My Hero Academia

Why are all the boys on this show so hot? I've always thought anime boys were ugly but the guys on this show get my blood pumping.

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Battle shounen are basically moe for girls. The industry has begin to realize this in recent years and stepped the pandering up to 11 with any new franchise they bring out.

Does MHA actually have a big female audience? I have no idea.

Fujoshi, but yes.

All of the big recent battle shounen have huge fujo followings. It's not a particularly new phenomenon, but it's grown in recent years and the industry has been putting more effort into capitalizing on it.

What makes the guys on this show so attractive?

If you're attracted to them, why don't you tell me?

>recent years
WSJ have known for a very, very long time that girls are reading and buying stuff for their series.

Deku's a cute shy-guy, Katsuki is a bad boy, etc.

The only battle shounen I know who has a huge amount of female following is Fairy Tail.

Yeah but those archetytpes are fairly common among all media, and just falling cleanly into the mold isn't any guarantee a character will be appealing.

I'm sure there's more to it than just being shy or bad. What made these characters from this show in particular jump out at you for being attractive over others?

Maybe the art style? I've seen shy/timid guys before in anime but for some reason Deku stands out from them, he just seems a lot more innocent compared to all those other guys.

Maybe part of that is how much time they spent in the beginning establishing his character. We got to see a lot of him as a middleschool student and with lots of flashbacks to his childhood, establishing threads through his life all the way back that would form the basis of his motivation and of his relationship with other characters.

A lot of times, shows in a highschool setting begin with highschool entrance, and so they're just kinda tossed into that crucible of adolescence with no pre-established character and their perspective is just the eye-piece through which the viewer sees idealized adolescence play out. Here instead we got a lot of Deku's character, and a very firm grasp of the kind of person he was before we ever saw the inside of a highschool, so instead we see the influences of that time of his life on him rather directly and get to watch how he grows and changes from what he was before entering school and how those changes resonate with the threads running all the way through his life, all the way back to the sandbox.

It grounds his character in a rather particular way.

>what is one piece

Same thing with Katsuki and his backstory.

One Piece is unspeakably hideous. No one's reading it for its art.

>I always thought anime boys were ugly

But aren't most of the males in shoujo and fujobait stuff idealized in a myriad of ways?

You just have shit taste.

Shounen always has the best boys. The ones in full stop fujoshit are always garbage-tier for some reason.

I imagine that's a bit of an acquired taste.

Sort of like how anime girls in otaku shows become more deformed and cartoonish the further down the niche rabbit hole you go, until the term "moeblob" becomes apt.

BL and shoujo are notorious for doing the same with male characters. You end up with shit like centipede abs and the infamous YAOIHANDS. It's idealized, in a way, but it deviates from standard human anatomy so much that you need to already be pretty far down the rabbit hole before you look at that and say "I want to fuck this!"

But since BL is historically a fetishistic genre from a fetishistic community, they rarely produce things that don't require you to already be quite so deep in. Yet they also have a bit of a monopoly on female-focused media in the formats relevant to this board which leaves the kiddie-pool a little lacking by comparison.

It's sort of like how the female characters in Shirobako managed to be more appealing than many fanservice shows, despite the fact that they were more grounded and less idealized characters.

It's probably because shounen makes all of the boys actually look and act like boys. In shoujo they act like what a naive teenage girl thinks a boy is.
Not to say that there aren't some top tier shoujo boys, but the majority of them run into the same archetypes and have the same pitfalls.

I feel like there's almost always the opposite problem with girls in shounen, though.

Deku would make a good trap.


Look at any sports anime, or things like Tiger and Bunny or Rantarou.

>Ochako/Deku finally happens
>their relationship is much like a pimp (Ochako) and whore (Deku)

The problem with shoujo girls is that if they have any agency or affect whatsoever then they're competing with the male characters for narrative focus, and that detracts from what the series is using as appeal: the boys.

It's like how people complain about the presence of male characters in moe shows. Nobody wants to see guys in a show about cute girls, and nobody wants to see girls in a show about cute boys.

They're a mirror image of one another, really.

I'm practicing my smut, Cred Forums. Gimme something.

That's pretty nonspecific, give some guidelines:
male or female
het or not

Hagakure naked.

I wanna bully Deku's butthole.

Written. Het, futa, or les. Not good at gay guys, for some reason. Though I might give it a try.

So, just toss me a 2-3 person pairing.

Tongue-bullying can hardly be called real bullying. It's more like aggressively suggesting

Needs more manservice

that's the great thing about it
>hardly any bishonen
(the only ones about are gag characters and the ones fans have to redraw as such)
>cast is primarily freaks and weirdos
>oda isn't afraid to draw ugly characters

Honestly it's better than moe blob bullshit

Also Kōhei Horikoshi isn't afraid to make freaks either

Alright, lets keep it simple and thread topical
Deku and Ochaco
Cock worship
Extended foreplay
Reciprocative oral sex

Hard mode:
Do not use the words "big," "large," "throbbing," "thick" or "veiny"

Well I'm female and personally dislike fujo relationships.

Whoops, that 3rd line was supposed to be "Ochaco leading"

What does that have to do with MHA?
Do you mean to say you dislike the series because you're not into the shipping shit or are you saying that you like it for different reasons?

My post was actually meant for That aside, I like the series for its characters and plot. I dont read it for shippingshit, and all ships are basically useless unless Hori canonically makes them happen.

I mean, the shipping shit in general is pretty lame. Every other post I see about MHA is just "OMG look at how cute deku and bakugou are together!!!!" and it's really fucking cringy.

I really don't want to do some Deku/Ochaco, man. Got anything else?

I will take up some of those fetishes and the hardmode rules, though. Will teach me to be more descriptive with non-generic words, maybe?

I never even heard of women getting turned on by gay men's relationships until I got into anime.

How about Kirishima trying to hit on an user?

>Got anything else?
Momo and Iida?

>the shipping shit in general is pretty lame.

Yeah, but it's an integral part of a Shonen series.
The fact that people overreact to a ship that they don't like is worse than people who post it IMO.

Us girls are pretty crazy like that.
I personally don't find men on men action attractive.

I'd only known of it through that one girl with brain problems in highschool, who did powerpoint presentations of disney "slash fiction" for school assignments and wet the bed

I never got the appeal of girls kissing so I guess I'm with you there.

Bakugou is cute with or without Deku

Are you into men by any chance?


Best girl

Male or female user?

Also good!

This was beautiful

Male user.

Speaking of shitty ships. Why do some people seem to ship Bakugou with Uraraka?


>the fact that everyone derail threads with shipping is okay because it always happens

Angry serious boy x genki girl is a common pairing type, also added NTR, also she earned his respect in the tournament. Nothing else.

Probably because she was set up a lot with Deku early on in that very "first love/girl next door" kind of way. Seeing those kinds of juvenile infatuations crash and burn is always a pleasure and having Deku's masculine badboy tough guy rival "steal" her from him cranks the NTR up to 11.

