JoJolion Chapter 58:


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SBR's ending is awful, holy shit

first for shitty OC


Whats with the early chapter?not that im complaining



Gappy does go to school, right?

3rd for bes't boy.

>This baseball player looks like hell

I like Bowie Kira better.

Jonathan is for _____



forgetting and also his part is for forgetting too

now fuck off fujoshit

What would King Crimson Requiem do?

Skip the manga

>that pose
>those proportions

King Crimson Requiem:
It jumps out of the manga page and kills Araki, the one man who knows his identity for certain.

be able to eat entire timelines, ability to delete people's fates, ability to delete people's pasts and people's lives, including his own

Holy shit

I guess he needed the rokakaka for more than an arm injury.

doesn't narancia posting count as fujo too?

How did anons react to the rest of SBR?

do you retards just not know how requiems work or something? the abilities aren't linked to the original stand.

What did he mean by this?

Did you read my comment? How is "jumping out of the manga page to kill Araki" relevant to erasing time?

The Requiem grants the user current biggest wish.
So probably a mind controlling stand to get a bigger mafia sindicate?

>Jotaro spending all of his screen time in Part 6 jobbing as hard as possible

Why was he even there?

shut the fuck up


Depends on what Diavolo wanted. If he wanted his identity to stay hidden, it probably would've just been BtD without the looping.

Not that guy, but the Diego's The World shitstorm is what attracted me to the series in the first place.

>The Requiem is less interesting than the original

Well damn.

>hey parallel Diego, I trust you more than the cripple so do this for me will ya
>hurr ok

>the only one who deserves to end this is I, Johnny Joestar
>loses both the race and the corpse
>lol whatever where's my future wife

>oh shit my wife's sick
>time to break open that vault that can't be opened for 80 years

To show that he has a weakness, which is his daughter.

Does Cred Forums like jojo?


Name a more underutilized character

I dare you

Why you gotta remind me of my Nazi domme fetish user?

> There was one dumb theory I really loved though, which said that his power would be teleporting through American flags and he wanted to conquer the world purely in order to put them everywhere.

I wouldn't mind if this was Araki's first thoughts of D4C's power

Joubin's wife


Posting characters from Part 2 is cheating. I'll say Dire.

No. They think it's a cuck conspiracy.

I only started reading like halfway through and it's been almost a decade since a lot of it. I only remember a few other things:
>Ringo was a meme villain even back then and was circlejerked over a lot more than he is even now
>Valentine turning skinny suddenly caused the birth of a hundred shitty fan theories
>Chocolate Inferno caused butthurt it was a waste of time during an otherwise great arc
>Manly Tears were shed over Gyro for multiple bumplimit reaching threads, which at the time was a huge deal since they were normally slow as fuck and there wasn't even a general
>Marco's death caused a mini shitstorm in the threads themselves as well
>Dio shouting THE WORLD got leaked early and people lost their fucking shit over it, Jojo threads were evenly divided between people calling it retarded and glorious right up to the translated chapter dropping

This guy right here.

Aida Mitsuo

Did Araki literally just write him so he had a Zeppeli to kill off?

Actually checked out the poetry after this issue, can confirm that it is great.

He meant he's Stroheim reincarnate.

Posting characters from the first 2 parts is cheating.

Everyone but the Jojos and Dio was underutilized in them.

What a shit weakness. I also found it odd that Jotaro never thought it would be a good idea to keep Star Platinum warmed during the luls in action. Like, why didn't he use it to get chores done, if not to maintain his ability to stop time for more than a second?

How would Shinobu convince Kira to impregnate her?

Avdol at least won a fight with Polnareff

I guess it really fucks his heart up, so he couldn't really train it effectively.

The mixtape was straight fire.

What did they mean by this

>Kira's daughter with Shinobu grows up to look like Tilda Swinton.

I remember they had to fuck up Caesar's arm to get that shot in the OP.

If okuyasu was smart, the hand would be the most broken stand in Existance.

Wait what.

>not backing the Loco after all this time

Using time stop constantly will kill him. It's the reason why DIO's time stop limit kept increasing, since nothing but the sun can truly kill him. Using it for only 2 seconds at a time is why he can even use it all so it doesn't fuck him up.

>being surprised that the guy with Tusk Act 3 was able to snatch something out of a vault

Poco Loco winning is okay.

But the whole thing with alt. Diego and Marco dying of a cold was pretty lame.


why do people say pucci doesn't exist in the ireneverse? where did they get that from?

>Scary Shit... is what I've named it

What wrong with this?

Stopping time affected Jotaro's heart, so that's why there was a limit to the time he could use it for.

I'd like to think Caesar is using Zoom Punch just to make that pose.

Kiss-kiss fall in love~


Some holiday in nipland so mags got out early.

I don't think human arms work that way user.

So how did we go from aryan kira to nipnong kira, both same ethnicity?

Marco dying was fine desu. Gyro got his wish and he wasn't executed, him dying like a bitch later was just funny.

Alt. Diego sucked however after the initial shock value tho, agreed.

>The breastfeeding spoiler was true

This basically the show Empire now.
>Giornos mom
>Jolyne's mom

Was Araki raised by two dads?

Literally why.

He exists, just not as himself since he died before the reset.
For all we know he's some random schmuck named Tanner working at a Carl's Jr. in the Ireneverse.

For CG animation in general the models have to be distorted to get that perfect pose. More so with some of the bits in the Jojo ops

Kosaku Kira and Yoshikage Kira seemed really close in EOH. I don't think you see either of them not with each other

I never expected to be so ERECT watching the Kira scenes from the last few episodes. When Jotaro beat him down and his hair got all ruffled and he changed his voice, I jacked off to that.

