Yugioh Arc-V

Episode 124: 蘇る幻影騎士団 - Yomigaeru Fantomu Naitsu
(The Revived Phantom Knights)
While searching for Yuzu, who was captured by Serena, Yuya runs into Ruri. While Yuto is rejoiced that Ruri is safe, Ruri suddenly initiates a Duel!

Episode 125: 烈火の竜 - Rekka no Ryū
(The Blazing Dragon)
As Yuya and Yuto try to save Ruri, Serena appears before them. As according to the Doctor’s plan, the Parasite Monsters drive Yuya and Yuto into a corner. Then, something abnormal happens to Yuya!

Episode 126: 悪魔が生まれた日 – Akuma ga Umareta Hi
(The Day the Devil was Born)
As Yuri attempts to turn Sora into a card, Yugo appears before him and challenges Yuri to a Duel. While a fierce battle between Yuri and Yugo unfolds, Yusho, as well as Reiji and others, manage to reach Akaba Leo. Leo begins speaking about the Demon Duelist who leads the world to destruction, as well as the four dragons. What is the reason that the world is divided into four dimensions?

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Last photo of her life and she couldn't even EGAO.


I'd still tap that.

This will be updated by next week (End of Season)

I just knew they should've brought back Johan or Kaiser instead of her!

>Two dragons

Am I missing something? I only count Odd Eyes Rebellion.

>Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem was used by
>a teacher that got too emotionally attached to his students
>a psycho brat who really liked killing people

That's some contrast


So they could still die uselessly?

If anyone deserved to be brought back, it was me

And have either of them become Yusho's walking stick and rejected to duel Dennis because Kaito needs to masturbate on camera again?

This I have no qualms with, but... Why would Yuri duel an invisible opponent?

They already got support in the Arc-V era.

It wasn't her. It's the writing.
2ch is talking about the GX hate being confirmed and people feel bad for Asuka's character and how it's "vomit inducing" for a GX character to speak the way Asuka did in the episode.
Some find it sad that a GX character was killed by a GX card with some complaining that Super Fusion shouldn't be used so freely like that.

Reiji Dragon


RIP Asuka. You will live on in the clothes you gave to Yuzu..

>to speak the way Asuka did in the episode.

What did she say?

The other one is the new Xyz Pendulum that's showing up soon.
>Supreme King Violent Dragon, Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

I don't remember 3 floating dinosaur cards being a character...

>7th, 13th, 13th, 30th, 26th, 38th

The image says floating dinosaur cards, but I don't see anything at all.

Supreme King Violent Dragon Odd-Eyes Raging Dragon

Something, something, FRIENDSHIP

She was trying to convert Yuri with speeches about friendship and all that shit. She lost all the cool she had in that duel where she saved Yuzu. Then she screamed like a bitch when Yuri stood over her and was about to card her. Crow died smiling but Asuka went out like a coward. GX Asuka died twice and didn't scream or cry.

So 61 (Yuya vs Enjoy), 74 (Dennis vs Shun), 86 (Yuya vs Crow) were given the highest rating for synchro?

I honestly don't remotely care about Asuka as a character because she's always been a non-character to me, but her screaming like a little girl really was unwarranted.

She basically tried to talk Yuri down about how he shouldn't card people or duel this way. You know, Yuya's egao preaching bullshit. Asuka gx would would just kick his ass first then consider talking him down. It's a complete shit on her character as people remember it.

>Yuya's egao preaching bullshit

As if one character doing it wasn't bad enough. Thank god she's done.

>Yuri went crazy from loneliness
>EGAO Jesus exists
Connect the dots

yuri is hot! i want to touch him

54% is still bad, just not as shit as the others. Still it's better than nothing.

I remember GX Asuka had a quite short temper.
She challenged Judai to a duel only so his friend,Shou can prove himself to be innocent of walking into the girls' dorm (even though it wasn't his fault).
She bitchslapped Misawa so hard he fell on the ground.
She even got angry on her brother and left the cat bite him (hard).
Some of her friends did describe her as 'scary'.
One time,she got angry on Judai in season 4 and slapped him across the face.
I remember Tyranno said in a Tag Duel with her 'If I disobey I'll be dead'.

Dumbest fucking thing in this episode besides Asuka being treated like a coward is Sora shitting his pants in fear as Yuri looked at him as the cage lifted and Leo shitting bricks that Yuri is legitimately insane, The same Leo who looked bored as fuck as a methed up doctor was making insane speeches and gestures next to him. God dammit, this show is a goddamn mess of characters.





The season 4 one was quite reasonably since Judai was being a dick to injured Fubuki after he encounter Honest.

The same man who ordered his troops to card fucking anything that opposes his plan, wanted to capture 4 teenage girls for ""SCIENCE"" and is totally a-ok with brainworms is scared of some kid with a duel disk.
When he can, I dunno, remotely disable his disk?

2ch is mad about a shitload of stuff right now
Asuka's treatment
GX's treatment
Asuka losing to Super Fusion
Asuka losing to her teacher's card
Edo's treatment
They hate Ono
They hate Ono treating the 5Ds characters so well and say he can go to hell
Says this feels like hateful GX fanfiction
Mad that Super Fusion is being used at all
"Personification of GX rape"
"It 's finally Yuri gave birth Ono GX hate"
Saying Arc-V is meant to make GX fans mad
Saying the staff doesn't understand fanservice

Leo and Sora have every reason to be scared of Yuri now; whereas the Doktor is only using parasites to control the Ruris, there is a legitimate threat of Yuri turning the Ruris into cards if he finds the prospect more entertaining than capturing them. Back in Standard when Yuri threatened to turn Yuzu into a card if she disobeyed him, we knew it was an empty threat because Yuzu was important to the plot. Now we know the plot doesn't care.

Her temper was such a part of her character that her brother intentionally made her mad at times because he found it cute. leading to that duel between them and the whole Ultimate Stage Costume being cut to pieces.

They tried to do this shit again with Aki post Dark Signers with the twins constantly worrying about her recking shit when she was angry, yet the only times she got angry were times when Yusei weren't paying attention to her like when Bruno first showed up and Yusei ignored her to nerd out with him.

>They hate Ono treating the 5Ds characters so well and say he can go to hell
Anything regarding ZEXAL as well on that?

I'm just glad that we can finally have an episode again that's hated because of buttmad GXfags rather than because it's legitimately shit on all fronts.

>most nips are GX fags

Isn't Super Polymerization banned?

anime uses ocg

"We're in Japan you idiot!"

They are absolutely right. Ono can't take Zexal's cock out of his mouth either, Kaito has 5 fucking duels and made an original character card himself because he was soo awesome. The only bad thing that happened to Kaito was getting thrown off the tower by Ruri. I wouldn't be surprised if he and Edo confront the doctor and Edo loses to him off screen while Kaito has to save his ass.


>Crow is just there so Kurosaki does a full 180 on his attitude because MUH KIDS and jobs off-screen
>Jack is just there to look down on Yuya for not using synchros
>Asuka is just there for ???
>Edo is just there because we needed to make EGAO into a convenient plot device to rid all of Academia from guilt
>Kaito is just there to shill Ciphers, tunnelvision into Galaxy-Eyes and set 4

Why couldn't we just have new characters?

I think they just really like KENN, so by extension, they like shit KENN worked in.

So they hate Yuri because he carded their waifu? Lmao, this is beyond salty.

