Danganronpa 3

What will the future bring?

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I want to marry Sonia!


Someone get the guns out

There is only despair.


No miracles for her.

I want to protect that smug.

Juzo is a pure maiden

>not using the edit


>Hinata-kun, it looks like I'm weet.

geimu taighto chammers


>cute girl gets stabbed a lot
>"I don't want to die"
>"m-muh love interest"
>"why am i crying?"

Call me cynical, but I don't think torturing someone to death and then dropping a bunch of cliches on me is a good replacement for simply killing off a character who had natural character development.

Not without me as the protagonist

Really? I wouldn't be so sure about that if I were you.

Sleep tight, reap tight Chiakers

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.

>a person about to die saying"I don't want to die" is cliche

I mean I thought I nitpicked a lot at media but it seems that most of you are just contrarians for the sake of it.

I'm actually greatly enjoying the anime because I never took Danganronpa serious and the series has never had anything resembling a grounded, meticulous plot.


Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan


Were your panties wet before you put them on? Did you not dry them?


That's a pretty gruesome OP, but I won't be dissuaded!

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.


>Mirai-hen 12
>inconclusive ending

Cap-kun is best girl


I like how spontaneous and perky she is

How do you even find this stuff? How are you supposed to search for it on twitter?

Rate f/a/ggots

And that's how mama and papa got together

what's she looking at?

He is.

>a person about to die saying "I don't want to die" is cliche
Yes, it is. It's a cheap trick to get an emotional response out of the viewer.

Is he a virgin?

>Chisa sucking Juzo's dick to make him despair


I'd be happy. There's no way they can give us an amazing ending to tie up the whole story in just 2 episodes.




>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeeeeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
Yes he is, my friend!

Rather than an inconclusive ending, won't the last episode tie in with DRV3's story? I can't help but think there is a reason why they released the cast now.

Munakata-kun, it appears my panties are wet.

Reposting: The big twist in V3 will be that it takes place years in the past. Hopebot is a FF member from the future that travelled back in time to prevent the Tragedy and Junko from ever happening. What time period the characters and from and why they're in a killing game... I don't know. But it seems crazy enough to be real. If the characters themselves are from the past it DOES explain how some of them look related to DR1/DR2 characters.


Juzo is kinky


You knew everything.

of being 100% right

The END OF HOPE's Peak Academy

Junko couldn't even take pics of him masturbating to the picture, so yes, probably.

He got penetrated by Munakata in the end

Everything about me.

>I can't help but think there is a reason why they released the cast now.

Push that thought out your head. There was no nefarious planning to when they showed the new cast, they showed it at the exact same event and conference as all of their announcements, at TGS Sony conference. The same even they showed the first announcement trailer, and the announcement for despair girls.

Even my despair.

Reporting in, brother!

I believe Kodaka just wants to leave DR1/DR2 (mostly) behind and start anew.

I don't know moon. Please, translation?

Did people actually watch this for masterpiece writing and plot or were they just secondaries?
The game never took itself seriously, broke fourth walls constantly and behaved like a fun game. Not saying that people should love it but when you bring real life logic into something that features pink blood you're kind of missing the point.



I know that, but that doesn't mean I'm wrong. There could be hints and story elements set up in DR3's finale that will become the basis on which DRV3 is set. Hell, that's usually what happens in every DR so far.

>hate normies
>be a literal raging faggot
good thing he's dead


You know how we didn't see what happened to three boys in the student council killing game? We see how they die in DR0. It took a little inference, but I'm pretty sure this is what happens:

>after the other members have either run out of or died in the classroom, Yellow Boy attacks Murasame, and thinks he killed him
>Yellow Boy then kills Fat Boy with a chair
>Glasses Boy runs in and hits Yellow Boy over the head with a bottle
>Yellow Boy runs out into the hallway with glass in his eyes
>Pink Girl kills him with a cleaver as he goes by
>Brown Girl sneaks up on Pink Girl with an iron pipe, but is never actually shown killing her, so it's easy to connect with what we see in ep 7

The Japanese text never specifies the gender of the iron pipe person - the translator just guessed they were male. I'd say Brown Girl was the pipe student since we only saw her death and not what she did.

The only reason I think Yellow Boy killed Fat Boy and not the other way around is because Ryouko describes his head as smushed tomato.

I think Glasses Boy had the bottle since he mostly stayed in the classroom.

All we saw of Pink Girl was her running at Red Boy with a shovel screaming "die", so if I had to guess, after killing Yellow Boy she goes crazy.

Her face is literally just Kirigiri's with different hair, why would she be related to Mikan if you're going to try to connect her to an existing cast member?

Kaede is also just Komaru with different hair.




The hairpin she has is related to medicine or something, and she has a mole on her face like Mikan. I'm pretty sure there's even an official description of her hinting at their similarities.

I'm pretty sure if you liked the game for its wackiness you'd be really confused in at the complete shift in tone for a majority of both anime arcs


I want to fuck, impregnate, and marry every girl in this picture. Why are harems so frowned upon?

>couldn't be controlled by Ruruka's sweets because he was pitching for the other team
like pottery


That image is cute.

Do you think Juzo found Hajime attractive?

All of those things you stated to like are absent from the anime

It's almost like its bad on multiple levels, not just having a horrible plot and zero characterization

You were our hope, Nanami-san.

Literally a high school girl, he's so pure

Kaede is literally Sonia with an ahoge.
Twin tails has the same hair color and a mole in the same place that Tsumiki.

Ironically, he was the most normie of all after Mahiru.

>Naegi says to his waifu that died at most a few weeks later
Yeah, maybe not.

That was exactly my thoughts. I figured we'd get a DR0 episode sooner and that would be the footage they showed to the reserve students. They took the lazy way and just cut together footage from the episode though and I was disappointed.

I don't think he would have eyes for anyone else but Munakata, no. Specially a normie!



So guys should i stop hoping for kirigiri surviving by now. It seems like tgat cure bottle was just a thing they added to throw people off.


It'll obviously be relevant in some way. They wouldn't emphasize it for a joke.

Anyone got the webm of the DRv3 trailer?



are you trying to start something, buddy

They'll rebuilt him, right? He'll come back with an eye patch

Kirigiri's body is alive but her mind is taken over by Junko.

Junko's punishment is having to be continually impregnated by Naegi while residing in Kirigiri's body for the rest of her life so humanity doesn't become extinct.

>Tfw just ate MEAT ON THE BONE


Requesting source of

>3 off

Kyoko coming back in episode 10 would've made the notebook irrelevant. If she's still alive, I think she appears in the finale.

The pacing really is terrible, especially in Despair arc. I wanted to see the Reserve Course students staring at screens with their Monokuma masks at least once.

Juzo's execution would be being beaten to death by a bunch of sexy girls with Monokuma masks


>Hajime was the most attractive guy in DR until Munakata and Juzo showed up


Why is Juzo so handsome?

