Why Do American Prisons Have No Privacy?

My cousin is in prison and he says it's hell because there is this actually quite hot prison guard and he has to shower in front of her. He has to shower in front of a ton of people and there aren't even walls to prevent you from seeing the other people so your dick is out. You also have to poop in front of others.

This is an issue I think that is partially due to the privatization of American prisons so it's all about profit not about reform or humane treatment.

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trust me..you don't want privacy in prison


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because Tyrone Mctouchy would love to have some privacy with you

>why don't these guards let me out of their sight in the gorilla enclosure?

>has to shower in front of her
Why is this a bad thing?
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Have you ever been to gym? Or anyone who's been in the military.

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Yeah but can't they have a way to hide the dick, like have individual shower stalls or cutains?

That's the issue, he's trying to hide his dick but the guards are suspecious if he's turning around.

Because they fight amd stab eachother in the the shower.. especially during the winter when it steams up in there(worked in a prison with no AC/heater).

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>been to a gym
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>been in the miliary

>Guy have penises, girls have boobs and vaginas. Wow so abstract. Fucking snowflakes.
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Because prison isn't supposed to be comfortable. It's supposed to be a form of punishment. Stripping your privacy is part of that punishment.

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It's also a form of security. Guards not only need to inspect for criminal acts but also for any serious medical issues since they are responsible for their health.


Read this then say american prisons are bad.

Also 4/10 made me respond.

who the fuck cares? They're in prison, fuck them


I used your logic

what is average?

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>bait article
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Nice trolling. Read about Norway prisons then say ours are good

They're human beings

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How do u know ur cousins size tho ? Straight guys usually never reveal their size to their peers.