If Chronos fought against Asuka,she would have won,mainly due to Chronos' poor dueling skills (I mean,come on - this guy lost to Judai).

Jack actually shat on Yuya's Entame and he offered the last good character development for Yuya.

they were mad at Shun smacking TRASH cards out of Ruri's hand

Thankfully it's just a vocal minority. A very hilarious vocal minority.

It's shit on at least 90% of fronts. I haven't even watched GX; it's still garbage.

>Crow made Shinji a meme
>Jack ruined the Akaba / Kurosaki / Shiunin naming scheme by killing a drawing-board -shiro character
>Asuka ruined Sora's Number One Teacher role
>Edo ruined Dennis' "high-ranking officer who works directly with Yuri" schtick
>Kaito makes Shun weak to rocks and walking

99% of the people in GX lost to Judai

>Saying Arc-V is meant to make GX fans mad
Well that is true seeing how they are right now.

It's not just that, the duel was a complete disservice to Asuka's character, she didn't act like herself at all or duel like herself, it's like they tried to make her be Yuya without the plot powers and on top of that, they made her scared and scream when Yuri carded her, If she was bold enough to challenge Yuri like she did, including physically restraining him, as well as attack multiple academia grunts several times as well as even making the decision to run away from academia she should of already known the consequences of those actions being turned into a card and she's seen it several times before this fucking duel yet she screams? That's fucking bullshit, not even Crow feared carding, he saved Sawatari from it and apologized to his kids and that's in his character. Asuka here would of just apologized to Yuzu and her teacher instead of screaming like a bitch.

I don't really care about Asuka, but it is silly that she screamed like a bitch

That person felt Yuri was personifying Ono's hate for GX and was mocking it by beating a GX character with GX cards. Asuka was beating by one of the most important cards in GX. People feel it's disrespectful for Super Fusion to be used outside of GX. It'd be like Yugo summoning Stardust or Yuya getting access to the Gods. Those cards are important to the lore of their shows so you'd never see them in another show. Super Fusion should have been the same way.
They also don't like the fact that Asuka was killed by a card used by her teacher made using a card the guy she was in love with had that was made killing her in the first place.

>>Jack ruined the Akaba / Kurosaki / Shiunin naming scheme by killing a drawing-board -shiro character
This still bugs me to no end

Yet, Kaito doesn't get shit on by the moon guardian, he FTK's her and makes her scream YAMEROOOO like a bitch.

Well,earlier in the series,Yuri managed to defeat Shou's,Maeda's and Manjoume's decks really quick.

>using a cool animator on this guy
What a waste

Kaito was allowed to violate common sense in ZeXal by using purple and blue monsters in an Xyz ad and pic related

>Carded several lancers and injured 2
>Suddenly, Your just like me! I forgive you and I'll fix your mistakes,too.

Taylor sister crap all over again, those bitches wiped out a whole branch of people and beat down 2 idiot kids who barely knew how to play yet all the evil was thrown on clock boy who had to be forced to eago or get kaito'd/ Didn't their VAs say they became slaves to Yuya?

Starting to feel like Arc-V's conflicts are only conflicts because Yuya isn't already there to egao the problem away

Without EGAO, there can only be conflict

It also feels like the writers don't give a fuck about solving the conflicts or about them at all besides giving Yuya something to duel and preach at. What the hell happened after Standard? It's like half the staff had the life drained out of them and just don't care. It reminds me of Best Wishes and XY and XYZ. Who killed their spirit from the beginning?

"Get out Ono believers"

Oh 2ch

Do those even exist? Ono is horrible.

Asuka basically lost to Chronos (though she probably doesn't even know who he/she is in this version).

M-mah waifu...


Welcome to where I was 9 weeks ago.

>Arc-V is meant to make GX fans mad
>GX fans are mad
>Arc-V did exactly what it was supposed to do
>accomplishing exactly what was intended is good
We can therefore conclude that what they're saying is that Arc-V is good.

Why don't just use a mirror to reflect the carding beam back to the person doing it?

>hating on an episode where super poly is used
Havent seen it yet but this alone is making me want to masturbate.

Why don't they just beat up Yuri?
With that scrawny ass body you'd probably be able to knock him down with just a punch.

He's acrobatic as fuck, when Serena was drugged and he showed up in that train station, he was doing backflips.

Joke's on you, I may be a GX fan, but I have a huge boner for Yuri that surpasses any love for GX. Though I do admit I was disappointed in how Asuka was handled, even if her getting there was expected.

You know who else has that "scrawny ass body"? Yuto.

>having a body

Is it just me or did GX have a little too many comic relief characters.
Judai himself was comic relief for 2 entire seasons,then we have the insecure nerdy kid Shou,the koala-obsessed slacker Maeda,the snobbish rich Kaiba-wannabe Manjoume,the the Italian tranny teacher Chronos,the French fatty teacher Napoleon,the idol bishie Fubuki,the horny fangirls Momoe and Junko,the waifu-obsessed Misawa.

Back when he had one.

It had an enormous cast and was set in a high school. It'd be strange if it didn't have tons of personality in the characters.

Totally you, the 2 seasons filled of basically nothing but having comic relief characters crack jokes in the monster of the week duel are a delusion in your head.

>live demonstration of xyz mating ritual

>everyone's face when Super Poly

How to win anime duels 101: Bring Magic Cylinders.

I forgot about that. and he could one-punch Shun and fireman's carry him without a sweat.

>Magic Cylinder
>vs Ancient Gears

I know who's getting carded first

Alright kids BackStory Time!
Ch. 1

Effect Veiler

Mirror Force then. Mirror Force always wins!

It can take out 3 of Kaiba's Blue-Eyes in a flash!




Just use Skill Drain


Shun knows best.

w-where are his pants


I really want to see a GX reimagining with Yuri and Serena as the main characters.


>I really want to see a GX reimagining with Yuri, Sora and Dennis as the main characters.

so do you guys also yell out HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA when you masturbate to teenagers to?


>No Judai.

Get out.

The GX/Arc-V fanart is going to disappear after this episode.

The Morning After..


>having sex while yugi and slifer the sky dragon are watching


>the sinking pirate ship of Arc-V

user, all of the Yus are either fucking acrobats or fit as shit or both

>Acadamia elite

REMEMBER KIDS: Polymerization is for Monster Cards only, not young supply teenage bodies.


(TL Note: That's japanese for happy birthday.)


So that's where Reiji gets it from

End of Ch 2.

Ch. 3


Notice how one of the computers has no one sitting in it.


>honor student deck
>Super Polymerization theory

Final Chapter.

Is Leo operating the second computer?



Is this the real curriculum?

People actually study this shit?

>well fuck you to bitch

Florida Tech bitches!


>Fudou Style Solitaire Theory
Every time.

Epilogue - Sometime around Ep. 135

>Asuka helps Yuri find a dream
>It's to turn everyone into cards

Whoops, forgot my image


Sawatari turned into Yugi for a moment.

the dude's artwork is all over the place, but I find myself enjoying it nonetheless

But he looks so happy following his one true calling.

Parasite Fusioner switches which ear it pokes out of just because it can I guess

>hfw genocide


new Ed and op are confirmed to debut on the 2nd of October

It probably just slithered over her brain's right side to the left end.

Please be as good as Kirifuda.
Please be as good as Kirifuda.
Please be as good as Kirifuda.