Because this is a Christian board, my dear french user.

>Munakata realizes what he have done
>Goes back to the place where he stabbed Juzo
>No body to be found

The chances are slim, but let us hope for the best, brother!

delet this


dubs and kirigiri stays dead


>Wanting a gay despair-enabling pussy to live over a pure hope protecting waifu

What would each character's reaction be if they were to watch Danganronpa 3 anime?


Ishimaru debatable. Naegi is just a cute manlet.

Dubs and she is the mastermind but not infected with a Junko AI


Kirigiri-san will be our new hope.

translation? I'm guessing it's something along the lines of
>fucking normies

Juzo is a fucking faggot.

Future Juzo > Despair Juzo, and that's all there is to it


leave Mukuro
People don't need to know about a worthless sister

So in DR1, I recall that the survivors were shown a video while Junko was talking right? And then they all started to lose hope. So basically, anime confirmed that Junko was trying to brainwash the rest of them?

And Naegi is cute but not attractive

I wonder what his parents look like.

Kyoko's NG was some real bullshit, Kodaka. Almost as bad as Bandai's.


On a related note to that
I don't hate Naegi or anything but I think that Ishimaru should've been DR1 the protag instead. He tried the hardest to keep the characters together (i.e. he interacted with everyone a lot more) and shit just all fell apart around him.

moe as fuck

You bet he is

>Not loving both despair sisters

Well, we know what his imouto looks like.

That'd defeat the point of the game being a thing at all really

>Best girl had to die TWICE
I will never forgive.

No that was the outside world feed discouraging them from leaving the safe haven of the shelter

doesn't munakata look more like narukami in this photo?

he looks good with glasses

did u rike it mina-san?



Part of the reason it was bullshit was that we didn't know it until it was triggered. If we knew it beforehand it would feel less like Kodaka reaching into the screen and snapping her neck for drama.

I know, right?

They are both handsome!

I wonder why he looks so different, there's also a lot more QUALITY in Despair
I guess both series aren't animated by the same teams

Juzoboy reporting in!

Why would Juzo decide that letting a mass murderer off the hook was a better outcome than letting his best friend know he was a homo?

That wasn't even necessary. Why is he so savage?

Kodaka isn't even writing DR3.


What were you people expecting her to say as she died instead?

i have a boner mr. kodaka please give me more

Well considering how brainwashing worked with livestreaming Chiaki, why wouldn't she have used it then?

>despair sisters
one despair sister and one tool she uses

you forgot about your horrible B.O

It's no wonder he suddenly went on vacation right before this episode

I bet they are focusing all their efforts on Junko

Confusion and frustration. More fight like she showed beforehand. Begging Hinata to help her.

Because he was afraid of rejection? People in love don't think rationally

this, he looks old in despair

Such a despairingly smelly sister

I don't know if you noticed but 80% of danganronpa faces are carbon copies.

He still has to approve everything that is being done. No excuses.

It would have been streamed to the outside party rather then to the students but then hope happened, arent you glad she didn't?

Everyone is a tool for Junko, even herself.

It's you being contrarian here, to be honest. Chiaki achieved nothing in the end, and while bleeding to death lamented about exactly then died. Not some masterpiece of modern fiction or anything by any means, but the scene itself was fine.

What if Junko was real?

Eat my ass Tony. Give me my waifu back

That's Chisa, tho.

>zero characterization

Are you really retarded enough to think that a 12 episode anime would have as much character fleshing out as a 20 hour game?

>hurt in the game I did all of X's FTEs and completed Island Mode with them too but now they only have three lines in the anime
No fucking shit, there are 16+ major characters in each arc

She'd go to jail

Memories broken
The truth goes unspoken
I've even forgotten my name
I don't know the season
Or what is the reason
I'm standing here holding my blade
A desolate place
Without any trace
It's only the cold wind I feel
It's me that I spite
As I stand up and fight
The only thing I know for real
There will be blood-shed
The man in the mirror nods his head
The only one left
Will ride upon the dragon's back
Because the mountains don't give back what they take
Oh no
There will be blood-shed
It's the only thing I've ever known
Losing my identity
Wondering have I gone insane
To find the truth in front of me
I must climb this mountain range
Looking downward from this deadly height
And never realizing why I fight

His ass looks massive.

instead of fighting each other.
Juzo and Fukawa can bond over the men they can't have. Fukawa teaching him how to have the same lewd delusions like she has to cope with it

Perfection can't exist by definition.

Though if she did we'd all be fucked, and not in a good way

In the end this anime was nothing but a popularity boost for V3. My expectation was high because It was advertised as a final conclusion to the whole story. But it contributed nothing to the franchise. Not plot wise nor aesthetic wise. Really makes you think if this was the way Kodaka wanted to end.

She'd be my girlfriend.

Thanks for the compliment.

can someone post the munakata "Kill urself my man"

She can.

Who's the killer in Future Arc?

Who drew that?


Please remember the class rep with respect

That's why DR3 is a sequel dumbass

Why waste time on DR2 characters when we already know them?


So what are you saying? It's supposed to be terrible? They weren't forced to make it an anime.

Mitarai. Got blackmailed by mastermind Chisa she would reveal he's responsible for the anime if he didn't cooperate.


Despair kill yourself my man anime made by ryota and uploaded by chisa


She'd get arrested almost immediately and then get sent into a psych ward.

Mitarai is to weak to do all that.

Supermodels don't get arrested.


He's got some problems with people posting his drawings for some reason, tho.

I'd be seriosuly bummed out if we actually got Mikan's daughter as a character in a game and she died.


This is what I've been thinking for a while and the only thing that makes sense because I can't see anyone else as the killer.

What if he gets help by Chisa? She opens all doors if he's locked in and hangs the victims.
You're right, too farfetched.

Anyone else /unironicallylikejuzo/ here?


Then why did they make it an anime in the first place? Especially when they advertised it as the final conclusion of the DR storyline. You don't want to see the ending to be at least comparable to the first 2 games?

Yes, he is handsome.

Not him but no class trials.


I was expecting her to get crushed by a block or something. Her suffering and bleeding to death was also pretty despair inducing

Game devs are busy working on V3.


V3 was a mistake.

>class 77 become fucking tertiary characters in their show because anime originals hog up all the screen time
>well don't give up hope maybe I'll at least enjoy them in future side
>after getting a few seconds of eposition in ep 1 they're forgotten
>halfway into the show we get tsumatanai tease at the end of the episode
>next episode no sign of Jabberwock
>a few episodes later we get ANOTHER ship tease at the end
>turns out everything was resolved off-screen

All according to keikaku.

chisa "cucking juzo" yukizome

So would you forgive Chiaki if she ends up being the Mastermind of the Mirai game?


I really hope V3 has an investigations bro
Investigating with Nagito before the first trial was comfy as fuck

Maybe. Personally I don't think that the DR1 or DR2 casts needed to be brought back for a new big dumb story at all though.

