Under the sky so blue

It's time for a pro-gun thread.
Don't shoot blanks, faggots.

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good for that kid


>it's a Cred Forums thinks guns are good because even kids can shoot unarmed blacks thread


Also, other arguments in picture form btfoing pinkos are very welcome.

>it's a fag


Based AF. Time to post up the positive examples of legal responsible gun ownership lads


>glocks are the only NFA-legal destructive devices

if you prefer the alternative of a dead child you're a piece of shit, also >flag




There are far more stories like this than negative ones. It's not useful to the bolschevik agenda.

>its ok for niggers to break into your home and attempt to rape, steal or murder your family

Those poor, harmless, unarmed blacks. Racist piece of shit kid shot them just for the color of their skin!

A hero at 13

Absolutely, user! Ban all guns in America now!
Remember, we're doing it for the children!

>Don't shoot blanks, faggots.
I read this as
Don't shoot blanks, shoot faggots

Damn good story even if it is a few years old. Hope he did not develop any conditions because he killed another human bean, even if they deserved it.

Guns are the greatest equalizer known to man.
No other thing ever created by humans has equalized humans like the gun.
A world without guns is a world where women and children are at the mercy of monsters, as an example. People who chortle on about the safety and rights of women and children would do well to remember that.
But of course, we all know their goal is to disarm the common people to make them defenseless against the psychopaths in government, media, and corporate positions.

It's like asking an asshole who wants to take a handful of ants and crush them in his fist which ants he would prefer to crush.
Sugar ants, or bullet ants?
And this is why the AR platform is so targeted in gun control efforts. Above all else it is the platform that is most widespread in the US that also bears the capability of piercing body armor worn by law enforcement and military in close-quarters combat(the most likely form of combat in a civil war).

Those in power cannot wage a successful civil war without disarming Americans of the AR platform.

How do you know the rapist has aids?

AR15 prices cratered...should I buy one or hold out for a Draco?

I own guns but don't own any semi-auto rifles.

Alright let's do some math.

>"6 million" jews die during holocaust
>20-25 million die under Stalin
>45 million die under Mao
All 3 were anti-gun and disarmed their citizenship before becoming all powerful government. Even if we had 20 school shootings a day across the country resulting in 500 deaths it would take 416.6 years of endless school shootings to equal just 40 years of disarmed population.

That is why the "How many CHILDREN? Every last one" isn't just a meme. It is quite literally the serious answer.

That kid is so cool

Probably playing some cod hopped up on mtn dewritos and then quickscope two fools irl and go back to playing cod

this kid is doing god's work.

It's called freedom. I will no longer move an inch you no gun trash.

He's also a faggot rapist and a nigger.

Use your imagination.

even budhists know guns are good shit.
retard demos want you disarmed so they can round you up and kill you.

> trump haters demand trump take all guns so trump govt can put them in cattle cars and gas chambers

no goyim, you dont need a gun!

what happened to 3 strikes and you get life rule, or it doesn't apply to niggers because they are a protected class of felons?! Guns must be mandatory for all white people, no exceptions and no questions!

>Gen 2

>trump haters demand trump take all guns so trump govt can put them in cattle cars and gas chambers

Well, when you put it like that...

Did the other felon get caught and or die?

Pro: if it wasn't for guns we wouldn't have had the Florida shooting

People really should watch Trigun. It's the perfect anime for anti-gun faggots.


Impeccable taste.

Omar Mateen did nothing wrong, he was doing god's work!

Father gets 40 years for murder after shooting to death the tried and convicted monster that molested his child
Confesses and laughs on the stand.


He's gay

Trigun was made by a Catholic.

Exactly this.

If people actually cared about “protecting da chillins” they would have allowed teachers to carry years ago. It’s the obvious solution.

>hold on, let's finish this rape to be sure, we DO NOT discriminate based on attributes like 'rapist' in this country.

Funny thing is, the fags here in Central Florida have become very pro-gun after that shit.
Turns out the government is useless for protection and your life is in your own god damn hands.

>navy break
>no bayonet lug

Try again.

he's black

This is 100% the truth.
There are so many brainlets who didn't understand that gunpowder enabled the Enlightenment.

Let's try re-reading that post chain user. I think you should work on your reading comprehension.


what about ak47?

Glocks are gay

Vash isn't anti-gun he's just anti-killing. He really likes his guns

Is that why Wolfwood is a badass? Neato!


