91 Days

wtf I hate nero now

>pointless, ugly upscale
Well done. You have shown that not only you have a large monitor, you also have a really shitty player that can't upscale properly.

What else could he do?

look at the filename retard

I actually gave you the benefit of the doubt. I thought you were using a filename randomizer. I didn't want to think anyone would save such a retarded screenshot from Cred Forums.

stop shitting up thread for no reason

Then stop trying to justify your shit image.

Good job killing the thread with your petty argument.

Anyone got the full OST?

Not released yet. Just the OP and ED so far.

It's on nyaa. The guy who uploaded it ran away without seeding it so you'll only get a few songs, though.


Fuck, so everyone is stuck on 83.3% cause no one even finshed downloading it fully once. Welp, Ill leave it on for a few days and hope for a miracle. Unless someone other DL pops up.

>Don't worry, guys. He'll come back in 91 days to finish the seed.
But yeah, I'm hoping for a new DL.

Kill everyone else in the room. He had enough bullets if he didn't miss anyone.

they'd instantly kill him

Plot armor could have saved him.

>you will never light a cigarette for him

>you will never hold the door open for him
>you will never make him pineapple juice
>you will never make him smile
There are times in my life I question why I'm still alive. This is one of them.

This fucking moment though
My heart couldnt take it

Nero did nothing wrong

Nero did wrong.

Nero did everything wrong.

The only thing Nero did wrong was trusting Angelo. Angelo a shit.

>smoking cigarettes

barbero pls


Don't you have boys held at gunpoints to slap, Barbero?

Why does it still hurt?

I used to like him because he was a pretty chill guy but now I hope Avilio NTR's him and kills Nero in front of him