Danganronpa 3

I want to _____ Junko!

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Revive then brutally murder



Is Kaede Junko's daughter?

pledge eternal servitude to


Best girl


you all know it would fix the series

I want to marry Sonia!

Shower her with hope only to kill her.

But that's not Sonia.


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking ree
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
The child thing might be a red herring my friend.

No, she's Sonia's daughter with Hajime.



And what better way to destroy her than to undermine what she's done?

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

Best trio.
What's the tag for these three in pixiv?

No, she's Sonia and Hajime's. Sorry Gundam.

get dommed by

Chisa is faking death but still dies because Munakata shoots himself

Kyoko faked her death to fool mastermind

Chiaki's body is comatose and Izuru uploads AI Chiaki into it.

too pure for this world

My friend of african descent.

Fat orange hamster > regular hamster = sleepy hamster > brown hamster

I honestly think the child thing is just a funny coincidence, but I like running with it anyway because it's fun to do for now.

Good taste.

>The next Danganronpa 3 mastermind is The Game

You knew everything.


Looks like a natural blonde.
With a japanese name, but we've seen weirder in DR.
She is going to end up being no one's kid.

>best trio
You stay out of this Hopefaggot.

Oh yes I agree! I think it's a red herring though due to Kodaka saying he wants to keep nothing connected to the old games and such, my friend. I do have to say it's fun speculating about the new characters though.


She's the only good thing about Zetsubou-hen.

Two V3 kids? Hajizuru is spreading his superior genes.

>letting even one heroine have a sad ending like that
Chisa lives, redeemed through Munakata's love and the HOPE Naegi gave him.

Everything about me.

How did Chiaki move after all the damage she'd taken

Only a perfection can breed another perfection.

>She's the only good thing about Zetsubou-hen.
2 things, Hopeman is a guy and it isn't him in that image

wheres chiaki's parents?

nice try

I want Juzo to find peace

>she's the thing that ruined zetsubou-hen
Fixed that for you. No need to thank me!

power of will

Even my despair.

Ultimate survivor, watch how she's the first in the series to survive an execution.
Like her AI did


So that's why Mask is Gundam's kid?

I agree. Two things. I fucking love Hopeman too.


>She speced in Prot.

You're right. That's why Mikazuru twin tails child will be a wonderful girl

Her fat reduced the damage taken.


The Warriors of Hope all survived their executions.

I want to hug Chiaki.


Zetsubou-hen would be massively improved if Junko was shunted into the background with little on screen presence, like she deserves.

No, that's his wife's son.

But they weren't the first.

If only the rest of the student council allowed this young man to attempt to save everyone with his shotgun.

What do these new characters of the game stand story-wise? I mean how are they connected with DR3 and DR2 characters? If they are connected at all

Also, seems like Kodaka likes the boring ones for MC the best

For what it's worth, we already have those "kids of Monokuma" so the thematic basis is there already.



Alright lads.

How do we fix them?


i want to observe chiaki and leave her alone in peace

I don't get why people like that Hiyoko-Pikachu girl when Plushie Boy is clearly the protagonist AND best boy.

hero they didn't deserve



Punished Hajime wh- oh wait

The power of love for her classmates and will to live.

So, she moved because anime.

We had far too many this week!

Have junko be their waifu.

A wife shouldn't point a gun at her husband.



You can't win. The anime is ours, it's literally written in it's name. Can you feel the despair?


Let them work out their problems and learn to move on like actual human beings?
Nah, let's go full sap and just asspull their loved ones back to life.

We give them superior waifus.

Noone thinks Chiaki could still be alive? I mean she wasn't dead after the cameras stopped rolling, and she managed to have a conversation with Izuru.
He could have easily helped her off camera, since he also cried. And maybe thought that he needs her to explore this weird feeling of crying more.
I'm not even a Chiaki fag but that was suspicious

Executed by amateur Monaca, not Junko.

It was in the script

>Kaede, it appears my panties are wet.

They probably aren't connected to the previous casts.

It's not that Kodaka likes boring MCs, it's that he intentionally makes them boring so the players can self-insert, unfortunately.

I can feel the hack writing. But I can't expect Junkofags to have things like good taste or standards

Me too, don't fuck this up Izuru.

Put him back in Persona, maybe he can save it from being the cuckfest it's turned into.

Just get him away from this Hope vs Despair nonsense period, fuck.

Introduce him to Cred Forums, he'll still be bored but not enough to ever actually leave. In time he'll find a waifu of his own too.

I hope she's as loveable as Sonia is. I don't really like any of DR's protags all that much. Cumaru was just okay but even she took a while to grow on me.

She's dead. She literally only existed in the Despair Arc so she could die. Having her live makes no sense.

So which one of them get convicted for being a lesbian?

