Rules, Regulations and Moderation For Cred Forums

Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems that are facing us and how to deal with them. He also wants us to create our own set of rules so that the mods will be regulated to follow them.

Remember mods, Hiro talked to you guys and you said it was fine to have one thread up about this.

Previous thread ----
Post the rules you want in a proper form. (Check the FAQ for examples) I'll make a poll when we have enough (e.g. people post the same shit over and over again) and then we can settle this one and for all.

Other urls found in this thread:

manga board

Kyoani board

We need kana captcha
Pretty much everyone agree on this one

Felix board

Ban generals, just like this one. If anyone starts a general thread they should be permabanned.


Will the mods finally ban this garbage general?

Why are people talking about new boards when it's about new rules?


>Hiro has asked us to create a thread on each board for discussing the problems
And if Hiro was a moderator and not a mascot that would matter.

Fuck off with your shit.

Scathach Board

Will Re:Zero Episode 25 BTFO all the Remfags?

Keit-ai Board

Polls are useless. They'll just get proxy spammed

I can't read nip Cred Forums needs a built in translator

Probably not.

Use google docs poll you fag.

These threads are useless. They are basically echo-chambers for a tiny minority of Cred Forums.
It's the worst kind of general, because these people want to change the way Cred Forums as a whole works.


Hiro doesn't do shit. Fuck off with this shitty general.


fuck off OP

I just want a country agnostic animation board.
The current dividsion between anime and cartoons is quite dumb to me.

Properly enforce the no-generals rule like jojo, the gay one and ai or whatever the fuck.

Fuck off already with this stupid shit

Which would exclude 95% of all anons because they refuse to make an account there.

Kana captcha.
LNs allowed on Cred Forums.

Soon. Even though this might be unintentional, these threads are a great showcase to how generals go to shit talk in circles.

if you don't know the kana lurk for 2 years before posting

you ain't touchin mah jojo's



Just make a dummy account and ditch it after you're done voting.

Im for years in and still believe America should just enslave Japan

No, fuck off.

What if I've been here forever and just too lazy to learn?

>Hiro has asked us ...
>He also wants us ...
>Hiro talked to you guys ...

Stop being a manchild

Stop making these fucking threads. Hiro or the mods won't implement any of your retarded ideas.

There's like 6 people who wouldn't mind it. I'm against it because it makes no sense to put up language barrier when you don't need the language to participate in threads.
I kind of get the anons who want it, but an interest in Japan or Japanes is not a prerequisite for an interest to discuss animu and mango.

Fuck off.

>Generals on weekends


Now that's a good idea.

I agree with this.

Literally the link in the OP, do you have ADD?

Change it back to Cred Forums - Animu and Mango

I want people who put a capital letter after a green arrow to get banned or at least warned.

I personally think everybody who likes anime should be able to post here.

Why not make a character capcha?
Type the name of this well known animu character. I've seen it once on a chan a few years ago.

Current List:

1. Introduce a Manga Board.
2. Don't introduce /ma/ - manga.
3. Introduce Kana Captchas.
4. Keep the captcha system as it is.
5. Remove LN, Mahwa and Manhua Threads on sight.
6. Allow LNs, Mahwa and Manhua on Cred Forums.
7. Delete Generals on sight.
8. Support Generals.
9. Merge Cred Forums and Cred Forums for no reason.
10. Merge Cred Forums and /jp/ for no reason.
11. Don't merge Cred Forums with anything.



Captcha is annoying as it is, I don't want to have to switch language types for every post

>it once on a chan a few years ago.

first off, stop making these all day, everyday. you're just as bad as the ones you're advocating against.

secondly, what all rules have we agreed upon until now? can someone summarise so i can link it to the gook

thirdly, for kana captcha

Why not use Nip alphabets for posting?

>I want people who put a capital letter after a green arrow to get banned or at least warned.
For what purpose?

Also the people who put gaps between the meme arrow post and his actual post.

Yeah, or at least in one of it's "sub-chans"

LNs are allowed if they have a manga or anime, you know.

and kana captcha

>secondly, what all rules have we agreed upon until now?
None, that's the point. We're collecting everything now and then do a poll to decide.

looks faggy

>Why not make a character capcha?

Yeah, but not in general.

Just like video games right?

>4 against 2

Bring back visible sage.

first off, kys

Don't let new IPs post for at least 2 months. Less newfaggotry, less ban evading.

. Introduce a Manga Board.
Fuck off.

Kana captchas are the weeabooest thing I have ever heard of. Fuck that.

I approve of banning generals (Christ, the Monster Musume one is cancer) and a manga-only subforum.

How would that work?

Will there be pepe anime?

Production of memes should be banned to be really quite honest with you all familias. They bring nothing but cancer to this site.

>a few dedicated autists get to decide what needs to change on Cred Forums

Fuck you, and fuck this general thread. Faggots like you ruined this board when you ran and cried to moot about everything when we had /q/.

Kill yourself

Your head

Because they're newfags that didn't lurk at all before posting, and the worst of all is that more and more people are doing this shit.

New rule, ban anyone who posts kys

No, not like video games. There's no light novel board.
I guess I'm going to have to learn japanese now.
>manga-only subforum
fuck you

Fuck off.

It wouldn't without banning 95% of us forever.

>anime fag attention span

kana captchas

>having a static IP
Kill yourself

You're already a weeaboo, user. No point in denying it now.

>he missed the joke
how can one person be this fucking retarded

then you're lying and u should lurk for 2 years before posting

What about posting Keit-ai?

>We're collecting everything now and then do a poll to decide.
Seriously, kill yourself.

What a meme post.

> There's no light novel board.
It's called /jp/. And /lit/.

t. retard

Kill general threads

>rendering 99.99% of Cred Forums's users unable to post

Are you retarded?

Are you retarded? The poll would be for everyone on Cred Forums including the redditors and timblrinas. Why do you think this thread would be a secret?

What if I'm not and you're just projecting?

10 years ban

Introducing a manga board would just create another dead board, no fucking point, Cred Forums is already slow enough with both manga and anime.

Same for /ag/ or any board that would make Cred Forums split.

what are you RockStar?

According to the Cred Forums definition?


People who really want to post will easily bypass it

We can do this, Cred Forums.

>too lazy to type out "you"
>can't believe others might be too lazy to learn kana
Are you retarded?

You clearly only browse fast boards. Cred Forums isn't slow at all.
A manga board with the speed of a medium board like /out/ would be very nice.

Hiro already said he doesn't like polls and will make decisions on his own after reading people's arguments.
Don't waste your time.

My bad then.