And MY GOD, last episode was my dream come true. When he was naked standing there like a god, and watching him make his wife wet by being such a badass. I have cum to these scenes a couple times and will be going back later for more.

I never found Kira sexy before and I'm not gay, but holy shit.

part 5 is sooooooooooooooooooooo good!

When Pucci died MiH reset the universe again without him.

funny thing is that both are japanese

Why the fuck do the Higashikatas talk so weeeeird?

Jotaro ‘Im bad at one liners and have to ask other people to do it’ Kujo


Holly = alt Polpo confirmed

I knew it

>both same ethnicity
Yeah, I think user already realised that

It's because joshuu is a fucking fag.

ask Araki

Beca~~~~~~use "Araki" is a "hack".

Must be something in Morioh's water supply.

Jotaro's part 3 timestop had to be nerfed. If he was still as strong as he was in part 3 he would steal the show. Also Araki kept conveniently giving antagonist's secondary powers that would directly counter Jotaro anyway, like BTD and Pucci's disks.

Jolyne and Ermes did it in Part 6, so maybe other characters did it but it was just never translated.

I don't think Jotaro is bad at one liners, is just he has to think a long time about them and sometimes he gets lazy and asks others to occasionally share.

>and I'm not gay

more kira/killer queen doujins when?

When he was the only one around last time to say something to Kira and all he came up with was that stupid watch shit, he was probably like "never again"

So why isn't fem maid Jotaro actually working with Gappy?
>figure out everything about Kira's death
>save mom
>be sort of half siblings
They have the same goals.

You mean to tell me he's not even updating his findings with her? Will they even talk about Holly's current tirn for the worse?

>You watch those DVDs all the time, right?
What did he mean by telling this to his blind daughter?

Here is a short animation i made in 2 minutes. its not fully looped because the full loop woud be bigger than 4 mb.

What's wrong with Jolyne's mom? At most, I'd say she was just a little too lax/married to the most emotionally unavailable man imaginable but Holly was the same way.

Daiya is an airhead while Joshuu is just a little shit. It is kind of annoying at this point though.

Yo that lo e he said about breaking kiras face was on fire I don't care who you are. Shit was so cash

ask araki

next episode of DICK IS DIAMONDS


Trash. Kill your self.

>Kiss-kiss fall in love~
>it's been 10 years since I first watched Ouran
>I will never be 15 again


Where in part 6 was this mentioned? I don't remember that.

>Kira succeeds in getting Hayato to shut the fuck up and they live out their tense as fuck new family life
>Kira gets Shinobu pregnant much to his dismay
>Their kid grows up and attends a highschool
>Shizuka is her senpai
>We get DiU crossed with Stone Ocean

She was getting Speedweed money she was relaxing and being a mom when she had to.

>These basic bitches be wanting the dirty d4c


All of these are such shit I can't even understand how you could be retarded enough to show these to people. Start over or outsource these to someone that has talent.

I think it was mentioned in Part 4, I can't remember. I know it does affect his heart, though.

Daiya isn't an actual airhead, she's just a burikko.

It's a bad animation, but the style is nice.

Keep up the good work.

Where does the time go?

>what's wrong with Jolyne's mom

She isn't the runaway girl

He's being propped up by Tusk

Because Kyo is worthless.

The fuck is wrong with his luck

He is reaching Worf levels of getting shit on by the enemy

Woah shit, Ouran happened around 10 years ago?
10 fucking years?
Jesus H, it's like King Crimson is in effect

What was Petshop's fucking problem?
In fact almost all the animal Stand users are dicks

retroactively giving such a pointless character a point like that seems lame.

the legs are okay, the arms arent.
i know you're putting a lot of effort into this, but that's not really pixel art. i mean... that's not definitive is it? it wouldn't look good next to, say, HTTF Jotaro.

Rock is super effective against ice

>I'm not gay
>I'm not gay
>I'm not gay

Animals are dicks in general.

Give them powers and it will obviously become worse.

that'snot how king crimson works youj fucking lretatrd

She made a good choice running away.

>iggy survives vanilla ice instead of polnareff
>comes back in part 5
>The Fool Requiem
what would it do?

And part 4s SHA doesn't cure arterial blockage

I know Araki's fickle with these things but I expected that a character who provides such a big revelation, is that connected to the protagonist, and is guaranteed to stick around if not killed, would amount to something.

being bisexual is okay user

Fuck iggy until his little dog anus bleeds

Said no one ever

it's dirty cat litter instead of sand

Fuck Jobin.

Sand-copy of DIO with his actual abilities.

>ruining the potential to turn jojo into an incest h-manga

There's literally no proof that Pucci or Dio are gay or even bye.

You clearly have never talked to a jap Jojo fan

Not as good as being gay

But it's a step above breeder filth

i remember reading somewhere that it had been confirmed that Dio was bisexual

That's like a 15 year gap right? He'd die of ild age by then right?

>muh incest meme

Are you guys really that dumb that you didn´t get why Joushuu behaved like that ?

Where are you going?

it's 2016,it's okay to be bi,fampai

Thank God. Japs are confirmed to have shit taste.


Did you get that it was just a joke?

not how requiem works

>not smashing Mariah all the time

I am quite sure he picked conversation with a brown boy over fucking a brown pussy.

Her fight was the most boring thing in part 8 next to Fun Fun Fun, and she's devolved to just being in the house at all times to be another character to say Good morning to. Honestly I think Araki forgot who she was. There's no way she wouldn't know about Holly's condition and her medical bills.

Imagine a Stand using Cassowary.
[The Ripper]!