Having her live makes sense solely because it took this long to kill her

>half sisters yuri scene
I am okay with this

There are at least a couple other people who have floated the possibility that Izuru, with all of his talents, could save Chiaki, but something happened to her that made him assume she was too far gone (like being stuck in a coma).

I sure am glad I'm not a Chiakifag

How exactly did Juzo get downed to the point that he couldn't even try to stand? Was he overwhelmed by grunts or did Junko personally beat him somehow?

So after Future Arc anime ends we have no chance for a continuation with same characters who survived?


>Implying I give a fuck about the writing when Junko is in the spotlight, wrecking every hopefag in sight while getting the most screentime

>implying there won't be an OVA of them enjoying school life.

>best girl
>doesn't even have a penis

>Juzo has a FRAMED picture of Munakata in his room that he sometimes likes to gaze at randomly for an undetermined amount of time
Is this nigga for real

>people are still spouting "C-Chiaki will live"
>people seriously think Izuru could save her



Full: a.pomf.cat/fbjstq.webm
Short version: a.pomf.cat/tkltzr.webm
Ending: a.pomf.cat/beaaeh.webm

Probably too many Reserve kids. Juzo may be strong, but even he will eventually run out of stamina after the hundredth guy trying to kill him.


>Someone told me that the anime was good
Damn I got tricked

There are a lot of ways that she could be useful rather than just dying.

I believe in kirigiri bros, she aint dead shes gonna bail everyone out and save the day.

Cant wait for monday to blow me the fuck out

But user Junko was much cooler when she was a background force. Now that we've seen how she did it, she doesn't seem nearly as smart or manipulative and it's pretty disappointing

imagine if dr2 was an anime
imagine chiaki getting executed then coming back at the climax of the story where junko gets BTFO

It took that long for them to kill her because that was the only way to get an emotional reaction out of people. She wasn't given enough characterization, so they just had her death sequence last 10 minutes and it was the equivalent of Junko killing a defenseless animal. The ending with Izuru was just hack writing, I don't think it was much else.

Yes. V3 is a reboot of the series. But you never know, we might get treats here and there. Keep hoping.

Maybe both
I'll give Junko that she could fight due to being an analyst, but she shouldn't be able to beat someone one on one whose specialty is literally hand to hand combat.

You also see some of the grunts on the ground so it was probably the grunts or the grunts AND Junko.



Don't understimate us, this is nothing for us Chiakifags.

On one hand it feels great that more people have finally realized what a mess of hack writing Junko is, but on the other hand it's quite sad that the anime had to be ruined with all her screen time for it.

This low effort shitposting will kill the threads, where the fuck are my Juzoboys at

Then again, there are plenty of other characters as dumb as Chiakiers who were somehow proven right, and if the SHSL Hope himself endorses the possibility, well... She might get to play that game with Hinata-kun after all.

Why are you doing this?

>tfw no one will ever look at you this way

That makes me sad when I see the new game and characters coming, knowing I won't watch the old ones again

It does detract, I have even discussed this a few times around here. Her potential as a villain is squandered by Kodaka's shitty writing, but I still don't think it's enough to ruin my fun.

>"where the fuck are my juzoboys"

Haha. Great bait, my friend.



This is some high-level autism.

gozu only sounded good when he was shouting, jesus fuck

I was never a fan of Juzo, but his story and how he died was sad

Stop posting

But what fun? I would be disappointed if my favorite girl went from being a pretty cool plot device/force of nature to a plot powered paper thin boring villain.

He ain't dead.


Oh he might revisit them sometimes, but they won't be in V3 and the HPA storyline is over.
It's funny because even Junko said in DR1 that sometimes it's better to not even try to explain background details.
Like how everytime Terminator tries to explain exactly how Skynet did it, it sounds retarded.
Not that I wouldn't prefer a good explanation for it, but Kodaka really can't pull Prada Joker

Imagine SDR2 as a single cour, rushed cringefest? No thanks.

>Junko pretending to be running too

God, I fucking love her.

She's still entertaining af as a character, even if the plot is shit.


Is this the first work of fiction you've ever encountered

>Izuru will never consider you to be interesting

>DR1 was a great game
>DR2 was a fantastic game
>DRAE's gameplay was very flawed(might have just been held back by the Vita more than anything else) but still an enjoyable game with enjoyable characters
>DR3: Future is mediocre
>DR3: Despair is complete shit

All this tells me is that this series should never have had anime series, because even DR1:The Animation was bad.

Aw it's okay man. They had a good run, and they'll always be in our hearts, right?

Haha! Time for Despair

Is there a kind of death that gives more despair than getting killed by your crush/best friend

DR3 is made from the corpse of SDR2's anime adaptation, you realize?

Be a source of hope-filled amusement by

>Hurr durr stop liking what I don't like


I love Junko, but her writing in Despair is undeniably bad. She could have been written a lot better, *should* have been written a lot better.

Didn't Junko have a baseball bat? She could have used that after Juzo got exhausted by the horde of goons.

