JoJolion Chapter 58:

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So will main villan be Joubin or Kaato?

People saying Joshuu hasn't changed are dumb
He wouldn't have pulled this kind of shit early on, learning how to use NKC to get his way has made him cockier than ever.
I love it

Reading SBR and I just readed a certain part
How was in general the reaction when it was revealed that Jesus was in fact, in SBR arc?

third for best milf tits

Joubin probably. He's been slowly built up for the past couple of years and is still just as sinister and mysterious. Also the volume he was introduced in had a note saying that his Stand has an unknown ability and making things hot is only one side of it. Kaato for sure will be super important though, and probably has her own motives separate from whatever Joubin's are.


Kaato is Joubin's dragon

How big are Kato's tits? Here's Yasuho's tits for comparison.

>past couple of years
>just blazed through part 8 in a few hours

oh fuck this is going to be a long wait huh

Jojolion is shaping up to be the worst part yet.

Boring shit, Araki learns how to write in SBR and then goes back at being shitty

Yeah, Part 7 ran for 7 years and we're just past 5 years into JJL with no end in sight. It's been a wild ride though, and probably the best Part to read as it comes out monthly because of the pacing.

Part 8 > Part 4 in literally every way

I'm sorry you have attention deficit disorder user.

Kaato is the main villain. Joubin is just Kaato's dragon. She is like Polpo. Giving orders to the pillar men and Joubin from the prison.

In a typical Jojo plot, we're definitely past the halfway point, but how far away from the end? Are we close to it, or do we still have to wait a few more years?

Yasuho is C-cup and kaato looks like D or a E-cup

>7 years for Part 7

christ thats a long wait

>>just blazed through part 8 in a few hours
Why do you do this to yourself?
Do you enjoy ruining experiences?

I don't see why people think that there's more evidence for Joubin honestly. Care to explain how you came to that conclusion? I'm curious. It seems like a waste of a good setup for all the build up Joubin's gotten if he ends up just being a proxy. Pretty shit writing too.

Ghost Kira is one of the coolest shit Araki ever decided to do.

8 is fantastic, I'm so glad I started reading JoJo just to be able to see all those mysteries unfold

I enjoyed these past few hours

His writing's continuously improving, if the payoff is as good as it's hyping up to be part 8 will easily be one of, if not the best part.

Reminder that josuyasu is best ship

>Dio's favorite thing
>not Jonathan

Also keep in mind that 7's first five volumes came out in a pretty rapid succession due to it still being a weekly series at the time.

I expect more slow paced mystery with the Higashikatas for the next year but after that, if we are close to the end, for things to kick into overdrive and we start learning about what the fuck Rock Humans are and what is actually going on.

Reminder that people suffering homosexual fantasies should be lynched.

Rock Paper Scissor Kid (6)
Highway GoGo (8)
Enigma Boy/Stray Cat/Superfly (16)
Another One Bites the Dust (12)
Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable (8)
Golden Hearts (4)
Rohan Goes to the Louvre
Rohan Kisibe meets Gucci
Rohan Kisibe Bullies Joshuu
Vitamin C Part 1 (2)
Vitamin C part 2 (3)
Milagro Man vs Rohan (2)
Sleeping Slaves/Rolling Stones (5)

How do characters in Jojolion get patched up?


What is episode list of the rest of DIU now?

There hasn't been any major injury yet, but Gappy is probably scarred to shit

Can't find good pics of Hato's boobs.

They don't currently, stuff like Joshu getting a chair to the throat is more of a gag than anything. Vitamin C heals injuries it causes when it's deactivated as long as you put the severed bits back in place which is fucking stupid but happened.

I'm behind as the last arc I read was beetle fighting

where can I read the rest? Batoto used to be my main goto but now it seems they only post the latest chapter

also re-watching boah at the moment

You're right, but you seem to have accidentally posted the wrong picture.

Scroll up

Post bad things that happend to jojo

I guess Soft and wet could reattached body parts or seal up wounds?

You need an account for batoto now, but they do have the rest. They're the only place frequently and regularly updated that have everything.

It's already great because he had the balls to write things he knew people wouldn't like. The aesthetics of Jojolion and characters like Joshuu would/do put a lot of casuals off, but they're great.

Purely a guess, but I think this is most likely. We get a new OP on I Am An Alien too.

26 - RPS Kid is Coming 1-6 (6)
27 - Yoshikage Kira's New Life 2 / I Am An Alien 1-3 (4)
28 - I Am An Alien 4-6 / Highway Star 1 (3.5)
29 - Highway Star 1-6 (5.5)
30 - Highway Star 7-8 / The Cat Who Loved Kira 1-2 (4)
31 - The Cat Who Loved Kira 4-6 (4)
32 - The Man on the Tower 1-6 (6)
33 - Enigma Boy 1-6 (6)
34 - My Dad is Not My Dad 1-2 / Cheap Trick 1-3 (5)
35 - Cheap Trick 4-6 / Another One Bites the Dust 1 (4)
36 - Another One Bites the Dust 2-6 (5)
37 - Another One Bites the Dust 7-10 / Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 1-2 (6)
38 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 3-8 (6)
39 - Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable 9 / I'll Jog Your Memory / The Guardian Angel of Morioh / Goodbye Morioh; Golden Hearts (4)

It's not it.

