What would you do if you met a genderbent version of yourself?

What would you do if you met a genderbent version of yourself?

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Fuck it

So would that be masturbation or incest?

Kill myself and hope my consciousness merges with her.

Otherwise the only remaining me is a cute girl so that's still okay

Probably the only girl with standards low enough to fuck me

boring, just gimme a clone

is that a crop? give us sauce, man, i can't read moon


Engage in drunken banter

Neither of us would be virgins

But we'd both be way too gross for the other to actually get off, so we'd probably become workout buddies and use the promise of vigorously fucking each other as motivation to get in shape and clean ourselves up.

Kill it and then kill myself like I was gonna do anyways

Considering I'm a introverted, depressed, lardass, neckbeard, I can't imagine my genderbent self would be that great of company.

If you were gonna kill yourself anyways, why not just have your genderbent self kill you instead, sexually?

Make money and support each other, we're both great and fit after all.

no sex or masturbation with a true friend is life complete mode.

I talk to myself a lot, so I've been preparing for this.

Rape, or sex. One of the two, definitely.

We'll go pick up bitches.


Do you look at yourself in the mirror and say you would fuck that?

Have a psychotic break as my perception of reality shatters completely

Only ONE of me can exist in this world.

Genderbent or whatever

Be useless and autistic together

sauce please I had a bad day

Kill, fuck and eat. In whatever order I devise.

There's only room for one me.

It's on the fucking picture retard.

google is not returning anything, what's the name of this? this is one of my hidden fetishes, come on

Likely the same that happened there, just flipped to femdom instead.

[Chimichanga] Gyakuten Parallel World Kanojo | Reverse Parallel World Girlfriend (COMIC Unreal 2016-04 Vol. 60)

Reverse image search has made you spoiled and lazy, user. It was the first result on panda when I searched the obvious tags

Look at the fucking picture

bless you


Got him.

It's funny because I often fantasize about this.

Of course, I'd fuck me. Gently.

>parallel world
gee, not like that's going to bring back many hits

Buy her a strap-on and have her peg me

Is it a requirement that everyone on Cred Forums be able to read katakana?

Praise you

It would be hairt fat and smelly woman. I would run away

Ritualistic sacrifice after leading her on to fuck. If I kill the perfect me I can finally be free from the delusion that I'm cute and become a man


lets be real how many of us like ourselves enough to actually handle another one of you?

We'd both be introvert fucks incapable of bonding with people, so we'd most likely talk like once or twice and then never meet again.

Probably be friends with her but keep it strictly platonic because I think black girls are ugly

nice projection neckbeard-kun



I'm not a fuck up so no problems.

That makes sense.



It was all in the OP image, dude.

not a projection, truth, half the people on this site hate themsleves
yes, including me


here's the sauce.

What if I'm trans? Would the genderbent version of me be a girl who wants to be a boy?


Would it be someone who lived my life and then suddenly turned into a girl, or someone who lived their entire life as a girl, like some kind of parallel world me that was born the other gender?

Because if it's the former they'd probably be gross, hairy and it'd take so long before they learned how to girl properly that they might as well be completely unfuckable. Maybe a handy at best but even a blowjob from something that hideous would be out of the question.


She would be dead because she did herself a favor.

If I'm into femdom, would my genderbent alternate universe self also be into it? Or would she stay a sub and want to be dominated by men instead?

Cute and lewd. I'd read a doujin about horny alternate universe counterparts getting /fit/ together in a heartbeat.


>What if I'm trans
You mean mentally ill?
Your genderbent self would probably be every bit as demented as you, though their illness might manifest as just a generalized tendency to self-harm instead of a specific fetish for genital self-mutilation.

Probably hate her

Is it a rule that genderbent you is hotter than you in every way? because if so I'd probably just stick around with her and tease her about it.

No, she would be a sub into maledom.

If you're a masochist she's a masochist too

i fucking love myself, im a cool dude

But if she doesn't has my specific mental illness then she's not my genderbent version.
A cold is not the same as cancer, and also depression is not the same as gender dysphoria.

The whole premise of this one was that she's the opposite, though. Which is why it's great.

Envy it.

As shit as Cred Forums self-esteem is, wouldn't your other self have the exact same interests as you? You can be the best of buddies.

>weird small wounds in the back
Would keep distance, OP.