Only if she's the good mastermind. If she's actually evil then fuck Kodaka.

I was expecting to end with her ending up in a room right next to the trial ground, separated by a wall of glass.

Then she dies right in front of them.

Why does it matter of Chiaki learns the truth or not? It's not important to the plot. It'd just be forced drama, but even more so than the drama we already got.

For real?

It's written this way because it's planned to be an anime. If it's just another game then the script would be different. Or they could change/add new game mechanics for different script. Anything really. This anime was just too shitty to be a FINAL conclusion of the franchise, it's not even fanfic level of shittyness.

True, but since he actually went through the trouble of making DR3 a thing, he should've stuck to his guns and not worked on V3 at the same time. One or the other. All this is doing is harming his credibility.

That reminds I was working on this shit, it's a mess but please enjoy

Future should have been a game or Despair should have been a light novel. The other arc should've used the whole 24 episodes instead.

Yes. If the said conclusion is as shitty as this anime, I'd rather they just end the timeline after dr2.

I bet you hated Harry Potter 8 too. Why are you so hung up on the issue of trials? Plus no one wants to see the same cast in a video game again. It would be boring as shit.

Just pretend it doesn't exist in your head. I prefer my DR2/Despair arc headcanons over what we got and I'm satisfied. Just pretend Despair Arc never happened. It's better that way.

bretty good

damn I never realised how bad raiden's voice acting was

Yeah, you're not wrong.

DR3 is being advertised as "fanservice" for the fans but I dunno if it was worth it to be honest. If Kodaka really wanted another DR anime he should've just had DR Kirigiri adapted or something. Or maybe a DR Zero OVA.


There was never going to be a game, that game is V3. Kodaka decided he wanted a conclusion that wasn't a game, you were never going to get anything different since the game was reserved for a new setting and cast.

DR3 is a makeshift two cour. They probably wouldn't have been able to get 24 episodes for one arc.

>junko and juuzo scene
why is junko so racist to gays

Which is why people are criticizing Kodaka. He made a terrible decision.

I don't want her to be evil.

You'd think she'd treat them better, given that they're the root of despair in the DR universe and all.

i don't care

i want a dangan harem

Not a single DR game featured a girl stumbling around and crying as she got torn apart for ten minutes, let alone having that girl be the main heroine.



Now you realize the whole anime shit was just a fucking scam for V3. They said it's conclusion so people had to watch it. But they didn't actually put much effort in it and just expected people to buy V3 instead. So they basically ruined the original storyline just to promote a spin-off.

No, it only happened because they blew a lot of money on organizing the SDR2 anime adaptation and instead of letting it go to waste Kodaka repurposed it for a new anime.

I don't think there's anything wrong with the concept of a DR3 anime, but the implementation was subpar. Feels like he didn't really know what he wanted to do so he threw a bunch of ideas in a blender.

I don't think it's really fanservice anyway if you kill off two of the most popular characters in the fandom.

True, but I think Future would've worked better as a game. Not with the same setting, though, as there's no space for FTEs.

>Barely any class 77 focus in their own anime
>Dead class 78 members never show up
>Little to no nagito shenanigans

poor fanservice desu

That's even more cliche, though. Just kill her off but have her words be gargled by all the blood pooling in her mouth. Struggle to even get comprehensible words out due to her punctured lungs.

Doujins of junko/chisa fucking munakata while juzo watches when

So that she could have faced more despair? It's just unsatisfying that she waited all this time for Hinata and then all she knows by the end os "memory lost".

AE if you are a shitty player.


Yeah, I had hoped it wouldn't be like this, but this has really made me lose all faith in him. There's no way I'm getting V3 now.

It'll be fanservice when Kyouko and Chiaki live.

Ignore the edgyfags user, I still can't believe Kodaka agreed to this shit.
Anime for fans my ass.

>ruined the original storyline
I like DR but you can't say the overall storyline was that good to begin with. I thought the story stayed about the same.

They were going to adapt SDR2? Source?


Hope...moves forward!!

How would that even happen?

>Izuru saved Chiaki but she's left comatose and that's enough to make him despair
>Junko finds out where he's hiding her via plot convenience and visits when he's gone
>her mere presence is enough to make Chiaki shake and cry with her eyes wide open while unconscious
>Junko assures Chiaki that she already got punished so she doesn't care that she's still alive, and gently strokes her in all the places she got pulverized and penetrated in before for emphasis, delighting in the shivers and moans she makes
>she congratulates her on falling into despair and causing her husbando to fall into despair as well, and says she'll give her a nice reward for that
>she brings up a monitor, flicks it on, and forces her to watch despair-ified live footage of her classmate and teacher's atrocities, with footage of her own previous execution interspersed in whenever there's a lull in the action
>Junko leaves to go do other things because she can't move her body in any way
>Chiaki is consumed by true despair without even being conscious for it and her eyes become swirly

I like to suck my own dick rofl.
aka Free hands Fapping

Don't forget Cure W working on Kirigiri but not Bandai because he's black. Japs are just a really backwards society.

It matters for the plot, actually, by showing Chiaki in true despair.


Truly the Ultimate Cuck

free hands fapping

Why didn't Juzo just keep pics of Munakata on his phone to jerk off to instead of keeping a framed one around?

I can't wait to be disappointed, I just want the ride to be over so I can stop hoping.

Who's to say he didn't?

>I bet you hated Harry Potter 8

Don't tell me you actually liked that.

Did you forgot the new cast in DR3? I said they could add/change game mechanics to fit the script. And the fact you forgot there were new characters existed proved that this anime was just as forgettable as it could get. If you don't want to put effort in it, end the whole thing after dr2. It's just that simple.

I don't really understand why people have to defend this shit. DR1&2 were just fine by themselves. Why would you want to see a franchise goes to shit?

Early interviews for DR3.

>Juzo as a monokuma punching bag

Secret gay feelings. She's a raging bisexual just like everyone else in DRverse.

He was literally cadaverific by the time she even opened the bottle.

30% chance. Only Hope can beat Despair, and you can only beat Despair by never giving up!

It's fanservice for people who like seeing their waifus killed, which is most people seeing how executions and murders are a big part of the draw of danganronpa.

Nah, that's not as cliche.

That could probably be his execution, if he ever got one.

How far does the hopegun joke go?

So will Kodacka make V3 something completely separate because he realized how stupid Hope vs Despair sounds after some time? He even teased it with Monaca saying she didn't want to become like that.

How many times do you think he HOPED inside her?
How many times did he cry out Chiaki's name?

>Originally, they were going to make an anime of Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair.

Will she get her smile back?

I thought it was kinda fucked how she just mocked Juzo and called him a woman.

..Which is perfect, because that's the kind of character Junko should be. She was saying the shit that would hurt him most.

You're delusional.

Yukizome Chisa doesn't smile

You're making me realize that I'd really have liked to see executions with the DR3 cast

It's fanservice for Junkofags and people who like torture porn.

