Do you prefer realistic female armor or do you like the fantasy ''cover the nipple'' armors in your video games?

Do you prefer realistic female armor or do you like the fantasy ''cover the nipple'' armors in your video games?

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both but i prefer bikini armor.

you may only pick one if you want realism


Prepare for fags to spam WOMEN CAN'T WEAR ARMOR

>Person wears a full plate of armor
>One single arrow penetrates all the armor and is killed instantly

Cmon, you fuckers complain about bikini armor when this shit is happening?

I prefer there are no ""women"" polluting my vidya.

Competent armor is hot.

Literally nothing preventing them from using it

Sexy armor

Whatever works.

they're both okay with me.

Depends on the style of the game, fucking duh.

Maybe it's from my time playing Super modded Skyrim, but I've come to appreciate full sets of armor on women. I think it just burned the love for Bikini armor right out of me, It felt like mindless, pointless, functionless fap fuel.
Sure it worked for a quick fap, but when I actually wanted to seriously play the game
>inb4 seriously playing Skyrim
In got the way of my immersion
>inb4 actually getting immersed in skyrim
Bikini armor can be hot, sure, but that's all it is, on a functional level, ti bothers me, so I can't enjoy it without a raging hardon.

>light armor
>can't dodge
just one heal away from being as good as new

I like both

I don't need realistic armour for either gender, I just want it to look good. Super skimpy armour just looks stupid so I'm not into that.

Theres either ultra realistic medieval games where they try to copy history, here women dont exist in the first place.
Fantasy medieval shit where physics dont matter, magic exists and so on. Here armor has no real meaning.



>getting hit

It shouldn't matter.

Girls in full plate armor and chainmail is literally my fetish. Not enough material.

Both. Same with male armor.

Has to be grounded. It either tries to protect or doesn't. Bikinis shouldn't give great defense.

That's why I'm okay with slutty barbarian looking outfits, since they don't wear armor in the first place.


Oh look, Cred Forums here to ruin another thread.

Former. The bikini armor slowly started to get to me over the years. I can suspend disbelief for twig arm females being ferocious melee juggernauts or jaguars, but not for the bikini armor anymore.

I'm a protective person, so proper coverage is 100% necessary to me.

I prefer female armor to match the setting it's a part of, which is also my opinion on male armor or just whatever gear happens to be available at any given moment.

Those arrows would pierce any armor except heavy shit a woman wouldn't even be able to move in.

If I'm playing for gearporn, I want women in practical armor.

Otherwise, I prefer form over function.


Depends on the tone of the game. If it's grimdark then bikini armor should be optional as a type of handicap item you can role play with and it would be the only acceptable way to put it in. If it's a light in tone game like dragon quest then fuck yeah bikini warriors are fun. fuck your serious autistic grimdark faggotry.

Form fitting fetish fuel armor.

What does fuction even mean in a fantasy setting.
Most of the time people are wielding 300kg+ swords at ligthning speed and not bothering to carry shields because lol.
Only feminists would complain about bikinis in that ridiculous setting.

They both obviously have a place. And hey, both genders too, why not. Equal opportunity practicality and sluttery

depends on the world building

It's all fantasy make-believe so who cares? I care as much about bikini armor as I do about Robocop and Batman's mouths being exposed.

But in a low fantasy setting I prefer more useful looking armor for women, or no women in armor at all. In a high fantasy setting anything goes and chainmail bikinis for everyone.

Don't forget gladiators

I don't care either way, as long as they have battleskirts or something similar.

>women in leather armor
>women in plate armor
>women in robes

Protective-looking armor is hotter than revealing armor, so I'd go with the former.

Realistic armor with easy-access flaps.

Fantasy armor because women are sexual objects to me.

Why would healers need armor?

Powered armor

I wanted to say aesthetic, but I'm sure there are armorfags who might take offense. Unless I'm playing a game where the selection of armor is an intricate part of the game itself, I don't care how it looks.

I don't care either way but I appreciate good attention to detail realistic armor

The exact same picture would apply to Conan the barbarian. They're dressed like that because it's appealing. If the setting calls for cheese, it's fine, if it doesn't, it doesn't. Context.

