I think we all can agree glasses are the ugliest accessory a character can have

I think we all can agree glasses are the ugliest accessory a character can have

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>he posted it again

I think we can all agree that you're a faggot OP.

who's "we"?

One again, OP is a faggot.


you're right OP

>hanekawa will never bounce her way to you


Fucking plebeian.

Glasses are an indicator of shit genes, only people attracted to them are mongrels.

But Hanekawa looks fucking gross with them

>But Hanekawa looks fucking gross
Fixed that for you.

>Applying 3D logic to 2D
Get out.


Imagine getting this upset over some lines on a character's face. Stop being a faggot.

I dunno buddy you seem more upset than OP

Not really, I'm just shocked at how someone could get bothered by something so minor.

Reminder that supporting glasses means supporting the Italian Mafia.

Fuu was the one who made me realize I had a glasses fetish.


>That shit taste

Jesus christ, just fuck off of my board for God´s sake.

I don't mind glasses, as long as they don't look like this:

>when those with glasses are genetically inferior

Glasses are like Fedora or any other thing what you can wear. Only look bad on disgusting 3D persons but look good on cute animu girls.

Again, you're applying 3D logic to 2D perfection. You need to leave.

Depends on the type of glasses. Big glasses are ugly.

The only thing we can agree on is you being a fag.

You're thinking about this wrong OP. If you remove the glasses the girls become more attractive than they would have been if they never had glasses in the first place.

Back to whatever dumpster you came from

>was genetically modified
You're not proving anything.

I think you mean piercings. Glasses fix whats wrong, piercings put fucking holes in you.