List legitimate inquires or fuck off with your complaints because now is your chance to make it happen.

Other urls found in this thread: and Moderation/

Fuck off

Go fuck yourself cancer.


He means that you can make ONE meta-thread when something important happens, not a fucking meta general, retard.

make every post end with doubles

This board simple needs more moderators and more moderation. Simple as that.

Also a lot more constant feedback/interaction between the user base and moderators and admin.

and these should be bannable imo.

Rolling for doubles

Repeating digits.

Keep /buyfag/ here if you would.

Will we have these meta threads every day now? It literally changes nothing. All Cred Forums needs is selfmoderation the keeping the elitism it already has. I think that was discussed earlier.


The other thread didn't hit bump limit. Kill yourself.


We don't need change. Cred Forums isn't fucked in the same way as some of the other boards.

Let's see if he can get anyone.

>and these should be bannable imo.
I second this motion.

>We don't need change.
Fuck you. Casuals/Redditors have totally fucking invaded this place.

We need stricter moderation.

Someone please make it stop. These threads won't achieve anything and you know it.

I want country flags on this board.


Cred Forums has good moderation compared to most boards.

Someone make this guy a mod

this isn't 2004

Cred Forums is unironically one of the worst boards these days. Even fucking Cred Forums is better fir actual discussion

Go fuck off with these generals.

fuck you

Do all the same Cred Forums users come here daily, at the same fucking time, you complete double retard? He wants a thread up breaking down specific issues. But you're too busy sniffing your own farts to take the idea of criticism of seriously.

Being not as fucked as Cred Forums doesn't make it good.

Get rid of filters and bring less strict moderation.

it will be again




Go away stalin you shifty moustached vermin. If anything LNs need to be allowed on Cred Forums seeing as more than a few anime and manga get adaptions because of said LNs.


I really wish we could ban crossboaders and tumblr/reddit faggots as well, but that's almost impossible, so for now just remove the fucking generals.


I know you're a troll, but this would actually end the double shitposting, so it's not so troll an idea as you think it is. Unironical support for it.

I'm pretty sure that 15 threads during more than two days are enough. You can stop now. and Moderation/

Which and why?

I mean reasons for each thread, not this broad autism against a general concept.

>Also a lot more constant feedback/interaction between the user base and moderators and admin.
The existence of a permanent thread to bring issues to the mods atention (instead of complaining in random threads) is actually a good way to achieve that.

Inentional dubs

>I really wish we could ban crossboaders and tumblr/reddit faggots
Just make posting about JoJo,SnK,Re:Zero, and Dragon ball a bannable offence and you are rid of most of them.

>delete threads I don't like
>delete tripfags despite them being a source of income for Hiro shekels
>delete meme threads
>split the board so I don't see threads I don't like
Broke it down for you OP.
These threads are worthless. Has a mod EVER posted here?

>another thread
Enough. Even if Hiro told us to make a meta thread, it doesn't mean the board wants to have a cancerous meta general where nothing is accomplished. If enough people report these they should be deleted. We already had enough threads and the only conclusion I come to is that these fucking meta generals are filled with cancerous crossboarders who have no fucking idea what's best for Cred Forums.

That includes you. Get fucked, OP.

Still disproves what you claimed in your post, fucko.

two digits that are one and the same

Check 'em

I suggest that OP kills himself.

Also check 'em.

1. i'm not that guy
2. kill yourself

Just because you can concentrate the whining down to predictable and popular points doesn't mean they're illegitimate and not worth revisiting when asked.

Explain in detail which generals should be deleted and why.

"All of them because they suck and I hate it" isn't an answer.



Generals should get purged. All of them.

Ban re:zero
It's ending today so it won't need new threads anymore

You've got to be kidding me. Cred Forums has generated one of the most powerful insult memes I've seen in a decade. "cuck". Immediately, a man sees that and starts reevaluating his life. Some man is rude and tries to put you down, at first you might think, "ahh I'll let it go", then another voice in you head says, "but that's what a cuck would do...". Once you're uncucked, you start being more assertive, you carry yourself with respect. You notice it in the way you walk, your friends ask you for your work out routine, and women are begging you for it, left right and center.

The cuck meme is all over the place now, in your safe space and in your mind. This frightens you.

There will probably be some beta-lefitist planning to vote for Hillary. When he sees the ballot, the voice of his lost inner manhood emerges, "Hillary? Really... kinda a cuck thing to do isn't it?" and right there rejoins the ranks of men and votes Trump the God Emperor. At work he cancels the plan to outsource jobs, then comes home to fuck his wife with a raging MAGA dick.

Cred Forums is winning, and it scares you. America's back baby.

>The difference between Cred Forums and the shit tier boards

check em

>just because the owner wants it doesn't mean we'll tolerate it on our territory :^)

Imagine being this much of a fucking dumbass.

All of them, at this point even the ones that used to useful like DJT and buyfag are filled with blogging and cancer.

There is no reason to keep the same shitty thread up 24/7.

Checkidy checked

>kill yourself

If anyone belongs on Cred Forums it's you for using that meme spouted only by edgy 14 year old twats. Go away you're not welcome here you lil child. Lil babby probably gonna cry when he sees this and try to fight back with some other lame post cause you're nothing but a poopoopeepee diaper baby, mmmmmyeah baby need a diaper change huh? Don't worry baby daddy will change diaper for you just don't pee on me~

No it isn't and this opinion is so retarded that I have to assume it's bait. It's impossible to talk about non-capeshit films on Cred Forums

Let's get rid of cancerous generals.

Starting with this one.


The yugioh general for example should be banned. Lots of times they just dump pictures to keep the thread alive.



Cred Forums I want you to understand why we hate you.
We dont hate you because what you say is "offensive". Remember where the fuck you are, we are each about one click away from watching women with 12 inch cocks fucking each other. And at one point this site even had guro and loli boards. Oh my god he said nigger! This totally shocks my unenlightened sheeple mind.

No, we hate you because you are the new furfags. You see, the problem with furfags wan't that they jerked off to furry shit. It was that they were so fucking obnoxious about it. Everything had to be made furry. Every forum avatar had to be a fursona. They had to constantly broadcast the fact that they were furfags to everyone, and when this was met with derision, they doubled down on their effort. They labeled the rational reaction to their faggotry "fursection" and actively set out to be the biggest faggots they could possibly be to combat it.

Stormniggers are exactly the same. I have yet to see a single board on this site that doesn't regularly have off topic derails about nigger, jews or trump. Always with craftyjew.jpg and A Wyatt Mann cartoons. I doesn't matter HOW off topic it is, Cred Forums users can't help but broadcast the fact that they are stormniggers.

