dour five years ago.

What KLK did was bring an infusion of young blood into Cred Forums that restored some of the jovial atmosphere of years past. But once the show ended, all the old curmudgeons here did was chase them off. At this rate, in a few years this place will start sounding like a geriatric forum.

Woah dude, get your head out your ass. There's a big difference between the poorly constructed sentences, terrible grammar and horrid spelling of ESL posters and simply not knowing some obscure british idiom.

There isn't a shortage of newfags on this board.

Every time I come here, I can spot tons of them.

>more newfags

People on Cred Forums are growing up together.

They're all cynical and jaded and don't want to deal with kids that don't have an ounce of creativity in their shitposts all day.

I'm a newfag and you don't know what you're talking about.

can you at least concede that there is at least a healthy amount of new blood to bring in?


>meguka sol never

I disagree 120%. All the rampant shitposting as it stands is due to newfags. Those '20 - 40 something oldfags' you mentioned are definitely not the ones shitting up the front page with 'baby's first anime' Re Zero or making the "X is cute, CUTE!" threads or other garbage. The 'new blood' in anime fandom are obnoxious brats who cling fast to jojo memes and fall in love with phrases like 'kawaii in the steeets, senpai in the sheets'.

KLK and the audience it brought with it were (and still are) cancer. The self-loathing and borderline nihilism you mentioned has always been present on Cred Forums, ronery threads used to be a thing.

in order to answer this question I would have to write out a series of longform posts on some wordpress install somewhere documenting exactly why the show works so well in terms of storyboarding, editing, shot blocking, and all the cinematographic tools of art -- on an episode-by-episode, scene-by-scene basis -- and I haven't scraped the time together for that yet, because it is a massive undertaking and I have a day job

the new show is far less focused in its presentation and i stopped watching after episode 3 completely lacked any sort of dramatic weight; it felt condescending and what I've heard of the following episodes hasn't convinced me that Sakurai has as strong a central vision and autism level for fine details as Kyougoku, but i dont want to go that deep into it on here itt

(i miss you guys too though

As long as AoG is here that trafition will never end.

are fatefags oldfags?

>more newfucks

When you try to tell them about the good old days, they shitpost with stuff like ">implying this board used to be better" and it hurts me right in the feels.

Hello Kyle.


Is Cred Forums better under Moot or Hiroyuki?

Now that you mention it, I showed JoJo to some normie friends of mine and they liked it instantly. Little did I know that they would suddenly start liking cancer JoJo pages in Facebook and would also spout obnoxious JoJo shit every now and then.

JoJofags are truly the worst

n-no thanks.

I'd rather have Cred Forums die than more "who is your seasonal waifu", "what animes are not for kids?", or "x is the greatest, prove me wrong" type shitposts

dont forget
>trying to fit in

hello, i hope you are still posting without a name most of the time like you told me you would. also real names on the internet

I think it's worse now, but I don't know if I would blame Hiro. Things have just gotten steadily worse all over Cred Forums, and was getting so before Hiro took over.

The two things are completely unrelated
Hiroyuki is dumb and refuses to touch anything mostly. His constant "maybe the users should decide!" is never going to work and I wish he would realize that

As a manga, kinda sorta

It has unexpectedly good characters.


13 in 2008
I wanted somewhere to talk about anime in private

I donned the trip for credibility for this thread only (being a virgin loser that's been here longer than most people on Cred Forums).

I don't see you on Skype anymore.

Some of them even pretend to be oldfags and tell you that the board quality is objectively the same and the rest of us sit there going "oh god is he serious..."

There's nothing we can do, user. The fight is already lost.

Some of us are still here

That's true. Although it's not just because anime nowadays doesn't deliver, it's the mindset that has changed as well. Posters no longer know how to have fun and are too focused on following the trends, be it on things you should praise or hate on. Even trolling had some sort of finesse before and most would put visible effort into their posts, while short posts would be taken as such and not reflected upon. Nowadays everything is an empty echo of whatever epic insults or words of praise are common and if you happen to write a longer post, everyone will think it's copy pasta from somewhere else because you're not expected to think with your own head before typing, just like you're not expected to have taste of your own and like different things. As a result most of us who were used to a different environment will pick up shows and enter threads with a predisposed bitterness, which in turn will not contribute to what could be a comfy time watching whatever we're watching. Many of us who were here for Geass are still around and watching things but we feel like it's a waste of time to participate because most posters are in fact retarded. We're just making it harder on ourselves because there are still a few people worth replying to. There might be less entertaining shows these days but half of the fun of those shows in the past was the creative atmosphere of the threads.

tl;dr report shitposts and post as you would 5 years ago.