But she's ruined a lot of the impact and cool aspects of the remnants of despair and SDR2 because she can't actually manipulate people into despair

Why is bootleg Delta in that picture?




I like the idea of Kodaka announcing a beach episode OVA, trolls everyone by making it be about a battle occurring at a beach and then trolls everyone again by making the second half be about the Future survivors and class 77 enjoying themselves on the beach.

Another low effort shitpost


I agree
I just hope V3 is good

Kodaka really did write a good character.

i never said it should be rushed, i just imagine peoples reaction during streams when chiaki is revealed to be the killer

Reminder to never bully Juzo.

He is pure.

>she can't actually manipulate people into despair

Mindhack is shit. We can all agree with this. I'm just seeing the positive side of all this.

She still did manipulate Mitarai and Juzo.

>wasting my time with serious replies to you
Funny guy.

It's a game again, so it should hopefully be fine. This series doesn't work as an animation.

I know she's done a lot of bullshit but let's focus on what she does do right.

In Defense of Junko Enoshima:
>Despite not being as good of a manipulator as Monaka she does show some aptitude
>Tempts the DR1 class into despair at the final trial
>Manages to despair the DR2 class into despair at the final trial until FUTURE saved the day
>Her plans are always meticulous & thought-out. She doesn't sweat changes (Chisa coming in) or unexpected appearances (Ryota, Nagito)
>She's insanely prepped. Gathered info for the Student Council, for Juzo and so on. She likely has a mental profile with potential weaknesses for everyone at HPA, which is why she was surprised when she saw Ryota for the first time
>Managed to despair Mukuro without brainwashing
>Manipulated Juzo into staying quiet without brainwashing
>Aware of Munakata's existence and that he arrived(?) that day
>Manipulated Ryota into running away like a pussy traumatizing him without brainwashing
>Brought Izuru to her side
>Adept at torture techniques, I'd say torture is more her forte than manipulation. See: trustee torture. Torturing with familiar objects heightens dread

Any more additions?

As a side-note I don't mind the brainwashing, as long as it's used as an additional effect. Chisa needed brainwashing + lobotomy. Class 77 needed brainwashing + Chiaki's death. What is bullshit however is that it can control your mobility, and that she didn't use it anymore afterwards.

Her BTFOing the fuck out of Nagito and class 77 was great. They never had a fucking chance.

I really hate that they overused that kind of smile and doesn't use the other 9000 faces she make

She didn't manipulate anything, the script allowed them to be """"tricked"""

Please stop shitting up the thread

I want to save that goofy grin

you know why

That's not pure behavior

One of the steering committee members. They all got character designs.

I just rewatched the scene, and yeah, she did. What catches me is that Juzo seems more surprised than exhausted that he's on the ground, so you gotta wonder what just happened.

Reporting in, brother!

Danganronpa overall character design is bound to have some coincidences: I feel like they follow some templates (and yes, plus the sprites) with the ocasional extreme overly designed character (i.e Hifumi). So I am not sold on the whole child theory.

Not really, she just used bullshit analysis to steal his anime technique and then threatened him with death if he didn't continue. As for Juzo, that was straight up blackmail, not her exposing the darkness in his own heart

>could find out that Juzo was gay from a single picture of him looking at Munakata's portrait.
>didnt know Chiaki was so sexually starved for Izuru's alter ego.

Well, there's still another episode. Let's see if Juzo really does lie to Munakata.

>I-i can't move!
Shitty forced writing is on her side.


Post lists

>>didnt know Chiaki was so sexually starved for Izuru's alter ego.
bruh she literally mentioned it the first time chiakers met izuru

"my hips are moving on their own"

mindhacc doujins when

He doesn't lewd!

dude no tension contrived plot occurrences and lack of noteworthy dialogue lmao

Saionji is naturally blonde despite being japanese.

>being into fatties
You disapoint me user



I should probably redo mine at some point.




Both are still types of influence. She made them do her binding. But I wouldn't call that, so I do agree with you.

Her SHSL is bullshit as much as anyone else, specially hopeman. I still wanted to see her convert the RoD one by one.

Kinda mixed feeling about Mukuro and Izuru is on my top 10 now.



Either I'm using the wrong one, or they removed the DRAE/DR3 characters?

>is the same as Hopeman
Eh no, Hopeman is actually entertaining and has reason to why he acts like that, that and he has an actual character, something plot device Junko lacks.


>Kaede is Hiyoko's daughter
>The father is obviously DAIKON
It shall be official



You're using the old one. newdrsorterv3.tumblr.com/ is what you probably remember using before.


But that picture seems like himself, not Munakata. The hair is Juzo color

You can select what games to include in the tier list. So if you haven't played AE, for example, you can choose not to include any characters from that game.

Yeah but Hopeman's skill is SHSL Luck so his bullshit is more excusable (plus cycle of luck still fucks him constantly). I just can't bring myself to like Junko anymore because I don't really find her antics that entertaining or clever. I suppose I shouldn't have expected much from Kodaka in the first place, though.

