Is this the greatest surprise plot twist in all of anime?

Is this the greatest surprise plot twist in all of anime?



What was his name again?

Guillotine Gorilla.

Chomping chimpanzee

Cool, thanks for ruining the joke, faggot. How new are you?


Guillotine Cutter

Head-Removing Harambe

Furious George.

haha u sure showed him dude haha

Chango Chilango

Aren't all plot twists surprises?

Chimpy the Chopper

Was samflam the greatest ride in anime history?

Yes. Absolutely.

I'd put it up there with Geass as a contender.


glad to the see the memes aint stale

Beheading Bonobo

Ornery Orangutang


Machette macacca

I don't get it. I lost interest and dropped this show a few episodes after this one. What's the appeal?

>What's the appeal?

Episode 7.

The greatest blindside in recent Anime history

Mincing Monkey.

Did you guys even read his post?

Anyway, if you weren't all that surprised by the gorilla, the show constantly gets crazier as it goes, just stopping a few episodes after that one is missing most of the ridiculous ride.

Guaranteed replies gorilla.

Pointy-edge primate

banana split

Madoka was more WTF.

I don't get that at all.

Same. Everyone says this show is the "ultimate meme", but I found it boring and trite. Once the team showed up and the quality set in I dropped it as well. Didn't seem worth it to keep going.

lacerate ape

Black Lives Matter

episode seven simian

spark mandrill

>Samurai flamenco and Kill la Kill both aired at the same time

Those were some fucking great Thursdays

Those two seasons while they were airing were pretty good in general.

Head Hunter Harambe or Triple H

That's not justice

Perforate Primate

Wish I watched samflam and vvv when they aired instead of just klk.


>tfw was here around the time the show was airing but didn't watch it

Great Rape Ape.

No it doesn't. The show becomes a joke the moment this gorilla appears and it throws all logic out of the window. Anything even more over the top would just be expected at this point and lose all it's surprise value. Anyway you must've been bored out of your mind if you actually watched it past that episode.

I watched the whole thing and I thought it was extremely boring, the twists were neither shocking nor interesting. I excpect the majority of the people that like it are just memers who had nothing better to do when this shit aired than gather round and throw their memes at each other.


>Plot twist

Does it count as a plot twist if it had zero foeshadowing?

>Was there for episode one because the preview art looked cool as shit and I'm a hopeless kamenriderfag
>First episode shows that it's actually just a fuccboi playing superhero on his pijamas
>Story starts showing him and the crazy girl beating up smalltime thugs and jaywalkers
>Everything pointing out at the story never leaving street level fighting, everyone is pretty sure its going to end with Samumenco shutting down a gang or something
>Threads are small and comfy, normally settling for around 50 replies or so

And after we went faster and faster and nobody could find the goddamn brakes.


You could still call it a twist, though honestly it was more of a cliff dive maneuver.

>everyone is pretty sure its going to end with Samumenco shutting down a gang or something
I really thought he'd either fight the Yakuza, or Konno was gonna play a villain to escape boredom.
Boy, was I wrong.

Manglobe Marauder

Slicing Simian

Definitely. I have never felt more satisfied for not giving up on an anime series. It was brilliant despite the fact Manglobe was falling apart back then.

I really wish I had watched it as it aired but the truth is that I would have dropped Samumenco much earlier.

This show seriously taught me to not (completely) judge a show for its QUALITY.

Underrated post

gave me a hearty chuckle.