Holy Sandstorm, motherfucker.

>No way, is he...
What is he, anons?

Except for the fact that parts 4 and 5 are objectively the best parts and if you think otherwise you have the shittiest taste imaginable.

thisI thought Araki confirmed that Dio was bi in an interview

Quite sure he did that to try to force her out. Seeing as Norisuke wasn´t okay with her being there. Joushuu likes his father, Joushuu would do anything for his father.

No dolphin ass tattoo


He's Katos son from a previous relationship


A fucking cunt

Lisa Lisa

I'm just waiting for Josuke to tell Kyo about what is happening to Holly and if she can help in any way which leads them down a path of trying to get money either from Norisuke which will most likely fail then to reutilizing shakedown road in some way. Hell even with the introduction to Milagro man, that use of money could be abused to help pay for Holly. Of course that was just a one off chapter for Joshuu development so I doubt that. I like how it's paralleling part 3 though with Gappy now having another goal in his life to protect both his mother from one side and his guardian angel from another. I really loved this current chapter about that point and I'm glad Araki didn't forget her.

You think he ever let Mariah pretend to dom him just for the shit of it?

When all you get is "eh I suppose he could be if you want him to" after being pressured by some retarded fujoshit, your "confirmation is about as solid as my dick right now.

5 is unironically the shittiest part next to 1 (which isn't even shit, it's just cursed by its shortness). 5 is just a drag from start to finish. Part 4 is good, though, that's the only correct part of your post.

Norisuke is starting to realize that his son is a Rock Human

>Begins eroding all the buildings in the area
>The streets of Rome descend into madness
>The gang has to face Diavolo in blinding sandstorm that's eating all of their surroundings

first off, no one prompted that.
second, there's literally no proof they aren't. araki even said in an interview that dio is bisexual, even if he was being pressured by a fujo.
so there isn't a canonical answer really, so people are free to imagine what they want, i think pucci was more asexual/repressed than anything

A fucking dead man...

When Joushuu gets to him. Don´t let faggots and memes fool you. Joushuu is the strongest Higashikata.

>Jobin is the bastard son of Kaato and Joseph Joestar

that's! not! how! requiem! works!

What retarded hairclip

>the part without a retarded cataclysmic world shattering plotline, featuring versatile, creative stands and the one with the best crew
You're a fucking idiot. This isn't even up for debate.

Araki ain't a bitch, when the fujo asked him the same thing about Jotaro and Josuke he denied it.

What do dogs even want?

but didn't polnareff get the same silver chariot requiem twice?

I could see Kira doing this out of OCD

Well then how does it work? Does it take the desire of the user and alter their Stand accordingly?

>User's biggest desire is manifested
>Protect the Arrow
Near anything could have sprung forth from this.

>Norisuke was thought to be the main villain
>He's the main jobber instead, keeps sweating bullets and gives Speedwagon-tier narration

He's still be related to Josuke and Kyo then.

We need abother Brando or Italian cannon fodder

Please fuck off autist, no one cares

Technically he is, though
>can separate and join two objects, extremely useful for combat
>rest of his family can just do shit like tracking or memory taking

And make beetles fight harder

Fucking literal bitches in Brooklyn

I don't know much about medicine, so I have a couple of questions
>How did Holly manage to eat SIX fingers without anyone in the hospital noticing? Wouldn't she yell from the pain at the very least?
>Did she bite her fingers off with her teeth or did she somehow gain access to a knife?
>Did she just swallow the fingers whole without chewing them?
>Is it even possible for someone to cut off six fingers without passing out from the pain and blood loss at some point?
>After being in her stomach for god knows how long, is it even possible to reattach said fingers back onto her hands?

His innermost desire was the same both times he used it.

>Best Crew
>4 out of the 6 members (including the fucking Jojo himself) are literal whos
You're deluded, my friend. Go back to reading your shit part.

silver chariot requiem wasn't just silver chariot with a damage boost, though

a couple bitches, did you literally skip all of iggy's scenes?

it manifests what you want the most.
polnareff wanted to protect the arrow, and giorno wanted to fuck up diavolo.

I can GUARANTEE if given the opportunity to have anything he wanted, Iggy would absolutely not pick "make my sand strong."

stand magic
why not

Well we haven't seen how this would work with a bound Stand, or even if it CAN happen with a Stand like The Fool.

Take any stand from series and make it worthless by minor alteration

[Scary Monsters]
User can change dinosaurs into humans. Small dinosaurs make babies, larger grown-ups etc.

Your fingers arent that durable compared to how jaw strength can be, user. And delusions can help remove pain.

As for the state of the fingers in her stomach, I think it should be presumed they found out pretty quickly and she swallowed them whole, just like yasuho will do to gappy

So is Vento Aureo doomed to shitty scans forever? I just wanted a proper colored version, is that too much to ask for?

Part 5 has Mista and Bruno fights, it can't be the worst.

>Iggy would absolutely not pick "make my sand strong"
Oh yeah because Polnareff really wanted to switch people's souls with that of alternate reality eldritch beasts.

"Protect the Arrow" is a literal wildcard of a desire.

>Not gay

The new translation is nearly done. Chill out.

>just like yasuho will do to gappy

Imagine the amount of load when Gappy didn´t fap neither fuck with someone in months. Now double size that. I think we can look forward for some nice stomach defloration.

Don´t dissappoint me Araki.

>Holly bit her fingers off
>has bite marks
>post yfw Holly's Stand is the one biting people

NKC has Sticky Fingers levels of versatility. I wish it belonged to Josuke so we'd get to see it in play more often.

