Re:Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu

Final episode (25) airs tomorrow and it's titled: "A Story That's Just That".

No preview.

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;_; I will miss this so much

Fucking masterpiece, that's unarguably

Finally a male Ferris cosplayer

>no PV
What did they mean by this?

Putting the KUSO in HUWAITO FAKUSO!?

I don't want it to end

Kill yourself cancerous newfag gaylord.

Season 2 will happen, mark my words


Can't wait. I hope it's a longer episode this time, though.

Absolutely, but spring 2018 at the earliest.

It's 25 minutes

Its slightly longer in that they probably won't do OP/ED, but its still only 25 minutes or so.

White fox. Where is my PV. Where is it. Where is it. Where is it. Where is it. Where is it.

Hopefully it won't feel so rushed..

They are going to continue the series in 2017 right?

lol it going to be rushed aka not animated everything that most user have been hinting at since day 1. I just wanted to see the two bishop and that not going to happen

I'm so mad there's no PV. I want the episode to be leaked.

Hopefully it will..

The anime? Most likely no


Episode 25 is not rushe

No the arc 4 aka season 2 hasn't been complted relaeased in light novel format yet. Volume 10 releeased it oct will enter arc 4 but most likely it be late 2017 before we have enough LN material. It also depend on how much the author is change from web to ln for arc 4.

They can't do much in just 25 minutes. It's going to be a mess.

Watch some of this while waiting on a loop.


Bitch it skpping the entire Crusch (best girl) and Rem whole fight against the bishops. And most likely no polegmey talks since that was change fro m epiosde 19

Tappei captured White Fox and ate the PV.

Yeah, there's pretty much no way they have enough time to cover that at least. The best we can hope for is them finishing Betel fast, and talking with Emilia slightly fast so they can get to the reveal and suicide.

Anyone else rewatching the show in prep for the finale? coz I am

>No fight with bishops

I want LN illustrations of Regulus and Ley to leak already

What the fuck happened to the preview anyway?

I'm rewatching 15 for maximum satisfaction when Betelgeuse is killed and maximum angst when Rem is vegetable.

Already on episode 17, re-watching.
Ahead of you.

It would be nice if at least they gave an explanation. Like "we want to make 25 a total surprise" or whatever. Even that would be better marketing.

Ley ate it.

>Angry at Pete.

How the hell do you read the WN without being cringed

Think 2018 instead

He did a terrible thing to Rem, and of course his happy murder squad kills all sorts of people, but I really can't bring myself to hate him.

Tappei is Ley confirmed?

Should we assume that the PV has been forgotten? Just like Rem.

Same. I love him.

I felt sorry for him in the last EP. Dude's just a shitposting memelord who kills people.

>A Story That's Just That
>Subaru wakes up
>it was all a yume

i cum on Feri he hiss at penis

I'm gonna miss weekly Ferri so much. Fuck this gay world

Reminder that spfag is shit and shouldn't be relied on



Not this shit again.

You are welcome. ;)

>Reminder that spfag is shit and shouldn't be relied on
I'll take translations from anywhere I can get them. I don't see the point in starting shit, unless you're just looking to have some fun with it. If that's the case, go right ahead.

Is this anyone's waifu?

Vampire Subaru and Elsa AU with Beatrice when

I love it!
>Betelgeuse is killed

He never die. He just go to sleep one day
Same. Especially after learning his background I can't hate him at all

7/10, would bang.

She's not creepy enough. Paint her skin white, enlarge the smile, and do more shit in that general direction.

Gay vampires.

He is a man devoted to love!
Love is the force that gives worth to life! That gives worth to death! To persistence, to struggle, to achievement! Through love comes warmth, comes hope, comes joy! Brighter than any star in the sky, beacon and spotlight! The greatest favor received, absolutely to be returned! Everything, for love!

I think we all know who best Betelgirl really is.

>I love it!
Here is more.

I bet shes amazing in bed

Well at least know what kind of shitty source it is that you are using for your dose of translations.

I got in this at a wrong time I suppose.
I haven't checked 24 out yet because I don't want to be stuck at a possible cliffhanger, but fuck, I sure hope the season won't end like episode 15.
That one got to me.

I bet you're amazing in bed.

I bet she's amazing anywhere you can bang her.

If it's any reassurance 24 is cliffhanger free but 25 is likely to be a different story

>starts with Nissan and Julius slashing Peter Goose in half
>suddenly everything goes dark for Honda
>hear a voice say "Farewell." to him
>Toyota collapses
>2 weeks later, Roswaal mansion
>Barusu wakes up, panting heavily
>everyone's in his room, even Rem and Crusch
>they fall over him, crying and glad he's alive
>Julius confirms they've killed Gooseman and the witch cult is in ruins
>freeze frame, fade to hand-drawn esque image of the scene, zoom out
>Subaru says "A story, that's just that."
>he's sitting in front of his desk in our world
>proclaims how glad he is to having finally finished his work
>looks at the clock and is shocked to see its already past 26
>walks out of his room to shower while yawning and stretching his arms
>view focuses on his drawing
>it's a book, the pages flip backwards, flashing previous events in reverse as the ending's full version starts playing and credits appear
>cover says "Re: Starting life in another world from Zero"
>fade to black

>I sure hope the season won't end like episode 15.
If they do it right it will be worse


Gross. You make me physically ill.