> post cringy furry version of crying Makoto in previous thread for people to mock
> forget nsfw tag it deserved
> turns out it's actually against the rules

mistakes have been made
how do I redeem myself, Cred Forums?

>Absolutely no 77th
>Not even a tease
Is this true despair

Didn't you read the ending card? She doesn't smile.

Yes. Just hand her some shotas and lolis to rape and kill.

What kind of execution would Chisa get?

Look, if there are old and new cast members in a new game, the new cast members would all die off, just like what happened in the anime. There would be no suspense. In a game where the gameplay is actually solving the mystery it would be even worse. Might as well not have any gameplay at all.

I enjoyed the anime. Not because the plot was high quality or anything like that, but because I got to see my favorite characters one more time before saying goodbye to them forever. For me, that's fanservice. It's fine if you hated this, but understand why it was made and that there are plenty of people enjoying it for what it is. I never saw the franchise as high quality anyway, it's campy and over the top even in the games.

>Appearing on real-life giant posters
Oh god, despair's happening!

Mauled to death by monokumas wearing primary school clothes, maybe.


>muffled song when it cuts to Naegi and Asahina looking
Very gud

You shut the fuck up about that because you're anonymous, you moron.

Go in exile, delete and never save any furry material ever again.

It's okay user, as long as you regret it.

Implying DR1 Mastermind Junko who was killed wasn't Chisa.
Implying the RoDs didn't attach Chisa's bodyparts onto themselves.

He's going to save his friends

I'm sorry is Chiaki dead yet? No, she passed out before the SHSL God....

I wanted a game-style execution.

Then you either kill off the old cast members, or - like in DR2 - save them for a cameo.

getting stabbed by the SHSL animator

Buddy, there won't be any ridiculous theories like that. Tone your expectations down for the Gakkou Gurashi writers.

Who's willing to bet that the Hajizuru boat shenanigans will be an OVA on one of the BDs?

Not I.

She is dead.
Chiaki survived THIS, but AI Chiaki will turn out to have been Chiaki (who's just a hair away from death) put into the NWP.

You're right...about the geimu, I mean. I knew something was...off. After MGSV, I thought I could walk off the lies and into a normal advertisement campaign... but here I am, surrounded by hopebot fags, arguing MC spots, with Kaede. I told myself this was about justice, about being an interesting MC...but I was wrong.

I learned young that being the MC felt good. Really good. In Gifted Inmates Academy, my friends, my inmates...they helped me forget the MC inside...but who am I kidding? I was born to be the MC! The bit about my role, that "not the MC" stuff? I guess I just needed something to keep "the Ahoge" in check when I was knee-deep in FTEs...

But you..all this...is a wake-up call to what I really believe...what I really am...

I'm saying that Hopebot is back!

That nickname "Tin Can" you love sooo much- wanna know how I got it? Actually, why don't I give you a demonstration? I think it's time for hopebot... TO LET 'ER RIP!

By storyline I didn't mean the big plot twists and wacky stuff for aesthetic purpose. Those were only vaguely mentioned anyway it didn't even need some kind of conclusion.

What DR games did good was the character interactions and developments. So It's all about details in characterization. I expected the conclusion to be more about the existed characters themselves and their individual background stories. Which the anime completely lacked of. And the newly introduced characters brought nothing but memes. Why would they even call it a conclusion if all their focus is on new characters and it's not even that good.

I'm pissed they just used this cheap "conclusion" to promote the spin off which was probably the project they put actual effort into.

Damn son, that's really good.

Why do you call it a spinoff? It's a new game.

Shut up toasterboy

>Although there aren’t any investigation elements, there will be suspense.
What suspense?

So much this. The trailer for V3 made me appreciate the anime more knowing that we'll never see any of the old cast after this again. Even if the plot is stupid and there's a shit ton of missed opportunities I'm glad I got to see my favorite characters one last time before they're forgotten.

Wash away the anger

>Expected the anime to be shit
>First episodes were good and made me think my expectations were wrong
>Turned out even worse than I initially expected


If only Hajime had finished two more FTEs.

I would join her in despair, probably

as a maid. She would have to do chores ordered by a boss monokuma in a time limit.
The chores get more and more difficult until she finally fails. Resulting in her getting "fired" in a burning to ashes way

You know what.

>you will never strap Chiaki to a chair, gently assuring her this will make her embrace despair as you take your spikes to her skull
>you will never gently remove 40% of the mass of her prefrontal lobe, watching in delight as she slowly loses herself as you carve away her higher brain functions
>you will never bathe her and flip her daily to prevent bedsores as she is in recovery
>you'll never see the childish wonder in her eyes when she awakes, essentially an easily stimulated doll for you to play with
>you'll never teach her how to drink from a bottle, or gently spoon mushed up food you chewed yourself into her mouth to feed her
>you'll never tuck her into bed, gently stroking all over her body as she murmurs and falls asleep
>she'll never inquisitively suck on your rock hard cock, licking up precum greedily as a tasty snack and gripping your shaft like a lollipop
>you'll never fuck her ass raw as she sobs into the pillow before putting talcum powder all over it as a punishment for when she's naughty
>you'll never greedily slurp up her drool every morning to wake her up, suckling her cheeks for the sweet nectar
>she'll never call you Master in her slurred, barely coherent voice as her feebled mind tries to process who you are despite lacking long term memory

I think you'll shut up, and give me the MC spot

>talking shit about Ishimaru
>implying he isn't attractive

Why is Kaede so chunky?

>implying FTEs have any effect on the story
Hajime just needs better taste in women, namely women who don't end up dying brutally

The anime had some decent stuff for Juzo and Munakata, who were the only characters that got figures at the beginning. In hindsight most of the other guys were just bodycount filler.

>tfw they teased the game-style execution but it didn't happen
Goddamit. That would've been so hype.

I hope we get one for the mastermind of the Future Arc at least

>Don't Use My Art
What a baby

>ten minutes of that

I agree with you.

He is attractive on official art, but on his sprites? Hardly.

His personality feels bland in its craziness at some point. School w
environment this, school environment that. Then going batshit after Mondo died.

He really isn't that interesting when it comes down to it.

Well? Keep going. I need a bit more despair.

Well it would've been shorter if it was a game-style execution.

You need to calm your tits, I didn't say he was ugly as fuck, he's just not conventionally attractive.

I'd love if episode 12 of Mirai would have one last class trial to bid farewell to it.

Lock her up in solitary confinement and have Makato give her hope therapy with Miaya every one in a while


Then we probably had different purposes watching this.

I enjoyed the games a lot and I loved some of the characterizations in it. I don't really see the franchise as low quality because it had some memorable parts. But It's your right to think otherwise.

That's why I wanted it to have a proper conclusion not just fanservice. If they wanted fanservice they could just make something like Carnival Phantasm and I would have no problem with it. Just don't call it the final conclusion of the franchise. That set up the expectation too high for it.