>actually implying part 1, 2 or 6 crews were memorable or interesting in any way
>all the while claiming you have better taste than a nation of 130 million people

Do you take pride in being the dumbest motherfucker alive on this earth right now?

>The new translation is nearly done. Chill out.
By the time both the translation and colors are done, part 5 anime adaptation will have ended. Its criminal.

Tonpetti was the shit

Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking how awesome he was

My grandfather once bit a couple of fingers off in an emergency without bleeding out. It's entirely possible. I was told it wasn't that much harder than biting through a chicken wing.

No? The new translation has like 5 volumes left, and they're going at a great pace. It'll probably be done before the anime even comes out.

Finally, someone.

It was a vore joke, user.

But yeah. Why isn't there more gappy or yasuho porn in general?

Joushuu is slowly getting more and more important to story. Pretty much only Higashikata who got his own arc.

>implying Weather Report wasn't memorable or interesting
I mean, his personality is as bland as it gets, but everything he does is a highlight of part 6.

the two of them are too lewd

>Part 5 fags this triggered
Even Part 3 is better than the shitshow known as Vento Aureo.

Fuck off, Anasui was great.

2 was memorable, except for the two harmon teachers

>Stone Ocean was just the story of a young man looking for love in all the wrong places

>Tonpetti was the shit
>Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night, thinking how awesome he was
Fuck, my sides

>translation and colors
Yeah, the colour might not be done (although it probably will be - we're talking most of 2 years from now here) but why does that matter when we have a good TL of the BW manga?

Hey, 6's crew absolutely was. They didn't interact as much as they should have, but they were all distinctive and fun in their own ways and each of them got to do SOMETHING memorable.

>If there´s no Mickey this shit aint Disney.

I`d like to see a Kira edit of this actually.

Except Hermes.

Name one memorable thing Hermes did besides hide money in her tits

Your next line is gonna be, "delet this"!
But I refuse

This type of series has great style that benefits from color. Sure, better translations are more important, but after reading everything else in color, BW is a letdown.

Is there any place where I can buy a replica Stand arrow?

Heyyyyy, want to see panties


>a character with absolutely no personality whatsoever only made relevant for a short while as a plot device
You're fucking shitting me, right?
Literally the only redeemable character from Stone Ocean.

I really enjoyed Weather and Annasui´s roadtrip.

Even though SO was about girls i liked male characters more.

As opposed to Part 5, where 3 characters did absolutely jack shit.

You can just look at the color raws alongside it if you really need to


lt bothers me how we never see him going

Shit, my meme.

>I will give them to you, my panties

Everything Weather Report does or has happen to him is interesting. Imagine how fucking boring Stone Ocean would've been without Weather Report.

>I'm not gay

I don't know, I thought she had a pretty nice emotional moment after killing Sports Max. She mostly stands out for how thoroughly her ability was explored though. It kept surprising me.

>Imagine how fucking boring Stone Ocean would've been without Weather Report.
Hard to considering how mind-numbingly boring Stone Ocean is in the first place.

Breasts can't magically get smaller when you turn 20

that's bullshit


Amen brother.

sorry, shitty phoneposter

Gold Experience Requiem was, in some sense, a counter to King Crimson as well as possessing the soul manipulating abilities inherent to a Requiem Stand.

King Crimson Requiem would probably be a counter to Gold Experience. I have a feeling its powers would've been reminiscent of the phrases "slap you into next week" or "punch you so hard your parents feel it" and things like that.

Are these are the dreamscope filters

I got a boner while watching Kira sucking the sauce off his "girlfriend",and I consider myself straight, so I totally understand,user

Yeah and I turned them all into a gif. I'll do another one if you want.

keep it small

Yeah, breasts will either get bigger during pregnancy or slowly start going down until they sag, but they can't just magically become smaller.

This is a manga, things can happen

can you do this?

>I consider myself straight


Why do people dislike Giorno but love Gappy?

They follow very similar character arcs - giorno where we first meet him is very smug and sly, but degenerates into uninteresting 'I HAVE A DREAM' blandness later on. Gappy when we first meet him is very eccentric, odd, but still cool and badass, then later loses all sense of personality except for 'I WANNA KNOW WHO I AM' and generally becomes reactive to the Higashikatas' weirdness, not actually being fun by himself.

Both of them are shown to pull shit out of their ass at the last minute (snake makes antibodies, I stole the sound from the light switch), both of them are ruthless but it's praised in Gappy while ridiculed in Giorno, and everybody either likes them or is an obvious foil (abbachio, joshuu). Hell, josuke sounds as much of an OC as Giorno is - 'he's the fusion of my AU Josuke and AU Kira' - and he's even assembling a fucking harem. Hell, the worst thing giorno ever did was get nope: the power.

Can I get an answer without assmad Part 5 or part 8 cucks thinking I dislike either of those parts?

sure my nignog

No, my suspension if disbelief is ruined

Gonna have to drop this after eight parts and 1000 chapters

farewell Araki, if only you had researched proper breast development

Do pixel art godammit

This looks horrible


There's still no team healer in Jojolion, right?

Can you do the Du(Wang)?

i think the snake thing was a bit more of an asspull than stealing the sound from a light switch.

Disregard that one shitposters that keeps samefagging.

I have one question though: you are turning that model into a sprite, right?

>The Fool turns the Arrow into sand

Theres no healer in any part, fuck off fa/tg/uy

Don't worry, most people know gappy is shit, thats why they spam joshuu memes and yasuho pics

t. speedreader

Papa Norisuke can patch up wounds using the jigsaw pieces of King Nothing

>Strongest Hamon user in the series
>Even had future vision
>Maybe even had a stand
>It might have been a better version of Hermit Purple

>Literally did nothing other than beat on a few zombies and predict that Zeppeli was going to be torn in half and pass his Hamon to Johnathan

Fucking WHY

Are there any parts in the Manga, that if you have to read the whole thing again, you would consider skipping?