Worse ending EVER!

Thank you, user. You made me feel better cause no matter how badly WF screws up tomorrow, it couldn't be worse than this.

>go on MAL
>give it a 10
>post a smiley face here and on the episode thread there

>I felt sorry for him in the last EP

I don't. Pete is a remorseless child murderer. No funny memes will change his true nature.

And then he wakes up in front of the appa guy, right?

Calm down, Satan.

You are funny.

best waifu this season

Anyone else find the contrast between his behaviour and his actions really hilarious?


Oh damn. Adding to collection.

>OP plays
>Rem's been edited out of every scene like the Erased OP

You got this one?

Yes. My folder is 50 MB now. Yaay!

I think he's got some valid points, but his bias is impossible to ignore and he's kind of obnoxious. Still, obvious obnoxious bias is pretty common here. One thing I'll agree with him on is that I don't think Remfags are good at articulating just why they don't like Emilia. At the same time I'm pretty sure that many of them have an actual valid reason for not liking her, even if they can't quite put a finger on exactly what that is.

Why would they even do this? They've all just got stabby knives. I can't imagine Petra puts up a huge fight.

That was a really neat gimmick in Erased.

For the same reason Nazis killed everyone in eastern european villages

There is better be some problems with pv. They better be not just trolling us. Because I'm starting to get mad. Fuck I can't even type correctly.

We don't always need a reason.
I do it for giggs.

>tfw he's voiced by Kirito's voice actor
>took the part so he could do something other than voicing a sexually repressed Gary Stu
>lets his pent up frustration out while recording
>feels more alive than ever before
>goes around his flat or house acting out Betelgeuse and yelling TAIDA! TAIDA! TAIDA!
>everyone loves it
>pure bliss

I would love to Dub Pete.
I can actually do it.
I annoy my gf with this shit.

That's not just "not liking Emilia", that's actively shitting on her. It's not exactly my thing, but I'll admit it can be fun from time to time. It's just that it's more fun to shit on pretty much every other character, which is one reason I prefer them.

For the fuck's sake, can you stop talking about this attention whore? It's not funny anymore.

Was it ever funny?

I give so few shits about Emilia I couldn't even take a dump on her if I wanted to.

Do it, man. Dub some lines with the footage and upload it somewhere.

>suddenly the truly slothful guy appear behind him
>pssh, nothing personnel kid

I fixed your shit senpai.

Why is Rigel's hair black?

Well, that's pretty much all there is to say on that subject. Anyhow, it seems like the Petefags are having some fun here.
Ah, thanks!
That's not Rigel.

When I get a proper mic setup I will. No joke. Not promising anything tho. PS: Pete a cute.

why is Betel such a meme?

Where'd she get the tiniest Subaru then? Rem is like 4 foot nothing.

People can shitpost on anything for whatever reason but that doesn't mean that faggot can pick up fight with a fanbase and act like he is neutral and can be self-righteous about it and all.

Being an insane madman automatically gives you meme points.

Is this scary maid lady going to do things to Smallbaru's holes?

The question is, why not?

I guess he likes doing crazy characters

As long as it will give at least a bit of happyness to Rem, she deserves that at least.
But then again, I doubt it would be since she's been getting fucked over all the time.

I thought I would be in for a nice fantasy anime but damn, nothing ever hit me in the feels as much as this anime.

Who doesn't?

Actual potential spoiler warning thign don't sound good for Rem

Five foot nothing.
Well, he obviously can because that's what he generally does. I could say "you can't just keep shitting on someone and dragging that shit into every thread just because they're a bit of an arrogant prick." You obviously can.

It's Re:Zero, things don't sound good for anyone.

>Well, he obviously can because that's what he generally does
Shitposting generates more shitposting.

Don't worry, everything will be worse

True that

Nothing bad happened to Reinhard

Killing his own grandma and breaking his family apart for the 2nd time. isn't good.

Family issues tho.

Everything bad happened to Reinhardt

>Mother in a coma since he was 2
>Father hates him since he was 5
>Grandfather disowned him and they haven't been on good terms since 15 years ago.
>Grandmother dead. Technically his fault. Kind of.

Getting Photoshop so I can put Memeboy behind Emilia here.

Subaru won't let him fuck his ass.

>>Grandfather disowned him and they haven't been on good terms since 15 years ago.

Why did this happen? He seems like a nice guy.

>>Grandmother dead. Technically his fault. Kind of.

Reinhardt inherited the Sword Saint blessing while Theresia was fighting the whale, so she lost the blessing at the worst possible time and Wilhelm blames Reinhardt for it.

It's not his fault. Wilhelm is retarded

All this Reinhardt talk is killing me.

Reinhard did nothing wrong.


I've got this

TOP JEJ! How did I miss this?
So much Pete

Pics/doujins of Ferri getting raped fucking WHEN!?!?!?!