Joshuu is fucking great, he's unlikeable as a brat but he's hilarious. The Milagro Man chapters really give me hope that Araki will develop him from a bratty kid into more of a mature character though, maybe he'll become a 2nd brojo of this part.

That's a funny scene. The assassin just stands there as Ikuro slowly crosses the street, has a conversation with Sumire, drives off, and then the he goes "Oh shit, he got away!"


I ship Crazy Diamond's ass with my Diamond Hard dick

What are you talking about?

Is that February like in America or September like in Europe?

2nd of September

There's nothing wrong with liking some dudes bein bros


I like Josuke but Okuyasu looks so fucking ugly

Maybe that's the point?

y okuyasu black tho

>Boy with best ass has stand with best ass

What the fuck joshuu

Most of Tusk's forms don't even HAVE an ass though


There's nothing wrong with that unless you crazily want it to be canon

Next you'll post fanart where Mista or Hermes are black.

Part 8 has really hit it out of the park in the best girls department.


Why the fuck is Okuyasu a nigger? Also fuck off with that tumblr art.

Kaato is moving on up in the ranks with those jugs.

o-okuyasu's cute tho


Early days friend but yeah depending on the next chapter she might really shoot up.


Alright, so as one very polite user suggested, I'll be posting every time I start working and won't upload new updates untill the video is finished.

>The Jojo Smut Collection is still active and open if you're interested

And that's about it. Starting work so I would love it if you guys said what you liked and didn't like about the MAD so far. I love you all, peace.

Having an ass that GUREITO should be a crime

I'll marry narancia soon.

Fuck off, pixelfag.

>pixelfag and naranciafag have returned

oh joy

Not if I brutally rape him with a rusty metal pole beforehand and soil him you won't.


Where are you finding these images from?

I've never left man I just don't post on Fridays pr when a new chapter comes out.
You want to die fucker?
I don't even have to do it narancia would kill you.


I doubt it, my Stand can erase time so he'll get fucked by like 10 poles all at once before he even knows what's going on.

Diavolo is the ugliest villain

I really did expect him to have a cool suit a slicked back hair like a mob boss but instead we have...

...a gay pornstar...

Love this artist great narancia lewds.
Although I was scared because his stuff went private for like a week and I thought maybe something happened.
I hate dumb fuckers like you.

Get rid of the entire colorpage part of it and the the old timey filter

The rest is pretty sick overall

best bara tiddies

I JUST said you would see me m0re rarely.

Hey look man, I just want to make my fucking MAD, ok? This has nothing to do with me and, at the very least I make OC.

What is Hierophant Green shooting? Stand parts like Emperor? Energy? Is he creating actual emeralds? It's last thing about parts 1-6 I don't undertand

I think they're like the Emperor's bullets

You've returned for the last time, naranciafag!

Fuck off nobody cares of your progression. If you must post it when you're done.

Energy as Emeralds

Mountain dew and crystallized mountain dew.

Doesn't matter how often you're here, it's no better until you fuck off completely. So do that and we'll all be happy

Oh yeah. I haven't checked out that place in weeks.

That's because he wore Doppio's clothes during the final battle. Diavolo usually wears a suit.

Also, genderswapped Narancia?


Is it because we already got a villain with a suit in the last part?

Crystallized stand energy?

Because wearing a suit under a sweater is silly, Diavolo didn't come prepared so he was caught wearing his 'big night out' outfit.

You know tusk act 4 is just hiding a rediculous star spangled badonk under that plate coat

Wow I guess you're even dumber than carnefag
He does that a couple of times.
Although i like narancia just like he is I do like genderswaped narancia as well.

Only if she's paired with Fugo.

why is his chest censored if hes a guy?


Kekyoin's crystalized cum

He's a chick in that pic.
I'll kill you fucker he only loves me.

Polnareff is moenareff
What is the power of [Prime Time Of Your Life]?

Narancia will 'love' anyone for a couple Euros and some smooth talking.


>I love you so much that I'm going to stab you with a chair leg
Kaato best mom

that face disgusts me, and I hope the artist spends the rest of their life as a turtle.

Narancia is pure fucker.

Man I want a drink called emerald splash now
Green apple flavored fizzy drink, would probably be great

Of course, it doesn't count if it cost money or went in the butt.

Narancia isn't a slut he will never love anyone other than me.

These chapters are too damn far apart. Another fucking month for that? It was great but its not enough.

That one user's Dreamscope King Crimson gif and the new chapter hype inspired me to make this for you guys.

Such is life waiting for monthly manga. Is it the first monthly series you've caught up to? You'll get used to it, though it never stops being painful.

Why did weather report get such a strong stand?Its basically like, at least 100 stand abilities combined


Oh thanks dude

What the fuck Jobin? Like why are you bullying your mother?

>implying crazy diamond has best ass

All it does is manipulate the weather. There are, however, FUCKTONS of applications for that. It's one power but used in a variety of bullshit and really god damn retarded ways.

Np my man. Sorry for the watermark.

I kinda feel bad for reading this on a PC. Did Araki want me to go to museum ?

Weather is a powerful phenomina.

It's about creativity I bet. Consider Jolyne's stand is just turning herself into string, but look at how much shit she can do with it. hear at range, sew wounds, make impact reducing nets, so on and so forth.