This whole thread

Threads with content breeds discussion. Threads with no content breeds shitposting.

Generals only for currently airing anime. If it's not currently airing, and it's a general, ban it.

I dare anyone to show me how my image has anything of value.


My dick
This will be perfect


Banned until it is an anime.

Fuck off you cancerous faggot.

Because most anons don't even visit these cancerous threads.

Moot was literally going to make a manga board six years ago and a small handful of fags on /q/ ruined it.
It's not fair.

>gets called out
>hurr durr let me save my face

Fucking this.

>I dare anyone to show me how my image has anything of value.
Big ogre titties?

Sure, and it could potentionally teach people kana too. So in that sense I don't mind it at all personally.

It'd still very much kill off Cred Forums as we know it though.

Yeah, no. If we enforced your rules I'd get banned because I quoted a whole sentence just now.


Current Poll options.

1. Introduce a Manga Board.
2. Don't introduce /ma/ - manga.
3. Introduce Kana Captchas.
4. Keep the captcha system as it is.
5. Remove LN, Mahwa and Manhua Threads on sight.
6. Allow LNs, Mahwa and Manhua on Cred Forums.
7. Delete Generals on sight.
8. Support Generals.
9. Merge Cred Forums and Cred Forums for no reason.
10. Merge Cred Forums and /jp/ for no reason.
11. Don't merge Cred Forums with anything.
12. Move /djt/ to /jp/.
13. Don't do 12.
14. Move /kancolle/ to /jp/.
15. Don't do 14.
16. Move drawthreads to /ic/ or some shit.
17. Don't do 16.
18. Bring back visible Sage.
19. Remove Sage as a whole.
20. Ban anyone who uses kys, lmao, lol, fuck off, kill yourself etc.
21. Promote anyone who uses these words.


Post disregarded. We've had the manga board argument so many times now, how have you fags not picked it up by now?

How about the mods actually crack down on people posting spoilers?
Major plot twists of Attack on Titan and Re:Zero have been spoiled for me because people refuse to use the spoiler tags.

The problem's bad enough that nothing actually happens when you report someone posting a scene-by-scene summary of an upcoming episode.

this is literally the best list ever holy shit


[Citation needed] I don't recall this. You are probably remembering it wrong and it's the other way around. /q/ almost got /ma/ made and Cred Forums stopped the split of themselves.

>>rendering 99.99% of Cred Forums's users unable to post


I've been waiting for this.

Why do you hate your fellow anons?

moot specifically said he doesn't want Cred Forums split up any further. /jp/ convinced him that it was a horrible idea and that it should never be tried or even considered.

mods don't watch anime

Stop browsing a public forum then or just go to MAL.

Poll fag

Ban evangelion "discussion".

>9. Merge Cred Forums and Cred Forums for no reason.
>10. Merge Cred Forums and /jp/ for no reason.
do both simulraneously

Called out on what? You wanna change something that isnt broke by promoting a general and a retarded fucking poll. Kill yourfuckingself. You are everything wrong with this board, literal /q/ 2.0

>160 wpm

Is that so? It's a common occurrence that threads get deleted because of too many posts about the LN.

Autosage should be the default, and threads can only be bumped by typing age in the field.

Ban or filter ESL posters

Make Kana captcha for a few weeks to see how people will react.

>>>rendering 99.99% of Cred Forums's users unable to post
Opinion discarded.
If you don't want to discuss things with Cred Forums, don't come to Cred Forums.

But then they will just not include the word "general" in the topic field. Then it will be the same shit but not technically bannable. Look at K-On threads, might as well be generals because of how empty headed and devoid of meaningful discussion they are.

Source fags should be told to fuck off.

Serves you right for watching shit anime honestly.

Email to 147371826

Kill yourself along with your general, faggot.

Why does this shitty general still exist?

It's only Kana which takes less than two days to hammer into your head.

Don't go in those threads then, it's your own fault.

>Cred Forums and Cred Forums



I have bad news for you, user. Remember that ftp secret club? Reddit made a guide for it within a few days of it getting made. And people linked that reddit thread right back to Cred Forums.

The above is just one of many examples. In some threads, people even openly link to reddit threads.

The people it would remove would hardly be Cred Forums.

>Cred Forums

Fuck off ESL

I personally like having people to talk about my anime and manga here even if I don't agree with a lot of people. It'd much better than a deserted wasteland.

Correction: Ban Australians. I believe moot.

I don't care to. If I wanted to work on something, I wouldn't be a NEET.

Fuck off Taco farmer

Ban general threads.

we're here to stay gringo pendejos

also enjoy having a woman presiden jajajaja

They would, though.
There are people that have been here for longer than you and never bothered to learn kana.

>i didn't just have thread on autoupdate and doing literally anything else
stop posting


Then why did he ask?
They would've said yes if they knew what the future held.

>I don't care
Well neither the majority cares about your lazy retarded ass.

>Kana captcha

Of all the stupid shit I've seen suggested in these cancerous generals across several boards, this is on my top 5 most retarded suggestions.

25 options now. How many should we go for? 50?

I appreciate translatorfags, but I think that it's going too far to force others to use their time to learn something just so they can post.
I think you're wrong.

So we have no Cred Forumsnons and plenty of redditors in these threads?

Where the hell are the mods?

People who are that old and been here that long would also be capable of very easily picking it up.

>worthless polls
>shitposting up the wazoo
>57 IPs
>meta general

Ban everybody in this thread you filthy hot pockets. Fucking everybody.


Just fucking stop this cancer

>victim blaming
Rule 3 already make purposeful spoiling a bannable offense.
The problem is that it's never enforced.

It's not like kana is impossible to learn. It's easy.

>implying mods read these threads

I propose that

- We correctly write the subject for meta threads as "Metathread general"
- We call ourselves /meta/
- We start numbering our threads so they are easier to follow and search
- So things don't get boring we will use an "edition" for every OP from now on

This way the meta threads will surely improve in quality and readability :^)

But why? A lot of people from other countries speak good enough english. Best example of this would be the nordics and the dutch, I guess. I don't mind them around. especially since I'm one of them myself

>wanting to force people to learn worthless moon runes

But why should we?
There is no evidence that it would improve posting quality. In fact, there is not even a good basis for a hypothesis.
All you have is the idea that knowledge of Japanese symbols makes people better posters.

Fuck off.

These threads has the same kind of content you have in your average /qa/ thread. It's full of people jerking off to their own rule change hoping that mods will notice it and apply their rules so they would cum. But they won't so all you faggots are gonna get blue balled for all eternity.