Ivesotpped at 17.
Anything significant goin on later? Or convenient time resets

Episode 18 is next I guess.
Please watch so you can join the Subahate club.

Yes and no.


I am listening to this on a loop rn.

Stop it

Huh. Subaru actually did almost kiss Carmilla when she was disguised as Rem.

What exactly are the uncensored Episodes for? Was anything censored in this show?

Thats pretty hot

Wow I don't read French.
Ferris raped Subaru.

No, Doujin of Crusch and Ferris.

Ley ate what? Wasn't this supposed to be a 24 episode anime. Who is episode 25?

Ferris is a sub

lots of gore removed, visible cut bodyparts removed, frames skipped to avoid showing dismemberment etc

To actually answer you're question it's symbolic.

The wtichcult belives that the witches will guide mankind into a golden age and that those cannot see this don't deserve to live and are actively stopping the progress of mankind.

So they tear the eyes out so they can't see.

It goes back to authorities being different from blessings.

Authorities or what makes withes, witches are odd that they're like a blessing but give a power thats impossible to replicate with normal magic.

Theres also more witches than just the sins, like Pandora and the the male witch.

Funny and original.

I'd show her the real meaning of Lust

who /killing himself/ if Rem's coma is actually not a fake?

Lust witch being shy makes sense, since the shy ones are the lewdest


Every Remfag

Such a lust

Are you trolling? The spoilers are real

>Wow I don't read French.
I used google translate. I know it's terrible, but I was able to understand that much. It's when he remembers the whole "giving up doesn't suit you" line that Subaru realizes she's a fake and blocks the kiss with his hand. There also seems to be several lines to the effect that after From Zero, Subaru decided that he wouldn't show his weak side to anyone besides Rem. Which is something that is repeated in that Arc 6 translation.

I want a real translation of this scene now.

Vainglory and Acedia are historical Deadly Sins, even if they're generally lumped into some of the others in more modern systems.

Envy is in fact the "late-comer".

you know where i can find them?

*laughs in evil*

Episode 18 made me very happy, and very angry at the end.

This fucking show keeps messing with feels i did'nt want.

A bit old news but
>And Vol. 9 will be a direct sequel to anime's last episode and it has developments that will make anime fans pretty shocked.

Maybe they will skip who is Rem part in anime.
Can someone make a Reinhard edit with this?

So you use Google translate because you are not patient enough to wait for Japs to translate it. How truly slothful of you user.

Lust is so cute and sexy

Name me a worse and more cancerous character than Ferris.

You can't.

Oh, I can think of one.

Nah. I just have too much shit to do, so I haven't finished learning enough moon to read it.
>Maybe they will skip who is Rem part in anime.
That would be fucking terrible. It's a defining moment of the series.

It's not her fault she has silver hair!


just look at her fanbase.

But I hadn't even given out any hints of who I was thinking of!

I am talking about patience. If you ask for translate you might get translate. Just patience.

Echidna is not cancerous!

I want to cum in Echidna so hard

Can't blame Rem for the virgin fat fucks who self-insert in to Subaru.

>I am talking about patience
Patience is slothful.

Who is the blonde chick?

Best girl Minerva
Witch of Wrath

Minerva. Her punches heal.

Minerva, Witch of Wrath.

>It's a defining moment of the series
Not that user, but while I agree with this, just dropping the "Who is Rem" bombshell at the last second with no explanation and no time for the viewer to digest what happened is even worse than not including it at all. If they don't have enough time for everything, it's better if they move it all to a potential S2.

Would you make a contract with her, user?

Why are the anons on Re:Zero threads so weird. In threads for other series people talk about the series and post fanart and stuff, half the time here I have no fucking clue what's happening.

I want Echidna-nee to corrupt my soul.

Is this the actual dress that she wears?

I know. But not having it is also slothful. Than makes sloth a common sin. I am lazy af irl. So sloth is fitting for me.
Nice. I would let her punch my anus any time.

I think I would user

When I post Ferri art, some angry Purisillafags come and call me a faggot

Failing to include it would lessen the impact of the final episode. If they cut something like that or waited until Season 2, I'd have to question what the fuck they were thinking.

Well we have to wait less than 24 hours to know the truth

I don't know user, it seems a bit dicey.

>Sure, I can Google it in the Akashic Record, but I'd rather see you die repeatedly.
>If I curl my hair I would look exactly like Griffith.

I don't know what it is, but I certainly hope Rem will be alright, I'd hate to have to wait for S2 with a sad feeling.

Rem won't be in S2

>I'd hate to have to wait for S2 with a sad feeling
Did you forget what show you're watching? This is almost a guarantee.

Why Rem?
I like her because she reminds me of my gf.

Worst part is that she likes Emilia more, but she's just on episode 12, she will likely change her mind.

Not that she hates Rem and I don't hate Emilia either desu.
I just feel Rem actually showed how much she cares.

Witches of Sin bullying Guts when?

All these fags ignoring best girl baka

Seriously, those bare shoulders are making me so weak. FUCK.

She may be best cocksleeve, but that does not make her best girl.

>talking about your gf

Just tell Miura that witches can be idols.

