Love Live! Sunshine!!

It's Riko's birthday, say some nice things about her anons.

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I wish my dick was small enough to fit in her mouth.


Happy birthday! Best Raibu

Happy Birthday to worst girl

Riko is love, Riko is life.

I like this thread better.

You are 2 days early.

Post your love live image reactions now!

do you think the 2 groups will ever meet?

That Loli Honk Clone.

Chain link fence > cement board > brick > log cabin > drywall >>>> shouji

Oh.. I see what you did there faggot

Happy birthday Riko-chan!

What will happen next episode?

Ganbaruby more like gangbangruby


Thanks for the free gems, second worst girl.

I'll be nice today. Even though you are worst girl

Happy birthday, Riko
I didn't like you much at first but you're alright

*bigii* wut dwid yew jwust say user-kwun?

I don't understand why some get so annoyed about "crossboarders". Is exclusively using this board something to be proud of?

I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Riko!


>Goes back to Otonokizaka
>No one recognizes her


There's nothing wrong with crossboarding as long as you keep your shit where it belongs instead of spreading it like cancer.


Thank you for the free lovecas and advance thank you to Wooby as well. Thanks to your consecutive birthdays, I can roll 10+1 for Baseball Maki.


>They find your wall porn.


Happy birthday to a wonderful, sweet, and gorgeous girl.

>calling 911
That makes it more interesting and not even your "onee-chan" who's a sentai heroine can save you now

The funny part is that Chika really would think she's into walls.

But the only Otonoki student we saw was Not-Rem

She didn't met anybody that could recognize her.

Why was the place deserted except for the ghost?

Didn't we already determine she was a friendless loser before transferring? I bet she used to eat her lunch alone in the bathroom and was too scared of people chastising her for her fetishes to try to make friends.

I'm not the one making the /vg/ OPs. I'm just curious because I see a lot of elitism on this board while is just as cancerous as any other boards.

How could anyone not like puppies?

I'm going to marry Kanan!

We know, Mari.

b-becwause, wooby can defwend herswelf!

cuz shes a chink

We know, Mari.


It was probably the weekend

Not gonna lie, I'd do Anal with her

>m-my wall porn

How do you fuck a wall?

Chika is lewd.

>defend herself
Yeah let's see her defend herself when she gets gangbanged ruby.

And I explained it to you. I'd rather deal with a cancerous anime fanbase than with off topic shit and normalfaggot memes from other boards.

You either kabedon it or hold its chin.


It's ok, Kusaka is a bird man who saves children now.
Also isn't Kaixa 913? It's been a while since I've seen Faiz.

Dia best girl. If you disagree, kill yourself.

I'd let her do kinky stuff to me.


Can I get a pass if I think she's the second best girl?

Fair enough.

Depends on who your best girl is



Riko was the tile pattern user all along.

Only this time.





Dia is amazing, but my heart is taken

>kill yourself
Make me


Why is Riko so cute?

Riko prefers pussies.

Not gonna lie, I think she's the one most likely to harbour deviant sexual desires.

>long-range punishment
Try and stop me gangbanged ruby

Literally who

Post rankings, judge others.







This would be a respectable ranking if you swapped your top 2 and bottom 2

If this is serious, what went wrong with you?




Where is she getting those sandwiches from?


Riko is a bad influence to the others pure raibus
she fap to yuri doujins


From top you, you prefer long hair mature-ish girls


Is she still a virgin

One dimension too many, please take it out.





>You that low

1 You
2 Riko
3 Mari
4 Zura
5 Ruby
6 Kanan's body
7 Autistic Demon
8 Orange
9 Dia


/r/ing this girls face in pic related.

Whate are you doing to my precious imouto? ugugu desuwa


>implying there's only one Kananfag

Bullshit, there are at least two of us.



Good taste



Dogs hate her because she's full of sin.

The way they all talk about µs, like that all are fucking dead. And I guess Nico didn't make it as a super idol. It's all kinda sad.