>when place by your house is in captcha box

>learning the character set of a different language just to post on a mongolian slideshow board

This kills the Cred Forums

How about they just create a new board called /meta/ with a thread for each board instead of creating another stupid general shitposting on each board.

Now I get it.
The mod makes these threads repeatedly until we "agrree" to something he wants.

Would you prefer arab runes instead?

If you can speak and write the language enough to type coherent sentences thats fine, Im more referring too Cred Forumsutistic mexicans

Or create /mang/.

>mfw german signs of streets I actually saw in real life


>on an anime website on the board dedicated for anime

That's retarded desu

Wh-what do we do now that it's 50/50? Toss a coin?

If you can't handle learning something new just so you could post here just fuck off to MAL or ANN where the only requirements to post is an account.

100%, that would be an actual challenge.

fuck off proxy poster

1, 5, 11, 14, 18, 20

All of these, please. Also, Cred Forums-related captcha would be nice, if it's less annoying than the current recaptcha.

we scrap the idea cause its fucking retarded and never going to be a thing

I can see this working. Certain kinds of people (and most people on Reddit, MAL, etc) has been conditioned to see Japanese as a mythical arcane language they absolutely incapable of learning, while truth is Katakana (Or hell, just use Hiragana whose characters you can't confuse with one another unlike Katakana's シ vs ツ) is so fucking easy it'd be second nature in three days.

This will definitely cut down on crossboarding posters, underage faggots and people who didn't even try in exchange for a small, easily circumventable hassle, maybe the reduced activity can even lead to shorter post cooldowns. I see no reason why this is not a thing.

No Back to your shit threads, tgshit

What does he want exactly?

>thinking that 99% of Cred Forumsnons would learn a different alphabet to shitpost on Cred Forums when there are a million alternative websites

Real poll will have a decent amount of people voting, trust me.

manga board

Probably the fucking manga board

Whoever gets the dubs wins

I say yes to kana captcha

>fuck off proxy poster

That shit is easier than moonrunes though. I know this because I'm a mudslime.

as the creator of the poll I realised I hadn't voted yet, so now it is 7-6

>thinking it'll ever get implemented

Yeah, no

Fine, but only if post numbers are displayed in hexadecimal.
Because that's just as useful a change.

He needs to get rid of all these waifu and husband, drawthreads, best girsl, I want to rape ___. what does this girl smell like, who has the best butt, this girl is for ____ threads. none of the following has anything to do with discussing anime or manga. He needs to make a new board for people who want to discuss such things. Cred Forums has literally become a random board more than a discussion board. Its' not fair to anyone who wants a real discussion to have their threads taken over by a bunch of weebs who just want to sexualize anime girls.

That's stupid.
And I'm saying that as a guy who has Japanese layout in a keystroke away.

>being muslim

You wouldn't miss the shitposters, trust me.

>forcing this shitty list
Cred Forums is fine

Reminder that there are idiots here that actually want a manga board.

Reminder that there are idiots here actually thinking this thread isn't just unbridled circlejerking.

Reminder that there are idiots here still not banned for posting in these threads.

Fuck no. Anime-related captcha would be ok though.

hey how about hindi captcha?

He said mudslime, not muslim.

What's the name of manga board going to be?

You can learn to convert that to roman numbers in a day, baka


then we have nothing to talk about.


Smug all you want, user. I was born into this and there is nothing I can do to change it.



Remove all western boards and put them under a new domain.

>He needs to make a new board for people who want to discuss such things
/e/ exists.

So you are promoting the exodus of anyone who isn't retarded?

Repeating digits.

I guess if you wanna kill the board, go right ahead. I say that as someone who can easily switch charsets. If would just be a hassle and make Cred Forums ever slower than it already is.

I wouldn't miss the orange rat threads though

Why are you converting hexadecimal to roman numeral?

This is the manga board, its' just that everything gets taken over by random threads about nonsense.

That's far from the truth.

and how many people use it instead of Cred Forums


>1% of non autists stay
>board is immediately clean and we don't have to change anything else
Where is the bad in this? Dumb newshits like you are gone?



>get proxy
>stop whining

>and how many people use it instead of Cred Forums
they just need to be redirected there.


ban tokyo ghoul and narutotards like OP

What are you planning to make the poll with?

Why? The drawfag and waifu draw thread keep it to these threads only. If you hate it just hide it and gtfo.

If there is gonna be a manga board I suggest that the mascot would be Takagi. Cred Forums already has Yotsuba.

>nothing I can do to change it.
abandon that garbage

>an obnoxious vocal minority trying to dictate the fate of a board over the course of multiple general threads where they just shitpost and jerk each other off

Holy shit. Why aren't these threads getting deleted?

better idea: Hungarian village names captcha

Strawpoll, otherwise there won't be any fun.

Go ahead and leave, nobody will miss you.

>non autists
What would remain is a small pool of retards who for some reason or other know kana and who are too stubborn to leave a dead board behind. Most of them would be Japanese shitposters.

Don't you guys have more ideas? Did anyone even participate in the last threads?

Cred Forums has Yotsuba, not just Cred Forums.

that isn't even what projecting means you idiot

Fuck off, we're full.

Yotsuba is for Cred Forums, not only Cred Forums.

I am not in the IS, why the fuck would I use "arab" numbers

Don't know we can decide it later.

Exactly, if you haven't already, go through the catalog, and check out how many threads are on here that belong on /e/

That's the thing scrub, you shouldn't have to hide it. It shouldn't be on Cred Forums in the first place. There are boards on here for drawing your "trash."

I've been in and read all of them.

>n obnoxious vocal minority
So where's the majority?
Yep, being passive bitches and doint nothing

make threads auto sage after they have been up for a few days

Make a poll.

>1% of non-autists

>Browse Cred Forums
>Be non-autistic

Choose 1

What is going on in this thread?

Please no.

Most of the replies were just "fuck off retard, we don't need any changes"

>daily generals with "editions"-shit
>now this
Do you just have so many free time that you have to do this? You even made hiro acknowledge this.

Could you name stuff that wasn't already posted itt? May actually help the discussion.

>So where's the majority?
Avoiding a cancerous general, like they avoided /q/ when they forced Naruto onto us.


>nobody mentioning the naruto OP image

Is Cred Forums finally good?!

I suggest that we bring 2hu back to Cred Forums. /jp/ can stay but 2hu is now banned there instead.

Extreme shitposting.

I have a template more or less ready; I just haven't managed to decide how to implement the last 2 points in the list. I could still let you do the poll though.

Is the list updated yet?