I mean, Joshuu. The fuck are you doing?

He is the only mangaka ever to have his work featured in the Louvre after all.

What pose schoud D4C do as the win pose?

because he is a dick

she's literally spiderman

She's pretty hot, I don't blame him. If I was Joshu I'd be wishing from the bottom of my heart that she WASN'T my mother so I could fuck her.

Because the weather has apparently a lot of things in common with turning people into snails with subliminal messages in rainbows

The DOJYAAAAAAAN one where he and Valentine pop out of the American flag. You don't have to include the actual flag if it's too much work.

It has to be wrapped in an American flag. Also I haven't been here for a bit any updates on the project

But he went full incest in like 2 seconds.

>Let me suck your tits, mom!
>Just after disrobing her
Fucked up kid.

Does anyone have a gif or webm of Star Platinum comboing Killer Queen?

Oh shit, Joushuu already saw through her bullshit right at the start. He is so smart.

It's more like lucky autism, but it achieved the same effect in the end.

I set my alarm to be the Pillar Men theme, and I pose while it plays in the morning.
I'm not the only one right?

that can work. about updates right now im making sprites for all the jojos and main vilans. expect a demo around febuary

Yeah. Guess it won't be so bad once I catch up to more. The others I've caught up to are on never-ending hiatus. I mean mangaka have lives to but it just teases you too much.

I just want the new OP already, fuck. I hope it's a good middle ground between the lightheartedness of CNBT and the seriousness of chase, it'd fit perfectly with the content in the third cour being an eclectic mix of both.

He wasn't actually trying to suck her tits. He was trying to scare her off because she's a strange woman that he doesn't recognize who sneaked into his house and is now claiming to be his mother. The reason why he chooses to intimidate her in such a strange way is because he's a big weirdo.

That's autistic as fuck but as long as you're having fun then whatever



Of course he wasn't. But it was still a fucked up reaction, especially since there is no doubt she is their "mother"


Why can nobody in Part 6 shoot straight
They always flail their gun around like they have Parkinson's

Oh get the fuck over it. Everyone had sucked their mother's titties at some point.

If you need a dose of queer when you wake up everyday, then do you user. Kind of autistic though.

>Josuke acknowledges Holly as his mother
>Needs to get quick cash to pay for Holly's treatment
>Kaato comes back and demands shes paid for whats she lost
>She was in prison for murdering a child
>Jobin just walks up and says "ohyeah i let Mom back in"
>Chapter ends

Stands 'n stuff bro, I ain't gotta explain shit.

Nah man. Joushuu is smart. People who post Joushuu are smart Joushuuposters. Therefore if smart people like his character he have to be smart.

Where did Kira get so much money ? From fishing tunas ?


Hes a boat doctor, so i wouldnt be surprised if he wasnt loaded

I...I thought I was the only one who did this


Araki has really gained a good grasp on the monthly mystery structure.

He was a doctor. And he feels like the sort of person who wouldn't be above extortion given the chance.

He's a doctor, plus he's away from home doing full shifts for months on end on a cargo ship. That shit pays well, you just don't get much time off since you're on a goddamn boat for months on end with the occasional shore leave. Also he doesn't seem to spend much and lives in a small apartment when he could easily afford a nice house. He's well off but not rich enough to be able to afford a Rokakaka.

Quite sure i saw this face several times. What does this face try to say ?

Xth for one of the best stands in Part 4.

i actually thought he was really cute when he said that. wtf

>and then they get smaller
Nooo daiya pls

>Get that camera out of my face

showing he's both kira and josefumi

>jotaro telling Josuke to end the fight with a cool one-liner, for no reason
He was born as a meme man

>Not Killer Queen or Bad Company


What about Higashikata´s dicks ? I always knew there is a reason why Yasuhoe always gets wet near Joushuu.

Why is Joshuu so best?

>Also he doesn't seem to spend much
He seems to have lived a somewhat ascetic lifestyle.


Why is Okuyasu such an idiot?

What kind of a man was Sadao?

Post it.
You know, "it."

why do people like 「Highway Star」

It's pretty cool.

Rhinoceros Beetle

ask araki

It's radical and gnarly.

Araki's dedication to force at least one "big boobs" joke per part is commendable.

Joushuu+Gappy vs. Kaato+Joubin soon. Really soon. Can´t fucking wait.

I bet my ass that killed child had something to do with Gappy. And Joushuu already see through her. Thank you based Araki. It´s all i wanted from Jojolion.

Hes a man of good taste.

I can think of a reason or two.

I know exactly what you mean.

I wish maid Nijimura wasn't reduced to pure background character.

I just appreciate the consistency and originality. It's different every time, but he makes sure to work it in.

dat ass

She'll become relevant soon, all she cares about is Holly so Josuke probably needs her help getting 120,000 yen a day to get her proper treatment.

She and Gappy will Chase down big bad Kaato in Gappy's Lamborghini and Kyo's Motorcycle with JOshuu riding on the bad of it

After reading the new chapter I just know that Joshuu is into incest. Which makes him even better.

papa higashikata seemed kind of sinister at first, is he cool now?

It's swood

seriously, a fucking chair from through the fucking mouth.