Here's a sample of the band's work:

press eff to pay respects

Surely the TCG will leave it alone, right?

I doubt from this it will be as good as kirifurda it kind of sounds like one of those videos where people take lines that characters say and mix it into a song

It's shit.
MIRAKURU MIRUKU is still the top miruku song.

So RAWs never again?

Pendulum Beat - OP
Dashing Pendulum - ED

Literally streaming it right now senpai

>watchng 50p streams

I haven't watched this for a while now. The OP took my attention though, so who else aside from Asuka returned from the GX series? and why is she in a card, are they fighting some millennium eye faggot?

Ryo hasn't said about having any issues this week so probably expect it in a few hours

Pretty sure it only got banned because it makes duels too slow on tournaments. Dark Synchro with Gofu is good, but not enough to ban a random card like that.

>Not watching it at all

Have fun senpai

Multi dimensional war with each dimension being a summoning method and fusion faction has a technology that turns the losers into cards.

>Literally streaming it right now senpai
Where the stream at?

Well, I'm still hoping for the best since this will be Arc-V final OP/ED.
I am VERY upset however that they didn't bring vistlip back since they did awesome ED work for both 5D's & ZEXAL:

whoever drew this

thank you

>Yuma Kattobingu'ing quietly in the corner of the last panel

The thing with Level Eater is that its SS from Graveyard effect isn't an OPT clause so you can summon it out of the grave as many times as you can in one turn so long as there are levels on the monster above 5. Made synchro climbing way too easy with PSY-Frame Lord Omega. That's what likely got it banned.

>vistlip is back
>suddenly nip raitings of arc-v go up
That scheme is almost too easy.

>Being mad because GX is poorly represented
Fucking laughable. GX was a complete shitshow with poorly handled characters for almost its entire run. If anything, this is more true to form than anything else.


>he will never straddle you while yelling HAIYAKU HAIYAKI HAIYAKU

>Made synchro climbing way too easy with PSY-Frame Lord Omega
More like it was used in any good synchro combo. Dark Synchro didn't really matter.
>a complete shitshow with poorly handled characters for almost its entire run
It's not 5D's

The Academia kids make the same face when it comes to the things they love.

>all those surprised expressions by Leon
what is he so afraid of?

Well that didn't take long..

Asuka fucked up giving Yuri an actual goal

The kid he thought was really loyal to his goal turned out to have no qualms about permanently carding every single person in all dimensions.
You know, the complete opposite of what Leo is trying to do.

>no qualms about permanently carding every single person in all dimensions.
>You know, the complete opposite of what Leo is trying to do.


>Yuri will never say "haiyaku, haiyaku" as he goads you into fucking his face

ARC-V fans are really in no position to be throwing stones about any of the other series.


Can someone explain the rules to me.
When I first watched Yugi Oh when they have only 2000 hp. I remember they can't direct attack so why is everyone not using exodia and just keep on drawing and ending turn?

I think Yuri googled his name and turned evil (poor Yuri).

These were manga rules when the game was more like DnD than having actual rules

a) They need to sell cards
b) Every character needs to use an unique deck to mirror real life.

Well, they managed to make this episode pretty debatable for me.
Yuri at least was more entertaining here (which says a lot) and I really like more Ritual support, but sadly, they have to put a Ritual User against Yuri of anything, and more, the only "legit" win a Ritual user had was against 3 literal fodders, and worse, that same character, Asuka, only had 2 duels, and the second she got carded, her end, while pretty somehow well done, it is not exactly as Asuka. Don't get me wrong, I am mostly neutral on Asuka, but it could have been a lot better.
Well, ok episode I guess, but Konami STILL give Rituals, the dick

Arc-V had like 90 purely good eps. That's more than most YGO even including all of Arc-V's problems, and certainly more than GX, 5Ds, or ZEXAL

So 2ch might have figured out why we got four episodes of Harambe

Apparently, Ono's favorite archetype is Gladiator Beasts

5Ds was good for half its run. From 65 onwards it just REPLACED all of its relevant cast personality-wise in addition to turning into a shitshow.

Why didn't he just introduce glads 35 eps earlier then? BB appearing and doing his predator shit during Synchro would be unnerving as fuck.

>5Ds was good for a quarter-ish of its run

Dark Signers was good, user. You can't meme your way out of this one.

>Saying the staff doesn't understand fanservice
He would have fit right in, too.

Yusei, Crow and twins stayed the same.
Post DS Jack was more entertaining
Aki wasn't really relevant without psychic duelist and Misty subplots.

>Yuri uses Super Poly
>Cred Forumsrc-v is fine with this
Are you kidding me? This is tantamount to someone slapping out Obelisk or a Number.

hao judai did it better anyway

No, it's not.

Yes, it is.

>Arc-V had like 90 purely good eps.
50 at best. Let it go. Your flagship show is shit.


Just why....

>They made her crossover for this

Poor Asuka

Then again, it's a lose-lose situation anyway. If they treated her the other way around, she'd be another Kaito.

Subbed episode when?

>top deck super poly
reminds me of that triple quasar vs super poly top deck


The site I use still doesn't have subs for the last episode, what do you use?

Link to episode?

How? Fusion into F.G.D?

Honestly, superpoly has been banned for so long, people don't remember how special it is.

Then again it might be ok as long is not DM

this guy from Zexal also has Super Poly

If he didn't use it it's just a nod to the fans that could be chalked up as an animator having fun. Meanwhile, Super Poly was singehandedly capable of fusing all the dimensions,
Leo's goal, and here it's just a random card from a fresh new deck.

When is Jack going to return?


Yes. Dont have the webm but the opponent goes triple quasar in the first turn. Opponent topdecks Super Poly into FGD and wins the game just by summoning his monsters and attacking


That sounds epic as hell.

Only Johan can save this shitty show.

Come on, arc-v. Bring Johan and make arc-v great again.

What else should they have done for a Fusion upgrade? Contact Fusion? That hardly counts as an upgrade.
If Jack can do Double Tuning without absorbing an ancient Aztec demon, Yuri can damn well use Super Poly without having to get mindbroken for an entire arc first.

Let's count the eps, shall we?
Standard arc (1-51) was good aside 2 eps, so it has 49 good eps.

Prison Arc and the lead up to it was good (9 eps), Synchro was great from 74-99 (25 eps), 9 eps of XYZ (101-105,107, 109, 110, 111) were good, four eps of fusion have been good (113, 115, 117 & 120), and there were other occasional eps during the first half of synchro that were great (64, 67, 69, & 72)

That's 100.

Rank-Up was also Barian/Astral specific power in ZEXAL and its just standard summon method here.

>Barian/Astral specific

Yeah, if anything, this is just consistent with everything we've seen from the start of the show.

They got that power by studying Astral/Barian shit.

Cross-XYZ is the new hotness.

The Tron family still used Chaos/Barian power to fuel their Rank-Ups. So far RUM in ARC-V doesn't have anything to do with chaos.

Maybe if Kaito pulled out Numeron Force or Yuto top-decked The Seventh One.

Byron's Crest Powers came from the Barian Dimension. Also explains III being able to materialize a sword from nothing.

I'm mad.

>It's just an inferior Xyz Crown
Sasuga inferior imouto man.

About what?

Rank-Ups do have the advantage of being an archetype, so they can just make new ones and disregard the plot implications.
Super Poly is so general in design that it's impossible to make a card of equal value that fulfills the same purpose without it being the exact same thing.

