Dragon Ball Super


- Kibito and Old Kaioushin were also killed by Dabura!

[- That moment (battle with Dabura), Black had already "born" and Beerus would be a problem for him more than whis!]

- Before the future of Trunks collapse (NEW), Black killed the Kaioushins Gods and Destroyers of ALL WORLDS!

- Zamasu is a former Kaiou North!

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How does gowasu turn into black

So Beerus is confirmed to be the strongest god of destruction?
Did he not care at all that his brother got killed?

Useless forever ;_;

wtf black killed all the GoD's lmao.

surely he didn't fight them 1v1? probably used the kai loophole

Trunks ss2 looks so cool here toyotaro nailed it

>Trunks' timeline's kai's are the same despite being an alt reality

>Beerus would be a problem for him more than Whis

Whis is stronger though

who you calling useless?

what even happened to whis?
And shouldn't old kai still be sealed in the Z-sword?

>old Kaio was killed by Dabla

Wasn't he sealed in the Z-sword still?

Do you think that when Kibito gets a super strike event in jap Kibito-Kai and Supreme Kai will get a dokkan awakening, especially since Supreme Kai is actually relevant again?

>old kai in the z sword

I'm assuming it went like this

* Supreme Kai takes trunks and trains him a bit to be able to fight Dabura and Kill Babadi

* this involves training similar to what happened with Gohan

* He uses Z-Sword against Dabura

* It Breaks

* Old kai pops out on the battlefield

* They are both killed by Dabura before trunks can end it.

Lets just wait until the chapter drops out before spouting nonsense.

Don't be disappointed when they reveal he's not Goten.

>the manga will never be weekly
feels bad man

The first two are confirmed

Its why trunks is so strong



Not that bad actually this has more pages than weekly and if we can get an increasment on the number of pages like 50+ that would be cool

No? Are you retarded?

>Beerus just died then

Did Black killed the gods of destruction directly or just killed all the kaioshins?

based on his performance, I think they just killed kaioshins

I think he killed the Kai's. There's just no way for him to kill GoD's. The GoD's had their servant there aswell right? If Black killed GoD's are the servants just standing there and just leave afterwards? Not warning anyone and just let him do as he pleases?

That would have been better. Some Mystic SSJ2 Trunks would be far beyond SSJ3 though.

Old thread archived, is there a new episode today?

I wonder what was Whis' reaction when Kaioshin died and Beerus just disappeared. Was he like "oh ya, Kaioshin die"

No episode this week.

What is the source of these spoilers? I'm not seeing anything on Kanzenshuu/Hermes/Gojitaaf

They're from 2ch.

Mystic means having all your potential power unlocked within your base. Transforming into ssj is pointless as you have already reached your max.


If all the God's of Destruction can be dealt with that easily, that kind of makes them useless opposed to the huge threat that they initially were. Shouldn't they keep an eye on the Kai that they are connected with?

Reminder that both Black AND Zamasu are under the control of Captain Chicken.

The power gap between the Kai's and GoD confuses me.

maybe kai should get swole so he won't be fucked when people hunt him down to get rid of beerus.

Wouldn't mind that actually

tfw no adventures of pan, bra, and marron anime/manga

>swollen kai intimidates
Look at what happened to the last buff kai. He got absorbed by a pink gum.
What still bothers me is that whis just let beerus sleep while kid buu went rampage on the kai's. Only explanation could be is old kai being safe in the z-sword.

Goten becomes Yamcha?

Dragonball sitcom with goten collecting them hoes.

I think that one of the Kaizenshuus said that Gohan could but didn't.

So, no episode today, right?

I really want kaioshin to get a dokkan awakening with this as his super attack.

asking every day won't make a week come by sooner

>tfw GT Perfect Files says "He transformed when fighting with Goten after Goten had been taken over by Baby!! It seems that even in times of peace, he hasn’t neglected his training. The differences in Gohan’s facial expression's before and after transforming are the most intense out of any warrior!!"

>every user is the same user

The actual explanation is that Beerus wasn't even a concept back then. So whatever explanation they try to come up with will always sound off.

The Kai are actually pretty strong all things considered. I doubt they ever thought beings like Black would come along. Though I wondered why Supreme Kai never bothered to train with all the time he had until Buu's resurrection.

they aren't or he wouldn't be using ssj2

They busy at creating shit and godtube is quote distracting. I mean some filthykai is funny as fuck.

But the Kaioshins are strong. U7 Kaioshin was apparently strong enough to kill Frieza (then strongest mortal in the universe) with one blast.

It's just that the powerlevels are completely fucked now.

Were you hit in the head?

Kaioshin is a little pansy who pissed himself at the thought of Pui Pui.

Well user, Frieza never trained. That and SS Goku was stronger.

>being this new

Stfu newfag


He's strong but he doesn't train or we never saw him training and compared to zamasu Hes a total weakling

The god of destruction needs to be strong enough to destroy stuff with ease. The Kai just needs to be strong enough to do his job, whatever that is.