Excuse you, I'm the father.

Yep, that's the one. Thanks.

There's an old version and a new version

Get ready for the V3 anime.

>yeah it's completely garbage writing that only works because the plot makes it work but it's still influence

Are you even reading what you're typing?


I didn't wanted to believe that but new weedman and new Nidai raise a lot of flags.
There was never any DR2 or DR3 character similat to DR1 character but now they suddenly making similar traits to other characters along with their poses. I believe the blonde dude also make similar poses to Nagito.




>there was never any DR2 characters similar to DR1 characters

I think it's to help reinforce that expression, so even on a rewatch you're triggered by it.

Verzweiflung sounds so much better than most alternatives.


I can also do this pose with my hand too user. I must be related to Weedman

>Hopeman is actually entertaining

That's a subjective opinion. I also find Junko entertaining, despite everything.

>so his bullshit is more excusable
It's still bullshit.
>I don't really find her antics that entertaining or clever
It isn't clever, but anyone has their taste. I still like her.
>Implying I'm defending the plot
You really want those (You)s.

I think actually it's lazy animation

Kirgiri living confirmed. Those are her and Naegi's daughters.

There absolutely were DR2 characters to DR1, intentionall so even because Kodaka loves throwing back to earlier plots as if doing so repeatedly is clever or something

Junko is the plot though, she isn't a character

>I find Junko entertaining
Is the same exact thing as
>I find the plot entertaining

She didn't mention it, though. She seemed confused, if anything.

Lazy writing.
More obsession with torture porn than actually showcasing an interesting alternative possibility for Chiaki, for at last a couple of seconds.

Imagine how much more sorrowful Chiaki's last conversation with Hajime could've been if she was ranting and raving with spinny eyes.

fucking secondaries. fucking speedwatchers.

She needed chiakers in her upmost hopeful self. The mindhack shit wont work on class 77 if she is the first one to be a RoD.

I want to fuck despair-mode Chisa.

Kodaka was referencing Nagito when it came to this guy.

I'm trying to imagine a Weedman meets Nagito personality.

Who else outside of Imposter and Nagito?

Why would you want such a thing?

>won't work on Class 77
>the demo version completely works on Mikan

Do you have serious brain damage

That's retarded, they got brainwashed seeing her in despair.

thank you


That user knows that Mikan was the easiest to mindhack.

T-Threadly reminder that, it's not like she's best girl or anything.

B-baka!? Get out of my spoiler!

That's not true at all, though. The entire thing was about forcing her to die in despair. If she had swirly eyes without Junko actually doing anything to her other than a manipulated truth, it would sell the video even more.

Mikan is weakminded. Junko needed it to work on someone so she could help on the inside so she could trap Chiaki and lead the rest to where Junko needed them. Logically that would be Mikan and not anyone else, because Mikan is too much of a omega and slut to fight back.

A large part of Class 77 isn't strong-willed at all, especially in this arc where they behave as pack animals and don't think for themselves

Patrician taste

she's so much damn hotter without the apron.

Huge tits read head in office clothes. Not enough of this. NEVER ENOUGH.

Okay, fine, I was trying to make an excuse for them.

> uve
> not doble u



That's the fucking point.

The greater the hope, the greater the despair it brings when it is destroyed.

Chiaki was, in a sense, the hope of Class 77.
Junko needed her to break, batter and beaten to brainwash class 77.
That's why she couldn't make her the first RoD.

despair is strong in you mu young user

Or she no choice to fight back.

New list, rate changes.


Junko should have told her what happened to Hajime. It's stupid writing. She never got to find out why he was missing.

Why didn't she just turn their hope into despair

Chisa was also the hope of Class 77, in fact she was their first one

Asa's Hinas looked fantastic both in her blazer and in her tanktop too.
COINCIDENCE?!OF COURSE! Don't be retarded

Except literally everybody there not named "Chiaki" or "Chisa" was weak-willed. Junko could've just shown them live footage of Chiaki getting mindhacced and sucking her futa cock and they would fall in line as easily.

I think most of guys in the V3 cast look beyond suspicious besides the robot and the joke character. In contrast most of the girls look innocent besides the gothic maid.

No shit. But Junko specifically wants Chiaki's pure 100% hope to turn into despair. You're forgetting she gets bored easily and wants new entertainment in every shit she does.

Disregard. I misread your last post. I thought you wanted Junko to make Chiaki to be in despair the time when she met Izuru. Now that I get what you mean. Yes I agree.

I might be remembering things wrong, but I don't think Mikan was even really threatened with anything, she just happened to walk in on Junko and she took her with them. She tested the anime on her and she took to it right away. She's like a rabbit so she probably just froze when Junko captured her.