Asuka going down, as well as all hopes of a Tutu retrain down the drain.

>Super Poly is so general in design that it's impossible to make a card of equal value that fulfills the same purpose without it being the exact same thing.
Wouldn't an Ancient Gear version of this work?

Was he right Cred Forumsrc-v?

Where's the link? I want to see Onionhead card walking stick.

That could be really fun against Blue-Eyes if there were more Dragon Knight versions for Twin and so on.

He summoned three Force Strix's in attack position.you tell me.

The problem is that it wouldn't hold the same impact.

Rank Up is a specific powerup that happens to use an archetype of cards.
Double Tuning is a specific power up for Jack
Accel Synchro is a powerup

All of them are powerups that subvert standard procedure for their summon methods to bring out something perceived as much stronger. Fusion doesn't have anything like that aside Contact Fusion and Mask Change since GX was before the MC powerup cliche became popular, and neither of those two are actual powerups.

So, Super Poly itself is the only comparable plot element that GX has to rival Rank Up and Accel/Double Tuning power-wise.

Yuri is also meant to be Supreme King expy.
Its totally fitting him using Super Poly.

It would work better if its his secret trump card given by professor/Dragon asspull rather than common card used by Academia though.

Imagine if we had a Double tuning Accel Synchro monster?

Its not a common card, actually. Asuka asks why that card is in the staple deck and Yuri explains that he put it in at the beginning of the duel.

I'm still mad that Konmai never made Dark Tuning a thing.

Would've clashed too much with XYZ's, and we all know how much konami loves XYZ


I don't see how there's much of an impact here. It's just some card from a deck he got like 15 minutes ago.

Its more like people already had problem with adding up with Synchros.
Subtraction would make their head explode.


What are the chances that old protags show up near the end of Arc-V for a team up?
What are the chances of us getting more Neos and Synchron support?
What are the chances of us getting new retrains that match-up to the current power level of the game.

So let me see if i get this right. Everyone hate Yuri because he killed 2ch and Cred Forums Waifu? Really? I know the Show is a writting mess but still. At least Yuri is the only real threat in Academia.

>This is a special deck that is given to honor students like you.
>(Buy Ancient Gears, kids)

Yuris such a dick

>Asuka: Now that you understand that pain,
>You and I can probably become friends as well.

>Single material Xyz Summon
>Not better

Any videos/webms of Yuri saying HYAKU?

New OP/ED the second week of October and Yuri Vs Yugo. Yuri better use his original Deck and the new OP must have all the characters who are still alive plus some action scenes. The ED i'm ok with it being comfy like the one we have right now but with more animation of course. I doubt the ED will be dark like the second Arc-V ED because it will be the last.

>Everyone hate Ono because he is a hack

>Asuka: Why is that card…!?
>Why is that card in that deck…!?
So even in Arc-V that card is considered to ber super special.

Where's the subs?


>-1 for a Xyz monster with one material
>can be MST'd

So who do guys think will win the Yuri Vs Yugo duel? I they are even. Yugo has won all his duels except the one with Rin which was recently. Yuri has won 2 duels and soon 3 with Sora jobbing off screen.
Yuri is a more important character in the show than Yugo so i guess he won't die until he fights Yuya and gets Egao

Script is here

It isn't. He put it in the deck himself before the duel.

Yeah, Yuri was fucking great this ep. Like, it was actually unnerving watching him feign sadness during his transition towards fully embracing genocide.

It actually feels like he's enough of a villain to carry the rest of the show, given how strongly he was portrayed here.

My mistake. I hadn't read the script yet.

holy fuck it just got uploaded
talk about timing

Hope Yuto shuts up Egao boy next episode. Please just give us one episode without "I have make people smile with my dueling" but know I'm deluding myself since Yuto will probably fail and it's going to be up to Yuya to make Ruri and Serena smile

>Yuto will probably fail and it's going to be up to Yuya to make Ruri and Serena smile
Well that's whats been happening for over 30 episodes now

>(Buy Ancient Gears, kids)
The episode in a nutshell

>not believing in EGAO

>Yuri: Now, and forevermore!

>Asuka: Hold on!
>If you keep doing that,
>There’s no way you’ll be able to gain a single friend!
>If you turn everyone into cards, there’ll be no one left.
>You’ll be all alone in the world!

>Yuri: I’ll be all alone in this world?

>Asuka: Eh?

>Yuri: Sounds good…
>That means that I am the strongest!
this man is a fucking phycopath

What are some of this show's biggest mistakes?

>people still butthurt about the AG shilling

He only does it because he wants to fuck Ruri unlike Yuya who's insane

Chronos used UAGG in GX and lost.
Yuri used UAGG in Arc V and won.

>Yuri: By the way, this is the deck that I always use.
Which deck do you want me to use to defeat you?

>Asuka: Are you mocking me!? Just use the deck you’re accustomed to, and have a fair and square fight with me!

>Yuri: I thought you’d say that. Then… I’ll use the honor student deck instead of my own deck!

This is Respect Dueling at ALL..

Sometimes I wonder why Konami doesn't fire all the writers. They're getting paid for writing trash

>This is Respect Dueling at ALL..

>implying Yuto won't be the one going on about how "bring EGAO with duels" was a Lulu's wish

Wow I just realized it would be in character for Yuya to do his crappy LADIES AND GENTLEMEN thing if Gon was carded in front of him. So much for being best friends

No it wasn't it fell apart once it got to Aki's backstory and became shit from that point on. The ending was absolute trash and undermined the point of the entire arc.

I wanna hug him.

user I think you need a space ambulance

Ruri was just stading there while Sayaka was screaming about Egao. Holy shit Sayaka and Yuya will team up for the final duel to bring Egao to everyone

Watching the episode preview I realize that I find Shun smiling to be really weird

That's more references than anything

Would it be respect dueling if in duel with Yugo he'd fuse 5 Speedroids in Barbaroid?

Bullshit he would rage if that happened to Gon. Gon is different from some faggot wannabe ninja

So,who do you think is the next returning character at getting carded?

I love this insane cabbage.

Lack of proper character interactions, misuse of characters, and poor pacing at parts encompass all of the show's problems.

If the lancers got to hang out during the hotels and visibly develop friendships during their struggles as a team and if Edo/BB/Tyler Sisters were introduced in Synchro and carried further as antagonists (alongside Yuri as well of course) than their respective 5 eps of relevance each, most of the show's problems would basically solve themselves, since we'd then not need to spend time introducing Edo in XYZ and could instead spend that time seeing how much his troops respect his judgment, we could get a fleshed out conclusion there, Tyler Sisters would've had a good run, Yuri would show up as a threat before 123, the lancers getting picked off would hold much more weight, and BB's change during the tag duel would be a good cap on his character arc.

Yuto give me the edgiest thing you've got next episode since the episode after is the disappointing OERD 2.0

>tfw GXfags are pissed
>ZEXALfags are pissed
>5Ds fags are pissed

>tfw you're a DMfag
>tfw you know Ono won't ever get his grubby hands on DM characters and taint them lest he suffer Kaz wrath

Feels good. This show doesn't deserve Yugi or Kaiba.

Chronos was facing end-game Judai
Yuri was facing Arc-V-era Asuka.

I bet Chronos could have taken her-nanone.

