Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

>tfw your're currently watching the shittiest anime on this entire board

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What? So you live in a communal setting yet you're still socially awkward? You're lucky you live in such conditions, they're the ideal place to learn even "game"


I would say to keep that blogshit in the old thread, but I doubt this thread is going anywhere good, so


Hey, at least that's more interesting than what V jump gave us

It's been too damn long. Kaito needs to stop forcing us to watch his Xyz masturbation sessions.

What do those numbers in the last 2 columns indicate?

>no new Phantom Knights
>nothing on if ancient gear -10 is easier to summon
>no new D/D/Ds
>other Speedroid Pendulum effect not revealed
>instead just some gay shit no one asked for
That Ritual Spirit looks pretty legit though, I hope the rest of the support is good.

Fill my Yuri folder anons

Why is Cred Forumsrc-V so enthralled by him?

Yurifags are just loud. Yuri is barely a character

Funny Faces

I miss Shun.

I like Yuri, but this is so true. BoB is more of a character than Yuri.

I didn't see the new episode because the RAWs are fucked up, did Shun die?

Funny faces and lots of continuous build up and let down for a duel with Yugo, which we might finally be getting soon.

I do too.

No, just passed out.

Why did he pass out

Not enough healing juices I guess. What happens when you put him in there clothed and for such a short amount of time.

>tfw even I am getting dissapointed
Can at least Asuka die a proper way or is she gonna job against a overhype character like Yuri with a deck that does not include his Starve Venom unless he end it use it? And can at least Yuri show very good things with his deck instead of useless smug from somebody who didn't even do shit?

Yuri's gonna bullshit out 2 Chaos Giants and summon Starve Venom that way

I doubt they'll make the Structure Deck do so poorly that Yuri has to shill a completely unrelated monster. That kills the point of him using the deck in the first place but embarrasses Asuka even more.

Lack of popularity doesn't mean something is bad. I'd say it's at least better than Servamp and D.Gray-Man the non-animation.


Holy shit

Why did everything go so wrong?

>taking these ratings seriously when shit like Fate/kaleid and Re:zero are rated so high

Remember way back when everybody thought Shun was the new Crow and would take up too much screentime?

Kaito saying "I'll save Ruri" absolutely destroyed me

Would the show be better if it focused on Yuto and Shun living in Heartland, and the aftermath of the invasion?

In the end Kaito only got to job to her offscreen though. I'm glad that Shun and Yuto are the ones to save her.

No. Stop asking this in every thread.

After Yuri got cucked out of Vjump spoilers by Sora, Yuri's next two duels beter be mildly entertaining at least/

Worst Yuu, to be honest.

Asuka better don't do shit to Yuri in this duel. Yuri is suppose to be on a cometely different points. Asuka Shouldn't even be able to touch his life points.

It makes sense considering he's pretty much a prop that laughs and makes funny faces

Worst character*

Goes to show when the casuals would steer away from the series.

Why haven't we gotten god-tier moments like the first 50 episodes anymore?

Why did this show that started out so well at utilizing it's multiple characters forget all about them?

Why did everything go so badly?

I forgot, what archetype did the guy dueling Gon use again?


I wonder how much the movie siphoning away their budget had to do with it.

Why the fuck did they wait so long to show of X-Sabers

Honestly, at this point, the quality of the show before the movie started going into full production and after is so large that I honestly think something had to have been done to fuck it up

Not as much as everyone thinks. It's been 5 months since the movie came out and the show is still garbage so it's clear it was never the movie's fault in the first place.

Is there a way to un-card Frozen and Aladdin yet?

>It's been 5 months since the movie came out and the show is still garbage
Because the road to it becoming garbage already was set in stone

We need more

He'll probably feed it to his garden.

>mildly entertaining at least

So a reaction image gold mine, which it most likely will be.

You know what would be even better for Yugioh than you reposting the same character faggotry? Competent writers. It's a pipe dream, though.

The show also had egregious QUALITY before Synchro even started, too. It just became frequent enough that even the blind watchers who seriously couldn't see the production problems early on could finally notice it.



Is anyone excited for the episode tonight? This thread its pretty dead and will all the negativity of the last one i can't tell.



It is near impossible for me to not be excited for Yuri. It's been 16 episodes.

WHY? He did nothing to deserve it.

>Excited for Asuka jobbing

Nope. The only thing I'm excited for is seeing Asuka again. The most aesthetically pleasing character is dying in this episode against someone not even using their real deck while spouting bullshit about egao so Egaomaster himself can get away.

I just want to see that useless bitch get carded so her annoying fans can fuck off. Then I want to see the nips give this episode an even lower score than the last one.

>Yuya will never do anything this hype
Arc-V is pretty much 5DS fanfiction, when will Yuya make a ripoff of Shooting Quasar Dragon light what he did with the other paladins?

>most aesthetically pleasing character
Uh... she just has big tits.


>Genesis Omega Dragon

>Vanguard is in the 17th position
Damn, Arc-V truly has fallen.

I was referring how his 2 Synchros so far have been Paladins and have both been like Shooting Star and Stardust. What the fuck would the third rung of these guys be called?

Nice skirt, long legs, open sleeveless jacket, dem gloves, dem lips, popped collar and confident as hell. The only problem with Asuka is that she's on the egao train and rides Yusho like a horse.

I find the other characters more aesthetically pleasing because of their colorful hair and fashion styles.