*Take pants off*
Probably going to take a shit

>like that all are fucking dead
Well yes they are.
They'll never get back on a scene.

The dogs smells the perfumes of hell

Also the way future Honk talked about how her group broke up in the movie
And the fact that she's a hobo
Pretty depressing man



I was wrong, you're not crazy chaika...


White people?

>*crowd starts getting upset and heckles begin*

>Listen, listen my brothers!

>White people should be fucking ENSLAVED!

>*crowd starts slowly applauding*

>Every single fucking subhuman white man should be strung on meat hooks

>*crowd starts standing and giving a standing ovation*

>The white man should then be anally penetrated with not black cocks, but black dildos...

>*crowd is stunned and is getting slightly violent*

>Why you ask? These privileged white men don't deserve the dark chocolate cock!!!!

>*crowd ferociously yells in approval*

>These white men will only lick up the creme filling after their women are chained up and rammed by the giant chocolate yodels that are the BBC!!!!!

>*crowd is making tribal chants*

>We will hunt down the white man!! We shall castrate them all and sacrifice their women to the black man!!!!!! The offspring will be brought to the interracial breeding grounds!!!! I will clean up the remains with my white boy tongue!!! I shall serve the black man's cock with my white boy tongue!!!! The black man will have his way with me and my people!!!!

>*crowd is erupting and stampedes the theater as the white men are hog tied and dragged to the cock chambers and the women willfully submit to their black masters


Good afternoon, Cred Forums


She looks better than Chika, Maru, Mari, and Dia so I'm wondering what's going on with the people in charge of love live.

Thank you, user-kun.

>You is the same as Riko cute but boring.
I can't believe I just read this.

She's alright I guess.

Why haven't you killed yourself yet?


are you lost?

Acceptable taste

do you really think that this whole school idol incident was your doing solidus chika

Truly a goddess.

Why would he kill himself for liking all of Aqours?

Kurosawa Ruby is a giant Baby!

Fuck, I'm retarded.

>Kanan ranking high
I thought Cred Forums hated her.

Kanan is a miracle of the universe and so are her fans. See

She's hot and sexy and seems nice and chill now. She's a bit boring now that her drama has ended though and needs to find another arc.

Riko was my best Aqours girl back when the project was still starting, when we only had some basic info about them, and still is. The main reason I liked her was because she reminded me of Maki best girl overall and I was still skeptical about Aqours and didn't want to makw the jump just yet. I guess I've always had a thing for red head pianists. I've always and will always love her, even after ep10.
Happy Birthday to best Aqours.

I don't know about Cred Forums, but I'll always love Kanan.


Cred Forums probably wants to sniff her wetsuit and leave a sticky surprise on it for her. I don't blame them, though.

Whats wrong with liking a normal, non autistic hot girl?

I prefer boring

To be honest, apart from my top 2 and bottom 3, the girls switch around a lot in my ranking. Kanan may be 4th, but I'm actually rather indifferent towards her.

Kurosawa Dia is also a giant Baby!

Doujins of Maru going on a rape spree with that beard when?

Happy birthday!


I love Kanan like Mari loves Kanan.

Maru always ends up the bottom when I do these.

>not even Guilty Kiss
What's wrong with these people?

That's perfectly fine because Maru is garbage.

Such a scary shark

>Having two meme girls out of three at the top but hating the remaining one
What's wrong with you?

I thought this was the meme trio.

Maru is 2nd memest behind Yoshiko

As dumb as it is, I never really liked any Love live as much as I've liked Riko. Seeing Riko since the first episode legitimately made my heart flutter. I love her way to much.

>you will never have late night flirts with Kanan

Why even live

Mari and You actually had character development, when Maru, Yoshiko and Ruby amount to nothing but walking meme.

Good taste user

Remaining stagnant and letting others solve your problem for you isn't character development

But the so-called memes changed over the series while Mari and You are the same as always.

