Love Live! Sunshine


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Wetsuits with front zippers are absolutely disgusting. Back zippers master-race.

Stupid sexy Chika


What does it mean?

I'm going to marry Kanan. You're all invited to the wedding.

What kind of dumb shape are they trying to make here?

This is the scene that made me realize she'd never be anything more than a background girl with a hot body.

The muses were just the test idols, aqours are the real deal.

So, best girl?

I've never actually seen the last option have that much percentage. The hate for Aqours is pretty strong huh.

>I'm going to marry Kanan. You're all invited to the wedding.
Dia pls.

Ladies and gentlemen, meet the winner of the school idol concert that happened in the first Toyko episode.

Coached by Arisa and Yukiho, holders of μ's wisdom. She stands alone on stage and shines brighter than any group.

Which Aqours would have the most stained (and therefore most delicious) used panties?

I want to push my penis into those breaths and then draw up the super so it's super tight

0 made with 1s
They make a zero, but when their hands are up it's a 1 for each one. Zero to One.

P-please hagu me.

>Chika prays to Honoka
>feather suddenly appears out of fucking nowhere
She really is a fucking goddess.

The ghost disappeared just like Rem.

Its not her fault she's not popular

This twisted game needs to be reset.

She's an autistic child who gets lost in the city

We'll start over from zero with this V2.

I removed the text from this for a request. I don't think it was posted in one of these threads, though.

I did my best. I am an amateur.

Clearly an improvement.

Is it a coincidence Hanamaru's town clothes are yellow and brown like a giraffe with a white bow that looks vaguely like one's ears or was it planned from the beginning?

Here comes the snow halation.

Every time one of these characters shows up, I always go back to the movie and try to discern if they could possibly be in attendance for Arisa and Yukiho's speech about μ's from the hair styles of the girls in the audience.

So far only Riko matches, but we all know she enrolled after Arisa/Yukiho graduated so that's impossible. So much about Arisa/Yukiho's μ's masterclass being like that legendary sex pistols' concert.

You forgot to remove her bra.

The Madoka of Love Live.

>0 made with 1s
So Aqours are a NAND gate?

toasted mikan

can you see any borders from here? what has borders given us?

>not Chica.jpg

Seems logical

And NAND can become everything.

>We aren't going to be like µ's, we are going to find our own path and identity
>Oh but that's still being like µ's
Well why don't they just stop being school idols then too. I swear some of you guys are so retarded.

She got some lines here and there.

They need to be rock stars. Like Kiss.

Entrust school idols to the next generation

Wow, it's like digital poetry.

>you're too old and grumpy for a nico-nico-smile to warm your heart

I want to fill You's insides with my snow halation.

µ's already did that


Haven't seen the movie. Who's that girl? Future Honoka?

guys now I dunno if I like nozomi or kotori more
please help me out here


>too old

If Umi can't warm your heart, then you're beyond help.

Hey, buddy. Still a live? And thanks friend. See you gain.

Which one has the least annoying voice?

City whore.

>let's find out what's special about them and try to be like them
>what's special about them is that they just did their own thing
>let's stop trying to be like them and do our thing instead
I don't see the problem.

There is nothing for Aqours to do. Maybe try to go to a different school then.
Even the saint snow sluts are copying an idol group too.

Your dick decides

Kotori for not being fat, and only having a slightly more annoying voice.

You already know the answer

what's the appeal of idol anime?

They have been obnoxiously referencing µ's every 5 minutes just to build up for this scene. I understand why they did it but it could have been handled better

But how? So can Prime µ's meet up and challenge Aqours in some transdimensional fuck up?

Come here.

Stupid Tokyo slut.

Ship both of them.

Wait, so why was Otonokizaka even shutting down in the original Love Live?
Sunshine is set in the boonies so it makes sense that the school would be closing due to population aging and depopulation of the countryside, but Otonokizaka is in the capital city. Population of Tokyo is rising to this very day.

Aqours can become folk singers.

you need to turn off your brain dude

You and I are opposite sides of the same coin. There might be a resemblance, but we never face the same direction

They're essentially just sports anime but with cute girls and lots of aidoru jpop

So doing your own thing is copying someone who did their own thing?

At least she got a lil sis

[muffled flamenco playing in the distance]

It was just a shitty life lesson cameo, never confirmed but (undoubtedly) heavily implied that it was actually Honoka.
I didn't really like it, so I'd prefer if they stayed away from that stuff.

Respect the Ruby, or else.

Maybe because of school idols? Schools with school idols attract greater interest, and so places like UTX are oversubscribed while Otonokizaka was dying.

Other schools were simply taking all the students, it's pretty simple. That's why Otonokizaka was able to get students back so quickly. Uranohoshi is in the boonies so it's going to take a miracle for them to get students, if there even are any to take.