Ban Harem threads

A majority of the autistic anons take over Cred Forums Cred Forums /mlp/ and there were two other boards but I forgot.

>People think the 0.1% of people who care enough to learn moon runes on a primarily English website will be able to keep an entire board alive

Cred Forums is fine as it currently is, there are other boards that need more immediate fixing

You don't need to like Nardo to like Tsunade's tits.

Make a seasonal anime board. I'm tired of these cancer seasonal fags and secondaries. The mal culture is disgusting.

/jp/ is pretty active

>Generals only for currently airing anime. If it's not currently airing, and it's a general, ban it.
And if someone tries turning a legit thread into a general, ban them for off-topic posting

They want this board to die so Hiro can build the website around Cred Forums.

Rules, Regulations and Moderation threads are not anime/manga and need to get deleted on sight.

No, it's to attract the nuruto thread purgers

>Is the list updated yet?
I'm at 31, still want to reach 50 though before making one, so that we have everything in it hopefully.

>Cred Forums fine

Welcome newfag. If you were baiting you did a decent job.

we need kana captchas

Make a manga board

>implying thats a bad thing

What about the time moot restricted all mods who tried to delete naruto threads?

He's been doing Naruto images since the beginning. It was pointed out.

I stand by what I've said already.
I'm not going to repeat it every thread.

Fuck, I meant /djt/

I propose that we ban "Rules, Regulations and Moderation For Cred Forums" threads.


If you're an ESL but your English is decent enough to not get detected as one, then obviously nobody gives a shit. It's the same principle as crossboarding; you're free to browse whatever board you want, just don't bring their habits into Cred Forums.

I might finally learn Japanese if this happens.

Please hiro, make it so.

I only feel comfortable posting Traps on Cred Forums so don't change that

>old thread is silent despite not being on page 10 yet
>this thread is beyond half way to bump limit
Crossboarding scum confirmed. Get the fuck off Cred Forums.

/jp/ is half dead, half shitposting.

/djt/ is half general, half shitposting.

But now it's important as we're actually going to decide shit instead of spamming our opinions and then walk home.

As long as it's not easily spammable with proxies. That would be shit.

>thinking anything that happens in this thread will do shit


No you won't you lazy shit.

Quit samefagging captchafags

Fuck off faggot.

This, those threads are cancer.

People just like meta threads.

Blame OP

Don't equate moot and Hiro.
moot was a dictator. He decided everything.
Hiro decides nothing. He just tries to make friends.

Why can't we have someone in between. Someone who knows how to find the balance.

Holy shit we need this

Which threads should be moved to other boards?

Wow how did I missed this for the whole day? Fuck this shit.

But this is my home

>doesn't even bother to stay in the other thread until it dies

Ban phoneposters
A sticky to the Cred Forums wiki and /wsr/
Only a limimited amount of randomly selected IPs are able to post on a board at any moment(to keep it fresh)
Bring back Snacks
Ban Tadaima

I agree, most of users on Cred Forums are retards. Less posts means less retarded posts.

Remove One page threads ,
allow LN threads ,

PERMA BAN EVERYONE PARTICIPATING ON GENERALS* (except the traditional buyfag,djt,sakurafish threads)

Character captcha

I don't get why the fuck you retards suggesting we need manga board.

If you think that Cred Forums should be just well-organized threads for the currently airing anime, then fuck off to MAL, reddit, crunchyshit or wherever elso you came from

No thread IDs, ever.
Be clear on where we are to discuss manwha and LNs and so on.

Circlejerkers don't actually want live boards

This one to


>I'm against it because it makes no sense to put up language barrier
Cred Forums is a board dedicated to discussing JAPANESE CARTOONS AND JAPANESE COMICS.
If kana is that much of a language barrier, you shouldn't fucking be posting here.

EOPs are cancer. I swear, Cred Forums is one of the most plebeian boards on Cred Forums who likes to pretend to be "elite".

No, this is I hate you so fucking much user.

lurk for 2 years before posting

Hiro doesn't give a shit about us.

Ban manwha and manhua shit


>no retard knows Japanese
Woah there user, you're beginning to sound like one of those weeaboos.
You don't need to know japanese when there are translations.

only trump voters should be allowed to post on Cred Forums

Then why aren't you on 2chan or 2ch?
Fuck off.

Wouldn't be more appropriate? Newfag

fucking rekt lmao

Can anyone explain what's wrong with Cred Forums though? Seriously now. I like the board as it is. Why do you feel like it needs to change even in the slightest?

Proposition: move and and all faggotshit to where it belongs.

Fuck off faggot

>A sticky to the Cred Forums wiki and /wsr/
We already had on, it did not work at all. If you want recent proof that it doesn't, check out Cred Forums
>Only a limimited amount of randomly selected IPs are able to post on a board at any moment(to keep it fresh)
Retarded idea
>Bring back Snacks
He's still on Cred Forums with his online radio

No need to get upset user those people over there scare me so I come to Cred Forums to play

This too , ban dumb frog posters/phone posters/attention whoring tripfaggots.
Thanks for reminding me

Allow generals, crossboard threads and other such fun threads. They're the only thing keeping Cred Forums from becoming a boring place to be.

Also, ban all rulefags.

Keep DJT, Sadpanda, Buyfag and Drawfag threads. Delete all other generals. Ban crossboard 'memes'.

Kana captcha is a stupid idea as the majority of the board do not speak/write any Japanese.

Delete all /qa/ threads as /qa/ is cancer just like /q/ and exists only to destroy board culture by getting opinions from newfags who don't know anything about board culture and just shitpost as much as possible.

Not him, but I'd guess their block of foreign IPs is the most important reason.

No, these threads are always trash.
They are the reason we lost visible sage.

Vent frustration.

>weaboos want people to learn grorious nipponese to post on an English-speaking website

Being a pacifist is the best choice for him because it does not drive out the userbase. Cred Forums is big business for gook-moot, especially now that a POTUS candiate has named the frog.

You will never see Hiro make the mistake he did with 2channel, or repeat the failings of Moot and the mass exodus that took place following gamergate.

>wanting a board filled with Americans
>wanting a board filled with the most stupid half of Americans

FROG POSTERS DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Every thread should have atleast one pic of the best girl.

What do you think guys?

>Not him,
I can tell you what his reason is.
He can't actually speak Japanese.



I have a suggestion. How about these threads get sent to

This thread

Burgers are rangebanned from 2channel

Does it trigger you if I do all three at the same time?

Fuck off

also you have shit taste


With good reason.
They keep making threads on how to fix things.