How so? It's always the same fallen angel, zura, and scaredy cat shit.

Friendly reminder to DON'T sexualize and bully Riko-chan!
Also greet her in her birthday!

Just like it's always the same yousoro and engrish shit.


No escape from birthday sex

Why isn't she rubbing herself off against a wall?

She's into girls.

This is the best girls trio.

Love the birthday hat edit.


All of the characters get "development" during their focus episodes but it's promptly forgotten and they turn into walking memes in the next episode. You just remember Mari and You's episodes better because they were more recent.

user speaks the truth, Chika and Riko are the only girls with continuous character growth.
Is she finally giving us the nudes we've been waiting for


Is that Ogura Yui voice


Yoshiko started going to school, and presumably balancing behaving in class while sperging out with her club members. Noppomaru used to be a self-conscious library duty girl before everything went so wrong (it still counts.) Ruby stood up to her sister and manages to dance in front of audiences.

Mari and You seem to be back to the same exact routine they were in before their episode. Dia and Kanan changed a lot. In Kanan's case she managed to develop while remaining the character with the least known about her, which goes to show this isn't necessarily meaningful.


Yoshiko and Maru had the only interesting things they had going for them basically removed from the anime after their episodes. I'll take a static character over a downgraded one.

>continuous character growth
Haha, good one, user!

She went from a dogfucker to a wallfucker, that's growing.

>Not showing feet

Riko a SHIT, she pleases old men for monetary compensation

Who the fuck are you again?

Dumb frogposter

What is she planning to do with that spoon?

>Yoshiko armpits


Cred Forums hated her until she actually got screentime and Chika started to fuck up.

Canonically hottest body from all Aquors.

You is seriously a contender for second, fit girls always win


I'm genrally indifferent towards her. If I see on the lower end of the polls I wouldn't be surprised, whereas if she ranked higher I'd start to question why.

should I watch season 2?
I kinda liked the first one

They look so fucking HOT

Reminder that Kanan is steadily climbing up the rankings


Consider suicide instead since you can't make decisions for yourself anyway.

>You is now third
>Hanamaru did literally nothing since episode 4 and is now first


What do you mean with still? Why would they ever stop?

Two more polls and she'll be number 1.

shes the cute mascot

The anime will end before she gets number 1, just like with Eli.

Ruby is the cute mascot, Hanamaru lost all her charm and devolved into a stupid meme character.

She wont get higher then 4. Hot body alone wont break top 3

No one likes Ruby.

>like Hanamaru's voice the most
>like her as a character the least
What's with this fucking gap?

The size difference between Dia and Ruby turns me on.

Because her character is now just eating and be scared of technology. Compared to the wisdom she showed in episode 4 I really wonder what happened.

>I am the present!
>Wa~ Yocchan


Are Kananfags really this delusional?

Is Chika a molester? A pimp?A bully or a rat?


post some You cards pls

It's joke.

Happy birthday.




Why are there multiple rankings?

She doesn't even look like Riko.

oldest to newest, left to right. They are from different times

Because you can do them more than once.

Her unidolized yukata card was adorable. I'm going to have around 900-1000 gems saved up for her next ur so if I don't get her I will cry.


Wow how long did it take?

1st: KoiAqua PV center
2nd: Numazu Gamers poster girl
3rd: Dengeki cover girl

5 minutes.

that's a lot of gems.

I hated muse because most boxes have 2 girls vs 1 girl I like, so of course I always end with a bunch of Nozomi or Eli and a desire to kill myself.

At least with Aquours there is not one I dislike a lot.

Not too long. I started grinding on a starter in the beginning of July. JP is much easier to farm nowadays.

You gonna pay for that?

Good luck, I'm sure her UR will be gorgeous.

Happy YoshiRiko ヾ(。≧▽≦。)ノ゙*。

As much as I love Kanan, that seems like very wishful thinking. Just be happy Kanan is being appreciated at all – the other third years aren't.