I looked it up, no such thing

I didn't say it was okay.
What I meant was that the amount of effort YOU will put into stopping it(aka constantly replying to those people telling them to kill themselves for posting a ship you hate) will not be worth it because all it will actually do is derail the thread a lot faster than if you simply didn't respond.

Bad boy x Good girl.

Sports anime are more like moe for girls than battle shounen actually.

>and the industry has been putting more effort into capitalizing on it.
A new problem though is perceptions and overrepresention.
For instance, 60 - 80% of audience correspondence sent to Weekly Jump in voting postcards and fanmail is from females. However girls account for just 22% of actual Jump readership.
Boys don't bother sending in the postcards and almost never send fan letters, and this affects perceptions of who the audience is, and what they want.
In the old days when female readership was practically nonexistent it wasn't an issue, but nowadays it skews the polling to more female friendly titles and isn't actually representative of the readership.

A good (non-Jump) example is Zettai Karen Children;
- The handsomer male characters and their personalities attracted fujos.
- They started sending Shiina all kinds of fanmail and requests, plus giving a bump to sales.
- He'd never gotten so much fanmail and that kind of positive feedback before, even with Ghost Sweeper Mikami, and started pandering to them.
- The male readers started losing interest, and the added female readership wasn't enough to compensate for the loss.
- A lot of the fujos wanted the original shounen story and were offput by the new direction and pandering. They lost interest too
- Despite some changes since, the lost audience has never been recovered

That's just a matter of the author/editors failing to understand their target audience.

I think BnHA strikes a pretty good balance. I can certainly see how the characters would appeal to fujoshi and to just regular female readers, but it still appeals to me as a male reader and none of the things that seems to appeal to those demographics are represented in a way that would put me off or ruin the series for me.

It's all about striking a balance, just like there's moe shows that go whole hog and are so lewd and pandery that they appeal to nobody but otaku, and others that keep the sexuality in moderation to the extent that female viewers actually enjoy it too.

If you're going so far to one extreme that you chase away a possible audience, you probably went overboard or misunderstood what it was your target demographics actually wanted.

I agree with every word.

Makes you wonder why people ship todoroki and momo when they too didn't have THAT much going on. Then again they have better chemistry than bakugou and uraraka.

They make people into eugenics hard.

A lot of times shipping is based more or less on fan conception of the character's personalities and not particularly on how they actually interact in the series. Rather than an actual hope for the outcome of the series or interpretation of what goes on inside, it's just fuel for fanfiction and amateur artwork.

Momo and Todoroki do have great chemistry but keep in mind we've seen them paired and be a part of a team that works together.
Bakugou and Uraraka barely interact. I want Hori to allow them to meet and exchange dialogue solely because I want to actually see if they work well together or not.
We can't really say anything about them yet at this point.

It astounds me how seriously some people take the non-existent romance of a children's action series.

>how seriously some people take the non-existent romance

All I said was that I want them to interact, what are you even on about.

Who cares about the pubescent kids?

We all know who the real best boy is.

All might is best girl, friend

Bara is bad

All Might is not for sexualizing

>>Ochako confides in Deku her family's money problems and asks for help
>>Deku off course obliges
>>Ochako whores out Deku to the other girls
>>But only she gets to fuck Deku without a condom, and she gets pregnant
>>"I guess you'll have to provide for two people now"

Jesus user


People don't like happy OTP couples and have a hard-on for NTR. There's no actual basis for it in the story though as they haven't actually interacted in like over 70 chapters or something.

I actually want Horikoshi to have Bakugo find a waifu of his own. One that could deal with him being himself

Uraraka would hate Bakugou if she found out how much of a bullying douchebag he was to Deku.

>implying that wouldn't get her off.
Let's face it, she won't be satisfied with a "nice" guy.


Nice delusion, NTRfag

Would you befriend a lonely, edgelord bird?

>porn of Tsuyu pleasing Dark Shadow never

Which boy seems like he could be canon gay and why is it Todoroki?

>not Kirishima

So, Dark Shadow is canon one of the strongest fucking quirks ever, right?

He's pretty hypermasculine desu

In total darkness, sure

Even then it took high stress in the dark woods well away from the light pollution of the city to drive it berserk

It's at least as old as Star Trek.

So which underpowered kid do you want to have a "i have to save my friends! berserk mode activate!" moment?

Kouda full stop

...what would that even look like? A stampede of animals suddenly appearing from nowhere?

Because they have better dynamics.

She already knows you fucking retard.


I haven't seen this many fuckable anime guys in one manga in a while

Hope Deku and Bakugou hook up

They already have that "shy gay boy" and "closeted bully" dynamic

Not to mention he can BLOW SHIT UP with his HANDS.
I find that extremely attractive.

>not Kirishima x Bakugou

Triumvirate coming thru

I want all three of them inside me

It would be him yelling "STOP" and everyone standing the fuck still because of his quirk

...basically this.

Shounen tingles my maternal instincts and somewhat my libido

Watching shounen battles is like a fantastical equivalent of watching my boy's ballgame

Dark Shadow is blade proof and acid proof.

At first I had no idea what the appeal was, but then I saw femBakugou and suddenly understood everything. I want Deku to make her squeal while she insists their relationship is only physical.

Best part is that she'd age pretty well, as her mother shows.

Whole new meaning to the phrase "fingerbang"

I'd enjoy it

She'd be teased and bullied for getting rescued by her "prince"

That sounds like a bit of a stretch.
Also highly illegal, none of those boys are at the age of consent.

Doujins where bakudad or Deku fuck both?

shonen jump editors are aware of that though, it was a point being made by one character in bakuman telling the two aspiring authors they should never change their story based on fan feedback because it mainly comes from girls and they should be writing a shonen manga

I find it retarded how fujos pick the 2 boys that have not shown any attraction to any sex whatsoever. Closest you got is Todoroki looking away from momo when she was using her quirk with her top open.

Just because they're not raving horndogs doesn't mean they're not interested

nice nitpicking by choosing the more extreme example which is suited for someone like mineta. They haven't shown anything like deku has or embarassment like when mineta wanted them to scale the wall to see the girls naked. Instead bakugou is just aggressive and focus solely on winning and todoroki was clueless as to when momo was overcome with joy because she regained confidence which he was a part of.

it's specifically because they show no interest fangirls go crazy

maybe you should familiarize yourself with the workings of the average female mind *dibs fedora*

In a mind-snap moment, Sadrock becomes Stonecold and summons a locust swarm and consume the villains

thank mr skeltal

Pic related is how i'd imagine Kouda in such a berserk mode.

best birb

So, which two kids have the best combo potential?

Fuck off Endeavor

Kacchan and Dark Shadow

Momo and Jirou

Just read this.

How's the anime?


Slow but not too bad.

i loved it

(warning: dub)

>he yell STOP and everyone stop, and now they realize his quirk also work on humans
>panel draw kouda completely serous with thick brush-like line art, with an 80's style shadows.
>when they animate that part his VA is wakamoto

>Kouda's quirk isn't animal talk
>it's creating fear in the animals' instincts and making them obey him
>totally enraged Kouda's creates fear in everyone, animals and humans

>everyone suggesting kouda can control humans

stop stealing other people's quirks

Technically Tokoyami already encompasses this. Just that when he goes berserk mode no friend is getting saved.