The kid who shot the niggers must have been black, or they would have fried him for sure.

Get a quality AR-15.

In BSA, we used to beat the shit out of kids like you until they quit the troop.

These same faggots will tell you times have changed so much since the founding (protip: it hasn't. Government tyranny is still a threat now)... I wonder if they made similar bullshit arguments back then....

>inb4 hate crime charges filed against the kid by nigger families

I know. And in the end, he learns that, to survive, sometimes you gotta make the hard choice.
That's why it's such an awesome series. It's a man's redemption from the naive bullshit peddled by a woman with no experience in hell.

Glocks are awesome. Jokes aside.

Not too common here. The AKM is far less distributed than the AR.

You can carry the Draco under a jacket though.

That's really sweet no? Even the shortest AR15 pistol rig can't really do that.

>detachable mag
>flash hider

Between which sides do you see a civil war happening between?

He also probably scored Trump a shit ton of votes. I remember when the left was trying to claim he wasn't a Muslim and questioning his motives, when they have him in a 911 recording pledging allegiance to Isis. He literally told them why he was gunning down fags, and they still tried to down play it.

Fucking Awesome! We need more based heros like this kid! Im impressed it wasnt a shotgun so this kid has skills.

Get the AR. Basic one from a reputable maker and at least 8 mags. Spend some money on ammo and chest rig. Save up for a good red dot.

Boy scouts? I dropped out in Cub Scouts. They wanted us to act in a fucking play. I joined with the expectation of camping and shit. Acting? ACTING? Yeah fuck off.

My dad built us a lean-to in the woods and taught all the shit the scouts would, plus fire-making. You faggots are pathetic.

I get that, but why go after a specific american rifle when you have something comparable and communist?


I checked

All I have heard non stop at work is “taking guns is stupid!! who would think that’s smart?”

t.florida fag no homo

I hope my kid kills a nigger with my gun one day.
I'd be so damn proud.

>"gun-free zones" are soft targets

>"confiscate the self-defense tools of law-abiding citizens!" said the statists



They always dindu nuffin. Except break law -found on the books.

>Under the sky so blue.
Is that a Trigun reference?

he also says never to shoot to kill so maybe you shouldn't be taking his advice literally

ogguby bemobrats


Depends how long the jacket is, I can carry a BCM 11.5 pistol (with pdw brace) slung over my shoulder underneath my leather jacket if I so chose, there are AR-Pistols with barrels under 11.5, but in all honesty anything below that and the ballistics are just total shit...

Those in power know that they can't get their full Eden without fighting for it. They wanna make this fight an assured victory for themselves, and won't bother without doing so because being as egotistical and psychopathic as they are, they FEAR death immensely. The battle rifles and the people who will use them are the greatest obstacle in their path. Weapons that cut through body armor. Look how cowardly cops are even with body armor. You think the power players could easily order cops around to fight "stupid rednecks" if the rednecks could swiss out those shiny vests of their? No. Not a chance. Cops aren't that stupid. No one with sense would go up against a populace armed to the teeth with high-powered rifles designed to fight wars.

These rifles have to go first. That's why they're the prime target. You know why they don't target the handguns niggers use? They're cheap shit that mean nothing to police or standing armies.

kid dont needed an Assault rifle to protect himself. you guys need learn from that.

Yeah I heard the 5.56 doesn't like anything shorter than 10.5 inch barrels. Hadn't heard about 11.5 inch being an issue though.

>we would certainly would have ha a harder time ethnically cleansing them if(...)
Revisionist bullshit

helluva lot easier to defend yourself with a long arm than a pistol if you've got it

Anything under a 20 inch barrel is shit honestly. The reason 5.56 is good is for its fragmentation

11.5 is a great barrel length, but yeah anything below 10.5 (not 11.5 my bad) and the 5.56 won't stabilize, it'll start keyholing pretty bad. So your accuracy past 25+ yds is total shit...

Indeed. Recently watched it on my 4K. Been over 10 years since I went through the series. Struck me immediately what it's really about.
Also rewatched Outlaw Star.

It's amazing how deep the spirit of life runs through true humans. Be they Americans born and raised in this "shithole" or Japs.
When you still have a soul, you still have guts and a respect for shit that actually matters. Sometimes you gotta fight for it.


>truck me immediately what it's really about.
was it remastered recently? also, what was it really about?

Pol Pot had nothing to say in '56. He rose the ranks of the Workers Party of Kampuchea in the 60s and the earliest he had somewhat of a power base was in 1970 while leading the the Communist Party of Kampuchea.