I think the point that user is trying to make is that Frieza was the strongest mortal in the universe for a long time before Namek happened. U7's Kai is supposedly supposed to be stronger than Super Namek Piccolo. In the grand scheme of things, he's still one of the stronger fighters around. Shame he never trained.


You might say Chichi was Wolf Fanged Fisted

The kai's job is to watch the failings of ningen and do nothing about it

And drink tea.

the kaioshins are the gods of creation. They create new planets and shit.

What does this mean in burgeranese?

>tfw one of Yamcha's few victories in the entire series, movies and specials included was against loli Chichi.

He should just gather the Dragonballs and wish that he never existed. Literally nothing of value would be lost.

somewhere out there in the world yamchafags exist

Yes, just like Gohan. Goku's kids become Yamcha after a certain age.

There's no rule that says someone can't kill the God of Destruction. Is Whis going to step in to save Beerus when Goku gets around to smashing him?

Fuck no, they'll just find a new monster to do the job.

The GoD system neither cares that someone else is doing destruction, or that its individual GoDs might die.

GoDs are mere servants to a "greater" cause (that Goku must stop, because it's horrifying).

Acting like Yamcha can produce offspring

Yamcha owns. He cheated on the richest girl in the world repeatedly, and still hung around all the time afterwards.

Yamcha doesn't give a shit.He does what he wants. Lone wolf lmao

I didn't rule out that he couldn't kill the GoD, I just have a hard time believing that he was capable of doing that. I didn't think that Whis would step in either but if Beerus/other GoD's got killed, are the servants really just bolting out?

On top of that Black killed them without SS Rose which really doesn't sound right at all.

not all GoDs are Beerus-level (fat cat is a bitch) and Goku can kill him, so...

You got to give him some credit at least. He knew exactly when to back the fuck out of all the fighting bullshit. Besides he has Puar who can transform into any of the DB girls, probably why he's so content with living alone. He has a personal onahole that can transform into Bulma, Chi Chi,18 Videl and anyone else depending on his mood.

>They rehashed Dabura again
Toriyama has literally run out of ideas and recycling hopelessly

Why are they taking fucking forever to just leak the chapter?

>this has more pages than weekly
Not really. Weekly series get more releases per month and thus more pages.

16 (one in color) - 15 - 15 - 19 - 20 (one in color) - 19 - 19 - 19 - 31 - 31 - 21 - 31 - 38 (one double) - 39 - 39.

The last two DBS chapters were like getting only two WSJ chapters per month.

you're looking at it wrong, that's during majin buu in future trunks' timeline

>manga revealing major plot points before the anime again


Majin Buu Dabura?

Fair enough. We haven't really seen what other GoDs can do so hard to tell about their strength. I just assumed they are strong enough to not die to someone like Black. Also, who were you referring to when you said Goku can kill him?

>replying to bait

goku can kill who? champa was able to make hit piss himself and goku wasn't able to do shit against him. Don't talk shit retard.

It's the only way to answer questions the anime wont and to keep interest.

Too bad it's not canon.

No, he becomes Gine.

sry but manga (super) stays true to the original manga = canon
anime (super) toei trash filler =not canon

>Black killed the Kaioushins Gods and Destroyers of ALL WORLDS!

google translator man it hurts

Leave Black to me!

Leaks fucking when?

Now now we don't want Gohan to get killed right.

>implying the most powerful character in the db universe can get killed

the cancer that we got in the anime was unforgivable compaed to the godly fight we got in the manga.

Gohanfags, why do you like getting buttfucked so much. This is borderline masochism

Leave Black to meeee!

I can still go super saiyan! ...I think.

I remember during the stream everyone hyped for beerus vs champa expecting to see the manga adaptation animated but nope we got the cheap ass toei rendition. Everyone went mad haha.

I was paying attentio to this picture and I just realized why I like Gine so much: her eyes are similar to Mai's, excluding the iris.
I love these eyes.

>implying the strongest needs to transform to whoop everyones ass

The anime really had no clue what the fuck to do. It may had acceptable artstyle but the choreography was piss poor even worse then episode 5.

Why is the Future Timeline so fucking unlucky, Cred Forums?

>looped frames instead of good fight choreography
Top kek

>dbgt design in dragonball.
manga dropped
you guys can keep your not canon trash



someone asked for looped frames?

Manga version

foreshadowing lol?

>facebook image

Well toyble fucked up,reusing those gt designs for the pilaf gang they shouldn be that old, especially Mai she almost the same age as bulma

>this will become canon

god I fucking hope not. ssj3 was so stupid looking.

He probably reused the GT designs because he couldn't be bothered to make new ones that were going to used on a single panel only.

>angry idiot gets upset over one of the best power multipliers but lets the blue multiplier off easy

>tfw SSJ2 is getting all of this love and attention nowadays

Truly the best form.

Not at all, I'm passed that there is no visible difference between SSJ and SSJ2 but somehow SSJ3 gives you a fuckton of hair.