The people who rag on boob plate don't give a fuck about realism anyways, they just don't like it because it's 'sexist'. Whether or not it's realistic is just an excuse so they don't have to come straight out and say 'this isn't okay because a heterosexual man would find it attractive'.

So they don't waste magic on themselves that could go to others.

>no armor over the precious organs you need to live
I guess that's what the shield is for, but still.


dunno why people are so caught up with boobplate when the bigger problem is nobody wears helmets

hell give me the choice between boobplate with a helmet and fullplate without a helmet and i'd pick the option with the helmet every time


They don't get hurt sitting in the tavern.

Shields >>>>>>>>>> helmets

gladiators were not meant to survive

>females in battle
How fucking dumb is tumblr really? 99% of all soldiers in any war has been men for a reason.


women weren't knights dumbass

Vale sucks. Kelly's better.

Hell yeah skimpy armour

men cant be sexualized silly

>That armor design


Depends on the art style. I like skimpier armor in games with brighter colors and stylized design and heavier armors in games with more subdued palettes and "realistic" design.


That's gay
I like it

Both, but I'm content with mostly exposed ass/skintight leather pants.

Fully armored top+thong/thigh-high is pretty schway.

obviously the slutty stuff. don't be a faggot.

I prefer low fantasy armor and settings in general so yeah...realistic.


>don't be a faggot.

This. Literally no woman in the world is my equal. I could beat the fuck out of Ronda rousey or whoever is the meme MMA female fighter of the day,

I think both can work depending on the setting.
In gritty and bloody games the armor should be more realistic. But of the tone of the game is decently light then I think scantily clad warrior girls is fine.

Always annoys me when a setting has bikini armor for women but nothing for men.

Arrows pierced medieval armor. The armor was designed so bladed weapons would glance off you.

Then why give them the rest of the armor in the first place? Having weapons makes sense, for the spectacle, but everything else is superfluous if they're there to die.

Robes and light armor


but video games are fantasies you know


This made me lol, I think asian devs are physically pained to make a female character without showing some kind of cleavage.

Strength is only one reason, the other is that the population is determined by the number of females, not the number of males.

Armors that follow the curve of the body.

Objectively wrong

It's funny that on men they often have pubes overflowing with their thong armor.

Practical armor on knights and warriors. Rogues and mages can afford to be a bit more revealing.

What about mythological creatures

Do they get a free pass for dressing like sluts

tumblr is leaking again

Ha, a two year old girl with no arms or legs could kick your ass.

Fucking this, it all boils down to the setting.

If the artstyle or setting is bonkers, then everything goes. If it's realisitc or gritty or whatever, then it's far better to have believable armor and clothing instead.

Apparently this is was too difficult for faggot journalists to understand who bitched about Dragons Crown for the women. Everything in that game was a hyperbole.

Wow, a picture of a meme with white text; you're so epic.

Yeah, the best is when both men and women can wear both skimpy and realistic armor.

I could probably kick the shit out of like 3-4 average women though by myself at once. Even if they were biting me and going for my eyes or balls. stuff. I'm sure that would matter on the battlefield.

I can agree with this, I think it's better to have a choice though.

Real men don't shave

>Obvious thick pubic hair poking out
>Basically no hair anywhere else on his entire body
I can only go like 5/10 for such glaring issues

The armor depicted on the left isn't realistic either. And Game of Thrones is fucking garbage.

Arrows would not pierce plate, crossbow bolts would

its for fun of the audience

"LADIES AND PLEBS Today we have spear and net VERSUS sword and shield!"

hopefully they dont get killed and only bleed to excite the viewers

Fully armored thank you very much

As far as I'm aware all roman gladiators had "character classes" of sorts, which came with a different costume so that the spectators would know who's who.

I love skimpy armor for how ridiculous it looks (and for fap fuel of course) as seen in but desu I prefer just regular looking armor in more serious/less arcadey games.


>he thinks I'm talking about full plate armor that almost no one could afford

I prefer the Xenoblade Chronicles and XCX styles where both males and females can be put in slut wear or in full armor

Agincourt begs to differ.

What if we go towards the other end of the absurdly impractical armour spectrum

>not having a magical shield surrounding yourself at all times

lol pleb bitch

Player choice is the best option. If they want to make a scantily clad loli or a buff amazonian in plate mail, then they should have the options to.