Get out. Back to reddot or whatever shithole you came from.

I have a crush on Crusch.


I'd rather spend my life with a gambler than a slimy merchant, green haired cuckold, border-line children, social-anxiety ridden gurlos

I want Crusch to crush my dick

Go away Felix

The epitome of Remfags in a single post.

I love her so much, user

Would Elsa have murdered everyone in the loot house had Subaru not said he was going to return the insignia?


god I really want S2 to hear her seductive voice

I want to crush with Crusch.

I hope Chiwa Saito voices Echidna.

I hope it's hanazawa

>Subaru-kun!, drinking my bodily fluids so eagerly
>It makes me feel hot inside
And yes she said that at one point

She originally killed them because she recognized felt as one of the five dragon magical girls, so yes in that particular scenario

Question, who is Elsa affiliated with? One of the other candidates?


Except spfag actually makes good translations.
I'll take his shitposting anytime, it's a thousand times better than putting up with annoying remfags.

Would Else murder me if I gave her the dick?


she truly needs the most seductive voice


Go suck his dick somewhere else fag

That red hair bitch that was his finger is pretty fuckable

I'll do it anytime unless you find someone better that posts stuff about re zero and isn't complete bullshit

I'd fuck both of the betelbitch

No preview this week?

wtf i hate rezero now

Thank god the Arc 3 manga continues. It has a fine Ferri.

where the damn preview jesus christ

I'm gonna miss these theads
shitposting and all


Don't worry, I'm sure shitposting will keep going for at least a year. there are still Madoka shitposters on Cred Forums, they are the biggest degenerates in any blue board, but they exist and still make a thread from time to time. kill la kill and Attack on Titan also kept producing cancer for long after the series was over, I'm sure re:zero will do the same.

no preview?

Are the manga's backgrounds photographs?

You realize Attack on Titan never left? They have a permanent 24/7 general on this board that mods refuse to do anything about.

Beggars can't be chooser.

That's because they pieces of shit have the anticipation of a confirmed second season to keep them going.

How did you come to that conclusion?

Im ok with having a weekly thread, like Konosuba does. Having a back to back general after the anime ends would be pure cancer.

No excuse for the imagedumping and cancerous posters that they have.

Elsa's affiliated with Roswaal, if I recall correctly. Someone correct me if I'm wrong.

I've inferred that from the spoilers user post here, but then why did she kill Emilia?

It was all according to keikaku and explained in Arc 4.

They just look like they could be. Or maybe I'm understimating the artist's and his assistants skills.

tfw i have de "waifus" folder full of Felix images

Change it to "husbandos" you fucking shit

>>not waifu(male)

Animefag here, I assume roswal hasn't told Elsa everything at that point in time, it was outside of Roswals predictions that Emilia would meet Elsa?

Male characters can be waifus too, it's 2016 user

Go learn moon and stop depending on others for your every needs fag
You can even translate shit by using google translations and your logic a bit.

Well, the folder was meant to be full of waifus images, but then felix came to my life

Google translator or for that matter all machine translators don't work with japanese, it's impossible to try to figure out the real meaning using machine translators
Everyone would be doing it if it was that easy

At one point, everyone can feel the LOVE


>>You can even translate shit by using google translations
>>google translations

Only if you want "my hovercraft is full of eel" tier translations

>she will likely change her mind.
user, you don't know what will happen to Rem tomorrow, right?

how inocent

Are they even airing a late night senien next season with waifus?

Don't spoil it now, only one day to the meltdown, the less people know the better and saltier the thread will be.

im more afraid that they will end it before the big reveal

There will be an anime original ending.

I can't wait to see the salt backfire when White Fox skips out on the reveal.

Most of Cred Forums knows though, I'm going on MAL to see the rare, real, pure salt

you can also search on youtube "RE:ZERO FINAL EP REACTION"


All amateur actors in search of that sweet clickbait dollar, not genuine salt.

>Everyone would be doing it if it was that easy
VNfags do it all the time. Stop being a pussy that get his shit served to him on plate all the time.

I don't, no, I haven't watched episode 24 yet either.
But I certainly hope it will be fixed.
I already got a feeling that ''blank letter'' was written by Rem and that the whale maybe is'nt dead.

But I have my hopes up, it can't ''all'' be drama all the time.

user The whale is dead.

>You will never be involved in important life & death situations with waifus

When Rem goes back to capital to get treatment with Crush and all, she gets ambushed on and get her name and memories "eaten" by an Arcbishop called Ley and fall into eternal coma.
And Subaru can't save her by killing himself as the checkpoint has been updated to a point where Rem is gone no matter what.
Okay now I saved you from the suffering

>VNfags do it all the time.
I know some people use the translator to check up on words but that is an entirely different thing if you expect the machine to translate you the entire thing and still think you will understand everything described and said
It's retarded, that's not how moon works.

Subaru is willing to fuck Rem right there

You never played a jap VN I guess.

Anyways if you think using google tl is retarded then use the ways the VNfags use all the time.

so who has best authority? which one'd you use to win the game of thrones? which ones would be cool in hxh?