There has to be something between SSJ2 and 3

>implying SSJ3 won't get more relevant later
Seriously if God Ki is about balancing you Ki, I could see all the saiyans achiving that power, and finally learns to put that form under control

when you thought you haven't seen enough bullshit but then they come out with this.

>tfw you suck so much God makes you infertile to stop you from spreading your genes

>Zamasu is a prodigy
>Cant even fight SSJ2 Goku
Kaioshins arent strong

Seriously through just what is Broly in his Heroes forms? LSSJ3 and LSSJ4 or just SSJ3 and SSJ4?

He is a Kaio, so compare him to King Kai.

Beerus. Goku is already stronger than him.

They are god of creation.
They have no need to be as strong as the Z-fighters or Beerus and Whis

>No visible difference

Yeah no. Pretty obvious with Goku, Gohan and Trunks. Only Vegeta is difficult to tell.

Dragon ball heroes is toei on lsd.


goku has been stronger than him since the cell games lol

Casually blowing up planets is dumb. It's not even impressive or interesting any more.

>butthurt Toeifag

Why have they not made Broly SSB yet?
Since they have given him almost all SSJ form, they might as well give him the whole package

There is no difference for Gohan and Trunks.
Only Goku who has just 2 bangs who straighten on SSJ 2.

There's more variation between SS in different episodes than between SS and SS2.

he cant reach ssg so no ssb for him

better than cheap ass lopped frame shit that we got. also check for better understanding.

and it's probably the first space battle we got

Trunks no. Gohan yes. He have that big hair line when he is in his SSJ2 form

Gohan looks a lot different in ssj2 during the cell games what are you talking about?

>he doesn't say ssj

super saiyan

user. There is no logic in Heroes. Some crazy villian will most likely make a wish to bring back Broly, but as a Super Saiyan God

Because I'm not Japanese.

>he calls himself an animeman

when is drawn properly,Ssj2 looks hella cool like toyotaro does it,but most the animators just dont give a fuck about it they cant tell the difference.

What the fuck is up with short characters in Super?
Kaioshin and Krillin dont look right at al

For the love of All-Chan...

Talking about adult Gohan

Why dead future beerus doesn't just kill black and wish him back to life with the Namek dragon balls?

Important people like the north Kaio and the old-Kaioushin got to keep their bodies when dead, they was the same but with a halo above their heads, even Goku and Vegeta got to keep their bodies, why future Beerus don't? I'm pretty sure Beerus Ghost can defeat base Black before he gets the SSJR.

Because Beerus is a cunt


Beerus is too strong to sustain his body outside of hell


>those shifty ass eyes when going SSJ

where do those side bangs even come from in ssj

because Toriyama is a hack

akira really has been watching too much french models. His designs all look like starving kids.
i thought only ssg would be the case to make it look siple but his ssblue design are skinny as well.

Too much Dragon Quest drawing.

Look at me daddy

Why does everyone in Super act as if Trunks future is their future

You know what would be funny.
If the SSG that Beerus dreamt about, wasn't Goku, but Broly.
If All-Chan toke his non existing ass from the filler world, and made him canon.

I feel as if all of the ssj transformations come with some sorta hair growth
except vegeta, fuck that guy

SS2 is my fav form because it's so similar to SS. One dramatic transformation is enough.

Subtle tweaks to show more power are good, suddenly growing 4 feet of hair is fucking awful.

Vegeta can't escape his balding

That would be dissapinting considering that Broly at full power is weaker than Cell.

reminder that kais are plants


>kais are literally fruits

Why cant the girls still look like that

They don't look like starving kids. They look muscular, but slim. Which makes sense in a way. A lot of DBZ focused on cutting bulk for speed.

I don't like the designs, but it isn't totally nonsensical. Real-world explanation is that Toei just does what they want, though.

Isn't SSBlue suppose to be skinny? They don't need to be roided up. Wasn't that the entire point of god ki?

Reminder that true love always prevails

Too much effort to draw

This is fanart based on pic related.

Mind you its still good. But don't post it as if Toriyama drew it.

Yes, I do. Zenkai his way out of his mess.

i'd love to eat her pizza if you know what i mean

It still looks fucking identical

Considering how Toyotaro is pretty fanboyish, I think the manga will give some kind of explanation regarding why the dead haven't done anything in Trunks' timeline, unlike what we see in the main universe.

Still, you're ignoring how Beerus in that state wouldn't be able to just jump to Earth or anything. He could only face Zamasu if he went to the afterlife or the Kaioshin's planet.

Trunks and Mai is my OTP
but I still want to see F.Mai dying by the hands of Black, while F.Trunks watches it.
As he taps into a new power that counters that of the gods

could you please be more elaborate

They haven't given the new transformations to any characters yet aside from the avatars. I guess they don't want to step on the toes of what Toei or Toriyama might do.