>Echoes Act 3's engrish shit talking removed
>Josuke's line about RHCP knowing he's shit at videogames removed
>Mickey Mouse line removed
>Car crash when Yukako is crossing the street in Cinderella arc removed
>Okuyasu's line about ghosts and oxigen removed (pic related)
>Josuke getting mad at Yoshihiro Kira and calling him a parrot removed
>Josuke's line "shit, know it looks like I'm 10 years old" line during AHF removed

And probably there are a lot more I can't remember

Why does David want to make DiU boring and dull?

Then you didn´t read shit. Based Joushuu knows what´s going on, just a little fun before he NKC her. Now he even know her ability.

pretty sure I'm in love with Shinobu now

goddamn it

>one of the best
>one of

You should acquire some reading comprehension.

He was definitely shady when he was introduced but I think that was only because he didn't fully trust gappy.

He's hiding stuff still for sure but he doesn't have any ill intent towards Josuke. He needs him alive in case Kira's memories come back and he can heal Tsurugi. Speaking of Tsurugi, where the fuck are he and Mitsuba? He and Josuke were meant to explore the stadium to find where Aishou was stashing the Rokakaka but Tsurugi let Josuke and Yasuho have a moment together which led into the Karera stuff and then the next we see Joubin has Tsurugi and Mitsuba out of the house for when Damo tries to kill them all and they haven't come back yet.


don't make fun of me i have retardeds

So is this the first milf jojo villain?

He's not sinister, he just wants be in charge in his house. He has every right to speak to Gappy that way.

Jobin was cool before, what happened ?

Why did they make her so much cuter?

I bet he still wanted to see those tits, and frankly I don't blame him.


The engrish shit for ACT 3 wasn't in the source material so you'd be an idiot for expecting it, but the rest is understandable. It's probably mostly for keeping episode length down since every line DOES add up in the end, and they need to keep it under 24 minutes.

Why are people loving part 8 so far when it feels so void?
>potential villian Damo killed off
>13 volumes in with no clear villain or big goal
>stand fights with no bearing on the plot
This all feels like a step down after part 7. The art is nice though.

Would eating exclusively green shit even be that good for you?

She's cuter in the manga desu, and has plenty of slutty poses.

Tsurugi was hanging with Big Sister during Damo

I don't think it's their fault,user. I mean,they're tryin' to cram everything into 39 episode

what did he mean by this though

What's your problem? She always was the cutest.

He still is, he's just being a smug asshole because he has a plan.

She looks so trashy, I love it.


>Yoshihiro Kira
who dat

what was the point of milagro man

Did you miss the whole AHF episode and chapters?

You don't need a clear goal for a story to be good. The mystery and character development has been top tier, plus it's far better than SBR to read monthly. SBR was alright monthly but now that it's finished and you can do the whole thing at your own pace it's excellent, though reading it as it came out was kind of boring and not as fun as JJL. Opinions might change once JJL is finished though.

the photo grandpa that isn't joseph

Kira's dad

I'm pretty sure he was just pissed at gappy when he said that and didn't actually mean it.
Like when you'll beat someone up when they piss you off but don't actually want to.

>People actually think he's all about the full homo
>Includes extremely hot women in every story
>Keeps pushing progressively larger female casts
>Always gives female characters more substance and agency than his contemporaries at WSJ and UJ.
>Leads literally become more feminine over time.
>Actually pushed for a lesbian lead in a non-romance story in WSJ.

The man would likely have made an (almost) all-female part if he could get away with it. Stone Ocean kinda proves that shit wouldn't fly.


Character development for Joshu, establishing more flavour about Morioh and how everyone is aware of Stands, and also to come down from the high after Damo.

I know
I don't have a problem just surprised she looks even cuter.

>>Actually pushed for a lesbian lead in a non-romance story in WSJ.

I don't think mystery stories are for you. It's literally just a taste thing.

christ i did,but i forgot his name. my bad,anons

>The engrish shit for ACT 3 wasn't in the source material

Wrong. The "mission fucking acomplished" was a thing from the translation, yes, but Echoes Act 3 does swear in engrish in the jap version.

I'm still mad about the car crash one, I don't think it would add more lenght to the episode because it was a background detail. They were just lazy.

I feel it's got a really fun cast. Every recurring character has a really distinct vibe to them and it's fun just to see them interact with each other.

Because it´s the most hypest part. Last time you saw Joushuu he almost got scared of NKC. Next time you saw him he already mastered NKC out of fucking nowhere. This keeps it as my favourite part.

Ayy its no problem, i forget shit alot in Jojo too.

I thought you meant the whole die hard thing, not the actual swearing. In that case it was also probably time constraints.

Is that an amnesia Weather or bro Weather ?

Pretty sure that's Amnesia Weather. He looks less calm as Angst Weather.

Bisexual at least.
Jolene's a perv.

The pose on d4c isnt finished yet. but i came to ask does the flag look good?

Dog Shit. Kill your self.

She's never even been hinted at being attracted to women.

What the fuck was Joshuu's problem?

As long as in the final version it looks a little smoother then yeah it's good.

Oh my god.

Kaato is basically Cookie Lyon from Empire. Even down to hurting her youngest son when she meets him.

I fucking love it.

Why are people mean to the guy making a jojo game?

I don't frequent these threads too much but he seems harmless?

He´s not retarded like Daiya.

didn't idubbbz bash him or something?

Higashikatas are not a very normal family 2bh.they are all nuts

Dont bring yt drama into jojo.