Challenger isn't worth using if its not +2 in 4U.
C+1 = complete shit
C+2 = one of the best and most broken skills in the game.

>there are people in this thread right now that think platemail bikinis are stupid and impractical
>they think this in comparison to FULL BODY PLATEMAIL

Well memed, my friend. I hope you enjoy getting swords rammed into the joints of your armor when you're too busy struggling against your restrictive attire to dodge a blow.


Realism is for fags.

What this guy said, most gladiators were bulky so most slashes to their torsos would be superficial flesh wounds as opposed to flayed muscle and rekt organs.


couldn't give a shit
if i still taking full damage from arrow despite being a full heavy armor knight then the bikini armor helping you would be the same boat of video game logic

You aren't straight by any definition



So you're saying femGladiators should be THICC are you?

Realistic > "cover the nipple"/scantily clad shit >>> your mother's fat horsecock > boob plate

Boob plate will forever be an instant black flag for me in vidya.

The solution is obviously to put unrealistic women in the unrealistic armour

>Do you prefer realistic female armor or do you like the fantasy ''cover the nipple'' armors in your video games?
There is no such thing as realistic armor in videogames. If there was that would mean crossbows should be one hit weapons,that would mean that killing an armored knight would require you to use special weapons and special techniques.

I am yet to see a videogame with realistic armor.I mean even just chain mail negates slashing at your enemy(one of the reasons why katanafags are so salty).

Gladiator armor was for looks and also to prevent quick cheap kills. The limbs would be armored to stop someone from being disabled and easily finished, but a spectacular attack to the torso was encouraged.

Also many, if not most, fights between top tier gladiators weren't actually to the death.

>Porn artist attempting to justify his retarded art by taking a statement grossly out of context

If women were a fraction as capable as this degenerate peddler pretended, they would have had some representation in warfare beyond being the spoils of war.

i dont know for sure but im having a real hard time thinking they'd feed and arm their slaves just to have them die in the areana
sure they where pushing some of them for summerslam to build the show up but they were slaves

>Cred Forums and Cred Forums hate women

Not surprising desu

It's more so because men are expendable than anything else

>gladiators had "character classes"
Those trident fuckers seem like they really got the short end of the stick.

>Romans had esports before it was cool



10/10 would waifu

You're right, history tells that women almost never wore armor/fought in battles. However, video games typically aren't historically accurate =^)

>Not hating women

Where do you think you are

/lgbt/ actually.I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die.

Cyber Ninja Suits

How much effort do you think went into making Dancer's ass so appealing?


>video games typically aren't historically accurate =^)
yeah but then its fine to have women battle with swords attached to buttplugs without it being unrealistic

>Do you prefer realistic female armor or do you like the fantasy ''cover the nipple'' armors in your video games?

Both so long as the effort is put into it. I do prefer my realism with a dash of style and I got a thing for pulpy 70/80s tiddy armor.

If it's to enhance the spectacle for the audience, then that makes more sense.


Realistic armor or fantasy both seems to be fucking worthless.Nigga walks up stabs past w/e fucking armor you are wearing and you seem to be fine.your point op?


Nigger the firearm is what killed plate armor, and even with "advances in metallurgy" it was still crazy expensive to make a set. Even today it'll set you back a few thousand dollars.

This image is top tier bait really.

I'm more bothered by stupid huge pauldrons and how every fantasy armor ever is some derivation of plate armor in general.

It's either a chainmail bikini or a full suit of plate, or a plate bikini. I just want more full chainmail, lamellar, etc.

>Game of Thrones is fucking garbage.

>being this contrarian

>posting such weak b8
Here is your (you). You must be really desperate to get one.

Women are stupid and I don't respect them, that's right I just have sex with them.

yeah, and you'd want your slaves to survive.

just don't get hit.

A place full of retarded 12 year olds like you

Joan of Arc wore armor but its debatable if she actually fought at all.