Don't worry, user The Geass event is coming soon. And if it's R3, the whole board will shit itself.

Turned 21 yesterday. Suddenly feeling an urge to leave this place ASAP

I will forever be grateful he translated punpun.

>>implying this board used to be better
Holy fuck this
The only response I ever see is "It was always this bad, YOU'RE the newfag if you think otherwise!"

>Don't have an ounce of creativity in their shitposts all day.
This is exactly what killed the sense of community. I don't want to waste my time on making content for a bunch of shitposting kids who will never contribute to this board.

To be fair, "X was never good" is a meme as old as time.

Of course, but when they start arguing that the current Cred Forums is actually better in quality than the old Cred Forums, then we got problems.

Let's be real user, we both know you're not leaving.

15 in 2006, though I first came to Cred Forums year later.

More like Cred Forums moments most people weren't around to see. Morning Rescue was over 5 years ago. I highly doubt Cred Forums, if not in fact most boards, retain even half of its population for that long.

>I don't want to waste my time on making content for a bunch of shitposting kids who will never contribute to this board
This is what killed my motivation to continue making OC and edits

Slightly unrelated but can I just say that this 'ironic anime lover' stuff has become far too annoying already?

You know what I'm talking about. 14 - 16 year olds saying 'anime sucks' but obviously anime fans. Cropped doujin/hentai profile pictures, youtube parodies, overuse/misappropriation of terms like 'lewd', 'waifu' or 'weeaboo', tumblrposting and jojo posing, all this sort of garbage.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, filthy frank is essentially their role model.

Agreed, I can come off as a strong shit poster but the temperament of Cred Forums has just become vicious without any class.

Seasonal anime threads are fine, but what is grating me is that subject topic is the same damn thing, no one tries to create an interesting point of discussion to start things off, it requires extensive lurking of threads replaying the same turn of events.

Honestly I've found threads on /e/ more invigorating for discussion because people still have passion to follow up author's current releases, translated feedback, etc.

Can't remember the last time there was a backdrop focus on the location an anime was based off.

The ones replying with "kill yourself" and linking to other boards and sites are newfags trying to fit in. An actual oldfag won't waste time with that shit because he knows he'd be here all day if he did.

I don't trust skype as a platform and MSN died, so

I still use AIM though even though the last person I talked to on there was snacks 3 months ago. get on irc sometime

I'd rather have Hiroyuki than anybody else, honestly, because he understands the ethos of anonymous posting online while not trying to monetize or interfere with the natural flow of the boards.

in all my years here ive never been to /e/, i thought it was just a porn dump porn like /h/

Cred Forums in general and Cred Forums especially used to be so much more creative. People seemed to actually tried to post interesting content sometimes.
It used to be nighttime Cred Forums was distinctly different from daytime Cred Forums.
Much more personal posting from sad and alone f/a/gs.
I miss it.

He's still active on VNDB as "veronin" and is very vocal about "learrning Japanese" and being better than EOPs.

That machine translating fuck makes people who really learned Japanese look bad.

>10 years ago

>It used to be nighttime Cred Forums was distinctly different from daytime Cred Forums.

Wow, I actually forgot about that.

Damn... night time Cred Forums used to be so good.

moot was a lot of things but at least he actually cared while he was the admin. With hiro it would be better to have no admin at all. At least the site wouldn't be down occasionally because he pressed the wrong button.

I want to watch anime streams with Cred Forums again. Not live streams of new shows but stuff like Marks stream.

this guy is still around, though he spends a lot of time playing super robot wars and mahjong

Milhouse is not a meme, faggots.

Jesus Christ, almost to the fucking day.

What the hell happened to my life?

Thanks, the art looks cute.

I think Hiro is kind of going in the right direction, he just needs to be more assertive and actually do stuff.

>Seasonal anime threads are fine
A lot of them just become generals very quickly (see new game, for example) and there's just nothing to discuss. We get threads 24/7, just "hey, let's talk about X" and then the same posts repeat themselves. A lot of the questions etc there are answered with "look it in the archives". It feels weird trying to actually start talking there. Like I'm interrupting some private convo.
I find it much easier to start convos over twitter or shit like discord honestly.

>There are newfags who tell you to go back to tumblr in Ouran Threads.

>I find it much easier to start convos over twitter or shit like discord honestly.

I was with you until this steaming load of faggotry.

twitter is cancer IMO
the character limit prevents any real conversation

We don't even watch live streams anymore thanks to simulcasts. Killing fansubbing wasn't enough.

Whether literal or not, I think the main point of that statement was to convey how circlejerky the general threads become.