The hate is just one guy who posts about it on Reddit, for some reason.

He wasn't serious about wanting to suck her tits man. He probably only want to scare her enough to get her to call out her stand.

It looks ok at the moment, I think it needs to be in motion to see if there are any big problems that stick out though

I reposted a shitpost once. i deserve the hate.

Will Part 5 get an anime?

Do you think Funny Valentine says "Dojyaaan~" when he starts to cums ?

yes, almost certainly

Of course. It's the second most popular Part in nipland and the fujos fucking adore it so it's a license to print money. 6 is also fairly likely after that but 7 and 8 are a lot less likely.

Act 3 only says S-H-I-T during Sheer Heart Attack.
Wait until Highway Star for BEEYATCH.


does a magician says "Taaaadaaaaa~" when he starts to cum?

>SBR spared from David´s fuckups and animucancer

Arigato, Gyro.

>shitposter is just one guy from reddit who's jealous we get to have nice things

Well, don't let it keep you down forever
I'm getting into HftF & ASB because you keep posting game gifs and I'd be a bit sad if no demo comes out of it at least

doesn't japan hate part 6?

I wish Part 5 didn't exist so they didn't have to rush through Part 4 to get to it.

Dirt Semen Done Dirty Creampies

Part 5 > Part 4 though

>But we will never see Part 7 great fights in animation
W-well atleast 5 and 6 were great too...

Kys shitposter

the amount of QUALITY in part 4 is unbelievable

Expect a demo on febuary.

Hate is an overreaction, it's the least popular because it was where the peak of JJBA's popularity during the 3-5 days finally crashed and a lot of Nips weren't keen on a female shonen lead who wasn't moe. Also there was a lot of butthurt when Jotaro died because 'muh childhood hero'. Everything after 5 is a lot less popular though, it's not just 6.

Steel Ball Run was much better 60 chapters in. Araki better pull some nagic out of his ass if he wants Jojolion to be as good.

February? That's fucking ages away, why do you have february in mind?

Wait, so Damo is a rock person?

Also I don't think Kaato is the big bad. The real big bad is Holly Kujo

Why do the rush it though? Can't they like take their time to finnihs part 4 and then start making part 5? The amount of QUALITY is just disgusting, i'm waiting for the blu ray version to be subbed.

Part 5 is gonna be the same length as 4 so it's not exactly rushing.


Well she does have a stand

My dick is diamonds. Jojolion titties and trashy part 4 waifu action. How did this all work out so well?

>The amount of QUALITY is just disgusting
Have you even watched an animated show before? It's pretty normal. No worse than the first two parts, anyway.

>watching shows catered to niggers

>the amount of QUALITY in part 4 is unbreakable

>State the truth
>Get called bait
Fuck off memer, part 5 has better characters, a better story and some of the best stands and fights in the entirety of JJBA. I do agree that part 4 is a nice step back from all the crazy adventures in part 1-3 and 5-6 but the first is just boring with no tension at all and the second almost feels like filler,but with good fights. There are also amazing fights in the part (SHA, Highway Star and Crazy Diamond is Unbreakable) but they don't make up for everything else

Go 2d

2d is a lot better

Time to sprite and animate all the jojos and main villains + programing for all of them + 2 secret characters + stages + tag team mode= a fuck ton of time.

I remember the first half of Phantom Blood being so fugly,at times Jonathan looked like an ape. The animation gets better towards the end of part 1,albeit still having its QUALITY moments.

I dont have the skill to do 2d. if i steal all the sprites form other people then eventually i will run out of sprites. and then the game will not be made.

Yeah but a demo doesn't have to be complete, just give us some barebones shit to mess with

Did you really ever think Damo WASN'T a Rock human? Literally how?

>Rohan OVA confirmed
>apparently it's just the Millionaire Village

That can't be it can it? I was hoping they'd do the one where he's with Tonio too

If they're only doing one story, I'm not sure why they wouldn't do the Tonio one. It has the most relevance to Part 4, and it gives him a backstory.

Fuck forgot the tag.

He knows more about the Rokaka than he lets on and he still has important information about Kira on his computer. I doubt he's on Jobin's side, given Jobin's business associates nearly killed him twice, but he's still not 100% as he seems.

>JoJo's Bizarre Adventures: QUALITY is Unbreakable

time for best girl posting

Nope, during SHA he says S-H-I-T, "asfucknin" and "son of a beeeitch", I just checked. We won't have engrish swearing Act 3, that's it.

quick, post one quote from the series of the top off your head

my heart and actions are utterly unclouded, they are all of justice

Why would you ever think he wasn't a Rock Human? I'm actually curious, whenever I ask no one answers.

part 6 was a fuckin' rollercoaster. holy fuck

Fuck you arcadenigger. Get bone cancer.

even if its a hole, the spin lives on

I'll kill you then i'll kill myself

if tusk and ball breaker were stands that revolved around spin then what would stands based on hamon be like?

Real talk, why did so many people think Damo wasn't a Rock Human?

Hermit Purple

hermit purple?


Hermit Purple

When I think of India, the only thing that comes to my mind is beggars, thieves, and curry-eating, disease-ridden people.

well shit




what woud happen if a person got hit by the tusk and ball breaker dha out side the game?

