DBGT is a throwback about DB being an adventure and going to find the Dragon Balls like in the original series...

>DBGT is a throwback about DB being an adventure and going to find the Dragon Balls like in the original series, without ALL of it being retarded power level bullshit like DBZ was


Fuck off. DBGT was a perfectly fine way to end the series, and no matter how asshurt Toriyama is, GT is still better than that Super trash. He's basically the George Lucas of anime.

>muh revisionist history
You fags have been crying for 20 years about no one being the power level bullshit that GT caused. Oob sucks, Trunks sucks, Gohan is even worse here, Pan is annoying, even Vegeta is worthless, Base Goku > SS4 and power levels being shit AND not letting anyone but Goku do anything. Power levels at the end of Z were already fucked and GT just made things worse.

At least Super tried (not saying successful) to make other characters relevant again/close the gap (Krillin, Trunks, Roshi, 17, 18, Freeza, Vegeta actually succeeding unlike GT). Even Gohan coming to terms with being a failure and training again/regaining Ultimate with Piccolo despite jobbing is still miles better than cuckhold househusband Gohan from GT.

It devolved into power level bullshit after like 13 episodes, with villains that were less interesting than half of the movies. And while the classic-style adventure format had potential, none of the characters were as likable or the adventures as creative as the early arcs of DB. Super may be flawed as well, but don't go full revisionist and pretend that GT deserves any praise beyond one or two concepts.


Having the right idea didn't make it bad, the execution did. Super being garbage does not change the GT in the slightest.

>DB GT is genuinely awful while attempting to be a DB style adventure

>power levels
Super saiya Blue vs kulilin,super saiya vs roshi,17
>At least Super tried
Recolor,female Broly,copy and paste non-canon
>to make other characters relevant again
>better than cuckhold househusband Gohan from GT.

Defend this.

>without ALL of it being retarded power level bullshit like DBZ was
You clearly didn't watch GT or this is bad bait, either way fuck off

remember that random worm that was stronger the freeza
or how SS4 Vegeta struggled to hold a building while base Vegeta could destroy entire planets

No, Go Nagai is the George Lucas of anime.

I've never understood people's hate boner against GT. I've been rewatching it and I've found that most complains are: inaccurate or ridiculously nitpicky. Makes me wonder if the american dub changed so many shit for people seeing plot holes where there was none.

That is not to say the series is perfect, it does have its flaws like not very interesting battle choreography most of the time but overall is nothing really worse than anything within DB as franchise.

Goku's character is hands down better than Super's retard and Pan works perfectly well as the one driving the plot forward (I'd go so far to say GT's real protagonist is Pan).

The series also gives great closure to most characters, the major villains of each arc are great and SSJ4 is leaps and bounds a better transformation than Super's multi-colored hair.

what i also liked about Super is how characters actually hang out and are friends. I'm rewatching DBZ in it's Kai form after more than 15 years since i finished DBZ, and the characters look like they hang out only when there is an actual threat. Bulma and co. didn't even know Goku had a 4 year old kid ffs.

>"I only watched GT clips on yt and it's WAY better than supatrash bc MUH NOSTALGIA GLASSES"

>without ALL of it being retarded power level bullshit like DBZ was
Isn't GT the show where every single random fuck in space is stronger than freiza/cell because they just had to make the show about goku still even if they turned him into a kid?

Not really. That is only explicitly stated with Rildo, the other minor characters they face through the grand tour arc are only difficult because Goku spends most of the fights fooling around. He only fights seriously against the major villains of each saga.

>power levels power levels power levels
dumb niggers and spics

>Dragon Ball
>Dragon Ball Z
varies from good to spectacular
>Dragon Ball GT
varies from bad to incredibly awful
>Dragon Ball Super
varies from below average to incredibly awful
they have the same lows, but there's one or two moments where Super has been better than GT(almost certainly thanks to the fact that Toriyama can still be right twice a day

beerus and zamasu alone are better than all of GT

Except the adventure was cut to make more room for power level wank, so it ends up falling flat in that respect anyways. I still think it was good and fun, and it had some good ideas(using oozaru for SS4 and killing off the dragon balls for the last saga), but it did have legitimate flaws. It wasn't just endless DBZfag circlejerking that gave it its poor reputation.

>>DBGT is a throwback about DB being an adventure and going to find the Dragon Balls like in the original series

For about one single arc (16 episodes), until Toei realised it failed and then GT went back to be a lesser Dragon Ball Z for the 3 remaining arcs.
Also, when the "throwback" are literal retelings of the original DB (hi episode 7) with just different characters, then there is clearly something wrongs.

