How much value do you put into visual direction?

How much value do you put into visual direction?

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>Kino no Katachi
Why is Yamada so based?

I haven't seen a lot of those shots. Where did you get them?

>posting pics from Intagram
This shit should be a banneable offense.

I want to fuck loli Ueno in the ass.

From the pamphlet.

camrips when?


I want that pamphlet.


I want to fuck any Ueno.

without this, mob would be so boring

It's still boring with that.

BD release when?

A lot.
If I didn't then I'd just read novels.

Just saturate my shit up

punpun by kyoani when

why would they put a mute girl in a regular class? lol

That's because of the scanner.
I'm too lazy to fix them.

But what if you don't put value on prose, either?

You should try to vary the shots you use more. Having three of your panels be close-ups of people's faces, and having two of them across from one another, makes it all look a bit samey.

When did these threads become bait for studiofags.

>stalker thread ruined
>studio thread ruined
>annoucement threads ruined

Can't wait for the Fall 2016 grids.

Yuri on Ice and Hibike S2 past episode 1 are going to be so much fun to watch.

Hopefully Hibike has enough nice ones for a full grid since the first episode is an hour special.

I thought it was a camrip

A lot, so Naruto is a masterpiece.


shut the fuck up



Truly DBS is a work of art.


Nothing you posted is impressive


You clearly have no eye for any aesthetic elements, making grids obviously isn't for you, stop being so utterly triggered by people celebrating things which look good in a way that looks good.

Looks like you were too dumb to appreciate it. Not everyone has an eye for these types of things.

what are the best in direction in the last 6 years?

Kimi no na Wa

>Anime will never be this good again







only if Takemoto does it

Why not?

i almost want to go back and marathon it but its just too much

too lazy to rearrange this into a grid, have an old image

It only had good animation.

>old image

No problem here's an updated one

Final Naruto vs Sasuke fight on September 29, it should have good animation too.

When it actually had animation. 80% of it is just still frames that look amazing.

That's not amazing.

It isn't a still frame.

You're not a still frame.
Even SS had better visual ideas than Nise

SS looked very boring compared to Nise. More boring sets, far less imagery in any given scene, worse colour design, less detailed art in general. The new team deciding that they should just bathe fucking everything in the brightest light possible didn't help. Maybe they thought that if everyone had to turn their eyes away to avoid their retinas burning, they wouldn't notice the drop in quality.

I agree with those points but both were uninspired direction wise. Still SS had the occasional Christmas present. The Hanekawa montage in Tsubasa Tiger was better than anything in Nise.

I don't really get what you mean by direction in that case then. Are you just referring to cinematography? Visual direction is a general term for literally everything on screen. Things such as set design, imagery, colour design and art detail all fall under it.

Isn't that what the thread is about? Random stuff like background, mouths and shadows are shat on.