What game is an example of unfair difficulty?

What game is an example of unfair difficulty?

I Wanna Be The Guy aside.

i got one
i wanna be the boshy

time-gated progression

Any IWBTG fangame

Souls games

Halo 2 on Legendary difficulty.

Über, Wolfenstein: The New Order
Also Halo 2 Legendary

Battle Froniter from Pokemon Emerald, the AI literally cheats

Not especially difficult, it's mainly bad design

>Let's have a game relies on audio and visual queues to telegraph attacks for all of the previous installment and bulk of this one
>hey, let's make a boss that's fast as fuck and has almost no queues for anything.
>let's also jam a bunch of shit in the background while having him blend into the background color
>Oh yeah and the only time you can land a Wicked Weave is if you're in Witch Time

Fuck the masked lumen and fuck anyone who says it's a better fight than Jeanne.

Im gonna be that guy and say Ghosts n Goblins on NES is unfair while its sequels arent.

Super Ghouls n Ghosts feels and plays 20 times better.

Most of the time Souls is pretty fair. Just gotta not rush into new places and you should be ok. Except for the occasional exception

any rhythm game

Git gud

I Wanna Be The Guy is fair, though.
It's fair in that it's designed around it's unfairness.
Sure, you die a lot, but you never go back that far, and you can restart instantly. There's very little repercussion to death, so dying a ton doesn't matter that much.

90% of the time, the threat is obvious. It's no one's fault but your own when you die.
Although sometimes the game will just throw unfair bullshit at you for no reason. But that isn't very often.
Invasion, on the other hand, is a bullshit mechanic and being penalized for dying in a forced PVP event in a game that focuses heavily on crafting a single player experience is bad design.

Why would a worm game make such an obscure Simpsons reference?

Fuck off. Platinum games are known for being firm but fair. That's what makes TW101 great. That's what makes Bayo 1 great. These games should never have an enemy where the player cannot hear or see attacks coming. Jeanne snaps before summoning a Wicked Weave so even if you can't see her precisely or her motion, you can still dodge the attack. Masked Lumen does not.

CoD World at War on veteran difficulty
Bullshit grenades spawns

there's a reason you shouldn't camp dumb bitch

Jim had the same voice actor as Homer for the EWJ cartoon.

Most of the time the most bullshit thing in the souls games is the scarce checkpoints.

Even though the ai is dumb as a rock its buffs in Total war are unfair. It makes a lot of the mechanics you have to fight completley irrelevant to the enemy.

Eh. I mean I kind of wish Checkpoints were closer to Bosses, but they aren't super bad most of the time.
And Dark Souls II is very generous with Checkpoints. Haven't played III yet, and I probably won't until we get a definitive version of the game.


The only things I've encountered in video games that I'd consider 'unfair' would be things like

>Leaps of faith
>Enemies that can attack from off screen, before you can see them
>Mechanics that aren't explained and impossible to infer by other means
>While not necessarily 'unfair', anything gated by time/stats is bullshit and I don't care for it

requesting the webm

It's less camping but more so taking cover. The game basically forced you to run like Forrest Gump.

Gta 4. The motorcycle chase mission

Battle frontier/subway/mansion in general. They never get better

>%90 chance to hit move misses 5 times in a row
>obtuse requirements everywhere

God damned bullshit. I don't know why anyone misses them.

a majority of arcade games
Ghosts n Goblins
Castlevania 2
button-mashing segments

on the opposite spectrum: difficulty that is literally fake
Unwinnable fights
Unloseable fights

Well, most arcade games were made to be difficult enough that you would spend plenty of coins but not so much that you would stop playing.

Only one with "unfair" difficulty is Dark Souls 2. And it's not even "unfair", it's just seen that way because every other Souls game is secretly designed so that even the worst players can succeed.

There's a reason why everyone bashes Dark Souls 2's gameplay, and it's because it punishes bad players for using the same tactics that are promoted in Demon's Souls, Dark Souls 1, Bloodborne, and Dark Souls 3.

DeS, DaS, BB, and DaS3 all feature ways to replenish one's health while playing aggressive.

All of the above feature relatively low stamina costs for rolling, and fast-rolling covers massive amounts of distance and has an ample amount of i-frames in all three games.

Dark Souls 2 changed the following:

* Healing while playing aggressive (Grass Munching/Estus Chugging/Rallying) is completely gone, Estus takes way longer and you're required to find shards to gain more charges, only starting with one charge. Lifegems exist, but they're only useful in specific scenarios (i.e. bosses that are too slow to stop you from using them while walking away).

* Roll Spam is gone. Twice the stamina cost, and they have half the i-frames (around 6-7 iframes without investment) without enough investment into Agility (you need 105 to match DS1 fast roll's 13 iframes).

* You move slower while locked-on to enemies.

I can agree that Dark Souls 2 has a god-awful story, but calling the gameplay bad and "floaty" is something you cannot seriously argue. They slowed down the pace of the game for the sake of tactical fighting, but because the Souls' series was already known for being some sort of fast-paced RPG for the modern ADHD player, it sent their mentally-disabled brains into a tizzy receiving backlash.

Your point?

you forgot to include the part in your thesis about how enemy placement and amount of enemies per area are shitty and half-assed compared to the other games so you'll get shit like 8 knights in the bastille that all aggro simultaneously or 4-5 giant knights in heide's

>literally designed to be too hard to beat in one rental

There's a handful of shmups that become literally impossible if you play too well such as Battle Garegga, requiring you to take hits/sacrifice score to keep playing. There's absolutely no indication of this.

> Balder doesn't have tells
> Telegraphs half of his attacks with a loud voice line
> Telegraphs the rest with a giant light sword and specific poses

Are you blind, slow, and deaf? If you can't hear him yelling ZIRACAH or INTO THE LIGHT at the top of his lungs while swinging his arms, you're just bad at vidya. Don't blame the game for your own shittyness.

Prinny 1 or 2, already hard as fuck platformers that have a mode called 'Hell's Finest' where you die in 1 hit.

doom 2
doom 1 was quite good doesn't matter even if you play on ultra violence but for doom 2 even on hmp the enemy placement was just outrageous

>It's fair in that it's designed around it's unfairness.
So it is still unfair? Since you just said that it is unfair?
Maybe "it is fair because the unfairness is deliberate" was not such an insightful comment to make.

Prinny series

All SNK fighting games

ITT: almost no one questions the use of the word "unfair" and instead just shits out names of games they didn't like for some reason or another

You're all faggots with zero analytic skills.