>Grow invisible hands. l
>Black wave toward their surroundings corrupting the minds of those who have no knowledge of Spirit Magic. Those affected experience hallucinations, auditory hallucinations, and severe pain, then expose the whites of their eyes, foam at the mouth, and are nearly driven mad
>not sure why he didn't use that one

>Share or transmit their emotions and senses to others. After polarizing emotions such as anger or sorrow, the user can transmit it to any people in their vicinity, either taking control of them or resonating a certain emotion between a certain amount of people to raise it to the point of madness. Also, since the user can share senses such as distress or pain, if anyone dies within the effect area the user can force others within the same area to die the same way.

>can transform herself or others into whatever she wants, can also transform injured parts into uninjured parts, immortal

>Can eat names and memories. When names are eaten, the victim is forgotten by anyone, when memories are eaten it's amnesia. When both are eaten, she becomes a comatose forgotten by everybody
>Eclipse : powerup through madness, becomes extremely fast. Not sure what else it can do but it can give him instawin

>Stop the time of anything and become the sharpest thing in the universe. Can kill Reinhard just by waving a hand. His heart isn't stopped since he merged it with one of his waifu of his gigantic harem

>Can rewind time

Everyone try replacing ''the way vnfags do it'' with the world magic the words still mean the exact same thing

I am a semi vn fag and I refuse to read/play any untled vn, I don't have the fucking time

I read VNs more than any other medium. I actually know moon so I know how machine translators don't work like that and you're a fucking retard if you really think you can translate japanese using something like google translator.

>According to the author, the basis of his actions, his relations with the witches, his past 400 years ago, and why his name is intentionally spelled as Petelgeuse are important plot points scheduled to be revealed in a future arc.

It's not "Betelgeuse"

There is nothing magic about it. It is just that you are lazy to put effort into it and willing to accept translations from arrogant faggots. That is all there is to it.
It is just an example moron.
The point is that you can still translate shit by yourself without depending on others if your are willing to put effort into it.
There are tools like rikai or other shit that can help you understand shit.

>>It is just that you are lazy to put effort into it and willing to accept translations from arrogant faggots

>>The whole translation industry is for faggots! people should devote all their time to learning all the languages and relying on anyone to translate stuff for you is lazy!

Fuck off.

>The point is that you can still translate shit by yourself without depending on others if your are willing to put effort into it.
And I keep telling you fucking can't you retarded piece of shit.
That's not how moon works. You simply can't throw lines to a machine translator and expect you understand shit. You need to learn the language properly if you expect to read shit.
Rikai only helps with looking up words you stupid fuck, that still isn't gonna help if you don't know the language grammar rules, etc

There isn't a single piece of art of Ferris with his penis in Crusch's vagina. What the fuck?

It would get crushed. It would be too much for Ferris' delicate feminine penis.

>I'm willing to suck on faggot's dicks as long as they are feeding me with translations.
Fucking cuck.

Then learn about grammar and shit.

Anyways the point is that you can learn to take care of yourself better and stop depending on others for every shit. I'm not going to argue about how moon works or not as that is not the thing I'm talking about.




>Then learn about grammar and shit.
That's what most people can't do and can't be bothered enough to do it, and that's why translator are always needed.
I personally don't need them, but the point persists in that you can't expect every fucking person in the world to be good at something or learn something for petty reasons. Stop being a crybaby


Apparently no preview at all

Pretty fucking SLOTHFUL

What is this?

fucking really jesus christ


They must really want to hype it up

god I really hope they dont fuck up the ending I just want my haremking and waifu eater

Hey spfag, still self-fellating yourself in these threads?

I'm lowering my expectations, purely that we have 25 minutes.

That's just not enough time

Is that absolutely confirmed, the first ep had 40 mins

Live event?

I believe so, looking at the Japanese TV schedule

So Ferris will be like 5 minutes in possible S2?

Fuck this shit.

Then be the translator that can help the fags out here as we have only one arrogant fag that do it for us.
You can't? Then we have no other choice to take care our shit by ourselves.
It is not like everyone here needs to learn about moon. If only a few guys start to put effort and learn about moon a bit then they can translate things and we would have less trouble.
>That's what most people can't do and can't be bothered enough to do it
Just taida. We need more translators and it is a good thing to get them learn moon or something else for that matter.
>petty reasons
People spend their day here arguing about things all the time.
You'd be underestimating people's devotion then when there are actually guys that went and learn jap so that they can watch anime in jap or read vn and all.

Im going to fucking flip my shit if they leave the black screen on emilia saying whos rem also not to mention satella going to give her scene or are they going to cut that too fucking shit

What are the chances of it being split into 2 parts lol, I'm grasping at straws here

So is there gonna be a prescreening of 25 today? Hopefully some information is leaked on jp twitter.

Why would anyone who learns moon bother to translate for Cred Forums? As soon as you post your blog, use a trip to confirm it's your translation, or ask for some feedback or literally do anything that could be perceived as attention whoring you'll have a trove of autists bent on cyber-bullying you out of the site.

Do Subaru x Rem and Subaru x Julius x Ferris

calm down spfag, get some sleep.