I distinctly remember a K-ON general turning into an a/s/l thread back in the days.

The humanity...

Where are you from? Vote in the poll!
Remember, haters gonna hate, filters gonna filter!



That dude's still alive. He just cares more about anime fighting games and shitposting on twitter than posting on Cred Forums, and with good reason.

What's a discord?

Another issue with Cred Forums is that there are no outlets for solidarity. Beyond generals, the board is a mess for consistent dialogues.

The problems of over-moderation by mods and dwindling self-moderation by the board, occurred later under Moot, and have continued under Hiroyuki.
I think the pressure Moot was under from Gawker and it's allies, to stop Gamergate shit on Cred Forums, created many of the moderation problems today.

At this point I'm happy people keep saying "kill yourself" instead of "kys".

Someone should bring back the grammar nazis.

What's his Twitter?

>I think the pressure Moot was under from Gawker and it's allies, to stop Gamergate shit on Cred Forums, created many of the moderation problems today.
A good program

In general I have learned that if you don't act like a faggot and ignore the ones who do the discussion flows naturally.

>Someone should bring back the grammar nazis.


Good times

You don't understand the Cred Forums dynamic and you should leave this place.

Or at least that's what I would've told you had it been years ago.

I don't care, do what you want.

>His constant "maybe the users should decide!" is never going to work and I wish he would realize that
He's right and authoritarians like you are the problem. Heavy moderation killed creativity and is the major reason why everything is shitposting and generals today.

>I think the pressure Moot was under from Gawker and it's allies

>authoritarians like you
My point is that the users cant decide anything and moots idea of fucking with the site first and seeing what happens later was a better idea than waiting for eternity for the "Cred Forums userbase" to actually agree on very specific rules for their board.

Those aren't newfags, they're cross boarder filth.
That's the real thing killing this board.

But he was, and Jason Pargin of Cracked threatened an article a day about him personally unless Moot got the shit under control.

He did nothing wrong

>E7 threads before AO ruined everything
Never a better time.

I rember reading that on their facebook

That was the Cred Forums dynamic pre-2011, you should know that.

>But he was
no he wasn't , he's always hated that chanology type crap.

>Higher than the SUNDAYs

Fuck, I miss the E7 threads we had when it was airing.

>Used to wish I could go back to 2006 and avoid ever coming here
>Now I wish I could go back and enjoy the old days on here

I swear to god I'd sell my left nut for an archive of this board from 06-09 just so I could trawl through it and relive the past.

>I'd sell my left nut for an archive of this board from 06-09
Don't make promises you can't keep.

so are you just nor aware of the 2008 to present archive?

Only generals I could think of pre-2011 was... maybe Strike Witches? When did mods start banning generals, was it 2012? Because the banning of generals happened maybe a month after the general thread started appearing with the official "GENERAL" in their titles.

Anyways, the point is that the lack of solidarity that he's complaining about was what drove this place to begin with. That's why I felt like he never really belonged here.

but those are the best kind

sora no wo to had long running thread chains when it was airing, does that count?

I want filters for anyone coming in from Cred Forums or Cred Forums. Nothing they contribute from Cred Forums has been valuable to discussion or contributes quality to a thread.

Not withstanding they use tumblr source of their 3D western shit. Like come the fuck on, warnings can be issued on the principal of poor quality + certain types of derailment posts.

What were you posting on this day ten years ago?

It was missing images, most of 08, and a fair chunk of 09 was spotty last I checked.

Something embarrassing in all caps.

Probably something about Code Geass

are you talking about the desu one?

Sora no woto threads were good so its okay

The years have turned into a mush in my head and pretty much everything from 2010 onwards has morphed into this one giant ball of Cred Forums, but it's hard to remember what was when and which incidents were before others and vice versa.

Maybe you're misunderstanding. The solidarity BEFORE generals was things like projects Cred Forums worked on together, ronery threads and things like that.

The only solidarity NOWADAYS are the community people in generals make among themselves and insulate the threads from any outside influence. It's not enjoyable like this.

foolz fireden
So about that left nut.

bill gates should have made it harder to use a computer over time so that normals would stay the fuck away and the global net population would stay low and static

K-on, strike witches, raildex

its in eras for me
2007 to late 2011 is the 1st era
late 2011 to 2015 is the the 2nd era
2015-present is the 3rd era.

maybe you're just that new

I miss the ronery threads, i know it was offtopic but it was only one thread a night and under control.

I started visiting Cred Forums in 2009, and Cred Forums in 2010. I'm 21 now.

