Villain allies with the MC later on

>Villain allies with the MC later on

ITT cliches you love

>MC allies with the Villain later on

>MC and FeVillain become a couple.

>Big ripped tough guy who has a daughter he's really nice to

>MC save villains life in the episode

>Powerful adults/teachers/mentors

Name literally 69 anime that do this

>MC getting btfo
>some super strong ally who barely fights will show up to save his ass

You allies with the ITT

>Villain later on love MC

This was the only thing the final fight in Bleach did right

>boy meets girl

>Rival saves the MC because he's the only one allowed to defeat him

>mecha eyes light up as shit gets real

Face wide, wolfish slasher smiles

>MC says he will protect someone even if they become the enemy of the entire world


>MC that actually has a personality and his strength doesn't end with "he is kind", and most surely can kick ass on his own
>Villain who is actually a bad guy, with bad guy intentions and plots, not just some misunderstood bishounen shit
>girls with mixed feelings for the MC but are not violent pieces of shit about it, insulting the guy until their ovaries give in
>male sidekicks who actually benefit from being around the MC, and not be just some tagalong goofball
>warrior and paladin women who know their armor serves to protect, not push up their tits
>ninjas and rogues who are not plain sluts/mansluts with daggers and acrobatics
>the group in its whole does not orbit around MC's dick and actually form pairs in-group
>mixed bathing is mixed bathing, not "the girls are using it now, you guys wait 3 hours in the cold."
>the world is not made to wank MC's powers
>romance doesn't end on fucking handholding and pinching shirts for fucks sake. Kissing and sex serves this purpose, too!

>characters visibly age between timeskips

>The jaded & shrewd but ultimately kindly soul anti-hero

>Little band of heroes against the rest of the world

>Romance series STARTS with the main pair getting together (rather than the dumb cliffhanger-esque endings)

>MC has a boss rush including enemies he couldn't beat before and wins

>villain allies with MC
>later on he turns evil again
>like actually evil no temporarily opposing viewpoints bullshit

Has this ever happened

>ninjas and rogues who are not plain sluts/mansluts with daggers and acrobatics
It's funny that Index of all series actually did that right with Hanzo while mocking the standard with Kuruwa.

>cliches you love

I can at least name an hmanga.

I agree with you but at the same time you must not like much anime especially the mainstream popular shit because those tropes are super prevalent

>the antagonist has complete legal and moral authority to act as he does

>the MC has a berserk mode he learns to control later on in the series

Lock one

Index does a lot of cliches right

>All the sakuga goes into a single punch

>Female Villain gets wet for MC
>Even better when the Female Villain wins

I need more of this.

Name a few series where either of those happen

>MC that is ready to begrudgingly sacrifice things he loves to save much more
Has this ever happened?

>End of the series
>MC stops holding back


>villain allies with the MC later on
>he's now just useless comic relief and not nearly as strong as before

On second thought this is fucking stupid.

Thanks Dragon Ball

Just like in RPG's.

>I agree with you but at the same time you must not like much anime especially the mainstream popular shit because those tropes are super prevalent
I enjoy anime, but I can criticize it for what it does wrong and super wrong. The things I listed are just some of the things that irk me and I want them to change. Alas, they won't, because that would stop otaku bucks from flowing into studio vaults. Oh, and one more off the bat:

>child characters are not for fucking (does not apply for midget adults, like gnomes, goblins, lalafels, etc.)


Works better when it's the main premise amd conflict from the beginning.

>after wining Female villain locks him in her dungeon
>rapes him and and gives birth to his children
>second season is about their kinds doing villain things

thank for idea user I am going to become LN writer now

Don't do this to me out of nowhere, user ;_;
>bro rivalry
>they gattai
This show was so good.

>child characters that aren't for fucking
I'm well aware of the lewding of child characters, but I can't recall any shows where this actually happens.

Here's one to be going on with.

>>child characters that aren't for fucking
>I'm well aware of the lewding of child characters, but I can't recall any shows where this actually happens.
Prisma Illya, perhaps?

Look up cliche in the dictionary

FeMC and male antagonist but should still count.