>Kana captchas are the weeabooest thing I have ever heard of.
Sounds like a match made in heaven for Cred Forums then.
Although I fear Cred Forums will get flooded by people trying to get the IME to work.

>not image.jpg
one job

> Watch pic related
> The first season has grounded mechs - literally. They are stuck on the ground, they are forced to use terrain like foot soldiers, it's all very interesting.
> In the second season, every mech can now fly, the sky is empty and uninteresting, and the fights are mainly about Lancelot and Guren tearing through mechs like toilet paper without any effort at all.

Why did they do this?

>>rendering 99.99% of Cred Forums's users unable to post
>Are you retarded?
>implying this would be a bad thing
Are YOU retarded?

Make a general for this user

Interest in anime&manga doesn't make you weeaboo.
It seems people have forgotten what the term really entails.

Those are the worst generals on this board.

>tfw my Cred Forums app doesn't do the traditional image.jpg

Nah dude these threads were officially permitted by our very own Admin who as we know is a very capable administrator with a deep understanding of Cred Forums's userbase and it's culture who can do no wrong.

As such these threads cannot be wrong either.

>(except the traditional buyfag,djt,sakurafish threads

kill you are self

By allowing casual discussion , you attract casual(low IQ , retarded) posters i.e phone posters,crossboarders , 1st time visitors and this dumbs down the quality of the discussion/shitpost and you'll begin to see a surge in rec threads and saucefags.

Honestly though it wasn't as bad as 2012-14 .

If you don't want to talk to Cred Forums, why don't you go to 8gag or something?

Yes so do it more

That's explained in the series, did you even finish it?

How to save Cred Forums:

-implement usernames (signups don't require an email)

-implement a voting system so users can dictate what content they want on the board

-a way to sort threads by highest upvoted comments to least with nested comment chains

-The moderation is currently absolutely spot on, so keep that up.

And whammo, Cred Forums is saved. That was easy!

>But why should we?
You cannot have a board that actively deletes stream threads, based on poor quality, only to defend braindead plebs who are too fucking stupid to learn a little about the language of the media they have likely spent thousands of hours consuming.

>Fuck off.
No, YOU fuck off. You're the retard trying to defend the lowest common denominator. You're the sort of vermin who would have been too stupid to even be online around the time Cred Forums was created.
The entire reason why Cred Forums has become so shit is due to a culture of creating a safe space for plebs, which exploded during the 2007 and 2008 era. The very fact that it would impede pleb trash like you only makes such a suggestion even more appealing.
None English natives learn English in order to communicate online and you are so fucking arrogant that you feel that you are above learning a fucking syllabary all the while being provided all of your media, translated, for free. Just how fucking self entitled are you?

Your generation is everything that is wrong with society. Fuck off and die.

Cred Forums is for people who want to discuss anime and manga, not weeaboos.

What was his name again?

At 45 now, still seems to be way to few things. Fucking constribute anons.

Remove /ai/ general. That's only thing Cred Forums needs.

I do. Just not to the retarded part.

>casual(low IQ , retarded)
How are these things correlated?
I don't see any logical connection.

Not being anonymous yeah no fuck that

You had me there for a second.

Just download from google images

absolutely amazing suggestions. upvoted xd

Then stay there. Stop bothering us.

Did I miss out anything?

Ban generals?

Which generals should be removed?
>Anime which are currently airing
>Anime which are not currently airing
>Weekly manga without a currently airing anime series
>Non-weekly manga without a currently airing anime series
>Franchises without currently airing anime (eg. Kantai Collection)
>Buyfag thread
>Daily Japanese thread
>Drawfag thread
>"It's time" thread
>Sad panda thread
>Seiyuu thread
>Other [please specify]

Where should they be moved to? And which specific generals not mentioned should be moved?
>[Free response]

Add a manga board?

Add Anime/General?

Merge /jp/ back into Cred Forums?

Merge Cred Forums with Cred Forums?

What captcha should be used?
>Kana captcha
>Anime character image captcha
>Keep the current captcha (i.e. no change)

What do we do with the sage function?
>Bring back visible sage
>Make all threads autosage by default, bumpable only with age
>Remove the sage function

Which of the following should be allowed on Cred Forums?
>Light novels with anime adaptations
>Light novels without anime adaptations but with manga adaptations
>Light novels without anime or manga adaptations
>Manhwa (Korean comics)
>Manhua (Chinese comics)

Ban Naruto again?

Which of the following should be banned as well?
>One Piece
>JoJo's Bizarre Adventure
>Other [please specify]

Which of the following should be banned from the board?
>Emoticons eg. :)
>Other [please specify]

Other suggestions
>[Free response]

Do you think the mods have given up on trying to moderate these shitty meta threads?

>taking the obvious bait

Come on, Cred Forumsnon

I don't even participate on those threads , but those are actually informative and been around since the dawn of time and basically a part of Cred Forums. Well if you whine that much then go for it and ban them I for all I care if you're a mod or something.

If you don't see it then you are part of the problem.

>Interest in anime&manga doesn't make you weeaboo.
I was not implying that.

That's a fitting argument, but it's wrong.
If you regularly post on Cred Forums, you're a weeb by all possible definitions.


Don't forget the blue/white color scheme and ayy lmao mascot!

Drawthreads specifically should be banned. What a load of cancer, drama and circlejerking.

WHO Cred Forums HERE?

You forgot the most important one.

>Should OP and all the posters in this garbage thread kill themselves?
[ ]Yes
[ ]Yes

This shit! it is cancer. cancer and autism. If you want to shitpost the same monster musume thread everyday If you want to draw your waifu You want to post sexy images of your girl and it doesn't relate to what the show is about
If you want to make random threads that have no set topic.
You want to make threads about what girls is the best
You want to ask "What video player is best for watching anime?" or "What show should I watch?" and "What does Cred Forums think about."
-MODS confirmed this

A majority of threads on Cred Forums are cancerous sub topics that do not belong. Its' been this way since 2007-ish and got worse around 2010. Moot didn't change it but Hiro has the power to.

They come after these threads reach bump limit

Oh shit, I'm retarded and posted in in the wrong thread

The other list looks better.

You have answered neither of the questions. Try again.

Don't worry, I'm sure you were close to triggering at least one person.
If that definition is from the Cred Forums dictionary then yes, but otherwise no.

>A sticky to the Cred Forums wiki and /wsr/
No. Get the fuck out and kill yourself.

We don't need a sticky affiliated with some faggot website maintained by retards.

Also, a sticky gives people the idea that it was fine to be a newfag since it essentially provides you with information you could also find out by lurking.

>Only a limimited amount of randomly selected IPs are able to post on a board at any moment(to keep it fresh)
Most retarded idea I've ever read.

