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I want to fuck Illya.

Illya is literally my wife. She was so happy when we finally got married.

Fuck your face, fuckfucker.

These last few eps were quite shit. In fact this whole arc is shit. How much longer do I have to suffer through it, mangafags?

It's all adaptation's fault, manga's been cool this whole time

Fate died. Did you get the memo?

Nah. 3rei is just plain shit.

she already married my cock while you two were making ceremony plans. complete with a kiss and everything~!

Depends what you're looking for, if you're here for Shirou, just read the manga. If you're here for the girls then I don't get why you didn't enjoy episode 9 and 10 as they were pretty great in that regard with Miyu and Illya being extremely gay.

episode 11 was definitely quite weak though due to clearly being behind on time, ended up rushed and also having to cover far too much so they had to skip a lot of important points.

Now the question is just how they plan to end next episode, will they continue to follow the manga and just end the series at Shirou's house with a lot of questions left unanswered or will they try to come up with some anime original ending that somehow solves everything(please don't Silver Link, that would be horrible).

The latest episode wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be.
Laughable QUALITY aside, that fucking EMIYA was great.

>finally get to watch the episode
>expect everything to be QUALITY judging by all the previous thread's reactions
>it's actually okay with a handful of hilarious animation errors dotted around

I fucking swear you idiots.
Though I probably have to thank Cred Forums as well. I went it with dropdead expectations but was pleasantly surprised. It ain't the manga but it was still fun as fuck to watch. Hope they fix it in the BDs.

It wasn't bad, but it could've definitely been better. This whole season is kind of uninspired, which is a shame because Shero is doing things.

>be me

This post smells of crossboarding.

Whatever, Ilya thread is cool, Hiroyama is back from them F/GO collab break so new 3rei soon.


>Dark Illya
>dat voice


The whole franchise is at its best when its about the bonding of cute little girls. I've been tired of Shirou for a very long time.

I'm slightly hoping that 3rei ends soon and we get Kiritsugu coming back for Father/Daughter shenanigans for 4ier

>tfw Cred Forums X image hover

Of course I'm not here for fucking Shirou, why would anyone even assume that.
Miyu and Illya weren't gay enough.
Kuro hasn't had her mana fix for what, five eps now?
Last ep was rushed, dumb, and full of QUALITY.
Is this the final arc in the manga? That's pretty sad.

>Dark Illya
>was created out of the desires of humanity like dark Iri

Just throwing fuel on the fire of corruption doujins/art. Which is already inherently a thing for any mahou shoujo.

>only read the manga for Shirou and Ko-gil fights
>have to wait now

Do we have a summary of the event yet? Don't play the game myself and not sure I have the motivation to try and translate my way through videos of it considering none of it is voiced.

So if mana is transfered by sex.....

How would mana transfer between berserker and illya go?

What the actual fuck is wrong with your head?

You can just transfer by fluids, if you drunk Illya's pee and love juices you'd get to max mana pretty quickly so she's could just play with herself while you lay under her.

Miyu is best cup. Illya can join to. Kuro can stay dead.

Marry Miyu
Fuck Kuro
Adopt Ilya

But that's wrong, they are all the best.

>FGO is canon
>Illya officialy can counter Ea
>Kuro is stronger than EMIYA
Being a walking magic circuit is not a joke.

Marry and fuck kuro, adopt Illya and Miyu and let them be together.

I want Illya to replenish my mana with her pee.

There is only one Illya and she is fated to never be together with Shirou. Prisma go away

Don't worry, Prisma's Ilya will never be with Shirou either.

Don't worry prisma Illya won't get together with Shirou either, Miyu's too great to resist for me and the maids and Iri wouldn't let Shirou near her anyway.

Too great to resist for her even. Although also for me.

Illya will win Shirou's little sister though. That's pretty close.

Fate Illya, a daughter I want to protect.

Prisma Illya Illya, a slutty loli to violate purely for pleasure and corruption.

Why did they allow this?

Would Fate Illya go gay for Miyu if she met her?

>You are transported to the world of Prisma Illya
What is the first thing you do?

I want to drill Miyu's butt.

Jerk off

Kill myself.

i want to drill your butt, user

Help! I got my Illya pregnant! What do I do, Cred Forums?

Find Kuro and pat her head.

>tfw Cred Forums told you Prisma Shirou was the epitome of manliness and spent pretty much every slightly related type moon thread gushing about it.
>tfw Cred Forums told you this season was gonna be 90% Shirou and Illya and the others would be irrelevant
>tfw Shirou finally showed up, did some stuff for 5mins then got btfo
>didn't even kill Gilgadyke, Kuro did.