Filthy metropolitan hooker


Or else what?

Sunrise just told everyone that µ's will not show up in Sunshine.

No, it's to stop trying to copy anyone. They did their thing, we'll do ours. I don't know what's difficult to understand about this.


>very cute (this is important)
>airhead but not stupid
>doesn't give a shit about handing pamphlets and using short skirts
>only wants to have fun


>voice of reason
>healthy hobby
>gropes little girls

I can't choose.

An ace combat zero parody needs to be drawn.
It has to.

I thought you were being a sarcastic memester at first, I agree with you.

We need to go further.

I want to lift her hips up while she's in that position and roughly fuck her asshole.

Proper slut now. China pleases old men for money

You know, I thought it kinda strange for u's to not left anything back at school, because in the final episode of season 2 we saw that they left all kind of think for the first year (soon to be second year). So my theory is that Otonokizaka they saw is the Otonokizaka in the future, when everyone has graduate. And the ghost girl is Hanayo's child (also the little girl is Honoka's child), that why she disappear, because she return to her timeline. This phenomenon is called Quantum Leap, where two timeline collab with each other.

>but not stupid
Kotoritard please.

This episode had its moments, but it was basically the µ's circlejerk climax, and it didn't feel very good. We just spent the whole first season basking in the holy light of µ's and now through the power of going to Tokyo again we somehow figured out we can move past them. Don't ask about them, they won't be back. The empty outline of the µ's poster on Chika's closet made me unhappy. Why not replace it with something?

This, they basically road the train as hard as they could without ever giving us fulfillment. Probably the worst aspect of a show that I've generally really loved.

Yeah, I guess greentexting back wasn't the best way to make myself clear.

Thiss was the meta episode. Sunrise wants you to let go. It's simple like that.

Why do you even have to choose? They're both great.

>ganguro Chika
yes please

7/10 for effort and the filename

Is this what their post-sex sleeping faces are like?

It needs Pixy as a little girl.
We were actually discussing this in another thread. I don't even watch LL, I just opened this thread for no reason and user started quoting Pixy.

Kotori looks good in a maid outfit.
She has a sadistic streak hidden deep within her.

Nozomi looks good in miko clothes.
She has a more refined sadism intertwined with her warmheartedness.

No one likes Chikachang.

Dia a cute.


This makes me very sad, I wish I could have been with Chika.

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

Good. Take one for the team and help the world.

That's not Dia

I want to piss in the pool and blame it on Ruby.

Worship Nico with me

What does Chika taste like?

Proof that Kananfags are cute

Kill yourself.

Would you fly a plane with an idol paint job into battle?

I must get and idolize this when it comes out on EN. I need the lewdest Kanan card.


Did Sunrise really think they'd fool us into thinking Kanan has fans?

That's not Dia user, but I agree.

Riko's pussy

>random side character that appears for 2 seconds is better looking than half the cast
Really makes you think.

I can't wait until I spend all of my hoarded loveca and still fail to get this.

>Dia is probably the least popular

Truly the Nico of our generation

>least popular
Vocal minority in Cred Forums doesn't count buddy

She is kinda bland though. All characters are somewhat unique in their own way. Except Hanayo.

Obviously meant in-universe, genius.

>not women and girls

Literally me after a gram and episode of Love Live.

This pose is not posible.

Would you become a whale for You?

Someone post the picture to prove this post wrong

>you will never be mari's sex doll


2 decades.

Kotori and Nozomi would be the greatest femdom team.

One more episode or ogre?

one more episode until beach sudoku

They told everyone when they ended the contract with the old VAs a week before Sunshine started.

I hate nico. She's not cute. She's not funny. She has a greedy selfish loser personality. Literally not one positive thing about her. Does that annoying "Nico-ni" thing that isn't funny and doesn't even make any type of remote sense. What kind of retard yells out their own name in some weird ass chant? Like seriously fuck nico. The definition of a meme character ( but in this case the meme isn't even funny). She borderlined ruined the show for many fans (this is the consensus among critics).

I rly hope that doesn't mean they'll stop doing μ's merchandise

I would if I had a job.
Would I get a job for You is a better question.

What a cute boy!

YoshiRiko shitters absolutely BTFO

>hey guys look ate me!! I do drugs!!! I'm cool right??

SHIT SUNRISE I almost had an heart attack here.


Who is that again?

Even Honoka and Eri little sisters graduated when Aquors began. Perhaps one of them, or when the 1st years graduated, decided to take all the things with them.


Do it for her, user.

Honk a hired a nanny to look after her kids. Shit mom.

Riko's scream when the mags dropped was perfect

She's not the least popular but she is always the most hated/least favorite raibu on virtually every poll.

You'll get extremely overpriced "Special editions" or"aniversary figure" and all that shit. Eventually this will happen with Aqours and every group they create and trash.

