Danganronpa 3

Will there be a miracle?

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First for Mukuro has no boobs

If meta knowledge is anything to go by, yes, probably. Without taking that into account, probably not.

W-We'll get a happy end, right?

Have hope, and do not despair!

Things will get better


>Punched Naegi so hard Rihanna playing sticks and stones
>Knee'd the fuck out of Anxiety fag and makes niggers drop faster than the Detroit police department
>Went one on one with the Gozuboys
>Rekt Hinata so hard he turn Izuru
>100% accuracy rate in Olympic chair throwing, that one miss on Kirigiri was just to flex his muscles and check dat ass
>Went full ham on the old man and crew just to get his kick quota fulfilled
>Roundhousekicks the everlasting shit out of Monaca's puppet
>Too busy punching manlets, so some mentally deranged kid blows up half the school
>Great try, but no normalfags died
Fucking reeeeee
>Tried to kill the donut but jobbed again
>Survived 2 missile barrages by some random ass cripple in a wheelchair
>Called out Monokuma's bluff with his cameras, recording his mad-ass pecs and didn't give a fuck in general about any of these plebians
>Became the world champion in boxing, declaring himself to be best with bare hand combat before even leaving high school
>Too Alpha to mess with the bitches and instead neglects his own feelings as being the third wheel to protect his friends no matter what
>Only took a 2 episode rest before kicking the shin of everyone again
>Took a fucking spear to the shoulder, impaled into a wall and shrugged it off like it was just a mosquito bite
>Seduced by Ruruka's sweets, but who gives a shit, our boy definitely doesn't. Fuck candy and fuck that whore, time to get her killed via NG
>Kicks the riot down with the power of flaming fists and thousands of normies
>Crawling to safety as we speak! :v(
>Has enough consideration to the normies to at least use them as a coatrack
>Even at the world's end, he was still gunning for a piece
>such a straight forwarded bro, he bends his own sexuality



PS:Normalfriends and Chiakifriends need not apply to based Juzo
Patience is the way to find out, my friend.

First for Despair Arc was a mistake, Sato was SHSL Archer and it got retconned, Cred Forums is livid at me for literally no reason

I hurt myself today
To see if I still feel
I focus on the pain
The only thing that's real

For Chiaki? No.

She's brown bread. Just accept it already.

I want to see post-SDR2 Izuru break down in front of her or her grave in Mirai-hen.

Reporting in, brother!

I am hoping for the best, there will be a happy ending!

Please just let this die. It's clear neither side is going to give an inch. For the sake of not shining the thread, let it go.

I just want a huggu.


>episode 10 united Kirigiri pals, Juzoboys, and Chiaki friends

Wow, miracles DO happen

I feel like this is the case, the scene with Izuru at the end only confirmed that she somehow survived that shit and he's going to save her. If it just ended at her body falling to the ground bleeding out and we never saw her again, then yeah I'd count her dead. But then that Izuru scene happened.

She appears in Future.

Who's the best girl for femdom?

And why is it Junko?

Literally on the playlist I'm listening to right now

She is a complete fucking bitch and Mukuro deserves better.

Switch red twin-tails and blue twin-tails and you got a list.


There has to be. All that talk about miracles from Junko has to confirm DR2 cast waking up completely and Hajime regaining his memories if any of that is up in the air. I just hope he doesnt act too much like Izuru and is mch more proactive with people. This scene got me worried for a little bit with the tsumaranai.

REMINDER that Despair arc retconned both Sato being SHSL Archer and Natsumi being SHSL photographer and people will defend this hack writing.

Not yet, anyway.

>not bondage junko

Ninja shuriken ribbon girl is cute. any more art of her?

Even I have to admit it's Junko, if only we could reduce her psychotic personally.


Let's hope Junko is wrong about miracles for a second time

unfortunately not that i know of user, but there is some of all the girls


Theres already a photographer

>we didn't get piles and piles of rekt ships when Jabberwock finally showed up again

Reminder to vote in this very important poll.

She is going to be the new Saionji/Ruruka

please r8 no hate
Hopebot is the wildcard I.E. Mukuro/Chiaki

She's so beautiful.

The Joke was about that user saying that Sato was the SHSL archer for being in the archery club.

I like her, but Kirigiri is the only dead girl for me.

Because she's best waifu.

Mahiru is the SHSL Normie

Rate my cast

I'll believe.

I thought she was doing some sort of ninja pose there (plus she has those sandals), but now that I look she might just be being smug.

I like Saionji and Ruruka a lot so I don't mind anyway

Yep, being ditched for over a year then the guy you were waiting for was with another woman brainwashing your classmates and teacher into lunatics. Oh don't forget was involved in you getting tortured for 10 mins and dying altogether.

How the fuck does someone decide to do shit like this and not cringe? Fucking hell

I do like it when the swirly eyes show up.

>Brown slut
>Killing someone
Most of those VA's are expensive. They'll most likely won't go for an expensive bunch like that.
I'm asking myself more about why you'd spend time looking for a VA cast.

I hope Gundham 2.0 is cool, I like that pose.

Is her head backwards?

Swap shuriken and brown, and then you got the right answer.

So will DRV3 finally drop the "Hope vs Despair" Bullshit? I think even Kodaka realized how stupid it is with having 2 protagonists choose neither and having monaca say she didn't wanna become someone like Junko/Komaeda

>They'll most likely won't go for an expensive bunch like that.

You're kidding, right?

People have no much time on their hands.

Reminder that the girl who died first at the first killing game was in the same place as Chiaki.
Only difference is the sadism between Mukuro and Junko.

>Mask guy is a chuuni
>Naoto looks to be the inquisitive one
>Maid will be the bitch who diagrees with you always
>Muscle bro is obviously dead because fuck look at him he's too precious


My nigga. I thought i was the only one, hopefully she is just being smug though

Why would I be kidding? You're talking about a man who hired an expensive VA for a giganigger with 2 lines, while hiring less expensive ones for characters that have tons of lines. Also:
>No Ogata
Nice meme already.

>not Voiced by ogata
it's shit

Dead or alive, best girls are eternal.

Naegi-kun, it seems my panties are wet.


I'm not that user But DR's star-studded casts are a huge sell factor.

I couldn't really give him that much importance even in spite of that. I knew he was a good guy, he just didn't stand out very much at all. Akane's an even worse example.

It's a bit annoying that they've relegated a good chunk of the characterization to the FTEs, especially since many of them really deserve it.

Well, you should take them off then - you don't want to catch a cold.

I think it's probably some sort of martial arts stance.


Juzo is a fucking faggot.

Girls who have died twice shouldn't be talking.

>Brown killing/not being a suvivor
>No suicide/sacrifice

It's like 50/50 though. Half of them are ones that have names, but to expect an entire cast existing out of big VA's is unrealistic. Also expecting Ogata to not show up is something I don't buy given her role in the DR franchise.

S is supposed to be better than A, right?

That's rich coming from the guy who likes the most ded girl.

Izuru remembered a little of Hajime. Save her Izuru! Be her miracle!

stop the presses

Reminder to filter tripfags and stop giving them attention.


don't bully him

Leave it to me.

I don't think Izuru was a factor in Junko's class 77 decision. The worst he did was... not doing anything. Not like he needed too, Chiaki was nobody to him.

i dunno man, ogata's legacy as komaeda is going to be hard to beat, they might not risk giving her another role


>danganronpa year 2016
>not hoping

Apply yourself youngling



Why is he so sexual?

Rate my taste.

Izuru injuring Junko sent her to the hospital, where she met Mitarai. She might not have ever gotten her brainhack video without that incident and thus, be able to make Chisa and Mikan bring Chiaki to the dungeon.

It's the permanent scowl.