I know I saw someone post that this was a thing but I've seen no mention since then, was probably just wishful thinking.

>We still will never have doujins like that

If only Crispy cosplayed as him.

They will give him a few scenes of him trying to be around Crusch, key word being "try".

Tell more

But that can be undone by slaughtering the arch bishop I take it?


Uh oh that's not a good start

Most translators don't last long here for those reasons combined with the fact that other Cred Forumsnnons take free tranlations made by others and try to turn a profit off of them.

Yes. However he's still alive in the source material, and that's like anime season 4.

I would like to see Ferris trying to interact with Crusch, but it being really hard for him. He still wants to be by her side but its killing him because it isn't "her".

But you know, he's not Subaru and his suffering doesn't get top billing.

>Hurrr why people haet my waifu
>Even if she hasn't done anything and is less of a character than the big black nigga Rom
>Even Nips think Rem's better?! They're secondaries too!

Is Spfag our most retarded tripfag yet?

Shitheads doesn't represent everyone though.
Well that is why it is better if people canlearn to take care of their shit by themselves.


That's why I'll keep trusting spfag's translations no matter how much shit he throws at the remfags, he and his translations are worth it.

Why are Remcucks so obssesed with an attention whore? Holy shit.

>>Even if she hasn't done anything and is less of a character than the big black nigga Rom

Shes better written than one-dimenssional waifubait for basment dwellers and living trash at least.

>People not talking shit about Reinhard
Am I still on Cred Forums?

>> other Cred Forumsnnons take free tranlations made by others and try to turn a profit off of them

That's a potential legal nightmare, and how the fuck would you even monetize free translations? God, the anons who do that must be retarded.

Okay this has got a shot, if Subaru x Ferris is good for Ferris then they could just take turns with each other.

>Ecstasy of Natsuki Subaru: 0 times

This is pretty much the whole series in a nutshell

>Be Crusch
>Its late at night
>Finish writing letters for the day
>Look at clock
>"Oh shit the season is about to end!"
>Have to do some lewd shit with Ferris before the season ends
>Order Ferris to room
>Order him to strip
>"Umm, Crusch-Sama. Haven't we already done this?"

I don't give a shit about the happiness of Subaru and Rem like most people seem to do.

Ferri and Crusch are the ones who deserve happiness.

So what are you going to do after the show ends anons? Will you continue shitposting? Read the WN? Or fuck off somewhere else?

Guts v subaru deathbattle when?

Well, at least I have a bit of hope now, shame I have to wait to see everything unfold...I doubt the second season airs next year, probably late next year, and well...I'd read it but I have a feeling it will have less emotional impact on me and potantially ruin that if I look after reading.

Remember not to fucking feed his ego. Do not stroke the spic autist's cock.

He's not the only TL we can rely on. Also you can learn the language yourself through time.

Depends on how likely a second season is, but if the VNs get translated I could see myself picking them up.


>Emilia is better written
We already know that one tripfag shitposter is currently here posting and only he would be dumb enough to say this.

Does posting this every thread give you a hard on? Or are you that bitter because he preferr Emilia?

Also i can guarantee yo don't know nip, or the final state of that poll so what's your point?

>Ecstasy of Natsuki Subaru: 0 times
Another user already said it but I guess that's just his fate.

>Emilia is better written
If that's not true then it's actually more of a tie between Rem and Emilia.

Also thanks.

Turn your trip on you're not fooling anyone.

>hurr durr, i'm a subhuman that can't give proper reasons so i'll shitpost instead.

Kill yourself, you fucking waste of space.

I hope he was banned for that shit yesterday. Reported that last post he did basically admitting that he fucking shits up thread for no reason at all.
you can fuck off now

anyone have the Satella one where she had 10 Ecstasy and Subaru had 0

He's posting here right now so obviously he wasn't

My god, nothing can satisfy Subaru.

Fuck off tripfag you are not fooling anyone

Tried Rem or Emilia yet? Better yet his match could be Ram or Pete-chan.

I'd be really disappointed if it doesn't work out for them. Knowing the author they will probably just take the backseat because "Emilia and Subaru suffering".

>Emilia is second
>The whole point of this discussion was that Remcucks claimed that nips didn't care about her.

Thanks for proving once again that Remcucks are the biggest cancer of this site and are retarded beyond repair.

Reinhardt is 8 times jesus I thought you guys were meme about Reinhardt liking subaru guess not

>using secondary votes

Proves absolutely nothing, remove yourself.

Kill your fucking selves.

She barely has a lead on 3rd or 4th place.
also moving goal posts

Can't you see the difference between #1 and #2?

Well now that the link is exposed I'm scared that some proxyfag will ruin the poll.

Looks like the devil made him feel

Man I remember when these threads were fun and memefilled. Than that spic faggot came and intentionally shitpost them to death for weeks with his hate for Rem.

Now that's looking better!

It's closed


That's no better than Emilia, waifufags must be getting put in their places about now.

It's not

I read somwere that the final chapter is original content , i belive this because they skip important things of the novel at this point.