Working lady mum.

That was kinda disturbing.

I want her to make that noise when Shiitake's dick starts swelling inside of her.

I just noticed something.
Chika earrings disappear in some scenes during ep 3.

If he flipped his hand it would be possible.

Sunrise keeps fueling the yoshimaru train.


Yes all those polls in your head.

At least she has the decency of not sucking dick with her daughter around.

You Niconiggers are delusional

Show us.

so its confirmed that honk is a teen mom?

More like Honker's hobo life style lead to child protective authority to take her child.

You are delusional.

Buy the BDs

She's at least 21.

So is this a "Yes they'll stop doing μ's merchandise"?

Agreed. I guess it was supposed to be exciting that she was finally moving on from trying to be like µ's, but now there's just an empty spot there, and the shot is in a dark and shadowy room, and the overall effect just ends up weird

Is Aqours the Muse killer?

Yes, that's why moose was disbanded at their peak.

Muse killed themselves

Underrated post

Were those girl love books with chin in hand kisses?


Moose is already dead, so more like the undertaker

I killed Muse

I actually like this

Yoshi & Maru always in the top 3 anyway.
Meanwhile Kurosawa sisters almost always in the bottom 3.

It's pretty canon that newer LL winners are better than μ's.


So it's confirmed that Riko masturbate ?

>inb4 its fake
We can strawpoll right now too if you want. Doubt it would change your delusional mind, though.

I didn't get Riko's subplot, she was looking at everyone being concerned about the Akiba Dome and after going to the school she said "It's now clear to me".

There's tons of that sort of thing.

>He thinks the western fandom is relevant to Japan
Top kek

Why post if you know it's fake?

How so?

Did she come out of her mom's pussy with these hairpins?

Are you literally retarded? You asked who hated Nico besides a small minority on Cred Forums and now that I gave you a bigger poll, you're backtracking to "japan only." It's the same there too. Dumb Niconigger.

Niconiggers on suicide watch. Kek

I want to fuck this slutty rat.

>plebbit poll
>every poll

Holy shit nigger

Ye riko is a filthy worshipper of forbidden love

Its because the scene would appear really depressing out of context, like if she took it down because she gave it all up


Silly Dia, you don't use that as hairpin.

Who said it was from plebbit?

>shitty rigged poll you made up

top kek.


>It's the same there too
>Citation needed

I put that into internet search engine and it goes to plebbit. And it matches them. Are you that dumb?

It really gave a strange feeling of uneasiness, never happen watching anime before.

>Nicoshitters will come up with excuses anyway

>Hagfags having a meltdown

>same there too

Who is the favorite Muse for each Aquors?

Honoka - Chika
Yohane - Nico

what else?

Nicohater confirmed for plebbit retard.

Wow, owned.

With hips like these giving birth must be a cinch

Dia is a Elifag
Ruby is a fattyfag

Link? They probably just rehosted the poll you fucking moron. Thanks for inadvertently admitting you're plebbit shit.

Chika - Honoka
Dia - Eli
Ruby - Hanayo
Maru - Rin

Those are the only canon ones

Mari fags for Nozomi, she probably picked up the boob rubbing habit from her too.

Girl and girl can't make babies.

I love Aqours and it's probably good that the show is moving on from µ's (even if it took too long) since apparently they're never actually going to meet them. That scene was just weird and depressing to me due to the emptiness and darkness

Nicohaters are plebs and common serfs.

Then someone is going to have to fuck her;

>Reddit shitter embarrassed to admit to being from reddit

Maybe the 1 vote they get in the end is from Honoka or Nico.

>plebbitard on damage control

>t-they rehosted it
Fuck off it's literally a reddit poll

I copied your idea.

Where are my Chikafriends at?


Right here.

Ahahaha plebbifuck you got exposed already, go back to your shithole.

Can't be from Nico. Rice is more possible.

Jesus Christ, just dig a hole and shove yourself in it.

>The show takes a literal approach on "Zero to One"
I'd laugh my ass off.

It is fake. Everyone knows Nico is the most popular.

Why not from Nico?

>samefagging this hard

Fuck off plebbit and take your plebbit gold with you

Nico would write in her own name.


>Nicofags shitposting hour

Isn't Maki the most popular and Nico the second?

>10 seconds difference between and
How's your first day here going?

Go cry about your hurt feelings on plebbit

What vote are you talking about?


Gotta binge now that the season is almost over.

Maki sucks dicks for votes.

I didn't really care for her in S1 but when her arc came in S2 she became my instant favorite. Love her so much

Those results seem legitimate


Gyaru Maru next please.


>Not realizing you can post from your computer and phone
Not my first day, but it must be yours.

>M-maru is not fat!!

>having a phone

You are too reddit oh my god.

The same.
She is the Perrine of the show.