Alright folks, just noticed this little bit of possible foreshadowing. Shinketsu girl seems to have a thing for blood. Combine this with the fact she took Deku's blood while scratching him. She is Himiko Toga, confirmed.

Its this

And the bad boy x good girl dynamic. People swear its not possible and get so defensive when people even bring it up its hilarious. All shipping is pointless in the end but people get so butthurt.

Personally based on the interactions they have had i think bakugou and uraraka would be a much more interesting relationship if it did turn out for the story, but it really doesn't matter.

>B-But they only had like 1 interaction

And yet those few interactions they have had were far more engaging than anything between deku and ochako

>Everyone wants Katsuki to go easy on Ochako because she's a girl

Why does this shit happen on every battle shounen?

Wrong post?

Because that's the expected White Knight behavior from would-be heroes. Bakugou just doesn't happen to be one of those types of hero. He expects Ochako to hold back nothing, so he's not going to either and disrespect her or place her into some sort of category of hero not like his own. Bakugou's very honest about that sort of thing, unlike most others would would pull their punches out of misguided politeness or propriety that would do Ochako no favors or honor if she'd won against someone that had basically thrown the match because she's a girl.

Did people forget has not only already confronted bakugou on his bullying but also isn't intimidated by him?

I want all of them.


Post loot I guess.

Don't know i you're the same user, but i meant it in an agreeing way. Should have clarified that

yeah it was fascinating and unique how bakugou yelled at her that one time

why are shippers such faggots


Committing Sudoku as we speak.

Now I'm not one to assume sexuality, but if anyone sounds like they have something firm up their ass its you

So tiny.

Women and consumer behavior are like pees and carrots, lads.

l'm sorry l don't share your tumblr headcanons user

you cocksuckers are probably a couple of posts away from mentioning chemistry aren't you

>moar buzzwords preae

We really need to crack down on that "you must be over 18 to post" policy.

Did somebody say shipping?

>Alternate universe where Bakugou was always a girl
>Everyone would complain that another blonde tsundere would win the MCbowl

I'm okay with what we got.

Besides effective teamups we've seen

Tsuyu and Shouji, great range and control of a field.

Bakugou and Uraraka, Giving Bakugou more aerial mobility and bakugou making plenty of debris for uraraka to use.

Was this translated?

Yea it got a rushjob translation that you can find witha quick google search frm mangahelpers but it never got scanned for some reason. We should get FA to get on that.

They self insert as Deku so they cant bear the thought if Uraraka ending up with anyone else.

Can't find the translation for pg 1 but it's besically Kaminari and Kirishima playing a dumb game asking Bakugou to join them and he tells them to fuck off.

Ochako: If you're looking for Deku, he's in the washroom.
Bakugou: It's you huh!!
Ochako: You seemed like you're about to explode, and you're going to scold Deku again.
Bakugou: If you're done playing detective then move aside, Uraraka.
Ochako: Not leaving, why can't you get along with Deku?
Bakugou: Who would!!!?? That guy is supposed to be shit for brains, but he treats me like an idiot!!
Ochako: I see... can't you be a little nicer to him?
Bakugou: Haaaa!?

Ochako: You were so cool when you fought with me, but when it comes to Deku... it felt like... it's because you were afraid so you want to keep distance by scaring off Deku... The both of you were childhood friends and classmates, so I hope you guys would get along.

Bakugou: What did you saaaaaaaaaay
Ochako: w-wait wait wait wait!!!??
Deku: waaaaa!!?? What's happening here!!!
Bakugou: You too Deku, you trash!!
Midnight: All of you aren't kids anymore, get back to your seats! Hero (art?) class is about to start!!!

Class lectures blablabla
Ochako: Not good... I accidentally said exactly what's on my mind...
[Blurb]: And because of this, Bakugou's scattered wrath in the end...
Bakugou: Uraraka that girl is no good!!!
[Blurb]: ...Has now cleared off
Midnight: Bakugou please answer this!
Bakugou: Crown Shock
Midnight: Correct!

You shippers are pure cancer.

One of the new rules that should be enforced is "stop using words you don't kow the meaning of"

A self insert is a character who's the idealized version of the author in a work of fiction, that's all

This also goes for edgy, mary sue, emo, and probably a few others l don't remember right now



People can self insert into a character in a series you know.

Got a link, or what chapters it was put out around?

Are you retarded? It's been posted here in this thread

Hey, do you know what the 5 stats mean on the personal data pages?

I want to fuck a frog?!

oh shit nigga what are you doing

I can't help it

No, that just means they identify or empathize with a character. Self insert is an entirely different concept.

Yes l'm autistic about words usage, fuck off


How could you fug the frog?

Very carefully

Good question

That's why we have All Might in his true skeletal form.

>be on a boat looking at the sea
>see this

What do?

Bakugo's armpits people actually find froppy sexy?

I can't see her as anything except daughter material.

What could be more masculine than sex with another man

are you retarded? she litteraly just noted he was bleeding, pretty standard thing to notice if someones just slammed their head into the pavement

I want her to fuck my mouth with her tounge

when things get slow, post tumblr-tier art

I find it funny considering how much Hiro degrades his female cast

There's a buttload of pretty boys in exchange

Gap moe

>>Battle shounen are basically moe for girls. The industry has begin to realize this in recent years
>recent years


>All the Shiketsu high designs are 10x superior.

Shut up Lelouch. They have cool uniforms but they don't look that amazing. I like Tornado dude because he has a permanent crazy face

Well that and it being a good boy x good girl ship, and getting both out of the way to ship Deku with Ice Zuko

Fuck off Lelouch.


>to ship Deku with Ice Zuko's older sister

This is also true


bakugo fans also see it as a way for him to one up deku, as they've pretty much accepted bakugo is destined to play second fiddle to deku who's the next symbol of peace and all might's successor, so bakugo fucking his girl is their last hope for him to assert his imaginary dominance

kinda sad in a way





Which is weird because Bakugo clearly has his own story/character journey thing going on that's clearly defined.

People always just want to see what they want and not what the story is doing

I am ok with this.

>Cause they didn't make her FAT.

Please please stop with the image dumping

No when things get slow, you post something interesting or let the thread die

Because women are instinctively turned on by breaking the hearts of betas (deku).

You are now aware that Shinsou, Kouda, Sato and Aoyama haven't appeared on a single chapter doodle.

Fans of rival characters tend to have chips on their shoulder about what they perceive as an unfair treatment received by the main character who they generally find boring so they start making up all these fanfic elements about their favorite stealing the show.

ln Bakugo's case it's even more blatant because of Todoroki's existence who's stealing even more of his thunder, it was pretty funny how they were expecting Inasa to job against Bakugo only for him to be turned into a meatball so that Kaminari could shine.

Its pretty gud though.

>Todoroki's existence who's stealing even more of his thunder.

Todoroki hasn't stolen anyone's thunder, dude is lowkey ass. Even if bakugoufags were salty bakugou beat his ass already and the excuse of todoroki's daddy issues just satisfy them anyway.