When will the subs be out tomorrow

Vanguard surpassed Arc-V ages ago. It's losing to shit like Duel Masters which has shown how low it's fallen.

Will the Raw and Sub for the last episode ever come out? Its been a whole fucking week. I don't want to get behind

Who cares?

Let's leave that aside for now.

It was a shit episode anyway, so do whatever you feel like it.

Vanguard is a consistently good series.

Not the best, but consistent

Just watch it on Dailymotion or something. The episode isn't that good anyway.

Unlike every YGO series except Zexal

This is definitely a bad sign when the Raws stop coming out entirely. Last time I saw this happen with a kids show was that Young Hunters season of Digimon and even that one, the raws were just super late but they actually came out eventually in the week. Not like this

Are we saying that Zexal is completely shit?

Because it's like 70% shit. There's 30% good stuff in there

Stop freaking out. The guy who provides the raws had a problem this time.

And they know how to use their legacy characters in a good way, Kamui became best boy in G.


I'm not even watching it
I just come to these threads, scroll over and leave
This whole thing has become so dissapointing.

This image reminds me of remember when Arc-V actually had multiple subbers at one point?

It was just that gripping

Vanguard knows how to make legacy characters important to the plot and develop the leads without stealing too much screentime unlike a certain other show.

Don't forget how it actually develop the legacy characters and expand their role without getting all the screentime, too bad Chrono wins all the time.

>All this vanguard shilling

Get your trash cardgame and anime out of here or shut up.

>Being in an Arc-V thread and calling other card game anime trash

>develop the legacy characters

Eh, I wouldn't really say the legacy characters changed that much. They retained most of their development pre-Vanguard G.

>says the one with the shittier cardgame and even shittier anime

You have no room to talk when Duel Masters and fucking Ange Vierge have better reception.

They did develop Misaki and Shin though, that was something, also Kamui was pretty much the final boss of GIRS.

This is still an Arc-V thread. If you want to discuss Vanguard G that much, you can just make your own thread. Or what, do you need to leech on Arc-V's popularity on Cred Forums because nobody here cares about your shitty franchise outside of Japan?

>Being in Arc-V thread calling it trash.

Fuck you. I am still enjoing the show and the memes it has given me.

>>Fuck you. I am still enjoing the show
I wish I could enjoy the show

Like I go back to watching some of the scenes from the early episodes and it just hurts. Shun isn't even around for dank memes anymore

It hurts user, it hurts how Arc-V is at the point that people prefer to discuss other cardgame shows than Arc-V itself.

I seriously wouldn't mind that much if I were you. We've discussed shit like Gundam and Blazblue before, and it's just one or two guys everytime. Stop making a big deal out of everything.

>Academia ordered to raze Heartland
>Yuya didn't start freaking out until Yuto was absorbed
>Both of his rage-induced Pendulum hybrids are part-Xyz
Yuto is the Demon Duelist. Xyz is evil confirmed.

>Xyz is evil confirmed.
Of course it's evil, Academia is in the right.

Drama queen

>Crow is kill

What did he meant by this?

W-Where's Aichi?

I hope Kaz permanently ends YGO after this and goes back to drawing manga for Jump.

Studying abroad in America. They're probably planning to bring him in near the end.

>people discussing other anime than Arc-V
Y-yeah. This is truly the biggest most awful most tragic event in human history.

Konami will always bribe him and then apologize to the fans for the new series just like it has happened so far.

The anime after all will always compliment the cardgame to sell cards.

He appeared in this week's episode.

I doubt Konami is gonna let him.

Konami and NAS seem pretty insistent on their weekly commercial.

If Kaz wanted to make another manga series, he would've just done it already. Even if it's not through Jump.

Is the show back to card game slice-of-life, tournament stuff or what? I watched the first season and it went downhill after psyqualia.

Ahh Gundam. Now there's a franchise that knows how to shill its products AND have decent story.

Kaz is a corrupt faggot like Spielberg and doesn't fucking care about YGO.

So GX's Supreme King is the Demon Duelist of ARC-V?

>Xyz is evil confirmed.
>cancer shit like r4nk, CDI, Treatoad
no shit they're evil

>Is the show back to card game slice-of-life, tournament stuff or what?
It was a mix of both in the second show, it was pretty comfy as a slice-of-life show and then the tournament arc happened and things got intense and the characters developed and shit, also the female lead isn't useless.

Decent Gundam shows ended with the UC. Besides, Gundam wasn't really about selling Gunplas in the 80's when Zeta and ZZ were airing, so yeah. Your point doesn't stand.

Fuck no.

>Decent Gundam shows ended with the UC


>doesn't fucking care about YGO.

Nah he cares. He was just too busy putting all his effort into the movie this time to even bother contributing anything to Arc-V but he's done a lot of good things for the other spinoffs. He even went as far as to animate a few scenes in BBT and DSOD on top of writing the whole thing and designing all the new cards. He's fucking based.

I think that user means he cares about YGO as a story and not as a game, and I think that's how it should be.

You're wrong. He didn't animate any of the scenes, he only drew the storyboard of a few scenes.

>and then apologize to the fans for the new series

Maybe he should just end it instead of having to apologize every time.

I suppose Build Fighters was just so awful that it tanked almost instantly. Oh yeah Iron-Blooded Orphans was just as bad too, I forgot. Oh wait both are massive fucking successes. But you're a U.C. fanboy, so I expect nothing intelligent from you, a la your response.