>TFW I like playing conan esque characters
>TFW I can't run around in a loin cloth as a male 90% of the time

Evade tanks>anything else

Strip the armor and clothes, they only get in the way

the artist might be a shit but you totally ignore his point in the picture
he didn't say anything about women being good at combat or not, people know it is fantasy
he was arguing about the practicality of heavy armor vs light or non-armor
how about try to refute his point about people wearing less and less heavy armor when making them would be way easier and cheaper after the 17th century?

I just want something to combine renaissance-style garb with "lolita" style fashion. Maybe a helmet or cuirass layered a over frilly blouse and short skirt/tights, something that's on the borderline between sexy and practical/historically accurate.

The parallels are there, I'm not sure why Japan hasn't done this yet.

>saying anything other than what works for the setting

It's like you fags don't realize a setting creates it's own concept of functionality, and trying to pinpoint where things cease to be functional in entirely fictional worlds based on how things function in reality or other settings is an effort in futility.

I like revealing armor and I'm not even straight. I just prefer stylish over realistic.

t. someone stupid

Only whores who talk back get it. It's a public service really.

>tfw straight but red pilled on them
Wish I was gay senpai, at least you don't have to put up with cunts.

its just an opinion man

>bikini chick obviously has high level armor and weapon
>newbies in starter gear think they can kill her

I prefer settings where warriors, guards, soldiers, ect, aren't covered head to toe in plate armor.

and thousands of people came to watch them die

You're the same fucking retard making these threads over and over again. I'm starting to notice you now faggot.

Someone's butthurt.


>thinking about naked children under the shower

i do this too

Good job faggot, you just proved my point.

it's song lyrics stupid

They did, but they had some advantages. The guys with the big helmets had trouble breathing and got tired quickly, so they'd use the trident and net to play keepaway until the other guy faltered and then take them out.

It is, reddit.

Enjoy your shitty grimdark show where a Mary Sue saves the day with her ebin dragons.

From what little I they put a lot of money and time into training them and would have to pay for funeral expenses as well as tending to their wounds so they would be healed up next season, also the actual matches that weren't glorified executions had refs and a point system in place for when a hit was scored, as a proper gladiator I hear you chances of dying in the arena were actually about 1/8 provided who ever was funding the spectacle didn't have a need to suck the crowds dick.

Main characters don't need armor, since plot honor is already the strongest there is

You don't know much about gladiators do you?

>Irrespective of their origin, gladiators offered spectators an example of Rome's martial ethics and, in fighting or dying well, they could inspire admiration and popular acclaim.

>in battle

Women are literally only made for fucking and raising kids.


Get the fuck outta here tumblr. We know when the day comes that everyone needs to fight, feminists will say men should do the fighting instead due to physical advantage.

Depends on the series and characters but the most important thing is it be well designed/pleasing to the eye.
However that's pretty subjective

>I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die
That's a great joke grandpa, did you hear that one while building the transcontinental railroad?

she's a cutie~

>It's a females and white knight faggots complain about boob armor being historically inacurate when historically women were never in the battlefield unless they were uber dykes, episode

wikipedia isnt a source



>Women are literally only made for fucking and raising kids.


>game lets you do that, albiet Japanese-style
>English version censors it


Holy shit that picture
>big-ass hats with plumage
>awesome chestplates with massive frilly sleeves
>normal legs and shoes

What's the point of dressing like a pimp from the waist-up if you dress like a peasant from the waist-down?

>implying most of the faggots on this thread even get to touch a woman not alone having the balls to smack them

you are being way too generous

Gladiators weren't meant to die constantly either. It was essentially a little more real than Wrassling but the point was to put on a show.
Gladiator armor is a good comparison to fictitious armor because it's not designed to be practical and functional, it's designed to be cool.

Your average Japanese concept artist doesn't use a reference if they can't shoehorn in some popular costume meme like swimsuits, sailor uniforms, shrine maiden clothes, or gothic lolita dress. So until huge slashed sleeves come back in fashion don't count on it.


>What an old joke! Here's something I heard on Golden Girls as a witty retort.

The best part is jokes about women are always funny.

don't think they were dressing based on modern standards

also legs get all muddy anyways

Ugh, that's so sexist. Here is [insert anecdotical evidence of that one female warrior during Napoleonic Wars]. Now you know better, shitlord.

>Men are literally made for hunting and protecting said women

thank you for drawing this who ever you are...

What game is this?