What does the average IQ of blacks have to do with this thread? I mean, really what does it add to the conversation at all? Jack shit. All it does is send out a big loud signal to everyone in the thread that LOOK AT ME! I AM SO RACIST! YOU SHOULD BE OFFENDED!

TL;DR stormfags are just the same as furfags, only their "fursecution" is called "political correctness".

I have to agree, LNs need to be allowed on Cred Forums.


But you're posting in a general


Because they are chatrooms/"communities" that people just use for blogging. Take that shit to skype or IRC you pathetic fuck

Just explicitly allow LNs to be posted here.
It's impossible to discuss translated LNs on jay pee.


>and these should be bannable imo.

I agree with this actually.


also dubs

Check' em

There's no point having a thread when there's nothing to discuss. 24/7 generals inevitably become a cesspool of shitposting because all the stuff has been already discussed to death.


Dubs and this board get's renamed to Cred Forums - anime is shit

Fucking this.
>several generals, some of them not even anime related (see seiyuu threads)
>rec threads (though these ones do tend to get deleted early on)
>LN threads with actual discussion get deleted


i'm a noob. Just got this from a Russian thingy some time ago, that's all. I'm an idiot trying to learn.

Zeus botnet translated. It's the 2009 version though. I know fuck all about programming. I asked some bloke on the dark net and he told me to start programming with APL, but I made the switch to linux and I can't load the right key board font even though terminal brings up apl fairly easily. Then some other bloke said to try A+ instead because it accepts the ASCII stuff and the European layout. But every A+ is about emacs and cancer. I kid you not, no A+ tutorials worth mentioning. They told me APL and A+ allows you to try cooler shit because you're allowed to do more stuff. Then they told me to move onto C but only after I got A+ or APL. I tell them that the zeus translation is in c++, c and php for the command and control bits, and that i'd need a copy of windows server 2010. Not server, the windows thing you use to write c++, the thing that has c#. I have mono of course but fuck if i know how to use it.

Ban re:zero, jojo, OPM and haremshit threads
That's all you need to make Cred Forums better

Glorious Quads

Dubs and generals are banned

repeating digits

Fuck off. The elitism is what keeps most of the reddit and tumbler faggots out.
New cunts come to Cred Forums after watching 1 anime and think they deserve to able to post here thinking they know what they're talking about.

Say which generals you're talking about and show examples of the problem by linking more than five posts in each of them. If you can't do this then your argument is invalid because you're parroting what others told you.


Make it happen


Triples would become the new doubles.

Because that worked so well for Cred Forums

listen to us hiro, BAN generals on Cred Forums.
you you said you're happy that there's no stupid people in Cred Forums right hiro sama?
generals attract stupid people, by banning them it improves the quality of at least Cred Forums

Fuck you.

Dubs and Moot hates that he loves us

Its absolutely fucking retarded that gook shit is allowed while LN's are forbidden.

That's not what happens in 50% of the generals. Try again.

>Thinking that all this policing and banning will help
>Thinking Cred Forums as a whole is still salvageable

People need to except that this place is dead and find/make a new place to discuss anime.

How about you stop being dishonest instead? As I said, you can circlejerk with your "friends" on skype, you pathetic piece of shit.


Naruto should be banned again. And fate should be banned as well

You can't just ban generals. You need to contain them elsewhere

Dubs and I will leave Cred Forums forever

Yeah, light novels should really be an Cred Forums thing.
They're heavily associated with anime and manga, people end up talking about the LNs in the anime/manga threads they are adapted from anyway, and even if LNs get allowed it's not like there'll be a ton a threads for them anyway.
I've seem maybe a LN general thread and a specific LN thread at one time, and even then the specific LN thread often becomes a LN general regardless.

Plus the 'proper board' for LNs that is /jp/ doesn't like LN threads. No one posts in them and they die quickly even for /jp/'s slow board.
Everyone knows /jp/ is only for boatsluts, VNs, and 2hu anyway.

>you can't just ban child porn, you need to contain it somewhere else

So you're parroting. Got it.

Fuck you and dubs

You just can't leave Cred Forums

>The elitism is what keeps most of the reddit and tumbler faggots out.
You literally, and I mean in the truest sense of the word, cannot prove this with certainty.

Yeah, ask the average person if being a cunt would scare people away, you'd assume so and thats what you're doing.

The problem with this board is the same problem with Cred Forums and Cred Forums. Being a masterful edgelord just and coming off as rude by default isn't as powerful as you think.

Don't listen to these retards. They just want an /ag/ board to be created. Fuck them.

Also, Ban waifu threads.

Nice straw man argument kid

Generals are circlejerks and chatrooms.

Just compare the number of replies vs the number of posters against normal threads.

And you're totally not a biased circlejerker, got it.

>there's still no anime generals board

All of them are bad, it's simple like that.

>Image dump
>Tumblr images
>Tumblr blogs
>Circlejerk of the worst type

Anons that are generalfags don't care for Cred Forums and barely ever leave their shitty containment center, I have nothing against having an occasional thread every week or so, but there is no reason to keep the same fucking thread up every single day.

Ban this shit


Cred Forums as a whole has become too popular which automatically attracts more and more casuals.

If they have had any sort of anime and or manga adaption done or planned. I fully agree. LNs are just part of the same media cluster.

real thread


if i could kill any person i would kill tim cook. basically idgaf about apple but i do care about keeping a memory of great people alive and understanding why they're great is important. I'm taking about steve jobs. he said "a STYLUS?? FUCK THAT?? AM I GONNA BE LOOKING AND LOSING THAT SHIT AND NOT EVEN GONNA BE ACCURATE ON A SCREEN" and he was right using a stylus is bs. thats why he said


so what does tim cook do as soon as steve jobs is in the grave? he says

"the iPad pro is going to have a stylus" "we're bringing it out and we're very excited for it"

man you'd think if carrying a stylus was a good idea steve jobs would have implemented it

8 years ago on the iPhone 1

thats it just had to get it out, no one even notices my posts in these 2k post apple thread so i went renegade and basically this is a stylus rant I'm pissed tim cook is such a fag as well. little homohater not homophobic but its chill I'm fine i wouldn't even assassinate a fag unless his name was tim cooks dick

also just wanna say tim cook must have had some beef with steve as he's being such an asshole about everything its like he's actively trying to run the company into the ground. have u seen the stock drop? i knew tim cook had some beef with steve jobs and i guarantee you tim cook will be the reason apple will go bankrupt. all his homo tech ideas do we really need fucking rose gold? i thought my iPhone 6 was already rose gold. fuck out of here. watch apple will be shit and people won't even remember steve jobs without remembering the bitter sweet feeling of what could have been. I'm not on steve jobs' dick i know someones gonna say it but if i was steve jobs. id be writing this letter pissed from the grave all i know. if someone disrespected my vision this much id fucking drag them to hell. good hope apple stock crashes and burns. I'm not worried if talent is loyal to talent we will always have great products

Harsher bans for rec threads.