>Broly M10 easily beat a SSJ2 Gohan that was considerably stronger than Cell Games
>Meanwhile Cell at peak was beaten by Teen Gohan at half of his power

That's too edgy for DB.

her name is ms pizza

For whatever reason, Toriyama changed how he drew Gohan's SSJ1, making it basically identical to his SSJ2.

>wide hips and thicc juicy thighs

You have my attention

so we /supersaiyandevil/ now?

>Broly M10 easily beat a SSJ2 Gohan that was considerably stronger than Cell Games
What? You do realize that the Buu Saga Gohan was weaker than Cell Games Gohan before getting the Ultimate power up, right?

It was weird, user

Bro have you even watched the History of Trunks?

Well thats because youngjijii spent a very long time learning to mimic toriyama just like Toyble.



>Trunks and Mai is my OTP
Why don't you want to be happy user? Why would you rather have some powerup over THEIR happiness?

M10 Gohan mentions being considerably stronger than before. Movies do not follow the same rules as the manga, remider Goku SSJ3 > Mystic Gohan in the Movies.

So did Garland, user.

how strong is piccolo right now


Not nearly as good as the DBAF guys though.

>DBAF guys
You mean Toyotaro?


>Garland never is going to draw a Trunks and Mai doujin

so gohan only used ssj against dabura?
no wonder he was getting his ass kicked.
no problems going ssj2 to show off against kibito, but then against dabura or buu he can't go ssj2?

at least in movie 10 he used ssj2 against broly

when do we get to see dabura's son doing something?

youngjijii is the other big name who did AF he drew among other fanart.

They did do some tracing though, unlike Garland.

He recently posted a doujin involving Super's Videl. He's still alive, don't give up.

Stop it, let's not lose our hopes user!

For whatever reason he could not be bothered to go SSJ2 against Dabura but no problem demonstrating it for Kibito.

>gohan literally NEVER achieved ssj2
he was just super pissed when be fought cell, fucking retards

Tfw dabura the king of demons acts like a better father than goku.
The guy is reading faust. Cheeky toryiama

You're right, user.


>Tfw dabura the king of demons acts like a better father than goku.

Now that you mention it, Gohan in Movie 8 seemed to be the weakest SSJ, rather than the strongest so he likely was weaker than his Cell Games self.

Not canon.
Gohan after the training with goku surpassed him.

youre all arguing so much even though EVERYTHING after frieza is non canon lmao

Because Trunks fighting for his love would make great character development for our ship.
And I want Trunks to show the cold saiyan part of him that he has from his father. Give Black the same look that he gave the androids before blasting them to oblivion

If SSJ2 Trunks = SSJ3 Goku then does that mean SSJ1 Trunks = SSJ2 Goku?

You mean everything after pilaf arc.

why are people so fucking retarded, it's ssj2 full power trunks = ssj3 base goku

while movie 8 could fit in the 10 days waiting for the cell games.
there are a few things wrong with it
goku & gohan aren't ssj all the time
goku is stronger then gohan
vegeta behaves like he is the strongest.

so it's more likely that movie 8 happened in a time line where vegeta had not allowed cell to become perfect and instead destroyed him.

Okay so ssj1 full power trunks = ssj2 base goku

No, he definitely used SSJ2 when he fought Dabura. Goku thought he was using SSJ1, but Vegeta pointed out Gohan was in SSJ2 its just that he got weaker because he didn't keep up with his training.

No. Then why did Goku use his god form to beat Trunks?
You're implying a full powered ssj3 goku would be enough to beat trunks but it straight up showed he had to cheat.

There is no difference for Trunks in the anime, in the manga his hair is different.

this shows his hair was ssj style against dabura & buu

>And I want Trunks to show the cold saiyan part of him that he has from his father. Give Black the same look that he gave the androids before blasting them to oblivion
Then they could make Black hurt her, put her in danger or something like that. They don't need to kill her off for that to happen. Trunks deserves happiness after all the shit he went through.

who gives a shit

neither goku or vegeta mentioning anything about ssj or ssj2.
goku thought he was holding back and wasn't angry yet.
vegeta mentions he slacked off and became weaker

The only explaination would be a Zenkai boost, but that still doesn't explain how he went from SSJ2 level to forcing Goku to use SSB to win.

jav code?

black ntr's trunks

It was SSG.

Anyways, back to my point. If Trunks fought Dabura in SSJ2 and claimed it was a difficult battle then wouldn't that make Dabura SSJ3 level?

What's taking so long?

this manga vs anime shit what the fuck is going on here

people with taste fucktard

hello my names kid buu I've heard you guys are having trouble with a green Kai. Would you like to use the kid buu extermination Kai services? y/n?

>tumblr tier shit
gtfo here

Nah. Note that unlike in the anime, Trunks has his Cell Saga design there. So, some years probably passed between the Buu stuff and Black returning to Earth. I guess he only started his rampage through other worlds after Kaioshin and Beerus were dead, leaving Earth for last.