One of you is lying

How will animeonlies react to Polnareff returning in Part 5?

Josuke is a healer. Giorno is a healer. Zombie Horse is a healer.

>what is Josuke
>what is Giorno
>What is Hot Pants
Hell, even Jolyne can patch herself up with string.


My point was that he could steal a concept or property, instead of just an object, which is horribly defined and means he can do just about anything araki needs.

What was Zombie Horse? An asspull?

This is quite an impressive array of Jojolion characters

Every Part has a healer
>Hot Pants

>reading comprehension
ESL please go


>Guy who murders to "Take things apart"
>Has a stand that can do what every other stand can do
>Is a giant autist and cringe lord

Not remotely close to being somewhat good.

Now take that 44 and shove it.

Shit, I meant to reply to

>I consider myself straight
yeaaaa...that doesn't sounds very straight user-kun

None of what you mentioned are healers. Quit samefagging.

Isn't Jonathan the strongest hamon user?


Since the beginning of the manga, Araki has shown a strong desire to create scenarios in which two guys are fused together, sometimes inventing a situation where two men have effectively created a new human being between the two of them without the interference of women.

No, if I was rereading it in order I'd do just that, read the whole thing from start to finish. Usually, though, when I reread jojo, I just reread a single part at a time.

>When the GER hits just right.gif

Aside from not audibly measuring everything anymore Josuke is still just as eccentric as he was at first. You'd never get any fun moments like the daydreaming scene out of Giorno. He also shows more emotion, gets more amusing interactions with his supporting cast, and unlike Giorno is fairly consistently the star of his story. There are some parallels to be drawn between the two, but they're really handled completely differently.

Does anyone have that image of Neo Passione with all of them wearing suits

i see that he succeeded this time

Thanks for reminding me of that doujin where Kira gets molested on a train.

simply eric
did you know that jonathan and joseph did not use hamon, but instead used beyblades?

Thank you, I was getting a little worried. Godspeed.

I'm starting to be sick of the 5 pages of "previously on jojolion" we get every chapter.

Honestly speaking if you want to believe the hype, Tonpetti was the single best Hamon user.

But based on when we have been shown, yes Johnathan is the strongest Hamon user.

We haven't seen enough of Tonpetti and never will.

shall I post the link?

Do it.

Reply with fuck arcadefag to vote for his ban.
or suport our movement by naming your self fuck arcadefag and his game

enjoy famalams

The whole fight against /r9k/ suicide guy

>The amount of autism in this post

Or you know, you can hide and ignore it like I do.

The game isn't hurting anyone, and some people are enjoying it.

Just live and let live.

It was stated kars was the best hamon user ever, my man.

I honestly forgot the daydreaming scene, my bad. And the fried chicken song. Still, I dunno, I personally felt there was more of a quirk to him at first - even beyond measuring yasuho's breasts. Character interactions are only sort of all right, he never really speaks with daiya, kyo, or joshuu much and we see more witg fucking tsurugi. I do agree on the 'hero of his part' thing.

I know they're very different characters, but they feel very similar, and I'm guessing the only reason why he's loved so much now is because it's the current part. I have a hunch that Giorno probably was not as bashed back around when VA first came out.

What is there to worry about?

fuck arcadefag !!
i want to be a part of this project.

>people still think Jobin isn't the villain
heh, you're only human after all

His punches may have been as hot as the sun, but I don't remembering him getting a stand from it.

Also he was beaten by Joseph Joestar.

Fuck arcadefag!
He is posting shit that flods the threads.

It's due to people like you that shit like genocide, religion, and war exists in the world.

>Oh those people are only doing what they feel and know is right
>we should live and let live, brother, humanity is just so wonderful

Fuck you. You're probably arcadejew himself, triple nigger shitty faggoty fuck.

That looks good-ish

If you polish it up it will probably look much better

Congratulations you will be the first person I filter.

I think comparing genocide and wars to a fanmade game for a japanese comic series is a little extreme


Um. No?

That's just wrong?

If it isn't hurting anyone, why give two shits about it?

Shhh, the president is sleeping.

What if Jobin is actually a rock person and his business trips are actually a cover for his long sleep periods?

I thought you were going to put pic related models into the game. Now that I know that they're just for preliminary posing, I'm not worried.

I mean, that's probably true.

Nah man,you've got it all wrong. The best harmon user was Joseph,Kars doesn't even use harmon.

Remember to ignore and report, folks.

>I'm not gay
>I consider myself straight


Underrated post.

They aren't fucking finished.
He's showing them before he polishes them to make sure people would like the pose as a sprite.

Yes im posing the models. then finishing them by hand

Not him but some don't like the idea of 3d models. As lonng as the game was decent I wouldn't care too much

I guess Kars is the strongest, but Joseph was the best, since he defeated Straightso, Santana, ACDC, Wamuu, Kars, and helped against DIO


But genocide is literally hurting people

A JoJo fangame isn't

if the higashikata curse was meant to kill jobin, then kaato would have had to die to save him
Kaato is alive and Norisuke knew that, does that mean Jobin isn't Norisuke's son and he knows that?

What the fuck is happening in Jojolion I can't even tell anymore

I honestly hate both Soft & Wet and Gold Experience's powers. "Steal thing with bubble" and "punch life into thing" are both so poorly defined that I just can't get excited when they come up with a new application of the powers, since I don't really have an idea as to what their limits are.

