How would you rate it?

How would you rate it?

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0/10 reiko died too early

easily a 9/10

9/10 - the plot seemed to go in random directions, but it was usually interesting. The last 6-8 episodes are some of the best I've seen in anime

7-8/10. A few problems but overall pretty good.

Squealer did nothing wrong.

Pretty great ride.

I still remember the threads from when it was airing. After hospital episode and the start of the 3rd arc episodes couldn't come any sooner.

Great ost too, and surprisingly impressive in art and animation, despite all the QUALITY.

8/10, great anime.

Lots of flaws, but what it did great goes off the scale. I'd give it a 10/10, but then someone would point out flaws and tell me it ain't perfect. I'll just say it's one of all the time greats.
Rakugo from this year wishes it could be this good. Although it was great

Great world that is leagues above most shows. A lot of the characters were bland though, ruining the impact of some scenes because I didn't care for them enough. Even then we're lucky to have something like this made nowadays.


shit taste/10

The manga was better/10

9/10 literally the only worthwhile anime from the decade along with Hyouka.

Censored Blowjob/10

Enjoyed it

when did this happen

it didn't, they censored it

was it in the manga

>A lot of the characters were bland though, ruining the impact of some scenes because I didn't care for them enough.
You are right, and a lot of people agree with this, but I think the point was that Saki did care about them.

I mean Shun and Maria's role in the story is to have Saki exposed to karma demons and fiends personally (it's no coincidence that they get to read the repective stories at school), and their deaths serve to break her spirit, and further destroy her ideal peaceful world she knew from her childhood.

Tomiko, her parents and all the other deaths that occur in succession during the last arc (hospital girl, pineapple eyes, schol guy, Inui) is just to send her into despair and show how much of a threat Squealer was. All of it culminates in Saki refusing to let Satoru die, because he is the last pilar of the world she knows and in which she grew up. I think their deaths are not meant to be tragic because of the characters themselves, but because they matter to Saki who is telling her story.

To be honest, most people in real life, even people you go out with inb4 implyings that you don't have friends are dull or uninteresting. But they make good enough company and work in your company. And that's enough. Saki was an exceptional individual in a pile of mediocrity. I found all the characters around her reminiscent of "that guy" or "quirky girl". And for me that was enough. Yes, they could've developed them more, but it's more of a bonus rather than "characters are bad" flaw.

8/10, if not 9/10. It's pretty funny how Cred Forums was determined to hate this show at the time because of episode 8, though.

Solid 6-7/10 until "that" episode, then it tanked straight to fucking 2/10. Degenerate edgy garbage.


decent premise, ruined by the awful presentation and pacing

>awful presentation
go back to ur moeshit

Cred Forums still hates it because of that episode, as well as pretty much everyone else I've talked to. They took a chance with it, and failed.

Maybe in 50 years it would have been received better when that shit becomes the norm.

>in 50 years it would have been received better
No. After the day of the rope, there won't be any public faggotry anymore. Neither here nor in Japan.

Incidentally, the show is still awesome.

tales from earthsea?

Are you guys stupid or did too much Cred Forums blind you?

It might have managed to fool some fujoshis into watching the show, but homosexuality is still treated as a phase characters grow out of, and as an aberration on the level of mind control, genetic engineering, and eugenic infanticide. It's far from gay propaganda.

Shinsekai Yori

Which part of
>show is still awesome
you didn't get?

This t b h

>You will immediately cease and not continue to access the site if you are under the age of 18.

>muh Cred Forums
Gays aren't welcome on Cred Forums either, literalfag.

user, pure love is only a meme. Faggotry is not to be tolerated. Both because I'm sexually frustrated and because it destroys society since faggots are the worst people there are and spread disease.

>this was 4 years ago
where has time gone

7/10 at its best

The pacing ruined what could have been a real masterpiece. But unfortunately, lots of major events felt either really rushed or just took forever to get through. Also the colonies weren't interesting at all and their drama played a central part in the story.

9/10, one the best shows of this decade.

>Faggotry is not to be tolerated.
But it is and will continue to be and there's literally nothing you can do about it.


0/10 Not christian enough for my tastes. Can't wait until Trump purges the liberal media and their propaganda garbage.

Only tolerated by leftist lunatics.

Who are in charge of every first world country right now.




Nobody is denying the world has gone to shit, that's pretty common knowledge. But only degenerates are in favor of it. And it's likely we will put a good conservative back into office this November at the rate things are going.

>Nobody is denying the world has gone to shit
>Virtually every meaningful stat shows the world is getting better.
>Rapes down, poverty down, wars down, diseases down, murders down.
You are categorically wrong.

>faggotry up
>basement dwellers at all time high
>muslims ever growing and islam expanding to the west
>terrorism at all time high by "religion of peace" that the left loves so much

Oh wait
>wars down
I took the bait. Fuck.

Why the fuck are you on Cred Forums? Fuck off back to tumblr with your bullshit. And all of those stats are completely made up. The world is in a worse place today than it has ever been, in huge part thanks to the left.

A strong 9/10

>Rapes down, poverty down, wars down, diseases down, murders down.


Kill yourselves. You're ruining anime.

Do you just invent your own world history? Or more likely you gauge how bad something is by how often you hear about it rather than factual analysis.

There have been the fewest conflicts between states in the last 500 years than there have been in any such interval since their creation.

Would you really want to swap place with someone of equal socioeconomic status 100 years ago? 200 year ago? 300?

