Love Live! Sunshine!- Hajimetai N Story Edition

N Girl 4koma will begin in SIF at the end of this month.


Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

She's who we used to think Chika was.


What is You gonna do with that sword?

>our life as school idoru begins here and now, let's start over our love raibu no monogatari from zero!

Are you lost?

We /vg/ now.

Why is she such afraid of girls?

I wanna cum on Kanan's tits!!

Since this thread is doomed from the beginning this would be a great time to inform you about the fact that I am touching my penis while watching Sunshine doujins.

same thing umi is afraid of niggers

She knows she's surrounded by raging lesbians, at least there's her good friend Hanamaru who will protect her from them

Trust issues. She's only comfy around Zura and now the group

What a coincidence!

Umi confirmed for being white raycist biggot.

She sensed it was ghost, of course. Sasuga Yohane-sama.

Reminder that Kasane is 10 times cuter than Chika.

dat YoshiMaru comforting

Umi is not white she's Hayamato Nadeshiko

I can't wait until you fucks get banished to /vg/ again.

They sure are nice on a sunny day

Also her classmates?

>you will never befriend with mari
>mari will never sexually harass you
>mari will never fall in love with you



I want to kiss Chika's forehead



>making a thread for some random bitch that belongs on /vg/ instead of Riko's birthday thread


Who SS here?

Just report it and make a new one, pretty sure mods delete threads with edition shit in the OP.

Who cares about that ragging dyke ?

Kanan needs to hug this bitch and get her addicted

Who cares about that literally who in the OP?

the fucks up with the op? would've been more understandable if it was muse


Straight Shota? Wrong show.

The SIF N Girls are getting a 4koma in SIF.

Gang bang ruby!!

>1 episode left

How will the ruse masters top themselves next week?

Post Dia!

and what does that have to do with Cred Forums?

Nico be praised!

Addicted to what?

I just realized
>mom's birthday same with Riko seiyuu
>sister's with Riko
>little brother's with Maki
>mine's same with Eli
>this girl I like's same with You

4komas are manga?



Reminds me of Totally Spies

>Dia the niggah


Can somebody make a new thread?


It's kinda coincidental that spies is one of the motifs of Gobusters. Dia's voice actress is yellowbuster.

Who cares if the OP image is irrelevant, thread will be kill itself after reddit zero comes anyway

>tease a μ's member showing up
>it's just Saint Snow again
>"Don't idolize μ's, JUST BEE YOURSELF"
>takes μ's poster down
If this means we're not gonna have one of them show up at some point then I'm buttangry as fuck.

If Chika wasn't ugly.

Are you really that triggered by the OP?

What's stopping you?


I want to make baby Kanans

>they're your PE class students
what do?

>one episode left
>Riko's birthday
>cancer from /vg/ with irrelevant shit


Not everyone here is a /vg/ crossboarder or reddit cancer, believe it or not.

whats a 4koma

Neither am I, the only part of the OP I understand is love live sunshine.

whats google

Just wait until normies get their own OVA

I want to literally eat Hanamaru.

Chika slutty

Zura thickest. Chika 2nd thickest

It's an improvement

why would you do that

Their tits are all pretty big, they need a DFC

She isn't uglier at least.

Are her tits her only redeeming quality?

Almost as good as her tokyo outfit

ganguro chika is best chika


More then what the other girls have

Mari has bigger tits.

Ganbaruby? more like Gangbangruby

More like Ganbarubyousoro!
There is a Riko thread

Don't forget to do your Rubiest!

I want to cuddle someone like Yoshiko? Do girls like her exist in Japan?

Happy birthday Riko.


>hating on llsif

you're the cancer killing anime

>cancerous CG on the background


Will they come back?

>no kill please

was it because the woman's black

> implying Saint Snow wouldn't be great for /ss/