Don't confuse people. Sayaka-chan is different from the dumb idol Sayaka. Sayaka-chan came back to life anyway.

>no panel of her being all over him

I'm talking about the magical girl, can you count how many times she died?
If you love her you should be able to answer that.

Why does no one talk about the DRV3 Trailer's OST? I thought it was pretty rad, pretty hyped up for it.

Honestly, all of V3's male characters are top class. Let's hope their personalities keep up.

>no ogata
It's shit.

>people seriously think that there'll be a miracle


It's almost like you can't get a good read on people unless you spend quality time with them one-on-one, just like in real life.

he's exerting beauty in that screen

Izuru saved her but because of the trauma is locked in a coma. Izuru wrote her off as 100% never waking and left flowers for her but after he fused with Hajime and believes in MIRACLES, he takes class 77 to her coma pod and she wakes up. He sits outside near where the fountain was while the others suck her dick and he tries to figure out what he'll say to her. And has a long talk with Nagito about the future. Maybe if Hajime and Nagito become true friends, his luck will be canceled out and he no longer needs to suffer. Credits.

It's truth v.s. lies this time, I think.

Might also have punishment v.s. rehabilitation as a theme too.

We haven't heard enough of it to talk. But I'm glad we're getting jazz. Reminds me of DRAE's soundtrack.

I'd like at least one of those to be true

>No kiss/hug scene

Man, next Future episode is going to be one massive solution infodump, isn't it?

We'll get a glimpse of the true enemy^TM at the end.

I think your keyboard needs fixed, user.

Yeah it'll be hard to beat, but she can pull it off. Ogata can always step it up a notch, knowing how she did Kumagawa as well and how she's also able to do roles like Naegi.

Technically only once as the Universe was completely rewritten and even then her soul went and existed inside God and was able to depart from her when needed. However, the end of Rebellion showed that she was now completely alive.

Chiaki on the other hand was killed in real life and then somehow some people made an AI program of her and then they killed that version too. There's no hope for her to magically come back to life since she was the Ultimate Gamer and not the Ultimate Magical Girl.

The real miracle is the amount of OC that came form this show.


So what was the point of letting Chiaki think she could escape the game via a final door when there was no escape to begin with? Wasn't Junko supposed to always leave a chance for her plans to fail; shouldn't there have been a way for Chiaki to win? It's obvious they just shoehorned Chiaki's death in there because they had to; none of this fits Junko's MO as a benevolent gamemaster at all.

>reddit spacing
>low quality trolling
>a junkofag

You seem to forget that Male Madoka is right next to her.
Good taste btw,Sayaka is my favorite with Kyoko

Not on executions

Don't be silly.

>we still need to know about Togami, Hajizuru and friends
I'm afraid about how this is going to end

Junko is a cheating bitch, if you played DR1 you should know this.

I know Chiaki is a horny cunt but 2 years of being in a coma and she's going to have questions and some trauma.

But now that I think about it, it was those 'sorry classmates' and Hinata-kun who ended up destroying Junko's plans in SDR2. So who knows? Maybe, just maybe, they really can create a miracle.

Give her one last feeling of hoping before literally breaking her heart. It's like how you finish a difficult fight in an rpg only for the boss to have a one last bullshit move to wipe your party.

Fake exits are a thing in video games. And since that door had an ostentatious "GOAL" on it, I'd say it was one of them. Their purpose is to trick the player and give them hope that they made it, and then crush it. I'm sure there was an actual exit somewhere; Chiaki just didn't reach it.

You're forgetting that she's technically dead, given she's the right hand to "god" in the form of Madoka and that Sayaka herself is not alive in a way that she's able to be as she'd once normally be. But Madoka logic and off-topic so I'll leave it at this so we can avoid bullshit with mods and derails.

In this case it feels more like they don't reveal enough in regular group interactions, quite unlike in real life.

Post your face when 3 last episodes get delayed

C'mon, trap door is the oldest trick in the gaming book. "Oh no, this door saying it's good has a trap behind!". If she had ducked when opening, she would have survived.

If Hajime was able to bring Chiaki back, that would be the best thing ever. Somehow I highly doubt that's going to happen. There's rarely a happy ending with these stories.

We'll discuss this at a later date.

I'm so fucking positive Ogata will voice HopeBot, probably some sort of voice synthesizer to make her sound robotic.

No there wasn't, the anime staff didn't think that far.

>Haijizuru and friends
Will get 10 seconds of offscreen dialogue as the stinger for the epilogue in Mirai episode 12
Dies offscreen, we will see his memorial
Revealed and defeated in 15 minutes via deus ex machina (which will happen offscreen and then immediately switch to a 10 year timeskip)



>Junko supposed to always leave a chance for her plans to fail
Didn't you post the exact same thing last thread?

Why does Munkata hate gays enough to kill Juzo because he is one?

As far as Chiaki goes, I have blind faith we will get a happy end.
For Kirigiri, I bet cure w will save her as well as that guy in the 2nd episode. The effects just take a while to kick in.

Most of the FTE conversations are quite personal, stuff like that simply doesn't pop up in group conversations unless you have a group of really touchy feely sharing type people

Despair rinnegans are hot


How many times do we have to repeat that he's not a robot and is actually wearing a powersuit?

Reminder to all Chiakifriends, Kirigiribros, and Chisapals that this will have a happy ending.

I'd better get my weekly dose of Hinata-kun next episode.

Why didn't they opt for 13 episodes at least? Or heck, they could have just cut down on the Ruruka infodumping and had an extra episode worth of material.

At least then they wouldn't be so absurdly short on time.

She thought there would be a cut scene before the trap activated. She didn't realize the door was basically a mimic.

I'm halfway through Souda's now. His, along with about half the others I've gone through thus far, really aren't that personal.

Reminder that less than two weeks after this scene happened, Kirigiri died because Naegi killed her. So much for miracles and happy endings.

Kodaka said you should treat him as a robot character anyway, though.

For real though, I wonder how Munakata would have reacted if Juzo didn't accept Junko's deal

Why are this two so similar?

>Same hair, different side, really long
>Sailor Uniforms
>Same eye pattern

I want to cum inside the new brown girl so badly.

>Muscle bro is obviously dead because fuck look at him he's too precious

He is best boy and I will protect that smile.

>There will never be a Dangan SRPG, Fighting Gane, or Multiplayer Killing Game simulator
I adore the mainlines but I just want fangames....

yuno, why

>Kirigiri died


Kyoko's junko vessel though she's not dead

Wasn't Junko's blackmailing more of a one-way street though? I'm pretty sure if Juzo didn't accept she would've had the Reserve kids murder him.

>Suprised that a Seiji Kishi show has a rushed ending

>Danganronpa fighting game never
>Danganronpa Q never
>Danganronpa dancing all night never

Most of them including Souda's don't get really personal until the very end.
Although I'm not sure how you think "my father would regularly beat me" is something you casually bring up in a group context unless you're someone like Akane.

So what do you all think of Danganronpa V3's Protagonist?

I want to watch an entire movie based around the entire DR2 cast being tortured to death and manually mindhacked.

Seriously, the 12 minutes of Chiaki being tortured was probably the best Zetsubou-hen has offered thus far. Not that that's saying much.

I don't like that most of the V3 girls are wearing uniform-ish outfits. Variety is more fun.

Hopebot's sprites show he has a very serious, hotblooded personality. I honestly can't see her voicing a character like that.

This is the correct answer. The entire thing was her execution, and those are final. Naegi motherfucking Makoto only survived his execution because of his luck/a miracle, and he only survived his filthy purgatory thanks to purple noodle waifu.

>Kirigiri died
>it was Naegi's fault
How wrong can one man be?