Assuming you're not the same user you and don't seem to realize the main reason people ship them is more out of frustration with how shitty most MC/MG romances tend to be, and for a while this one was fine but it's gotten really shitty.

Regardless of how anyone feels about shipping, at this point I think we can all agree it'd be very annoying for deku and ochako to wind up together now.

Why do all the girls in this series make me want to procreate?

>I think we can all agree it'd be very annoying for deku and ochako to wind up together now.
for a handful of autistic shippers maybe

I really like her eyes there, it reminded me of 90's Slayers somehow

when will Deku finally transform?

It's passed the point of shipping though. Ochako is now actually losing character development time to focus on her "crush" on deku. That's the point where it starts to become a problem.

>character development time
go jump off a bridge

never. he's going to go "his own way" instead of using the power like it's meant to be used, fucking retard that kid is

Cry harder. I think it's cute.

>When shipfags care more about their OTP than the actual content of the story.

Actually I am enjoying the story as well.

Almost as much as I am enjoying your tears.

He'll have to do it at least once for the fanservice.

that's called projecting, l think it's completely harmless and wouldn't give two shits if it happend or not, you're the one throwing bitch fits over it

No one even started bringing that up until your autistic ass started talking about some kind of imaginary frustration about ships that you're projecting on the other people reading

Why is she so perfect?
Why is finding merch for her such suffering?

>I think we can all agree it'd be very annoying for deku and ochako to wind up together now.
Is this is what it sounds like when people start pretending their imaginary views are unequivocal facts that everyone should agree with? I haven't seen it in action seriously before

You don't know what projecting means.

Compare where Ochako's character was going in the sports festival to what's been her focus now. There's clearly been a derailment. Deku has been able to advance as a character but ochako has been beating with the "love interest" stick. When's the last time we've seen an interesting character introspection from ochako that didn't involve her crush on deku?

and it's happening because shipping fags like you in the us and japan demand for "cute" shit like this.

This feels a little ominous.

That's because that is her current character arc you fucking retard. You are just mad that there is any kind of focus on romance whatsoever so you are performing mental gymnastics to trick yourself into thinking this is somehow the author pandering to people and thus give yourself grounds to be indignant.

What the fuck is wrong with you all?
He's right about the fact that Ochako is losing character development time, lately she's only been bothered about her feelings for Deku, and as someone who likes her character a lot it bugs me.
Right now if they ended up together it WILL be annoying, because then all she'd do is worry for his sake and we'll get a Orihime 2.0.
Weren't you guys the ones who cried about Ochako being useless lately?

>imaginary views

That doesn't make sense no matter how you slice it. How is my viewpoint/opinion imaginary?

They're the cancer killing the fanbase. Fucking hang yourselves please.

you're projecting your shippingfag autism on other people, you're the one who gets triggered by it, don't accuse us of what you're guilty of

Chapter 80, when she used her Gunhead training to fight against Toga in order to protect Tsuyu.

>he is right
>implying it isn't you agreeing with yourself
Grow up, faggot. A girl falls in love and you get triggered by it.

Whoa there buddy settle down, I know it's exciting when you first learn a new word but you gotta know how to use it first.

Anyway, having a crush on someone isn't a "character arc" it's at most a character trait. IT's not too late for Horikoshi to actually do something meaningful with it, he simply hasn't yet and so it's worrisome.

When every time we see this character who we were once able to see in different lights constantly in every situation no matter how insignificant or dire thinking about this "crush" she has is frustrating.

Also I'm not talking out of my ass just because you disagree with me, I iknow it may be hard to believe but there are people who agree with me, I didn't mean to hurt your shipper pride by insinuating your OTP happening could be a bad thing for the story, but I also don't care. I don't want a character I respected and enjoyed go to shit because of your autism.

>>That doesn't make sense no matter how you slice it.
You're the one saying everybody agrees with you for thinking it would be annoying for Deku and Ochako to end up together when not only isn't that the case, your reasoning for it is completely asinine. You think that just because the character isn't going the way you want, not even in a negative way, just not one you want, then that means everything is ruined forever and then that ship is bad and shouldn't happen

>>he is right
>>implying it isn't you agreeing with yourself
>Grow up, faggot. A girl falls in love and you get triggered by it.

No it isn't him samefagging you lil' shit-stain. Just because someone else disagrees with you doesn't mean their all the same person, how fucking insecure are you?
And if you weren't such a dumbass, you'd know that a good writer CAN make a girl fall in love and still have her character develop decently. It's just that Hori has a fuckton of characters at the moment and he can't afford to give anyone other than Deku a special snowflake spotlight so he's currently reducing her screen time to 'muh Deku', and HOPEFULLY he will compensate for that later with a decent character development for her.
I'm still currently annoyed by it, but all I can do is trust him and wait.


>Chapter 80, when she used her Gunhead training to fight against Toga in order to protect Tsuyu.

You mean the fight were immediately after she pinned her down her crush was brought up? Come on man

what is it bro i'm listening

>Weren't you guys the ones who cried about Ochako being useless lately?
No, the people who are complaining about what you are complaining about are the ones saying she's useless. Most people are sane and want to see how Horikoshi is going to develop things over time instead of jumping to rash conclusions like what happened last time with the Bakugo is the new Sasuke idiots.

It's you faggots who immediately jumped to conclusions about how Ochako was just getting saved by Deku when the raws two chapters ago came out before it was revealed it was actually Shikatsu lady in disguise

>>And if you weren't such a dumbass, you'd know that a good writer CAN make a girl fall in love and still have her character develop decently
Then why are you rushing to conclusions about how her character is ruined and that she shouldn't end up with Deku now instead of letting things play out and see where it goes? I mean putting aside I don't even think anything bad is happening yet

Holy shit, this isn't even meme autism, this is a genuine case of you can't comprehend hyperbole.

Ok since your parent's failed you allow me to clarify. When I say "I think we can all agree" I'm not saying "Everyone in the world agrees with me on this one" I'm saying "I think the general consensus is" or "I'm hoping I'm not the only on e that thinks" It's a common american phrase.

You're free to jerk off to deku/ochako porn, bro I ain't gonna stop you, but I personally do not like this new focus for ochako's character, I think it's shit.

>When every time we see this character who we were once able to see in different lights constantly in every situation no matter how insignificant or dire thinking about this "crush" she has
see this is how we can see you're a retarded shipper, she actually had a pretty cool scene during the room competition where she showed a likable and interesting aspect of her character that had nothing to do with deku but of course this magically doesn't count

because her being her usual observant and empathetic self, a good friend to tsuyu and trying to cheer everyone up after the recent tragic events were obviously all about her crush right?

Meanwhile in fapland...

>Then why are you rushing to conclusions about how her character is ruined and that she shouldn't end up with Deku now instead of letting things play out and see where it goes? I mean putting aside I don't even think anything bad is happening yet

I didn't fucking say her character was ruined, retard.
Learn to read - What I said here was that right now her character is losing screen time WHICH IS TRUE.
I didn't say anything about the future, who knows what will happen? Hopefully a meteor will land on your head and save me from your insulting existence, until then I'm annoyed by her character getting focus solely for her crush on Deku, and I'm worried based on how fucking bad Shonen heroines can get.