>she gets bored easy
But that wasn't the reason Junko gave at all

Why are you defending yet another contrived plot occurrence that is connected to Junko

>implying he wouldn't do anything Munakata wants

>Why didn't she just turn their hope into despair
If you're referring to Class 77 individually. Yes, that is the actual canon plot from DR2. But fucking Kodhacka rebooted/got lazy, forgot shit

2chan threads, like usual. I can give you the full image, but that's about it.


wait, i just realized it says level 2 in the upper right and it even has what looks like and experience bar...does this have rpg elements?

The more I see purple Hagakure's design the more I'm liking it. Hope he doesn't get killed off imediately

Meant for


Anime doesn't give a fuck about canon, remember when Junko always give her players a change to win?
Chiaki fucking had none.

He's not actually writing the anime, he's only supervising. They only have 11 episodes so the actual writers probably realized that they simply don't have enough time to do that and just changed canon.

>That's a subjective opinion. I also find Junko entertaining, despite everything.
Hopeman's antics are meant to be entertaining as he has a reason to do his shit in a way that it makes sense and he's the underdog. He doesn't have a magical plot armor that blocks everything. Junko is by that determination just garbage in general.

there's nothing better than torture porn

Dozens upon dozens of goons. You can see a ton of knocked out reserved course students that Juzo fought off camera.

Post Chaiki death reactions

actually your mistaken reply still applies

We'll never know since it was off screen she was happy Ryota was safe though.


It's probably something similar that was in SDR2


Probably something similiar to DR2.
I'm more interested that there seems to be a day and night cycle.
Not shown in that image, but I remember from the trailer, there was a scene that looked like time is actually passing in-game.

It might be like DR2 where you level up by doing mundane tasks like running so many steps.

The protagonist spot Kaede! Give it to me!

Playing Devil's advocate here, but that was the execution.
She tries her darnest to kill them in the executions.

She never gives them a chance in executions.
I hope a miracle did happen.

If it didnt Hajime better fuck shit up in mirai-hen. Probably rescue Chisa's ass, stick some needles in her head and call it a day.

Tell me who wrote that shit so I can burn him for playing favorites, While I'm glad Kyoko had a quiet emotional death the fact that Chiaki had to suffer like that is unforgivable.


It was an execution, even though Chiaki did nothing wrong.

But that's why it's so sad, right? It's like Junko was killing a puppy.

Not even the saddest death in despair hen.

1) couple who got speared.
2) natsumi
3) plushy guy who wanted to kill Junko.
4) Pikachu
5) Chiaki

Can you link this one as well?


He greenlit it. Still his fault

The saddest death was actually the backstory of HPA series

An execution for what exactly?
What crime did Chiaki even make?

>He's not actually writing the anime, he's only supervising.


I would've thought people would be screaming NONCANON in the threads when Kirigiri died if that was the case.

Why is his ahoge a question mark in the game but different on the poster and magazine?
Does he have a transforming one?




it may have been unnecessary, but they were aiming for something with it. the same edgy audience that kept saying they got a boner during the student council game, etc.
nothing better than torture porn.

Bringing an unconditional person to a life threatening situation for no reason whatsoever should be a crime

Hina Island Version will end up being the mastermind for V3, mark my words.

God, user, you're so greedy.




I'm really sad we didnt get to see Fuyuhiko and Peko remembering her. They just didnt bother showing their reaction to her death outside two seconds in the morgue. Maybe she really was a good imouto.


HanaKana did a pretty great job for that entire scene including the after-scene with Izuru.

Being too pure and full of hope.

also, you're telling me Junko V3 isn't suspicious?



Trying to steal Kamukura senpai away from her.

He came on her own idiot.

>plushie boy not first

change your list! my waifu reigns supreme!

Being waifubait trash.

she just wanted to play videogames and make friends, man

it's not fair

Maybe its because its still recently revealed information, but everything about these designs are so gloriously ambiguous I can't help but be impressed. Everybody has traits of every previous character in the series, yet their distinct enough to be unique. Meanwhile we know its a soft reset set in the future, but could turn out to be the previous protag's descendants. Even if the game turns out awful (which I doubt, say what you want but the two mainline DR have been great), these designs are top-notch ruse material.

I'm just sad because I feel like nobody could top Komaeda as an absolute sicko.

>Hajizuru's semen has healing properties
Imagine that...

It's really unfortunate that Chiaki had to be made real for the sole purpose of being a sacrifice. I feel really bad for her fans, they didn't deserve watching that. The other executions were played as gags and many other deaths had some emotional impact to them, but what happened to Chiaki was just awful.

Fuck Mind Hacking this is what I'm most upset about in zetsubou hen.


anyone have that one pic of the compiled character mailbox texts after trial 2-5




Why do the top two have tumblr filter?

That's just plain dumb. I can't believe they did that. So stupid.

Peko was SUPER pissed about her death. I really want to fucking see that relationship.

No Mahirubros here right now?