How about muh girl Priscilla someone get on that

The final episodes will pass the VNs that are adapted from the WN, so they'll likely defer to that.


Try voting then.

The results are locked for that period.


Ah I meant LNs, I'm distracted because I'm playing a VN right now.

I tried and I managed to vote.

It won't reflect because it's locked to that result you dingus.

I just did.

[投票期間] 2014/04/10 ~ 無期限

Voting period is from 2014/4/10 until indefinitely

Almost no one can please him.

You the man, my girl priscilla a supposed semen demon cannot please cuck Subaru, take that you shittasters

do the witches next

Subaru is a faithful man. He can only be pleased by his two waifus.

I'm still waiting on Pete-tan.


>it won't reflect
Look at and now

the 4155 turned to 4158 and Rem and Emilia got more votes

Well that's the best result yet
You were saying?

Why so angry
Anyways you can see the vote count go up
Actually now that the poll link is exposed I recommend everyone to take note of todays results as it is possible some fag will ruin it by proxyfagging and all.
While Japs are stupid enough to be unable to cheat on those kinds of polls, the wersten fags are capable of doing it easily.



wew lad


holy shit

Time to send this to my private army. Gonna make Emilia #1 now.

The closer to the sins...

>private army
>of emilia faggots
So, like 3 people?


With proxies enough to fuck up this poll.

>I think I’m repeating myself here, but it’s not often you see a story that puts its protagonist through the wringer to this extent. It’s painful just to watch, so one is tempted to run away, but the story just keeps throwing one bad event after another at you in an unflinching manner. But I think that the events after the White Whale fight are refreshing and well worth waiting for, so hopefully you should feel glad that you watched all the way to the end. As long as the director and staff don’t do something unthinkable, at least. (laughs)

>Umehera: What if it ends with Subaru plummeting to even further depths of despair?

>Nakamura: What are we going to do about all the people who fall into depression after seeing that?

>Umehara: If that were to happen, I’d applaud…

>Yokotani: It would certainly cause a stir. In a good and bad way. (laughs)

what did they mean by this?

I'd not give a fuck seeing emilia #1 tomorrow all of sudden you know.

Doubtful. EMTards aren't even capable of defending their waifu on an anonymous mongolian cartoon forumboard

Holy fuck 10 dayum




Yeah but kind of boring.


had to take it with phone so no
>MUH edited



Where's Satella

Because at that point everyone knows the information has been purposely altered and fabricated.

Are EMTards this retarded?



>Sekhmet 10
why is sekhmet so horny in bed


Such a small penis kek
About the same size as mine I guess ;_;

This is starting to look good for subaru

Kindly fuck off.

Delusional Spfag+worshipper
>get that proxy

Last Witch

Well I hope they will ruin the poll so that everyone, japs included, will see that emiliatards are butthurt faggots and they will be hated everywhere.

>Subaru: 7 times

Satella confirmed best pussy for him

They can't end the season without at least "Who is Rem" line right?

Emiliafags and Remfags should kill themselves already.

It's over.

Hahaha, you know White Fox knows this series is going to tank because of how long they're holding out on the Rem reveal, only leaving clues with the blank letter (which could easily be retconned for original ending).

You can't deny at this point that Rem was the only thing left for viewers to look forward to. Hell, I bet half of the viewers are just watching because they want to know where Rem is. In fact, I was just talking to a few of my normalfag friends and they were asking where the fuck is Rem. This shitshow is going to crash and burn. No S2 for EMTards.


Who's Rem?

Fucking fuck.

Seeing clueless Remfags just make me so angry if the Ep 25 does not go far enough.

I want all of them to get BTFO.

>mfw if white fox has the balls to do the who is rem line emilia is the one who digs the grave

Write it "Remfags" and "Emiliafags" secondly as Remfags are the majority.
Remfags comes first.

I'm n-not a false flagger or anything.

Please let's not start posting Pepe images. I want to screenscap the shitstorm ridden catalog with Rem images, not frogposters

White Fox isn't that stupid They know they could kill this series and even kill the credibility of their entire studio if they don't follow through with an original ending.

Rem is one of the biggest characters in anime right now, and might go down as one of the most well known and well respected characters in anime history when this show's dust has settled. I hope White Fox chooses the correct decision and give Rem the ending she deserves. Tappei is just a hack who got away with killing off well-made characters in the name of shock value. Such gimmicks won't last if he wants to make Re:Zero a classic that will be remembered years from now.

Post yfw Remfags get absolutely destroyed tomorrow.

>I'm n-not a false flagger or anything.
Yeah sure... You are right tho.

thats seems a bit too much calling her well known in history

>I hate xfags so much
>I think everyone beside xgods should die from cancer
what happened to my thread

Your thread?

lots of retardation also no preview killed people



Let's be honest. This show is as big as Sword Art right now, but with even huger potential and upside. The rate that Rem is projecting shit like Dragon Ball tiers of popularity.

Remember what happens if they show what happens to Rem, Cred Forums.
If you like this show, pray.

Shit pics will die?

And so will the fanbase

>They know they could kill this series and even kill the credibility of their entire studio if they don't follow through with an original ending.