>Spending 500 euros on virtual cards

What is the deal with Dia specifically? She started like Eli but got a lot better, but she remains unpopular.

Happy Birthday to best girl, Riko-chan!

Same here, Didn't really feel passionate about any Raibu as much as I do for Riko.

Because they have shittaste.
All these Youfags can't appreciate glorious Kurosawa masterrace

I'm a Youfag and I love Dia. Lots of Youfags here do.

Ironically you quoted me a Youfag, and I really like Dia too, wonder why she can't pick up in popularity.

Last episode even had a random girl not knowing who she is

That's fucking cute. YoshiRiko should be canon instead of ChikaRiko.

Just because Riko reads Yuri doesn't mean she's gay. I read Yaoi all the time and I am straight.

I legitmately can't see the appeal of Kanan than her body/design.

Diafags vanished after ep 10.

You may not be gay but you sure are a faggot.

She's an improved Nico, but doesn't have her meme factor and isn't as polarizing as a character, hence why she's not as popular as Nico.

Well shit, my apologies then.
Can't insult a fellow Kurosawa fan.

She's cute and I like her with Chika.

Happy birthday.

Dia is wonderful. I hope nips will see the light soon.

would you?

But it is, just not in the anime.

The yandere meme is dead Satan. She's going to prey on her kouhais starting next season.

>666 trips

I don't know who that is


She started shit, became a lot better after she showed her true face, but after the Tokyo Idol competition debacle she now reached a point where she's actually less relevant than even Kanan.

She has a lot more personality than Kanan.

Thank God.

A rock has more personality than Kanan.

Hard to determine when we don't even know Kanan that well yet.

Sunrise spent a lot of time on second years at expense of all the others.

I also like Kanan for her personalities..

>Sunrise spent a lot of time on second years at expense of all the others.
And they're still the most boring year.

The 1st years are easily the most boring

Literally fanservice tool.

I want a Yoshiko as my birthday gift too.

Literally the Eli of her time

Kanan is hotter than Eli at least.



Just saying, she's not doing anything positive anymore, while you do see Kanan lead practices and stuff.

personality != relevance

Oh dear.

Are all good artists switched to YoshiMaru?

Fucking kek


That's debatable

Literally a sinking ship.

Did that happen? Dia came up with special training a couple times and also coordinated the food stall activities.

I don't think there's any point fighting how hard the anime is shoving ChikaRiko in the viewer's face.

>Long Ponytail
>Large bust
>Nice ass
>3rd Year
>Originally the antagonist
>No personality
>Sexualized the most

It's not debatable.

Kanan has just as much personality as the rest of Aqours.

if with came up you mean literally steal from muse? then yeah... also that actually didn't happen, it was just a joke and stroking of µ's cock by sunrise.

Chika is Satan

Shit, I was supposed reply to this post

Who else is in the Nico fan club here?

Nico hate club here

Happy birthday Riko!

>Chika is Satan
Well, Honoka was a god. And Chika needs to find her own way


>thread with normal Riko dies
>thread with dogfucking meme stays

>getting this mad about the dog


This is expected as /vg/ is fucking cancer.

30 November fucking when

I want the OST so fucking bad
>dat piano arrange played by Riko in EP10
>dat piano piece that played during Maru's moment in EP4
>dat orchastra played during Mari-Kanan's exchange in EP9
>dat Riko's solo version of Yume no Tobira

I think we can agree Riko isn't very normal.

the dogfucker though....



Nothing wrong with being Eli

She is losing to You for me, restore my faith.

why she does that?

All molesters need to be jailed


That ghost is going to catch diabetes!

>poorfag threatening to sue a rich girl

That was Kanan's plan from the start. It will backfire though and Kanan will end up being sold to Mari.



Sweet person, down to Earth, shares the same flaw with the other third years of being too selfless for her own good, adorable, etc. Not everyone is obsessed with an idol's figure, even when it comes to Kanan.