Real Chiaki was poorly written, literally parrot with social anxiety, giving her some kind of actual character could've helped. Death was aesthetically pretty sad though, HK played really good, but even then Komaeda stole her spotlight.



What happened to the user who was going to upload his 1829 pic Junko folder?






>parrot meme

That smile is so precious.

I want a DR Kuzuryu spinoff. Imposter, Gozu and Koichi spinoffs too.

prolly ded

Yeah, this scene kind of cemented for me that Peko was the one who did in Sato and the 2-2 death mirrored it exactly. She had to be peko's sister too in a way since she was with Fuyuhiko since birth.

She was too pure for this world.

She also seemed more worried about her then Fuyuhiko when they found out she came to the school. So much stuff that could have been done with Twilight Syndrome that wasn't.

>just finished watching latest Despair episode

Not even a Chiakifag but is this what fucking despair feels like?

ayy, nice. I only checked replies to the original list guy, so that's probably how i missed it.

not really. now the gurofags will buy the blurays so they can watch the uncensored parts. money makes the world go round.

You couldn't protect it.

Hajime had the best harem.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

fuck off normie smurfs

>3 episodes left
>Killer Killer is relevant
I hope that was a joke because there is no reason for him to be anywhere in the anime


I'll believe until the very end.

Sorry, this is taking longer than I thought.

So is the cop a reverse trap? Or why does he have those ridiculous eyelashes?

Hajime-kun, it seems I'm bleeding out.

That's just your body emptying it's bowels after death.

Chisa asked the make up artist to make a body of her up. Of course she didnt tell her why.

There. It's relevant. The tears were added ex post facto using solution and the blood was from a blood pack.

You should really see a doctor about that, Kirigiri-san. Wetting your panties at your age is not normal.


We can HOPE so.

The saddest thing about DR3 is that there's the beginnings of good characters here, but no one gets fleshed out enough because there's so much to cover in so little time.



I want to fuck green Komaeda

like half of them look like traps

Ah, I see user.

Good luck, and thanks again, you're doing god's work.

Why do people keep acting like its rushed? It suffers the opposite problem, it's so painfully slow

Chiaki could've died 2 episodes ago

I wouldn't mind a "Naoto".

Well LOOK who's talking?

Bluehaired glasses girl looks fucking terrible
Worst design of the bunch by far


I'm pretty sure that pic Junko has is just before Juzo undid his belt and started jerking it to that photo.

We have to solve this mystery. Where they wet before you put them on?

Trick question, it's both. Some things have way too much time alotted to them and some things have too little time.

Plus, nonsensical things like Komaeda's expulsion from class which served no real purpose.

Why is AI Chiaki so much better?

Weedman going to be the most fuckable and funniest character of them all but he will probably play the role of secondary survivow while naegi bot will become the MC love interest.

I love both though.


May I fap to Swiss Cheesaki?

Because human Chiaki wasn't given a whole lot of screen time and is really only portrayed as a pure sweet cinnamon roll so you would feel worse about her being tortured.

Exactly this.

AI Chiaki actually had time to get her character fleshed out, RL Chiaki didn't.

>written okay
>mysterious background
>no "Muh Hinata-kun"
>Helps you solve shit
>doesn't give a shit


I think they went heavy with the emo look in this game.

Her design is really boring compared to the others. She'll either die early or we'll find out she's Toko 2.0 and crazy.

They had a different character though. AI Chiaki was a lot more chill.

One was a character and the other a retcon'd in plot device to make the audience feel bad


thats why teruteru v2, witch, and robro standout the best

Because real Chiaki was
>the HOPE just for video game tournaments.
>was a pure sweet girl whose brain was rotten from too many games.

I wonder what it would be like having Naegi and Mahiru was your parents?

Monokuma theater from DG2 in Youtube, when?


Naegi would make an awesome dad, I think.

The type is also the most prone to cheating, so they'll get divorced around the time you start highschool.

I'm not saying that they have the same character. I'm saying that AI Chiaki's got developped while Real Chiaki's wasn't.

Better yet, imagine Naegi and Chiaki as your parents, you'll be the next Ultimate Hope.

I want Kotoko to teach me things!

>She'll never dominate your conversation

I'm rewatching this but Fuyuhiko says Natsumi has always been nuts. DR2 said she probably would have made a better yakuza heir. I really want to see Natsumi in her home environment.

Our only hope is a DR carnival phantasm.

Where do people find the full list of character??

I don't want to share a type with Hifumi!

True that, yuri and faggots ruined the world.

What if that's the big twist for V3? The reason why the prisoners got put in a murder game was because they all were on Dangan Juvie's equivalent to Death Row, and the game is an extended execution where they can just have the convicted kill each other.

Guys guys you know what would be fucking awesome?

Danganronpa fighting game.

>you'll never wield Gundam's dark magic


I'm trying to remember if Fuyuhiko already knew his sister was dead during DR2. Because according to the anime, he shouldn't.