That's the answer I was hoping for!


It wouldn't have worked for the edgy message they wanted to send if it was shorter.

It has hopebot so I assume it's a parallel of the DR world. Just not related to the main story.

that Natsumi

Pretty much, one guy reposted/retwitted his art once and he freaked out. Go figure.

>You're a big girl

Tell me Cred Forums, which sprite shouldn't be here?

I am voting midget since he gets blocked by text really fast.

Who could have put this moisture into your panties? This must be investigated. Let me see them.

What if there actually is a trial without anyone dying
That'd be a first

>I need a bit more despair.
who doesn't?

This doesn't really means much since they can simply use general dialogue sprites.

Where did you get all those sprites? I only see weed v3,Hopebot and bishie in the trailer.

I don't get it
Why did persona stab juzo boy?

Because despair

You know why.

Becuase he was a guy

He knows why.

He wasn't interesting, and mostly annoyed the player. I think 90% of players didn't give a fuck about him when he died just like the characters in the game or Kodaka himself.


You know why


Because he's gay

serious answer: He told him Junko was innocent so he assumed he was despair like Chisa

He's right though, Despair arc is so shit.
It would've been better if she turned into despair.
At least future is decent.

The first trailer had them use RoboHope, Purple Weed and Twintails + Monokuma, Shirokuma and Kurokuma as stand-ins for everyone in the trial. You have a trial here where somehow everyone is present too. Pretty much not possibe to read into this in any decent way at the moment.

You know why

Did you even see how gay Juzo looked while holding a framed pic of him?
He even has him as the wallpaper of his phone

There are tons of fanfics for that. And some of them are even better than the anime plot. I still don't understand why do some people not accepting criticism just because it had characters they know moving around.

Like that's the bare minimum an anime can do. And they could just make a pure SoL anime for this purpose. It doesn't have to be any kind of conclusion.


She's so hot. Kaede is obviously alternate timeline Hajime and Natsumi's kid.

>Munakata is trapped in a hall of monokumas and mirrors, and must successfully determine which are real and which aren't. Naturally, Munakata's solution is to just slice everything and carve his own way out, but he is out witted by a monokuma that hides where he least expects it.
>Ruruka is sent down into a candy shop. With the rest of the FF watching from behind the shop window, she is stretched, pulled, and manipulated until she becomes dewicious taffy.
>Mitarai is stuck in a white room. A monokuma, sitting in the animator's seat, draws in objects to kill him or maim him comedically.

Where did she get those purple eyes then?

Yes after last episode, felt really bad for him ;_;

They knew Junko was the culprit long before Mirai-hen, why bring it on until now?

Nah senpai, it's pretty clear who is dead by first trial already.

>Ruruka is stretched into taffy
This satisfies my vore, bodysuit, and ryona fetishes all at once.

Natsumi is pretty cute indeed

Kids dont have to perfectly resemble their parents. I'm tired of that shit in anime.


Why would I give a shit about some retarded fanfics?

I never said the anime was a good, I said that even if it's bad I can still find ways to enjoy it rather than make the same useless complaints that wont change anything.

Has there been an announcement for a localisation release date? I know V3 comes out in January for Japan but...

I really hope they didn't just give away the first culprit

In a year or so.

Why do you have such a retarded fetish for what's "official"? Do you rampantly rally against fanart, too?

>you will never hear another Hinata-kun

>[Hope]V3.vpk gets suddenly uploaded 16 days after the jap relase

We'll get at least one more in Mirai-hen.

sleep tight chiakers

Because he just learned that everyone in the building was potentially the mastermind and that his waifu loved cracking kids skulls open.


Your Munakata and Ruruka ones are pretty good.
But I feel like Ryouta's could have used more of his trauma for giving Junko the tools to make the DESPAIR murder porn

It hurts.

move weed girl down one and you got yourself a list

I'mglad her design didn'tgo to waste but I want to FTE and School Mode Natsumi dammit

If they want to rehash DR1:
Twintails dies, Purple Leon is the killer.
If they don't:
Hopebot, glasses, or checkers are my primary 'suspects'.

There's a difference between fan art and retarded head canon. Danganronpa IF is the biggest example where people thought Mukuro was an entirely different character than Kodaka intended her to be and got mad when they found out they were wrong.

Is this all of the Dangan younger sisters?

>make the same useless complaints that wont change anything.

Why are we here again? Is there anything we post here that actually changes anything? It's just people expressing their opinions. So if you can find a way to enjoy it good for you. It's your right to have your opinion. But don't try to stop others from criticising it if they can't enjoy it.






No, there really isn't. Do you think fanart exists in a vacuum or something? It's influenced by the person's own interpretation of the character - what you call "retarded head canon".

All the characters were fully fleshed out in the game, you fool.
Obviously you're a secondary but if you think it's THAT bad why are you still watching it? Never mind, I can tell from that reddit spacing.

Maid is a trap though

If anything it humanized her by the end. It wasn't fun having to fill in the gaps just to make up the kind of character they intended to create via the real Chiaki, but at least that way she still ended up being good in my eyes.

They have given out red herrings before too, this is obviously to mislead people. They know people will analyze every second of the clip.

>witch loli and trap maid in A tier

I'm pretty sure not giving away culprits/victims in promos is something Kodaka is actually good at.

Twintails girl would be perfect if her hair wasn't so long and stopped off at her waist.

Chihiro gets ranked in girl polls all the time.

At the time it felt cliché, but in retrospect it kinda humanizes her for me.

I mean, earlier that day she probably assumed it was going to be an average day (riots aside). She didn't know she would die, or the situation that was going on. Acting through adrenaline and responsibility for her class she makes a few decisions, such as returning to rescue Chisa with her friends, that had extreme risks she could not be aware of. Then Mikan and Chisa betrays her and thrusts her into a twisted game before she gets skewered.

As she lays there, dying alone, adrenaline faltering, her situation finally becomes clear for her. Wants and wishes she had only a day before, though very mundane, are now unattainable. Being there for her friends, finishing up certain video games and perhaps somehow reuniting with her first love. But instead she will die. All because of an unforeseeable turn of fate. As Izuru approaches, her delirious mind manages to only roughly vocalize her thoughts. She sees a faint impression of her first love. She doesn't want to die, there were so many small joys she was looking forward to. Now she has no choice but to let it all go.

Don't know if this really convinces you of anything, but I tend to put myself in a characters shoes in scenes as these. It's easy for us to scoff at such cliched words, but for a girl suddenly embroiled in a situation like this and standing face-to-face with her own death. Well, I suppose cliches are cliches for a reason.


Are you the same clown who whines about Akame's hair length?

No. AE wasn't a main title. 4-5 months is more likely.

Not that user. But I thought from previous threads people pretty much agreed that this anime was bad compared to all the games. Can you explain why do you think otherwise? If you were just baiting then ignore me.

Who's ready for all the dead characters in the movie theater

I hope that goth maid is a trap.