Assuming that I as a male look ok as I am and not a wreck, I would befriend, hopefully start a relationship, marry and have a child. As sad as it sounds I could also be 100% open and honest without fear of judgement with her. We would know each other so well and be abke to share and love the interests we feel ashamed of.

Not sure if true but supposedly we seek out mates who look like us or share similar features.

I like myself quite a bit. It wouldn't be a problem.

Just probably stare at each other awkwardly for a moment and go back to playing Video games or watching anime.

Nice doujin. Thanks for posting OP.


No but gender dysphoria is typically just a specific expression of a wider mental distress. Someone who lived life as a different gender would very likely not come to the conclusion that the root cause of all their gripes is what happens to be between their legs, because the incidental experiences of their life would be fundamentally different. They might end up with an eating disorder or some kind of generalized anxiety about how other people see them instead. It's all the same shit, really. You just came up with a different excuse for why everything in your life feels wrong, but your genderbent self would come up with a dysphoria every bit as arbitrary and removed from reality as yours.

Splendid. I'll have someone to have kinky sex with

This, to be honest.

I'd would most likely literally fuck myself

If a female version of me were to actually exist she'd be just as interested in the genitalia of the opposite sex as i am and we could probably bond over comics and other junk

We'd also have the same views and we'd get along fine

Shame though because if a genderbent version of me exists I'll probably never meet them

I'd find myself pretty boring.

This is idiotic and nonsensensical, another you being the opposite of you doesn't make sense.

Play video games and jerk off

i just want a friend.

It's like the idea of the bizarro world.



>I am you and you are me

Ah shit, you're right.

Isn't that just like having a sibling? Either way they'd be ugly as sin.

>tfw not a qt narcissist highschool girl with a magic mirror I can use to gangbang with myself every night

We'd both have unrealistically high standards and find each other disgusting.

However, if it simply were someone else who looked like me, it would just stop at the feeling of disgust. But since it's actually a genderbent me, there would be a bit of curiosity mixed with morbidity that would make me want to fuck myself.

Is there a better gender bend than Kyonko?

is this the thread I can post memefrogs and a sad albino man?



And the whole premise is also that women are masochists and men are sadists, and the protagonist did great.

Why would you want to let a girl dominate you when even porn tells you the opposite? Pathetic cuck


Oh my god yes.

Its my greatest fetish because then i'd be able to engage in all those horrible depravities that I can't convince other humans to join me in.

Truth be told, all the experiences that molded you would be completely if you were the opposite sex, all the paths taken would be different, etc. Even at a biological level there would be differences in behavior.
And these differences are so drastic that there's a high chance that your counterpart would be someone completely different from you. She'd probably be like a twin sister: there might some similarities, but you won't be able to perceive the other as yourself, it's another person entirely.

>that dojuin where he comes over to her place, and she being him, knows he's pent up. Sucks him off.

>And swallows like a champ.



Probably would be hideous as fuck.
>face full of scars
>no ass
>assimetrical eyes
>unconfident and low voice
>slow as fuck


And then she puked all over the place.
Not sure if I'd make a girl like that give me another blowjob, she looked too pitiful.

Go fuck myself

>Ah~ I want to taste your dick.

>not trading her in the genderbent black market for another user's genderbent self
Fucking myself would be too gay so this would be perfect for me.

Most honest love story ever told.


Why not just prostitute her out on craigslist for some quick dosh?
You could save up enough to buy someone else's genderbent self and still make plenty on the side. Plus your genderbent self would get all the random hookup dick she could handle and then about 3 more

>medium length hair
>wear collared shirt, belt and business trousers 99% of time

What would opposite sex me look like?

Maybe a proper man

You just described her.

a genderbent version of yourself would be just as depraved as you are, user.

lolispammer a shit, accelerator spammer is the hero we deserve.

>he'll never be back to save us.
>I don't have any memefrogs to post.

I'm more concerned about the long term implications.

Can she not go back? Will she never be able to hang out with her friends ever again?
Do I have to make enough money to feed and house two people? How will she go outside if she has no proof of citizenship? How the hell will she ever function normally in society when there is no proof she ever existed? How will I get her a job when there's no proof of her mechanical engineering degree?

I mean, I think she'd be okay with being a NEET for a while, but basically not being able to live outside would really take a toll on her.