Phantom Knights are adorable though


Arc-V does a really bad job at being an anniversary show. It would've been better if Standard didn't exist

Does that mean Yuri would have lost to Judai?!

Asuka was always jobber since GX.

If we are being accurate to past series performance then Edo, Jack and Crow would lost to Yuri. Only Kaito had the plot armor to survive at very least.

It's depressing how good this sounds.


Hoping for another DRXD upgrade similar to lightning

>Yuri: As far as I know, I’m just an Academia student.
>I don’t know any relatives, nor did I have any friends.
>The only time I can connect with someone is when I Duel them.
>It was fun defeating my opponents through Dueling…
>I was so strong that people resented me…
>Eventually, nobody even bothers approaching me.
>That time…
>A man known as the Professor called out to me.
>The Professor told me that when the Arc Area Project begins,
>I can Duel as much as I like, and I can turn the people I defeated into cards.

>Yuri: I had a lot of fun since then.
>As I turned people into cards,
>The Professor was pleased as well…

>Yuri: But you know what,
>None of it matters now.
>I want to have fun, so I will continue to turn people into cards!

>Leo: Huh!?

It was at this moment Leo knew he fucked up

>Asuka: Hold on!
>If you keep doing that,
>There’s no way you’ll be able to gain a single friend!
>If you turn everyone into cards, there’ll be no one left.
>You’ll be all alone in the world!

>Yuri: I’ll be all alone in this world?

>Asuka: Eh?

>Yuri: Sounds good…
>That means that I am the strongest!

This motherfucker...

>Sora: Super Polymerization!?

>Asuka: Why is that card…!?
>Why is that card in that deck…!?

Even in Arc-V this cards needs the ban

>Yuri: Ahahahaha!
>Why, you asked?
>Because I put it into the deck, obviously!
>Or did you think that I’ll use it as it is without knowing the deck recipe?

Oh you magnificent motherfucker

>Asuka: From the beginning…
>You tricked me!

>Yuri: You’re an honor student, all right.
>You really are honest to the point of stupidity!


>Yuri: I can’t live without turning people into cards.
>It’s like breathing to me.
>Thanks to you,
>I was able to have a dream.
>A dream where I turn all people in the world…No, in all dimensions, into cards!

Yuya, you better NOT egao him

I mean, it's a possibility, but the episode is called "The Revived Phantom Knights".

5Ds and ZEXALfags have no reason to be pissed.

Zexal had great stand-ins via Shun/Yuto until Kaito showed up to waste time and basically stole the show with references during standard arc.

5Ds had the BEST POSSIBLE nostalgia handling for its returning cast and all of Jack's duels (ESPECIALLY Jack/Sergey) are great in terms of characterization.

Only GXfags have a real right to be pissed, and GX sucks dick so it's not a big deal.

>Yusho sees Yugo
>Say FUCKING nothing, everything is fine
>Yusho sees Yuri
Fuck this shit, I was thinking that he was the master keikaku, but it was a plot hole.

I love that little psycho

The only Yu to really even look like Yuya is Yuto, honestly.

I need a R4NK PK

So basically Yuri is just Malik/Vector Lite. Meh. Needs more rape faces.

I wonder what next episode will bring for PKBA

>tfw one more episode of the shit OP and ED
>tfw two more episodes until you watch the final OP for the first time

Slowly crawling to the end

To be fair, Yuya and Yuri have the same voice actor and look more alike than Yuya and Yugo.

i think yuto with yugo's eyes would be the most similar, although I think they look the most similar in the manga

>ritual BTFO again
>and then Metal Gear Survive shit
I need konami to bankrups, like, in this moment right now

>yuya in yuri


Same here. Something similar in design to this would be nice.

Still no episode 122?

>Yuto give me the edgiest thing you've got

Holy shit. Can Yuri save everything?

Jack and Crow had a pretty good treatment so far.
Yeah,Crow got carded,but at least,he had a nice development and some decent duels.
Kaito got a few cool duels,though he's a little too overpowered.
I agree that 5D's and ZEXALfags shouldn't be mad.
GXfags should be mad considered how terrible the 2 returning characters got treated.
At least with Edo,while the execution wasn't right,they still made him an officer at the Academy.
Asuka only had a really short duel against those three clowns and that was it.
She got carded right after her second duel.
I swear,it's like a curse with the GX characters.

I have to admit DRXD is now my favorite dragon because of it's similarities to Number 96. It was a nice reference

He singlehandedly turned LEO into a character. I'd say he can.

Without a doubt Yuri is the perfect polar opposite to Yuya. A shame the series fucked up for not showing more development towards it until now.

I still think Yuto is going end up being demon duelist

No I want everyone to see Yuya for the hypocrite he is when he goes berserk

Now you see why I love him.

Truly best boy.

They're not similar at all what the fuck are you talking about?

>first video in the watch next box has 4k views

Only way this gets better is if Yuri backstabs Leo and cards him just so there's no one to hold him back from running around carding everyone.

Well, they do have basically the same effect.

ZeXalfags didn't get Shark (or any Archlight) and Kaito's inclusion is half-assed.

If Kaito had been given the same treatment as Jack, Kaito would've thrown swords. Additionally, Haruto would've been a prime and present motivator for Kaito, not just a couple of lines about how Kaito's family was carded.

Hell, even the deck that Kaito got doesn't really help Photons or Galaxies as a deck, unlike the Assault Blackwings and Reds, which both go miles towards helping their respective decks.

>love him

>Say FUCKING nothing, everything is fine
It's more like Yusho didn't stare at Fusion's face.
I can't blame him.

Too bad Yuri's probably going to be irrelevant after his duel with Yugo. All the Yuus will be absorbed and that will end any character development he could get.

Sorry Yurifags but Vector lite won't change anything

He was always my fav just for the reaction pics, but now he's best character in the show right now.

He's gonna die on the moon again, screencap this.

That's retarded. It completely shits on Leo even though he's a useless character as it is. The show still makes it feel like he has somewhat of an important role to play.

Can I hug and cuddle Yuri?

just came from 2ch
nips very pissed off now
>using GX popular character deck and GX mc key card defeat GX heroine

>Hell, even the deck that Kaito got doesn't really help Photons or Galaxies as a deck, unlike the Assault Blackwings and Reds, which both go miles towards helping their respective decks.

That should be Konami's fault. Pretty sure they were the one who came up with Cipher archetype.

>2 Level 4 monsters
You can detach 2 Xyz Materials from this card, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; its ATK becomes half its current ATK, and if it does, this card gains that lost ATK.
Number 96
>3 Level 2 monsters
Once per battle, during either player's turn, when an attack is declared involving this card and an opponent's monster: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; halve the ATK of the opponent's monster, and if you do, this card gains that same amount of ATK.

>GX Heroine
Nice delusion.

Leo has done literally nothing. Best he can do now is set up Yuri as the final boss.


>hugging and cuddling a slut


Good. Arc-V is about to set another record for worst ratings.

>Asuka gets carded

What happened to FubuKING?
He can be the second coming of imoutoman, this time all for revenge.