>10 seconds and 11 seconds difference between and
But I'm sure you'll say they're posting from their wife's son's phone next.

That foggot got exposed so he is going for muh samefagging route.

>Having a phone makes you reddit
Stop trying so hard

>showing her tits to someone other than Mari

What a brazen hussy

Nobody loves Perrine though

>Sunshine thread
>everyone is arguing about Nico

Dude, you got exposed.

Having a conversation with yourself?

Wait people hate Perrine? How? She's literally the sweetest girl in SW.

>That girl trying to rape Ruby

It's just two Niconiggers and one dumb plebbit Nicohater. Ignore them.

And everyone says You is the most popular.

>Vanishing like a ghost
Spooky as fuck

Plebbits should just be banned.

I bet Mari actually likes it.
Kanan showing off what only she can fondle, making others jealous

>Mari last
I'm happy Ruby dropped off though, I think she was amongst the nips' fav with You around the start of the year.

This poll is rigged and they don't even hide it.

Why is You so uneasy here? She assembled like 20 girls last time and they were nobodies back then.

Japs have shit taste in everything, you don't want to pay any attention to them.

Do we all agree that Sunshine cast >>> OG

>lets vanish this girl out of nothing so people think there was some hidden meaning.

Also, what day the girls went to Otonokizawa?

She is, well one of the most popular at least. The polls are most likely rigged anyways.

She was 1st in the PV center poll and 1st in the Alter figure poll. People felt bad for the other girls so they gave Maru the poster poll. Not that it really matters, but hey, gotta give the other girls the leftovers.

I like Ruby's squeal.


Does someone have that gif with the IS girls where it shows that Perrine is loved?

Some people disliked Perrine in season 1. Then, in season 2 she became sweet and in the movie she became a saint.

Who is your favorite µ's and favorite Aqours? I'm curious.

Stop shilling, Sunrise I saw the episode and all i wanted was to buy u's merchandise.

Honoka and You!

I didn't vote for that poll.

Because now that she's an idol she probably gets girls wanting to date her.

All polls are rigged, watch as Chika remains in the sixth position in all polls so people never find out the MC is dead last.

µ's - Nico
Aquors - Yohane

Yohane is the prettiest girl in the franchise.

They try so hard to make people like Chika it would be embarrassing for her to be last so they fix the 3rd years as last.

Nozomi and Mari. I'm happy Mari isn't the token fattass so I don't have to suffer the bullying being a Nozofag entails.

She is actually 1st in the individual date spots poll.
/r/ that, I didn't save it.

Nicochi and Chikachi!

Umi and You.

YouYoshiMaru strong.

>People felt bad for the other girls so they gave Maru the poster poll.
But You is still winning here.

Not in my name faggot

>Shit and shit
Wew la

Careful there, Youfags will claim this as a rigged poll.

What he said

Funny thing is, You is still winning that poll. Maru has the most votes overall but it's the combination of raibu+date spot that matters, and a date with You on the beach is winning.

Good goyi- lad, be sure to check out our anniversary figurines.
In limited edition.

I don't get the purpose of this poll.

>saturated gif
>retarded post

Pic related btw, there's this faggot that is literally visiting around 90 different shops EVERY SINGLE DAY to vote for his waifu, he posted it on twitter and is even appealing other people to do the same.

The main reason people are calling it rigged is because Chika is 6th again. Don't go trying to cause fanbase wars again.

>Chika catches the feather
>Ureshii kara

How can Maru have the most votes overalls when You's date places rank higher thn Maru's?

Forgot pic.

Which pic?

Oh, then nevermind. Feel bad for non Youfags. Sucks that all of the others girls are not even close to being as perfect as she is. Basically the Umi of Aqours.

I'm guessing that Maru's votes are more spread out between the 3 options while You's votes are more concentrated on one option.

>Unironically wanting a date with Chika
I guess people are hoping she takes after Honoka and will put out.

Because Maru's votes are split between different date spots while most of You's votes are for the beach date

Shiny Bird.

You jealous?

All polls are rigged, you can rig the online polls with different IPs anyway.
>riko still ninth
This fucker might be doing something but he is doing it wrong.

Nico & Riko

I bet they chose some lame ass date spot for Mari. You could literally go anywhere in the world with her and not spend a penny.

I don't know what this picture means.

Anything is fine.

Why is Riko the only one with a gazillion votes? Even if it's rigged why do the others have the same number of votes?

Fuck off

She's 4th. and 2ch is claiming around half of the votes are from him.

There's probably one of those for every girl.

And exactly how did you end up with that conclusion?

It's the account of that dude, he voted riko one trillion of times.

YoshiRikoshitters truly are a match made n heaven.

>because Chika is 6th again.
It's her destiny.

Nozomi and Yoshiko!

Niko and You.