Sleep tight waifubait trash

Yeah, I'm in the same boat. I thought it was boring and dull initially, but I'm getting angrier about it over time as it sinks in.

Who is that?
Because this is likely to be Kohacka's bullshit and red herrings so that person will likely not be the first victim

A "t-turn your brain off!" line like
>The game never took itself seriously, broke fourth walls constantly and behaved like a fun game. Not saying that people should love it but when you bring real life logic into something that features pink blood you're kind of missing the point.
should make it clear that he's baiting. Just hide his posts.

So fucking cute and innocent, thanks for making me hate Junko more.


I fucking hope so, where is hopeman when we need him?

the real question is

who made the chiaki AI

Alter Ego and Geko.


Didn't DR1 and SDR2 take much longer than that? I can't see them doing it so fast.

I don't get it. Why did they have to kill Chiaki over 20 minutes instead of just killing her offscreen? That was completely unnecessary.

Find out in Despair 11, when we finally, at long last, get Gekkougahara Miaya's introduction.

Yeah, I'm with you on that. It's not that easy to see those things when the anime's extreme character-based flaws jump out all the time, but if you can look past those (as they probably intended through all the time skips), her story is as tragic as it gets.

I would've been sorta okay with it if Junko had been written well, or even at least to the standard set by the previous games, but she's just utter shit now.

Sayaka 's sister was cancelled and Fukawa's sister died at birth. So. I think so.

Because they wanted us to despair too

Despair, lmao.

But really, Chiaki dying is why we are all here.

If Chiaki did survive or got Raiden'd. How would she react to her freinds falling into Ultimate Despair and helping ending the world.

I never said people don't have the right to complain. I'm saying exactly what you're saying, just because you hate the anime doesn't mean there aren't people who are enjoying it.

Yeah and it's a picture that I can look at for a few seconds and say "that's cool". If I wanted to read 50 pages of what someone THINKS a character would do in a certain situation I would want it to be someone who actually created the character.

Everytime I look at that smile I feel so bad ;_;

You have to realize when people complain, they're not really shitting on the character, they're shitting on the writing/writers instead.

I want her to look at me like that while stepping on my dick

Its Monaeda, he gets added on the class trial later on like Sayaka did so he probably is the 1st victim

It'd be far too late to do so I think. They had a huge opportunity in the last episode given the meaning of her name and Matsuda's as well as the meta importance of that day (full moon + lunar eclipse + festival), but with that out of the way I think she's destined to be an abandoned character, sadly.


Hope will save us

It was the vita re-release of 1/2 that got split in two and localized. This series had never been localized before then, so the amount of time until DR1 got it is unimportant. And NISA was just sitting on 2.

I assume precedent will mean V3 is coming sooner.

To rope in gurofags, to have HanaKana scream, zetsubou, etc. etc.
It wasn't 20 minutes, and it wasn't unnecessary.

Obviously Chihiro. He probably had some ideas in mind from somewhere (including one of her 2-6 lines which was repeated in her final moments) and filled in the remaining gaps, while Miaya was in charge of Monomi.

So I take it you never read doujinshi, comics, anything? Because you're just being a clown about it.

Fuck, Juzo is like 20 and still a virgin.

Can you imagine?!


She'd probably rush to befriend Miaya as soon as humanly possible and save them. Which makes Miaya's unimportance that much more disappointing, given that therapy's at the heart of removing the element of despair.

Yes, I can. Where the fuck do you think you are?

>I never saw the franchise as high quality anyway, it's campy and over the top even in the games
I fail to see how being campy and over the top means it's not high quality. SDR2 is very well written despite that, or rather I'd say because of it. It wouldn't have been half as interesting without Nagito's luck or how far Monokuma was willing to go to provide the cast with a motive or craft a cool looking execution. The campiness and over the topness are both the charm and the reason the series work so well.
Yeah I know, I suck Kodaka's cock every morning before breakfast.

Any new V3 info yet bros?

Yes, we already agreed on that but at least we have a reason to watch it.
I don't understand why people would force themselves to watch something especially when you can just ignore DR3 altogether and you wouldn't be missing out.

>"t-turn your brain off!"
Fuck off. The guy made it clear that he was looking for something else (obviously a secondary) and was whining about how unnecessary Junko's "torture" was when the entire franchise has nothing but executions.


He's in his mid twenties. I'm sure all of Cred Forums can relate.

>Threads actually slowed down after Kirigiri and Chiaki died

So what? I lost my virginity when I was 21.

If she were conscious?
Try to stop it as soon as she could.

The real question is, if Chiaki did survive and she shows up on Jabberwock, how much would everyone there cry?

>can you imagine?!
Do you know where you are?




I'd cry tears of joy, so will Komaeda.

Good fuck riddance.

Assuming, of course, that by that point they were all undespaired.

>Fukawa's sister died at birth

Really? I feel like they're faster

Reminder that sexts never lie.

Not very likely given that the ending made it absolutely clear they're still UDs to some extent. It would probably be the first post-NWP step to cleansing them though.

I know you're fucking around, but I'm two years away from wizardhood.

You're failing to understand my point that appearing in canon material is different than reading fan made material.

I can appreciate how the anime is giving us a chance to see the characters interact with each other how the creator intended them to. There's nothing wrong with fan material but it'll always be the artists vision of the character and not the original creators.

I don't hate anything that's not made by Kodaka himself.


50% accurate so far, better than Weedman now.

I'll ask to delet this only once.

Except pretty much everything, bar vague outlines, are written by the Gakkou Gurashi writers, not Kodaka himself.

Wasn't defending her character really (think she's been somewhat mishandled in the anime, honestly), but rather I wanted to give a thought process that would somewhat justify the use of that cliched line. In that sense, I'm kind of defending the writing, although it really doesn't deserve it.

Not an argument when Kodaka has to greenlight and approve everything.

They have the Ultimate Hope on their side, nothing to fear.
Speaking of which, I can only imagine Hajizuru and Soda doing anything helpful in the island, what will the other 3 do?

The logic is that if his 30% percents are wrong, it means other 70% are right.

You like make a bet 50/50 on which is right or wrong.


Her father got both mothers pregnant
two babies were born from fukawa's mothers.
one was Fukawa and another died by medical accident

People thought Sakura was a trap too. The real trap is most likely cap-kun turning out to be a Natoto expy.

Now I'm more confused.

And both hoped that their child died.

It doesn't matter if Kodaka accepts that he is okay with how his character is being represented and is prepared to accept it as canon.

Sonia and Fuyuhiko are good motivators and leaders. Akane would just look around for something to eat and probably settle on the meat on the sailors' bones.