>face started cracking after getting hit by Haato
well what do you think

The winner is me, by a wide margin.

Like super dead.
Impossibly dead.


You would age so fast and be disammebled into infinity but it'd be quick and painless and happen in an instant.

I never lose myself in joy, nor do I ever lose myself in despair. I cultivate a serene disposition. That is part of my ultimate goal of living a quiet life.

They would disintergrate into atoms.


What did Araki mean by this backround ?

Nice watch

Too bad you won't be able to read it once I break it

Break your face that is


"I want to draw some romans"

>Gappy goes on a "Breaking Bad"-esque crime spree selling rokaka fruit to pay for his mom's medical bills

[citation needed]

Those are Greeks you pleb

>Joshuu putting the smackdown on his whore mom because she made fun of his hair


Yeah, that scene was weird. Of course, the whole reunion probably would have gone better if Kaato didn't start yelling about how she was going to take a huge chunk out of the kids' inheritance.

inb4 part 9 joestar bloodline roots back to ancient times

The dick is very important

hold on a second

t. Kanye West

How the hell am I supposed to find an invisible baby in clear water!?

>Stuck up mom with Hair that looks like a frog gets BTFO'D by her own son with a chopped salad hairstyle

Beetle-fight is real sports.

Just wait till she tries communicating with the cat.

I don't think my heart will take it.

It's not confirmed but they've said that 48 for SC was a mistake so it's safe to assume 39 is what they're going for in the future.

Smart Joushuu

>Not naming that picture "MAKE EVERYBODY HAPPY"

>the mom then uppercuts her son with a table leg
They both got BTFOd pretty hard

But part 5 is better than part 4. It's not the story's fault that the translations are dogshit.

Just a regular japanese family thing.

Heh i was worried there was something crazy diamond can't fix!

>I've won
>C o m p l e t e l y

This family is driving me to drink.

She got fucking lucky that she walked away. Based on what we saw she have no chance against NKC. Also Joushuu probably started all that because of Norisuke. I really like to see how much Joushuu cares for his father.

Joubin's wife is the most non-character in Jojo history


Man a laugh track playing when jobin says he let her in as it zooms in on his sung smile as the credits roll by would have been the best

Well at least she made Tsurugi so.... thats something.

If Norisuke knew about the cards then Kaato must have had her stand before the 2011 earthquacks?

>mama higashikata
>space/dimensional stand
>somehow not the final boss

face it guys






She probably has some weird trick up her sleeve like a second stand that has some sort of synergy with the cards

Or the cards actually have nothing to do with the stand and that was just a trick she pulled so they wouldn't expect her to have a strong stand


>Joushuu fuse cards with fire
>no cards
>no power
>somehow this weak shit is supposed to be a final boss

Face it, faggot.

>He doesnt know the final boss is the dog that wanders aroudn Morioh
>He doesnt know that the dog can turn from Dog II Man at any given moment
>He doesnt know the dog has been looking for the Holy Corpse to gain Love Train then use the Rokakaka to exchange his body with Jesus'
Step up yo game fampai

what is the point of giorni being japanese?

>mixing the nails up
>not having separate jars for each finger

What kind of casual fucking OCD is this

I knew perposfully typing earthquakes would be a mistake. Just wanted some JoJo theories.

So that nips want to fuck him even more

Quick post a meme that you never get to post in /jojo/ anymore!




Dude, her name is literally a fucking card. Are you really sure she doesn´t need to use cards ? Also i don´t think you realize how strong NKC is. It´s on par with SaW. Perhaps stronger.




t. joshuu


>space/dimensional stand
>somehow not final boss


Outside of S&W, the part 8 stand designs are fucking garbage. S&W is a mid tier design if we compare all the stand designs anyway.

Punch Ghosts > Robots

hopefully we'll get proper translations when the anime comes out.

What did Joshuu mean by this?

"not as good as SBR" is a pretty light criticism.

>space/dimensional stand

Hopefully the good scans will be done by then. I remember the team saying they want them done by the end of 2016 but I'm not sure at this rate

How long is Josuke's dick ?

tomorrow,for sure

>He hates NKC
>He hates King Nothing
>He hates Hato's stand
>He hates Speed king
>He hates Vitamin C
>But he likes Star platinum

Vitamin C is one of my favorite stand designs.

Bro, what the fuck ?

S&W is easily in top 3 stand designs
And speed king looks cool

Yes. Probably part 6 too since they can't leave things unfinished.
The real question is if part 7 will ever get adapted after the flop part 6 will be.

I feel the opposite, part 8's had some of my favorite designs.

soft and wet's sleek design is very pleasing to me

Personally, my top 3 aesthetic stands are soft and wet, king nothing, and killer queen

Oh yeah NCK is fucking strong it's just that we're probably missing something important about her stand

Or she's just a jobber

Both could have an equal chance of happening and wouldn't suprise me either way

>Norisuke gets uncomfortable by seeing Kaato
>Joushuu notices this
>Joushuu tries to throw Kaato out

Joushuu really cares about his father.

Now that they've hit Part 4 and it's selling decently well we'll get Part 5. And unless for some reason Part 5 sells horribly we'll get 6.

The real question is if we'll get Part 6. I feel like David will just solely make jojo through Part 6 and probably take a break before adapting 7 & 8.