No he actually drew all the key frames for the scene where Yugi puts on his new duel disk.

>DM era YGO
>Arc-V card backings
Not even that but in the movie they even ignored the starting hand rule and the monster setting rule despite using 8000 lp.
One step forward, two steps back Konami.

>so much autism that people defending Destiny seem smart

Yes, that's what a storyboard is.

Why does Kaz have any obligation to follow Konami's rules? He's following his rules in his own movie based off his own manga.

Because the franchise belongs to Shueisha.

This is definitely not a storyboard. It's legit animator keyframes.

>Why does Kaz have any obligation to follow Konami's rules?
Because they want to sell the cards? It's like the whole reason the rules changed at the BC saga to actually make the game playable outside of some strange RPG + MTG combination.

I don't see how that has any impact. Clearly Kaz has a say in things if he has to be approached and asked permission to make a new series. He can pretty much do whatever the hell he wants.


>Because they want to sell the cards?

You don't have to follow the rules to do that shit. They were selling cards just fine in the DM anime when they followed the manga rules. Hell they did that shit all the way up to 5Ds and sold cards just fine.

When are we getting his Legend deck? I need my Blaster Blade retrain.

Next year probably

>inb4 Legend Deck Kamui

Ughhh I don't mind if they make one of him but I need Aichi first. I was actually tempted to build Gear Chronicles because I do like Chrono's deck but Nextage is fucking expensive so I decided to just wait until Aichi gets his deck.

Will his support be DOA?

Most likely.
They really can't salvage the deck from the giant mess it got turned into.

Get those Royal strides then, because those one are gonna be expensive, you really don't wanna end like Shadow users with their 30~ Aurageysers.

Probably, besides BE and ABC almost all the legacy support has been pretty bad.

It might actually be good. Might be one reason why they moved EOB to 2 on the banlist. Or they'll just make Chaos MAX better.

Chaos MAX is literally just a shitty anime boss monster
How the fuck are you supposed to make that good

Is Buddyfight worth getting into? What's the best start/trial deck to buy?

>Might be one reason why they moved EOB to 2 on the banlist.
Or they're just letting off cards which have been powercreeped.
Scout is at 3, Gateway is at 3 and Shaddolls got back El Shaddoll Fusion and Shadow Games and their tech like Stick Chair and Mathman because these decks aren't going to be anything more than rogue with how strong the new OCG meta is.
>Or they'll just make Chaos MAX better.
Not possible unless they ban Kaijus, Crystal Wing and Utopia the Lighthing.

Go ask /tg/

BLS is Chaos Soldier in Japan so its support also helps other Chaos monsters too. I don't really know what they're going to do with the new support though.

Legacy support has been generally improving over time, though.

Basically all the DM support in TDIL (plus Apprentice recently) was pretty good, for example. It didn't make them meta like Blue-Eyes, but Blue-Eyes had the movie support actually being for it rather than splitting off into a different tangent as with Magician Girls and access to support that wasn't actually legacy support like Gospel. TDIL also saw Destruction Sword Memories that acknowledged a lot of flaws with Buster Blader's support and tried to at least remedy a few of them, though it was obviously too fucked to fix all the way with a single card.

All that being said, BLS is REALLY REALLY bad like holy fuck. Even with them no longer being scared of giving legacy decks actual decent support it's going to be hard to fix it with just a few new cards.

>BLS is Chaos Soldier in Japan so its support also helps other Chaos monsters too.
He's just a sub archetype of Chaos, his support doesn't help it at all since "Chaos Soldier" is incompatible with all of Chaos.

>but Blue-Eyes had the movie support actually being for it rather than splitting off into a different tangent as with Magician Girls and access to support that wasn't actually legacy support like Gospel.
The MP support was just gimmicky and useless just like the Magi Girls so they're in the same boat as Dark Magician.
Return of the Dragon Lords was just a lucky coincidence that they decided to release the Felgrand SD R alongside Shining Victories.

Speaking of Vanguard, new season in 2 weeks.
PV: youtube.com/watch?v=pLToqCk7F7k

>lucky coincidence

Nothing is coincidental with Konami. It's all carefully planned cross-promotion.

Oh fuck they all look older now. What's going on? Is this going to be the Link Joker of Vanguard G?

Alternative singlehandedly gave Blue-Eyes its last push to competitive viability. Other than that, yeah, it wasn't particularly useful, but Alternative was huge compared to DM decks maybe getting Choco out of it if anything.

I'm pretty hyped about it because I play Shadow Paladin and that means constant support for the Ritual keyword, that and the revival of Raging.

>What's going on?
Another timeskip.

>Is this going to be the Link Joker of Vanguard G?
It looks like that.

Dark Magic Veil is also pretty useful.

Jesus fuck this looks so much nicer than Arc-V animation.

No shit. Previews look good in general.

Usually previews for a new series are just clips of the first episode sliced together, it's not as if they created a separate animation just for the preview.

Post your favorite songs from the anime soundtrack

>Shay-baby/Sweet Baby Shay
>Dashing Dennis

These days, first episodes have great animation and the clips used in the previews are obviously going to be the best looking ones.

That was just Mono's shitty font choice for episode 3, we didnt have multiple subbers til Synchro hit

With the Vanguard anime, the series is actually REALLY consistent animation wise since it doesn't take any breaks at all.

Still a great anime and I recommend it for people who want to watch people play the card game in a completely meta way

What did he mean by this?