Learn what words mean before using them. My point is, why can you ban one thing (off topic, illegal things) but not another (generals)?

Both confirmed.


better than banning general: remove catalog from Cred Forums

>tantrum the thread away with shitposts
>it's bringing in the immediate responses I wanted
The predictability.

real faggot

No, I want bloggers to fuck off to skype or whatever

Make a general duplicate board for every board infested by generals, problem solved.

The elitism has decreased over the past few years. Cred Forums needs to increase its elitism


Generals should be nuked, especially shows that were done airing but are still around because of circlejerks.

This is the case for most show specific topics.

I'm waiting for a legit argument against these threads that isn't just autism.


Because there isn't a significant portion of Cred Forums that wants to regularly discuss child porn.


double dubs

Kana captchas. Anime captchas. Visible sage. Generals of all sorts allowed 1 per weekend, except for /ss/ when necessary and r/a/dio at new years.

You fucked up by making the image KLK, eat shit we're here now.

check these out

All according to keikaku
huh huh

... (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed) (embed)

ummm who are you talking to?

You should already know how cancerous generals are since you circlejerk in them every day.

Containing them elsewhere won't change anything. Look at Cred Forums.



The other thread already has 473 replies, so kill yourself, OP.

>inb4 faggot

I have this new term called Apple Envy. Basically I whenever I look at monitors, displays, phones, etc I have to compare them to Apple. I'm upset Apple has a full computer and a 5K display with Apple display technologies, suitable for professional use, at a consumer price in a full metal body. Why the FUCK has nobody stepped up to the plate? When will we have 5K or ultra wide glossy displays? When will we have thunderbolt as an actual standard? Why are there 0 standards in consumer PC parts compared to Apple? Why can't anyone else give a shit and come up with an interface or desktop OS that makes some sense?

Feel free to make this a copypasta

if you ban generals you'll be my new hero, hiro

Cred Forums is fine, dont change anything

>Cred Forums
You mean that board that no longer has generals?

um who are you quoting?



dubs confirm

I like generals, keep them.

Is this the /butthurt/ general?

You're waifu a shit

"Reductio at autism" is not an argument.

You can't just discard opinions and call them autism when they don't agree with you if you're looking for an argument.

These meta threads are cancer and anyone who makes them should be banned desu.

Number 3 best girl

Check' em dess

>off by one

ban generals
ban loli posters
ban trap posters
ban lgbt and r9k threads

This makes sense, although unrelated VN's belong on /jp/.

Fuck you and fuck gook moot.
What a moron.

The mods should have never given Nurutu a pass. It all went downhill after that, You allowed Nurutu so they thought they were welcome here and they stayed for dragon ball. Now the whole board is infested with retards like that.

>L-Let them have their thread they will leave after the nurutu movie is over!



That at least is true, Hiro won't be changing a thing and if he will then it's gonna be something minimal.



ban (You)rself desu

ban all neets

I agree with this

B O T N E T - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - >
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E Microsoft informs the NSA about bugs before fixing them:
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| Microsoft has backdoored its disk encryption:
| ·
| Windows snoops on the users' files, text input, voice input,
| location, contacts, calendar records and web browsing history,
| even after related settings are turned off:
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| ·
| A Traffic Analysis of Windows 10:
| Keypoints: Windows 10 has a keylogger and uploads all your
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| Even with Cortana disabled/uninstalled, Windows 10 sends all
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| Windows 10 sends desktop screenshots straight to Microsoft:
| Windows 10 scans for illegal/pirated software:
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| > Gamers spent over 4 billion hours playing PC games.
| > 44.5 billion minutes/month spent in Microsoft Edge.
| > Over 2.5 billion questions asked of Cortana since launch.
| > Windows 10 now active on over 200 million devices.

Removing global mods from Cred Forums is the only good idea.

Do you think Kanye can become president too now that Trump is one?


Hey Cred Forums are you lost


check em

Make it Cred Forums tier tbqh
Based Cred Forums

I guess if theres one problem I can see is that with LN based anime, once its over you can never discuss the anime, you are forced to discuss the ln even if you dont like reading lns and just want to talk about the show as a stand alone piece.

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A girl, sexually identifying as an attack helicopter falls in love with a transjapanese transsexual war veteran.

Unable to confess, she is gifted by an airport support unit with the veteran's Hotmail email address.Never minding the strange domain name, she immediately flips her rotors on the keyboard contacting him, and is overjoyed to find out that he has a crush on her as well.

But, the next day, after doing her regular oil maintenance, when she recounts the previous day's confessions to the transsexual, he only looks at her confused with his one remaining eye. After some investigation, she finds out that the veteran she called is not the same veteran she fell in love with. In fact, he doesn't exist in this universe at all. He is a Nigerian prince in danger, who is searching for someone to share his fortune with.

Hi-jinks ensue as they strike up a deal to overthrow the american government recruiting the veteran as a driver of the helicopter, in order to equip each other with the weapons they need to conquer the states and each others hearts. While the two commit various terroristic acts , DRAMA ensues as they begin to realize they are actually cisgenders only hiding under their made up identities so they are not hurt again.

The Nigerian prince is voiced by Eddy Murphy.

Agree with this.
Cred Forums is actually on-topic.

New rule:

You have to check' em


It's painfully obvious that the little kiddies who buy into all the headband wearing, ninja dancing, kiddy philosophan, contrived melodrama and forced gaymance like you get in Naruto are the ones who faithfully try to force down everyone's throats that this shit is not a steaming pile of shit, and instead actually makse for a good show. You people can't keep your shit in a single thread, and when you finally manage to get a thread with over 200 posts, all the posts are meme-ridden garbage, comparable to the work of a 13 y.o. who's had too much Coca Cola and can't sleep.

The problem is not that you are unable to recognize terrible shows when you see them; the problem is how shitty of a poster you are. You are the same people who post in Elfen Lied threads, and the same people who keep spamming buzzwords like “moeshit” and “hipster” on Cred Forums. Nobody wants to see those threads except you and your handful of faggot friends who came with you from Gaia or

So please fuck off, and suck a dick. If needed, keep your bullshit in a single /cm/ or Cred Forums thread. But really, you fags should post this shit on Narutofan. That's what it was made for.

It remains autism until you can give precise reasoning. Sorry my man.

It's what separates a slackjawed oath saying the sky is falling and a scientist proving it with evidence. Where's yours?