I'm going to gift Riko my semen for her birthday!

That's nice Yohane.

Those sound very vague and generic and could apply to a lot of other raibus.

What does Chika taste like?

Happy birthday to the arguably best Aquors.


>You or Chika, but even more boring
Okay then.

That pose is not possible.

I'm not going to fall for you tricks.

She's the normie of the group. Nothing wrong with that. Fit/athletic, popular, pretty.

You are right my friend!

She sounds like a person. Not some walking meme

guys this new lovelive sucks
I like the old girls more

So is You on the swim team or not?

Riko is perfect, and goes perfectly with anyone!

Everyone loves Riko! Even You! and you!

Riko is cute!

>Nothing wrong with that.
Entertainment-wise everything is wrong. She's dull as shit and not funny or gimmicky. She's hot girl # 645 at the mall

If anything not being gimmicky is her gimmick considering she's like the only one that isn't like that. Not everyone just wants a catchphrase spamming walking punchline.

>watching this show for realistic humans

I want to steal You's dirty laundry.

Yeah, I guess some people want to be bored to death instead

She's in the swimming club, if that's what you mean.

You don't need to reach this hard user.

YoshiRiko artists are the best in the world, pic related.

>pic related

Do you like your favorite aqours more than your favorite muse yet?

Just because you find something boring, doesn't mean others do.

This picture took a while to grow on me because she looks a bit slim there and I don't imagine her wearing such girly panties, but hell, it's hot

Maki is waifu for laifu

Some people like that. Not everyone likes a girl with some sort of fetish or catch phase. A girl that takes care of family when needed and to go jogging with is fine

It's complicated.

Wow get some taste faggot.

why is Yohane a jew

because those are eggs. Good one Carlos

No and I doubt I will.

She does have a gimmick from what I can tell: being highly athletic. Also she seems to be the designated fan service girl to the point the anime retconned her boobs as big as Mari's when they're supposed to be Chika sized by the official measurements.

I don't find it funny and probably no one else does either but it's at least something.

What sort of panties do you imagine her wearing then? Do you think she stains them a lot?

No future raibu is going to match Umi. Ever. Perfect character design, perfect seiyuu, perfect personality.

Some white, some with a blue pattern (shimapan, polka dots). And if she does, only with sweat

There's only one canonically incontinent member of Aqours, but she's doing her Rubesty to stop

Her gimmick is to look better than everyone else? I'm okay with this!


>Some white, some with a blue pattern (shimapan, polka dots)
I was typing almost exactly that, but would add she has a pink pair which she rarely wears because it makes her self-conscious of accidentally showing it.

No and she never will.

You is canonically better looking though

Yohane's always been a jew.

I don't think so.

>better looking
I agree but
how does that even work?


>she's doing her Rubesty to stop

I bet Dia secretly dips Ruby's hand in warm water every night while she's asleep to make her piss the bed so she can do lewd things while cleaning up the mess.


>you will never kabedon you

No Muse or Aqour can even compare

How dare you ask sucha question

Dia confirmed for bedsniffer?

Which Aqours' bed would you want to sniff the most?

Zuras probably smells the best.

Zura probably has the stinkiest pussy. I'd let her sit on my face though.

She needs a catch phrase.

I want to drown in the musk of Zura's sweaty, unwashed asshole before sticking it in and feeling her shit pushing muscles wrapped tightly around my dick.

>Dia Dia Dii~

Buu buu desu wa desu.

Them rich girls gotta smell good

She's flat as a board so there wouldn't be much to see.

Ruby's ofcourse

Maybe Hanamaru's too but that would smell like Noppo pan

>Kurosawa sisters have the best thigh gaps

R: What are you doing Yocchan?
Y: Be-be-be-betsuni!?
Y: I was just getting some fresh air?
Y: What's with that face!?
Y: ...~~~~!
R: Wah!!
Y: Feel grateful of this present from this Yohane!!
Y: ...