>Probably part 6 too since they can't leave things unfinished.
They totally can. How would it be "unfinished" anyway?

>Not Vitamin C being no. 1

>impying I like Star Platinum
It's a meh.

Part 8 stands look so unnatural, it's weird.

Made In Heaven
D4C (all)
Killer Queen

That and his mom called his hair shit.

Nigga part 8 stands look unnatural?? Did you skip parts 5-6 and a little of 7?

I don't get how you can say they're unnatural and then hold up MIH of all stands as your favorite. Not that I dislike it, but it doesn't get much more unnatural than that.

Made in heaven looks like shit

Giorno with Jouske's hair style looks like Johnny Bravo.

Vitamin C's alright, kind of makes me think of an edgier king nothing, but I can't get over the fact it's a stand triggered by some balding middle aged man's greasy fingersweat.

Does anyone have the Part 8 anime concept pic from like 3-4 threads ago? It was of pic related

Because part 6 ends the whole DIO feud and the whole continuity of the series.

I won! I ended Part 3 early!

The aspects of the DIO feud that part 6 gives closure to were introduced by part 6 itself.

Vitamin c should of been a chick
>all those hands groping the girls in the house

No it doesn't. Part 3 ends the Dio feud and part 4 wraps up all the loose ends. All the Dio shit was over after that and the only reason it became relevant again was because part 6 made it so.

The norisuke looks like shit but tsurugi is qt

Where were you when they made best girl even better?

That's the one, thanks user
I totally agree, Norisuke looks weird, he doesn't look that old the manga


Gappy without a hat...

Possible ? How soon ?

I think I want to rape that cripple.

Even better why? Stop parroting that.

They look like Mutant Humans
GER is a good example of this.

It's a Half a Guy on a Horse. It's pretty natural.


>gappy without a hat

>dat gappy

He better keep his hat, he probably still has shit hair like his part4 alias

So does Josuke identify as Josefumi, or a new entity entirely?

gappy makes me happy

New entity entirely

Just finished Part 6.

Fuck it. I'm done.


Jotaro dies in part 6

No you aren't, read SBR now.

user were is the image?
If you're going to poke the corpse of a dead meme that wasn't even funny,you have to at least be loyal to it

You still have Part 7and 8 you double nigger

Everybody knows that, this spoiler became a meme.


Not the same guy, but then why does he feel a need to help Holly? Also, when did he meet her? I thought only Yasuho met her.

>People making fun of each other's hair this chapter.
Makes me think:
>We still don't know what Gappy looks like without the hat
>Chapter comes around when we finally see him without it, probably around the end.
>It's a full on pompadour.
>Someone, probably the big bad, makes fun of his hair.
>He snaps for reasons even he doesn't know.

>why does he feel a need to help Holly?
Because she's technically his mother, Kira died trying to save her, and he doesn't think she deserves what's happening to her.

So much so, that newfags don't believe us
Unless we post the pic

Sandman has Echoes 2.0 and kills Gyro


>Kira gets so much pussy that even his stand is a cat

Why is Jojolion so fucking weird? I want my Jojo back.

> Kira takes over a guy's life
>becomes an infinitely better husband and seduces his wife by accident in a day
How good of a dad do you think Kira could have been?

Kakyoin dies.

The same can be said for part 3.


Its fucking Soundman you white pig man

They're Romans, not blacks.

I know he is.


Joefumi was quite fond of her as well if memory serves

I forgot how Gyro became not dead after that

I think it's less to do with Kira being a good family man and more to do with the fact that the guy he took over was utterly fucking worthless.

He can make up his mind about some people instinctively, like how he could tell what kind of a person Yotsuyu was or that Josefumi never had a serious relationship with Karera. With Holly he didn't get it from either part specifically because both halves saw her as a sort of mother figure.


Not very. He just lucked out that Shinobu was dick hungry and desperate for thrill for who knows how long.

You know the series is called JoJo's Bizarre Adventure for a reason, right?

You aren't wrong, but that's beside the point. We're already past part 3.

Part 6 was far weirder.




ARAKI think he slick........he dabbin!!!!

i like how she looks in the anime better than the manga

Yeah, but I like the other parts, JJL is the only one that feels off, it's like it's written by someone else.

This 23 y/o alpha slaps your gf on the ass and she melts into a puddle, wat do?


>When The GER hits just right

Nah, original Kosaku was a boring dude she settled for and Kira is a samurai blooded stud with intelligence and killer instinct. She can sense the danger and it turns her on, because she's trashy as fuck.

>Holy could see Paisley Park
She has a Stando. I wonder if it's the one biting people


stab his skull with my stilettos

Ask his girlfriend if i have permission to murder him.

She has red hair

How is it any weirder than Stone Ocean?

Are you a man of the land,or are you a man of the sea?

How? It's basically just Part 4 2.0.

tried to do some physics based simulations with the flag. does it look any good?

Are the spaghettis on his head edible?

Literally only Araki could have written Jojolion


>stand is literally a bunch of greasey hands

I think this style looks terrible dude,sorry

Looks like a bad Gmod pose.


I'm a man of love

well fuck me then.



Don't you mean loash?


Killer Queen
Killer Dream

Is Mitsuba ever going to do anything?

Calling it now that Kaato used exchange to save Jobin by killing a rock baby.