Because if you want to talk shitty posting behavior I can show you way more non-generals that are just the same people every day arguing about waifu sluts. These are the people who belong somewhere the fuck else.



I agree.

I'd like for the mods to read threads before they delete them. The memberberries thread was full of anime nostalgia and got deleted.

Who cares if the OP picture is from south park

Just kidding, I meant you have to check those.

I used to laugh at the idea of an anime general board but now I think its for the best. Jojo and the rest of shounen shitters have gotten far too comfortable with this board and spread their garbage posting everywhere. They need to be contained.

Cred Forums is one of the worst boards.

ersonally the line for me was how Kishimoto handled the entire Konoha Invasion. Seriously. you know I could honestly understand Naruto forgiving Pain for everything he did, but if you are going to pound the message "The chain of hatred ends with you" you also have to show that while that is the case, if someone punches you in the face and you decide to be the bigger man and just let it go, people are going to laugh at you, call you a pussy, your face and nose are going to hurt like hell and all in all it's just going to be fucking unpleasant.


>anime does not go on an anime board
>naruto is not an anime/manga
>this board is not for anime/manga
Three things you say in one retarded statement.



>Who cares if the OP picture is from south park
is it so much of an inconvenience to make it with an Cred Forums related image?


We have loli generals bruh.
And you should have been here for the rustle threads a few years back.


>Who cares if the OP picture is from south park

Kill yourself you cancerous piece of shit. People like you are the problem.

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forgive english, i am Russia.
i come to study clothing and fashion at American university. i am here little time and i am very hard stress. i am gay also and this very difficult for me, i am very religion person. i never act to be gay with other men before. but after i am in america 6 weeks i am my friend together he is gay also. He was show me American fashion and then we are kiss.
We sex together. I never before now am tell my mother about gay because i am very shame. As i fock this American boy it is very good to me but also i am feel so guilty. I feel extreme guilty as I begin orgasm. I feel so guilty that I pick up my telephone and call Mother in Russia. I awaken her. It too late for stopping so I am cumming sex. I am very upset and guilty and crying, so I yell her, "I AM CUM FROM SEX" (in Russia). She say what? I say "I AM CUM FROM SEX" and she say you boy, do not marry American girl, and I say "NO I AM CUM FROM SEX WITH MAN, I AM IN ASS, I CUM IN ASS" and my mother very angry me. She not get scared though.
I hang up phone and am very embarrass. My friend also he is very embarrass. I am guilt and feel very stupid. I wonder, why do I gay with man? But I continue because when it spurt it feel very good in American ass.


>rustle threads
was that where you bullied that loli artist? you people are dicks.


>he's kicked it up to copypasta now
The mods were right.

We tend to hate it because

1)The fanbase - A large portion of them are everything the world thinks of stereotypically as an anime fan.

2)The threads - They create a bunched of forced threads on the same topic at once, then freak out when they get saged or trolled even a little and create a dozen more.

3)The artwork - Over the years a mangaka's artstyle changes, most people accept that, but Naruto's gets worse and worse as time goes on, at this point most people don't even use the "style" argument to defend it, it's just getting bad.

4)The characters - It's full of annoying uneeded characters who never get any real development. In fact, the main characters don't either, instead of developing them, they add a new one. And female characters are underused and mostly ignored.

Do I need to go on? There's a lot more. Naruto is pretty bad in my opinion but the point is that people some enjoyment out of it usually try to claim it's high tier manga, come to Cred Forums and make stupid troll threads thinking it's Cred Forums 2.0 from the get-go and try to force it down everyone's throats.

I never said anything like that you retarded crossboarder/narutard.


I am a heron. I have a long neck and I pick fish out of the water with my beak. If you don't repost this comment on 10 other pages, I will fly into your kitchen tonight and make a mess of your pots and pans.

A boy falls in love with a girl. Unable to confess he checks these digits

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dress other have wrong system.

>lolitards and general shitters are upset

he's like one of the oldest tripfags that I still see posting.

How about that manga board?

It's not like this thread was needed to begin with.

One of the best

Worthless thread.

The lesser known, The ass was fat.

Manga (漫画 Manga?) are comics created in Japan or by creators in the Japanese language, conforming to a style developed in Japan in the late 19th century.[1] They have a long and complex pre-history in earlier Japanese art.[2]

The term manga (kanji: 漫画; hiragana: まんが; katakana: マンガ; About this sound listen (help·info); English /ˈmæŋɡə/ or /ˈmɑːŋɡə/) in Japan, is a word use to refer to both comics and cartooning. "Manga", as a term used outside Japan, refers to comics originally published in Japan.[3]

In Japan, people of all ages read manga. The medium includes works in a broad range of genres: action-adventure, business and commerce, comedy, detective, historical drama, horror, mystery, romance, science fiction and fantasy, sexuality, sports and games, and suspense, among others. Many manga are translated into other languages.[4] Since the 1950s, manga has steadily become a major part of the Japanese publishing industry,[5] representing a ¥406 billion market in Japan in 2007 (approximately $3.6 billion) and ¥420 billion (approximately $5.5 billion) in 2009.[6] Manga have also gained a significant worldwide audience.[7]

I didn't argue that it wasn't a bad series or that I liked it, I'm saying we go further down cancer road when we start deciding against shows because shitters get triggered by fanbases they've managed to build a hatred towards.

What we need is a loli thread


This legit happened to me

Reminder that these threads are made by crossboarding newfags trying to shit up the board.

Thread is a type of yarn used for sewing.

Contents [hide]
1 Materials
2 Different weights
2.1 Thread gauges
2.2 Denier
2.3 Tex
2.4 Conversion information
3 High-temperature sewing threads
4 See also
5 Notes

Spools of thread
Thread is made from a wide variety of materials. The following table lists common materials, a general description and what they are supposed to be good for. If your machine will sew with the thread, any thread can used for just about any purpose. This is very useful for someone who is trying to learn sewing. However, it should be remembered that where a thread is stronger than the material that it is being used to join, if seams are placed under strain the material may tear before the thread breaks. Garments are usually sewn with threads of lesser strength than the fabric so that if stressed the seam will break before the garment. Heavy goods that must withstand considerable stresses such as upholstery, car seating, tarpaulins, tents, and saddlery require very strong threads. Attempting repairs with light weight thread will usually result in rapid failure, though again, using a thread that is stronger than the material being sewn can end up causing rips in that material before the thread itself gives way.


Check your 9.

probably, I can see why other board might need this, but Cred Forums seems to be in pretty good shape right now.