Pls no bully

I...would actually really like that.

>t. people from Cred Forums told me this

You're using the meme wrong

Well, fuck me

My sister is the female version of myself. Haven't been able to get in her pants yet but I'm making progress.

It's not like you're going to get stopped on the street and asked to provide proof of citizenship. She can work a part-time job since those rarely require you to submit any important documentation and with a dual-income household the two of you can save up to send her to college to get a proper qualification, or else you can use nepotism to get her a job in the field and let her prove herself with all the knowledge and skills you share.

Maybe she's trying to get in your pants too, but you didn't realize yet.

>parallel universe where everything is the reverse
>somehow the ear weakness is the same

Fucking killed my boner right there.

I'm guessing something like this?

Well, those are some sane responses.

Thank you.

Now I just have to make sure she doesn't accidentally say "dad" and "mom" to my parents.

I'd dress him up as a maid trap

Good taste
Who'd dom?

>Implying there aren't very real expectations associated with gender and someone feeling that the expectations associated with the opposite gender are more natural and acceptable for them.
>Implying that feeling that a certain set of expectations that you agree with more closely you wouldn't want to follow those expectations instead of some arbitrary set of expectations that you don't feel are comfortable to you
>Implying that genders aren't arbitrary social constructs to begin with.

rob her

t. upset tumblrite

If you feel the need to rob her, she obviously doesn't have anything.

Also, she's thinking the same thing.

no homo.

What's the point? She has the exact same stuff as you.


because I just doubled my stuff

>I will

>and we are we and we are all together


Well if you ever need your genderbent clone double-stuffed, gimme a call.

Patrician taste

Decapitate it. There can be only one.

Considering the actual manga plot OP pic comes from, if the male version is poor, she'll be rich so robbing her will be profitable.

>genderbent version of yourself would be just as depraved as you are
>All those fetishes you'd both share
Shit. I'd probably get arrested for molesting a genderbent version of myself


Has Anyone Really Been Far Even as Decided to Use Even Go Want to do Look More Like?

So she wants to fuck me in the ass too?

We all do, user.


Let´s see.
Their worlds are supposed to be exact opposites.

1. If the girl from the parallel world looks attractive shouldn´t the boy look ugly?

2. If the boy´s actions and behaviour in his world can change the girl in the parallel world, shouldn´t the girl´s actions in the parallel world not also change the boy in his world? In other words she could just change her own masochistic nature instead of asking the boy to change his sadistic nature.

3. On page 12 the boy mentions the girl´s ears to be as sensitive as his own. But since their worlds are opposites of each other shouldn´t the girl´s ears be completely insensitive since his ears are sensitive?

4. Since both of them are supposed to be exact opposites of each other then doesn´t that mean that if the boy is interested in the girl in reverse the girl should hold absolutely no interest in the boy to begin with?

-> Conclusion: The art is fine but the story fails completely.

You-you double nigger! PROMOTIONS FOR EVERYONE.

Your opposite parallel world self is probably not autistic.

tl;dr, it's porn.


This is why nobody likes you, reddit.

How big would her tits be?
Do I assume that since guys are flat my genderbend will automatically have cowtits? Doesn't sound right.

Fuck off autistic faggots. Not everyone knows how to read moon runes.

It's not gay if your balls don't don't touch.

The size of your dick

Id be more worried if you're overall skinny, she'd be such a whale.

Perhaps the endowment of her chest would depend on the endowment of your, well, 'yknow.

Though I guess if you, like so many other anons, have mantits, your female self will probably have back problems-tier mammaries.

This post has yet to be reviewed, please standby for further instructions.

They know. They just want fuck with you.

If we look at it that way though:

Let's say my body size is a 40%
then my opposite would be a 60%, right?
That's how it should work, right?

So if we go down this path
for argument's sake
how big is a 100% human?

The size of tits will be proportional to the length of your dick.

I hate myself, so a girl version of myself would probably hate me too.
Just like all the other 3d girls.

This also fits if you're pretty white.

Lets be honest, you're not even worth hating.
The novelty of meeting the degenerate, worthless human being that just so happens to be her AU self would wear off in about 2 minutes and then she'd walk out of your life never to talk to you or acknowledge your subhuman existence again.