This is objectively wrong though.
Cred Forums went "blue Cred Forums" in 09 and Cred Forums swung elitist in response.
I remember it well because I was primarily a Cred Forums poster.

Ah, yes. That would count too, I suppose.

The thing about Sora no Woto threads was that unlike most generals, it wasn't just stupid circlejerking nonstop. It was circlejerking about SPECULAH and charts, which is infinitely better than circlejerking about literally nothing because you've exhausted everything there is to talk about like other general threads.

Sora no Woto was a general done right, even if I didn't really care for most of the speculations because some people started really stretching to grasp at things. It felt like the threads existed out of the necessity for discussion, not for the necessity of "trying to keep the general alive at all cost."

Ah, I see. I thought you were advocating for more general threads.

I agree, it's basically a sinking ship. Just enjoy what you can while facing doomsday. ;_;

Oh yeah.

Oh god, the raildex generals...

I remember it was because the faggots on /foolz/ or whatever the place was back then decided that they didn't like r/a/dio for some insane reason and bothered moot until he banned them without really even checking the situation himself.

Iirc Nagi was a part of it, at least. Tripfag drama was fucking insane back in the day.


am now 21

PKMN trainer tried those "How was your day" like two years ago and they got banned quickly.
The board(s) don't have that community feeling anymore and it fucking blows.

>2011 to 2015
Quite a few things went to shit in this time


ronery threads jut made me feel less depressed about being what i was , they were pretty therapeutic, then r9k happened and they became associated with bitterness.

I was literally in the first Accelespam thread.

I complained about him not saging his posts.

Not that guy but waiting time between posts and captcha made it almost impossible to post manga without some kind of add-on.

>The board(s) don't have that community feeling anymore and it fucking blows.
I agree, but whatever.


I wonder how many people today know the meaning of this term.

I'm still mad at that GAR contest.

I break it up much the same way.
Pre-2007 I remember for being a newfag and for being very much like Cred Forums, especially with regards to popular series, and with pockets of /jp/ surrounding niche titles and things that were only tangentially related.
2007-2011 is the time I remember most vividly for all the memes and OC and explosions of popular series that went on, as well as all the shit that shook the whole board like the various major spammers, tripfags an the like.

Things really calmed down somewhere around 2010 and into 2011 and we had this long period of stagnation, both in terms of what was airing and in terms of what was going on here. Recently, like within the past year, that seems to be changing and things have livened back up both in regards to what's airing and how the board reacts to it. I'm rather hopeful that we're heading into better times.

Holy shit I know exactly what you mean. Fuck this entry level fandom.

I wish anime never became popular in the west.

I mostly had /fit/ and Cred Forums in mind because I used to care for
But mostly generals, e-drama and the gradual loss of community

Two words, Cheesebro. SaiMoe and SaiGar.

It's more like
>2006-09 - Old Cred Forums
Lots of OC, feels like a loosely held together forum, community organizes shit to do together constantly, distinct sense of board culture. Plenty of trolling and autists are muxed in, but it's all more light-hearted, fun, and generally chill than today.
>2010-12 - Old Cred Forums dies
Cred Forums starts to get TOO popular, anime starts to become increasingly mainstream as a hobby, Cred Forums's board culture becomes markedly less elitist and also starts to focus on concentrated discussion threads
>2013-2014 - Transitional Cred Forums
'Ironically' liking anime becomes a thing in a big way, most of old Cred Forums's favourite series are old enough to fall to the way side, anime industry dives even further into moe and LN/VN adaptations and thus drags in even more autistic westerners than it used to. For some reason pretty much every board has OC and community-driven events/stuff die off hugely at this point.
>2015-2016 - New Cred Forums
Current Cred Forums. Pretty much all old boardculture is replaced, constant pseudo-generals are the norm, elitism is gone entirely except for in ironic shitposts and sakuga threads, ironic anime fandom is at an all time high, and Cred Forums is pretty much irrelevant for discussion of any big series compared to the combined mess that is tumblr/Cred Forums/twitter/discord/MAL - whereas it used to be pretty much THE go to forum for it. Common slang has also near-completely changed on a boardwide scale.

He's also dead now so lel

Tipping Point Theory, aka Eternal September, is the accepted model for how communities die for a reason.

Cred Forums had, when moot was still here, over a million unique posters a month. It's not hurting for new people.

How did that happen

Current /jp/ is a lot more like old Cred Forums

W-Wait, Pokemon Trainer is dead?

Overhyped garbage by people that didn't live through the OMK trying to "relive" what OMK was on Cred Forums.

I'm sorry but the Molester Man threads just reeked of desperation from the get go.