Tanks, dildoes and naked lolis.

It's a better source than Cred Forums

No op you retard.
Yeah, you.
So? It is still stupid.
You keep proving my point kid.
Yeah, like you

Yeah, I agree. Which is why this whole debate about female armors being unrealistic is bullshit agenda since females in armors is an unrealistic concept to begin with. Saging this shitty thread.

Yes, but only the ones who know their place and are obedient.

This is how I know you've never pleased a woman. All good sex is on the fringe of going to jail. You HAVE to hit them.

attila total war


People wore less armor because it became impractical during the rise of weaponry (IE guns) at the time. At one point a suit of armor was viable protection but in no fucking way would a chainmail bikini be anymore protective than leather or concealed links.

Sun Tzu's quote is in reference to mobilizing ones forces and acting quickly during war.

I recall she was mostly a rallying figure. Though there were times she actually fought. I will try to look up source

I want to hug her flat chest against mine and pet her head and call her nice names

Total War, I guess.


Why protect a piece of useless meat only good for fucking?

I'm not the one telling literally the oldest jokes known to man over here, no need to get your faggot /lgbt/ snowflake panties in a twist.

You can't really protect things that are asking to die most of the time.


Why is this thread full of so many many bitter fucks?

because they could give you a son someday. babies don't feed themselves

beta nu male

>No rebuttal
>Literal reddit meme instead

It's hard defending the indefensible position.

fuck off edge
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only subhumans hit women
if you don't like how your girlfriend is behaving you leave her ass and find a newone

>n-no u

you are on Cred Forums mate
my break is over, time to get back to actually playing video game

I like a little belly and I wouldn't say no to some thighs with maybe a guard in front but bare on the back and sides except for a strap and some high-slit skirt deal. Not full bikini armor but not full armor armor.

Either make a coherent reply or fuck off to tumblr.

In terms of material wealth, the average landknecht wasn't much better off than a peasant. They were only allowed to dress that lavishly because their life expectancy was very short.

weak edge b8 like this is what will land you in the hospital one day
you will yap to the wrong person and you will get wrecked

I'm sorry the truth is so provocative for pussy worshiping simp virgins.

Then they expire. Any slam pig of a woman can feed a baby though.


In case you are new and just tuning in, this thread is literally just trolls trying to troll other trolls.

>Not worshiping everything women do and say
>"gee whiz this place sure is bitter"

The modern woman is an even greater affront to society than the modern man.

Why would someone add this text? As if the artist's intent wasn't obvious. Dumbest shit I've ever seen, shaking my head family

How the fuck am I bitter for saying women in battle is unrealistic and fucking retarded? Do you even know how biology works? If devs are going to be unrealistic for including women in battle, why not make their armors stylized aswell?

Funny, I don't ever see these SJW fucks whine that Evie in Ass Creed is too unrealistic for wrestling men five times heavier than her. It's always when it's convenient to the SJW agenda where the realism argument is used. Never elsewise.

She also wore a breast binder to get rid of her cleavage. She wouldn't have been able to wear any armor otherwise.


Try it white knighting pussy. I always defend the guy who puts his woman in her place like a real man.

nonsense, pull plate armor is absurdly tough, I've seen tests at 20 yards with 130 pound longbows firing bodkin points into it and it almost always bonces off.

I prefer my video games to have consistent art styles more than anything. Bikini armor on one character in a game where everybody else is decked out in full plate is visually jarring, so it better have a damned good explanation.

sure kiddo
keep that edge sharp, one you might even get someone mildly annoyed over the internet.

Should Cred Forums posters be publicly executed?

Meeting new women and wooing them is hard work. I'll just keep smacking my gf when she acts up. She'll learn eventually.


We are literally becoming the new standard. Prepare your jimmies.

Should tumblrinas be publicly executed?

that's what they probably dream off
they masturbate thinken off becoming martyrs to "the cause", whatever that is

Keep using your buzzwords like "edgy" while I beat into my girlfriend the idea too go get me cigarettes. Now go jerk off like the beta you are.

Meh too muscly and boobs too round.

I don't get it, if you hate people disagreeing with you, why aren't you on Neofag instead? They'll just ban anyone for triggering you with historical facts.