For the first time in my life, I'd have found someone who doesn't have shit taste.
You better believe I'd try to fuck it.

Yeah probably.

>I hate myself, so a girl version of myself would probably hate me too.

No, since she's you she would hate herself.

I'd give myself a hug and pats on the head

>two depressive people that hate themselves but love one another
Actually kinda cute.

Why are you talking like the female version of yourselves would be successfull?

The genderbent equivalent of Cred Forums would be a feminist landwhale coated in the rancid-bacon-smelling filth of not having bathed in three weeks.

If she was my polar opposite, like the OP's manga, then she'd be extremely popular and successful.

Then, like in OP's manga, you will insert dick. Right?

Ask if having tits is as great as I think it is.

>small tits
The poor girl, if she's a lonely virgin I'll do as user says above and get fit with her otherwise she can go die mad, alone, and screaming like me

No because unlike the dude in the OP's manga, I'm a weak-willed wimp and don't get off to teasing and physically or sexually dominating others.

She'd toss a couple mean words my way and then leave me to wither and rot in my filth and apathy. Like I deserve, really.

Wait a moment

Are we discussing genderbend or opposite?

Grab a pen and some paper, get her a decent seat, and ask her a few questions.

>If she was my polar opposite, like the OP's manga

But we're not talking about OP manga. We're talking about genderbender as a whole. Face it, the female you would be just as pathetic as you are.

I'd likely fuck me if I were female, I'm not sure that I'd want her as a girlfriend since I consider myself pretty boring, but she'd probably be fuckable and a good conversation partner if I had something to talk about.

>Face it, the female you would be just as pathetic as you are.
Then I can only pity the poor creature.

I would get her to wear all the cute things that I as a man cannot pull off, and if she has a genderbent version of my preferences, she would get me to dress up in the manly things she as a lady cannot pull off.

Together, we would come up with many great schemes, do cute things, and enjoy each other's probably perfect taste in anime.


Or maybe they would get arrested for molesting you..

First time I've ever wanted a smaller dick desu

Become the best friends since we would not only share similar tastes but I'm into shota too so I wouldn't mind her wanting to fuck a shota or a loli.

>can't have a perflat pettanko goddess unless your dick is basically too small to use
Goddamn tragic.

So if the genderbent me is basically identical outside of gender, how would sexual preferences work?
If I'm into girls, would she be into girls also?
And like, if I want to put dick in vagina, would she want to put plasdick in mangina?

Because those would be problems.

Murder her so I have the satisfaction of killing myself.

Is the size of my dick what determines the size of my genderbent self's tits? If my dick is average, does female me have average tits?

Headbutt. If my genderbending mangos have taught me anything, this will cause us to swap bodies.

i thought about it for a minute and legit felt sad that i would never find a female version of myself

what has anime done to me

A genderswapped you is basically most people's ideal partner. It's part of the reason genderswapping is a thing, it's a very common fantasy.

Who knows, I'm not around people enough to have a solid grounds for any speculations about my own personality.

>horribly sleep deprived person who barely says anything the whole day
Seems ideal to me.

>1) Both normal. Like 5 and 5 (I prefer to use summ up to 10, not negative/positive). Or +0 and -0.
>2) If they opposite then someone will be main world and other reflection (you still can't know if you in reflection or in main, but in story girl said that guy's world is main)
>3) Well... There you got it. Maybe it reflection by ears (like left ears is sensitive and right one not, but if they both sensitive, then reflection will give you nothing)
>4) "He is guy and intrested in girl", if reflect then we will get "She is girl and intrested in guy"
>P.S. Don't think, just fap

i like to think that this will depend on the female genetics of your family

>no female children since grandmother's generation


We would both be awkward as fuck, but both know the fact that we would want to fuck like crazy. Since both of us esentially have the thought processes we'd help eachother escape the NEET life, get jobs, move in together and get married without fear of divorce because we both know what we want from life.

It would be a perfect life.

I like myself plenty fine. I'd just worry about us egging each other into doing crazy things and amplifying one another's biases.

A genderbent version of me would still be lazy, boring, and obese. But at least she has a vagina, so she's probably not lonely.

>people actually believe their genderbent self would want to fuck their normal self

>implying they wouldn't
I want to, they're me, they would want to as well because we share the same fascination with it.

If they don't share the same will as I do they're not me.