So we can throw as much shit on as big of a wall as we can before V3 comes out and we'll all probably be wrong, but something tells me we're going to see Hopebot sliced in half via teleporter, or at least someone fucked up like that. Also, although this might b the intention, I really want Black and Red-chan to survive. She's my favorite out of the new girls (with Kaede and Loli Witch being runner ups for second, though Loli is most definitely fucking dead).

I kinda wanna remain fresh like I did for SDR2, but I know as soon as the CGs are out I'm gonna look at them and read spoilers.

Kaede looks cute, abeit a little plain.
Alolan Aoi is the one whose gimmick I really want to find out!

and some user in an earlier thread was complaining about how it was unnecessary. people like this guy are why they put all this torture porn into dr3

But she didn't kill anyone to get an execution, just like what happened to Naegi.


Black twintails and sailorfuku are both staples of anime character design.
It doesn't really matter that both are used for two different character (and aviator Junko) as long as the silouhettes and the color scheme are different.

I swear yet another reason I need to learn Nip is for the Non-H doujins and Pixiv art

>Both have beauty spots

> Mahiru manages to look away from the monitor.
> Still mindhacked and goes right back to looking at it.

Based writing.

> Junko says that the SDR2 cast are all 'extras' in SDR2.
> They're literally all extras in the arc based around them, except for Izuru.

My sides.

>bottom right

Those skirts are too short.







Right has bigger tits and looks sluttier, these are very important distinctions in waifu design.

You think being a symbol of hope isn't guilty by death for a despair lunatic like Junko?

That's true, and that is the mastermind breaking the rules (something Junko absolutely wanted to avoid in DR1 due to the broadcast). However, that only applies to Naegi; he was part of a game that had rules.

Chiaki was part of no game and there were no rules. She was tortured and murdered in order to corrupt her friends. There was never any way out for her to begin with.

can class 77 being a collective fuck up get any funnier?

She killed Hinata by making him become Izuru when she refused to accept him for being a normie and spent every waking moment of their time together reinforcing how she has the Ultimate Gamer talent.

I don't see Kaede in the picture you are showing me though. Is she behind HOPEbot?
I doubt it, be cause he is a manlet and all, but no harm done in checking...

>Not an extra

This is the most retarded post in the thread.

>gave Chiaki an excessively long and torturous execution sequence that no other character in the entirety of the series has had
DUDE DESPAIR aside, or maybe because of it, did Junko have a thing for her personally? Like how she gave Matsuda a terrible agonizing death and kicked him until he was a bloody pile of meat even though she loved him?

Well, what is it?


It's like a car accident on the freeway; you can turn away for a few seconds but the excitement and the adrenaline and all of the sounds you won't hear anywhere else will make you snap your neck around again.

>Kaede looks cute, abeit a little plain.
This is Danganronpa. All of the MCs look plain.


>She killed Hinata by making him become Izuru when she refused to accept him for being a normie
That is precisely the opposite of what happened.
It's like other than her SHSL talent you swapped Chiaki for Juzo.
Boy, how surreal would it be hearing Juzo say "Hinata-kun"?

I hate this stupid pose even more now.

Giantdad Junko when?

off by 4... such despair...

You were so fucking close. Do you feel the despair?

But they all were extras including Hinata, until the miracle happened and AI Chiaki came back from the dead to kick start the reversal. Junko basically would have won if the glitch never happened.

Why else would Hinata feel so inadequate next to her? We know from Chiaki beating Souda in SDR2 that she's not the type of person to go easy on other people. Imaging being Hinata, being dragged to play games with Chiaki every day and every single day she crushes him completely, no matter the game. No wonder he looked up to talent so much and thought he could never match up to her. Chiaki basically turned Hajime into Izuru.


>naegi didnt tap this in time

Maybe it's the fact she is wearing a uniform she has obviously outgrown years ago, but I don't think Komaru looks plain.
The AHOGE is a symbol of status


This is a Kyouko I did not have before. Post more Kyoukos.

What is this, a picture of my waifu for ants??

> even though she loved him?

It's the opposite. She especially tries to kill people that she loves because it'd cause her maximum despair and grief.

It's also why she keeps trying to kill her sister in 3, and the reason why she killed Mukuro in DR1. Even in IF, Junko tells her that she loves her, which is her way of cutting ties.

The despair of a barely missed get...will surely lead to immeasurable hope next time!




Junko even keeps her notebook with crappy matsuda drawings in it to despair at and relive killing him

>Gloves on during sex



Fucking ruined

>there are people right now who think Kirigiri is actually dead


I didn't find anything in a better resolution, pal.

I said "or maybe because of it".

It's not Chiaki fault for being so attractive that even girls fall for her.

> There are people right now who think she's not Junko's vessel

>looking at drawings of your dead boyfriend you created in your childhood

I want huggy huggy Junko.

>Why else would Hinata feel so inadequate next to her?
It's call inferiority complex user

Hajime wasn't childish enough to resent his friend for beating him at games. His insecurities don't pemeate iinto his friendships.

Kirigiri is 100% dead, if she isn't then Episode 10 was a complete waste of time and Munakata has no reason to bond with Naegi.
Also, we know that Juzo is alive because we never saw his body, unlike literally everyone else so far.

why are you people still this delusional, like you guys should of realized by now the bottle wasnt a cure for the poison it was something making her immune to the sleep time allowing her to solve the mystery before her death.

kirigiri is fucking dead already you retards, the survivor count didnt go down cause miaya wasnt human in the first place while the other 2 counts are for hagakure and togami.

>implying death
>impying he won't absolutely devastate that purple puss the instant they finish this shitty survival game
They've come really close to confessing to one another. Loving sex is only a matter of time.
>inb4 their baby is born with bacon hands

I was going to anyway, but no worries m8


Can you imagine the reaction? It gets revealed that she's alive but she's actually Junko and they have to kill her again.

yeah but he'd still be too late to tap that, like her face is kind of fucked up now due to the poison.

>Kirigiri is 100% dead, if she isn't then Episode 10 was a complete waste of time and Munakata has no reason to bond with Naegi.
Why? Chisa is alive too, and she will be healed and get her REAL smile back. Thus, both boys get their waifus back.

See you next episode.
Better screencap your posts so you don't forget how BTFO you were.

If Chisa is alive, then who died in Episode 1 to lower the survivor count?

yeah but he'd still be too late to tap that, like her face is kind of fucked up now due to the poison.

oh god are we gonna have to put up with some disgustingly cheesy scene where naegi says he still thinks kirigiri looks beautiful even with a fucked up face

... Good to see you started Danganronpa, but there is a 3 in the title so I'd suggest playing the games before watching this one, even if one of the arcs is a prequel.
Hinata always admired HPA and talent, before even coming to HPA even. He was finally getting over it before being beaten to a pulp by some raging faggot who fed him some Disney villain bullshit.

I'm sure Izuru can make some kind of medicine to fix that.

The 16th participant.

or Weedman counts and he 'died' when he got shoved out of the game.

Ogata said that Juzo is dead.
I agree that Kirigiri being alive make EP9 and 10 pontless and a waste of time. Escially now that we only have two episodes left.

Whats there to be blown out about, episode 10 confirmed kirigiri was dead as fuck you delusional waifufag. The one up in the air is juzo

I doubt she completely crushed him. There was that one time where she could tell he wasn't focused during one of their games. If she noticed that, then his skill must at least be adequate.

The 16th survivor is Kirigiri's second personality, Junko. No one said that the counter was counting people, just 'survivors'. We Seacats now.

Heck, Kirigiri even kills Chisa in the explanation of the rules, and there's ridiculous amounts of foreshadowing in that direction. There's even something from the last episode that implies that Naegi might have to put his waifu down with his own two hands.

Prove me wrong.