Generals are the single worst thing that can happen to a series. JoJo is a perfect example how a community that used to be great turned into a total shit and nowadays most of the people posting into those threads would be more at home in tumblr or /vg/, and probably came from there in the first place. There's no way to discuss JoJo on Cred Forums without the thread being overtaken by those retards and their
>don't forget the PASTEBIN
>lel gay priest am I right
>haha check out this comic I got from tumblr it's about johnny being fat and gay

When a thread becomes a general it gets isolated from the rest of the board and starts developing it's own """culture""" and getting filled with people who "only come to Cred Forums for our general man fuck the rest XD". Plus for a series that gets weekly content people often don't have anything to really talk about and everything devolves into that kind of inane shit.

I've been coming to Cred Forums way more rarely than before this year, but welcome back.

I can't even browse Sankaku Complex without a page including 5 or so Re:Zero images. It's even killed my sexual drive. Fuck that show.

Generals were banned and long term threads shunted to /anime/ since before k-on was airing for absolute certain.
So at least early 09

I'm not that guy but I've seen someone say that before too. No idea if it's true though.

2010-12 for some reason were fucking markedly important for shaping the boards current sense of taste. I dunno how or why, but it feels like half the most popular series on here nowadays only started to gain traction or began back then - and they've influenced what's gotten popular ever since.

Jojo threads hurt me on another level. The anime really ruined those threads beyond recognition.
Your fault for browsing sankaku to be honest

I'm still sad I never got into OMK or even MM when they were running. I procrastinate like fuck and miss a ton of fun on Cred Forums because I see the threads and go "eh, I'll check that out later" and in the end I never do. It always fucking happens.

2 years before the /jp/ split? I was looking for soundtracks when I was brought here. All went south from there. I mostly lurk though.

I genuinely believe that reviving the text boards would be one of the best things that could happen for this website right now, right after banning Cred Forums and somehow getting oldfag mod staff who care about board culture.

>The anime really ruined those threads beyond recognition
This, even though you'll get called a hipster for saying this now. It's even worse because we managed to get the general developement in control between part 1 and 2, but after part 2 ended the same shit happened again and all was lost.

I lurk the front page maybe three times a week and that's about it... I've posted maybe 2 times this month prior to this thread. I'm too busy suffering in med school now.

I'm just donning this trip for nostalgia, I'm taking it off after this thread dies. ;_;

Oh god do I message him and ask him?

Fucking this. Generals forms a culture that's only significant to that General itself and they should be purged for this exact reason.

>There's no way to discuss JoJo on Cred Forums without the thread being overtaken
Fucking this
One that really hurt me the most was a guy making a thread about: that could have had some interesting discussion about Araki as an artist, designer and writer
Instead the swarm came and turned it into a general, it really pissed me off
Whenever they're confronted you're only met with "Well why are you here then?"

That happened with the Tokyo Ghoul threads after the anime aired as well. Then the cancerous posters jumped into a different bandwagon and all that's left is the leftovers of their passage, some retarded shitposters spouting senseless 'memes'. They drove away everyone who cared about the manga at all, including scanlators.

Would an /ag/ fix Cred Forums?

Generals aren't going to be dealt with because the current policy for Cred Forums seems to be "don't rock the boat". No mod wants to start a crusade against any problem they might see on the board because they know it's going to lead to a lot of shitposting in retaliation.

Yeah, I distinctly remember there being constant two-way pushing between series that tried to out-stay their welcome and mods trying to keep them from clinging to the board. I think Strike Witches was the earliest general that managed to maintain an obnoxiously constant presence on the board.

Shit really took off with Madoka, though. The season after where we had a big shitstorm over generals and there was a sticky up for a while. I remember that distinctly. We had a great period through 2011-2012 where the mods were really strict about generals following that debacle, but then they seemed to relax it again and all of the generals that had been chased off came right fucking back.

The Madoka movie was quite possibly the worst thing that could have happened to that franchise on Cred Forums, because it gave the generalfaggots who had been chased off, the generalfaggots so incredibly awful that they had motivated the anti-general shitstorm in the first place, an excuse to come back. The current madoka threads we still have to this fucking day are the same goddamn posters from that time, circlejerking their tripcodes ad nauseum over a now long-dead series that no longer has any need for near-constant threads.

Same shit happened to monmusu more recently. Got chased off when it stopped being periodical threads about a shitty harem manga and started to become a furry refugee camp full of fanfiction and "original characters" and then came right fucking back when they got an anime, except their "anime" threads were nothing but the same circlejerk that's remained constantly since it finished airing.