I think the general problem is that Cred Forums has become a kind of chat room. That's what causes generals and higher levels of shitposting. This was caused by the growth of the userbase, which automatically reduces userbase quality. We should aim to reduce the number of users by making it inconvenient to use Cred Forums as a chat room, for instance by making it harder to post. Browser plugins to make Cred Forums more convenient already exist, so you just need to cut out the built-in extension and a lot of people would stop visiting. Of course this will never work and will probably just kill the site, but it's still nice to know what we did wrong.

No that was where people discussed actual child porn under the veil of a nip meme bullying a loli artist.
They also discussed floors.

Naruto plot is paper thin. It doesn’t take any kind of intelligence to actually figure out what the show is about. It’s about Naruto, and that’s pretty much where the plot ends but the simplicity is covered with thorns, broken glass and stupid, so we’re left with something much less entertaining to waddle through. But I’ll do my best… Varth, pray for me….

Naruto is a kid in the HIDDEN leaf village which is a secret place in the same sense as secrets are treated in Harry Potter – i.e. everyone fucking knows where it is so would someone please explain to me why in the holy Mother of Fuck – which I guess would be Mrs. Masturbation – the villages are constantly referred to as hidden? My guess is that the author wasn’t ready to actually explain where this bullshit fest took place and just decided to “hide” its location. About as subtle as the “Secret Military Base 5 km” signs you see on Google Images.

Anyway, Naruto has the bad luck of being born with yellow hair and because of this he chooses to be a totally unlikable fuckbag; spreading anarchy and chaos; making damn sure that everyone hates him so that later in his life he can elected leader of the entire town by public election. If you cannot spot the flaw of this behaviour then kindly kill yourself. Just go take any sharp object and have fun. Run a marathon with a box of scissors.

Well this neet on autism bux said so, must be right.

Even though he's anonymous I bet he's someone important and smart! That's why he's on here, to help!

Hello, I am currently 15 years old and I want to become a walrus. I know there’s a million people out there just like me, but I promise you I’m different. On December 14th, I’m moving to Antartica; home of the greatest walruses. I’ve already cut off my arms, and now slide on my stomach everywhere I go as training. I may not be a walrus yet, but I promise you if you give me a chance and the support I need, I will become the greatest walrus ever. If you have any questions or maybe advice, just inbox me. Thank you all so much ~~


Can we legit do something about the weekend waifu drawthread? Like, I don't know, delete on sight? It's nothing but drama and inner group circlejerking.

remove Cred Forums and any other board that gives this site attention

You don't have to enter.

If anything is allowed on Cred Forums than that's that. Don't argue against it, don't try to censor the board. This isn't reddit or tumblr, this is supposed to be a wild card.


These threads are an awful idea. Way too much shitposting.

Remove generals
Do the same to /jp/ btw

Change the fucking captcha somehow.
I swear to god if i see any more storefronts im gonna kill something.

> Work at a Japanese company
> Lots of new blood has just joined
> Boss, a Japanese native, calls up a "meeting" with us
> He asks us to introduce ourselves
> Naruto and Bleach fans everywhere
> To my surprise, Boss doesn't know either but is aware of One Piece
> Boss now introduces himself
> Mentions he likes Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu, Lucky Star and Nogisaka Haruka no Himitsu
> Only a few gets it including myself
> Tells that he plays Universal Century Gundam Online and he uses a Gouf
> Nobody seemed to be able to relate
> I comment that it's a nice blue Zaku
> Boss says Ranba Ral's exact line
Being someone who's not limited to the Big Three is suffering here.

Make /ar/ - Retro Anime to discuss anime from before 1999

Generals belong to Cred Forums as much as shitposting threads and good threads.

I entered the thread and got told by 3-4 others to request in the general, even though I was requesting my waifu.
Fucking kill yourself and the rest of that circlejerk.

>free speech
You've fundamentally misunderstood the premise of this website


Enable recaptcha v1 in the settings, idiot

Everyone report these threads.

They bear all the hallmarks of the IRC Foolz autistic cunts. Its /q/ all over again


Make a manga board please.

The other day i found an anime that i don't think anyone on Cred Forums has ever talked about or mentioned so i'd like to share it with you. The name of this anime is naruto. The most striking thing about narutois probably the total lack of heroes in the story. naruto is quite far from being the ruthless and tough faggot we are suited to. Full of mental complexes, unreliable, alienated. I wasn't surprised at all when sasuke pictured him as disgusting in her last phrase at the end...
The story is well written with a good pace, even if indulges too much in serialization. An Angel came, fight and lost against naruto. It is only compensate by the psychological growth of the main characters. Here and there you feel lost in the plot and the two final episodes, oh well, they are probably the most debated ever two episodes in anime's history. One thing i have yet to grasp was the intrusion of the fourth child. Quite useless for the entire story, I think he was used just to express the "homo" side of sasuke.
Animation is superb. Music is great. I'm a kind of fan of Utada Hikaru, so i'm in love with her version of Flight to the Moon. Amazing!


Every asked yourself what would have happened is Simon died instead of Kamina?


I did.


aruto is an Anime about a bunch of ninja's who fight each other for no real reason other the fact that they're ninja's and that's what ninja's do. Some times they get along with one another, some times they kill each other, there's no real basis for this. The entire plot line and 99% of the fighting takes place because a over emotional linkn park fan has his family killed by his hardcore older brother who is a huge metal fan and believes in the whole ninja's fight ninja's for whatever reason system is worth killing your entire family for. His older brother goes to a late night metal concert and gets jacked up off his mind and kills his entire family when he stumbles home. The emotional linkn park fan decides that even though he's Mr. Popular at his high school, people do not understand how he's crawling in his skin and his wounds will not heal, therefor he decides to pretty much go rogue and do a whole lot of nothing for no real reason other than finding out just how emotional he can become. Some say he's trying to get linkn park to recognize him in person at one of their concerts as their most diehard fan. He eventually kills his older brother who at the last moment whispers into his ear "I actually loved linkn park" making the emotional linkn park fan even more emotional.

>haven't been on 4chin 3 days
>this shit is still here
this cancer is quite persistant

Dubs are Love, Dubs are Life.


Time to delete these threads.
We've proven once again that we can't discuss shit.