What if you got your genderbent self pregnant?
Would you and your genderbent self make good parents for a clone of yourself?

>tfw genderbent me would be tomoko
I don't know what to feel

You know for a fact that the clone is going to be diddled.


Uh, my genderbend would be hot as fuck and also be a slut?

If she doesn't want to fuck a genderbender version of herself, she isn't me.

fucking hell, it's always cartoon network, source plz

Do you not have a mother?

She's married into the family like my aunts and others, nobody has given birth to a girl for like 3 generations.

Freak out honestly.
Then probably ask them if they want to play monster hunter with me.

>if she x she's not me


>going for realism
>magical clone genderbending

But your mother IS your family.


Well if they're just a person that's led a completely different life that happens to share my genetics they aren't a genderbent version of me, are they? They're an estranged genderswapped twin.


>Crops an image
Source please you fuck

It's in the thread

It would be the exact oposite. So blaxk fat and tall

I would indeed fuck the genderbent version of myself. It would be really weird for my gender bent version to be my exact height. Then again I do have a giantess/ tall girl fetish. She'd basically be a 6'7 skeleton with some great taste.

Ask how many girls she's fucked, and, depending on her answer, give her a high five.

Well yes.

But this wasn't genderbent at all, more like the negative world version of him. His exact opposite.

I'd fucking kill myself.

That doesn't make any sense, tits are a secondary sexual characteristic.

If anything girl-you's tits would be relative to like, the width of your shoulders or something.

But it;s the only female sexual characteristic where size is compared and recorded and focused on to the same extent as dick size. They're a pretty accurate allegory in that respect, especially because the comparison is largely arbitrary in both cases.

We would probably fuck, I crossdress a bit and I think I'm atractive enough when I'm clean shaven and shit, but I can't keep that for long since my beard grow a bit too fast, so yeah, I think we would try crazy shit we normally woldn't try with anyone else, anal, roleplay, kinky shit in general.

It'd be weird, yeah, I would love to see my friend's reaction, though.

Does that mean if you have a big dick you're gonna a huge tunnel for pussy if you're a grill?
Shit doesn't sound very desirable at all.


Bond together by playing chess and videogames. Although if she were opposite version of myself, we might be quarreling instead.

Self-loathing singularity.

I'd read it.

My genderbent self wouldn't want to fuck me because she would know I have a small dick (´・ω・`)

I'd apologize for not shaving on the day she materialized.

get NTR'd

I'm convinced that a genderbent version of myself would just look way too much like my cousin, so it's a no from me.

nevermind found it

Fuck, I've been trying to remember the name of this for weeks.

I'd hope that she would also be naked outside and on fire.


I masturbate regularly, so that's kinda the same thing.


marry her

Watch anime and browse Cred Forums while drinking and smoking, then take turns spooning each other in bed.

We're both malnourished NEET alcoholics, all we want to do is sleep and waste time. Maybe we'd fuck eventually, as we're both pretty vain and would share the same shitty fetishes.

I'd probably hate her, because even though we're in no way different she'd have a better life.

Fuck myself also sauce on this? google is a jew



thanks user found it

Damn this is so wrong

"Oh yeah? Which is the best JoJo?"

Jouta Kujo

That's a bad password.
It's better to have some weird incident or regret that you've never discussed with anyone.


Jokes aside I think I'd be a completely different person if I was a girl. I think everyone would. I'd be treated differently and my entire personality would develop differently as a result. Meeting a genderbent me would be no different from meeting a random girl on the street.

If I have negative game now I sure as hell can't get a girl, genderbent me or not.

I'd assume "genderbent you" would mean that it wouldn't be a completely different person and you would share memories etc.

It's genderbent, not genderswapped. There is a difference.

But shes the opposite of you.

So a genderbent clone. So still a clone.
In that case I wouldn't fuck it. Assuming they have the exact same personality I'd be bros instead.

I still don't see the difference to be honest but I get what OP's question is about.

Necesito el link al hentai para un trabajo del colegio.

The difference is, genderbent is a you that was suddenly changed into a girl, while genderswapped is a female version of you that was born female.

I see. But in OP's pic's case that's a genderswap since she's from a parallel world and is a polar opposite.

Either OP doesn't know the difference either or just picked a random related-ish image.

