Based mc, is there anyone more alpha than him?

Based mc, is there anyone more alpha than him?

>inb4 ass-busted anons


>horribad manga

He isn't alpha, he's just a bad self insert.


>humans can't be trusted, bound to betray you sooner or later
>only 2 demon underlings

I think he still keep by those words because he doesn't have to trust them to use them as underlings.

dude has like thousand of devil imps.

>is there anyone more alpha than him?
No one, not even Griffith.

>80 year old man mentality
>no fun
>boring as fuck

>Executed the King in front of his people
>Fucks his queen and daughters a few hours later after the King died
Only based Aur is capable of pulling that shit off.

is this that crap manga about a guy setting up his own fantasy dungeon or something?

Did it improve later?

He also cucked Harem boy.


>fucking a non-virgin
What a loser.

this like SAO for edgelords

Only the queen is non-virgin, he deflowered the rest of his harem.


So was it a harem ending?

He is honestly kind of boring. He doesn't seem to enjoy sex.

Praise Aur

You wouldnt neither if you had to have sex with lots of women everyday

Too much sex can make you that.
He's thinking of what to wear to tomorrow.

I've never seen an MC with so little personality.

I've seen one. A dickless bastard that doesn't fuck women in another manga where all men died out. I want Aiur to replace that faggot. Story would be more interesting.

>wish fulfillment garbage

But that is his personality.
Having very little visible personality traits is also a personality trait

Aur is basically Aizen of harem MCs.

>being a bland self insert for edgy teens is a personality trait
Holy shit I've missed all this depth in my previous harem titles!

Yeah but honestly, this guy looks so irrelevant that nobody cares.