>Whoa there buddy settle down, I know it's exciting when you first learn a new word but you gotta know how to use it first.
I stopped reading your post right there. It just reeks of "I don't have a real argument so I am just going to attack you".

I'm not , but I don't mind drawing some Deku x Ochako

>You don't have a real argument because I decided not to read your argument

Maybe it is best if you stay out of the discussion. You have nothing to offer.

Oh the irony.

>e" I'm saying "I think the general consensus is" or "I'm hoping I'm not the only on e that thinks" It's a common american phrase.
And I am saying that I don't think that's true at all. I think it's a vocal minority opinion that gets brought up infrequently because some people want their own pairing to happen instead of the actual one




>What I said here was that right now her character is losing screen time WHICH IS TRUE.
She lost screentime since the tournament, not just now you idiot. And none of that has something to do with her crush, it has to do with the fact that Todoroki and Bakugou are getting more focus together with different side characters.
Iida in the Stain fight, Momo, Mineta, Jirou and Kouda in the teachers fight, Shouji, Tokoyami, Tetsu and Kendou in the forest, Kaminari and Sero now.

But go on, blame everything on a crush like the fucking retard you are.

How about drawing some Toga and Shigaraki?

I just realized; is that hand pose a gesture to Takahashi? Her characters always make that hand gesture whenever they get hurt, even to this day. It's like Naoko foreshadowed Sailor Moon to be hurt it some way hahaha

>Because some people want their own pairing to happen

stahp. The people who are upset with ochako's character direction were perfectly fine with her ending up with deku before when the romantic aspect didn't interupt her actual character development. When she was just getting jealous of mei and deku geeking out during the calvary battle, it was cute and harmless, she was able to go on and have an epic fight with bakugou afterwards.

You need to get your head out of the shipping gutter otherwise you'll never understand the point we're making.

the moment when electric jesus will elevate this generic piece of trash and create some real conflict literally cannot come soon enough

no seriously grab the nearest pointy utensil and use it to repeatedly stab yourself in the jugular

Shitposters have gotten lazy haven't they?

i was never very energetic

Actually I take it back, you were actually trying too hard. All you have to do is mention bakugou and people lose their shit.

You're a lost cause.

Excuse me, but if her character development is replaced by constant bickering around Deku lately, then yeah, I'd blame it on that.

And what the fuck are you talking about?
It's been going pretty well for her until the recent stuff with Deku - She has her own reason for wanting to be a hero, she learned moves from Gunhead, USED them against Toga and 13, she got over her nausea when she floats - all of these are constant character There's also something that you're not realizing because you either haven't read any Shonen before in your life or you're just retarded - Making a heroine fall for the MC before her character is established properly enough and before she sorts her own shit out is the biggest fucking mistake Hori can make.
All character development goes out the window at that point because romance in itself takes a lot of fucking development and doing that before Uraraka's character is ready for it is fucking RISKY. That's why I was surprised to see her entering this zone so early.

don't insult my shitposting. i don't have to make up lies to rouse up the rabble-rousers, i truly place my hopes in electric jesus to save this piece of trash.

>all of these are constant character development for her*

>USED them against Toga and 13, she got over her nausea when she floats
this happend after her crush with deku started, are you actually retarded? why are you arguing against your own point?

That's some good shit. You used to do a good amount of Froppy and Deku, you just get over that pairing?
Also let me just say how much I dig this picture.

Much respect for keeping the madman arm

Ima be honest with you, because of that image, I wouldnt mind deku taking me to pound town.

Why didn't Mindfuck go to Shiketsu? That slime chick and meatball man don't have quirks to destroy robots so it means they don't have a robot destroying test at Shiketsu. Is there something special at Yuuei for him? Why go into a normal class at Yuuei instead of a hero class at Shiketsu?

Having trouble to read again I see?

I said -
>until the recent stuff with Deku
Her RECENT stuff, where all she fucking does centers around him.
I'm just assuming I'm arguing with a monkey at this point. Either go back to school and learn to read or fuck off.

There are rescue points and villain points. Not everyone in class A had robot crushing powers.

Also, while both of the schools have a great reputation Yuuei clearly has the better one. It's like between harvard and yale, both heavily praised and acknowledged but even just based on word of mouth you'd probably want to go to harvard if you had the choice

Also dude may just not live close enough to shiketsu lol.

she's always been centered around him you daft cocksucker, from her very first scene she was linked to deku and hori specifically stated he created her with the intent to have her interact constantly with him but it's only a problem now because it takes the shape of a crush?

seriously kill yourself and spare us your autism this isn't funny anymore

>>There are rescue points and villain points. Not everyone in class A had robot crushing powers.
this is just a meme. mindfuck didn't rescue shit, and rescue points weren't even revealed until the end of the test. in truth it's just a plothole and you're not supposed to think about it. there's a whole bunch of fucking losers who shouldn't have made it through the robets

I'm guessing that in your monkey mind somehow two characters interacting with one another means that it's okay for one of them to be reduced to having basically zero development? Because that would explain how you see the current events with such approval.
I'm repeating myself here so I'll break it before you in a simple way for even you to understand:
You turn Ochako into nothing more than 'muh Deku, I trust you' And we're heading towards Orihime 2.0

Hori somehow manages to lower the tone of her crush for him and go back to continuing on rounding her as character? Awesome, I'd like to see that happen.

All of the above and this entire argument does not negate from the FACT that everything she's currently doing revolves around her crush.

>she got over her nausea when she floats
>Her RECENT stuff, where all she fucking does centers around him
definitely retarded

>from her very first scene she was linked to deku and hori specifically stated he created her with the intent to have her interact constantly with him

Welp there you have it folks. apparently ochako was ALWAYS deku's fucktoy and nothing more. my mistake for thinking she had a character.

Hey, speaking of archvermin

Don't mind me, just posting best girl.

Learn the difference between naming her character development in general to pointing out a period of time in the story in which it all started tumbling down.

Enjoy your ban

is there a gallery with all his works? his deviantart and pixiv accounts haven't been updated in a while and his most recent art is nowhere to be found

What's that, can't handle a nipple and a suggestive pose?

spoiler that shit

this is a blue board.

Not him, but what recent stuff has Ochako done? She's absent from Bakugou rescue arc.

Dorm mini-arc? All she did is getting flustered during a girl talk. Which consisted of a whopping ONE scene.

Current arc? She teamed up and followed Deku? Maybe it's because Deku has time and again proved to be an above average leader and strategist? It's not any different than the cavalry battle.

Thank you for proving my point of Ochako centering completely around Deku lately?




Would she still hate him?

Of course she would.
Bakugou's dekuhate transcends all boundaries.


Well, her current character arc is about her crush on Deku. Can't be helped. While it's reasonable to worry that this "character arc" lasting forever, it hasn't even been 10 chapters since it got this noticable.

Honestly, since her situation has been getting more and more prominent, I get the feeling the climax will come soon. Given Hori's track record in not using shitty shonen tropes, I'm putting my faith in him not dragging it forever.