Plot happened, there hasn't been screentime for her to do anything notable since everyone else has had their own drama to take care of. She'll definitely get her chance to shine next season now that Aqours origin story is taken care of.

Nigger I like all Aqours better than my favorite muse, come at me.

Yep. A lot more, I could even say.

This is my wife.

>A picture of a picture

It's a bit unfair, no one will ever be as good as Nico

no-one really cares.

My goal in life is to impregnate your wife.

My goal in life is to have anal sex with his wife.


She's no Ucchi but she'll do for drunk rape



My friend made a thing /1Od13WQstP0

Hello Cred Forums
How I delete thread?

Hey, thats a good one. Might have to give it a try.

By far

It's pretty much a tie

Who cares about Riko's birthday? look at how many delicious swimsuit You pics there are!

Heh as if someone could surpass THIS.

Goddamn she's so beautiful

Happy birthday Umi/Maki hybriid

Chika Chika Chii!

Who pulls it off better: Kanan or Mari?


I'd rather they pull it off each other.

This, her boobs aren't that big compared to everyone else.

Eli had 88cm in boob size and way as tall as Kanan. And somehow Eli didn't were the "boob" idol.

Happy birthday Riko! Hope you like your gift!


>Liking a proven married women


>Riko is a trumpfag
Wtf I love Riko now

Umi stop, you are not a slut


Wtf I hate user now

Rikofags confirmed for Trump supporters.

No, but to be fair to Riko, it's hard to match up to perfection. That she's managed to be best girl while having Sunrise shove her together with worst girl in every fucking scene she appears in is impressive enough.

She barely had any screen time with Nico you retard.

I'm so glad YoshiRiko is still alive and somewhat strong

Wtf I hate wtf now

Fucking NicoMakifags trying to push their new ship into relevancy like they did NicoMaki. I hope Sunrise doesn't backtrack on ChikaRiko to please these cunts.

But NicoMaki is canon

>Backtrack on ChikaRiko
They already wasted so much screen time on it, they would look stupid as fuck if they tried to backtrack.

wtf i hate re zero now

Yeah Riko and Chika are forever doomed to be together after all that

>What is reading comprehension
You are literally autistic

>I hope Sunrise doesn't backtrack on ChikaRiko to please these cunts.
Yeah. I don't really care about ChikaRiko, but this is important.

Why does this look so much like the anime

If anything they'd backtrack on RubyMaru considering YoshiMaru is now the fan favorite

Was this ever a thing?

They backtracked on DiaMari even harder. Sunrise decided to fuck with us on the ED.

Why is kanan enjoying this ??

Yes Maru's entire episode revolves around how much she likes Ruby

Are you blind?

Mari is really soft

>When she's not a satellite character she's a fucking meme
Being Maru is suffering

Quit samefagging. Nobody gives a fuck about MariKanan anymore. It's all about YoshiMaru.

That is more like eliumi, nicomaki are always together and both of them aren't main character.

Because it's her canon waifu

I need to grope Chika's butt!

Well she's in the middle it kinda implies she'd pair with Kanan and Mari or a OT3 would happen, we got KananMari instead

I read that Sunrise started pairing NicoMaki because the fan demand was strong.

>Well she's in the middle it kinda implies she'd pair with Kanan and Mari or a OT3 would happen
I don't know what to say.

No, but apparently you are.


Is it shipping hour? Ganbarubyousoro!

I just remembered that also happened to Honk

So Mari has a right hand on her left arm? Dumb yurifag

That's DiaKanan.

Are you dumb user? Or are you just fucking with me?

What am I looking at here?

Just show the backshot, you inbred retards

Are you literally retarded?

It's Kanan's hand, genius.

What are you people even doing

That Yoshiko/You hand holding really rused people, didn't it.