Huggy huggy her till she kills ya man

I really wish I could find a place for you, but there's practically no space left at all. Oh well.

>implying he wouldn't tell her he loves her as she is/even more
You are severely underestimating just how kind and pure this protagonist is. He'd kiss the left side of her face without a second thought (at least after getting used to the change.)

My one regret in life is that I can no longer add retarded butthurt posts to the collection.

ogata also said kirigiri was dead, same for aoi, she cant be trusted. Juzo is very likley alive.

Y'know, although this shouldn't be the case at this point, but I would love for the Survivor Count to actually be completely fucking wrong. At this point we know for sure that like 11 people are totally dead, but I feel like they could do some insane unreliable narrator stuff with the Survivor Count if they wanted to (assuming the 06 isn't a lie already). But I feel like its too late for that.

Why are people wishing for asspulls to happen?
Seriously, from now on, whenever you call Kodaka a hack, you need to say whether or not you wanted Chiaki and/or Kirigiri to be asspulled back to life

Ogata admitted she was just speculating and didn't actually know anything about the plot. She also said Asahina was dead.

I hate this gesture.

>I agree that Kirigiri being alive make EP9 and 10 pontless and a waste of time
It's not. Tricking the mastermind into believing she's dead will probably prove to be of some importance.

> we know that Juzo is alive because we never saw his body

Are you dumb? The reason we haven't seen his corpse is because knowing that he's dead with 6 survivors remaining, and Ruruka 100% dead, means that Kirigiri HAS to be alive.


I want to marry Sonia!

I'm not saying naegi wouldnt still like her, im saying he missed the opportune time to hit that shit, honestly what took him all this time to even admit he likes her? Did he really have to wait for her to potentially die to not deny it.

>Juzo's still alive and will only die after punching Munakata
>Kirigiri's dead so the counter went down
>the 16th participant is Junko's personality in Kirigiri's body who will get up because she took Cure W
>Seiko managed to save someone but that someone is Junko
Can't wait.

Tumblr, Twitter and Reddit would be on fire and the junko tag would be fill of hate but man the fan arts would be glorious. People already dropped danganronpa over chiaki's death. I think we've even would see some weebs killing themselves

>wanting to marry used goods

So everyone agrees that Future side is better than Despair side
Or as how Cred Forums would put it, Despair side is worse than Future side

Don't ask for logic from the waifufags, and don't ask for Kodaka to not be a hack.

Naegi walked past Gekkobot, so if Juzo was dead, his body should've also been nearby.

They'll just make the excuse that the story is already ruined so they might as well bring them back.

When it's with someone you love there is no opportune time to hit it, any time is the best time.


Yes,it is, you don't need all the flashbacks and emotional shit to trick the mastermind to think that you are dead.
Is just a waste of time if she is alive.

theres plus all that forshowing to her left eye and the poison. her eye in naegi's dream is a combination of purple and blue when she says "This is Reality"

Then why did they bother showing Miaya's remains but not Juzo's? That way both cases could be settled.

>Munakata is trapped in a hall of monokumas and mirrors, and must successfully determine which are real and which aren't. Naturally, Munakata's solution is to just slice everything and carve his own way out, but he is out witted by a monokuma that hides where he least expects it.
>Ruruka is sent down into a candy shop. With the rest of the FF watching from behind the shop window, she is stretched, pulled, and manipulated until she becomes dewicious taffy.
>Mitarai wakes up in a picaresque field with a familiar maiden standing with her back turned. Confused, he turns around- he is actually on a stage, separated from the audience by means of a glass pane, and the girl is a monokuma in a wig and dress. The audience is made up of despairified loons that came to see a show. While being forced to act out a scene with this monokuma and staring the fruit of his works in their agitated faces, the audience becomes impatient and proceed to break the fourth wall, and Mitarai's bones, themselves.
>Seiko sits at a dolled up table with several deserts and drinks labeled "eat me" and "drink me". Monokuma holds her head in place as Seiko is forced to eat the entire course of sweets, with of several of them growing her, shrinking her, or turning her different colors. The more she is forced to shovel into her mouth, the more effects seem to take place at once, until the course is finished and her mouth foams from food drug overdose.
>Juzo is boxed into a ring and strapped to a sandbag. A group of Monokuma kids treat him like a piñata and punch, kick, and brain him until "candy" comes out. Either that, or he's attached to a device, with an opposing monokuma strapped to a similar one, and the two duke it out until Juzo's head comes flying off.

I think they're coming back precisely because he is a hack

to be fair though, ogata is speculating but with juzo it was less speculation and more her saying Junichi Suwabe had finished all his lines for future arc at that episode. Thats why she knows juzo is actually dead. While id love the memes munakata has actually been pretty consistent when he killed people that they were actually dead.

Mostly, yeah.
I only watch Despair to keep up with you guys and in case something Future-relevant happens.

Chisa should stay dead, but if Kodaka killed off Kirigiri permanently in a stupid way like that, then he IS a hack. Really, the only way to fix this show is to make it that Kirigiri was alive and was faking her death to fool the mastermind. Otherwise it's forced drama and emotional manipulation.

Have you hailed our queen lately?

Will be Glorious my friend

I didn't post Mikan.

different hallways, juzo and munakata walked for a while before munakata killed juzo

There is nothing wrong with Kirigiri dead.
Is agood parallel to DR1 case 5.

You know, I kind of wish that dream at the start of Mirai 6 wasn't a dream.

The shitstorm would be ridiculous having Kirigiri die unceremoniously.

its funny how this swapped from the start, people shat on future but praised despair.

funny how we call kodaka such a hack when the side of the anime he wrote is the entertaining as shit one while the one he didnt write is the one with more problems.

Already done.

Why would we? Hajizuru likes boats

Sonia is thiccer than this, part of her appeal is that she's gloriously curvy.

I disagree, Kirigiri being still alive would make EP9-10 forced drama and emotional manipulation.

>No one said that the counter was counting people
See this? It means people.

For one, it's because I want a happy ending, but for another both of their deaths were pretty poorly done. Kirigiri suddenly and promptly died, and Chiaki got a traumatizing gorefest 3000 death with the villain directly baiting her into hoping for a miracle, and begged for her beloved to save her. To have her simply die after that just doesn't feel right to me.

>juzo is still alive but just doesnt talk at all cause munakata kills him immediatly before he could speak
>kirigiri really was dead
>survivor count now down to 5

how would you react

>in 48 hours or so, we get the twists within twists within twists mindfuckery

Please don't fuck this one up

How big will the shitstorm be if KiriJunko or one of the equally 'crack, but somehow reasonable' theories are true?

It's just delusions and/or wishful thinking. Anons simply want to be right at this point, it's almost complete desperation. As time goes on, more and more people seem to be catching on to the idea that the main heroine MIGHT survive, something that is clear to see to any user whose spent more than 1 hour indulging in stories and wallowing in cliches. We basically have truth bullets at this point that will be fired directly at any moron the instant she comes back (assuming she does, gotta consider all possibilities).

There's been a complete reversal in power between the two parties. Kirigirifags are no longer on the run, and now it's the shitposters backstepping 10 miles a minute. When the reveal comes, regardless of the outcome, you can guarantee that there is going to be a shitstorm of legendary proportions.

>forced drama
Now there's a buzzword I haven't seen in a while.

>but if Kodaka killed off Kirigiri permanently in a stupid way like that
Her death was a good way of showing her development during the series.

She's thiccer than that indeed.

>implying Kohacka won't end with yet another cliffhanger

Not if Chisa is revealed to still be alive.

Every day until she becomes real.