What if Dabura was stronger in his timeline. They did arrive later in his timeline, and Dabura was known to train the same way Piccolo trains

idiots like you need to fuck off

>Why discuss things?
Stfu faggot


>Before the future of Trunks collapse (NEW), Black killed the Kaioushins Gods and Destroyers of ALL WORLDS!

What exactly does this mean?

We've had translation mishaps before, is this that? Do they mean that Black and Zamasu have destroyed the kaioshins and hakaishins of all the universes in the future? Or do they mean only for universe 7?


>Being this retarded.


discuss what you idiots go in every thread and say the same shit fuck off


go rage on tumblr you spast

Can you stop your whining and just piss off.

You again, get out of here Zarbon! You ugly ningen

lol toei out did themselves here.



>Girl wearing boyfriend's clothes
>It's a sweater
>Partial nudity
>Pubic hair
>She's much older than him
Holy mother of erections



Partial translation of the speech Cap. 16:


The image does not help much, but gave to understand some parts:

Pag. 1

Darbra: [What !? My body does not mov ...]

Kaioushin East: [Trunks-san !! L-Lance the final blow now !!! ]


Pag. 2

East Kaioushin: [W -... Well ...... With this, the world will be at peace ...]

Trunks: [Kaioushin-sama !!! ]

account Board: [So the ************* (is not that part readable) of Kaioushins. However, this is ********* (this part is not readable)]

Black: [Kukuku ... This is wonderful. The biggest problem ...... A world where God Destroyer Seventh Universe does not exist]


Pag. 3 (?)

Part of another page appears in the photos. I identified more or less what is in two lines:

[However, if (s) Kaioushin (s) die (B), the dies also God destroyer]

[In other words, the true identity of Black's (?) Evil (of) God (s)]

Sauce: Raones Silva, Dragon Ball - Kami Sama Explorer (facebook page)





The worst is this shit is not even fixed in the blu-rays.

You never fail to spout shit, Zamasu.

No excuses yugioh is a long running show and the animation is always on point.

>Tfw this reminds me of what I'll never have
>Tfw race exterminated
>Tfw Kakarot ahead of me all the time
>Tfw replaced by much more handsome and smarter son
>Tfw jobbing again
Hold me bros, this saiyan doesn't want to live on this planet anymore


>still waiting for full scans
fucking gooks

That's from the movie not the show.

Not only that yugioh has no inspirational source either and yet they still produce good stuff.

i think they half assed it and not bother fixing it cause they think people would just rather watch the movie instead


Resurrection F retard not super trash.

You say that while posting the worst animated Yugioh anime. In fact, arc-v is the worst yugioh anime.

>being this retarded

Well, be more optimistic user. In the future timeline, all the saiyans born from now on will be descendants of Vegeta, while Goku's bloodline died out.

What the fuck??? They fixed it?? Holy shit post more

>qt daughterfu retconned out of existence
N-no...i-it's not fair..

there is no way someone can be this retarded in the whole universe

Isn't Bra younger than Pan? Maybe Bra wasn't born yet.

According to the wiki, "She is born six years after the defeat of Kid Buu."
>six years
Super takes place a few months after Buu. She isn't born yet.

Get out you underage faggot


Yes, she is.

Get outta here, Zarbon

you guys ready for the SSj3 Vegeta dokkan event?

Champa arc movie when?

it's already been two years since the death of kid buu in the current timeline in super.

do you really think that face doesn't look comically large in that body?

>two years
Still not six.

Nope, it's been 6 years since kid Buu died.


Goku ssj3 wasn't losing that fight thou,he just decided to make it quicker and finish him off with ssg

Daizenshuu 7
bra was born in 780. That's the time where goku and friends are right now in super. So if vegeta doesn't gonna fuck bulma very soon. bra is gonna end up being retconned.

He clearly looked worried. He didn't even try to fight Trunks in SSJ3 form after Trunks powered up.

>Black: [Kukuku ... This is wonderful. The biggest problem ...... A world where God Destroyer Seventh Universe does not exist]
Excellent...time to fill that role as the god of destruction of universe seven...

Why is there this one cancerous anti-Gohan fag that shitposts in every thread?

Probably a butthurt Cell fan.

Well done, user. You got me there.

Why future Trunks never went to Namek for Dende to get new dragon balls?

this user is right. kid buu died in Age 774. We are 6 years in already

You're right bros, there's still....a chance. Maybe...maybe I won't job in my next battle, thank you anons.

What if Bra is actually Future Trunks and Mai daughter?

I was just looking at the wiki of the future timeline and didn't know that Chichi was still alive, she seemed to live a safe life.

also why were the androids in Trunks timeline much more evil, in the regular timeline they were laidback and didn't really kill anyone.

>this stupid question again

>She's much older than him
both have the same age

They could just retcon her age, making her be born later.

why would they leave their daughter with vegeta and bulma?

Chronologically, she's over 30 years older than him.

Don't you have some tea to make?

I wish they did user. I miss the old THICC designs both male and females use to have.

I wish that all the people killed by the Androids in my timeline were brought back to life, also that my Mom Bulma was 15 years younger.