Gappy's a fucking weirdo, which is charming, but being adopted by a family of turboweirdos really detracts from that element of his character. He's a mid-tier Jojo at best.
I really liked Giorno until he joined Passione, but once he signed up the dude just turned into cardboard.

arcadefag is 13. i have prof

gureito daze

The 3D models are used to find poses that people like. After he selects all the poses and animations, he turns them into sprites. It's not hard to understand.

It was a miraculous healing thread given to Gyro by the Kingdom of Naples. Johnny and Gyro supposedly patch themselves up with it between arcs.

>haha it's just a game
>haha it's just a prank
is this how ALL millennials will treat problems going into the 21st century? jesus christ nuclear holocaust is inevitable

>oh, well, fascism is improving germany, we UN countries don't need to care about it
>oh well, russia may be full of communists and was taken over by that fucktard stalin, but they're only hurting themselves, we shouldn't care
>man those terrorist groups in the middle east look dangerous, but they're only volatile if we poke the hornet's nest with a stick, they'd never do anything to the rest of the world
ok boi

what if all jojo characters looked like their namesakes.

outfits mostly same, personalities and such same


look like their namesakes.

stuff named after like albums or songs, not real live people, are disregarded

Except get a job, maybe.

Do not reply to it

At least with the other Jojos, they had to actually think in battles and trick/pysch out their opponents

There really isn't a fight comparable to Joseph vs the Pillar men or Jotaro vs the Darby brothers in part 5 or 8


Please stop breathing my oxygen

Joshu possibly, I think NKC might have the potential

>people actually thought that Atom Heart Father and Kira's New Face would be in two separate episodes

In what scenario is a video game going to attack and kill people?

That'd be horrible.

I don't quite follow your train of thought here. Clearly the curse was given to someone else, probably that child.

This actually could be true. NKC could close wounds really effectively, I wouldn't doubt that application if they ever decided to use it.

nah, there are plenty in 5. grateful dead, white album, hell, even green day, and giorno was in that fight.

vitamin c was the only fight from 8 that MIGHT have approached that level, but it was won by asspull so I dunno. I guess cars was also beaten by asspull too.

show it.


>part 5
That's plain wrong and you know it. White Album and Grateful Dead are two of the best fights in the series.

my guess is kaato's murder was some sort of sacrifice to save jobin. norisuke at the end of the chapter must realize that kaato did not sacrifice herself and instead killed someone to save joubin, and joubin knew this but didn't say it.

I disagree. The bubbles haven't really taken anything all that outlandish. They're still very strong and versatile, but Josuke gets constantly put in really unconventional fights with unusual conditions to make up for it. Keep in mind that Damo was the first enemy he intended to kill and went all out on. Yotsuyu died by accident and Karera was the one who killed the twins.

I can verify this from working with mental patients.
The reason the average person can't autocannibalize themselves is because the pain response and the idea of eating yourself keeps you from doing it. If you could do it, your jaw strength is more than enough to tear off your own flesh.
However, people can be so fucked up mentally that they could eat themselves without seeing or feeling any problem with it.
This one lady in her late 70s ate a sizable chunk of her index finger, to the point where you could see the bones and nerves. She said it tasted like chicken.

>but it was won by asspull
What are you talking about?

I think Norisuke knew that anyway, but Hato didn't.

Maybe him, Weather, and Perla are finally together and happy ;_;

>stole the friction from the floor
>stole the sound from the lightswitch
>but it can also steal conventional things like female beetle pheromones, and he can inject this wherever he likes
>he didn't even beat damo, he was just the final blow
>didn't use any of his powers to win against daiya or kyo, they were just being dumb
he's pretty shit

>tfw a man murders your husband and takes his place so you don't have to have an affair

Looking good man, just ignore all the shitposting from one samefag, your work is genuinely appreciated

>people actually thought RPS Kid would be two episodes

There's probably a Pucci whose sister didn't die that also told DIO to fuck off instead of befriending him

Maybe part 5, but definitely not in part 8

I said part 5 because in most fights, ones that are already interesting or could be interesting, he uses that asspull of a stand

Isn't that still technically an affair

josuke stole something as big as a person (hato) which was dumb, then hato magically activated her stand power and knew how it worked and everything, then damo didn't decide to quickly finish off josuke and norisuke and go after hato

I liked the fight up until the point where hato stabs damo, though

Friction is the one thing that's a bit weird, but that was at the very beginning and it was just a single so I think that should just be ignored.

As for Daiya she was just a little girl he wasn't going to harm and he didn't even meet Kyo until he had figured out her stand and how to avoid getting killed by it.

Yeah, people remember how much their characters were wasted

giorno doesn't even fight in the majority of part 5 fights. while baby face and the first buccellati fight are dumb, green day was incredible and was not an asspull


>People actually thought Sheer Heart Attack would be 3 episodes

a long time ago he posted his email on this board
[email protected]
then i went and send him a mail about the game.
his profile was this youtube
when you look through his videos you can see this one
Proff he is a kid.

Have you read Part 5? Did you read the part of Part 8 where Norisuke says that Stands are like assholes, and that you shouldn't go showing them to everybody?

Hato always had her Stand and knew how it worked, she'd just never showed it to Josuke before. And Josuke can just store things in his bubbles. It can't really be considered stealing at this point.

Post your uniforms

>then hato magically activated her stand power and knew how it worked and everything
Pretty sure all of the Higashikatas except Joshu already had their stand powers and knew how they worked. Right? Jobin and Daiya were already familiar with their's, and Norisuke's "stands are like your asshole, don't show them" spiel indicated he knew what they were


1 and 2 are too short

>stole something as big as a person
He didn't steal her, he carried her. The bubbles were established as strong enough to carry people years ago with Yotsuyu's fight.