It's the opposite. If they do an anime original ending they will be considered a joke of a studio

What does a blank space have to do with anything? All I see is 778 Re:Zero pictures in that image.

You mean the anime only people who would probably not get S2 anyway?


>final episode

Just fuck my shit up fammy

>episode 25

Time flies.

More like potential buyers for the LN and readers for the WN

Anime-onlys are going to buy the LNs just know about Rem's fate. It's a win-win anyways.



they are going to give satella a scene r-right?

Help me out Cred Forums, I don't have time to go through 24 episodes for tomorrow, which episodes should I watch for the "true" path

Marathon it you faggot.
Tomorrow's episode theme

>You will be able to cuck the faggot clown in the game
And I will romance the fuck out everyone expect emilia because she is a tard.

I'm 3 episodes in. I prefer Ram over Rem.

>3 Episodes in.
Damn you must know everything about the Anime right now.

They don't even appear before ep4.


i want to kiss subaru !!!

I'm gonna use their tears as lube

go away reinhardt

>EMTards still argue that Remfags don't keep this series alive
Holy shit, I can't wait for the implosion from nipland on Sunday. In the following weeks/months you'll see the true power that Remfags hold over this series.

Just woke up and miss read the files. Ep 5.

Did you guys never play Dark Souls? The point of the lore was as a kid Miyazaki couldn't read English novels and connected the dots of the fragments he did understand.

FYI when I get a Japanese coworker to review my Google Translated software strings, over 60% are accepted as-is.

Machine translation is shit, but also not shit. You just have to put effort into it.

Is reinhardt actually homosexual for subaru


meme magic user like this pic

No, he fucks Felt offscreen

Thank you to whoever posted the link to this

Requesting the Reinhard dubs blessing

Felt is so petite but so sexual, I'd fuck her all day and night

There are things like "penis analyzer" or "vagina affinity" on that site too.

She could pass as Gilgamesh's little sister.

At least she's not in the "mongrel" phase yet.

This. I bet she's a beast in bed.

You can't cuck the clown. Clown is already cucking Ram with Echidna, the same way that Subaru is cucking Rem with Emilia.
Ram is literally just breeding stock.

tfw she will never sniff you


This entire animes is a series of one-sided relationships and cucks.

ded thread

ded series


We got no PV today and this is already at least our second thread, there's not much more to be said than what we already have.

Shit, it's true

He is just trolling

Subaru isn't a cuck

It's been far more dead then this

This is the calm before the all encompassing shitstorm

he'd instantly be a cuck if literally any other guy shown interest in emilia

He is. He will stop being a cuck when Emilia decides that his pleb dick is allowed to enter her royal pussy.

Everyone is a cuck.

Roswaal plans to cuck Ram with Echidna.

Satella is cucked by an alternate version of herself.

Sirius is cucked by Satella

Betelgeuse is cucked by Subaru

Rem is the queen cuck.

>Subaru cucking Rem with Emilia
>Subaru cucking Emilia with Satella
>Roswaal cucking Ram with Echidna
>Echidna cucking Roswaal with Subaru
>Crusch cucking Ferris with Fourier's ghost
>Priscilla cucking Al with eight previous husbands and her shota butler
Is Jewloli the only one safe?

RIP Regulus, you were taken before your time sweet prince.

>Ferris is also cucking Crusch with Fourier's ghost

Ferris can resurrect people as zombies, I wouldn't be surprised if he had Fourier's corpse somewhere

Changing vote to jewloli master race.

>Look at this photograph

>mfw Satella wins Subaru

brat is a safer option, she won't be with anyone but rein

>>Subaru cucking Emilia with Satella

No, Satella is cucking Emilia.

Subaru wants nothing from her

I want to finger that finger.

With a love so strong how could she possibly lose?

Caught up to the anime. My god, my opinion of Rem went from crazy bitch to loving wife so quick. I love her. I want her.

it's the freckles
they turn me on

She leaves the story

I know. Just my gluttony for wanting to have more than one waifu


I want to protect this smile.

I want to cum on her tits.

What rating would you give for the anime?


New thread

Toppest keks, Remfag shitposter-kun. Is this guy this series' equivalent of THK?

- Better than most light novel adaptations.
- Doesn't present any coherent goals for the character since the series only covers what's essentially the prologue to the actual story.
- Animation takes dips at certain points, but it's nothing as bad as the AA anime.
- Main character is OK. He's not the greatest, but at least he had some development.
- I probably shouldn't have watched it week by week since every time it hits an obvious cliffhanger, it's fucking grating.
- 80% of the world is gated off due to the fact that this story being animated is just a prologue. When a bunch of the hax shit appears out of nowhere like the Whale's power, it can get a bit frustrating since nothing as extreme as wiping someone's existence off the planet has been seen up until the reveal.
- If you like the series, spoil everything up to where the WN is now, I don't think the anime stands strong on its own.

Ln is translated?

Oh god, Imagine if in another timeline we got Subaru doing his resetting thing and gets pulled back to the previous timeline by Ferris?

You're a man of taste.

LN fag pls go.