>completely meta way

I actually do appreciate how Bushi goes out of their way to the majority of the anime characters decks good and competitively viable as compared to YGO where 90% of the anime characters have bad cards.

The best part is how you can tell when the character is playing your deck in the right way or just being a scrub with it.

It means Keikakuman will stand around and look cool for 20 episodes before wrecking Leo with Sun Tzu


When the current MC temporarily lost his staples and had to adjust, I wanted to see what they were.

And then I realized he was running the shitty cards in my budget build. Watching him lose with my main cards made me go (Pic for relevance)

Maybe it's my autism, but I enjoy those janky rediculous duels a lot. Stuff like C/C, Superheavies, those fusion Shooting Stars, and Bee Force are entertaining to watch, even if they don't work in real life. I prefer to see fantastical, unrealistic duels than the powerful yet stale meta.

Anybody bought the greatest arc v Dōjinshi yet?
really want to know what's the story about

I miss Kirifuda


>tfw they can't kill you if you don't appear

No, I haven't bought it.

Why didn't we try an Cred Forums sings for it? I thought people liked it well enough.





Simply having the stills drawn competently all the time would be good enough for that

That isn't the Asuka doujin.

Vanguard is almost always tournament and tourney all the time with some background plot. Asia Circuit was nothing but tournament, and it sucked ass. The current arc is literally the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

Well I do prefer that from a narrative viewpoint but as a player of the card game I hate when my favorite characters cards aren't meta viable. I think it would help if Konami made the cards prior to shilling them in the show so that the effects would be the same in the show and in real life. Also, Hikokubo also needs to fucking go already.



G Season One struck a pretty good balance between SoL and tournament arcs. GIRS Crisis suffered from being a string of tourneys, but was not as bad as Asia Circuit and had some really hype fights while laying the groundwork for season 3. Which I will agree has been Infinite Tsukuyomi

Don't forget how Ryuzu is pretty similar to Yuya at their core with the "I want people to be happy" and "Conflicts are wrong" kind of stuff.

Next Vanguard season will be animated by OLM, not TMS Entertainment anymore.

I wonder why they changed it.

While GIRS was mostly tourneys and qualifying matches it had fantastic character development. Shion and his struggle to beat Kai was satisfying.

OLM is the Pokemon studio too. Maybe that's why SM looks like shit.

I swear. If Ryuzu was in Arc-V, we'd have an entire arc where Yuya has to deal with the consequences of his ideals put to the extreme.

If Yuya was in Vanguard right now, he'd probably either be a vegetable or Taiyou 2.0

Wait, really? Are we finally getting GOOD animation in Vanguard?

How does a card game anime have such amazing character development. Even Tokoha's little stint with her brother's fame was handled decently after they stopped inserting "Hey, you're that guy' sister" everywhere

GRIS? Is that anything like AKABA?

What are some loose ends that should be tied up before the end of the show?

On the flip side, Yugioh is a pretty cheap game even if you're just starting your Extra Deck thanks to numerous reprints. Anime archetypes are always low rarity and cheap. usually just having one Ultra a set. Also the way Konami does rarities for the OCG makes cards easier to get with only super meta cards going over 1500 yen.

English Vanguard is retardedly expensive for a children's game, and even the Japanese version has needed RRRs for 1500 yen each. Vanguard's crazy pull rates, almost non-existent reprints, and shit like G-Persona make deck building a lot more difficult than Yugioh. What kid can afford to play Nextage?

And when it comes to card design, I'm pretty sure that Konami designs them with the intention of fitting their appearance in the anime, but the Duel writer has the last word.

>His dub name Declan is likely come from René Descartes, a French philosopher, mathematician, and scientist. A theorem named after Descartes (Descartes' theorem) also involves connection with circles, connecting him with his Japanese name's meaning.

Alright, who's fucking with the wikia?

>after they stopped inserting "Hey, you're that guy' sister" everywhere
To be fair, Rin was fucking up with her about that for half of the first season.

Rin and Shouma were amazing ways to portray assholes that aren't mustache twirling villains. Glad to see her on team Shion in the preview and I hope she ends up with Mamoru.

Chrono x Tokoha
Shion x Money
Rin x Mamoru

Yugioh used to be extremely expensive but the mass reprints we get have made it cheap. It's the reason I got back into the game last month. You can build most of a character deck for like $10-$15. Raidraptors are super cheap outside of Force Strix which is $15. Then you have anime cards like PK and Speedroids being really expensive because they're meta and have no reprints. Even some old cards are really expensive like Miracle Contact and Air Neos because of no reprints. It all depends on the card. Then you have stupid shit like Gem Knight Garnet being as expensive as it is. I can't wait until Brilliant Fusion gets hit.

Shouma was a gay asshole on top of that, now I wonder which dude is gonna use Spikes or Narukami.

Yeah Vanguard needs better pull rates and more outlets for reprints. Fighters Collection is not enough honestly. I want stuff like Tins and Gold packs.

I think the Spikes player is definitely one of the two new dudes from the NEXT preview with Narukami going to the last person on Shion's team.

ALL they have to do is dump older GRs and RRRs as promos in every new booster/box and we'd be fine


Nobody cares about Neos, it was a mistake.

I jumped on all of those cards when they came out except for Break Sword. Terrortop was one burger each. Goddamn BA. KoA's rarity bumps are occasionally an issue too.