This thread needs more lewd

I love any image that includes an older Deku as ripped as fuck

>Tasteful nude.jpg

Ever since the whole "Bakugo is captured, he will definitely go full Sasuke" thing and the "Mineta has to fight against Midnight, he will clearly perv out and fail the test" thing (which apparently everybody forgot about), I have more faith in Hori to deliver

this one is particularly good because he's clearly more ripped but still reasonably so instead of being a man mountain like all might

he looks convincingly like an older deku


good shit

Uraraka being the mole would make her much more popular. Her parents are struggling. What if the mob villains made threats or bribes to her about them. Shes feeling guilty because it has gone to far for her. Starting to get feelings.

Too bad Assassination Classroom already did the whole 'main girl is actually the traitor' plot.

nah that'd be dumb

I feel that would completely mess up what we've seen of Ochako's character and the general outlook of positivtity she has

Also this is like the third time I've seen someone think it would be a good idea for Ochako to become an antagonist, last time was when the raws with shapeshifting girl disguised herself, someone actually thought it would have been a good idea if she betrayed Deku and eliminated him. Seriously, random side-switching doesn't immediately equal interesting plot twist.

The only reason I even think the "Kaminari is the traitor" meme could even be real is because there is a minimum of evidence that could support it. Otherwise, I don't like the idea at all

Deku will reject Uraraka

If it's because she'd wreck his boypussy then he's SoL because all the girls that have shown interest in him thus far would do the same.

Can we go back to talking about how great Kaminari was this chapter?

I don't see that happening.

1. I don't see deku turning down ochako when she throwing the pussy at him. I think people forget they aren't in some war torn world and deku isn't in a batman position of "My enemies will target my loved one" at least not yet anyway He's a high school boy in a high school setting with high school feelings, he'd have no good reason other than not liking her or liking someone else both of which don't seem true.

2. I feel that would be the nail in ochako's character coffin. With this whole "romance" thing we've only gottena big ol heaping from ochako's side to the point of alomst obsession while deku is just doing his deku thing. To add the injury to that insult to have deku turn her madman cock craving ass down would just be irreparable damage I wouldn't like to see befall her.

At this point I'd really rather her just realize her crush is something else, maybe just admiration and she moves on to really find herself.

How many chapters until he has to go dumb mode again?

Why do you people keep talking about this kind of shit like it's going to happen at any point and not either as a one off or at the end of the series? Romantic plotlines in shounen are just bait, not serious shit like in shoujo.

Man why was nobody like this when Deku was acting like a sperg around Ochako and she was the clueless one. The most I got from this plotline was thinking how funny it was that the roles were reversed

I don't know, Hori seems like the kind of guy to break that pattern. If there was going to be a long term romance in a shonen manga, I think he's the one to do it.

it's sort of embarassing how it's quite clearly supposed to be a cute harmless distraction from an author who's having fun with his narrative and here you have a gaggle of spergs treating it like it ruins the series and the characters involved

Because it has had plot significance at least twice now. and to be being addressed this early on in a non gag/sol manga meanskoshi has some sort of plan for it all.

Or it's just bait. Like I'm sure this is going to help develop Ochako's character somewhere but it's not it is going to lead to a serious confession or a deep romantic movement or some shit

In fact, why are we talking about this at all when it wasn't even in the latest chapter? The important thing this arc is trying to get a license. It's not a personal arc like that last one or the Stain one.

>and to be being addressed this early on in a non gag/sol manga
you realize end pairings in battle shonen like naruto and bleach were established in the very first chapters right

sure thing famalam





soon what?

Soon, of course

Not my fetish but eh.

Why does it have to be shitty tumblr and not good pixiv/twitter art that hasn't been posted? I feel like that would be more productive

This guy has the right idea

>when you PLUS ULTRA'D too hard

Where's the fun in that?

now this is going too far






Okay now this is starting to turn into dump shit.

We should actually talk about something or just let the thread die out

>hoshi no destiny

More like hoshi no JUST

kurogiri deserves better


I fucking hate tourney arcs.

It isn't really a tournament.

I don't.

Only when the pacing is poor

>those PS2 tier lightning effect
kek. time to replay dmc3

What's the next test gonna be?

>No one's reading it for its art
The characters look weird, but the art itself is very good.

Oda really knows how to make ugly characters look cool.

>Man why was nobody like this when Deku was acting like a sperg around Ochako and she was the clueless one

Because deku couldn't into girls in general while uraraka can't into deku specifically

Obviously civilian escort

>Because deku couldn't into girls in general
that's wrong though

He spaghetti'd at Mei recently.

I hope it's like that, just to see what that's like. Sort of like the exercise they were going to do at USJ.

>I talked to a girl
>I talked to a girl on the phone

Who's wrong?

because she fell boobs first on him

compare the early scenes of ochako getting too close to him to his first encounter with mei during the sports festival where she gets in his face, with ochako he's bright red and hides behind his arms, with mei he's just surprised

Didn't he struggle with froppy at USJ? I remember he got all flustered.

I think that was because of the first name thing but he was able to talk with her normally

Slime girl may have one of the single greatest infiltration quirks there are. Even invisible girl is useless against locked doors.

The tiniest crack or pathway and slime girl can get just about anywhere she wants.

Has there been anyone else with great infiltration perks besides Koroguri?


I imagine we will get a Kitty Pryde type hero, who can pass through solid objects, eventually.

We only assume slime girl can change size but as far as we know she can only change form

Isn't there a Class B girl with a shrinking quirk? I think she was called Yui, the one who never talks and only says "nn".

She could be half ant-man and hide from any danger or infiltrate any base.

It wasn't just shrinking, she could get bigger too.
She could sneak in, then immediately grow like 9 or 10 feet tall and crash your head like a grape

If her mass stays the same she'd actually be more deadly whilst tiny. Although that would make her getting bigger thing pretty useless so this likely isn't the case.

I fuckin love cringe threads

More like I'm deeply in love.

>pssh, nothing personnel, All Might

To be honest the series itself is a loaded to the brim with best boys and best girls.

The girls I know that follow BnHA are pretty wet for Aizawa, Bakugou, Midoriya, Kirishima, and even Endeavor (bara appeal). Bakugou is pretty up there after the anime because of how /fit/ he is in his costume during the battle trial.

We don't even need to talk about the girls. Best cast of girls in recent memory.

isnt FREE the moe for girls?

Too bad she isn't into guys, user

>Source: My hairy anus.

Tumblr is 2 blocks down, leather man.


Arcvermin, nigga, youre the beacon of hope that guides us between the darkness of gay ships and terrible ships. Keep on doing what you're doing man.. they may have the number, but we have the quality


Do you guys think that Izuku has the potential to become a face of Jump the same way that guys like Luffy, Ichigo and Naruto have?

He's going to have to grow up a bit

Also, needs a new suit badly. His current one is boring

This is absolutely not true at all



Nobody disagrees

Not unless the volumes start making it into the millions

I don't know about the growing up bit. Naruto was your typical dumb shounen protag and was the youngest starting out. Luffy is pretty similar but self aware at least. I think out of all the ones listed he's the only one with good grades.