>go to college anime club
>fat neckbeards watching Naruto on crunchyroll
>Ask them about currently airing anime
>The say they don't watch fansubs and never heard of those series
>Several of the series I mentioned were being streamed on crunchyroll, the same damn sight they were watching naruto on
>some other new members were there too
>they seemed cool and we talked about decent anime
I showed them some of my anime collection on my netbook
>landwhale president comes in with her neckbeard boyfriend who is apparently the VP
>She sees new members and jumps up and down.
>I'm the closest to her because I came in last
>she charges me, grabs me, gives a bear hug, and actually says glomp
>she smells like she hasn't showered in days.
>Can't breathe
>another new girl hides behind her boyfriend.
>landwhale finally lets go of me
>she talks about how it's great more girls are joining the club
>she grabs me again and starts groping my breasts, in front of a room full of neckbeards
>I tell her to stop.
>she says it's just skinship like in anime
>neckbeards reacting as you'd expect neckbeards to react to such a scene
>I break free and run out of the clubroom crying
>that girl who hid behind her boyfriend before runs after me
>she finds me in the bathroom still crying and comforts me
>a bit later we meet with her boyfriend, who gathered up my stuff after I ran out
>make friends with the two of them
>a month or so later hear that the anime club was shut down after the landwhale president and her boyfriend were found by the club's faculty advisor having sex in the clubroom.
That girl had no shame what so ever. There were other incidents with her doing similar things as well. It never for a second occurred to her that she was doing anything wrong groping another girl in a room full of guys or having sex in public. Turns out the core members of the anime club were mostly losers trying to avoid NEET status by taking a couple classes a semester.

Who has the best taste?


Meta generals are so fucking useless because nobody actually discusses shit. People just leave their pompous holier-than-thou opinions and then just leave it there. It's like trying to discuss fucking politics. There is no point.

>meta thread are unironically allowed on Cred Forums now
>while dubs threads are not
Shaking my head to be honest desu familiar




>but Cred Forums seems to be in pretty good shape right now.
Sure, if you're either a hotpocket or don't use Cred Forums at all.
What the fuck are you on about? Cred Forums is fucking terrible at the moment and has only gotten worse after moot left.

They're useless on Cred Forums because closet ponyfags are on call 24/7.



>nothing to discuss after 16 meta general threads
>everyone wants to "fix" Cred Forums in another way
What a surprise!

What entered into my eyes was

A giant word that took over my mind.


An incredibly overwhelming Meat.

Leg meat, arm meat, waist meat, neck meat, stomach meat, shoulder meat, cheek meat, thigh meat, hand meat, breasts, shoulder roast, rib roast, beef ribs made from the outer thigh, filet, skirt steak, beef, pork, chicken, sashimi, chicken wings, and breasts.

Blond hair, dripping wet, cheeks slightly red, a faint veil of steam, two gently swaying mounds. A flesh colored piece of meat powerful enough to drive Kodaka Hasegawa was

standing right in front of-
...Woah, my brain short-circuited there.

Maybe I'm a little drunk after all.

To simply explain what just happened, a completely naked Sena chasing a completely naked Kobato just ran up to me.

And all the while her huge boobs were bouncing up and down.

HELLOOOO ANIME FANNNS :3, i wanna discuss dream we had about [email protected]!!! O__O

I had a dream i was in narutos hidden leaf village and naruto kept hitting on me but i wasnt interested xD, I liked sasuke alot but didnt know how to tell him, I told him and he leaned in and kissed me O___O THEN I WOKE UP T__T

:) LETS HEAR YOURS (also fi u wanna talk about other anime stuff feel free to :), try to talk only about good animes, naruto is good, i treid watching other stuff, didnt like, wasnt even in english >.


The point isn't always obvious.

You don't think mods were aware of how this would go on Cred Forums? The shitposts matter just as much.


It doesn't matter, every meta thread is pretty much the same thing everytime: shitposting, "ironic" shitposting and people asking to remove or move generals.

There is nothing to discuss.


Hi Cred Forums.......Im new here. >_>;;

I was wondering if any of u knew how 2 register here........I dont see any place where i can log in. Also, why when u post, your post disappears from the list of posts? Why cant it just go directly to your post. Well anyway i wanted to show u guys some funny pics.....

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Lisa\My Documents\My Pictures\sleepy_cat.jpg[/img]

[img]C:\Documents and Settings\Lisa\My Documents\My Pictures\woops1.gif[/img]

i hope u guys enjoy them....also, please welcome me to Cred Forums, i hope you are all friendly and treat me well. :D

First let me introduce fav animes are Naruto InuYasha and Bleach, and i like listening to music (my favorite bands are Fallout Boy and Pink floyd, my favorite song is We Dont Need No Education by Pink Floyd). also, the power level is OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD madnes??? THIS IS


also, how cum (lol cum) you have to attach a pic? how ghey is that? :p here's a funny pic i found the other day when i was surfing the internet. :cool:

Fuck off back to IRC, cunt.

Why not start by banning every sight of board culture? Is what you guys are asking, basically you guys are complaining about everything Cred Forums used to be, and I'm not sure why.
>remove waifus
>remove lolis
>remove /djt/ or anything related to japan culture
>remove anything that doesn't talk about an specific anime or manga
>make everyhting sjw
Also ban anyone that seems to be enjoying something in this place.

>having sex in the clubroom
Just like my chinese cartoons.



People are discussing but no agreement can be made.

I think giving mods to users who have browsed Cred Forums for a while and know the ins and outs is the best solution.

>basically you guys are complaining about everything Cred Forums used to be, and I'm not sure why
Maybe because they are redditcancer or other autists who "want to fuck the weebs"?

are there any anime like this?


wow it's getting deep.

>Its /q/ all over again
You know we still have /qa/, right?
/q/ never died.

Nah fuck off, love me some delinquent manga general.

You know what?
Change fucking nothing.
Problems are the users and occasional mods, otherwise the board is fine enough, because I can't think of anything that could improve user behaviour in general except fucking registrations or IDs or other bullshit that's not worth it.
User polls are the dumbest idea anyway, considering how easily someone can fuck with the results.
No, it's fine enough as it is.

Based Keanu

>opm poster
>unironic nig typing
>didn't even get dubs
You are the cancer

If you think Naruto not mentioning Hinata's confession is shipping bullshit, then I feel sorry for you and you need to take a writing course or something. It's poor writing, not shipping. I want you to take whoever you've paired Naruto up in your head, and run the same scenario in your head and if you suddenly feel mad about it then you've tricked yourself into shipping bullshit. Then I want you to realize, Kishimoto can't write for shit. Then I want you to realize you can drop the series and no one will make fun of you for it, you will not have to waste anymore time reading it, those two minutes will become four minutes, then six and so on when you could be reading better series like Riki-Oh, Kongo Banchou, or maybe even try learning how to draw or write to make your own series.

I care about you Cred Forums and I want to help you. Except the ones that actuallty try to defend and justify naruto and its fanbase on Cred Forums. These people can go get raped by crusty ass hobos. Other then those people I want to help you Cred Forums

How many anime subs does Cred Forums has?