But it was bad
They surely tried the whole DB feeling but even Toei couldn't resist to add some power level shit, see how there were individuals who had their power level near Cell yet the original series tells you that Frieza had an almsot otal reign in the galaxy

Worse, they badly chosen the protagonists
>Goku, who is now a cocky kid who repeats the same line every episode
>Trunks, who was added as the "Bulma" when it comes to fix shit yet he was useless in most of the scenes
>Pan, which was added as this littl cunt who bitched about everything yet they always had to save her

>Goku's character is hands down better than Super's retard and Pan works perfectly well as the one driving the plot forward
Lol nope, GT Goku is way worse and Pan is one of the worst things in the series. Doesnt helped that Toei fucked up so hard at not giving her nothing but the role of damsel in distress

>GT Goku is way worse
Still better than retarded Goku in super

Goku in GT is pretty mature and cunning while not being the one who causes most of the show's bigger threats unlike his Super's counterpart.

Sure, Pan doesn't get to fight much but she and her relationship ties with Goku are still a key part of the series and by far the best part of it.

shit > super > big pile of shit > gt

>Goku left forever with shenron
I can’t even remember why but it’s so fucking stupid

How the fuck did the window not shatter


>evil goku who ruined trunks's story

King of the Tuffles was a better concept.

>muh evil guys come to earth because of me
which is literally the reason he doesn't want to be wished back after Cell
DBGT is essentially Toei rehashing Toei anime filler
>Black Star Dragonballs
attempt at dragon ball style adventure
plan to eradicate the saiyans rehash (the original OVA came out in 1993)
>hell bursts open
concept already used in Fusion Reborn
>multiple androids make super strong android
Android 13 movie
>lol goku fucking leaves
doesn't want to return for the same reason after Cell is defeated (though this was also in the manga)

Because Goku became one with the dragon balls so they wouldn't overused again.

So? Is pretty cool even if the animation is a bit wonky

If there's one thing GT nailed than it's the ending

> lazy recolors
> magic pink panther pants
Which one, Cred Forums?

>Toriyama can still be right twice a day

The Tournament of Power finally demonstrated that fanfiction with the same concept is better than current Toriyama's writing. Buu Saga was "Toriyama getting a few things right." Super is a natural progression of that by being unrelentingly awful.

keep seething gt spic, sorry your series was rendered as a simple alternate side story.

wew lad

>gt spic

Go fap to Gohan Blanco. GT made the controversial Buu Saga look good in comparison. Super made GT look good in comparison. Out of the frying pan and into the fire.

The fact that it's "canon" makes Super worse not better because unlike GT it can't even be ignored. It alters the universe, which now consists of 30 planets, in ways that actually makes Dragon Ball worse. While GT was boring Super is offensive.

Similarly Super makes multiverse look better. It didn't seem like it was possible to fuck up a multiversal tournament but then Super came along.

the first 16 episodes of gt (that funimation decided to edit into 1 episode) were fun

>While GT was boring Super is offensive

only in your head spic

Their dance gave us a pretty fun skill in XenoVerse 2.

>makes multiverse look better

>Is pretty cool
sure pedro sure it is

>the year of our lord 2018
>people still argue that GT is good and canon


He literally got outlasted by Freeza and basically admitted only Goku could save him.

Also the only gap closing power level I liked was Roshi, simply because they made him strong with his cool techniques, which made sense and was a fun callback to non beamspam days of regular dragon ball.

Krillin/17/18 being as strong as they were was basically an asspull, at least Krillin didn't last to the final 20 or something for no reason. Made sense for him to lose first, unlike Tenshinhan.

thats not cool at all

It was a mistake

Wait, that's what it was suppose to be?

>DBGT is a throwback about DB being an adventure and going to find the Dragon Balls like in the original series, without ALL of it being retarded power level bullshit like DBZ was

The concept was great but the actual show was fucking shit. I have watched it twice and everything falls apart once they introduce machine mutants. If they deleted Goku and made it Trunks, Goten and Pan in space it would have been a fun adventure.

>Isn't SUPER the show where every single random fuck in different universe is stronger than frieza/cell because otherwise TOP would last 2-3 episodes?

DB went to shit after the Cell saga.

That one actually makes sense because these are the greatest heroes of universes with higher mortal levels. Even if they're not explicitly stronger than 7 they're going to be a cut above the rest when it comes to lazy guys like Freeza.

It's not even like it's just a random guy, they were all specifically chosen because they're the strongest of their universes.

Only he did not. After 100 years, they are back. I am not sure how the ending should be correctly interpreted, but what we see is Dragon Balls being absorbed by Goku when he leaves with Shenron for 100 years, then he returns and Dragon Balls are again free to collect. It might be better if Shenron were to absorb them, but overall it seems that they simply took the balls with them and returned them after all negative energy evaporate from them. Goku basically became guardian for 100 years.

Are any of the DB movies/OVAs worth watching?

Path to Power, World's Strongest, the first Broly movie, and Fusion Reborn.

It was fun


That is exactly what happened so I don't see the issue?

They all look amazing in HD (for the ones available in that).
The only real bad ones are
>Lord Slug
>Bio Broly

DBZ the History of Trunks was so well received it retconned the DBZ manga. In the manga Trunks gains SS1 through training with Gohan. In the OVA he gains SS1 after Gohan dies. In super the OVA is again referenced.

First Broly movie, he beatdowns SS Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks and Super Namekian Picollo effortlessly. Definitive DBZ