Tamamo blown out

Tamamo blown out

Give her the dick





The blond one is Tamamo's natural rival, Suzaku Gongen. She's telling her history and story in a flashback.

They have a lot in common

Not all foxes look the same, racist.

One of them is just using transformation skill to mimic Tamamo's fox ears and tail to try to appear moe.



So she's the one accusing Tamamo of deceiving and killing humans?

If so she needs to be stomped out.

She's right though; both of them are too similar people, who call each other out on their shit and shitpost each other often, but they do get along in a strange way.

Its because they're similar that they can see through each other.


Plus, she's mostly just calling out Tamamo since Tamamo went out of her way to call her out in the same way last chapter.

I should just start reading fox tail, but I am afraid it will spoil my gaming experience when CCC will eventually be localized.

because it will be localized, right?

Foxtail is a different route from ccc

UBW isn't Fate route


This is Fate/*-shit?

Suddenly my interest has dropped even further.

>Fine being found out that she's Tamamo no Mae
>Not fine about being a fragment of Amaterasu
Guess we'll get more out of Tamamo's route properly in this manga.

Oh damn, that's not censored.

>>Fine being found out that she's Tamamo no Mae
>>Not fine about being a fragment of Amaterasu

No, she's fine being found out that she's Tamamo by the enemy, she's not fine with Hakuno finding out though.

Her name only corresponds by an evil monster in mythology, she doesn't want to be hated by only one person in the world.

The reason she hides her name is different from other servants.

She's got some hang ups about herself. Her genki act is a bit fake.

Tamago time

can someone explain to me what the fuck is going on in this series

why are there so many different spin-offs all with the same characters

Because Type Moon as a series revolves around multiverse theory. Infinite parallel Earths that are separated by as small as a single choice each, yet even a single choice can cause things to go very much off the rails.

All TM VNs should have shown you how this works. Difference between the three routes within the game are a single choice during the first day.

The throne where heroes are stored is outside of space and time, so the heroes that show up in each story are all connected, they don't change between world-lines.

Fate/Zero --> F/SN

Fate/Extra = Branched off from F/SN world-line during the 1970's, when a magic ritual went badly and 2/3rds of humanity died and a polar shift happened, post apocalyptic

Fate/Apocrypha = Branched off from F/SN world-line sixty years prior, during the third grail war.

Fate/Grand Order = World-line where apocalypse happens during 2015, but a time institiute was formed within the same year, that works hard to put the time-line back the way it was and prevent the end of the world while summoning heroes from the past to help.

etc etc etc, you get how it works hopefully. Despite me using F/SN world-line as the basis in this train of thought, there is no main-world-line. Everything is just a giant Kaleidoscope of infinitely similar looking worlds, but are all slightly different.

looks like shit
characters look like whores and act like whores
hiding now

look at all these fucking words

Is reading that hard?

>visual medium
>words everywhere

one day the japanese will understand this

one day

I'll show you a visual medium


H protag monologue instinct takes over when confronted with vag

His effort from wearing a weird T-shirt and hopping up and down finally paid off.

user do you have brain damage?

Are you retarded?

Fucking Tamashits are worse than Sakurafags, like I've been saying all along. Can't handle anyone laying down the hard truth on their shit waifu.


wtf is this garbage?

>censor nipples
>draw labia

Fucking why?


So this is what happens when you get an h-manga artist do draw a fate manga. Seems good

who is the other fox? i didn't finish fate extra


OC for foxtail, Tomoe Gozen, she's pretty fun.

She was designed by Takeuchi, its talked about in an interview in volume 2. Nasu also helped write the story here.


> Onsen scene
> Barbie doll anatomy
What's the point?

BD release

Is liking Tamamo consider as furry..?

Not in manga.

>fuck nipples!
>but let's draw the pussy here

>not reading your mangos in glorious BD

I never was able to properly put them into the BD player.