>if you met
I won't. My other self would be too busy masturbating to meet anyone.

What if she's masturbating in your room?

Well, I'd have no ass, I'd pass. We'd never get to enjoy sex because we'd both be unhappy unless we're the dominant one and both of us would be an S. If my gender-bent self likes women then we'd likely be best bros.

I would run away spilling spaghetti before we get a chance to establish she is indeed my genderbent self and not just some random girl, then masturbate imagining doing lewd things to her later that day when noone's around.

Feel sorry for her and for myself because both of us are 38 year old pieces of trash

We wouldn't even fuck each other without protection, of course because we hate having kids but come to the grim realization that we're the only people who could consensually copulate because no one else ever would

Have them help me better myself.

If genders are just a social construct then gender dysphoria is complete bullshit because all you're doing is claiming that one social construct doesn't fit you and so you go along with the other one. It's ultimately a meaningless way of trying to make excuse about interests you'd be ashamed of if you were to continue considering your biological gender to be correct. It's all extremely arbitrary.

SOURCe????? Saucenao gives nothing

I'd either fight him or fuck him

Here's how my life would change if a female me suddenly appeared.

>have to buy a second computer just as good as my current one for her
>we both sit on our computers doing our own thing like we always did, except now instead of masturbating we get off with each other

Just get some pills, it's not like either of you have STDs.

I hope he'll rape me

Imagine getting a blowjob from a female you and all the sudden she chuckles and spouts some meme shit and then you are like

Do nothing but holding hand.

I'm not some faggot that spouts memes in real life. I even generally try to avoid them online.

I'd probably kill myself when I find out just how ugly I truly am thanks to my genderbent version.

The same thing that i would do if i met a non-genderbent version.

Any joke you find yourself funny
and suddenly sex gets awkward

Sauce please? Google isn't working for me

I think it's more interesting to imagine if you suddenly woke up as the genderbent clone. Could you stand to have sex with yourself? What would you do with your life from now on.

Also would you actually even be attractive as a woman.

Make lots of little copies of me with her.

We'll have so much fun together.

Is there anything worse than ドM sows?


I'll have someone to talk to all day and do some kinky stuff.

Can anyone suggest something similar to this? it was good but short

I just fapped to this a couple hours ago. Was pretty good.


^^ ^^

Would I want to see a genderbent version of my stinking fat otaku self?

I think not, if that happends I would kill myself out of despair.

I'm pretty certain we'd screw each other like there was no tomorrow, and then we'd marry and adopt some kids.

It'd be perfect.

>there's an own tag for selfcest on sadpanda
blew my mind

Marry her.

Platonic partners for life. She'd have matrician taste, great sense of humor and I know I could count on her to pay her share of the rent.

Of course, neither of us would find the other even remotely attractive, so no danger of either of us cheating on our waifu/husbando.

Never look at her twice because she would be a disgusting landwhale.

Pro tip the genderbent version of yourself is your sister/brother, or if no sibling possibly mother/father, or grandmother/grandfather. What they look like is what you can expect a female version of you would look like.

>mfw my sister is pretty good looking overall.

my sister is horrifying, delet this


Eh at least I'm glad I'm skinny.

Fuck off

Give each other mutual masturbation and play mh

sauce? google can't help me with this

c-can I be the genderbent version of myself?

Man, saucefags should kill themselves already

I'd look hot as fuck it'd be great.
Course we'd fugg, I mean shit dude.
Unfortunately she'd have to go get some birth control first, since due to identical genetics, the genetic defects in offspring would be out of this world common.

But really I'd be glad to have someone to exercise with.

Add another reason as to why hitler did nothing wrong, just below me

Hitler tried to deport the jews before killing them, just another reason hitler did nothing wrong for

>not checking usual suspects before asking questions.

user, that was translated this week. It's not difficult to find.

Unfortunately doesn't have very many good sex positions, potential was really wasted.

A female version of myself would be alright, I guess it would make me less lonely and horny all the time, but I already have enough of me to hate. It would just turn into acting on my depraved fetishes 24/7.

But that's wrong, you idiot. Your sister was most likely born from a different sperm and egg than your own. Considering your parents' genetics, you might get an entirely different result.

