Show me at least five examples of uncensored human female genitals depicted in a non-pornographic anime...

Show me at least five examples of uncensored human female genitals depicted in a non-pornographic anime. Bonus points if it's a family/child-oriented anime, like several shown in the pic (e.g. Super Radical Gag Family, Doraemon, Shin-chan, Digimon, Ojamajo Doremi (which is a show specifically intended for little girls, jesus christ), Gash Bell, and Beelzebub).

No one wants to see gross vagina so they don't show it. I thought everyone knew that.

don't tell me what to do

thanks ms. whitehouse

The third one on the top is really erotic honestly.

Dicks are funny. Fannies are gross

Watch Blue Gender.

>Wanting to look at animated underage vaginas

Absolutely disgusting.

It's from one of the shin-chan movies if you're interested

just think of them as inverted penises and it should feel fine

That doesn't answer my question.

This is the only example I can think of. It's from 1986 but it's arguably family-oriented.

You didn't even ask a question.

It's also really brief and only visible for three frames btw

Close enough.

I just cant' get over the fact that they put a penis in a show intended for young girls, like 10 and under. And this wasn't the '80s or whatever, this was like 2002, the 21st century. Blows my mind.

Oh also this movie has a scene with penises in it of course. An extended scene of boys peeing viewed directly from the front, in fact.

I looked this up and it's not what I want. I specified human.

>feeling that uncomfortable about nudity
wew lad, are you from the middle ages or something?

Ew you want to look at that stuff? Pedo

>Wanting to look at animated underage inverted penises


Though penises in anime are getting rarer and rarer. Pretty sure there haven't been any from the past year that have shown any.

I think penises are gross while pussies are funny.

I mean what's not hilarious about having an extremely tiny penis and a hole where your balls should be. This is what almost all girls have.

There's actually a hole where your balls are. You can feel it with your fingers.

You have to go just a bit further south to find that hole.

It's under your penis. Not much further.

>Cred Forums - sex ed

If there's a hole there then why doesn't pee and cum come out of it?

Because you're balls came out of it.

I'm lookin for this hole and I ain't findin it.

You can literally pop your testicles back into it if you play around. How can you not have done this accidentally as a teenager?

Oh so a hole on the inside? Well that doesn't count. We're talking about externally exposed holes, here. I know about that, tho: it's useful when you want to tuck and tape.

As someone who has had it all reshaped into some semblance of a vagina, I think the point the original person was making is it's just the same parts once you get reductive like this guy was

>As someone who has had it all reshaped into some semblance of a vagina
we dont want you sickos here

Sure, but my point that the female reproductive system is inherently hilarious still stands.

Please don't post transphobic comments on Cred Forums.

Sorry, I have no interest in using Cred Forums actively again, I just came here to check something

You came here to check this thread becuase you share the same concerns that I, the OP, do.

Little baby dicks are funny.

Vaginas in any form regardless of age are disgusting.

We've already covered this. The vagina is fuckin funny, and I have explained in detail why. RTFT, faggot.

This post is problematic.

don't tell me what to do

I think you just pretend they're funny because you like lookin at them like some kinda perv.

bump b/c this is v. important


Gunbuster technically has that. All they show are girls' bushes, though.

Doesn't count, and it was censored later anyway

its not family orientated though

Unless the slit is actually shown, it doesn't count.