He didn't that's why it was a motive.

Can someone just make a Meeting Mode for the Student Council?

Chiaki too OP.

He doesnt. In DR2, all he knows is that he and the cast's school memories are erased. Monokuma then shows that Mahiru had some connection to his sister's murder who he thought was alive.

The big twist is that it will take place in the past. Hopebot is from the future and is trying to somehow prevent the Tragedy and Junko's legacy from happening. It's why the characters look related to the DR1/DR2 cast.

>play as nagito
>automatically win every other match
10/10 balance


Imagine how much despair she must feel, doing her taxes.

You sure? I thought he only figured it out when he played that game?

(She's been a bad girl)

Surely someone has made Mugen characters for DR somewhere.

I want despair to step on my hope rod

It has a lot of potential. Aside from the obvious characters I'd love to see people like Takumi, Celes, Miaya and Sakura playable.

Because her character was explained. Real Chiaki is a frustrating blend of plot device with some vague hints about her past that never get brought up. Was she an orphan who spent all of her time in arcades and got insanely high scores in all of them which got Koichi's attention? What was her deal?

I like both, though, they have sufficiently different characterizations in enough areas to make me feel like they're separate people. Real Chiaki could've grown on me even more if she had more screentime, or if the screentime she did have was allotted more effectively (such as taking two minutes out of the torture porn fest to have Junko tell her about the Izuru project and why Hinata did it).

Is Junko the most perfect character for femdom?

This is the most respectable list so far.

>DR3 game
>No actual "main" game
>Meeting Mode with the student council
>Foundation Mode with the Future characters (Miaya is actually there, not Monaca and her robot)

>hinata now remembers watching Chiaki die when he could have saved her

Yes, have you seen how well she bullies?

I want Junko to curbstomp me when I'm on the verge of death.

If he hadn't become Izuru he would've been brainwashed like the rest of the normies. he could've been the guy to cut his own neck for the sake of showing off to Chisa in the basement

>no fanart of Double Dragon Chiaki ever

Both of you have shit taste.

Satan confirm the sadness.

If he hadn't become Izuru, most of Junko's "plan" would get nowhere.

He might've saved her but she ended up in a coma.
Next episode of Mirai confirms it one way or the other.

Dammit, I laughed

There has to be a downside to the type with best Hajime and best Chiaki.

>Juzo didn't fall for Ruruka when she gave him the pheromone candy or whatever because he's Super High School Level Homo

Someone else would've become Izuru user. Hinata was a disposable normie.

I dunno, I predict another boring episode.

Either they confirm Bandai as the mastermind or it's boring garbage.

I think that scene was just to show how weak Ruruka's mind control candy was to Junko's brainwashing techniques. If the theory of Ruruka trying to use her own candies to try to keep her from killing herself are true, then it's meant to explain that.

sleep tight chakeyers

tfw shit taste. Probably didn't think about this hard enough.

Is DRv3 PS4 only or will it be on Vita too?

Huh I hadn't thought of that, it would explain all the candy. If it is the brainwashing causing suicides I do find it interesting that Ruruka is the one who resisted the most.


If I pulled them off, would you cum?

It's on both.

It will be both.

PC? Really?

Rurubros report in!

Damn straight.

Mukuro's calf though. jesus christ what happened

Why does that sound weird? The first two were recently ported to PC.

Yet to be confirmed, but highly likely.
Those don't exist.

We really are gonna get mindhack suicide aren't we



>Those don't exist.
They do while under the effects of candy.

I haven't heard of a PC release, but given that the first 2 main series games are on PC, V3 will most likely end up on Steam at some point.

But that's what were doing in that image. Deleting AEChiaki.exe.

I think you got half of that right. It's not about comparing her mindhaccs to Junko's, but to show that Izayoi actually loved her.


And here it is. Over 700 MB of pure despair.

Is Izuru a joke character in it?

Or would he basically be P4's reaper?

Didn't mean to reply.

>Short Skirt
>High Socks

Who else likes best girl here? Any fan art yet?

Someone else would have done it and besides, he wasnt integral to her plan. She just wanted his company.

>without him Nagito would have shot her!

Remember, Nagito is the ultimate luck. Junko was never going to die there. Nagito is really lucky.

If by recently you mean years after it was released on handheld - sure. And AE is still not ported, as shitty as it was.
Yeah but I don't want to wait years. Counting on a simultaneous on all platforms and in both languages is too much HOPE, see P5.


Thanks user! I love you!

She's got my interest with that smugness of hers. She might very well end up my third or even second favorite V3 girl.

Unless next episode still has no DR2 cast and they dump it in mirai-12.

>Socks and sandals

I wish she looked exactly the same, but with no socks. socks with sandals is despair-inducing

I'm coming here from Cred Forums The Musical

Is this close enough to the title cards from DR3? It's for some track art.