Is the anime shit or did I get trolled?
What is going on with the anime anyways? Last episode was one dramatic but ultimately pointless dramatic reveal after another.

Does this mean that Dark Illya is more Lewd?

Holy fuck her and Kuro double team potential porn.

Shirou never had a large role in this season, it's first in the flashback which would first be next season, if we even get a next season that is.

Dark Illya would try to rape Kuro, but Kuro would resist because she's actually pure at heart.


I am the bone of my sword.

My face is my shield.

How come the Kaleid sticks are so fucking weak? They are supposed to be the Second Magic, but they are utterly powerless against, well, everyone after S1.

How can the false heroes that the Ainsworth create be way stronger than the Second Magic?

Heroic spirits >> Human wielding magic rod, even if its a strong magic rod.

But aren't the Kaleid sticks able to get unlimited mana? And the heroic spirits aren't even legitimate spirits, they are fakes created by the Ainsworth, hence the cards.

>And the heroic spirits aren't even legitimate spirits, they are fakes created by the Ainsworth, hence the cards.

You don't know how this series works. The cards are real heroes, they are the soul of a hero trapped and subjugated into raw power. Their ego and mind are stripped away, their soul is just turned into something to wear The cursed heroes in the mud are heroes that failed to reach the grail, and now they are wailing evil spirits, endlessly seeking their wish. They are real heroes, although they are little more than berserkers in a sense.

They are all real heroes, all of them. Its the same basic ritual as the Fuyuki war, they do have access to heroes within the throne. Except instead of summoning them straight out, the summoning calls the hero and then traps their soul in a card, to be equipped by a human.

Why do you think Kuro's soul resonates when she sees Shirou use his projection, and whatever other examples. Like Gilgamesh managing to manifest from his card.

The Ainsworths aren't creating heroes, they are creating cards to trap heroes into. Then Julian tries to search the throne for the strongest heroes he can summon after much trial and error.

But you're forgetting that the Ainsworth magic is far from perfect, whereas the second magic is a True magic, which are nothing short of miracles.
See Aoko, with her fifth magic, for example.

>>be me

Kill yourself, crossie.

>thinking about nasu powerlevel shit
don't bother

Just because the Ainsworth magic isn't sorcery, doesn't mean that the heroes aren't real heroes. Remember how it worked in the main timeline; Zelretch teaches three families how to access the throne to summon heroes for a grail war. It works exactly the same here, except instead of summoning them normally, they summon them into a card to be worn by someone.

Yet again, Gilgamesh manifested from his card, because the cards literally do contain the souls of humans. In 3rei when they cast the black mud upon the world and countless heroes come from it, those are cursed heroes who failed in their quest and fell to ruin.

>>be me

Yes, but you are just parroting what you've read, you haven't given any answer to what I was originally asking.

Maybe this is for the best.

Saber Illya > Rider Illya = Sorcerer Illya > Prisma Illya > Prisma Illya Sapphire > Archer Illya > Assassin Illya

Berserker Illya when?

What happens if Illyaverse and Miyuverse Shirou meet?

>best illya
>anything but archer illya

Because I've removed the crux of your last argument "It shouldn't count because they're not real heroes", your last point falls through. So its back to "Yes, heroic spirits are stronger than girls with magic wands, even if its a strong wand".

Only by installing the soul of another hero can the girls have a chance against other heroes, however this doesn't really work when fighting hundreds of shadow heroes.

But I said that they are "false heroes", not "not-real heroes", and there is a difference between them (read fs/n if you don't know the difference). And I wasn't talking about their fight with the shadow heroes, but the fights in general viz. them getting their shit kicked in by Bazett on Zwei.

And the kaleidosticks aren't just "strong wands", they are miraculous wands, which can connect to parallel worlds and draw unlimited mana from them.
Again, you're just copying what's written on the manga, not giving any real argument as to why the kaleidosticks are so weak by themselves.

Zwei form Illya demolished Gilgamesh. Just because you have an infinite supply of magic doesn't mean you have an infinite output.

I want Illya to fill me with her mana!


>be me

Why is Illya fondling poor Tanaka?

It's taken me a while to notice this, but each of their VA's are pretty damn boner inducing.

shes a dumb lesbo

>no kuro to jump on me

Better question; why aren't YOU fondling Tanaka?

Tanaka is not for fondling. She's for saving the world.

How do they get away with this?

I cried when Illya activated excalibur.

It was so beautiful.

Fucking yes. It was sublime and reverted the few damage I suffered from QUALITY.

Blue Ray exclusive.

with what?

OVA, that's how.


>wanting manliness from Prisma/Illya
Kill yourself

Would Illya, Kuro & Miyu do lewd stuff together?

cant wait till the ne specials, it will probably have her as well