Alright. that's it. I'm done for today. I am literally retarded and was under the impression since the first episode that it was Mari's hand. I am sorry for being so austistic. I am just gonna go now...

I-it's okay to have mental problems user

This thread really shows how absolutely retarded yurifags are.

I believed it for like 10 episodes then gave up, long live YoshiMaru

>yoshimaru holding hands in ED
>yoshimaru happening in the show
Feels good man.

Everyone wants a bit of Kanan, it's not surprising. But Mari's won her over now.

Wow it was before us the entire time

If hand holding was basis for ships then they would be shipped together. Yurifags are so fucking retarded.

What are you going on about?

>Implying they don't schedule an orgy once a month for bonding

>old man yells at clouds
We all know they are retarded, you don't have to try so hard.

If you think this is trying hard I really feel sorry for your future user.

Spot the hetfag

>you have to be either yurifag or hetfag
Or you can just not be delusional and not ship girls in any way.

>Sunrise only did the Yoshiko/You handholding for style points on the wide shot
>Yurifags ran with it anyway

"Maru" playing Doom.

I think she's a huge part of the reason why Nips like Hanamaru so much.

or maybe because of pv.

or the manga

She's not bad, much better than that SJW games reviewer.

Yurifags, everyone.

>Hey guys, look, there's a cute sub-unit interaction
>Wait, what? No, that's not what we meant to do. Stop it!
>This thing was retconned. Are you all happy now? Just fucking stop it.
>They don't even interact anymore. Still don't work?

They're better to ship than youshiko


More like Kanan can't fight back.
She knows that Mari is like that because of her.

Reminder that yoshiko hates girls, except for her classmates.

I want a friend like Hanamaru

I had zero expectations going into this, and I didn't keep up with it after the first few episodes, but I just now finished catching up and I'm pleasantly surprised. The last half has been really solid.

This scene in particular was the best of the entire season so far. It's no Snow Halation, but it still got a few tears out of me.

Is it wrong if I ship them as best friend (Not in sexual way)?

>but it still got a few tears out of me.
What a pussy.

It's not wrong user they are really cute together either way

I don't see the problem with that? if you say that way it's pretty normal.

Nothing wrong with that, their friendship is great.

You just have no heart, user.

not him but It's pretty moving

Ok but who is your favorite girl

I ship them too. Nothing sexual just holding hands, hugs and maybe kiss.

The one with the stylish outfits.

I love when this show makes a pussy out of me

>This is how fast hetshitters recovered from ep11
Just like cockroaches.

Good taste.

>holding hands

Why does she make that face

Some sort of French dessert.

And speaking of outfits, μ's spent way too much time in their school uniforms, so it's great to see a lot more casual clothes this time around.

Same reason Mari makes this face.

>people really thought Mari wouldn't get paired with Kanan

>muh attribute pattern
Absolutely BTFO

MariKanan is switched hair NozoEli.


Posting best ship.

>Pic related
Real best ship

>Not with Tsubasa

MariKanan is new EliUmi.

These two needed more scenes like this together. They are way too cute.


forced cuteness

I wonder what her mother thinks of her decision to quit piano to become a school idol now that she had just won first place at a prestigious piano competition?

That's nozoeli, eliumi is yoshiriko, dumbass.

Anime in a nutshell



Riko is super pretty

Do you have the picture where she's at the beach with the micro bikini?

>All these Riko posts
What's happening? I thought Rikofag is minority since most of Cred Forums love You.

I fap so hard to this pic. Mari just grinning wildly as she rides your dick.

read the op

>Riko birthday
Oh shit.

It's her birthday...

Birthday's a thing, so everyone's just coming out of the Riko closet
I think most Riko posters are just less vocal due to bullying.

Riko has one of the best pieces of ecchi art of any of the girls imo


Why does Yoshiko look like she's enjoying it?

More Riko plox. She's the most fun raibu to discuss.


I'm sure she'll enjoy it more if that was Maru, smells like a heaven.