If Panty Anarchy was your date then what would do?

If Panty Anarchy was your date then what would do?

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We'd have sex.


Hardcore wild sex in multiple positions for the purpose of pleasure.

Right and she does that all the time.

hold hands with her :3

Yes and feel her body.

And also wanted these positions for Brief.


Of course.

So why does Panty wants sex?

because it feels good

Dump her for Kneesocks-san. If not, Panty's superior sister would do, too.

And she does that before she can go to heaven.

Fucking 10/10 taste, my african american brother

You mean Stocking?



K > P > Sc > St >>>>>>> Your shit taste

Tell me something, user. How does it feel to be such a massive fucking homo

Ask for Stocking, or better yet, Kneesocks, instead.

Why does Brief look so upset there?

Well is because he's happy that he finally going to have sex with Panty.

Why would he look mad if he's happy?

Kneesocks the last.

Well, it's a way of his emotion.

A feeling so complex

That's right.

So what else?


Duct tape the pieces back together

Stocking> Scanty>Kneesocks>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>chuck>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the dirt>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>the cum rag Panty

Fulfill my NTR fantasy of cleaning a girl after a huge bukkake orgy.

If 1 I'd take my sword to through the back of her head.

Beg for Stocking instead.

Well all right.

Yes 666 pieces to put back Panty's body.

Dump her for scanty.

Just follow the cow bell noises.

>low test can't handle Stockings THICCness

You need a CDL-A in order to drive anything weighing over 26,000 pounds.

It's alright, seamus. We all know how the irish feel about asses.

Difference between a girl with a big ass and a big ass girl.

i would ask myself the question if angels can carry over STD's.
Because she would have probably have caught them all if she didnt.

Be really upset it wasn't with Stocking.

"Lets get straight to the point here, you want my body and I want yours. So how about we cut the crap..."
"Yeah let's fu-"
"Just let me possess you."

Get drunk and have sex.

I'd run away.
Don't want to be anywhere near her bug infested cooch. Fucking std ridden slut.


Dump her for Stocking.

Angels (Demons) don't get fat, so that phat ass is going to be in that perfect state forever. Unlike panty, she's stuck thin as a flat chested rail forever.

If i remember right all angels are completely immune to normal diseases user.
So she's completely clean of any and all diseases.


They could get fat. She does get fat.


You can be immune to a disease and still be a carrier.
Enjoy your hellaids.

If that was the case Stocking would had AIDS to because she's a whore as well.
>People ITT still don't know that Stocking was almost as much of a whore as Panty.
They are going to be in for a rude and itchy awakening.

The only girls canonically who are pure are the Daemon sisters.

This, they found african hookers who are immune to aids but can still spread it.



>She doesn't swallow.

Well patten for that.

She was just drulling


>All this talk about the slut supreme
>Only a few posts mention the true godess

I'd do my best

>and who is the true godess?

Miss Kneesocks, of course. What a silly question

>You ready to put in a little overtime after work?
Are you guys ready for your big raise?

Depends on how much I'm getting paid

I will forfeit my free will to Scanty if she sits on my face.

What a wonderful thing to do for your wife

I guess. I just really like Scanty and her huge red ass.

That devil.



Me too.

Who doesn't love giant bouncing red butts.
For some reason I imagine they feel like balloons.

Would you like to have Kneesocks on one side of your head and Scanty on the other side, bouncing their butts together?



I'd imagine it would be like heaven too pure for man to fully comprehend.

Gainax is dead

Never ever


She'd have to change her name into Panty Anarcho-Capitalism.

They should kikestart a studio called Gainax 3D, promising to deliver 26 episodes of P&S using the latest technology.


No thanks, 2D or bust.

Well I think you should see the comics of season 2.


They have season 2 in comics?

Fan comic



So what favorite episodes of Panty & Stocking do you like the best?

I'd rather have a date with best girl.

You mean her.

As much as hers

The one in which a demon cut this bitch into pieces.

Like fucking stocking.

I don't think I could love Panty.

Run. I don't want to come in contact with a hundred dudes' aids filled semen.

Born again virgin.

Haven't you had any tomatoes recently?

Trigger is basically Gainax 2: Electric Boogaloo

I know what episode was complete garbage.
Episode 5 A: that stupid fucking booger episode.
Luckily, Part B made everything better.


why was stocking so sexually repressed? is it because she was actually a prudish demon?

>tfw you will never marry Kneesocks and lose your virginities together with lots of hand holding and kisses

I don't know if I could love Stocking, either. Both seem like they'd be difficult to have a relationship with.

Tell her its September 17, 2016.

Demons are prudish and angels are sluts. Now the ending makes sense.

The vomit one was the worst.

It was boring and ugly.

feet pussy

Hope I don't lose my virginity.

>you will never know what it feels like to put your dick between those angelic soles

Stocking's a bisexual freak though. She just doesn't live for sex like Panty.

Whew that's some shit taste there

Class B* user kun. :)


The ending was a gag

There is no need for a season 2


hes resolved not upset

>implying I know what people do on dates

Good thinking.

so much cuter than her """sister"""

S2 Announcement tomorrow

The demon sisters are definitely virgins right?

100%, they had to be
It's why there doujins are the best

have a good time then go home and tell /r9k/ about it

So where are they.

Ask for the milf from episode one part one, duh.

I don't think they've ever had dick but they popped each other's cherries.

All this Kneesocks posting.
Nice to see some cultured folks.

But girls can't pop other girls' cherries!

My man, girls with horns can pop cherries just fine

Girl horns are not for sexual

The purer they are, the lewder their experiments with each other are

they are for loving and marriage.

I wonder, what if you wanted one demon sister, but they come as a pair. Would you marry both of them? Either both or none.

>removing the glasses

How dare you.

I want to cum on her glasses while she wears them.

Sadpanda, nerd. Look them up.

Fuck off

How the fuck is that even a question? Of course I'd marry both of them

i want to cum inside for the sole purpose of procreation while we hold hands and kiss

user get your hands off my wife.

Panty and Brief were my favorite couples.

are you serious user? Were you really expecting someone to say they wouldn't?

I think there's been a confusion, Kneesocks is MY wife.
I understand you though, she's best girl.

She isn't repressed. She fucks Panty's sloppy seconds all the time.

Of course she's best girl, that's why I married her in my dreams.

Agreed, sluts are fucking disgusting.

Well I would like to marry Panty the most.

>or someday.

Heaven, please sing for me a song of life
Heaven, take be into your skies

Kneesocks then scanty then panty then stocking.

get checked for STDs the next day

Protect my virginity.

Making S_2_