I don't mean Trunks must use then to revive the ones killed by the androids, I mean a set of Dragon Balls would be pretty usefull for Trunks, for example he would be able to wish Kaioshin back to life if he would have Dragon Balls on his timeline.

Yeah, it would make no sense. What's the point of repopulating if the kids won't stay in their own timeline?

It seems obvious that the reason that Black is in Trunk's timeline is because it's the only one without Kaioshin and thus a God of Destruction to get in Zamasu's way. That's the only reason to bring up Beerus dying because of our crappy Kaioshin.

>Tfw replaced by much more handsome and smarter son
I don't think any normal parent would ever be genuinly sad to be surpassed by their children though.
It would be bitter sweet at best.

eh what about gowasu being dead in U10?

Zen-chan got mad and destroyed future Trunks timeline.

Was there no dragon ball super this week? I don't see any RAWs

Older women make my dick very hard so I like to believe that she is. Although I know that's technically not true, I just like to picture it that way when I imagine lewd things between them.

just gather the super dragon balls and wish lowkey the universe back

Of course Beerus was in Black's way of creating a utopia without niggens since shin died black would be extremely happy two niggen loving gods would be out of the picture of ruining his plans.

>bitter sweet
Just like my life

Vegeta is very proud of his son, he would be happy to see Trunks surpassing him.

he's gonna piss himself

Was RoF the last time we will see the non Saiyans from the main cast in action? Piccolo's "fight" with Frost was a complete letdown.

>Animation always on point
Fucking lol

>Tfw race exterminated
so what,he doesn't care about his race exerminated He never did it actually
>Tfw Kakarot ahead of me all the time
Well we still don't know Besides the kaioken wich is anime only theres no actual proof of goku being stronger
>Tfw jobbing again
yes like goku and trunks

>arc-v is the worst yugioh anime.
I want to disagree with you, but after synchro there really is no defending it.

They took a break this week.

They went unchecked in the future timeline and didn't have to deal with the threat of Cell.

if you could only fap to one character and only one for the rest of your life.

Who would you choose.

This manga chapter better be worth the wait.

Your mom.


your mom

The fat faceless man

No, since I don't have him.


mr satan


It's pretty obvious who I choose.


best girl

where's the monaka lewds? nipples are top tier

Leave my bet out of this!

On his ugly or handsome form?

I wonder how piccolo managed to not finish in hell

who do you think has the biggest dick in db

>F. Mai dies from some future-disease
>F. Trunks is forced to join the time police
>Bulma and Vegeta adopt Bra
It all makes sense

Loli Mai

Probably as strong as Super Vegeta

SSBlue is really underwhelming.
Frieza Golden Form was stronger already.

removing his hair would give a hilarious head shape



He never killed innocent people as far as I know of.

he wasn't as bad, King Piccolo was the one who killed a lot of people, not him. Also he got Neil and Kami souls merged and they deserved heaven.

refined taste, user

Good choice, user.

Zarbon. I swear to god you're on thin ice

Anime Dragonball Super is a piece of shit.

Confirmed by the creator himself.

Animefags live in denial about their lowest of low quality series.

As people have already pointed out before, pretty much fucking any series have better animation and drawing quality than DBS.


Definitely Trunks or Krillin

>child of vegeta
no, vegeta probably has a tiny dick

But Trunks takes after Bulma, he has her THICK genes

I think you are underestimating his briefs genes.

Mai can confirm it.

But he is the grandson of Dr. Brief, who is known for his humongous bio-engineered dick

This. Briefs genes are dominant.

>that image

N-no! Impossible! He....he has......at least he has the saiyan blood I gave him....right guys?

That is about it, guy.

>Dragon Ball Super threads
They always get me so excited

How hard is it to kill some monkeys, Zamasu?

who lost their child?


What changes?

who wins? no golden from frieza just the final froms

frieza with no training then frost obviously.
he was able to put up a fight with piccolo who is stronger than a regular sayian but keep in mind frost cheated to win if not piccolo would have won but still he didn't get totally outpowered by him.

Toriyama only expressed disapproval of the anime during the airing of the movie arcs, edgelord.

See you next week!

doesn't change the fact that he is right.
you can follow a show but also criticise it.

Oh, that's easy.

Frieza with training would win. Frieza without training would lose.

Piccolo was doing fine against Frost while Frieza destroyed him.

tori is bot :D

>Goku's dead mom is the cutest girl in the series

Why is this allowed?


Zarbon, at least I'm still alive.


best part?
Pic related is Broly SSj4 Full Power. Only him has this form.

There is no brake on the Heroes Hype Bullshit(But Still Hype) Train.

god...vados looks so pretty in that manga shot

not for long

why couldn't toei just follow the manga's choreography?

are you for real? I can count the amount of lines used to draw her with one hand

I suspect they might want to give him Super Saiyan Rosé.