Despair Arc was a mistake

It has the same problems that Star Wars prequels has in overexplaining things that no one had questions about

>The DR2 cast didn't have to ALL be classmates, they could've just been recruited from various classes across Hope's Peak
>Remnants of Despair are said to be Junko's limbs and extensions of her power in it's truest form, but not a single one of them have even met Junko besides Komaeda or Chiaki
>Twilight Syndrome Murder Case had nothing to do with Fuyuhiko and Peko's fall into despair
>I'm not even gonna bitch about lmao brainwashing anime or anything like that, but we all know
>TWMC in 2-2 also outright showed that Girl E (aka the murderous lesbian cunt) was SHSL Archer, but they're all in Reserve Course now to give Hajime something to do
>Despair Arc sidesteps all of the DR2 cast to focus on Chisa, Chiaki and Ryota, all of whom are new characters
>AI Chiaki is now based on a real person? What's the point?
>DR:0 is now shoved in somewhere in the timeline at some sporadic point after Despair Arc, also, controlling the amnesia was kind of the biggest deal in DR:0, while in Despair Arc, mind control is already mastered because reasons
>Mukuro, hate her or love her, is now a hyper-masochist bimbo, where in DR:0, DR:IF and DR:1, she was shown to be at Junko's mercy like a beaten dog more than anything else

I would've taken 24 episodes of Future with some flashbacks here and there, we might've had an actual Jabberwock episode

I don't remember there being a mention of a father. Much less a single one.

Who in the world would they lead when there is only 5 of them?
Akane is useless as usual.
Also I wonder how they stopped all those ships from destroying the island.

In the name of hope I'm asking you girls to put the guns down

They can probably give the others menial tasks, like getting food or water. Akane is useless, hope or despair-wise, outside of physical labor anyway.

I'd imagine in real world terms, Junko is of average or maybe slighly above average intelligence. DR world is fuckin' stupid guys.

>And both hoped that their child died.
yup. Family of year material

Just themselves. It's still better than absolutely nothing (ie Akane).

You need to understand that nodding occasionally does not make it okay.

Sup guys.

Don't embarrass yourself with hope like that.

>I would've taken 24 episodes of Future with some flashbacks here and there, we might've had an actual Jabberwock episode
If you also change a little on the type of story Future is to accomodate something better suited for 24 episodes, yeah, I could see this happening.
Despair and the prequels do have a lot in common now that you said it. Although the children-slaying was reported in Future

Sure it does. If anything it's worse since it makes him lazy and unconcerned with a work that has his name and his work's name on it.

She'd be a masochistic autist and mocked in some stupid video that gets a few thousand views, forgotten, and resurfaced as a meme.

Mukuro is best girl

You type like a smug prick

We'll get a flashback to 2-6, dont worry.

>TWMC in 2-2 also outright showed that Girl E (aka the murderous lesbian cunt) was SHSL Archer
No,That never happen.

>>>Despair Arc sidesteps all of the DR2 cast to focus on Chisa, Chiaki and Ryota, all of whom are new characters
Tue,But thats probably because we already know everything about hte DR2 cast

>>AI Chiaki is now based on a real person? What's the point?
What's wrong with it?

>>Mukuro, hate her or love her, is now a hyper-masochist bimbo, where in DR:0, DR:IF and DR:1, she was shown to be at Junko's mercy like a beaten dog more than anything else
She was like that in DR0 too.

Yeah. Literally everything could've been inferred from the information we had from the games and novels. Despair arc is badly paced and almost entirely operates by toeing the line between unsaid and retcon.

You are like a little baby. Watch this.


Both the characters that people are saying are traps in V3 have their left eyes covered. I wonder if there's some connection. Maybe they're impersonating each other.

That's my point. It's not okay, it's bad, and you're just as well off reading a fanfic. I mean, heck, that one doujin had some pretty interesting ideas for the despairs.

She mentions her father right there. So. I guess you forgot?

Let me sleep in peace.

Can you fuck off and stop reposting this in every thread?
Take this shit to reddit.

I'm diggin Gundham 2.0's pose.

Where the h*ck did that come from?

This is an important poll.

What would they be discussing in a trial if there's no victim

>Mukuro is best girl

more like.. a thing.
something to use and discard

>What will the future bring?
This 0

KanaHana really made me feel the despair

Eat my shit, that's my first time posting and typing that. Cry about it.

>No,That never happen.
Pic related, play the game

>She was like that in DR0 too.
Learn to read

As expected of reserved course trash

perhaps. In a weird way. Syo is a replacement for that sister Fukawa lost.

Poor Chiaki

>>Twilight Syndrome Murder Case had nothing to do with Fuyuhiko and Peko's fall into despair
It makes sense actually, Fuyuhiko said that his fathers are trying to kill each other all the time and as a yakuza he should be used to people dying.
A yakuza falling in despair for his sister dying and destroying the world for that is bullshit-

>>TWMC in 2-2 also outright showed that Girl E (aka the murderous lesbian cunt) was SHSL Archer
They said that she was from the archery club no that she was a SHSL.

Also, You are ignoring that Naegi said that they were brainwashed in 2-6 and that the NWP was described as a program to "cure" brainwash.

Just noticed the traditional socks and sandals on Blue ribbon girl. Is she a traditional athlete of some kind? Maybe archery?

They are actually one and the same person who dress as both of them while some secret 16th guy is the mastermind

Being a member from the archery club doesn't means that she is the Ultimate archer.

>Archery club
>Necessarily SHSL archer
user, that is the stretchiest you can get.
Pretty sure Aoi for example would have at least tried to join the same types of clubs she did before joining HPA.

Looks like a ninja actually. Maybe SHSL assassin?


That's not SHSL Archer, you dunce.

Why is this such a popular theory? They're not even the same height.

Posting best taste

>She was in the Archery club, she had to be the SHSL archer!

So you just copied what others have said instead of forming your own conclusion?
That makes it even worse.

>Everyone who does a thing is the best at that thing.
Guess that makes you the SHSL Autism.

I'd play the shit out of Twilight Syndrome, desu.

They should release it in the West already.

How? There's nothing ninjaesque about that outfit.

On TS, Natsumi and Sato were depicted as main course students. So it did get retconned a little.

Retconned for the better. I'm just annoyed we didnt see more out of Fuuhiko and peko.

more natsumi

Maybe I'm just saying that because of the shuriken shaped ribbon in her hair. I'm taking my best guess here geez.

They're both sweethearts, just in slightly different ways. Anything other than 'both' is a non-option.

Stop looking through the context of Despair Arc, for fuck's sakes, you retarded twats.

In DR2, they were all classmates, in the same building. Same uniform. They all knew each other, explicitly. In DR2, that was what she was. She was attending Hope's Peak, she had a talent, that talent was mentioned, she died. In Despair Arc, they turned her into a Reserve Course student with 0 connection to Mikan, Ibuki, Saioniji, or anyone besides Mahiru. Natsumi and Sato/Girl E were shown to be Main Course students, therefore, they had a talent that got them in Hope's Peak.

SHSL Secondaries and SHSL Non-English Speaker, please fuck off from these threads or learn to read.

Remove their shoes first.