>beauty mark

SHSL Ninja?

I love you user.

I love you so much.

Pretty close, yeah.

Well, in that case Chiaki's definitely alive because Izuru won't be able to do much at all except show up to revive her and walk off.

I don't think they'll do that though, because most of Class 77's story is effectively over as of Despair 10 and they need to explain what happened later. Now it's just time to focus on Ryouta and whatever he's doing, which will culminate in Future 12.

I really dont know what Hajime plans to do or even if he knows about the DR3 game at all.

>those eyelashes
Is he really a boy? He sure look like one.

Return the debt for Neagi.

>the entire despair arc

Now that SpikeChunsoft is releasing their games on Steam, V3 could end up like Psycho-Pass: Mandatory Happiness and come to PC a few months later.

>>I don't think they'll do that though,
I meant, by the way, just having him do that. Not that there's no chance of it happening.

I have no idea either, but if AE's cameo episode is any indication, I wouldn't expect much.

>Peko wanted to go check on Natsumi herself.


so new info about V3 on 29th september



>Kirigiri is dead.
>Hajime sheds tears on her body.
>comes back to life.

So the day DR3 officially ends with the VA special?

Hajime only cried for Nanami, twice,but I'm sure that he won't find the body in there in the first place.

>I have no idea either, but if AE's cameo episode is any indication, I wouldn't expect much.
I dont know. Another Episode was pretty much an afterthought in DR3 with the way they just shooed Monaca out of the story.

The DR2 guys are more important since they are a big pillar of despair hen.

>Kaede's seiyuu sings the opening and ending for Mirai-hen
Are you ready for meta madness?

The episode is listed as "Special" not a VA commentary.
Kodaka said that it was part of the story

People joke that Peko kills and fights yuri characters, now she's part of a yuri ship. It's hilarious. And for some reason people were shipping her with Ibuki.

Marry me, you beautiful bastard!

Lock her in a room similar to how Komaru was held hostage because it's boring and probably the only way to actually torture Junko that she wouldn't get despairgasms from.

Isn't she also voicing Junko in some drama?

>yuri ship
Holy fuck, you think a girl can't be concerned about another girl without it being yuri?

She's Junko in the stage play.

She played Junko in the stage plays.

I fully expect Kaede to be some kind of knockoff Junko like how Ryouta's been a knockoff Makoto.


>all of the characters are alive and have just been shown the Mitarai's anime.
>Junko says her character was lackluster.

I didn't say it was yuri, just that people would ship them now due to it. Though shippers are known to latch on to even the smallest interactions.

That's Fuyuhiko's little sister, I'm sure she cares about her as well. It had nothing to do with yuri.

>The straightest person in all of DR is part of a yuri ship now

What in the name of fuck is this?

What do you mean? I'm talking about the fact that Peko cares a ton about Natsumi and it's something that I missed the first time. I thought she was just worrying for Fuyuhiko's sake but not anymore.

Yes, Despair 12 is also incluided in the Bds.


>You have just become a stepping stone for our hope!
Shut the fuck up, Nagito. Even after Chiaki's death he still spouts a load of nonsense.

>Junko cries about how mean Mitarai portrayed her as just because she told him she didn't like anime on time

>didn't notice his tears
He was full of it. He was in utter despair because he loved Nanami and his curse of "Everyone you love dies" hit him, hard.


>everyone says that the AI Chiaki was better then the real thing.

>page 1
>that pic
Fuck off.

He's just really lucky. What a dummy.

They hired her so she sings the ED theme, like Naegi's VA did.

Wrong. The Nanami sisters are actual twins, the one portraying the AI more autistic than the other one.

Fuck you.

Other way around. Real Chiaki is autistic as fuck.

>waited outside reserves for 6 months.

She's just yandere. AI Chiaki is much more deadpan and inexpressive, which are common calling cards of autism.

I know but it was kinda inappropriate and funny at the same time. I can't imagine what his last words would be.

Yeah. I'd love to play as Nagito.

Blue hair is basically just Sayaka with glasses.


>It wasn't what I expected, so therefore it's shit!
>It was what I expected, so therefore it's shit!

You people are like spoiled children.

Has nothing to do with expectations. DR3 is like DR with everything enjoyable about DR stripped away and more focus on Hope vs Despair which was always a shakey premise for a central conflict to begin with, therefore people call it shit.

Zetsubou is a mess, but Mirai is honestly fun.

I'm not really enjoying either much anymore aside from the humor (which seems unintentional a lot of the time) but to each their own I guess.

There's nothing shit about it, the Hope vs Despair premise was established from day one. I'm glad they are going out of their way to do new shit instead of sticking to the same old same old.

I can agree that them attempting to do something new being cool, the werewolf game is an interesting premise. I'm not saying that it has to be exactly like standard DR, I'm just calling what we got "DR with everything enjoyable about DR stripped away"