Then again, they are launching Super DBHeroes, so they could be saving God and Blue forms for later Missions


Go back to Parasyte

Because that would require actual effort on Toei's part. They know they can get away with it though. They hire amateur animators or outsource it, adding in a tight deadline schedule and you get what we have now. But Super is still one of the more popular shows airing in Japan right now, and ratings is all that matters to Toei, not quality.

You're next

ssj3 was literally the worst multiplier out of all the transformations

the ratings are actually worst when dragon ball kai was still airing but it's still top 10 i guess.

am I the only one that has piccolo as their favorite character?

>gero created not 1, not 2, not 3, but 4 beings able to kill frieza, a galactic emperor and supposed strongest in said galaxy
this guy was a genius

does that make Future Dabura more stronger than the "present" one?

nope, he's mine as well. I'm actually fine with how he is now too. the best fights always come from piccolo as well.

Except Piccolo almost defeated Frost, Toyblefags. Quit using the garbage DBS manga for your arguments.

Their programming to Kill Goku was a nice controlling influence in the timeline in which he was still alive. They got absorbed before getting too restless. Also had 16 to babysit.

Plus Trunks appearance altered Gero's actions.

He used Frieza's data after all.

I'm still mad Piccolo lost to Frost

Except Piccolo almost defeated Frost after he got the shit kicked out of him by Goku

>Quit using the garbage DBS manga for your arguments
It's canon, deal with it.

just you're typical shitposting.

You mean a Frost that was extremely worn down after fighting a much stronger Goku who who trained even more after the Frieza Arc? Stop shitposting.

>multiverse tournament
>universe 7 fighters are Goku, Vegeta and F. Trunks.

Calling it now.

If it's not related to Precure, Toei does not give even one fuck about the animation in 99% of cases.

I hope he gets at least on more fight. At least he doesn't end up like GT Piccolo.

>Frost that was extremely worn down

Absolutely nothing indicated this you headcanon-spewing faggot. Goku wasn't taking him seriously and Piccolo almost beat his ass, the end.

join me you fucks

Meanwhile in Precure.

>It's okay dad, leave Black to me.


No, he means a Frost that was one shotted by Vegeta with little effort.

RoF Frieza would shit all over Frost and it's not even close.

Frost because he has those pussy stingers obviously

>one shotted by Vegeta with little effort.
>little effort
So little he had to turn SSJ

>SSJ requiring even a modicum of effort
>in Super

Everyone point and laugh.

Atta boy, Gohan.

Is this from a movie or what?
Why does One piece and DBS look like shit if they can make this?

more like
>Uhhh we're confronting Black tomorrow?
>Sorry I can't make it tomorrow, I have a very important meeting!

What's the deal with Gohan? I get that he doesn't like fighting, I understand that.

But he still struck me as the type who'd at least put some minimal effort into keeping up his training. I mean, he even seemed to enjoy some of his fights.

>being this retarded

why does Gohan even work? Mr. Satan have a shit-ton of money anyway.



>not having an argument


Pls when Gohan gets god ki he will not go ssjb like a pleb but he will become mystic god gohan who gets green hair with a purple aura as an homage to his master and second father picollo.
Also shut up I know what you are thinking.

>Quit using the garbage DBS manga for your arguments
you mean it's wrong using canon ?

super flanderized pretty much every character

what do you guys think about dragon ball absolon?

super anime flanderized pretty much every character*

Haven't watched it.

The DBS manga is no more canon than the DBS anime. They're both just a bunch of fags taking general outlines from Toriyama and then expanding on them.

>inb4 that one pleb throws that copypasta at me

WTF? I hate TOEI now

Not only was Cell Games Gohan stronger than Adult Pre-Mystic but Broly got a Zenkai from his injuries.

Toriyama actually looks over the manga and declines stuff he doesnt like

It's rather easily explained, Goku trained and got stronger by Wrath of the Dragon.

I wish we got this goku in super

Never understood this either. He married into the richest family in the world. I guess he still wants to be a scholar, but he could do that on his own. Like write a book about Ki so Earth isn't so defenseless the next time shit goes down.

How was Frost able to get as strong as Resurrection F Frieza anyway? I'm guessing he actually trained from time to time unlike Frieza.

last thing you want is more bad dudes running around shooting lasers at everyone

it's like a gun except you cant take it away from them and its a thousand times worse

That's what he does in the DBO canon.

>and declines stuff he doesnt like

Not true. Toriyama actively encouraged Toyble to make up new shit and change things around in their interview.

People are dense if they seriously believe the manga, which has stupid shit like SSG coming back, is more """canon""" than the anime.

He was trained by a God of Destruction. He's probably his species' equivalent of a Super Saiyan God by this point.

Pretty much. He actually did the fighting himself as opposed to Frieza who just sat in his comfy chair and let his subordinates handle everything.

>no gold


oh my god this looks so bad

Toryiama doesn't write him anymore, user. It's all downhill from here.

He doesn't like Super's iteration of Goku.



Piccolo didn't even fuse with Kami back when he was fighting with Frieza though. How can you forget something like that?

I didn't, I'm talking about RoF Frieza.