Dumb Gintamaposter

We all know she's always 9th anyways. Sunrise can't help their Chika masturbating.

Aren't there magazine polls that should give a non-rigged view of the girls' popularity at least?

Nico and Ruby

There are 12 date location and you can choose any combination of girl+location you want

>1342 vs 143

But yes, it's rigged and the girl with the most autist fan will win.

No they just buy a bunch of magazines, like that Marika fag.

How long will they keep this farce going?
So you have 108 possible combinations but all the girls are on the top nine? Really?

Fans already selected You as the "center" idol for the group's second single last year. Umi Sonoda won LAWSON's Love Live! Image Girl contest in 2014.

Must be a best girl tradition

I guess, but Sunrise can't control magzine polls so Chika should at least get her rightful last place.

>So you have 108 possible combinations but all the girls are on the top nine?
They don't?

I wouldn't be surprised if You drops out of 1st place last minute. Because at this rate she's going to win 3 polls which is a bit ridiculous and non-Youfags are going to be not so happy.

I wouldn't be surprised if Japan actually liked Chika, they always like the MC no matter how bad or characterless is it.

What are the chances of that maid from episode 1 coming back to perform in the love live?

>idol group wearing maid costumes

>Y-san ends up with Marika in the Nisekoi manga
>The Rikofag won't because Riko is gay

>they always like the MC
They didn't like Honoka.

Nico and Ruby

Isn't the date one irrelevant?

That doesn't explain why You ranks above Yoshiko and Maru twice in the date spot poll, despite being third in the overall poll.

>(this is the consensus among critics).
What are you smoking?

Let them cry about it then

>implying you can't rape her straight

>Muse isn't appearing

Can't wait for you fags to get BTFO in S2 or the movie

Not really. They don't like Honoka. Plus judging from other things that are not official polls, there seems to be little to no Chikafags. Definitely shady business going on.

>Someone fucked Honoka in all the ways posible
>Penetrated her so deep that he reached all the way down through her pussy
>Filled her womb to the brim with thick and boiling cum
>Creampied her until she ran out of energy
>Impregnated her an possibly fucked her way harder after she gave birth.

How do you know it's not a woman?

Chika is atleast marginally better than Honk

Nozomi and You

>7 stages of grief.jpg

waiting for shop of fuccboi's troubled face on chika

Because this reeks of virgin otaku male.

Doesn't say much

Honoka was way cuter though.
Every otaku in this franchise is mentally deranged regarless of gender.

You're literally retarded if you think Muse will appear in S2. They didn't even show Muse in an episode where it would make the most sense. Stupid Nostalgiafags need to let go already.

After their accident, Honoka reincarnated and Hanayo stayed as the school ghost.

>this whole post
>(this is the consensus among critics)

You make MAL reviewers look competent and professional.

For example for the 3 most votes:
You 200-150-20
Maru 180-130-100
Maru has more total but less on the first choice.

Honoka was probably cummed inside every day for the first few months after being impregnated.

That's subjective. Chika will never manage to surpass Honoka (at least in my heart), no matter how hard Sunrise tries to make us like her.

>Niconigger samefagging again
What else is new?

Because there's 3 date spots, you dip. Maru's and Yoshiko's are more evenly split while one of You's date spots is probably being ignored.

Stay mad

pls no h8

>This taste

Inb4 paint

Move Kotori up one tier and I could agree with this.

Inspect element more like it.

They did, is this some meme?


>nicohater is delusional again
What else is new?

>3 date spots
12, actually. There's 108 possible combinations but the poll only shows the top 9, who knows what the stats are beyond that.

Trranslate that shit you nigger, I can only read the hiraganas.

Throw Nico into Bottom Tier and move Umi into her own God Tier and this list isn't even that bad

that plebbitor is literally seething at any post with nico

Drop Riko down a bit then move Maru and Eli up and it's agreeable enough

Fuck I zoned in on her tits right away when she unzipped her suit.

If you just change everything about this list, it's not too bad.

>not knowing the names of the girls in kanji

Anyway Honoka is the yellow one.

Nicofags and Plebbit out please.

>Kotori in 9th place
I don't know what polls these are but they're bullshit

What kind of sex Honoka likes the most?

I want to feel Zura's shit pushing muscles wrapped around my dick.

Does the graph show their popularity over time?
>That Nozomi dip

>Not knowing the names of the girls by color

They are the elections polls retard.

L stands for Losers

When you put it that way anal doesn't sound alluring at all

>that Maki
What the fuck happened?

For you

>Implying she doesn't like pregnant sex

This basally confirms that women can have children together in the LL universe. Two moms when? Maybe Yoshiko had two moms? You know, before they died.

Riko seems like the kind of girl that'd love anal.

Sounds sugoku kimotii


Anal was never alluring my friend.