Mukuro is best girl

I didn't mean Naegi specifically having to walk past it. They could have just shown Juzo lying there dead, or have Munakata flashback to killing him so we get confirmation.
Or better yet, just had Munakata stab Juzo through the heart in the first place so it wouldn't be left ambiguous.

Anyone have THAT one Komaeda vid?

1-5 Despair was better than 1-5 Future. The minute Junko stepped foot on Hopes Peak despair went pants on head retarded. If it wasn't for the SDR2 cast I probably would have just stopped watching.

>Now there's a buzzword I haven't seen in a while.
I was just using the same words that the user used.

Mirai is written by the Gakkou Gurashi author. As in, the guy who does the manga. Side note, it loses some of its steam when they leave school, but I highly recommend reading it at least up until then.

Thats kind of been these threads in general lately, alot of people are making some hilariously wrong predictions then when the opposite happened everyone just pretends like they saw it coming. Like people were convinced and still are convinced that chisa is the mastermind even though they have explicitly shot that the fuck down and made it pretty clear shes actually dead only being a pawn to a bigger mastermind (likley tengan which only a few anons are pointing out)

cliffhangers are a sign of hack writing now? its not the final episode numbnuts of course its gonna be a cliffhanger, despair arc is the one that ends next week with episode 12 of that probably being jabberwock island or an epilogue to the series.

No, All the emotive momets and flashbacks would still be pointless.

Best doujin?

>>Munakata is trapped in a hall of monokumas and mirrors, and must successfully determine which are real and which aren't. Naturally, Munakata's solution is to just slice everything and carve his own way out, but he is out witted by a monokuma that hides where he least expects it
On second inspection, might have worked better if slicing all the mirrors got him killed through some contraption or structure.
Other than that, really damn solid.
Ruruka's is still really good. Although force feeding her sweets till she dies might have been good too. Saw you left that to Seiko, but it fits Ruruka as well.
Mitarai's new one is much better in my opinion.
Seiko's is perfect.
Juzo's is also pretty good. Something that reminded him of his past mistakes MIGHT have been better, like being killed by despairified normalfags, but this one works as well.
Deduced you were the same user as because of Munakata's execution being so similar, if you are not I apologize

Something I don't understand about this, how is watching Chiaki die supposed to make everyone cry and turn to despair? It's hard to believe they were all so weak-willed coincidentally, or was it just the brainwashing? I mean I've watched some pretty fucked up videos of people dying or getting decapitated and it's usually not enough to get a reaction from me even if it's a cute girl, so Junko must have done some pretty good live editing.

We'd lose even more posters but the ones who remain would be even more rapid.

Not talking about the ending
I'm talking about the usual mindfucks

>DR1: Should we go outside? Or not go outside?
>DR2: Should we press the button? Not press the button?
>DRAE: Should we break the control? Or not break the controller?


Ok are we seriously going to call what munakata did to juzo ambiguous? Like not only did he stab a man who was already pretty wounded right before a sleep time where he was bleeding profusly, he burned his insides with a sword that was so hot it cut through a fucking robot.

juzo is dead as shit.

They were brainwashed.

The most amusing thing about that reversal in power is probably that the Kirigirifags were too afraid of being called out for being delusional and retarded to be on the side of the people who think she's still alive.

Nice taste Satan

Hardly. It still serves to show how much Kirigiri means to Naegi at this point.

>Killer kills Kirigiri
>Moves her corpse to right besides Naegi


Are those people one of your best friends?

Well, the brainwashing was all about stimulating the pleasure sensors whenever you were supposed to feel despair. So I guess she just programmed those effects to appear on the video whenever a trap was triggered.

It'll happen, I can feel it.


> bigger mastermind (likley tengan
Who wants the mastermind to be an old fart who lost against Punished Munakata?
Just because we can't find a logic being Tengan's actions doesn't make him the mastermind.

What about Kyouko? She raised her own death flags, was poisoned, and received ample fanfare in 10. She has to be dead.

We already knew that he cared about Kirigiri.
The flashback in EP10 would be just wasting time that they didn't have.
You know, if kirigiri is alive.
Then the next two EPs would be Revealing the mastermind + 16th-kun + Revealing the killings + How Kirigiri is alive + Togami and Weed + Izuru
Rushed as fuck.

Chiaki was supposed to be super important to everybody in the class but the problem was they did fuck all to show it and wasted time on Junko and Future side tie-ins.

Do you hear yourself talk?

Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan



No one remembers the fake exit from AI Chiaki's execution?

If the SDR2 cast doesn't show up in Future I riot


>wish list for next ep
tell them naegi
juzo being alive

>they did fuck all to show it
Did you forget all of these?

This one?


Come on, her pasta is the smallest
I mistakenly saved the Aoi one in a text editor because I was doing some programming before, it has 63 lines.

>this monster I created on a whim last night is being fed and grown

Is this hope?

Everyone here agrees that Naegi is a total badass for fighting armed-to-the-teeth Munakata solo on equal terms, totally unarmed, with a horrendously debilitating NG code, and somehow managed to get him into a situation where he's forced to talk, right?

Of course.

kirigiri died off screen and had a small little animation of a bottle rolling next to her, she has far more possibly survival chances than juzo who died on screen with a wound that would be fatal the next episode if he hypothetically survived much like how tengan died the episode right after he was skewered.

also keep in mind munakata hasn't exactly been incompetent with killing people, naegi literally "won" with luck, he sliced miayabot in fucking half, he killed tengan pretty hard, and he definitely wouldn't suddenly suck at killing when juzo was completely defensless.

And just to add onto it, juzo's one thing probably keeping him going was munakata, so being betrayed by him probably fucked with him so much even if they were to pull some will of the heart shit to keep him going he'd be too crushed to go on.

It's young, give it time.

>ED images counting for shit
Dude, please lift your standards. For your own damn good
There was also muh luck with extinguisher-kun, but yeah, that was pretty great.
He didn't even take his prized montary with him

It was an execution. That's when Junko is dead set on killing them.

Best thing he did in the whole series. And I agree that it redeems his character completely.

>Shit, this bitch is touching my face again
>This is so awkward
>Fuck off already
>I could be home playing video games
>I wish Hinata was here to touch me like this

Yessss thanks user, I hope you have a wonderful day

Maaya Sakamoto only takes important roles so she wouldn't be a side-character. If she's in it I can only see her be black twintails. Brown girl seems genki and Aoi Yuuki is awful for that. Chiaki Omigawa ain't coming back, accept that.

Too bad they didn't put any of that shit in the actual show and just shoved it into the ED.

Oh, my bad then.

Better to save the gloating for when you're completely right, yknow? Cost-benefit analysis shows you're gonna lose a lot more if you open your mouth, but you have everything to gain if you've already been proven right and open your mouth at the right time. Yeah, it's no fun to be a victim of bait, shitposting, or even just aggressive arguing. It's either not worth the trouble, or you're too unsure to invest in a post that could earn you the worst kind of (You)s.

There is so much cute artwork out there, holy fuck

Same guy, was just seeing if I could adjust some of them. Don't worry about it.

People think Class 78's backstories would be any better when all we have to go off of them are photos.

I actually forgot how much i genuinly liked naegi until that episode, he was pretty badass in the first game too where he basically was the only one with balls big enough to really fuck with monobear in chapter 4. Hes actually pretty badass no wonder he got the best girl.

That goes without saying.
I wish more anime stared a normal guy fighting against overwhelming opponents instead of turning them into ninja jesus so they can compete.

How can one anonymous be so based?

It's just bad writing user
Let it go, already

You're welcome! Have a wonderful day as well, user.

>Cost-benefit analysis shows you're gonna lose a lot more if you open your mouth on an anonymous board
Just don't look at the screen, man.