Dark Requiem
>3 Level 5 monsters
If this card has "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" as Xyz Material, it gains these effects.
● Once per turn: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card, then target 1 face-up monster your opponent controls; its ATK becomes 0, and if it does, this card gains ATK equal to that monster's original ATK.
● During either player's turn, when your opponent activates a monster effect: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; negate the activation, and if you do, destroy that monster, then you can Special Summon 1 Xyz Monster from your Graveyard.
Number C96
4 Level 3 DARK monsters
This card cannot be destroyed by battle, also all battle damage you take from battles involving this card is also inflicted to your opponent. If this card has "Number 96: Dark Mist" as an Xyz Material, it gains this effect.
● Once per battle, during either player's turn, when an attack is declared involving this card and an opponent's monster: You can detach 1 Xyz Material from this card; the ATK of that opponent's monster becomes 0, and if it does, this card gains ATK equal to the original ATK of the opponent's monster.

Why are they pissed? The duel was good and Yuri rused her to death as a villain should.

Why the fuck they are mad. Did they forget Super Poly was first used by Judai to kill his own friend? It was pretty fitting use here.

Same thing that happened to Ryo
He stayed in GX, where all the better characters are

they waifu is carded

Manjoume, Chronos, Ryo, Rei and who else? I don't recall any of the others being very good or particularly likable.

Super Poly is GX signature card
they pissed off because Yuri use Super Poly kill
GX heroine

leave it to the Japs to be fucking stupid

These two 'fangirls' AKA Asuka's friends were so annoying.
I wonder what would happen if they dueled Yuri too.

Heroes always win.

I know Asuka's character was handled poorly and decimated this episode but here's a reminder of a good doujin by Tamagoro.

When was the last time PTSD Jr. appeared?

>Asuka's character
What character?

Raped hard and send it to the trash zone

carded and ripped.

>Yuri uses Super Poly on Starve Venom and Crystal wing to make the rival monster to Odd-Eyes Rebellion.
Probably won't happen. But I expect Yuri to do more shenanigans with Super poly vs Yugo.

Really? I mean, it's was a good episode.
Sure, it would be better if Yuri used PP, but it was fun how they made him a bastard.
Asuka was shit in GX, it's not surprising that she's a shit duelist in Arc-V.

Yeah, but that was Judai and Judai is KENN, Joeri is not.

Simply, the writers were fucking lazy and rushed things as hell.

still better than previous one for sure

>Yugo: Hurry Hurry
>Yuya: Hurry Hurry Hey!

What the hell was that?

I knew it, Yuri knew full well how the Ancient Gear deck worked, he was playing the fool all along.

Got you covered

So, if the Structure Deck is the "Honor Student" deck, does that mean that only honor students are allowed to use Reactor Dragon, Golem, Wyvern, Gadget etc?
All the Obelisk Forces and Slifer slackers are only allowed to use Hound Dog and Soldier in their main deck?

Yugo and Yuya was saying that so they could keep going to find their ruris Yuri said to to get asuka to hurry the fuck up

I think their point is that you won't see anybody using any MC Key Cards from other series. Yugo isn't going to use Stardust Dragon, Yuto isn't going to pull a Number out of their ass, and nobody going to play so much as a Celtic Guardian.

Yet we can have somebody using an MC-exclusive card from GX because for some reason we're allowed to ignore the usual rules because fuck it it's GX; who cared about GX, right?

higher your rank, higher your access to good cards

Guys,did you know Jounouchi from DM shares the same VA with the he-she-guy from Kamisama Kiss?

Did your cardfu made an appearance in the show, Cred Forumsrc-V?

The problem with GX is that it doesn't have a proper powerup like ZEXAL or 5Ds, so it HAS to be super poly in order to make an appropriate impact.


do they share the same chin

Its alternate universe. Super Poly had different origin in ARC-V.

Its like how Omegamon kept appearing in Digimon despite not being the same one from Adventure.

I wish, but when Konami treat us like just jobbers it is kinda hard.

Poor Hyunlei.

They're trying to forget when they printed Tier 0 Rituals

I just think that Super Poly in the Arc-V universe is an extremely hard to come by card that Leo gave to Yuri cause he's the strongest.

Thanks broham for the assist.

Super Polymerization is especially useful for Yuri if his opponent uses any Dark monsters, since he can easily summon Starve Venom.

Yeah the numbers are hard to come by cards too.
Couldn't care less about Asuka but Super Poly took genocide to make so its hard to accept

Oh, I agree that SuperPoly being in Arc-V isn't absolutely terrible, but in a way it's sort of like the last straw that broke the camel's back.

I mean, consider it from the GX fan's perspective:
>Edo goes from being an edgy caricature of his original self to being a complete joke in the span of a duel and a half and less than 15 episodes.
>Asuka is completely worthless over the course of half a dozen appearances, only duels other worthless characters, and loses to one of the biggest joke villains in the history of YGO (using ANOTHER joke villain's deck) having accomplished absolutely nothing.
>Academia are a waste of time.
>The Doctor is the most bland and unusual design and is basically a Plot Coupon Dispenser and Leo's Evil Laughter Dispenser.
>And now any idiot can use SuperPoly?
>Fuck this show. I'm going onto TVTokyo's ratings and 2ch and shitposting the hell out of this show.

It's hard to NOT be frustrated, honestly.

I'm glad Yusei & Bruno both weren't around to see this..

So now that Yuri has Super Poly, we can safely assume that Violet Flash will never be used in a duel, right?

press f to pay respect to d-whueel san

I guess you forgot Jim Crow, O'Brien, and Johan.

If anything, GX has the biggest cast for actual developed and skilled duelists besides the usual main three.

Considering the card took genocide to make last time. I can;t think of another character besides Yuri that could use it this time considering his fantasy is nothing but carding everyone.

I agree Edo and Asuka weren't used well at all. They might as well create new characters to be honest.

On other hand, Fusion Dimension is the most relevant among all dimension, portrayed as the strongest dimension and there are more Fusion monsters than Xyz and Synchro in ARC-V so I don't agree GX is shafted.

He can still use it in conjunction with Super Poly to maintain his hand.

As I said, I don't recall any of the ones I didn't list as very good or likable. I never said they didn't have some focus.

>tfw this episode could be the equivalent of 92 being another big low point for Arc-V and giving it a potential 0% rating because of how asshurt nips are

It taking genocide to make during GX makes the card the MOST FITTING Yuri card here. So, I can't really fault the inclusion.

Both Jonouchi VAs voiced Ryu from Lane Brawler

It's odd though since this ep was actually good, unlike half of 92.

Hidoi !!

Why weren't they likable to you? I mean they were the most interesting of the bunch and were consistently enjoyable throughout the rest of the series.

Where are the raws, senpaitachi?

Arc V is officialy worse than Zexal by this point
remember all those faggots complaining about the movie wrecking further this shit show?
now bow the fuck down and apologize to the true king of games
until he returns, yugioh will be a crappy show

Any idiot who want Yugi to return is dumbass.
He gonna end up like Ash. His character get completely ruined.

Can't beat the cock.

>wanting Atem to be in Arc-shit
>wanting Ono to taint his character


can't get worse than the arc fuckfest

I am all teared up and full of anguish. Asuka was absolutely amazing this episode.

What kills me is that the episode was actually amazing. It is probably one of my favorite episodes of Arc V and possibly in YGO in general.

-Asuka was absolutely amazing! ( can't stress this enough)
-She dueled like a pro
-She thrashed Yuri
-Her tactics and new cards were amazing
-Yuri was awesome
-I fucking screamed out of happiness when Cho yuugo was used
-Asuka using the titular dragon was gorgeous
-Yuugo hakai was fucking awesome and symbolic

(I could go on forever)


They had to card her in the end and ruin everything for me :'(

I would have been more ok with the carding thing had she had the exposure and duels that Crow had for example. But for her to be this underutilized and for her to only duel twice is unforgivable.