>5 stupid saiyan fucks made Broly into a god

Where is ChiChi?


Alright, which one of you was responsible for shooping this?


Holding the camera.

Ox-King would be doing that. Clearly Gohan didn't want her in it.

Did they say anything else about what happens in the chapter?




Because shit like ginyu filler,gregory,clone vegeta and the nonsense that you call ssblue kaioken is more logical?
The manga is canon because it hasnt contradicted itself with the original manga.


Still waiting

>Ginyu filler
wasted the shit out of that.


Are you illiterate?

I didn't say the anime was "more logical", I said that neither medium is more canon than the other. Both Toei and Toyotaro take their own liberties.

Also the Ginyu filler and Gregory are just expanding on stuff that Toei decided to leave in Kai, just because they're not in the original manga doesn't mean they contradict it.

Yes it does does contradict since certain events in the anime never happened in the manga. Bulma knowing ginyu in the anime never happened in the manga for exemple. Which means the anime can't be considered a direct proper sequel to the original source material that is the manga fucking retard.

>GT is just expanding on Z

Why does she always give Trunks this look?


Super anime is canon to the anime only.
And the super manga is canon to the manga.

>you will never fight to death against a cute pink haired girl that will use smiles from time to time to throw you off your game.
just let me end this already

>Yes it does does contradict since certain events in the anime never happened in the manga.

Holy shit, do you even know what "contradiction" means?

A contradiction would be something like the Z anime's depiction of Hell vs. Toriyama's imagining of it in RoF. Toei won't be able to use Z's Hell for Super because it would conflict with the way it's portrayed in the RoF arc. The Ginyu shit just expands on stuff that wasn't in the manga, it's not actually conflicting with anything.

Also the anime was never considered a direct sequel to the manga, in fact it was advertised as a sequel to Kai.

Toei can produce greatness if they want but the thing is most pro animators are hardcore otakus who rather work on drawing pretty magical girls then musclesheads.

Toei is being pretty inconsistent though. They included Ginyu and Gregory from the filler (also Satan's disciples and even showing Gregory in flashbacks blowing up alongside everyone else in the Cell Saga), but then didn't use the filler hell. They also seem to be ignoring their own "Great Saiyaman 2" filler thing with Videl.

Bedroom eyes, user. She gets wet at the mere sight of Trunks.

gooks why you no release chapter so i can translate.

>chick in the mid
said toriyama

Yes, GT is a continuation of Z. What's your point?

>Absolutely nothing indicated this you headcanon-spewing faggot.
I mean, didn't you see the end of the previous battle? If you're going by the anime, at one point Frost could barely stand up.

problem with super is that it's completely different than manga so it can't be canon.


It doesn't seem like Champa actually trained his team. He just picked random strong people.

>Toei is being pretty inconsistent though

Not really because Super was advertised as a sequel series to Dragon Ball Kai, which DOES in fact have the Ginyu/Gregory filler but not the Hell stuff that Z did.

Basically, it's



DB > DB Kai > DBS

Why does every DBS thread turn into a manga vs anime debate? It doesn't even matter since the core story is the same. Both Toei and Toyotaro take liberties with their interpretations.


you didn't see what's coming. too bad.

Ginyu still being around is a fucking contradiction by itself not just an expansion. After buu destroyed the earth only kind hearted people got resurrected.

It's almost always those two bickering. I miss Ginefags. Gonna post this.

Hope we get a good sword fight bewteen Trunks and Dabura. The anime fight was lacklustre.

Minus a fucking shit.

>Why does every DBS thread turn into a manga vs anime debate?
Better than GT,waifu, and shipping faggots.

>Not really because Super was advertised as a sequel series to Dragon Ball Kai, which DOES in fact have the Ginyu/Gregory filler but not the Hell stuff that Z did.
They kept Freeza and company watching Goku vs Kid Buu in hell for some reason, even though they previously had cut all hell related stuff with the past villains.

Bump limit reached, new thread

>After buu destroyed the earth only kind hearted people got resurrected.

Ginyu was a fucking frog, he was probably resurrected with the other animals which are neither kind or evil. It's not really that big of an issue.

Beerus claims to have wiped out dinosaurs on Earth. However, Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z show that dinosaurs still exist on Earth.

Beerus never said a shit like that in the manga but in the anime he does.

Dont be a bitch the anime is not canon.

>Beerus never said a shit like that in the manga but in the anime he does.

No, he says that in the BoG movie you retard.

Super =/= BoG.

>They kept Freeza and company watching Goku vs Kid Buu in hell for some reason

Did they? Because that's pretty retarded on their part.

Then again Buu Saga Kai was a production clusterfuck anyways.

That alone should contradict itself. Because of the differences in hell.
Super anime non canon faggot.
And dont give out that expansion nonsense sine gt is also an expansion and that shit is non canon. Toei incorporates filler characters that dont exist In the manga.


maybe toei should hire gay animators that enjoy drawing musclheads fighting shirtless like in DBZ