You missed that part about stopping these threads


Ha, owned him.

>You cannot save Cred Forums

Bring back r/a/dio threads
Bring back /l/
All general threads should be allowed
Realise that Cred Forums works better as a wild west and stop trying to moderate it into the ground.

>few threads in
>still no general agreement on anything
How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

If Hiro allows it there's nothing we can do. As it is until we can muster up a response these meta threads are here to stay.

>Which of the following should be banned from the board?

I'll take Other, please.

All threads with the name "Rules, Regulations and Moderation for Cred Forums"

Fuck you and fuck this shit thread

I feel bad he'snot getting enough (you)'s

[x] genuflect

new rule: only posters who celebrate easter should be allowed to post

You dont

What's the consensus then?

If you use weeaboo as an insult on Cred Forums that is a sure sign you don't belong here you crossboarding scum.

For how long will these cancer threads go on for?

Actually, generals are the absolute opposite of a wild west since it create little cosy bubbles and actively resist any thing that threatens the little community.

Fuck off weeb. Go polish your katana or something.

until you kill yourself

We've used weeaboo as an insult all the time in the past for the kinds of people who attend anime clubs and cons, who use gratuitous Japanese, plaster emoticons all over their posts, etc.

Is there something better than Strawpoll? Google Polls seem to need accs, so that's a no go.

If you use weeaboo to describe anyone who has interest in anything Japan related then you don't belong here.

>bring back faggot circlejerkers and pedos


The consensus is that this general is cancer, and OP should kill himself immediately.

Until it gets deleted or Hiro does something and you can't do anything about it.

Now get the fuck out,participate or just filter the damn thread

I hope forever. I don't normally visit Cred Forums, I'm here just for this. It's fun to see how different boards have different ideas.

Yes but it has lost its meaning now.

Remove taco posters

>faggot website maintained by retards
That was rude

Weeaboo is a retard who thinks Japan is the wholy land and katana really can cut through anything like butter because 1000 times folded.
Weeaboos wear head bands and try to convince themselves they are honorary Japanese.

+1 kana captcha

Jesus Fucking Christ reading these pathetic EOP posts offering up excuses for why they couldn't be arsed to learn a handful of foreign symbols (a fucking kindergartner could do it, and it's the language of the media) just to continue posting here sickens me.

I'd never miss the kind of trash that doesn't even know kana, because I just know they are probably responsible for the hundreds of thousands of whiny "translation never" posts I've read in my day.

Hiro is an incompetent fuck that doesn't know any better.
Besides the point, he's not saying that these threads are obligatory and that they should exist 24/7. It's in the board's volition if they want to make the meta shitposting or not.

Yes to both.

*tips strawhat*

This. Also embed Trump tv onto every board.

We don't need polls because majority decisions don't necessarily result in what's best for the board.

Instead, mods should simply read the posts and decide based on who has the better arguments.

End yourself

As long as someone decides to finally do something about it then nothing major is going to happen anytime soon.

This! There were screenshots from users on 2Chan who have said that "He doesn't care about the boards" and "He's generally too lazy to fix anything."

Even so, there's no point in adding it to the poll, as the reason will vanish after we make a response, and the mods will automatically clamp down on such threads thereafter.

>Instead, mods should simply read the posts and decide based on who has the better arguments.
I don't see a single good argument though. It's always.
>We should do X. That's it.
>Y is cancer.

>didn't care about Tadaima
A sign that people are getting tired of it?
Don't take it to heart user. There are people who appreciate it.

>mods should simply read the posts and decide based on who has the better arguments.
*mods should simply ignore these threads and handle things by themselves, as they always have
Democracy doesn't work when the community derives extreme pleasure from watching the place burn.

These shitty threads should be deleted and the retards who start them permanently banned.

>Now get the fuck out,participate or just filter the damn thread
It's so ironic that you're giving this kind of advice when 95% of this thread is filled with retards who cannot follow it.

>Bronny mods
>deciding which is the best for Cred Forums
Might as well not change anything

Just create a dummy account.

Here's an idea. Just don't make the worthless fucking poll in the first place and evacuate these horrid cesspools.

I think it would be great if maybe we had a few mods or admin in this thread reading and communicating with us. That way they can get an idea of what we need to see changed.

The mod monitoring this thread is very likely also OP

>there's no point in adding it to the poll
And there's no point to the polls in general.

Then nothing should be done.

Cred Forums is fine the way it is.

My advice caters to the 5% crème de la crème

Let's be honest. This place has declined beyond redemption. It's time to move on.

i just wang this board to allow light novel discussions

They are. They're laughing at us.

Your advice also stands in crass contrast with what the thread is trying to do.

>after an hour of posting, this thread will reach bump limit

Ban this general /q/ueer fagshit thread and get it the fuck off of my cartoon board.

Cred Forums is so cancer now that I have to use reddit.

So if we kill a majority of Cred Forumsnons ability to post on Cred Forums, can the ones who can keep Cred Forums alive?

It'll be another special interest vBulletin forum with more views that posts except it has /djt/ threads, a guy dumping his manga translations and other shit.

>*mods should simply ignore these threads and handle things by themselves, as they always have
That's what I meant. If someone has a good idea a mod may reference it at some point, but there should be no imperative to do so. And most importantly there should be no majority decisions since the majority of people will be gone in a few years and probably doesn't even browse the boards on a daily basis.

To reddit and MAL forums, right :^)

Manga and anime being together is ok, but spoiling secondaries is not ok. Spoiler tags should be ruthlessly enforced or atleast mark manga only threads.

reddit is pretty good though, real talk

Cred Forums should have a subreddit


No, I'm fairly certain OP is just a regular faggot.

>not using another chan

>majority decisions don't necessarily result in what's best for X
More like they almost never do. Democracy is the single worst way to decide anything that aims to improve a community, an institution or really anything that doesn't put individual egotism first and foremost.

ban narutards

This for me.
And this for kana captcha.