Yup it's called Love Live


>mentioned 11 times
>IRC now refers to legitimate posts as "IRC"
You cannot make it up senpai. It's evolution.

oldfags need to forcibly be brought back here. no one shits on blatant retards and newfags anymore. you had to choice but to leave or assimilate. now kids, reddit and crossies run this place. what I'm trying to say is ban generals and claiming threads

Cred Forums, I can't help but think that HxH is everything that Naruto tried to be and failed monumentally. It is a legitimately good, and well-written shounen, as opposed to gay ninjas and plotarmor: the manga. While it’s true that their paths diverged after a couple hundred chapters, and Kishimoto couldn’t steal any more concepts and ideas from Togashi anymore due to all the hiatuses, some of their early similarities are borderline plagiarism, and the only reason Kishimoto doesn’t get called out on these more often is because he is friends with Togashi, HxH and YYH’s author, and because of Naruto’s inflated popularity in America.

Mind you, Naruto was always bad/mediocre, but it took a nosedive in quality exactly after HxH went on hiatus, leaving Kishimoto without his guiding point. No wonder Part II of Naruto consisted of Sasuke Rescue arcs and fighting old villains again, until Kishimoto finally decided what to write, albeit much too late.

Anyways, these similarities are pretty hard not to notice, and when there’s just too many of them, copied in such a blatant manner, it’s hard to call them just a coincidence. Let’s see:

Checked desu

That is not a general, the delinquent thread is an occasional thing. Learn what is a general is first, then you can tell me to fuck off, you dumb newshit.


While I don't like it, I can't argue with it.
LNs that got animus are already discussed here anyway.

You would be the first one to get perma banned if that happened. Kill yourself.

>basically you guys are complaining about everything Cred Forums used to be
Fuck off.
Generals are everything that Cred Forums stood against, for the longest time.
Stop lumping that cancerous shit in with things like waifus and lolis. Your attempt at associating off topic and cancerous shit with things which are actually part of what makes Cred Forums is extremely fucking dishonest.

You are nothing but cancer to this site.

If you don't think the thread suddenly being shat up by retarded shitposts is painfully obvious to everyone else, your opinion of anons is far too fucking low. The only ones who don't like these threads are moderators or generalfags, desperate to shit up any criticism of their cancerous little safespaces.

Kirito goes into a coma because of the evil NSA.

The surviving Law guys try to train up a peasant army in preparation for the Chaos invasion (Chaos are led by the literal God of Darkness who is also an evil NSA agent who eats souls like rape).

They get rekt, but Kirito's harem save them with GM accounts and deebeezeee powerlevels.

NSA connect UW to the internet and get 50,000 American players to connect (it was advertized to them as a beta test for a new AO-rated VRMMO where you're allowed to slaughter anything and everything you like, with blood and guts), they mass murder UW residents and think it's hilarious.

To defeat them the main characters get 2,000 Japanese VRMMO players to connect. Despite the difference in numbers the Japanese are superior and win because Asian gamer damashii.

Then PoH (who is also an evil NSA agent) unleashes a zerg rush of Korean and Chinese gamers who were recruited by being told this is the a Korean VRMMO that's in beta test but evil Japanese hackers broke into the server, turned off pain dampening and are torturing their countrymen.

Even when some Japs who speak Korean try to explain the situation to them they don't listen because hurr japanese

The other NSA guys are surprised this works, they thought it wouldn't be worth it because they didn't think Japan is more different from Korea/China than European countries are from each other (hur)

Koreans and Chinese overwhelm Japs because this is every Jap's worst nightmare.

Kirito wakes up (thanks to the literal POWER OF LOVE from his entire harem) and wipes them all out in one attack though.

(Also PoH's motivation is that he's Korean and he hates Japanese so when he got stuck in SAO he decided to set up Laughing Coffin and have them and the clearers kill each other for shits and giggles because Nips killing each other is hilarious.)

Kirito and Asuna become gods because of x10000000 acceleration.

The AIs explore VR space with rocket dragons.

If dubs I'm moot


I misread. A lot of desperate falseflagging going on.

Where the fuck did all those obnoxious sarcastic fucks go?




No, never saw that, not even in the ones with horrible fanbases, like One Piece.

It's over.

Hello, why do so many gentlemen seem to point out the fact that an user has repeating integers in his post number?

Delete all meme and non-discussion threads


>no one shits on blatant retards and newfags anymore.
I didn't think there was anyone around that still thought like this. I know how you feel.

They are still here but there are just far too many idiotic crossboarders and normalfags who fulfill every Cred Forumstard stereotype

The only thing people are asking is to remove generals, please go back to cripplechan or Cred Forums, no one cares about SJW here.


i don't know but i would love to join them

He didn't say it'd be decided by a poll vote, shitter.



what did I ever do to you?

The problem is that not responding to them or their threads is usually the most effective way to chase retards away, but there are other retards ready to jump in anyway.
We're just too big now. Naruto is allowed, we have SnK generals, this place has a large subset of the gaia crowd we used to hate.



My only request is that all tripfags in Madoka threads are banned and executed so they don't come back. Madoka threads are by far the worst threads I have ever seen on this board, just a constant circle jerk between namefags and tripfags.

I think a lot of people feel this way, the population ratio is just fucked now.

Idiotic argument, because a circlejerk is just reddit for "echo chamber".
Considering how much Cred Forums loves to argue in the supposedly worst generals, like Megucas or Nardo, this is hardly true.


Dubs thread?

I want to fuck the meguca

Check, em

My brothers. And yeah there's so much circlejerking now I'm surprised me haven't drowned in cum.

I wouldn't be sadden to see them go.

Keep sweating b8man



>Stop lumping that cancerous shit in with things like waifus and lolis.
Those are the very definition of general, you can't just cherrypick the generals you like.

>My brothers.
>And yeah there's so much circlejerking now

I want to spend a day baking pastries with mami and then cuddle at night



Why don't you guys just go on /qa/ to talk about this shit?
Having a 24/7 general is kinda dumb.

Unlike you I don't know who my brothers are, faggot.

LNs should be a separate category than Manhua/Manhwa



double dubs confirm


These threads are fucking retarded. Also check 'em.

Check' em

dubs reconfirm

Why the fuck are these threads still up? Fuck off already. Everything's been said a hundred times.

How would feel about a word filter for "kys"
Like "daisuki"

Do you like snakes?

Also check this.


Dubsbros move here please

the mods mock us

dubs reconfirm again

It's happening.

>"shounen shitters"
>posts moeshit picture

Ban all Metafags.


Nah, kill yourself after seeing these dubs.

Because we need the screenshots to laugh at when the changes happen and shitters get pissy.

If repeating digits, moot comes back.