Years after GX ended I never let go of my wish of seeing Asuka dueling more and having more cards from her cyber girl deck. 10 years later my wish gets granted and I feel all sorts of hyped and grateful, but then this wish once more gets murdered by the writers.
They even rubbed salt in the wound by not letting her have at least one new trap card.

Asuka was the only character in GX who had few cards to the point where they writers had to come up with new traps for her deck showcase in the 3rd ending of GX.

Arc can go fuck itself, somebody should throw the script to a ravine and the director along with it

how hard can it be to make a new series?

I'm glad they carded Asuka, I never liked that bitch back in GX.

Johan felt like a more boring version of Judai, Jim just didn't appeal to me, and while O'Brien fares better than either of these two, I still found his personality to largely lack the quirkiness or emotional emphasis that GX's characterizations were strongest in providing and his role in beating the supreme king felt like it was stealing the show from characters who knew and cared about Judai for much longer. O'Brien still has some great moments like when he flees in fear from SK only to come back and save the day, or his Trueman duel, but I never particularly liked him as a whole.


Go back to tumblr please

Why the fuck did Yuri use AGG's effect to treat itself as Red Gadget when he could just tribute it as is?

It's still better than Zexal. And no, Atem can fuck off. He was good in his era, but I'm completely tired of him by now.

The dub made her even more unlikable.

>It's still better than Zexal.
Don't be delusional. Zexal may not be your thing, but it had a coherent plot with actual pay-off and characters with actual relationships, which is much more than ARC-V can say.

Yuri: By the way, this is the deck that I always use.
Which deck do you want me to use to defeat you?

Asuka: Are you mocking me!?
Just use the deck you’re accustomed to, and have a fair and square fight with me!

Yuri: I thought you’d say that.
I’ll use the honor student deck instead of my own deck!

This is retarded. I would understand if Leo told him to use his Honor deck but it would make more sense to use Predator Plants for his character since he clearly never gave a fuck about using AG.

Well, They had to shill Ancient Gears at least for one episode. He's going to go back to Predator Plants next duel anyway.

I just want some cards that make Predator Plants decent

Shilling of this level is the only way Arc-V can still get any budget at all now that the next series is probably already being developed.

>since he clearly never gave a fuck about using AG.
More like he doesn't give a fuck about anything as long he cards people, I wouldn't be surprised if he uses Shaddoll.

But this is tumblr already

Zexal had some coherent relationships, but the barian plot was a mess from start to finish and arguably faltered because Shark got fucked in order to service said plot. Also, 90% of the cast was completely worthless for the show's entire run. Even with Arc-V slowly falling apart, its first 2/3 are so much better than Zexal that its impossible for me to agree with any assertion claiming Zexal's superiority, since it was borderline unwatchable a large portion of the time.

Yuri: As far as I know, I’m just an Academia student.
I don’t know any relatives, nor did I have any friends.
The only time I can connect with someone is when I Duel them.
It was fun defeating my opponents through Dueling…
I was so strong that people resented me…
Eventually, nobody even bothers approaching me.
That time…
A man known as the Professor called out to me.
The Professor told me that when the Arc Area Project begins,
I can Duel as much as I like, and I can turn the people I defeated into cards.

What kind of backstory is this?


If they get more Stuff like Predator Planter(although that needs to be buffed irl). Stuff to help them swarm the field. They should get a fusion that negates effects of all monsters with Predator Counters on them. They look like they could make a good stun deck.

The backstory of an upstanding individual who just wants to play games.

He fell into a plot hole and will never come back

>Also, 90% of the cast was completely worthless for the show's entire run
Not even remotely. The Numbers Club is not 90% of the cast and was never supposed to be relevant. Their inclusion annoys me too, but they don't count as an example of this when they were never meant to be anything but peanut gallery.

As opposed to ARC-V where characters get hyped as plot relevant only to do abso-fucking-lutely nothing, like Serena, Sora, and Reiji.

Stop drinking the ARC-V kool aid.

The backstory of a largely irrelevant character. Yuri probably won't be too important so they chose to give him a basic backstory.

Serena was hyped as being a useless princess trying to prove herself, she fulfilled her role.

Sora saved Tsukikage and resulted in the lancers getting rescued from trash town and started the synchro revolt and later saved Yuya from pirates.

Reiji orchestrated the Synchro arc in its entirety and the standard arc in its entirety.

The show mishandles its characters significantly, but it rarely completely throws them under the bus, and the above are poor examples aside perhaps Reiji who is a victim of his VA and his role in the narrative, but he still gets shit done when he starts to act.

Take Zexal's cock out of your ass and view things as they actually are.

The backstory of an irredeemable murderer who'll end up being redeemed

Unless he's the person Yuya won't forgive.

I wish Yuri would end up being banished to wherver the fuck Roget got sent off to, but that'd be expecing too much

I'm not even a Zexalfag. There's tons I personally didn't like about the show, but I think the hatewagon for Zexal is completely idiotic when it was a coherent show that gave most of its characters arcs from start to finish.

ARC-V is a hot pile of garbage. Serena was not a "useless" princess, she was hyped as legitimately strong, and all the bracelet girls were supposed to be relevant to the plot. Let's not even mention what became of Yuzu. Meanwhile, Sora's arc is shit, and I say that as a diehard Sorafag. Half his arc happened off-screen, his heel face turn was rushed to the point that there was no point in him being evil in the first place, and while he did a couple things since he turned good, he's had absolutely zero character focus. Why the fuck didn't he go with them to XYZ so we could see him actually react to what Academia is doing now that he's defected? Why haven't he and Shun seen each other even once so there can be resolution there?

The characters may do things here and there, but there's absolutely no meaning to any of it.

Of the living characters, that includes Yuya/Yuto, Shun, Jack, Sora, Serena and Reiji.

Which episode is this?

He'll have to fuse with Yuya along with Yugo.

Episode 123: Buy Ancient Gears na no ne

Yuri reviews Ancient Gears on his youtube channel.

So, anyone knows what happening in RE:Zero thread? I went outside a little bit and they are getting mad about Rem being forgotten by the animators literally and EMT winning.
>never watched zero except for reactions

Is it subbed? Can't find it anywhere.

It aired a few hours ago user. We don't even have raws yet.

I don't watch weeb shit.

*Continues watching Yu-gi-oh*

>yfw Leo's deck is ABC

Oh alright. Thanks.

I really hope that Leo's deck isn't Ancient Gears.

So Yuri turned out to be a demented omnicidal maniac because he had no Ruri at his side to reign him in?

sauce please?

The episode is on dailymotion if you want to see it. It's shitty quality though.

And because everyone else in the Fusion dimension is a jobber.

Thanks but I'll wait for good quality and subs.

no ruri makes yuri go looney

A CUTE demented omnicidal maniac.

>Reiji who is a victim of his VA

No he wasn't. Stop with this bullshit.

But can't you see, user?! It was just budget issues! It's not like ARC-V is REALLY badly written!

Hosoya is too expensive

Will Asuka's skirt get lengthened once the dub comes out?
Will her monsters get edited as well?