What would his current one look like with the hood on? Has anyone bothered with fanart like that?

Kouda is best boy

>I think out of all the ones listed he's the only one with good grades.
Ichigo had good grades.


I want to fuck Deku!

no, you're reading too much into things.

God those fucking hands.

Those scars make me fucking wince.

>next chapter is a bunch of old men talking about yer olde heroics

I left Cred Forums years ago please don't take me back.

I hope the whole rescue simulation is true then.

>back in my day I'd've been saved already!

The only one I support is purple

>Implying it's not going to be about the entire class being mind broken and turned into slaves for old man cock.

They should send fat faceless old men to deal with the villains.


Why does he look like he's fucking 45?

Who is Jirou taking to the prom?

But they don't have proms in nipland.

Who is Jirou taking to the formal-dress school festival then?

I think it's going to end up being some kind of rescue exam. This is all about heroics, so having the young and old folks come in to represent hapless citizens that need rescuing would make sense.

I'm excited, cuz when people are in danger, madman Deku starts to shine.

Momo, obviously


Not sure, if there are actuall women, gay men, or trolls posting in this thread....


>gay men

Fuck off to whatever shithole you crawled from demon.


Silver, queen fujo of bnha fanart. silverstar017 I think on twitter.

Not sure if this is reference to anything.

Damn that's some cute art though. Thank you.

Jirou is my wife

Who is that semen demon? Reminds me of one of Deku's classmates in middle school.

I hope Gran Torino is in there

Maybe he's disguised as one of the test civilians but is really there to be immediately available when shit starts popping off somehow

I have a theory on best bird.

His quirk is he looks like a bird. Nothing special.

But, when he was conceived, so was a twin brother, a siamese twin brother who was absorbed into Bird Boy.

That's who Dark Shadow is. The remains of that other child manifest as a quirk. Bird's parents told him when he was old enough to understand, which is why he is emo as fuck, because he basically killed his brother trying to get born.

The reason Dark Shadow rampages at night/in darkness is because it remembers the crushing dark that is oblivion, and since he was never born nor saw light, anything bright scares him and makes him retreat.

Due to their bond, Chuuniboird can control Shadow enough, but the rage Darky feels against his brother will always mean they struggle to balance one another.

I don't get how the scars are so fucking bad. He's not even rupturing the skin when he goes PLUS ULTRA on fools.

Recovery Girl may have a great power, but her fucking surgury skills are appalling to leave scar tissue like that on kids.

I wish OfA was treated more like actual superstrength rather then just "punch hard".

Imagine Deku lifting and throwing cars around or tunneling through rock to save someone with his bare hands.

Why wouldn't he be able to do that if he trained to up the overall % of full cowl?

Put my penis in it.

Fuck that bunny hood

I wonder when we'll see full cowl 10%


Fuck you, it's cute

why is Spinner's sword so fucking awesome

Go to bed Spinner

Pretty late, but I'm assuming you'll stop by again at some point. How about that Mei molesting Deku one?

>at least another 10 chapters before something interesting happens

i want to just skip reading for the next couple of weeks but im afraid of something really interesting happening.

My question is: Even if the kids get their licenses and can legally fight back next villain, why would the public tolerate another villain attack?

The kids got dormed for their protection after the faculty and staffed prostrated themselves before the kids parents (even if the parents were weirdly all okay with it without much of a fight), All Might promised that UA would stop this sort of stuff from happening, etc.

Even if the kids are legally allowed to fight back next time- why the hell would UA not get ripped a new asshole even if no one gets hurt?

That's not the main reason they're doing it, it'll also allow the kids to go out and get some real work experience and speed up their training, which will also give them a better chance of surviving the next time they get attacked by the alliance

Work experience was never really mentioned in the reasoning for making the 1st years take the test so early- Aizawa if I recall specifically is having them do it so they can defend themselves without having to get permission if they're off school grounds.

I'm pretty sure it came up somewhere by either Aizawa or Nedzu

>even if the parents were weirdly all okay with it without much of a fight

We didn't really get to see how it went down for everyone in detail. Everyone in Class-A got parent approval but that doesn't mean every class was like that. Plus you're forgetting Deku almost didn't get in because his mom wasn't cool with it.

The idea to dorm everyone is to hinder and sniff out the traitor by controlling the traffic in and out of school. At least they believe that there was someone giving out insider information as that was the only way they could have known the students were going to the boot camp. If they nip this problem in the bud there won't be another villain attack. At least not like the one's we've seen so far.

It's a shounen man, there is going to be another villain attack.

I know that, but they don't know they're in a shounen.

How do we make uraraka more deadly with her quirk?

Really she needs a weapon, or mobility (I like the idea of putting really weak microthrusters on her costume that can run almost indefinitely- she can make herself weightless so they don't need significant power to move her).

It's a cool power but without a weapon or environmental obstacle to use she has no cool "beat the badguy with a cool move and land in a cool pose" thing which is just a shounen staple.

Like Iida you can basically turn into Sanji, which works.

It's already pretty deadly. She can slap people and send them to space, or make them fall from a mile up and splatter them over three area codes.

Also, being able to control your opponent's weight is hugely helpful for hand to hand combat. She seems to have mostly learned clinches and throws from Gunhead, and being able to make her opponents weightless means she can ignore any benefits that her opponents weight might give them. She could probably overhead throw All-Might.

In terms of upgrading her quirk, what said: by putting Iron Man-style jets or repulsors or what-have-you on her suit and making herself weightless, she could literally fly.

what if Sadrock's quirk makes him crazy strong as a consequence like Tentacle's?

How did folding paper man manage to become the fifth ranked hero again

he tried really really hard


Does she lay eggs?

If we're talking deadly, then her quirk's biggest perk is being able to manipulate huge and heavy objects. So a giant weapon only she could carry like a bigass hammer or bat would be effective. it'd also be useful in launching debris she's already touched.

But if we're talking effective for what she plans to do as a rescue hero, then her mobility should be focused on. Some like a grappling hook set may be effective at closing the distance between her and her opponent or something she needs to touch to float it. If it was modeled like a harpoon it'd also be effective at bringing objects to her too.

she lays eggs, and then she lays them onto her back as they begin to sink into her flesh

Source pls

Best girl by a fucking mile.

No contest whatsoever.

deep dope is 2nd best tho

>you will never cuddle with deku
>you will never softly kiss deku's chest and face
>you will never fall asleep to the sound of deku's breathing or his heartbeat
why live

>Battle shounen are basically moe for girls.

One of my female employees actually told me about her favourite manga and they were literally all shounen shit. Ever since that point I'm convinced that most people hating on cute girl shows and wanting more 'manime' are actually female.

>skink girl will never automotize her own head and give it to you for "personal use"

jesus autists out in force today

make hammer light until apex of swing. 500 tonnes now at the mercy of gravity.

lighten it again when ready for next swing.




Only I have the gains to rule Lylat

Is this another one of those intentionally terrible tumblr fanarts? Please tell me it is.

I don't thinks so

That is the worst fanart of my nigga Harambe I have ever seen.