The worst part of these faggots is that they don't give a shit about the anime or manga they're creating the thread under. It's just an excuse, an incredibly flimsy excuse, to post about some niche fetish or circlejerk identities while little to no actual content of the threads is actually Cred Forums related.

Take a look at Katawa Shoujo generals on /vg/ as a reference.

Those three things plus banning generals site-wide besides on /tg/, Cred Forums, and Cred Forums would fix up this website in like a year, tops.

Unfortunately it'd require a lotta dedicated anons starting up community initiatives to revive fun stuff like r/a/dio and OC generation though, and there's just no way to cause that to happen on the staff's part.

Ironically you're replying to an old /new/sman

But I'll give you Cred Forums is no /new/. Cred Forums was essentially ruined by the influx of posters caused by the Zimmerman trial its original culture washed away.

>How old are you fucks when you discovered Cred Forums?

I don't remember, but I was 20 in 2006. I started browsing Cred Forums around then I think.

truthfully I was almost sucked into that a while back


Holy fucking shit, this.
Have you seen what the generals have done to Cred Forums for example? Pages and pages filled of "/mc/ - my country general" and one or two threads about Cred Forumsshit. What is the fucking point of the board then.

>Being 30 on Cred Forums

So have you achieved true wizardry yet?

No because the threads on it would still cause posters to adopt the habits and mannerisms of them when posting over here.

They'd need to ban generals completely to have any real effect.

In a few years this will be regarded as the high point for today's newfags.

Generals exist because people who were new to Cred Forums didn't get it so they tried to revert to other communities where there are constant threads that people discuss things in. It isn't unique to Cred Forums, just look at pretty much every popular board, or board with lots of newfags and the majority of the threads will now be generals. I remember I accidentally clicked on /soc/ and that board is almost entirely generals.

There is nothing to be done, nothing can be done. It was entertaining for all the OC, and the OC attracts the newfaggots. It can't be helped.

I can't even be bothered to finish cleaning covers and artwork anymore even for my own sake because of how bad JoJo on Cred Forums has gotten

>you're old enough to remember when JoJo fans were almost universally regarded as goodposters
Time flies.

In my opinion, no. Generals should be discouraged, not given their own little cave to thrive in.

/vg/ is one of the most cancerous cesspools I've seen since /jp/. I thought that kind of faggotry didn't exist on Cred Forums, but it's as if generals are populated by a completely different breed of user.

I miss /new/ so fucking much.

And agreed. Cred Forums was always kind of annoying but in recent years it's taken an activist slant that causes it's posters to feel like their shitposts and opinions actually fucking matter, so now they are more fervent about them than ever before and leak their shit all over every board.

It's an utter failure as a containment board.

Removing Cred Forums would do more harm than good. The users are already on this site and wouldn't just vanish. It was the same thing with Cred Forums back in the day before that board became irrelevant. I used to lurk /x/ before they became a complete echochamber and Cred Forums raided us regularly. Some people wanted Cred Forums to be removed but it would have done more harm than good as well. It's like the old saying goes: if you remove the toilet you'll have to shit in the living room.

>waiting for SO and SBR translations
longest years of my life

I dropped Shingeki no Kyojin years ago, but last I heard their generals are literally like some fucking mini tumblrs.

Boy you right

/ag/ is the final flag that Cred Forums has actually died. It won't fix anything.
The de facto killing of the board by splitting into separate communities is only codified de jure by literally splitting the board. That's it. There's no coming back. The board itself is a container now for communities, no longer a community unto itself.

There is one user here who blatantly makes flame war threads for JoJo and Fate/stay night and both fanbase still fall for it. That thread is so fucking hilarious holy shit.

I don't think any mod has the power to do that even if they wanted to.

Notice how we get practically no capcode posts anymore? Something tells me they're kept on such a tight leash that the sort of proactive solutions we relied on in the past are no longer possible.

This is the tragic catch-22 of modern Cred Forums. If you try to shitpost something alien off of your board to protect board culture, you'll just get banned for it and nothing will get done because the mods and janitors seem to only enforce the rules of the site exactly as written and pay no heed to board culture or participating in the resolution of problems themselves. If you do nothing, nothing gets done because the current mods seem to have no interest in contributing anything to identifying or addressing board issues. Self-moderation of the type and to the degree which has always been applied copiously to the board is dead, and moderation killed it. Killed it, but then has done nothing to fill the void left by it. This is why we have shit like 24/7 shingeki no koyjin generals where they literally share tumblrs and discuss tumblr bloggers and western tumblr artists instead of talking about the manga.

>It was the same thing with Cred Forums back in the day before that board became irrelevant.
Cred Forums ddos itself for weeks back when it was on its own server,
all that happened was a couple days of shitposting and then they eventually dispersed.