Well, if we're allowed to make unsubstantiated claims, I guess I'll go for it too.
A ton of old posters would probably leave just because they don't want to deal with this bullshit. Even if Cred Forums has a lot of cultural barriers and trigger words (admit it, that's what they are), the idea that posting itself is a zero-effort activity is central to Cred Forums in general, except for the matters of content, which won't necessarily be accepted.
No barriers, no reputation to make your posts incriminating or unwanted because of something retarded you once said, no need to post only if you have something serious to say. And no bans for an opinion, even if hiro himself will laugh at how retarded it is. Only your post, and reactions to it, all in text/images. I think it's all crucial to not turning Cred Forums into hugbox circlejerk completely.
Or rather, it doesn't matter who you are, only what you post. With kana captcha, it would matter who you are, and everything will turn into a "sekrit club" with people feeling that because they can learn a fucking alphabet they're better than anybody else. And they will stop actually looking at what they write.
What next? We start to have loyalty to Cred Forums? Board culture as the greatest thing that rules over every discussion?
Not him.
I am actually not a native English speaker.
I also can write お仕事。
All that said, kill yourself.
Not everyone who is against this retarded idea just doesn't want to learn kana.
If you think I'm an idiot or that my argument is retarded? Know that I will continue posting on Cred Forums even if the kana system is established. I will just call everyone a retard in a couple of threads.
That is, it won't hinder me. Thus you either have to acknowledge that I'm not a cancerous poster and that my argument holds water, or that your great kana captcha won't magically fix everything. Pick one.

Everyone on Cred Forums should move to /r/anime and everyone from /r/anime should move to Cred Forums.

Reminder that people always vote for the worst possible option in a poll because everybody knows polls mean fucking shit.

Today I'm going to be extra spoilery.

Well the thing is meta-threads like this happens when something happens But the issues that are being discussed are all year round.

Indeed, you should move on. And kill yourself like the worthless subhuman you are.

Democracy works when people are serious about it.
But that means it cannot work here.

Your advice is literally against the overwhelming majority of replies in this thread. People want to ban shit they don't like instead of ignoring it or contributing. That's the irony.

People who type like
need to be banned.
Except me of course.


>even conceiving the idea of visitng reddit
Stay there.

>real talk
Kill yourself.

Remember that niwakas use reddit

To be honest there are too many different fucking chans now.

secret club and youre not invited

its 'kys' newfag

Make me a mod and I'll genocide the cancer that is killing Cred Forums.

I have, multiple times. Each time the chan either becomes fucking horrible or it 404s. Chans are a dying thing in west because no one here seems to be able to appreciate chans. The very thing is the reason for 4chans decline.

Democracy doesn't really get you the best results. For real world politics it may have benefits due to providing a stable system and a method to determine who rules non-violently, but otherwise it's not really your best choice. Especially not for administrating a website like this.

>its 'kys' newfag
Get out.

Another thing is that there is just hundred of us. Other Cred Forumsnons don't bother with this shitty general.

mods, ban this faggot

> the idea that posting itself is a zero-effort activity is central to Cred Forums in general
Yeah, tell that when 60-second post timers are introduced, oh, and when V2 Captcha is deployed without option to V1, and to the entire Cred Forums Pass thing.

It's relatively all right, as far as a huge board can even be.

A very nice place to discuss your netflix, crunchyroll(R) and funimation(TM) subscriptions!



Complaining about Cred Forums is different from actively trying to change it.
Not that the mods would actually take any of the suggestions here. Many of them (like the manga board) show an extreme need of the posters to lurk more.

Cred Forums is still growing though.

>498 posts
>112 IPs

These Kana Captcha faggots need to go die.

I use a pass, but this shit is fucking stupid and you know it.

>For real world politics
It continues to baffle me how many people think western Europe and the US have democracies.

Moot has been gone for a long time now, why is sexualizing certain someone still forbidden?

>using some slow-ass copy visited by only a handful of retards, providing you with a boring, circle-jerk
Yeah, no.

You should go there though, faggots like yourself don't contribute anything interesting in the first place.

Yeah? 10 years ago there weren't all that many, and most moved at glacier pace.


Democracy only works when the people casting the votes are intelligent and knowledge. Every other case its a giant fucking shitshow.

Cred Forums is growing. That means more users, more cancer, and a rapid increase of autism.

>its 'kys' newfag
Just neck yourself already.

Too much emphasis on individualism.

Most of Western Europe has parliamentarian democracies. But that's besides the point.

>anorher cancer thread that reached the bump limit



OK, not entirely zero-effort. Otherwise spambots and soapboxes would be widespread.
I mean, as low-effort as it can be for actual posters.
There is a massive difference in waste of effort to post between usual captcha and kana captcha.

But means more fun, new ideas and interactions between people.

This image literally sums newcancer


Reminder the other thread is still alive, you retards have two threads going at the same time.

>I use a pass
>I don't even know kana
You literally paid money to shitpost faster.

A fool and his money are easily parted.

>Yeah, tell that when 60-second post timers are introduced, oh, and when V2 Captcha is deployed without option to V1,
There was an outcry each time because that central idea was being attacked.

Cred Forums has remained largely the same. It's not that different from what it was like a decade ago.

Are there a lot of americans on right now? I like the mood in this thread.

Speaking of bump limits. Will somebody make a new thread? Don't wait until this thread gets on 10th page.

Because sometimes cock is feminine

As expect, literal poison

Cred Forums might be growing population wise, but it is declining in basically every other aspect. Especially in the chan aspect and the parts that people originally loved this place for. Cred Forums is just slowly but surely becoming just another forum on the internet and in all honestly, no different to places like reddit sadly.



new thread

>With kana captcha, it would matter who you are, and everything will turn into a "sekrit club"
no, if you know nip you should be aware of how fucking basic hiragana is. the purpose of having kana captcha is not to enforce a 'sekrit club' but to filter out the literal retards who can't even be bothered to memorize an easy set of characters very much ingrained the media they are interested in (because otherwise, you don't want to post on Cred Forums).

it's not a jlpt 1 level kanji, it's fucking hiragana.

new thread


>Many of them (like the manga board) show an extreme need of the posters to lurk more.
Yes , that's why we have these kinds of threads in the first place. People have stopped lurking and mods aren't really doing anything because there are no rules set in place but the outdated ones.


No... it really doesn't.

You haven't been here too long. Different can mean a lot of things on Cred Forums. In terms of content, yes it has changed. Boards, yes it has changed, threads and content, yes it has changed. Not for the better, but especially for the worse. I'm pretty sure you're baiting so..

What's with all the opposition for Kana captcha typing like they came from Cred Forums and reddit?

I like you user

That's a non-issue

>Remember that niwakas use reddit
Not that I disagree, but...
Remember that niwaka put a plural-s at the end of it.

Because they all came from Cred Forums and reddit.

>Ban generals?

>Which generals should be removed?
Anything with any anime or manga is automatically in. Seiyuu, buyfag, drawfag, and panda are tightly related to originating content. Meme threads will happen no matter what is done. DJT is the only one I'd consider.

>Where should they be moved to? And which specific generals not mentioned should be moved?
DJT feels like a better fit for /jp/.