Everyone realized she's the best grill.

Or they keep a few men as fucking machines.

>This basally confirms that women can have children together
I'll have you entertain me by explaining how you reached that conclusion.

So Honoka cheated on Umi and Kotori with the random lady? JUST

Summoning futadick is not possible yet, Yoshiko.

>Even Sunrise doesn't know if they should be pushing for YoshiMaru or MaruRuby

Guys its simple. Have you guys heard on the news that it's now almost possible to make a new child with two sperm cells instead of a sperm cell and an egg? Well it's the future in the Love Live universe, so maybe it's possible that they figured out a way to make a new child with two eggs. Tsubasa is probably rich as fuck so she was able to pay for the procedure. That's how Honoka and Tsubasa managed to have a kid. Shit for all we know it was always naturally possible for two women to have children in the LL universe. We have only know that Maki, Honoka, Mari, You, and Dia/Ruby's fathers exist.

Whoever loses should go with You. OT3s suck.

Enjoy your retarded children.

Nozomi or NIco

I don't care how hard you delude yourself, just say you have no basis for believing that.

I drew a dumb thing

The anime is such a mess they should just have follow the Gs' script.

>OT3s suck
My brother from another mother.

If you believe in the power of yuri, anything is possible you fucking heretics.

You indeed did.

Why haven't you burned down all your μ's merchandise?

You'll never grow unless you let go of the past.

>Not wife's daughter

sensible chuckle

Nico and Yohane

10/10 bruh

But anal is all about rubbing your dick against a girl's shit walls. Slowly sliding out probably feels like taking a dump for her.

I just want Zura to strain her anal muscles as hard as she can while my dick is stuffed deep inside her ass. I bet it'd feel great.

Make me finish the first series, Cred Forums.

Should I ask Sunrise for a refund?

No. Fuck off. We don't need any more retards in these threads.

I finished S1 but skipped over S2 and jumped right into Sushine. Just do this.

Thanks for the dumb thing, user.



These birds supposed to represent Muse literally look like cross shaped tombstones. My sides.

The ending of season 1 is really fucking bad. I think everyone agrees. Skip it if you want.

They´re dead bro.
Their bus crashed.

Rest in fucking pieces

>9 birds

Maki and You

>Skipping best season

>Implying that she wasn't fucked by the judges to win the Love Live.

Honoka and Mari.

>come to Love Live thread
>best fairy is here too

Too lazy and tired of Rin, Hanayo, and Honoka's shit senpai.

Rin and Mari

Nozomi is my second favorite µ's though and I see Mari as combining the best parts of her and Rin.

That's extremely retarded. LLS2 is the best season so far.

>best fairy
But user, the whole episode was about moving on from Muse.


>tired of Honoka
Honk yourself.

You missed out on the best part of the LL franchise


>Not being tired of Honoka after the shitfest that S1 was

I want to stick my dick inside Koboli.

That's some vintage shit right there, satan


I'm sure Sunrise will re-neact and improve it just fine.

>Best part of the LL franchise


>9 white birds fly over the school
>later a white feather drops into Chika's hand

>not drawing a nigger bird for nico

She is The Lost Member.

apology for poor english

when were you when muse dies?

i was sat at home eating smegma butter when pjotr ring

'muse is kill’


desu a bird should've crapped on her instead

Dumb Rinposter

Posting best ship.

>smegma butter
What is that?

Reminder that if you ship anything else than RinHanayo and NozoEli you should kill yourself.

>moving on from Muse.

It's like they want you to think lewd thoughts.


What did they mean by this?

Is this the main 1st year ship now?

Something to make Smegma cakes.

I feel like I haven't seen this meme in a while.

The substance Chika applies on her face every day.

Honks shirt is in the wash.. it says "mo"


Sakkaku crossroads is amazing.


HonoMaki triggered some of the best art

My brain says no but muh dick says yes.

Yeah bby

She's not bad at singing. Looking hot with a sexy voice. What else is there to being an idol

Forgive me I am rusia


RubyMaru died so YoshiMaru and DiaRuby could live

They clearly do.

>Two redheads
Absolutely haram aesthetic wise, just looking at this picture is killing my eyes.

>Those man hands

I fucking love this guy's art. And even the manga was great

And it's not even the best song in the single.

>She's not bad at singing
>sexy voice
Kananfags, everyone.


>but muh dick says yes.
Because one has a lewd body and the other a lewd mind.

>St Snow are A-Rise fags. I don't know why I didn't see that coming.

Really lewd.

Psychic Fire is a shitty meme song, though. Crossroad is a million times better.

>not bad at singing
>sexy voice

real lewd

Fat is not lewd

>muh meme 2hu song

I agree. Too bad it's overshadowed by meme fire and Nico's shitty voice ruins it.

Is YoshiMaru the most popular Aqours ship?

