Did you cry to toradora?

did you cry to toradora?

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No. What's there to even cry about?

i cry everytime thinking about how much i miss the tripfag

That you'll never get to be with her.

Tears of joy then?

No. It annoyed the shit out of me.

Why would I want to be with a whiny baby who can't even take care of herself and is abusive?

I'd rather get with blue or red.

Why did worst girl win?

Would you really want to be with an abusive, mentally unstable runt?

literally a dumb hypocritical autist
ok she is second best

She's none of those things, she's just misunderstood.

remove tsunshit

Tons of HHHHNNNNNGG, but no crying. There was a few emotional scenes, but that didn't warrant crying either.

The best girl won. I don't think there's any reason to cry when that happens.

I cried tears of joy when I finally dropped it.

Whenever someone brings up Toradora, I always think of this video.

Probably the best thing to come out of Toradora anyway.

Tears of relief at the fact blue bitch and red retard didn't win.

I connected with the redhead because I had a friend in high school that was in a similar situation.

All the other characters were meh.

Yeah at the time her dad didn't show up. That was the worst.
Also any time she telled for ryuuji but that's just because I'm a sad sack.
Honestly I cried at nearly every episode because I'm a huge pussy.
Tsundere is best.

I cried to Girls Bravo.

How shit it is.

It was bad, but not for crying, I think.

>the race episode
>Minori breaking the Christmas tree star and Takasu helping her out
>Taiga breaking down over Takasu
>Minori rejecting Takasu
>the episode in the classroom where they all confront Taiga
Doesn't help that I watched the entire second half in one go and it all sort of exploded within me when it finally finished. Fuck.

>second best

>literally discount main character
>literally a static character

Toradora was fucking awful but serves as a great litmus test for how shit someone's taste is when they rec it, along with other somehow-popular shows like Kyoukai no Kanata.