>then hato magically activated her stand power and knew how it worked
She was a stand user all along. Joshuu is the only one in the family who only gained his recently

>then damo didn't decide to quickly finish off josuke and norisuke and go after hato
Hato was dangerous while Josuke and Norisuke were harmless piles of goop at the time. He was right about to burn the latter anyway.

"Till death do us part"
He's dead, it's not an affair.

Why would you say something like that! She is just making the best of her situation and staying faithful to her husband in one form or another!

Fascism is a perfect ideology and hitler did nothing wrong whatsoever. Fuck off back to レヂット you drama queen.

>people thought "Eat Out an Italian" was going to be 2 episodes


Was this supposed to be some shitty Ghostbusters reference?

Not to mention picking up Hato's entire body.

Or shooting things out of bubbles like shrapnel.
This scene is one of the only times I prefered the OVA to the manga/anime.
I hate how long it takes for The World to stop time in the anime and how Jotaro just stands there while DIO shouts ZA WARUDO for 4 seconds.

tsun josuke a cute

No, but it was funny as fuck
>Josuke, now's your time. Tell him something cool! Give him a badass one-liner!
Part 4 is the best fucking part, that moment was amazing.

It's due to people like you that shit like genocide, religion, and war exists in the world.
>oh, this guy is doing something I don't like!
>we should get rid of him in any way possible!

Fuck you. You're probably arcadejew himself, triple nigger shitty faggoty fuck.

>Or shooting things out of bubbles like shrapnel.
It's just a creative use of the explosive force of the bubbles he got from Kira. He used the same thing to hurt Yotsuyu and one of the twins and break Damo's shades. It's not part of the deprivation ability at all.

All is forgiven

I'm not animeonly and I'm still mad about that shit.

Goddamn it Polnareff deserved better. The way Araki throws previous part characters into utter irrelevancy is unforgivable.

How do you guys find the sbr dub?

>Fascism is a perfect ideology
Said no one ever.

yeah, and a 'creative' use of GE's powers is the ability to create new body parts and heal people.

it's dumb, dude. I really don't care either way - this series is all about coolness and what looks stylish, not about having concrete rules, but it pains me when gappy is forgiven for this shit and giorno gets lambasted

Jesus Christ, Joshuu

Seriously though why is he so cute?

What's so dumb about using the force of explosive bubbles to shoot nuts at enemies? It's really straightforward stuff.

The only people who lambast Giorno for that shit are the same guys who spout the "part 5 is shit!" meme without actually giving any good points and always shut up when someone who actually knows what they're talking about comes up to dispute with them.

S&W has a fucking sleek design, the ability is terrifying and the way Gappy fights is amazing. Giorno's Stand has a really cool power and great design and overall had a damn nice concept, I don't see the issues with either.

GE creating organic matter is also straightforward stuff, too, and people bitch about that.

and the exploding bubble stuff with yotsuyu or the twins is long before we find out how kir8's stand works

Boobs are boobs, and he don't remember she's really her mom.
Add his stupidity to that and his reactions makes sence.

I never even mentioned anything about Giorno.

>and the exploding bubble stuff with yotsuyu or the twins is long before we find out how kir8's stand works
We learn about the explosive bubbles right after Born This Way. It was almost a year before Yotsuyu showed up and close to two years before the twins showed up.

Plus, a murderer was walking towards his imouto.

Why did it have to be Polnareff anyway? I get that experiences like that change a man, but it was such a weird decision for Araki to make him return there and have him retain nothing of what made him likable in part 3.

I don't really think he care about that...

Reminder to ignore autists and move right along with your day

mods = gods

He needed someone experienced with Stands and the arrow, and Jotaro was already in the part earlier.

Part 5 is shit, tho.

>inb4 bad translations
Reading the new ones as they get updated. Still shit.

I think Tompetti is a pretty cool guy. Eh slaps zombies once and doesn’t afraid of anything.

Wouldn't it be cool if Araki named a stand after these guys? weed wizard bastard

Yeah, it'll be named literally who

Subjective, my friend. Every part has their flaws but also has their strengths, part 5's strengths heavily outbalance it's flaws.

He didn't want Daiya near Josuke in one of the early arcs.

Thats my little brother.


Just needs some more work, but honestly looks like you're nailing it so far. Keep up the good work man, seriously looking forward to the demo.

True, I've forgot about that.
You get a point.

Daiya is perfect

When's Koichi coming back

Why is good art of Jolyne like this one so rare?

Is this chapter the first time Kyo has spoken since Born This Way?

The looks like a ok sprite.

Reading JoJolion and am currently at the Paper Moon arc. It's honestly a lot of fun. Gappy is surprisingly a lot more enjoyable a protag than I thought he'd be (and despite the vagueness of Soft and Wet's power I still find myself saying "hah, clever!" at the way he uses it) and Yasuho is too cute for her own good.

The Higashikata family in particular seems like a lot of fun, they're all such colorful personalities (i like the fruit dad but how does his hair work) and I do like that we get progressively closer to the mystery surrounding Josuke. I already know how it turns out but the progression behind that is interesting enough, even if it feels kind of aimless so far like Part 4, I don't mind that one bit.

How does Norisuke heal?

how the fuck are you supposed to read this

Damo's Vitamin C kills Kyo

The OVA isn't that bad honestly. As an actual adaptation, yeah it's dogshit, but as a standalone piece, it's quite the interesting take on part 3.
Also I don't know why OVA Enya is this hot but I'm okay with it.