You are ignorant about world history.

Squealer did nothing wrong. I wish he had been successful. The characters were cunts that deserved to be killed.

There are only 10 countries in the entire world that are not currently at war, you literal fucking retard. This HAS to be bait.

>There are only 10 countries in the entire world that are not currently at war
Not him. I'm gonna need a citation for that, because it smells like bullshit. currently at war

>google shall defend my honor
It doesn't work like that, pal.


You ask for a citation but don't want to use the internet? Yeah I'm done here, you really are a poster child for the lunatic leftists.

>OP makes bait thread
>random user derails it with Cred Forums memes
You're the hero we need.

>p-please spoonfeed me, I am too incompetent to do my own research

>Cred Forums memes
>implying Cred Forums as a whole isn't far-right
This place is pretty much the last bastion for freedom of speech to be found anywhere, it is obviously right wing in nature.


Like I said, I'm not that other poster. Besides, it's your duty to source your own claims, not tell the other side to prove your points for you. It doesn't work like that, bitch. :^)

>do my own research
You mean, do your research for you. No thanks. Doesn't work like that.

>You mean, do your research for you. No thanks. Doesn't work like that.
I have already done my research, sperg. Reminder to lurk for a few years before posting, we don't spoonfeed here.

The first episodes had terrible pacing. Was about to drop it and then it started to tell you a little bit about what was actually happening. They should at least left the parts where they showed the old world over the years for later (I mean the part where they show people clapping and shit like that)

dropped it after the homosexual scene

>"I did my own research, that's why I came to these conclusion"
>"Great. Care to share since we are (attempting) to have a discussion about it?"
>"Lel. Why should I prove my points for myself? "
Whatever you say, aspie :^)

I understand she didnt want satoru to die by why the fuck did she just use fire. She could have used telekinesis to grab the bottle midair. Or used some kind of force push to prevent the poison from reaching him. Using fire was forced stupidity.

You understand that every state was nearly constantly in a state of severe conflict 1,000+ years ago right? you should look into the Plantagenats as an example, beause their wars over succession are fairly interesting and serve as an example of the type of normal everyday conflicts you'd see.

Take the U.S. While thought of mainly as a single nation, it's incredibly huge. Texas alone is around the 27th largest nation in the world. These 50 states are all at peace with each other, operating as a single nation. This would be mostly impossible. The Mongols and Rome are maybe standouts, but they grew largely through empire expansion by ongoing conflicts with other entities.

WW1 and WW2 are some of the most severe conflicts in terms of absolute people killed, but when represented as a percent of global population, they drop down much much further.

There are several conflicts today. But they are rarer and less severe.

Yeah, and if you clicked the link you would have seen many sources for what I had said. But you are a leftist, you try to deflect and avoid topics when you have been proven wrong. So, I am done with you.

Are you talking states, or nations? Because I assumed you meant the world as a whole. Battles are not 2 masses of people running at eachother with bayonets anymore. The entire world is at war. I assume you aren't as dense as that other user to know that. The only reason masses of people aren't all dying at once is because technology has evolved.

>4 years ago
You've got to be shitting me.

>Yeah, and if you clicked the link you would have seen many sources for what I had said.
>"All of these assorted facts by multiple sources and with multiple biases are supposed to tell you how I came to this conclusion"
Still waiting for your point, aspie. :^)

This is an introduction anime, let them think that anime is a whole new medium for intellectual thought before showing them Re:Zero for the waifus.

>These 50 states are all at peace with each other, operating as a single nation.
Have you been living under a rock? The nation is completely divided thanks to the "progressives" making everything about race and inciting violence. We are very near another civil war at this point.

>We are very near another civil war at this point.
Nah. There would be no profit in it.

There's already been battles, thankfully most of them have just been mob violence, but there's been a few cases lately of crazy niggers going on shooting sprees against cops and whites after being motivated by BLM and other hate groups. It only takes 1 spark.

if you skip the gay part 10/10, the last 4-5 episodes were absolute magistral tier

>somehow, isolated cases of violence against State forces is going to turn into fullblown war
Again, there would be no profit in it.

stop discussing this political shit

where are the mods

>Are you talking states, or nations?
Honestly it gets a bit fuzzy, also over the definition of what constitutes a "war."

Part of my point is that You can look at the U.S. as a whole and say it has been involved in several conflicts, but that the U.S. isn't at war with ITSELF is fairly amazing compared to the rest of history. That California isn't trying to invade and annex Nevada, both having areas and populations the size of other nations, is amazing. The same is true for other large nations like Russia, China. Even the E.U. to an extent, even with the problems it's currently having still has the Schengen Area.

Go back a few thousand year and you'd be at war with the next tribe just a few miles over.

>if you skip the gay
It's only one episode, right?

>We are very near another civil war at this point.
I think this implicitly makes my point. That you would consider simple disagreements to be the penultimate of conflict by today's standards shows just how much they've changed over time.

If "civil war" isn't a massive armed conflict between multiple swaths of the population anymore, just words, then that shows how much violence has been toned down.



It's okay. We got motorboating instead.


I actually finished reading the manga the other day off my backlog. I remembered there being an anime but didn't watch it. To be honest I don't know how I feel about it overall. In the end Saki was part of the baddies.

Manga is just fapbait. The anime is closer to the novels.

Lesbians = Masterpiece

I don't understand why this is popular