>Add a manga board?
No. Manga and anime are close enough, especially with adaptations in both directions, that there needs to be a certain proximity.

>Add Anime/General?

>Merge /jp/ back into Cred Forums?

>Merge Cred Forums with Cred Forums?
Fuck no.

>What captcha should be used?
Character captcha is pantsu-on-headu retarded, as characters will be 1) so niche that growing newfags won't get it or 2) obvious enough that it's pointless. Kana captcha would be worth a try if and only if romanji is an acceptable entry, as not everyone wants to learn/use another keyboard.

>What do we do with the sage function?
Nothing. Visible sage encourages sagebombing; manual age means faster culling for all threads; removing sage removes an option that's harmless in function.

>Which of the following should be allowed on Cred Forums?
Anything with a non-interactive serial visual work is automatically in: LNs with an anime and/or manga adaptation, 'hwa, and 'hua. LNs without an adaptation are trickier, but I'd say yes simply because LNs as a whole are connected enough that discussing one with a past adaptation means acknowledging one without.

>Ban Naruto again?
No. Line it or not, banning any series is a values decision, and opens the door to requests for banning other things due to unpopularity.

>Which of the following should be banned as well?

>Which of the following should be banned from the board?



Well what can I say. Just be more elitist.

I have been here since 2004. That is why I can tell. Because I'm not a newfag retard like yourself who needs to get the fuck out and kill himself.

People who say Cred Forums is significantly different are either new or retards. There were phases of ups and downs on every board, the boards have further differentiated from a 'mainstream' that was present in the early days, canalised by Cred Forums where most people gathered, but the essence hasn't really changed that much. Less original content these days, but the culture and conversations have stayed largely the same.

>>Ban Naruto again?
>No. Line it or not, banning any series is a values decision, and opens the door to requests for banning other things due to unpopularity.

So now any retard can vote?


New thread seriously when?

>asking about new thread on 4th page.

This should be regulated by some rule too.

We need a new thread, I feel like we're getting closer to saving Cred Forums.

New Thread, The Poll is done!

When you fucking learn to tie a noose and hang yourself with it.

When you lurk more and kill yourself

Holy fuck, kill yourself.

>Less original content these days,
That is the one way in which I believe Cred Forums is really dying. The elitism has taken a form which is poisonous to creativity.
I am not saying I like the meme shit that is currently associated with facebook, 9gag and similar sites.

But I think you need to be able to have shit in order to have good OC.

Captcha like this wouldn't keep bots from posting anymore. Image based ones are barely holding on.

>page 4

Those who proactively do polls for this shit are worst.

OC still exists. Except this time they're limited to threads instead of board-wide hilarity where every user can have a laugh.

>OC still exists.
There's just less of it.

honestly, no one cares. You say that like that's a big deal. So you've been a loser since 2004 and before. I've been here since 2006 and you're trying to say that it's different with or without new people...

You're so fake. I only responded this last time because I like seeing posers like yourself try and be something you're not.

Fuck off with this shit. Polls can be manipulated. You should be well fucking aware of this. Therefore anything is futile and not sufficiently representative of the 'groups' opinions. Shut the fuck up about this and tell the gook to go sit in the fucking corner and pay the server bills.

good work user im proud of you

Imagine you ban Naruto. Naruto fans then team up an select (for example) One Piece as something which also should be banned. Naruto and One Piece fans then team up and select Live Love as something which also should be banned. Naruto, One Piece, and Live Love fans then...

Rather than allow exile by popular vote, just stick with the historical method of deleting excess threads for spam while allowing one or two general-ish threads. If those who don't like a series can't handle hiding one or two threads, they're the dipshits.

I think it's more an issue of more people browsing from phones and less people having photoshop installed.

In the past it was an essential tool and sky is the limit threads were common, but nowadays when people see an exploitable image they don't immediately get the idea to create something.

I agree that elitism is part of it, but it's also an absolute no-tolerance policy on anything remotely off-topic. e.g. things like the abuse-hand thread couldn't happen nowadays as it would be immediately deleted. Mods should be a bit more lenient and only delete threads when they derail into cancerous territory rather than deleting anything remotely off-topic on sight, since even off-topic content may be turned into something Cred Forums related.

Learn to type properly, you fucking retard.



>team up
that's where you are wrong. They are retarded, they can't team up on anything.

I hate you

>another thread
Is this like in Yahari times? Everyone makes a thread about it now?

Proportionally. More people are discussing more things faster, but there's the same amount of OC. Though the situation wasn't helped by moot's 360 second image cooldown a few years back.

Fuck you

Stop it

I don't like the fact that these pointless threads are still going on, but even if you're going to make another one wait until it's page 10

If they keep spamming threads, we may get lucky and the mods will ban the whole discussion, regardless of what Hiro said.

If you're right, one series goes away and the annoying fanbase migrates to other series while staying on the board. If you're wrong, series get banned one after another until the decision is undone.

Either way it would be hilarious to watch.
In the end, the only anime left for us to discuss will be Boku no Pico because that one's protected by the mods.


>hilarious to watch

The hero Cred Forums needs.

Make more. Spam it, user. Fucking spam it so that everybody turns sour to it and people shun every thread that shows up soon after.
Hopefully it makes mods to delete them on sight as well.

you really need to stop

I think we passed the point where we could have stopped and maintained a semblance of dignity.

I don't like that thread.

Make a new one and maybe it'd be better.

No I don't want to get ban

Elf thread needs to go too.

There are plenty of anime elves, what the fuck are you talking about?

agree with this

Someone make a poll

there are no masculine vaginas therefore feminine cocks dont exist

you are just gay

poll remade with a clearer subject

>Stop mobile users
That's stupid, in these days and age smartphones are literally small computers, why the fuck would you want that is beyond me.
Even I who has literally no social life use an old Galaxy s4 to read threads outside or when I'm in the toilet or to watch youtube.

>Put Kana for catchpa
That's also stupid, especially people would simply need to google shit or just buy a Cred Forums pass and nothing will stop them.

>Let's ban general threads
The only threads right now which ""qualify"" as General are the daily japanese threads (which should just go to /jp/ already) and the general drawfag thread.
What the fuck is even a general? where do you start from it?
Also, any rule like this will simply be misused and stop any relevant discussion about an anime airing right now since people will start to complain that they are generals after 2 threads.
Things like the Madoka discussion or more recently the Samumenco ones would simply become impossible.

>Remove Tripfags
Even if you removed trips, they would simply become namefags and nothing will change.

>Manga board
Will be simply dead, there's literally no need for one.