AR in 7.62x39 loves short barrel. Under 11" with a Shockwave brace and 20 rounder mags is pretty damn good.

Didn't this exact thing happen to Rio?

Based guy

Adequate gun control laws would have changed nothing in this situation.

kid done good, he should be paid by the state for a cleaning up the mess for them.

The few AR platforms I've seen in 7.62 have been so expensive I'd rather just buy the AK.

Children need sub machineguns or crew served weapons.
Why won't the democucks think of the children?

Joe Horns see two guys breaking in next door.
“Do you want me to stop em’?”
Cleared of all charges.
Full recording, worth listening to. m.youtube.com/watch?v=LLtKCC7z0yc

Its called an AMENDMENT, muppetbrains.
That means it can be -changed-.


Are you simple? Do you not know how to make an argument?

kid has the thousand yard stare. niggers will do that to you

>was it remastered recently?
Not mine, but my files were well-ripped and looked great on the monitor.

The series itself seems to me to be about growing up and realizing that protecting what's good and surviving in life require making tough decisions, but these decisions are required to preserve the good and defend those who can't do so themselves. Sometimes, you might have to kill.

It's about accepting uncomfortable truths and carrying forward despite them. AKA survival. At least, that's how I took it.

your embarrassing us kiwi. Stop right now.

Gun would have been locked up, without ammo(aka useless).
Mom would have had the key.

>The Constitution is different than a law kiwi

This. Take race out of the equation all together, ANYONE who breaks into a fucking house with intentions of God knows what deserve to be put down like the animals they are. I don't care if you only wanted little Billy's Xbox for drug money, breaking into someone's home is an insult to their very humanity. You're invading their one true sanctuary, it's only fitting that if you're caught in the act that you face the highest penalty.

>Children need sub machineguns or crew served weapons.
Sure. Children should be able to kill government agents. Not even kidding.

Thanks, always interesting to hear what other people think of a series. I watched on toonami back in the days I was getting into my nightowl habits. Saw it again recently, and came to a similar understanding of it. Damn it was well written.

Look an Aussie trihard!
Try reading Bill of Rights while right side up.
And fuck Steve Irwin. He was shit.

Ladson boys at it again

and advocating for gun control instead of working to change the 2nd, yep, thats liberal logic.

>And fuck Steve Irwin. He was shit.
Come one man. No need to say things you don't really mean.

Limmys a meme? What a great time to be alive.

oi don't lump them kiwis in with us

100% agreed. I think you should literally be allowed to hold and torture someone who comes into your home like that.

One thing, avoid Dracos if you're using Yugoslavian brass cased ammo. It's loaded hotter than the usual steel cased Russian stuff.

Awww fuck I'm going to bed.

great! now ur a sleep shill

As long as dangerous niggers and criminale have guns I support the average American being armed in this.

That is one badass kid

But then there's the chance of an armed rebellion, or communist uprising in your country since they can freely buy guns too, not sure I follow that argument.

Leftists have a masochistic streak imo. I think they secretly want to be dominated by a big masculine tyrone home invader. I've asked several of them what they would do if they had a gun on hand and a rapist had just entered their house. They just looked at me blankly.




easy to be mr objective when you arent emotionally invested. if its ever his daughter or a child of someone he knows i doubt hed keep the same smug tone

How can black bois even compete?

>He died like he lived: With animals in his heart

>Steve Irwin definitely wasn't "s***" user

> stop making guns period,
>destroy the remainder
>go back to swords
>Skilled warriors carry swords and duel in the street

>give condom to rapist
>no AIDS
>shoot perp while hes attacking you, blood spurts all over you and into your eyes and mouth
>catch AIDS

for every felon killed by someone armed with a gun, 20 innocent kids are murdered

Your argument=poo.

just move to westeros.


solution give guns to white people

You know the difference between a feminist and and a hand gun?
You can put a silencer on the hand gun.

We've learned since last century, that shit isn't happening again.

>give condom to rapist
>no AIDS
Oh boy...
And people overseas complain about our sex-ed programs.








This is a good pysop


I got these off Cred Forums years ago. Please share and enjoy!

Not an argument.

There is communist uprising since WW1 you dense fuck. They ruined half of the fucking world and you brainlets still can't read a book or two.

Every time a nigger dies it's like Christmas.

Limmy's always been a meme though

that is just sad