>even if they were to pull some will of the heart shit to keep him going he'd be too crushed to go on.
And the theme of Future is learning to move on even if the Future looks bleak.
You somehow made Juzo surviving more plausible in a story-telling perspective.

>mfw I'm literally you

Who's cucking him though

What do the swirly eyes mean?

Izuru wasn't the one crying, Hajime was. Izuru doesn't even know he's crying until his vision blurs because he's not the one feeling the emotion

> Tfw we got a fantastic 'sore wa chigau yo' from him with appropriate music to match.

Why is it that they had to literally put them all in a completely different setting in order for them to kill one another?
I mean it was kind of like that in DR1, but they slowly built on it

Case 4 felt like it's own side story or something

He said for the DR2 cast. Which includes them and their chiaki.

But kirigiri is still alive.


he's so cute

It really isnt, and if it is it begs the question why you are drawing the line here and not for the 1st and 2nd games which both had them. At least Dr3 actually provided a explanation for the shit and even showed it was flawed and needed something extra to perfect it, Dr1 just said lol hypnotism as an excuse to erase memories entirely and Dr2 was the one that said they were brainwashed in the first place but without the context 3 had.

So this is what delusion is, juzo sure as shit wast looking foreword to any future especially since hes a cooked fucking hamburger from the inside.

To show how Junko's 'manipulation' didn't actually mean anything at all.

I did kinda like it tho. But I guess its all about opinions.

You mean, "that's not what hope is!"


Anyone has the original pic?

It's just hilarious how one-sided their shitstomp was.

>provided an explanation
Stopped right there, because that's what went wrong

We didn't need an explanation, and trying to give one only made the story look absolutely stupid

mayb u cud try lookin at the post he quoted big guy ;)

What would be the point in hiding Kirigiri being alive until ep 11?

Like the posts aren't even real hahaha nigga

My favorite thing is just *how* taken she is with him and vice versa. They drop hints right on your head in DR1, then Future rolls right in and confirms their mutual feelings for one another. It's like emotional /ss/, if that makes any sense. She's the more mature one, praising him loud enough for anyone to hear, performing nice damage control by turning her head and coughing. It seems plain to me that she fell for him before he fell for her, which is something I always find fucking amazing (though it might reek of self-insert cancer). When the girl is more mature and falls in love first, I lose my fucking mind. Great stuff.

SDR2 was pretty bullshit in that regard. Could've been done much better.

Oh shit, Nevermind.

Such a good moment for him.

I hate Despair, the emotion and the Arc

What do you mean? They can reveal it in the last episode.

And the point behind showing she is alive for multiple episodes is to create more shock that she is alive. Same reason for the Chiaki is alive theory. If she is, we wont see it until the last ep.

Sonia's pretty but I'm not her, sorry.

shit man. i'm up for any future where juzo gets over munakata and chisa and looks for better people to be with

Kyoko is shirokuma

So Juzo is definitely alive right

>post yfw Chisa jokes about Chiaki's death in front of Izuru

To force an equal confrontation between Naegi and Munakata. When Chisa is revealed as alive, then Kirigiri can be shown too.

People tend to dislike the "friendship" character, but if you think about it, after case one, the one consistent thing about Naegi is not taking shit from the bear.
After the executions, he always reponds to Monokuma's tauntings while the others either ignore him or become too depressed to say anything.
These were pretty solid. Do you have any good ideas about what Chisa's execution would be like?
I like the idea of having Chisa be mauled to death by primary-school Monokumas
If you can explain well, do so. If you can't, it's better to leave things ambiguous.
I've already used this example, but it's the same with the Terminator movies and depicting exactly HOW Skynet did what it did, it never ends up well.
This just shows that Kodaka was pretty good at setting up a mood or enviroment for the story to take place in, but not good enough to make that scenario seem plausible.

Suspense, and Kirigiri ex machina. The notebook will only tell them so much, then she'll show up at a critical moment and dramatically throw the antagonist off-guard by revealing something huge.

>tfw might not live long enough to see the end

This crop leaves out some if her thiccness. Delete this.

So she can come back either as a villain, or to entrap the mastermind or some shit.

Doesn't matter, but there's literally no other explanation for animating a bottle rolling next to her that looks just like the Cure W in Zetsubou-hen.

Monokuma maid Chisa : So Hinata how did it feel to see your Gf die ?

Izuru : why am i crying it's boring

The stage play even cut out case 4 completely and just had Nidai and Gundham die to Monokuma.

A-And then when they show the DR2 cast, chiaki is alive too.

A-All the waifus will live!

I think so.


Munakata needs to apologize to him

I want to believe. If he isn't I want a flashback from Munakata's perspective of him being cute. That's the least they can do at this point.

Junko AI said something spooky that's been bothering me for a long fucking time.
>Black hope, white despair...it's all the same in the end.

Now you're starting to get it.

People really underestimate Izuru if you think he cant save Chiaki in a world where dogs can grow the size of houses.

He's literally the SHSL miracle worker who can do anything.

pic related, he fucked up one of the strongest characters in the series all while sitting on his bed.

Harambe's gonna be Case 4's victim, I'm sure

You can't apologize to the dead.

Probably, only because all the time spent on him is wasted otherwise

Junko Ai used Ultimate Analysis to predict the whole ending of Dr2 and new she'd go into kyoko after izuru betrayed her

She's either going to be the hopeman of V3 or the first killer.

I only see the point of him being alive if he is either the traitor or mastermind. Would be weird to have him 'die' this late in the anime only to kill him off later anyway, though.
Or he's the one who kills Munakata to trigger Chisa's NG Code.

Why would he save her though, he has no reason to.

He never once considered himself Hinata before NWP. He wouldn't turn against Junko because he didn't turn against her before D2.

Even in AE he can only for himself to imitate some form of anger because he doesn't feel emotion.

You're missing a really crucial part of that, user. He didn't even put *any* fucking effort into that deflection. He literally just moved his hand and she got BTFO. He is walking perfection and should have ruined the fuck out of those ships GOD I'm still so fucking mad.

Actually you can, they just won't hear it.

>juzo is alive
>but he dies protecting munakata
Would you be okay with it?

Honestly, I believe that explanation was much better than any asspull about "tempting into despair" that they could have given.
Mitarai explained what he used in his anime as some kind of Pavlov's dog effect and Junko saw the chance to use it for despair instead of for all the good feelings Mitarai wanted to share. This kind of stimulation was quite noticeable on Chisa's brainwashing with how Mukuro had to do stimulation directly because the anime was not enough.

I liked this explanation because it actually makes sense, unlike the ridiculous amount of brainwashing done without explanation.

>killing Munakata
He would let the guy step on him and kill him a thousand times over if that was what he wanted.

>should have ruined the fuck out of those ships
That's too much effort. He had ultimate clairvoyance to predict togami's fleet will come and they took one of his ships as their was a ceasefire.

Him protecting Naegi would be pretty sweet too, considering all of that time he spent trying to fucking kill the dude.

Yes, as long as he gets one punch in.

>he has no reason to.
Finding his unintentional reaction to her death interesting is one such example. He has a clear, solid reaction to noticing that he's crying.


What are some good ideas for SHSL talents?
>Electrical Engineer
>Explosives Expert
>any my personal favorite, Janitor

38 hours until we either get the most disappointing twists since Zetsubou-hen, or ridiculously off-the-rails twists that no one expected or are 'crack' theories.

>Why would he save her though
Because now he FEELS! He knows this waifu is special now! She's in a coma and he written her off as dead. But MIRACLES

and he called himself Hinata Hajime to Naegi before the NWP.

I'm hoping so hard. I'm going to fall to even greater despair.

>>He never once considered himself Hinata before NWP
He introduced himself as Hinata Hajime when he talked to Naegi.