>That's my little brother.
Don't believe Arcadefag's lies.

Have fun senpai, it keeps getting better too. Soon you'll join us in the suffering that is waiting for monthly chapters though, so savour it.

>mikitaka is Josuke's shoe

well, damn.

if he was a 13 year old kid. what will it change?

Gappy makes me happy

He's lying, it's the vitamin D that kills her.

He's lying. I've just spoiled you, but whatever.


Gappy makes me fappy

FF was the main healer of part 6

FF was the main interest of part 6

>tumblr tries to be funny.png



Cred Forums leave

Is Gappy gonna start selling rokakaka for money to pay for Holly's bills? Will JoJolion become the japanese Breaking Bad?

He'll just borrow it from Nori

I absolutely love the way it did the return of Abdul.

can't wait for new year

Why wouldn't he just give the rokaka to Holly?

What's the appeal of this shitty anime/manga? Couldn't go any further than 4 episode. Smh.

Stupid frogposter

Dont reply to it.

The entire Dio's World fight was fucking fantastic in the OVA. The timestops were quick and spontaneous, really adding a terror about the whole thing, there was less Anime Time where everyone sat around watching Dio WARUDO, and it was just really fast paced and intense.

Also Cairo here feels really lively and stuff like it should, pretty much every location in DP's JoJo anime so far has felt pretty lifeless (aside from Morioh).

it's just fun. it's not particularly well written, but it's very enjoyable. if you don't like it that's totally fine user.

i wouldn't advise trying to bait people with your opinion though.

He can just start mugging this freeloading schmuck.

So, how many episodes will there be in part 4?

he doesn't have it

No breaks.

39, 14 more

I asked a genuine question.

I wasn't baiting doe :^(

Is she Norisuke's long lost daughter?

>come to general
>lol this series is shit why do you watch it lol

>NOT bait


He'd have to have it if he was going to sell it, and at that point he'd may as well just give it to Holly.

>give holly the rokakaka
>she's blind now


He's gonna go back to shakedown road and start a drug dealing business.

I hope I didn't ruin the thread with my BAD ATTITUDE. Do you think I ruined it? Huh? Do you think I ruined it?

Have you read Part 8 at all? Kira's whole goal was to give Holly the rokakaka.

shut the fuck up

>you will never suck on those plump criminal diddies

Nah this fucker did it


Stop replying to them.
You know who I'm talking about.
Don't do it.
I know the bait looks tasty, just don't do it.

Can you give at least 1 piece of evidence that fucking him is gay.

What's she gonna trade for her brain?

he is wearing diapers.

Her breasts

let's go

Gappy's balls.

It ain't gay if the balls don't touch.

We are done seeing his Josefumi side. It´s about to be Kira dark side now.

>lol dis is bait
>I am certain of it
>this guy just wants replies
>what a cunt, better give him replies

Goddamn fuckwits.

We haven't hit bump limit yet cocksucker.

This is true. no matter how much good shit arcadefag posts the drama that for some reason surrounds the game is too much

30 posts early retard

How do you guys watch the new episode without doing something illegal?

Couple of people constantly telling him to suck cock is "the drama".

No he isn't


Pay for CrunchyRoll subscription

We're all rebels who don't play by the rules.

Depends where you live

I travel to Japan on Fridays and I go to the Tokyo MX HQ to watch the episode directly from where it airs.

You could sign up to see it on crunchyroll, but paying to watch shit in your own home is for chumps.

>oh, that's a baseball

remember that time Joseph saved a little black kid who was later brought to Europe for literally no reason?

and there it is

Did his eyebrow grow back already? Goddamn

I like Johnny and Gyro together

Fingers are only as sturdy as carrots. You can bite one off as easily as you can bite a carrot in half, unless you decide against it like a regular person.

I thought Ultimate Kars was the strongest Hamon user. Jonathan could make trees bloom, but Kars could make a human melt with Hamon as if they were a Vampire. That's gotta be much stronger than anything we'd seen at that point.

not even trying to meme, I really dislike part 5

people always talk about how the "crew" makes it great, but thats a load of horeshit
people only care about Narancia because they want to fuck him
Fugo was pretty boring for the short amount of time he was on-screen, but had the potential to improve....until he just left halfway into the story
Abbacchio was such a fucking piece of shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever
>shit stand that is only useful to find out what already happened
>worst fashion sense, looks like a hot-topic sephiroth wannabe
>complete cunt to EVERYONE

Abbachio really needs that much detail into how fucking awful he is and how his very presence in the group drags everything down, even when he's not fighting all he does is shit-talk Giorno who is actually winning the fucking fights

Bruno and Mista are ok though
Giorno is fine albeit boring

all of this on top of everyone wearing catsuits, and this being the point where fights get really confusing ("I make people old unless they are at a certain temperature!"), and then the cop-out ending sealed the deal

I've re-read every part multiple times except 5
although I must admit the 7 page MUDA-WRYYY combo was awesome

Post 'em

That's irrelevant

I miss the GOOD arcade fag, he made cool sprites. What happened to him

that's not a sprite user

this looks like something out of Runescape

The word made is past tense

but it's a bit odd to judge it before it's even a sprite

Thinking of streaming some Part 4, probably Sheer Heart Attack Fight. Anyone in?

I'm pretty sure you replied to wrong person.


I want to marry Sheila E

That was Pucci.

What's good about part 5 anyways besides Bruno,mista, and that 7 page combo


i don´t get why people are offended when someone doesn´t post the pastepin

i mean, everyone has it already as bookmark, so why bother?

Bingo-Bango-Bongo here-ya-go user