Why do people do this? Like what is their justification?

Clearly you've never seen the Naru x Sasu shippers

They fetishize "uniqueness"

Oh no I found their twitter.

it's from an special chapter centered on Tsuyu, you can probably find it somewhere on fallen angels

Please delete this

Is that a potato?

Thank you based janitor. There's something left.

To this day I don't think anything has topped Naruto, Harry Potter, and Pokemon in the ludicrous number of stories there are on archive and Has anything this decade come close?

No one acts like a human in the show.
A group calls itself "villains" is most juvenile thing ever, are they 10y old?
Who is this even aimed at? Who thinks any of this is good or believable writing?

>Complaining about anime on Cred Forums

I dunno? Kids?

>lets make a braindead show that only kids can enjoy but fill it oversexualized girls so adults can masturbate to it

If you didn't notice the guy running that group isn't the most mature individual and is called a manchild. It's even treated as pretty weird in-universe, but that's beside the point when the whole thing is trying to be as classic cape as you can make a shounen.

Even the main villain or the doctor called it a bad name and were like "good thing we went under that stupid name"

Plus when were superhero comics/manga ever different? Everyone is wearing colorful costumes, yell out attack names and give silly codenames for themselves. I am not sure what's your problem.

Dumping a mini-mango about Watermelon Game

Are you just now aware that parent service is a thing? It happens in the west too.




>Plus when were superhero comics/manga ever different?
American cartoons have the design down to science, where the endgame is a pg13 blockbuster movie.

I feel theres just lack of balance in jap superhero, itd end up like shinsekai yori where the superpowers would end up destroying the society and end up as a dystopia.

And that's it.

>Manga in a kids magazine is aimed at kids

>deku and tsuyu

And some Gravitits

Honestly, everyone bitches about shounen stuff having powercreep or asspulls but cape comics are a thousand times worse. Comic Books movies just filter out some of the bullshit.

How did she get those pictures?

The Flash doesn't shout out attacks. He just says shit like "let's boogie".

The shouting out attacks thing is really more video game influence than anything else at this point.

I guess you're an anime-only shittter? That was explained in the manga.

No I'm talking about in shounen in general.

Flash used to be cool.
Back when speed force was just this cool as fuck thing that let him do all kinds of shit.
Was so successful that they turned a character that was a big goddamend joke into one of the coolest yet not broken characters in DC.
But when the faggots who wanted their 1970s boyhood hero back they dumped all of that cool stuff and started pulling absolute retardation like that in a desperate attempt to give their boyhood hero relevance.
Completely fucking sank the entire world in DC like nothing good came from it.

I mean in terms of how they present themselves. Pg13 blockbuster movie is how some of these American cartoons present themselves but that really doesn't hide some of the silly shit (in some cases silly by typical shounen standards) that's in it. From a certain angle you can say shounen knows what it is and doesn't feel the need to hide it. Both have their pros and cons.

>American cartoons have the design down to science, where the endgame is a pg13 blockbuster movie.
>Deadpool slicing 50 men, playing football with a head and doing a terrorist attack on a highway
>Tony Stark can build his first Iron-Man suit from garbage in some terrorist hideout
>Some billionaire who trained his body can keep up with 3 aliens who can fly, shoot lasers and destroy whole cities
>down to science
>pg 13
Yeah, sure.

I'm sure he was talking about Marvel.

Also Deadpool is an exception due to it being a passion project not just a cash in.

>talking about Marvel

Well he did mention the film that kick started the rest of the MCU.

>Ironman isn't formulaic
>Literally established the MCU formula

When is the next manga coming out?
There is literally nothing left to read...dammit.

It usually comes out on Thursday although last week it was a day early.

What's funny is the OVA is going to push it a bit more.

push what these pairings?

>Calling Kirishima over like he's a dog.
I don't know why that's so funny to me.

OTPs sell to fujos.

I genuinely don't understand where this Bakugou Uraraka shipping is coming from.

They have very shota like faces, you're just into little boys.

From cucks.

did I miss the thread for this?

>pushing your own personal ship at the end of the comic

well it needs it, because for the moment it barely has a third of the amount of fanarts tsuyu x aizawa has on pixiv

This is the price you pay for ship content. Only shippers make this sort of stuff, but they're, well; shippers.

Because you're a dumb bitch.

Is that the most popular tsuyu ship?

Nah, it's definitely AizawaxPresentMic

Not that great and it will end next month like all the other Giga manga so it's not a great loss.

by far yeah

These guys are really bad at being vigilantes.

Pop Step is kinda hot though.

It actually turned out better than expected. I didn't have a lot of hopes because the introductory short looked meh, but the characters are interesting so far.

The paneling looks stiff though. The artist look like he's trying to do the cape comic feel, but he doesn't seem really relaxed with it

Pretty good, as spin off comics go.

Pop Step porn when

>throwaway comment about a potential power drug trade arc
>it happens in a spin off

Next best thing I guess.

>makes her tits weightless
>you actually get those unrealistic boob physics from every other anime
Is Uravity a dream girl or what?

But with it already having anime physics, wouldn't that give her boob jiggle physics a x4 modifier?

Her tits are attached to her body, so she'd make herself float entirely, dumbass.

I hope that the drug has some relation with AFO.

Dekumom spotted

Not bad actually. I expected worse, turned out pretty nice.

I'm working on it.

He split his entire arm open against Muscular.

Source on the chapter ?

You have no idea how wounds work. Physical damage to skin, muscle, bones, and tendens. There is only so much surgery can do. Physical trauma to the body is not pretty. Deku should be so lucky he has functioning hands.

Read the thread

Except the movies are the only part that are remotely successful. The Cred Forums part is absolute garbage and One Piece manga (not merchandise) alone outsells 1/3rd of the comic book industry in America if you exclude movies.

It has nothing to do with the genre getting it down to a science, as hollywood has been progressively stealing more and more weeb shit like GiTS because there simply isn't any creativity left when they can just mooch off people's works by making a 3DPD trailer trash version and make millions.

It has nothing to do with capeshit being good at writing. To begin with those movies have shit writing, it's just entertaining because the guys making it are willing to shill out the dough needed for decent looking CGI and special effects.

Most people who watch those block busters during the first 4 weeks don't even remember half the movie or characters considering there are so many of them. It's like remembering what you fucking ate going out to eat with friends every week for years.

Isn't Recovery Girl's Quirk not straight out healing but rather accelerating the body's natural healing ability? It would make sense for scars to remain if that was the case.

There is already if I recall

Literally retarded

True, but even so the scars for that sort of surgery should run parallel with the arm as opposed to perpendicular. She's more of a butcher than a doctor.

To be fair those two are not Vigilantes, only Knuckleduster is

The dudes arm literally exploded. I mean we get it apparently you want people to believe you know your shit, maybe you're a nurse or something aand you've seen one surgery and think you know exactly how every surgery of that caliber is supposed to go. but ffs, the injury was severe as shit and unorthodox methods had to be used to repair it. I think you can cut some people some slack if repairing an arm that pretty much had a bomb inside for having some irregular scars.