What's there to see? Izuru's facial expression won't change as he just jumps from ship to ship disabling them. Boring.

No I wouldn't. It's Munakata who needs to die so Juuzo can move on.

Thats probably because staging it would have been a fucking nightmare.

SHSL Assistant.

They'd wear grey garb and would run around and steal everything valuable that isn't bolted down to the floor, and playfully shove or punch anyone remotely interested in peace.

Therapist. Fantastic for a FF position when dealing with captured RoDs, generally good for maintaining mental health in a post-end-of-the-world scenario.

Oh wait.

What did Sakura call Asahina?


What's the -yo? What kanji?


What about actor?

I wouldnt. Why would he protect him? He had nobody to give him med attention too.

>Implying Juzo isn't coming back for revenge
He's not coming back to make friends, user.

did you read the doujin

poor touko

only because he needed to deceive them

dont youever ruin my picture never ever again.


just the particle, not an honorific. it's an old fashioned way of calling out to someone

Now that you mention it, I have no clue.
It's probably some archaic way of adressing someone. Though it could be made up too.

How the fuck would Izuru even save Chiaki without Junko finding out about it she has fucking cameras up the ass everywhere

It's apostrophe, like the vocative case.

Tsumiki "Swiss Cheesaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Gamer Girl Grater" Mikan
Tsumiki "Sleep Tight Waifubait Trash" Mikan
Tsumiki "Every Drop Counts, Give Blood Today" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki's Dead, I'm Giving Hinata Head" Mikan
Tsumiki "I Hope You Like Really Big Needles, Chiaki" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki Got Penetrated, Now I'll Penetrate Hajime" Mikan
Tsumiki "There's Only Room For One Trashy Pigshit At This School" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill the Gamer, Win the Game" Mikan
Tsumiki "Kill his hope with despair to get his hope into your despair" Mikan
Tsumiki "Overwriting Chiaki's save file" Mikan
Tsumiki "Chiaki got Bored and I Scored" Mikan
Tsumiki "While Nanami naps, I empty his sack" Mikan

Well, Chiaki is just that good then. Truly SHSL waifubait

I don't like it at all because shit just falls into Junko's lap.
The ammount of shitty writing involved to get us up to this point is also ridiculous.
Think about it, we have 1 episode to try and explain:
>How Junko was never caught
>How she got her cool supersecret bunker
>How she found out about Izuru in the first place
>How she builds her shit
I mean, even if you say "lol Monaka", we never get to see her interacting with the former despairette, that is just bad storytelling.
And that is not even getting into:
>What would she have done if she'd never run into Animeman
>Why pick class 77? Or better, why ONLY class 77?
These I don't even have any HOPE of seeing answered.
The brainwashing itself? I always saw what Junko did as what would have happened if the Joker HAD managed to break comissioner Gordon in "The killing Joke", but even if I were to accept the literal brainwashing, it would still have been done in a shitty wat.

He's literally SHSL Everything. Junko could simply not know about it.

For the future.

Izuru fights and knocks Junko unconscious. Simple.

Why would she care if he did? Why would he care if she found out?
Junko fulfilled her objective and Izuru saving Nanami's life doesn't harm Junko in any way.

SHSL Stunt Double


SHSL lying about disposing the body/Junko writing it off as impossible but letting Izuru do whatever/It was actually Chisa watching in the cameras.

i don't see why junko wouldn't let him do it. chiaki would still have to experience the tragedy knowing her classmates are UDs (assuming she doesn't become one herself) and that's pretty despairing, so why not?

not like junko gives a shit about chiaki anyway

Got a few more

Tsukimi "Dungeon master" Mikan
Tsukimi "Taking your extra man to make him her man" Mikan
Tsukimi "Game over for you, New Start for her" Mikan
Tsukimi "Cheating Chiaki for Hitting that Hinata" Mikan
Tsukimi "Healing your man's heart while you bleed out of yours" Mikan
Tsukimi "Keeping him warm while you go cold" Mikan
Tsukimi "Your hope is defiled so she could bear his child" Mikan

I hope v3 has a character relationship dynamic as interesting as Hajime and Nagito's, someone whos a visible antagonist but still technically an "ally"

DR series already had these

>Yoko Hikasa
>Megumi Toyoguchi
>Chiwa Saito
>Miyuki Sawashiro
>Kana Hanazawa
>Ai Kayano
>Miho Arakawa
>Suzuko Mimori
>Ami Koshimizu
>Romi Park
>Kotono Mitsuishi
>Yuu Kobayashi
>Aya Hirano
>Aya Uchida
>Mai Nakahara
>Inori Minase
>Saki Fujita

DR1/UDG's cast wasn't that star-studded but SDR2/DR3 is. It likely will continue that trend even though Sayaka Kanda isn't really a seiyuu which makes me think they picked her because of her Junko role.

Aoi Yuki / Ayane Sakura are likely unfortunately. Who else is likely? Shizuka Ito, Hisako Kanemoto, Haruka Tomatsu, Yui Horie, Mamiko Noto, Aki Toyosaki, Kana Ueda, Marina Inoue, Eri Kitamura, Minako Kotobuki, Saori Hayami, Rina Sato, Ryoko Shiraishi, Emiri Kato, Yoshino Nanjo, Manami Numakura, MAO. Well, once they've announced it I'll check this again.

SHSL Lawyer

What, is this the sort of thing you want to have happen?

>Izuru saved Chiaki but she's left comatose and that's enough to make him despair
>Junko finds out where he's hiding her via plot convenience and visits when he's gone
>her mere presence is enough to make Chiaki unconsciously shake and cry
>Junko assures Chiaki that she already got punished so she doesn't care that she's still alive, and gently strokes her in all the places she got pulverized and penetrated in before for emphasis, delighting in the shivers and moans she makes as her body remembers the trauma
>she congratulates her on falling into despair and causing her husbando to fall into despair as well, and says she'll give her a nice reward for that
>she brings up a monitor, flicks it on, and forces her to watch despair-ified live footage of her classmate and teacher's atrocities, with footage of her own previous execution interspersed in whenever there's a lull in the action
>Junko leaves to go do other things because she can't move her body in any way
>Chiaki is consumed by true despair without even being conscious for it and her eyes become swirly

>"Chiaki Got Penetrated, Now I'll be Penetrate by Hajime"

Thank you, user
Definitely saving this

Why are you listing only women?

>Implying Hajime wouldn't take it up the ass from Mikan
She'd probably tie him down and gag him

Fuck off, Kodaka knows his shit and UDG was awesome.

>>What would she have done if she'd never run into Animeman
Use Monaka and her helmets.
>>Why pick class 77?
Because they are:
> The leader if the bigger yakuza organitation
> Princess of a military country
> Guy that controls animals
> Mechaninc that can create mechas
> Swordwoman that had a good fight with Mukuro
> Manager that can turn everybody into a superspoldier and a brown slut that has super powers
> Nagito and his bullshit luck
> Ultimate Imposter
The others are useful to promaganda and are a good plus.

>Or better, why ONLY class 77?
They are not the only UD, See Killer killer.

>Izuru saves Chiaki and she gets put into a hospitals somewhere
>She gets raped during the tragedy

>female protagonist written by a man.

It wont be interesting. Nagito/Hajime was also masterful shit.

Oh yeah, these are good. Oh yeah, this is happening!

Ohhh my friend have I got something for you!

Junko is an extremely hard M when it comes down to it, though. Would she really be the best for femdom?

Chisa is in an elementary school classroom, with a class of kindergarten uniform wearing monokumas as her students. It's show and tell day, so one of the monokumas comes up to present his item: a big red button. He presses it and the walls come down to reveal a deadly playground. The students force Chisa to play games with them until she finally dies in the students' "appreciative" dog pile.