µ's - Eli
Aquors - Yousoro

Dude this is SFW board.


>>I agree. Too bad it's overshadowed by meme fire and Nico's shitty voice ruins it.
Yeah, Nico usually doesn't put me off in songs but she couldn't handle crossroads. I've heard some covers that were nice though

What's the worst song from each sub unit?


Why is guilty kiss the only subunit that can sing? At least Muse had BiBi and Lily White.

You (no.. not you!)

I don't think I have ever even seen one with a front zipper. A rashguard *maybe*.

Two snacks
Two times the power


Not sure, YoshiRiko still exists

>there was a time when everyone thought the anime did maru good
Good taste nips!

She was looking kinda dumb with her finger and her thumb in the shape of an "L" in a circle

Puwa Puwa-o
Love Novels
Futanari Happiness

So she's rubbing Riko's tits every time she picks up.

Post-episode 4 Maru was a mistake.


She's going to be the next mascot girl.

They might ban her from polls to let the other girls win.

So she's tapping Riko's tits every time there's a call?

Go home Nico, you have Maki to fuck.

I could listen to her all day


>They might ban her from polls to let the other girls win.
They won't do that. They only rig polls.

It did her good if you ask Japan

Maru locked herself a fat episode in S2 with Mari's comment.

>Hating Puwa Puwa-O
neck yourself


Why was the final Love Live so underwhelming?

Is this a promo pic for a hentai?

>Lily White
Wow just like Azalea. Two great singers with one dragging the group down.

You wont have eardrums by the end of the day.


What can I say, I like meme girls.

Because you expected too much

Great taste anons

Endless Parade > Dream Sensation > Final > 3rd anniversary > First > New Year

YoshiMaru actually surpassed YoshiRiko is Pixiv tags.

I have yet to hear a single good song from Azalea.

The only good singer in Azalea is Maru.

No this is Dengeki art

She's a walking talking eating meme

What about Chikariko?

Nico and You

>Lily White
Fuck I miss Lily White and their old-fashioned jpop songs. I was hoping Azalea would go in the same direction but they're so terribly boring.

Why is Mari the least popular? She's funny.

I would actually like Maru with this haircut. Her hair and design now is just boring that it really solidifies her as a background character.

Because gaijin

Too assertive for nips' taste?

Japanese don't have a sense of humor.

None of Aqours subunits have shitty singers dragging them down, though. Closest we have is AZALEA with Kanan and she isn't as bad as Nozomi or Nico. Nozomi ruins Lily White, Hanayo ruins Printemps, and Nico ruins BiBi.

They love Yoshiko though.

Lily White made some of my favorite songs. Anone Ganbare, Oshiete Love, Binestu kara and Aki no Anata no Sora are absolutely god tier.


Her father is white.

Same, though Otohime is my personal favorite

>Not wanting a Sugar Mommy
Fucking plebs

Why does Kanan pretend to be mad? Her reactions to getting violated are so half-assed that she might as well admit she likes it.

>tfw bird shit drops into Chika's hand

Otohime is my all-time favorite but all of them are really great.

but theres a better one

Otohime is fucking great. I'm sad they weren't able to perform it live. Same with Arashi no Naka no Koi Dakara for the group song


They should have pulled that, instant AOTY.

Tokimeki Bunruigaku is pretty good.

Would've totally redeemed the episode

Why are subunit songs so much better than full-unit songs?

I would place my finfer in that zero if you know wud i mean


>Search song on youtube
>English covers everywhere
Fucking hell

I don't know what you mean, can you explain?

9 girls trying to sing 1 song is too much. I dunno how they even win

>What is Loveless world, Loneliest baby and Datte Datte Aa Mujou

download it you mong

I can't deny these digits.

Not to mention that the full-unit songs tend to have more of a generic idol vibe.

Because they always play it safe with full-unit songs and go with generic shit that's guaranteed to sell while subunits are allowed to have more variation

I still believe Lily White's discography shits on most things Printemps and BiBi ever came out with. The only good Printemps tracks were Love Marginal and NO EXIT ORION. The only good BiBi songs were Diamond Princess no Yuutsu, PSYCHIC FIRE, and Fuyu ga Kureta Yokan. Lily White had ANONE GANBARE, Binetsu Kara Mystery, Aki no Anata no Sora Tooku, Onaji ga Hoshi Mitai, Omoide Ijou ni Naritakute, Shunjou Romantic, and the best subunit song: Otohime Heart de Love Kyuden. Literally all of their songs were great except for Kimi no Kuse, Futari Happiness, and Shirinai Love Oshiete Love. That's fucking impressive.

I meant in general. And those are like 3 songs out of a shit ton.

Plus loveless world is shit.

It's on vimeo if you're too lazy to download

Loneliest baby is the shit, love that song

>forgetting based Kaguya

Nico and You.