Should Cred Forums posters and Tumblr users be forced to fight to the death, and then the survivors publicly executed?


Both. Depends on the situation and how serious the game takes itself

Because armor wasn't designed to accommodate tits, not because armor couldn't be.


>muh Cred Forums boogeyman
The general consensus is changing you dumbfaggot, everyone is becoming Cred Forums and you better get used to it.

Women are slam pigs and nothing more. They are weaker than us.

Pretty sure the artist's intent was some what humorous gore porn.

They really do deserve it most of the time. If you stopped glorifying their mere existence and started studying their behavior they are pretty easy to game and manipulate.

I don't give a fuck. Just give me good gameplay and a good world.

Bikinis don't do anything to me, so having bikini armor betrays the point of armor with no benefit to me.


I like armor that has stats that correlate with the armor's model/type

Skimpy/bikini armor shouldn't give a lot of defense bonuses but should give agility/speed bonuses, heavy armor/full body armor should slow down the player but give massive defense bonuses.

The worst part about Cred Forums is that they think that the "silent majority" supports them.


Doesn't really matter to me but the realistic armour obviously makes more sense and adds immersion.

Then again, in a medieval setting, women wouldn't be fighting at all, so that kind of fucks immersion as well

t. retarded faggot
If you were not so busy being retarded and open a book now and then you would know that women did fight in battle in the past, it was rare but it did happen.
No you!
Either make grow a brain or fuck off to Cred Forums
Not only are you a bitter faggot but also a moron that likes to talk about stuff he does not know anything about.
Not everyone is becoming brain dead faggots like you

Why would they need to convince the "silent majority" to align with their stances when their opponents do the best job?

Goddammit, Tellius armor is gorgeous.

keep telling that to yourself edgelord


Whatever fits the aesthetics of the game setting is important too.

>Not being a strong independent wizard who don't need no sorceress sapping yo mana

This made me jej

There is a reason why modern media propaganda generally panders to women. They are much easier to brainwash with empathy. Just tell them that importing millions of mudslimes is empathy and they'll flock to it like the vain whores they are.

lolis can show skin
old hags (13+) need to be a metroid about it and hide their ugly

>A-Armor could have been made to take into account tits
Yep, the average knight is going to have enough money lying around to make custom, expensive armor for themselves. Of course ignoring the fact that historically 99% of everyone that wore armor was in fact male.

>The worst part about Cred Forums is that they think that the "silent majority" supports them.

It does.

Right, just like there is nothing preventing a man from wearing a dress. Doesn't make it any better. A child can also carry a gun, doesn't mean that competent child soldiers fighting on the same level as trained adult men are realistic.

>If you were not so busy being retarded and open a book now and then you would know that women did fight in battle in the past, it was rare but it did happen.

By your own admission you state it's rare IE they didn't belong anywhere near a battlefield because they are woefully unfit for it compared to men. This historical reality doesn't make me retarded, it makes you desperate to pretend women are battle worthy.


Germans actually tried to bring armor back in WW1, but then they understood that it wasn't going to do dick against artillery anyway

All cute guys should wear dresses though

Spartan women were trained in combat, in fact many tribes trained their women to fight if worse came to worse because fighting them off or being killed is better than being raped or made into slaves

I want to see more women wearing shirts that completely expose their nips please

What's the point of being gay if you want your men to act like women?

You just cost my girlfriend the ability too drive for the next few days friend, I'm taking her keys. Now she will have to walk to get me cigarettes. I hope your proud of yourself white knight.


What is munitions grade?

They were trained in combat in the case of ALL MEN DYING ever came true. Even then, it was never expected of them to fight. Women armies have never ever been able to withstand an invading male army. Once the male population is eradicated, so too is the safety of the nation.

I'd take the Mage (Male) over the other one any day

That armor is awesome to look at; too bad the skill set is absolute GARBAGE!




>this entire thread

Shit son, you think you're tough? I'm beating the shit out of girlfriend right after this thread is over. I'll probably show it to her, as well.

they still wore metal helmets long before the brits found out it made more sense than cloth ones. most lethal injuries were head wounds with trench warfare

Any decent plate armor was custom made, it had to be to work properly.