What I don't get is how vocal the part of Vanguard's player base that dislikes reprints is. Yugioh has so many that people expect them yearly now, but some Vanguard players whine and whine about the value of their cards. The ratio of the Olyvia and Amnesty reprints and people's reactions to them just flabbergasted me.

Damn looks good. Loving how Chrono is now the shop manager. I have to wonder what this means for the original Vanguard characters and if they'll still be as involved or just completely non existent now. Also hoping Jam Project will get to do an OP or two.

>KoA's rarity bumps are occasionally an issue too

More like always an issue. It's just not as bad because we get reprints relatively quickly. But it's a serious low blow that TCG Dark Magician support is expensive as fuck when it's cheap in the OCG. And it's all thanks to rarity bumps.

>His dub name Declan is likely come from René Descartes
Fucking how!!??

I think the main issue is that Bushiroad did NOTHING in stopping the second hand market from taking absolute control. As it stands right now, players are now also dealers in a free market. They hate reprints since it means their market flow ends.

FUCK THE MARKET. They are why I set my maximum on Vanguard decks to $30. We need reprints now


They're just jews, but really, the good thing about Vanguard is how you don't get rarity bumps.


I remember Dark Armed Dragon being a rare in the OCG but a secret in the TCG. That shit caused so much pandemonium. Phantom Darkness was impossible to find after it released. Everyone bought it all up.

Single deck formats were a mistake

Now that I'm back into the game I'm going to jump on shit the moment it releases regardless of how good it is. I'm still kicking myself that I missed out on the release of the Cyber Angels. Benten is expensive now and they drove up Herald stuff. Herald was like $.50 before they came out.

I didn't think people would be that late into figuring out that Benten searches Fairy-types. It's like how Luster Pendulum was like $3 in the TCG even though EMEm was dominating the OCG. It didn't take that long for the same to happen in the TCG, and the price to spike.



Based Grandpa saving Arc-V



Why doesn't D/D/D have any protection? Unless you negate it with Seigfried, every single card dies to destruction

Honor Student Deck

Honor Shiller Deck

Aw, did 33 get shut down too?

66 is up

Last page from the preview.thisvreally looks good

But does it TVTokyo?

Will Arc-V continue to hold its record for having the worst ratings on Nico EVER?

>caring about what people think
Do you like it user? If so, then watch it. If not, don't. Why do you give two shits about whether they consider the show to be good or not?

66 is 3333

With 122, Arc-V has secured the 5 most worst rated episodes in nico nico history. Congratulations to Ono and Kamishiro for setting a new record.



Because my opinion feels more validated thanks to the ratings. I fucking hate arcfags.

Yeah you seem to have as many fucks as ratings


How busy this image makes it come off as you saying you actually care a lot

If you don't like the show, don't watch it. If you don't like the community, don't come here. Why punish yourself with things that you don't like?

I'm pic related.

Actually replying makes you look like you give a fuck.

Got a better Yuya image in that pose that can be used instead?

No, why would I? Also, the simple act of replying and giving anons those (you)s defeats the entire purpose.

I feel the need to insult you people for liking such a bad anime.

But why? Does it make you feel better about yourself?

I mean, you can be proud of the fact that you enjoy the taste of shit all you like, it won't stop us from laughing at you about it

Was this part of Ono's plan?


Shut up, you faggot.

I'm sorry if I offended you. I just wonder why anyone would purposely subject themselves to things they don't like if they don't have to.

You have a point, now if only he has more screentime...

>when the keikaku is too loud

>it won't stop us from laughing at you about it
Who are you referring to? Do you think you shitposters matter in the grand scheme of things?

Not that user, but if you want to go there, none of these threads and this anime will matter even an iota in the 'grand scheme' of things. That's not a comment on quality

Truly the most dashing duelist.

Yes. Nothing matters in the grand scheme of things. That's why all we're doing is pointless and we shouldn't be wasting our time shitposting here in the first place.


Does life even matter in the grand scheme of things? Is the mere concept of life itself pointless?

Yes. We humans are tremendously insignificant beings living in a tremendously vast universe. Meaning our lives don't matter, and that's all the more reason to be spending our time doing things we like instead of hating each other. Truly we should all be following Sakaki Yuya's teachings.

>voices of cringe is tumblr commentating over the episode
>laptop to shit for 66
kill me

>calling tsusikage sukicarg

I literally had to mute the fucking thing so I didn't jump out of my window



best boy is a best



I wanna die so friggin' bad right now! The pain is excruciating!

>we will get a sob story of Yuri

Tiny Cabbage is adorable.

Crashing the duel...



Yes, you are too late. Asuka got turned into a card and Yusho rescued Yuzu.

>tfw you get to dominate two Yu's

I'd be fine with that
starts in 2 mins anono

How did Leo break this adorable cabbage?

How into Yu-Gi-Oh? There are so many series, is it necessary to watch them all?

There's no Macross Delta on that chart user. Yugioh is safe.

whats the stream again? i heard they changed it

read a paragraph summary of each series and pick which on sounds the most interesting to you, you don't have to watch them all

Rin(male) looks like a submissive fuccboi.

>episodes started
>cringe is still talking about the fucking cards

Not really, though Arc-V features a lot of call backs and even a few characters from GX, 5Ds, and Zexal. It's rather hit-or-miss because every series is a clusterfuck of highs and lows, so it's largely dependent on personal preference. If you wanted to watch everything, it would be DM > GX > 5Ds > Zexal > Arc-V.

is 66 offline?