Too smug for this world.

>She was part of the archery club
>TWMC in 2-2 also outright showed that Girl E (aka the murderous lesbian cunt) was SHSL Archer

And Natsumi was art of the photography club.
I guess that she was the shsl photographer?

Can you even imagine handling that much softness at once?

Sorry, I hadn't opened that pic because I thought it was the same one I opened earlier.

>SHSL Secondaries and SHSL Non-English Speaker, please fuck off from these threads or learn to read.
Yes, you've correctly identified what we wish you to do and why.

Nice damage control.

dude dont give up hope until ep 11, i do feel like she will be confirmed dead if they dont bring her back or hint at it next episode.

just remmember though kirigiri is pretty much confirmed alive by the comboof ogata saying juzo's lines were finished for future and the survivor count.

switch B and S

>Too smug for this world.
There was a kind girl behind that smugness though

This seems oddly familiar.

>Hey, Despair Arc retconned some stuff, it's dumb
>"umm lol that's not true"
>Here's a screencap of the game

I guess a DR thread without Cred Forumseddit is unavoidable, but it's kinda sad

Yeah, them being Reserve students is probably the only retcon I forgive Despair arc for.

You are being retarded.
- They never said that she was a classmate or that she was the SHSL archer.
- In despair arc she has the same uniform
> Nothing in Despair arc says that she didn't met Ibuki and mikan

Holy fuck are you retarded it's an archery CLUB.

Does that mean everybody in the club was a SHSL Archer jsut because they were in the club and attended Hopes Peak?

Nobody is denying the retcon of them being in the reserve course so stop trying to deflect from your retarded conclusions.

It's more of a lie by omission, nothing explicitly stated she was a main course student. You wouldn't be wrong had despair arc not come out, but it did so you are.

>SHSL Secondaries and SHSL Non-English Speaker, please fuck off from these threads or learn to read.

You're on Cred Forums. 95% of Cred Forums doesn't know how to count to fucking 10 mate. Literally half these people are fucking lobotomized.

Yeah, it's sad that a Cred Forumsedditor like you doesn't know when to take a hike.


This is kinda sad now

>I guess a DR thread without Cred Forumseddit is unavoidable, but it's kinda sad
Yes, because you keep coming back even though we keep telling you to fuck off back where you belong.

That screencap didn't say that she was the SHSL archer retard.

>claims anons here are from reddit
>copy and pastes a bad argument from reddit to start a discussion on Cred Forums

It was great for Hajime yeah.

I can only try to.

There are probably lots of members in the archery club. They can't all be SHSL archers, can they?

New thread, when it's needed.

Does that mean everyone in the archery club was the SHSL Archer? Shit Kizakura, try a little harder at your job.

> Game says that she was from the archery club,never that she was the SHSL archer
You're retarded.

The other characters most likely have never met them before. Similar to how Imposter could fool people into thinking he was Byakuya and Mitarai.

>Shittier design Junko
>Brown Slut
>S tier

What, being in the archery club implies being SHSL archer? Or did ou pull that out of your ass?
Because unless you pull some actual proof, that confirms she was SHSL archer and not just a HPA student who was also a member of the archery club, I may ask you to kindly fuck off.

Just because she's in the archery club doesn't mean she has a talent. That makes no sense, clubs are totally separate from talents. Do you think that Teruteru runs the cooking club?

>In DR2, they were all classmates, in the same building. Same uniform. T
It's a game. The models don't even look like the characters, how is this even a criticism?

> In Despair Arc, they turned her into a Reserve Course student with 0 connection to Mikan, Ibuki, Saioniji, or anyone besides Mahiru.
The other characters were always irrelevant to the drama. The only reason they're involved is because they were there when Natsumi's body was found. There is nothing else tying them to Natsumi in DR2 or DR3, they were just hanging out together at the time of the murder.

>Natsumi and Sato/Girl E were shown to be Main Course students, therefore, they had a talent that got them in Hope's Peak.
No, this was never shown.

Natsumi's story was bad. But it did not contradict DR2.

main course uniforms though.

They had the same uniform.

>remember Fukawa? how you thought your sister died?
>She didn't. She is alive and standing before you
>It was me, Junko. all along
that makes no sense. And what about Mukuro?
>who cares? Like Kodaka wouldn't love a stupid twist like this

Reminder Hajime will return in mirai.

Wasn't it mentioned that reserve course students can't enter the main building? That's a plot hole if so, because that's where the murder happened.

The saddest part is, that sounds believable.

>Natsumi's story was bad. But it did not contradict DR2.
Pretty much, like how Junko corrupted all the talents into despairs but was shown otherwise. Junko was more about the destination then the journey to reach it.

Oh yeah, I forgot that from ep. 1.

>like how Junko corrupted all the talents into despairs but was shown otherwise.
Are you impling that ir is a coontradiction?
DR2 literally said that they were brainwashed.

Rolling 7 for hope

No, I'm pretty sure we can infer that it was the reserve building's music room. The music room in DR1 didn't have windows and looked more like a recording studio / auditorium compared to where Natsumi was killed.

I could see it happen if DR3 wasn't the end of this

More on the she went after each talent individually and poke at their weaknesses instead some brainwashing video

Are there any FTEs which made you think you may have misjudged a character? I'm going through Nidai's now and I'm surprised by how good of an impression I'm getting from him now.

Junko is a liar, she said in that same trial that Izuru killed the entire student council
Some user also post that DRAE cap that says that the NWP was made to "cure brainwash"

The moment Nidai opens his mouth you know he's a genuine dude, what the fuck?

Around half the FTEs across both DR1&2 to be honest. I think that's sort of the point of them

Mahiru, Everybody thinks that she is a feminazy dyke until her FTE.
Also, Gundam and Souda, His FTE shows that they ahve good reason to act and looks like that.

that file was from the FF and was falsefied by Chisa "child Slayer" Yukizome The Head of the info branch of FF and the monokuma maid of the Remants of despair to hid the existence of the despair video and to make Junko seem unstoppable

Akane. It actually explains that her being a dumbass is a result of taking care of her siblings and not having an education.

Ishimaru and Akane's FTEs changed my view of those two a fair bit in a pretty similar way.

Junko had control of the FF through Tengan (obviously new what was going on throughout the tragedy up to the future killing game) , Chisa and Juzo
FF was just ultimate despair's puppet enemy
The Reports in Dr2 were flasefiled by Chisa to make madame junko seem awesome and cover up the brainwashing
Everything was inplace for Junko to take over FF for her to make Junkoland.
Junko basically controlled all the factions
FF through Tengan, Juzo and Chisa
Warriors of Hope through Monaca, Kurokuma and Nagito the servant
The Remants of despair through Izuru
Haiji's adult faction and Komaru through shirokuma
What a feat of Ultimate analiysistic ability from Junko
The killing game is Chisa and the masterminds solution to naegi saving the DR2 cast by destroying FF