No he isn't. We went over this a few weeks ago. Seiyuu don't make much money at all. Like not even $200 an episode. Even those who've been in the game for over a decade. They make their money from other things and have other jobs.

I praise to Yugi. The real king of games

Nah, they'll just skip her duels and edit her out. Not like were missing anything.

Ancient Gears always won me games and hearts in Tag Force 4.

Why are Yuri's eyes in berserk mode even though he didn't even have Starve Venom in his deck?

more like king of manlets

he needs a steplader to draw

More like:
>Wipe the floor with the students
>People get butthurt
>Evade him because he's too good
>Leo sees that and say: "Yo, kiddo! Do you want have some fun dueling? You only need to turn the enemy into a card after. Good deal, right?"
>Because EVERY Yu tend to destroy things, Yuri find a way to show how he is good and strong to Leo (father role)
>No Ruri to hold his way to fuck the things up
>Actually let one piece of some greater destructive force rape and tear the dimensions
>It-t's a great keikaku, he will not take pleasure and joy taking life of people
>Zero chance to backfire, r-right?

I don't know if Leo is a rusemaster or plain stupid.

Even more impressive. A borderline midget went from a shy small guy to a brave manlet, king of games.
Thanks to him, Kaiba didn't an hero on DK.

Where's the episode? its not on Nyaa


The person who gets the hq rips is still having trouble with their stream like last week so it will take a while

It has been destroyed by angry GX fans.

Oh yeah, I remember.
480 or 240?

Probably remnants of the demon duelist. Similar to the DARKNESS in Yuya, except Yuri probably knows how to harness his.

Someone actually posted the nico ratings on Reddit trying to start a shitstorm. Kek.

>browsing leddit

From what I know,Japs were mad as fuck at Yuri for carding their 'waifu' and called Arc V 'anti-GX fanfiction'.

And Facebook want Yugo to meme Yuri to the point of hi becoming zero reverse fusion

yes, give me your tears, elevens.

To be fair Arc-V is just a bad YGO fan fiction in general. It copies the strong points of other series but it does them worse somehow and attempts to create this grandiose story that falls well short of its goal.

They aren't mad because Asuka is waifubait. They're mad for a number of reasons including them feeling that the duel disrespected GX as a whole.

Whoa! No need for that kind of language here.

I dont watch it but i get the gist of it.
The arc climaxes in Rem being eaten and forgotten by the whole world except the MC.
They went for an original happy ending instead of the suffering one. The suffering one is also a climax and that would mean S2.

How did it disrespect GX?

it didn't mention dinosaur space satellite

yugo wins but end absorved anyway

Carding their fusion waifu.

Eleven´s are weird, they hated like us BB
now they give them a best fuckboi doing madfuckery and they hate it, just because some random whore was killed

Asuka was out of character
Yuri didn't even have to use his own deck or ace monster. He used a deck he'd never used before and still won
Asuka tried to egao him
Asuka was beaten by her teacher's deck
Super Poly is one of the most important cards in all of GX and yet Yuri is just walking around with it like its nothing. It'd be like the Gods being used by someone in Arc-V or the Synchro dragons or Numbers. Those are all important to the lore of their series so they obviously wouldn't be used here.
Ono seems to have a GX hate boner and disrespects the cameo characters at every turn and uses them to wank his original characters. They're the only cameo characters to not beat named characters and get the least duels.

>doing questionable things for a seemingly good cause
>takes in broken kids and imposes his worldview on them

Is Leo just Shadi 2.0?

Is anyone else still hopeful that Dark Judai will come back?

All lost is hope

Supreme King is too good for this shit

Let's get real the most important card in GX is actually pot of greed.

No you'll just get a shitty ripoff in the form of Berserk Yuya

>Asuka tried to egao him
Well, she did hang out with Yusho for a good while. It's a pretty reasonable change to her character if you consider that, even if the execution was as lame as every othe piece of EGAO shit in this show.
>Ono seems to have a GX hate boner
I've been wondering this for a while, but why do we always blame Ono for everything bad? It made sense with all the 5D's stuff during Synchro because of his history, but major plot points being based on who the director does or does not like without any influence from the actual writers seems like a bit of a stretch.

Pot of Greed stops getting used halfway through GX.

Asuka remained a static character to the end. She was the only legacy character to not visibly develop. Damn. She merely existed to shill cards.

It's especially weird because people blame Yoshida for everything wrong with Zexal, then blame Ono for everything wrong with ARC-V. But one is a scenario writer and one is a director.

I'm still hopeful for this to play even if it will never come true


Crow didn't change that much either.

>impliying zexal is bad
>impliying gx isnt the worst ygo series

Zexal is shit, all of it.

What will Yuya's "Limit Over Accel Synchro" moment be?

The problem is that a legacy character shouldn't be changed that much. Asuka didn't show any mercy to those guys that attacked Yuzu but for Yuri she suddenly wants to egao him.

The director oversees everything including the writing. The fact that 5Ds is treated so well under the director who was in charge of it while GX is treated like absolute shit despite being more popular says a whole lot.

Haou and Yubel disagrees.

That was season 0 my friend

Nothing is worse than ARC-V at this point.

It's a real shame that they haven't reused any music from previous series at all. It's one of the easiest and most satisfying ways to invoke nostalgia.

He changed a little at the very least
>Fuck the Tops
>Who cares about Egao, Meshi all the way
>You tell em' Shinji!
>Yuya you fucking traitor
>Actually, maybe Yuya is a good guy
>Come to think of it, maybe Shinji's plan is stupid
>Shinji! Don't do the thing!
>Believe in Yuya! Believe in EGAO!


Shadi dindu nuffin
He did it because he had a reason

Leon in the other hand wanted to be a god, read the manga for that.

It really is, especially since 5DS had a GOAT soundtrack. I really though Shinji was going to go Limit Over Accel Synchro on Yuya, but unfortunately that never happened.

People were still mad that the GX useless bimbo got carded.

the hell with that forced yandere and the prediction weirdo

I didnt ask for these feels

crow got better development in arc-v than he did in 5D's. he didn't feel completely hamfisted, finding his ace monster in his fucking motorcycle.

>this entire post

GX had contact fusion the same way ZEXAL had RUM and 5D's had accel synchro

didn't every protag have a pretty serious accident and wreck their D-HUWEERO at least once?

crow and jack crashed vs godwin, and yusei crashed against kiryu.

Yugo's D-Wheel being destroyed was a major death flag. I think he get's nom'd sooner.

no it doesn't.

I've been rewatching it. I just finished watching o'brien's duel with haou and it's still being used fairly often.

graceful charity isn't being used anymore, but PoG definitely is.

Contact fusion isn't really a powerup. Not even Judai's strongest Fusions in GX used it.

>not even judai's strongest fusions used it

>yuya's first actual smile in the entire series
goddamn that scene was hype.

enlightenment paladin's first summon was pretty hype too, and yuya was pretty damn happy.


I stand corrected.
Could have sworn he was just a regular fusion like Rainbow Neos and Wiseman.

Anime God Neos is like ABC, contact fusing from both grave and field.
It's just Judai used Future Vision to mill every possible fusion material to the grave beforehand.

Good lord the printed one sucks so much dick

It's amazing how scared they were of neos being broken so they killed him and Yubel

>neos wiseman isn't even a fucking fusion
I'm still mad.

I'm fine with it as long as it isn't hound into hound into hound into Giant.
He could use D/D/D are another "letter" deck.