With his BBC.

>Asuka narrating

haha fucking die bitch your series was shit


Gonna miss those tits

RIP in cardboard, sweet tits.


>Asuka doing the recap

Even they know she's underused. Nice knowing you.

>Tiny Yuri fucking up a ra yellow


>Ancient Gear deck commercial
>No Chronos narration

>Yusho thinks yuri is yuya
>Reji becomes new walking stick

>Even Yusho thought Yuri was Yuya
>Doesn't know about the other Yu's


that tackle was ridiculous

>Yuri showing off his two dicks

>Reira renders Sora useless for this duel by getting him trapped in bars

Asuka's shilling more than one new monster.

Was becoming Yusho's new walking stick part of the keikaku?

>Yuri unseals a fresh deck

>four eyes, four tits

Is yuri actually reading the effects?

>hmm, can you give me a minuet
yuri a best

>Yuri doesn't know what his cards do and has to read them

>he actually reads his cards

>Yuri having to figure out his own cards

I like that

Yuri shilling the new strucure deck

>Sweat castle traps
>Yuri gushing over new cards
>Actually reading the cards
Episode is great already

HOLY SHIT! This is a new level of shilling. He's pretty much speaking to the audience and teaching them how to use the new cards.

>literally shilling and teaching people how to play structure deck

I can't watch the stream what do you mean by this?

is this a new level of shilling?

Is he really ignorant or is he just trolling?

The way he keeps reading the effects and going "Oh' and "Ah" shouldn't be this funny.


This is amazing


>Yuya asking a random Obelisk Blue about Yuzu


How come Yusho reacted to Yuri's face, but not Yugo's when he was standing right in front of him


If he constantly looks at the cards he sets before seeing which would help in the situation then yes

In his defense he literally just unsealed the deck and started using it.

fuck I forgot about the stream
missed first half, epic
inb4 no raw again

It's a brand new deck he unsealed before the duel.

He just unsealed the deck. He's trolling Asuka with a deck he doesnt even know.

>whole episode has turned into a CM for Structure Deck

This may be shameless shilling, but hell if it isn't entertaining.


I don't mind at all. Even shilling can be fun when done by a smug Yuri.



They're really making yuri shill antique gear.



>What? Someone else is shilling Ancient Gears?

>yuri draws 3 copys of polermerisation

Seeing Yuri express panic of sorts is interesting

qt! QT!


>Loli Serena

doesn't hurt to ask.

Asuka banished them from his deck, fool.

>No one would be friends with Yuri



What the fuck, Leo was oblivious to Yuri's sadism this entire time?

Id be his friend



Would you be friends with Yuri?

>Yuzu's current clothes used to be Asuka's




SUPER [email protected]!!!







Yuzu's been wearing a lot of other girls clothes through out this series

The reason why Super-Poly hasn't been banned in OCG yet

Rip Asuka
also yuri's glowing eyes

Smol Smug Yuri

That was like a really watered down version of Vector's ruse against Nasch in their duel.

Better than nothing I guess

RIP Tits
I'll always remember you for Cyber Tutu


>Asuka is kill
>Even Leo is afraid!

>even Leo is surprised

>ending the episode on a good old YYYUUUZZZZUUUU

Rip Asuka

Did Asuka even do anything?

Arc-V confirmed for worst writing

RIP. At least you shilled like 3 new cards before you died.



Oh shit the 'nice' Academia student was just playing with Yuya. Finally, one man immune to egao

Saved Yuzu in her first appearance, that's it. This sucks, Jack and Crow get a decent amount of duels and she only gets 2, and one barely counted.

She saved Yuzu, showed of a Ritual, and looked damn good.

>Sora is going to job to Yuri offscreen


Got him to 100LP but for the most part she didn't do shit. Horribly handled character.


sasuga Arc-V writers


He had parasite in his brain from the script

Asuka really should've dueled Dennis. Fuck off and get carded, Kaito.

If Serena knew Yuri, why didn't she react to Yuya

nah that pretty accurate to her native series

Doesn't he have to shill some new cards for the Booster Special though? He only has 2 new ones so far.

>Ruri vs Yuya/Yuto
I'm ready

She didn't stole Shun's role into rescuring Ruri.

Sora's next.

And now I have no reason to watch Arc-V. I didn't think it would come to this, but here we are. Hope the last episodes are enjoyable for those who'll stick around.

>People actually thought Asuka was going to make Rituals great again

Oh. Never mind then


Yuri knew of Serena, that doesn't mean that Serena knew Yuri or that they ever met in person.

see you next week


>not enjoying today's episode
you should've left a long time ago asuka fag

yeah yeah, no surprise there

There was a flashback where the Professor and Serena walked up to 11 year old Yuri

Some Heartland flashbacks, nice


So that was a new Cyber Angel ritual spell? Interesting.
Will the new main deck monster be printed too?

>level 5

Wow, it's nothing.

Most of the preview was literally Yuto.

Still in Yuya's fucking body, but Yuto nonetheless.



Hayaku.... Hayaku..... hayaku...

Is that different than the ritual spell that we got before?

>Level 5


>like Yuri
>like Sora
Well then

arvc op

I wish they switch places like in the manga

Yuri pretty much said that he doesn't give a fuck about the Arc Area Project or Academia and just likes carding people and wrecking shit.