Well, at least characters still react to how weird shit is, in JJL characters act off all the time, they all act like weirdos all the time.

It's Part 4 0.5, it's not nearly as entertaining, and characters feel bland as fuck, instead of having personalities they just have quirks, the city itself has no personality, feels empty as fuck, the closest to a landmark it has is Shakedown Road and the Wall Eyes.

Nah, someone else could have written JJL, it feels like fanfiction at times.

"Hey, remember that character? Here's his alternate version, but he's so cool, and he's quirky and different"



You have autism.

Oldfag here.

There was a minor shitstorm when he told Johnny to shoot himself, but the chapters revealing who the corpse belonged to were fairly tepidly received. Mostly just anons laughing at the idea of it.

That's only if we steal one car.
But if we steal a hundred,
It won't be easy for them to find out which one we're in!

Part 8 is the part with Vitamin C.

Probably not considering she's not part of the bloodline



Literally no point to continue.

>read irrelevant part that
A) won't get animated
B) don't continue the Joestar legacy

You have colon cancer.

It doesn't look the best, but I'd still play it, so don't be discouraged

I wonder if they'll adapt DMQ at the end of the anime.

Cool design and ability, also the wielder is cool. Part 4 has the best stand design overall from the entire series.

Vitamin C looks like shit.

>read irrelevant part that doesn't continue the Joestar legacy
why did you read part 5?



Part 8 will end with a monologue on being a man of the sea or a man of the land, guaranteed.

>Giorno isn't a Joestar.

>man of the sea

I'm going to be so pissed if this actually foreshadows Diego returning from the ocean ala Part 3 DIO.

>Johnny and Josuke aren't

She only exists because Tsurugi needs a mother and she's only named to complete the card based naming convention, so no.

He isn't. He's a Giovanna, and a descendant of the Brandos.

>Part 7
>Directed by: Shin Itagaki


How confused were people in the first chapters of D4C?

>Jonathan Joestar isn't a joestar

Araki wrote himself into a corner, D4C was supposed to have much more complex powers when he was introduced.

>instead of having personalities they just have quirks
This really strikes me as one of the weirdest parts to say that about.

Terible. pure dog crap.

Extremely. Some people accurately guessed his power had to do with alternate dimensions, but iirc me and most anons had no fucking clue what was going on.

There was one dumb theory I really loved though, which said that his power would be teleporting through American flags and he wanted to conquer the world purely in order to put them everywhere.

I'd say 8 or 5 have better designs overall. The only Stand in 8 that I wasn't too impressed by was California King Bed. Part 4 didn't have any Stands that I found off putting, but it also had less Stands that really impressed me compared to Parts 5 and 8. The Stands in Part 5 were just cool all around and they were pretty varied too.

That's because she saved him from drowning when he was a kid.

Is Giorno Jonathon's son or Dio's son?

Horrible. this is the worst.



>There was one dumb theory I really loved though, which said that his power would be teleporting through American flags and he wanted to conquer the world purely in order to put them everywhere.

It's not THAT far from the truth.

I still remember the thread that got me into Jojo was a shitposting fake feels one where somebody posted ">tfw you're so shit that even jesus tells you to an hero" or somethung like it alongside the page of Johnny doing it in japanese.

Got me crazy interested in wtf was going on, and the rest is history.


Thread almost outta juice

Dio's son with Jonathan's sperm.

Biologically? Jonathan's probably.

But he considers Dio to be his father.

Jonathan's Dio's son.

I'm gonna fix that spaghetti

He's their love child, just like Jolyne is both Jotaro's and Kakyoin's.

Looks like some shity render form the 90s.

Gee Giorno, how come mom lets you have TWO dads?!

Why do you do this? end this project.

Am I the only one who think's that Kaato will be the main villain of Jojolion?

The shading and overall sprite quality are good, but its pose seems a little stiff. I'll reserve that judgment for when it's animated though. Keep up the good work, arcadefag.

Don't worry to much about it arcadefag, I'm hyped no matter what, and I think it will be good even if the visuals aren't perfect

What gives Joushuu the right to treat his mommy like that?

Her mother's boobs certainly didn't get smaller, unless she need a wheelbarrow to carry them around when she was a teenager.

Kira 8 is the biggest bro ever.

Theres green apple fanta in some parts of europe
Its 11/10 but I've only found it in serbia and hungary

I am black.

Have a higher resolution

Cool, thanks.

>higher resolution
>it's the exact same resolution

They are cute, uh ?

The picture on pixiv is shown smaller, so it looked better. This one doesn't have any artifacting on it.

Better quality, yeah, but both pictures are 860x453 - the same resolution

I couldn't tell what the resolution was when I saved it.

>post yfw SO NO CHI NO SA-DA-ME

>This is what happens, Kira. This is what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass!

Possibly related to Pygmalion?


I wanna see more alternate history stuff in Jojolion, like how the USA was called the United States of Valentine, and Naples was an independent city state.

Also, how did you guys feel about Kosaku? I thought his hair looked kind of bad in some shots, but that voice and everything else was amazing.

His hair looked bad because it IS bad

I mean, yeah. That's valid, it always looked pretty fucking weird. But in still shots it was easily passable. Guess it's harder to animate.

That whole shot of him turning his head was so fucking weird looking

>he doesn't regularly confirm his moms identity by requesting a suckle of her breasts