The basic requirements for a genderbent version of yourself would be the same egg, and a sperm that's virtually identical to the original except for two X chromosomes instead of an X and a Y. Therefore, the only approximation you could possibly get is if you have an identical twin that somehow has a different gender than you. Which is common in anime, but virtually impossible here.

cringe in disgust


>It would just turn into acting on my depraved fetishes 24/7.

This really helps for those of us whose fetishes are very specific. I think I would go mad from just having 24 access to it.

Don't need to be autistic to learn the language of the medium you enjoy; just have to not be retarded, like you, to pick it fairly quickly.

This, but I think it would create an amusing power struggle between sub/dom for some people. I go both ways, but some people wouldn't care too much for that.

Which is why I said like, and not exact. More of just family traits like how big your tits or ass might be, figure, etc. Should of clarified sorry.

Ask questions mostly
"Hey whats it like having tits"
"Hey are you attracted to guys now? or do you still want to fuck chicks"

Just general questions about how it's like being female.

Genderbent me would be extremely annoying and lazy just like me. All we would do will be watching dank memes and sending my friends screenshots from Cred Forums. It won't me any different from what I do now.

Mary mother of Christ.

That's almost too much booty.

Assuming she's mentally pretty much identical to me, we fuck so we both stop feeling like shit for being virgins.

>starting a war with the soviets
>nothing wrong

My normal self looks pretty decent as far as I'm concerned (slim, fit, good hygiene), so chances are that my genderbent self would be okay with me too.

Probably choke it then fuck it.

Check for tag gender bender on sadpanda. It's one of the most recent.

True, if there was another one of me I'd probably strangle it in seconds.

Both want to fuck but are too prideful to give the other what they want. It would be nothing but passive -aggressive shitflinging.

These fucking comments.
>Wow it's just like Bioshock Infinite except with good writing.
>Fuck yourself taken to a whole new level.
>Amusing, but makes precisely zero sense whatsoever.

I mean, i'd fuck me
I'll have someone to be awkward with, and share unimportant information that only I find interesting with

Wouldn't you fuck you?

Wouldn't the tit size be based on genetics?
Like, based on your mom's and sister's tits

Fuck me this was a good read. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention OP.

Also in answer to the question, of course.

Anything but what this asshole of man did. Seriously, how much of a pleb taste have to be to not this a vanilla? And even in exhentai somebody got downvoted just for saying that he wished that it could be vanilla.
Nips need to die, and need to be nuked, quickly.

You seem to be upset.

Good taste in music, someone i can have interesting conversations with, a wide assortment of likes and dislikes, doesn't think silence is awkward, quick to get upset but quick to apologize and explain herself.

Not seeing too much of an issue

id befriend mine but i fear our anxiety, depression and isolationism amplify off of each other and we will spiral beyond rock bottom


Why would you nuke a man before throwing him out of a plane?

>Seriously, how much of a pleb taste have to be to not this a vanilla?

>Social awkward
Genderbent me is pretty cute.

Nigger please conversations would be boring as shit

stop sexualizing yourself

If I impregnated myself, would the resulting offspring be my clone?

Wouldn't she just be 3dpd? I would be friends with her and shit, but we would both just fap to lolis/shotas.

Play vidya and watch anime together a lot, most likely.

Your grammar sucks, but I agree that there isn't nearly enough consensual vanilla doujins as there should be.

Nah, you'll get only a far prone to recessive genetic diseases offspring .

The female me would go after chad thundercock and will ignore me.
Just like woman in real life.

Fucking a genderbent version of yourself is NOT selfcest.

whoah, chill out there /r9k/

So what is it then?

>Two tsunderes

This can't end well. It ends with both of us losing our wizard license.

We will hold hands.
Then conduct a slow dance with mood-setting music.

I'm just trying to think of a god way to tell my parents that she's their daughter.


This was translaited by NecroManCr, right?

The mean Reverse Parallel World Girlfriend, but I can't find any manga with that title.

My ideal girl.

just go on ex and search gender bender, IIRC that ones fairly new.

Gyakuten Parallel World Kanojo

Stop user you're making me blush.

>Teleport behind him
>Pierce them with my sword.

Nothing personal but only one of me is allowed to exist and it will be me.

Masturbate or selfcest

>It's not like you're going to get stopped on the street and asked to provide proof of citizenship
Don't you know Trump will become the president next year.

not so fast, me
-ducks out of the way of your pathetic western word-
-unsheathes katana-
-slices u in half-
heh, and I thought I would be a harder opponent.