Here's your future wife

>killing off a walking pair of tits because DRAMA
>attempting to salvage an utter waste of a villain by having him win a duel

Such a sugoi episode.

holy shit. ute a qt

What the fuck was the haiyaku chanting for

>both episodes she dueled in ended with a 3
>See showed off a total of about 3 cards in both episodes

How did he never pick up on Yuri's sadism? It's not like Yuri tries to hide it

What the fuck is Yuri doing with Super Poly?
That's Judai's card

RIP waifu.

>Jack 4+ duels
>Crow 4+ duels
>Kaito 5+ duels
>Asuka 2 duels 1 lose and 1 win against a jobber
>Edo gonna have 3 duels total 2 loses and 1 tie

Fuck this shit.

I actually stopped at 92, only watching a few duels here and there

Why is Level 5 bad?

They just lazily drew Cyber Petit Angel on it.


Did anyone seriously expect Yuri to lose here? I mean, with the writing quality lately, I was seriously worried he'd actually turn good out of the blue when his sob story started, but just showing up and losing straight away without any buildup? He's been hyped up as way too much of a threat for that.

He wanted her to hurry the fuck up and lose so he could card her.

Oh fug, they like each other.

Wasn't confirm that just likes to work with academia , because it's fun ?


No one expected him to lose, but people expected an enjoyable duel, or a cop out by having Asuka not get carded so soon.


You can't tribute it for the others or Herald.

>blushing Yuto

All the good rituals in Cyber Angel decks are level 6.

This is literally all I wanted from this shit fucking anime. Give it to me and I couldn't care less what kind of egao brainwashing consumes the rest of the show.


I know that but the point still stands. Brainwashed Ruri, after Shun supposedly undid it, vs Yuto because they forgot they were a thing.
If they had Ruri crush Shun everything would flow much better. Shun retires from being owned by Ruri instead of "lol fatigue" and Yuto undoes the brainwashing.

>Here's your future wife
Shun tells his sister. It would save his asshole a considerable amount of pounding if Ruri had another person to take her dick.

The whole archetype relies on using even levels, specifically 6, 8 and 10

Jesus, the Yuu's are manlets compared to their waifu's.

we need a speedwagon meme with Leo's face

>dragging out parasites plot with worst Ruri

What's Rin doing right now

Her new level 10 is ridiculous and it's retarded that she didn't even use it. This duel sucked.

Just goes to show how much Arc-V has killed our standards.

If only she defeated Shun


Last we saw, I think walking towards Academia

Ruri has major 5head going on in this shot

Man, if Asuka was going to be this worthless, they might as well had made her a new character.

So Yuri wants to card everyone in every dimension?

I miss Chronos, na no ne



Guess she's more a collector

use Relinkuriboh obviously

No, he likes carding people.
Even when Asuka told him if he kept carding people, there'd be no one around to be his friend, he didn't give a fuck, he'd actually like being the only human in the workd because then that'd mean he's the strongest.

Is this getting reprinted in the Booster Special or something?

Meant he

5 cards
she also a new maindeck monster and that fusion deck destroyer

Maybe if we had her duel Dennis instead of Kaito, we wouldn't be having this problem. I want Yuri to card Kaito even more than ever now. Heck, why stop at Kaito? Have Yuri card BB, Jack, Shingo, Gongenzaka, Edo, Doctor, fuck, nearly everyone. Have him card Leo too, why not.

Ancient Gear structure deck.

>Cyber Angel - Nāsatya
>Can be Ritual Summoned by "Absolute Machine Angel Ritual".
>(1) Once per turn, you can target 1 face-up monster you control: gain LP equal to half that monster's ATK.
>(2) When a Ritual Monster is chosen as an attack target: negate that attack.
>(3) If this card is in your Graveyard: you can banish 1 other "Cyber Angel" monster in your Graveyard and target 1 monster your opponent controls; Special Summon this card, and if you do, take control of that target.

>Absolute Machine Angel Ritual
>This card can be used to Ritual Summon any "Cyber Angel" Ritual Monster. You must also Tribute monsters from your hand or field, or return any number of Fairy-type or Warrior-type monsters in your Graveyard to the Deck, whose total Levels equal the Level of the Ritual Monster you Ritual Summon.

I thought the duel was pretty enjoyable, but that's mostly because of Yuri being a smug bastard and finally pulling out Super Poly. Makes sense that people who wanted to see Asuka do something cool wouldn't be happy with it.


If he cards them and eats the cards, will he gain their power?

Gotta card 'em all.

Would you guys have preferred what we got we with Arc-V now or if arc-v was like 5Ds where this whole story was done well in 75 eps and then had a second story that was shit?

Ritual spell is good, and the third effect on the monster is ok. Only drawback is you have to ritual summon the damn thing before you can get it.

>complaining about shilling cards in a card game anime

No, but he'll gain their power if he stops and reads them for a bit.

if arc-v was like 5Ds where this whole story was done well in 75 eps and then had a second story that was shit?

This, at least you can stop there and pretend the rest didn't happen, you can't do that with Arc-V.

The spell is good, I might play one copy of Nasatya to test it out.

Structure deck has 40 cards and 1 token., so
It may get reprinted in the Fusion SP you already know it definitely isn't getting printed there.

This story has been dragged more than it should have.