Vegeta allied with Goku during the Freeza saga, then turned evil during the Buu saga.

>turned evil during the Buu saga
Wasn't that literal mind control?

No, babidi had no direct control over people.

It was more like a corruption or tainting them. They still had free will more or less, but it gave him influence over them.

He was never controlled, he just wanted to fight Goku

Didn't know they made her for fucking. I haven't seen the show, but now I probably won't bother.

Oh yeah, I remember that now. Kinda like corruption works in Ange Vierge this season. Speaking of which and on topic
>vampire loli

If you know something about Illya is that she was made for fucking

>character's only power is their willpower

Wow, that's fucking bonerific.

More like
>never loses hope
>immediately converts people who've lost hope to be just as optimistic as him

it happens to the girl "enemies" in shokugeki no soma

picked up

>MC and close friend get in an argument and part. Friend comes back when MC needs them most.
>Pinch hitter!!!

>MC trips and falls over
>grabs female character's tits

>2 powerful rivals/antagonists of the MC clash in an epic battle

>character has his eyes always closed
>opens them

>Sensei character gets serious
>he wrecks shit up

I love these

>MC has a power that fucks him up to use
>He uses it
>It actually fucks him up, not just scuffs his knees for the rest of the episode.

>MC is forced to fight best friend in order to defeat them
>the only reason best friend turned evil/traitor was to become as strong as MC and not feel like a burden.

>ecchi scene happens
>MC thanks the girl for fanservice

Maybe it's because I never really read/watch those types of series, but I can't actually remember the last time I saw a busty vampire be a main character before this one.

When ships become canon.

>eccentric MC is befriended by a much more social person, that's fascinated either romantically or for some other reason by her oddness

I don't watch many supernatural series either unless it's plain dumb fun. Not counting Kiss-shot, the last busty vampires I remember before Alma are the vampire ninjas from Korean Zombie.

>Villain Organization
>Each member is numbered and has their own cool title
>The members refer to each other by their number or title rather than their actual names.

Bonus points if a character in the protagonist team (or the protagonist themselves) used to be part of villain organization and when they cross paths with the evil organization again, the members call the character with their number/title in the organization instead of whatever name the character is using to refer to themselves now.

>Villains dream is the most pure

>screaming attack names
>MC is a lolicon (bonus points if he hates big tits)

this was a good scene

anime sauce of gif?

Boku no problem kids

>the slut is actually a pure maiden

thought you were gonna post this. But hey thanks for the new material

S2 never, fuck this gay earth

(because it was shit)

How's that a cliche?

what a dramatic couple

>anime covered like two volumes of the series
>there's like 30 volumes left to adapt
Feels bad.
Best of its genre though.

It was fun.

Things about shonens like power levels and "type" advantages.

Go chug bleach.

You don't read enough LN/WNshit then, loli vampire MCs by the truckload in the magical land of "I was bored one day and decided to start writing and someone actually paid me for my scribbles".

Detective conan, although not yet

Yes, that's why I said busty, not loli.

Right, I'm blind.

>MC arrives in the nick of time
>proceeds to curb-stomp the enemy

>most mature person in the group
>spooked shitless by the ghost stories

This is my absolute favorite thing in any media. It needs to happen more, dammit.

>mc isn't the strongest in the group
>the rest of the main cast are viable in fights

I need more of this.

I prefer when he actually nevers learn to control it, he can access to it but is a last resource thing.


Hibiki loosing her edge mode was the worst thing to happen in Symphogear.

>ordinary boy living under shadow of famous family
>"Nothing happens in this town"
>something happens

>Love interest die at the mid of the series
>MC picks another girl.

falafels are for eating

>MC gives the rival a pep talk about how he knows how tough he really is from fighting him (or vice versa)

>Figthing serie
>MC/Love-interest is badly hurt
>The other one is close
>carries them until safe zone
>declares love in the confusion.
>thinks is a dream
>Other side acts like if nothing happened.

>MC was the main Villian
I love that shit.

Much better than .

>Liking shit a shit backtracking cliche

The main villian was Junko though


>MC sacrifices himself to save his daughteru