My mom has quite small tits, but my sister's mammaries are fucking huge. What now?

I guess we play games and watch animes together

Brush your sisters teeth.

Genetics are a hint, not a guarantee.

>average weight
>shorter than average
>extremely shy
>social anxiety
>small breasts
>average butt
>permanent dead face expression

Basically the perfect gf

Thank, based anons.


If only. Thanks for the image. Would lose my reason if she was like that. Would love her to pieces.

Your sister got it from your parents side then, or the gene remained recessive in your mom. It's not some videogame with a 1 to 1 connection.
Some genes are directly passed, for example to gene for male pattern baldness comes from the female side. Other genes need to be present on both sides to activate, while others result in a mixture.

just take your hormones then.

think I found it

Mhn, not much. If she's opposite of me in all things, well, it's also likely that she would not like my fetishes, so there is not really a point.

Life is so disgusting.

Personality wise, I have been told Im pretty dense so I guess that I could deal with that fine
Looks wise I have a huge self sest fetish and would do even regular male self me so no problems either

what I do wander if we are even fertile with each other I mean, we have the same genes besides one chromosome, does this have any effect in reproduction? would the spawn be so inbread that it would self terminate its gestation or just flat out not even pass the first few cell splinting phases
Would her body not even recognize its pregnant and not send nourishment since the fetus has the same genetic code as her?

She is in the same shit as you, you cannot get arrested if both want it, unless you are into voyeur, then its just public nudity fine for both of you

>Above average intelligence
>nerd, but not nerdy enough to repel normies
If I have a feminine face, will my genderbend have a masculine face instead?

forgot the nihilist sense of humour and the fedora

Are you retarded?

Carry that with you wherever you go.

shit i forgot

no because your gametes are a random mix of your chromosomes

Have Anal sex of kamasutra postures every night dressing cosplay of our favorite characters. Avoid vaginal sex because dont want ruin the gene pool of my own egg.

No, meiosis introduce genetic variation. You still with 2^23 combinations for make a one normal baby.

We'd both be so sexually frustrated we would awkwardly sit around each other for an hour until one of us breaks the question:

"H-haha... it would be hilarious if I masturbated while thinking about you... right?"

I can't be my own girlfriend unless there are two of me.

i would choke her to death


I'd probably end up killing a genderbent version of myself.

You guys couldn't kill a mouse, let alone another human.

I remember a episode of The Outer Limits (not Sliders, sorry) where a man have sex reassignment surgery and she fucked his male self.

I've killed dogs and cats before, not because I wanted to personally, I'm sure I'd have no issues killing a clone of myself. Ideally, we'd probably just kill each other.

His poor male self, entering into that mutilated canyon doctors dare call a vagina.

I'm pretty sure a genderbent version of myself wouldn't be any better at holding of an attacker than I would be at attacking her.



Not saying you aren't physically capable, just that you wouldn't be mentally capable of pulling it off.

Even if its a parallel universe I believe all my versions are huge shitposting asshats.

Since I really need someone to shitpost even IRL it would be the perfect chance.

Sometimes, you just gotta do a job to get paid user.

I can see her texting you mid sex
> implying your dick feels any goog



You can technically learn how to read hiragana and katakana in a day, I didn't think it'd be so easy but it is

>kinda shy
>medium breasts (B~C probably)
>good butt (IMO)
>curly hair
>tsundere that becomes a yandere after sometime
>almost nympho

I could dig it.

why would I do something like that, when we could mess with and laugh at other's misfortune.

>race her
only if there is eurobeat.

Cut his dick off

I'd challenge her to a duel, because I fucking love Mirror Matches.

Honestly a girl having the exact same interests as me is more impossible than the concept of gender bending itself

Oh, we have a special snowflake here!

Nice. Going by how my sister looks, my female self would most likely be very hot. I'd also have a non shitty teammate in csgo and we could watch anime together and she'd never complain about anything since we both want to do the same things.

It'd be fucking perfect.

List all of your interests you fuck if you're so much a special snowflake completely unique do not steal

yeah its pretty much impossible for me too, I have a terrible personality.

I must have the source please! Image searching isn't helping!

nvm, I am blind without my glasses on so I missed the source,