What keeps you interested in an anime?

What keeps you interested in an anime?

Nothing, it's all shit now.
I only come here from boredom and momentum.

Hoping to find something good amongst all the forgettable and mediocre anime.

being bored

I spend most of my time in my bedroom, alone. I have no real life experiences. I'm scared of the idea that in the future I won't have any fond memories of my youth. No friendship, no love, no adventures. Therefore, I try my best to fill this gap with the only things that are available for me. Anime, videogames, and Internet. The point of my effort is to try to become part of something. Something that will help to define my existence by sticking out from the numbness that my life is. And you guys, you too are part of this something.

interesting stories that arnt ruined by western pc pandering

Moe. I'm not even joking.

samefag. I misread
>in an anime
>in anime
and the question has now a totally different meaning. Fuck you.

I literally wouldn't care about anime if Cred Forums didn't exist.

I'm watching less and less every season, I just can't sit through it without getting bored.

I'm actually relatively a newfag and have a lot to watch.

I don't know anymore.

the three episode rule and watching with others


The shittiness of reality.

Keeps my "I'm alone but not lonely" farce from wavering.

There's isn't anything else, that appeals to me so much.

cute girls

my autism

Hot short haired girls with huge titties

I have nothing better to do aside from masturbating

Discussions on Cred Forums


Music, sometimes I stick around for a show with a really good OP or ED even if my interest in the story wanes. It brings back those positive emotions from the earlier episodes when it was good.

Cute girls

Honestly speaking, by reading your replies and thinking about it, i have to ask:

Would there be literally ANY reason to watch anime over any western TV show if there weren't cute girls? What makes people who are not interested in cute girls watch them at all? Most of the stories are dumb as fuck, nonsensical and copied from other stuff like literature and cinema.

The stories are dumb because of the cute girls.

Fuck off and kill yourself.

HERE, i deleted it and i posted a Yui, happy now? Stop sperging like a faggot now.

Cute girls are a miracle of nature and its natural for a human to be attracted to miracles, no matter how inane they might appear.

>imgur filename
Are you seriously this fucking retarded? Which shithole did you come from?


escapism is keeping me from going insane

I don't really know but anime simply has something that keeps me interested that western shows simply don't. Even the shitties and inane SOL keeps me more interested than any western series, no matter how good it is supossed to be.

Today's cartoons are SJW cancer.
Anime is the embodiment of wholesome traditional values.

Today's cartoons have ugly abstract designs.
Anime has cute, attractive girls.

Today's cartoons are kiddie fodder.
Anime is mature entertainment for mature people.

The few cartoons that aren't kiddie fodder are plotless satirical sitcom horrors, made to desensitize the audience.
Anime tells actual stories and doesn't insult its audience.

Today's cartoons are based on soulless formats that can be milked as long as the show is profitable.
Anime is mostly based on manga or novels, which means it'll end when the source material is used up.

Today's cartoons are impossible to masturbate to.
Anime offers a rich variety of fapworthy goodness.

Escapism of course.

>What keeps you interested in an anime?
Either a plot that has never been done before, or a plot that goes all the way with stereotypes.
Anything in between is not interesting.

>Lack of better to do/watch
>not wanting liberal hollywood Jewish propaganda
>Cute girls especially lolis
>lolis again
>appreciation of Japanese culture
Many reasons so I will keep watching it in the foreseeable future.


The engaging storyline.


Kill yourself, weakling. You're the type of scum who pushes for authoritarian collectivism out of shear ineptitude.

Don't be rude

Nihilism-induced authoritarianism will be the death of us all.

Western TV is 100% garbage. Anime is honestly better written.

That an awful exaggeration and you know that anime is not all masterpieces too.

There are good modern anime. There are no good modern western TV shows. Therefore anime > western TV.

I'm actually watching less anime than I am watching western cartoon shows since two years.
I am however spending more time on Cred Forums because there's a more active community talking about things.

I'm only 300 shows in and I'll admit I'm running out of really good stuff. I can't imagine what people who watched 500+ have seen. I never watch anime during the day, but having fallen asleep to it for 6 years I just can't rest without it.

I come back because I simply don't like how regular TV-series are so long and keep running until they stop making money. Just give me a damn story and quit while you're ahead.

>Anime tells actual stories and doesn't insult its audience.

Fuck off Sargon.

- nice artstyle
- interesting presentation
- at least one VA that melts my ears with her voice
- writer(s) having at least half a brain
- characters that bounce off each other
- mc has a direct and clear goal

plot driven action sequences with protagonists who aren't too annoying, and impressively dangerous antagonists.

I like cute girls

one or more of those:
- interesting characters and interactions (works for either personality or fighting styles/playstyles)
- an interesting enough setting for me to see how the author will explore it
- speculation fuel (for fights/matches or future chapters/episodes)
- intelligent characters (because when I see an anime/manga/match where the participants are playing/fighting badly, I feel like I'm wasting my time), interesting problems.

Basically, an anime/manga should attempt to catch the curiosity of the watcher/reader, and keep one's interest. Having mental exercises are ultimately optional, but personally they are fun for me.

>>Anime is the embodiment of wholesome traditional values.


Personal tastes are different and every creative endeavor copies or is influenced by what came before. And they're all shit.

I just prefer animation to live action from an aesthetic perspective. If the West started making more animation aimed at adults (or older teens) , I'd probably watch that instead.

I like suffering.