Good cards. Asuka character decks are going to be so damn fun. Too bad they had to be revealed in such a shit duel.

and graduate from academia like never before

Yeah, I guess. If there was a 1st part wrap up, you could just pretend the rest never happened and not left lingering.

Complaining? Nobody is complaining, Yuri brought in a whole new dimension of shilling entertainment.

a Cyber Angel Nekroz Mirror?
Now where's Cyber Angel Nekroz Cycle?

This episode and the Asukafag backlash made my shitty life so much better and worth living.

If ARC-V went 2 years, we'd have to deal with a(n even more) poorly animated final arc due to DSOD, or had DSOD produced and released later than it actually did for ARC-V's plot to get through, then have ARC-V fuck around with SoL entame for DSOD.

Man, the shilling was good, it was the most entertaining duel we've had in like 20 episodes.
Too bad about the plot, and it turns out Yuri is a psycho.

>no once per turn clause on the third effect


>Fairy-type or Warrior-type monsters
Why warriors?

I'd be fine with the Arc-V approach if they actually had the time and budget to finish the arc in proper quality after leaving it aside for so long. But since that doesn't seem possible for whatever reason, 5D's-style would obviously work better.

Is their duel going to be offscreen or is Sora actually going to get a full duel?

Asuka's regular non-Fairy Cyber monsters.

not that i want him redeemed, but it doesn't look like he was brainwashed and he just seems like a legitimate phyco so how are they going to redeem him?

Off screen with Yugo saving Sora afterwords.

This is actually really refreshing.
Much better than harambe
sure, Asuka died, but who gives a fuck? We got Yuri backstory and development, Yuri was really entertaining in this episode, the CHOU YUUGO was amazing, and Yuya got played.
This should hopefully break the streak, it's much better than the BB arc.

>special summon this card back from the grave
>then take control of one of your opponent's monsters
i get that cyber angels aren't that great but change of heart effects will eternally make me salty.

Yuri was entertaining and I like the fact that Asuka did so much damage to him. That 5 on 1 duel didn't even phase him. But Asuka was such a friendship shill and didn't have her spunky attitude. She was in full egao mode. It was annoying and in all honesty a complete waste of her character. Hope the episode gets the backlash it deserves. This show doesn't know how to treat legacy characters.

Third time's the charm.

Post yfw this episode still gets rated low



He's probably gonna get like one on-screen turn in order to shill some cards for his Booster Special. Unless of course they just release his Manga cards there.


Maybe Yuri's performance will bump it up to 20%+ highest approval with a little luck.

I'd bet my money on the ominious demonic spirit cloud hovering over him having something to do with that.

I know. Sora deserves better.


>underestimating the power of EGAO
Ono could pull of some bullshit

Asuka even dueling Yuri feels kind of useless when he could've just dueled Sora, and Yugo comes in at the last minute anyway.

it killed an old character and waifubait. It's going to get shit on.

at least you can tribute the others for her with the regular Angel Ritual

Card all of NicoNico?

How are they going to rate it if nips aren't watching it?

>Next week and the two weeks after

I'm fucking ready.


>It took Brron to murder 4 of Judai friends for Super Polymerization
>Even then it wasn't complete so Judai/Supreme King murdered hundreds of humans to complete it
>It has the ability to fuse all 12 dimensions
Why the fuck does Yuri have such a powerful card and plot device.

>no Yuya
>it actually a good episode
first time yugioh mc suck so fking hard

Because in Arc-V's world it's just a regular (premium) card you ding dong.

>Yuri's dream is to card everyone
Can we please get an AU spinoff about this? I'm sure it would be entertaining.

Is Jack next to be carded?

Arc-V only has four dimensions, so Super Poly is three times easier to get. Simple math.

It's probably going to be rated low.
Nico have a lot of GX fags.

Does this mean Yuri will use Super Poly in his Predator Plants too?


>This episode and the Asukafag backlash made my shitty life so much better and worth living.

same desu

>Leo's face when he made a big mistake

Reminder this face is going to get absolutely abolished by the demon.

4 fusions
4 synchros
4 xyz

2 fusions already revealed
2 synchros already revealed
2 xyz already revealed
1 more ritual left to reveal

If they plan on doing OCG extra deck, Xyz and Synchro are the only slots still possible for it.

Like father, like son

Him and then Edo. And for a bonus kick in the dick, Kaito will survive.

Shows how little he bothers paying attention to his own subordinates

More important than that, why does Yuri have such a significant card from a past MC?

Is like Yuto having Astral Force

Kaito survives because he's the only character in the series to consistently use his backrow.

>implying he won't have Astral Force to go into Odd-Eyes Rebellion while Yuya uses Raging from now on

I think they're going to card all the returning characters (maybe,except for Jeager since we'll never see him again).
This episode isn't available in my country at the moment.
What was the outcome?


Establishes threat level. It's like when Shun first debuted his Rank-Ups, you knew he was big business.

>Inb4 Yuto have Astral Force

Yuya DID Re-Contract Universe in Episode 1.

Still isn't explained why it happened

He didn't call it Re-Contract Universe, so it isn't

When do we get nip ratings?

Super Poly is a lot easier to reuse than Astral Force because the card itself doesn't reference any GX plot elements. They probably just brought it back because that's what people wanted to see.
There's also still the possibility that the concept of the Supreme King exists in Arc-V and has something to do with this. At least two dragons use the name, after all.

>What was the outcome

Yuri won. I thought it'd be very obvious.

next week


Late Friday night/Early Saturday morning.