Remember the wait for subs for the final episodes of Hyouge Mono?

I don't particularly care what happens inside Cred Forums its what they do outside of it thats become the problem.
Its gotten to the point where they are organizing raids against /sci/.

I don't go and have never gone to Cred Forums but holy shit does that sound counter-productive to the meaning of its creation. It's like a goddamn parable.

I think it's partially because of past incidents. Remember the old siz shitstorms with faked chatlogs? And how moot banned talking to mods on IRC afterwards? It's too easy to get people riled up over a fake mod post, so why try?

See I disagree with you on this because Cred Forums is unique compared to other boards people have called for the removal of before. It's posters already use reddit, facebook, stormfront, cripplechan, voat, discord, and etc. as well as many other political forums and just use Cred Forums as a way to talk about the same fucking shit on here as they do there - they're Cred Forumsiticians first, 4channers second.

If you banned them and clamped down on the resulting shitposts the most fanatic cunts would just fuck off to /r/the_donald or wherever else would take them and the rest of the less fervent ones would just keep peacefully using the other boards as normal.

It's not about kicking them off the site, it's about shutting down their homebase on here. The entire board is practically a rightwinger general and it functions just the same as any other one - remove it and their sense of community will die, and so too will their shitposting.

Funnily enough they seriously think they are the closest to "old Cred Forums" nowadays. That board is filled with newfags who have no idea about anything and just want a "name" to attach to themselves so that they can feel like they are a part of something "big".

Ask what? There would be no response

If history has proven anything it;s that no matter how blatantly the mods fuck up in trying to do good, or how angry the board gets with them, things always pass from memory and return to normal.

Remember nipplemod? People laugh at that now. The mods are as good as forgiven for their fuckup and it's made no lasting impact on the board. As stupid as that shit was, at least they were goddamn trying for a change. Since then it's been like we no longer have mods at all and there's just some automated bot that silently handles reports or something.

I know I personally shitposted in a great deal of mod threads that k-on threads qualified as those 'long term discussions' that were already banned and needed to be removed.

The demarcation point for 'long term' given was when rolling threads existed outside of the season something was airing. I thought that was perfectly reasonable. You could have something like Sora No Woto (or Madoka which made SNW look like practice) burning through hundreds of threads while it was airing then it was time to stop and move the dedicated posters over to the text boards.

Too bad this policy is deader than Elvis.

Don't forget anonymous, Cred Forums was created largely due to complaints of /new/ refugees posting on other boards (particularly /k/). Deleting a board several orders of magnitude larger than old /new/ will only produce the same problem on steroids.

>Don't forget anonymous, Cred Forums was created largely due to complaints of /new/ refugees posting on other boards (particularly /k/).
they are doing that already, so like whats the point even?

How were the threads about Cred Forums's condition and how to make it better? Did we got any type of answer?

I apologize for everything.

When I donned this trip and befriend people like Taiga, we had a single goal that united us despite all the shitposting: we would try to be class clowns and make people laugh. That was the old spirit of Cred Forums that started disappearing, something we were clinging to dearly.

Not everyone appreciated our attempts at being class clowns, which were heavily rooted in ironic elements. But at least some people got the joke and laughed along, and that kind of kept us going. I had an alternative goal alongside the class clown thing which kept me going as well, but seeing anons find joy in stupid shit we said rekindled the old feelings we got from the past.

And then the third wave tripfags came. They saw what we were doing and misinterpreted the entire thing. They saw it as a means to get "e-fame" and "reputation" on an anonymous image board and older tripfags like myself and Taiga are responsible for their creation.

I'm so sorry. ;_;

C'mon don't say that...

The problem is that Cred Forums has a victim mentality and they think of themselves as some bringers of truth and redpills (ironically being probably the most "tell me what to think" -people on the entire site) so if you removed the board you would definitely cause them to raid other boards and "inform" us how Cred Forums has been compromised.


Also, I think this is an interesting read:

>delete this, delete that, this is cancer, etc etc
It's not gonna get us anywhere, just people saying what they want and people agreeing and disagreeing over and over.

Its cause it used to be a joke but then they started attracting people who thought they were sincere.

>Too bad this policy is deader than Elvis.
It died with the text boards, really.

"Where do we put them" has become an issue in dealing with every general that arises on Cred Forums because for some reason "anywhere but here" isn't a valid answer or something. Genertalfaggots always whine that "if we didn't do it here, we would have nowhere on Cred Forums to circlejerk and discuss our favourite tripfags" as though that's an issue or anyone should care about it. It's gotten to the point wherein order to cling to "legitimacy," threads for seasonal series do their best to try and generate a "fandom" (fuck, I hate that word) just so that they're more difficult to get rid of and have a better chance at forming a general after their show finishes airing. And it's been fucking working, too.