Danganronpa has really well written female characters

>Why pick class 77? Or better, why ONLY class 77?
Because her brainwashing doesn't work as easily as you people are assuming it does. It only worked on Class 77 because she killed Chiaki in front of them and they all cared for her that much.
>inb4 reserve course students
The only thing she could do was make them kill themselves, she probably used their resentment against HPA as part of their treatment.

Now, I was explaining why the brainwashing explanation made sense to me. This is an explanation for just one or two events. But your criticism is that because he can't explain everything, then this explanation is bad writing.
I agree that its bad writing that there are so many things unexplained, but its not like that automatically makes every explanation he gives bad. I would even add to that lack of interaction between classes 77 and 78 and lack of cohesion with DR Zero. Its pretty clear that he just wrote all this shit after DR1 for the sake of continuing the series.

Either way, if you decide to not rationalize everything, Despair arc is still pretty alright just for the despair. Also, for your last two questions, I believe that she picked class 77 because she met Animeman and could blackmail him with it. Her plans would have most likely been different if she didn't meet him. She did say it was a fateful encounter after all.

Makes sense when she was stomped on by Izuru and now is always 10 feet or closer to him

I'll wait and see how a female protag does.

>But Komaru

She was ok but spinoff game and her talent is panty shots.

Information broker and survivalist

Excuse me? Komaru also displayed
>SHSL Luck (Helicopter)
>SHSL Spirit Medium (Monaka's father)

Magician (perhaps SHSL thief instead?)

Maybe during one of those days when she wants to be on top.
Know that existedI'm ashamed that I quite like it

>implying writing female characters is hard
Just change Hajime and Nagito to females. congrats, you have two well written female characters.

The reason the dead appear on the end of DR2 is because Chiaki savedd them somehow with usami right? So it's possible that they all are alive and coming for a happy ending right?

>The school Janitor is scouted by HPA the usual way and he gets in for free
>He's not allowed to take any classes or participate in group orgies
>He's only allowed to clean up after them
>He still does it for free

I think the issue is that it's sorta hard to pull off a long-lasting rival within this killing game premise DR has where fucking up = everybody dies. I'm not actually convinced that Nagito and his dynamic with Hajime being as fun as it was all game wasn't a fluke.

SHSL voice actor
>uses his voice actor talent to imitate other people's voices and trick someone before killing them

>People actually defending this shitty writing

This is a new level of despair which I was not ready for

What? Are you ignoring every other character's dynamics with one another? Kodaka can write unique characters, and can give them great interactions, regardless of gender.

Panty shots don't decrease the quality of a characterization.

I see what game you're really playing.

great taste

Destroying the world because a gyaru said that life is shit is also shit writing.

SHSL Politician

But then it would imply nagito with lesbianerotic tendencies.

Girls love is disgusting trash.

everyone wants to fuck him

Tsumiki "Just 10 pints of blood can despairify 15 lives" Mikan

It is, but at least that was fun to some extent
This is just painful to watch

>Either way, if you decide to not rationalize everything, Despair arc is still pretty alright just for the despair
Thing is, even past all that, I still disagree with this.
Class 77 is shoved into the background completely to follow her exploits, and when they come back they act completely retarded.
The characters we get to follow then are Mukuro and Junko, and their schtick gets old fast, and Izuru, who is just "tsumaranai".
>Because her brainwashing doesn't work as easily as you people are assuming it does
Sure did for Chisa. Even if she couldn't get the full thing, she could hamper their motor functions enough so that Mukuro'd get to use her "Trauma center" skills on them.

but you're okay with him being straight up gay as a guy?

> THICC Fem Komaeda


Guys love is cool.

Just ignore him.

Gross dude his penis looks smelly

Not in this fanart though. Nobody wants to fuck oddly proportioned men.

She just never had a chance to be scouted, I guess

Not everyone's junk can smell like DAIKON, man.

does that mean you've seen it?

Eh, I don't mind, that's hot too.

I've tried, I really have. It hurts, but I won't give up! For my most precious friends.. I must! PUUUUUUUUURRE!!


I would make the second cast irredeemable idiots.
The only thing that doesn't make Mikan a complete shit after EP 8 is the fact that she was brainwashed.

Actor with a twin


Why would you do that?

I claimed him the day the V3 trailor came out. He is mine

>we have to wait over a year for international release
>will definitely get spoiled before then no matter what
Fuck me

Enyoy your soon-to-be-dead husbando.

>That bottom panel

>Kodaka wrote a 350 page treatment of how the plot would go
>Lerche crams it into 13 episodes

Despair is good as a companion to Future and at its best when its building those characters but it cant be a story about Junko and the SDR2 kids because theres just not enough time to do both well.

I just wish they had more time

didn't mean to reply my bad yo

>I would make the second cast irredeemable idiots.

Are they not already?

No, At least now we know that they needed to be brainwashed to do all that shit.

SHSL Magician

I'm hunting for spoilers immediately.

Can anyone here sing? There's a song about this shitty anime in the Cred Forums musical that needs a singer

I don't think you'll have to wait that long. Even if you do, you should be more worried about NISA doing a cringey job at localizing it.

Image search doesn't make shit come up, I'mma gonna need a sauce on that please.

Oh okay, I thought by "irredeemable idiots" they meant their idiocy is irredeemable.

SHSL Prankster Douchebag

New thread, for when it's needed.

I care so little about V3 that even if I do get spoiled I'll probably forget until I finally go through it out of sheer boredom, if that ever even happens. It feels good.

there aren't that many DR doujins on the panda, and even fewer with female komaeda in them

Stage Magician

Class 77 couldn't possibly be much stupider than they are now.
Seriously, good thing Hajime was one of the players who made it to the end, not sure any other subset of class 77 would be able to survive a day in the wilderness

By that logic most of this series' cast in general are irredeemable idiots.

That's actually correct though.

Thanks I will!

Treasure hunter
i also borrow from >Stage Magician

SHSL Shitposter

I'm reasonably good, anons usually praise my singing, but then again it all depends on what type of singer you'll looking for.

>Without despair, there would be no hope. But with hope, there is no despair. This is how you manipulate hearts.

It's a parody of "Hip to be Square". The instrumental, lyrics, and original song should all be available here.


I think I'll try it out, you probably won't choose me in the end since I'm a filthy ESL though.

Kumagawa could make a pretty good Danganronpa character, even if you took away both his skills.
He hates the talented and the lucky but is actually a stubborn guy who never gave up in trying to pursue victory on his own terms, despite lacking all the attributes needed to win. He even talks about how the "minus" are people who always lose, but never give up on trying to win, despite that description only really applying to himself.
He is kind of a mix between the hopelet's perseverance and Hopeman's demeanor and quick-thinking.

Thanks, friendo

fuck this image is great

>Can actually lie and trick people convincingly
>Is actually quite perseverant on his own right
>Thinks quickly and can get out of any situation
>Is funny when he needs to be
>Is awesome all the time
>Has the manlet's voice
>Is a manlet himself
I say we trade manlets! How different would DR1 have been?

Can someone ever explain to me what the fuck was up with this particular reaction from hajime?

I only ever remember seeing it when he's delusional about everyone coming back to life before he goes FUTURE

During Hajime break down in the near end of 2-6.

Why did you even reply when I just said that on my post guy?

hajime never smiles so they showed us what he'd look like if he was actually happy

Not that all that isn't useful and all
but it does sorta seem like you ultimately either need to be SHSL lucky, suck the dick of someone who is SHSL lucky or be a goddamn idiot in order to survive these killing games

That was Ishimaru

Ishimaru was actually a nice guy though

This was the happy sprite when AI Junko put everyone into a infinite loop with good memories

How long did that actually last for, anyway?