Cred Forums needs to be served moderation on a silver platter, since all the self-moderation they can do is finger-pointing to small groups

>moefags are worse than shonenfags

If dubs, this thread is shit


If dubs I sacrifice this entire thread.

Checking these sick trubs

>i like to argue which shit pile stinks less

The Osomatsu general was a literal echo chamber, mate. You could smell tumblr by a mile.


Cirno stop put your panties back on
I already told you my waifu doesn't allow it

Source of that image?

But how does that prove anything when you also get to define what is "tumblr"?

Just admit you want the board personalized to be your safespace.

>5 (You)

No, you suck my cock and check my duuuubs, faggot.

No thread IDs
Tell us if manwha are allowed here or not, once and for all so we can be done with the constant arguing.

>that feel when girls poop out they're butts
>who are you quoting D:okay.jpg
>try to walk to dinasaur
>I dunno teh saources
>I know that feel
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>you're waifus ded wat do
>mfw when i have no pokeface.png
>dinasaur turns into a dragon and flies away
>holy shit im flying to O__O
>le fu :DDD
>le dogecoin
>who tumblr here xD
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets
>flying spaghetti monster.exe
>I Sure Diggity Do
>Thats where you are wrong, kid. Cred Forums is my personal tech support.
>le xD
>Cred Forums is not anime related.
>lol /jp/ is so shit
>Ishiddy didgeridoo
>not greentexting
>I Shiggy-diggy ding dong dig-dog
>Gorilla warfare
>i say le Cred Forums here u r all nerds ^^
>flying on my dinasaur
>see dead baby on the sidewalk
>mvq quand :(
>lets have a fappu thread
>implying I, as a guy, will ever breast feed a baby
>that feel when males can lactate out they're nipples
>Post or you're waifu dies
>le ragecomic.jpg
>give my dragon bro a high five
>Cred Forums is bettar then u bc dragonss
>you're waifu does fart what do u do xD
>spaghetti falling out of my pockets

Somewhere in ExE vol. 2 I think

Reverse Dubs


Boku no pico

exactly, you filthy moefag. if i had to either ban shonenshit or moeshit i would ban moeshit.

Nice desu ne



The elite US marines waddled across the sand, heaving and crying after their combat scooters had fried in the Iraqi heat. Combined with poor coordination from being drunk after collectively sharing a Miller light, the Marines were in sorry shape. Suddenly a faint distant pop could be heard and the Marines hit the ground screaming. "OH LORD JESUS AND GAWD HIS SUN SAVE US" , their tubby bodies writhing in the sand in fear like beached whales. The ones still functioning tried retaliating with return fire from their M-16's, but the lousy guns each jammed. Another faint pop could be heard from the horizon, when suddenly a blackhawk appeared. "JESUS SAVES" screamed Private Raykwon Hernandez as the Blackhawk touched down. Out leapt a team of SAS, front flipping into action and no-scope sniping the taliban on the horizon with precision headshots. The SAS dashed over to the crippled American battalion. "Any of you lads need medical attention" said Cpl. Ian Whitesworth in his dreamy Yorkshire accent. The Marines all came begging and crying, screaming they were hurt. "Well my entire unit are trained medics and MD doctors, what seems to be the problem?". The marines screamed out that they had suffered emotional and mental injuries and needed an Evac. A second blackhawk landed and the SAS each hoisted two Marines each under each arm and carried over 600 lbs of Ameriblubber back to the helicopters. Wheezing the Marines asked if the SAS were coming along. "Nae lads, these Helis are at their weight limit, good luck. We'll sprint across the desert from here, be there this evening!" The Blackhawks, a marvel of British engineering, heaved upwards and slowly dragged to the horizon back to safety in the US Army's Fire Base McRib™.


You think this is a motherfucking game?


The only real change that Cred Forums needs is that recs and sauce requests should be bans, and responding to them should be longer bans.

Why do people rape if rape is illegal?

Also, why do people kill each other if murder is illegal?

>Inb4 reasons

Yes, I'm a time bomb, if all laws become void and null and nil, you're going to wish you didn't have eyes or ears or the ability to feel pain.

>ExE vol. 2
Hmm checked

But couldn't find, maybe I'm blind.


>What is tumblr

They'd post tumblr blogs and image dump their shitty general with tumblr fanart, there was also blogging and fanfics, you fucking moron.



Word filters for dubs, check 'em, digits etc

>tfw people Die if They are Killed


Maybe not then, that was my best guess but I can't remember where I cropped it from.


↑ This





Fuck changes. Fuck this thread. Fuck everyone in it.

It's not hard. When you moderate a board, you delete fucking filth, and leave the shit people seem interested in before it becomes shit, then you delete that. Good moderation is intelligent restraint.

whiney meta threads aren't going to enforce DICK.

>that guy that abandoned the thread avoiding my reasoning
People complain about generals, but then they get scared when their favourite generals are targeted.




kill me


Just up the moderation a bit. Make it clear that you should always think about the quality of your post before clicking the post button, and to remember to not shit where you eat.






praise satan


No more fetish threads.
>muh loli
>muh christmas cake
>muh waifu
'Member when waifus were a joke?

Those are incredibly unholy digits, Pope Bateman



this too







Remember when having multiple waifu used to be a sin



remove kancolle general




Bans for those using facebook acronyms.

Meme speak belongs in the trash.

It still is!

This thread still being here is the living proof of everything wrong with this board.




the filter got that one.
>to be honest


I have no problem with banning facebook and twitter shit the other boards tolerate. This board also needs to crack down harder on non anime images also. Seeing pepe and other cancerous shit being tolerated even here.

>filters for meme speak
>wtf filters "to I just sucked a dick"

I like


because the ONLY anime Cred Forums ever fucking talks about, is what is currently airing. so newfags come over to this board, see that everyone only talks about garbage anime, and then base their tastes on that.



You have my vote, sempai.



420chan has a lot of funny filters. I can't remember what the word was but if you used it, no matter how ontopic and civil your post was, all of it would be change to "GUYS I'M SHITPOSTING HELP"


Oh fuark, victory really is yours


>that one missing hand
It still bothers me.


Since we're on the subject of other anime boards, maybe an anime retro board or /ar/? It be a good place to talk about anything pre-2000.

Sasuga Benio-sama


Check 'em





Is pretty good.


>This entire thread


Check these

This is the funniest dubs thread on this month for me, thanks Hiroyuki and MODS

delete this thread, delete Cred Forums, delete Cred Forums.
move everything back to local anime forum



This please.


I will burn my dubs

This thread is the perfect response by Cred Forums to newfags who want to change Cred Forums. I still think generals that aren't DJT and buyfag may need to be deleted.