I've always stalked you.

I think the way moot was able to shit on and ruin Cred Forums for two weeks straight without them managing to successfully retaliate against other boards proved they're incapable of actually tuining the site.

It was like you said, the actually fervent ones fucked off to other sites temporarily and the more sane ones just posted as normal.

I think you'd have to wait until the election is over though. Once Trump loses the board will naturally quiet down hugely after a few weeks as people grow bored of political discussion like they do after every election cycle, and it'll be ripe for the harvest.

RIP Shiitchan.

Of course not, that /qa/shit was just full of crossboarders from the meta board coming over to try and play leader with Cred Forums. Any time an Cred Forums thread is crosslinked to another board you can be certain it will be full of garbage like that.

The only consensus was "down with generals" but that's been the consensus since goddamn 2008 and nothing can be done about it as long as mods continue to protect generals and sit on their ass about the issue.

I remember moot saying he has an idea how to deal with generals in the 2013 panel. Then when he quit the site he basically said "Yeah I have no idea how to do it". He realized the userbase actively wants generals and he can't do anything about that.


Did it work?

Why can't we go back?

Welcome to the secret raid board

I miss when Moot's identity was a secret and he could do what he thought best without having to worry about community backlash or his reputation.

2006-era moot would have banned generals and left a sticky up for a month calling the complainers fags

Umineko was a thing. People roleplayed with /rs/ links and posted Kinzo shoops. Also,
>meanwhile, at Witch Hunt

We need a Reich. Let's form the newfag deportation force.

Oh god the seacats...

>He realized the userbase actively wants generals and he can't do anything about that.
That's more of a sitewide issue.
Cred Forums collectively does not want generals, and has a culture incompatible with them. The generals that linger on our board are always a minority of users, a minority that's permitted to have a disproportionate amount of influence on the board because they're safe within their permanent reserved point on the catalog, protected by mods and unmolested by the board's actual culture. Most of our current generals either see 20 unique IPs in 12 hours or are safe spaces for crossboarders that like 1 series but don't want to deal with Cred Forums culture -a literal /vg/ for anime that's metastasized to our front page. Every general on our board falls into one of these two categories and they are brought up in every single meta thread as public enemy #1 because Cred Forums does not want them, and because self-moderation is useless against them so long as the mods protect them from self-moderation.

Some boards let themselves be completely overrun by generals and became general boards, like Cred Forums If they want that, power to them, let them be shit. But as long as the board's culture and generals are incompatible, generals can fuck right the hell off.

Did you ever get buff anyway? I remember you working out or something like that. I also totally didn't masturbate to the mental image.

This is the most comfy and enjoyable meta thread I've been in in months.

I wish I didn't find it so close to the end.

Well moot a good start is not firing the one or two mods that gave a fucking shit about stopping them.

Umineko roleplay threads were dumb and bad. The fun and speculation were great

A lot of people who advocate for creation of /ag/ hold naive belief that what would happen is that current Cred Forums generals would migrate to /ag/ and we would live happily ever after. Unfortunately, that's not what would happen. Before /vg/ was made, there were less than ten real generals on Cred Forums that could really be called generals. Same thing would happen with /ag/. People would start creating dozens and dozens of new generals on /ag/.

Cred Forums thrives on seasonal anime discussion, and creating /ag/ would guarantee that at least the top ten most popular anime of every season would get its own general there, diverting users and traffic from Cred Forums. So it would be much harder to discuss seasonal anime here, since there would be less people willing to discuss it. And if you did try to discuss an anime that is unfortunate enough to have its own general on /ag/, you'd get faggots telling you to fuck off back to /ag/. And you probably wouldn't be able to enjoy discussing that anime on /ag/ either, since the general itself would be garbage like 99% of the generals on this site are.

/ag/ would literally kill Cred Forums.


I mean I'm able to do 3 sets of 20 pushups now because of the high intensity interval training thing I did for a while.

I stick with light cardio like yoga though.

Remember, if enough decent anons continue working to improve their imageboard anything is impossible
goodnight Cred Forums

>anything is impossible

I stalked you for like several months when you started posting because I assumed you were someone switching trips for whatever reason then you started posting way too much to stalk.

I stopped tripping 11 years ago when FORCED_user was first turned on within Cred Forums. If I couldn't be a personality on Cred Forums why bother being notable on boards with 12 posters on them?

True Story.