>Kimi no Kuse, Futari Happiness, and Shirinai Love Oshiete Love
I still liked these songs. I don't think I have a single Lily White song I disliked.

>Shirinai Love Oshiete Love
>Not great
Fight me faggot

You can stop samefagging now

Shiranai Love*Oshiete Love was great though

Nico ruins that song, though. Would be much better if Maki were the center. I only listen to the Umi/Maki mix of that song.

Thanks mate. Suprisingly enough Maru's voice is great when she's not memeing, too bad for that Kanan.

Why are you butthurt

Still mediocre imo. GK had two great songs and CyaRon had one so-bad-it's-good song and one god-tier song. Azalea is just unmemorable.

I like them too, but I just can't put them in great tier.

Lily white is tamer. It's like all their musics are 5/10 with few exceptions, whereas BiBi takes more "risks" and have musics ranging from 10/10 to 3/10.
Printemps is just shit though.

Agreed. GK and CYR just have more impact. AZALEA has good singers, I just don't think they're being used correctly.

Why has their relationship reversed from when they were younger also? Kanan used to be the grabber.


I liked the CyaRon event song, as for GK I only really like Strawberry Trapper.

>10/10 track

Kanan grew up.

Maki and You

>Lily white doesn't take risks
>literally has a latino song and 70s disco song in their discography

Diamond Princess was pretty good, gotta give them that.

>What is Diamond Princess, Cutie Panther, Trouble Busters and Crossroads

Kanan grew out of homosexuality.

Would have killed for these two to have a duo track. Oh well, at least we have Solge.

They're the ones that deviate most from the generic idol pop songs I'd say. Which is probably why I like them so much since I'm not a fan of jpop idol music.

Fine I'll agree that DPnY was pretty fucking good. Cutie Panther and Trouble Buster were fun but overall not that special. Crossroads is one of their worst songs, imo. Fuyu ga Kareta Yokan is slow BiBi done right.

>latino song and 70s disco song
Are you talking about Kimi no Kuse ni and Otohime?
They are pretty good, but the only ones who aren't that generic

I almost forgot how much I love Umi's voice.

Both of AZALEA's song has their moments:

For Torikoriko, the solo before the refrain and the refrain itself sounds good as has a hype feeling. 1:50 for Maru and 2:44 for Dia, I'm not going to bother with Kanan.

As for Tokimeko Bunruigaki, I absoutely love the drum- and bassline. 1:37.

Don't mix tameness with consistency.

I think he meant anone ganbare for the latino song.

I'll always love Maki/Pile's voice.

Maki's voice is too much of a hit-or-miss for me. I'd lean towards Rin for the ultimate singing trio.

Torikoriko has really good verses and build up but it falls apart in the chorus, it's like they can't harmonize. Probably Kanan's fault.

Solge formation really outclasses anything.

Yeah, that's what I meant.

Maybe their super hyper genki songs, but their more tame/sad/depressing songs are top tier.

What would be the god tier Aqours sub unit?
Yohane, Maru and Dia?

I think it's actually Dia's fault

Being inconsistant doesn't make you more varied. Lilywhite has the most varied songs since their songs use a lot of influences from very diferent styles of music. Diamond Princess is the only Bibi song I'd say was great, the rest are stardard J-Pop songs.

Singing wise? Replace Dia with Mari.

I'd replace Dia with Mari or Riko. Yoshiko and Maru are a notch above the rest at any rate.

Am I the one who thinks Dia's singing voice is overrated as fuck? I'd take Riko and Mari over her, honestly.

Mari, Maru, Yoshiko.

Swap Dia with Mari or Riko. I think Kanan also sounds pretty good, but maybe that's just me.


Yohane, Mari and Maru would be the best subunit.

Yeah, she's not very good. I think people tend to overrate her because they like her speaking voice, but her singing voice is nothing special.

No one really thinks Dia's voice is great though. Some people just assumed she had a good voice because it was deep but in reality it's only average at best.

If only Mari's VA could use her normal voice.

Yohane, Maru, and Riko. Riko isn't that great by herself but she is definitely a vocal glue that an bring shit together. Probably why the last Aqours song was so bad without her, and why GK is so good.

>Yohane, Maru and Dia?
Personally, that's my solge for Aqours. But since Dia is in the same unit with Maru already, she have to be swapped out with someone from CYaRon. And that'd be Chika.

What are you even talking about? Very few of BiBi songs are JPop, they go from eurobeat to blues rock, and quite a few genres in between.

Yeah, I prefer her normal voice but even if she uses her Mari voice sounds better than most of the other Sunshine.

I feel like Mari's VA is the only one that could pull off the whole singing in character but not sounding like shit thing.

> Yohane - Nico

Yoshiko doesn't even know Nico.