I'm not gay, I just like the cute feminine look with a nice, uncut penis attached, which is better for sucking than a clitoris. Granted, if dickgirls existed in real life, I'd be extremely happy.


>Anyone with different opinions with me is trolling

lmao the arrogance of nu males

It depends. If the game has magic and other nonsense stuff then I don't really give a shit what they wear. If it is more realistic then more realistic armor is better, though there really shouldn't be that many women in battle if it is going for realism.

I draw with this in mind

>munitions grade
>mass produced for males
>hurr this somehow means women also had custom built armor

Why do people care, why can't we have a variety of armours as in why can't a developer choose themselves.

I literally don't care if a developer chooses bikini armour for all the characters or has realistic armour for both.

Why does this only happen with games, no one cared that Dan Brown writes the same book over and over so why does it matter if games use bikini armour, there's a big wide world of games out there just buy another game.

I don't think I've even played a game with bikini armour in it.....

Good man.

>I'm not gay
>But I like my girls with dicks
Sorry bud, you're a fag in denial. "feminine penis" is a meme. Dicks are inherently male/masculine.


Please stop, I've already fapped twice today.

>those little antlers with that smile and a tiny lil' buckler
What qt.

>tumblr's idea of nice a female warrior is basically a male with a vagina
So why not just use men? And you'd do it without the wild mood swings.


>talked shit
>got hit


If you hate women so much, why not just fuck traps?

As men, they can understand you better than any woman ever could.

Both definitely. This goes for Male armor as well. I think when it comes to classes like Berserkers, if you aren't almost naked, you are doing it wrong.

But if you are going to play as a Knight, then you should have proper armor.

It's a relic set user.

As it is in that picture: Fleet Feet, Honed Blade, Razor Sharp, Crit Eye+1

As it is if I decide to switch the arms for GX Hunter (still matches): Honed Blade, Fleet Feet, Challenger+2


Shut the fuck up you fucking gaylord

Actually metal armor for machinegunners in more exposed positions was a regular thing in WWI.

They would have to make custom molds for tits armor idiot. They had to follow a basic mold to get the general shape before adding or changing components.

Basically, both. It boils down to the setting and whatever. But personally, I do like my female armor a bit on the form fitting side just because. Pic related.

How is that gay? No, explain the math to me. If anything futa on woman is less gay than male on female. I went to college.
Male genitalia + male body = male
Female genitalia + female body = female

Male genitalia + female body = futa

Female + male genitalias + female body = herm

For the purpose of this exercize let YG be male dongs and YB be male bodies. XG will be female vags and XB will be female bodies (including breasts)

So, a generic 1 on 1 "straight" porno will go as such;

YB+YG = 1 male
XB+XG = 1 female
thus we have a 1:1 male/female ratio. We can use this as the base line for what is "straight" or not.

(XB+XG)2 = 2 women (lesbians). We can surmise that this is "straighter" than the base line of 1 male on 1 female. However this is where things can get interesting.

(XB+XG) + (YG+XB) = 1 female on 1 futa

We have lost one male defining physical trait (the male body) in exchange for one more female defining physical trait (the female body)

Using this simple formula we can thus derive that (XB+XG) + (XB+YG) > (XB+XG) + (YB+YG) in terms of "straightness"

We can also utilize this formulat to place futa on futa roughly on equal footing as male on female in terms of "straightness"

You see, son, sexuality isn't black and white. Everyone's a little gay and everyone's a little straight. Trying to say otherwise is just a nonsensical pissing contest, and really you're just holding yourself back for no other reason than personal pride.

What's worse? Shutting yourself off from terabytes of nice high quality porn?

Or having to come to terms with your own sexuality?

>I sure enjoy playing with my own penis

>but I'm not no fag I don't like looking at OTHER penises or anything, especially when they're connected to pretty women
I went to college for this.

What year is it

I'd prefer the female warriors were nude
pic related

But women are only good for hating and fucking. Hate-fucking. Traps are gay.

Even better, they had actually received special authorization from one of the Maximilian HRE emperors to do so

Skimpy sexy armour that transforms into full badass plate when entering battle is the best of both worlds and the objective superiority

Why are people so retarded about armor penetration. It's not like a crossbow bolt has +15 to penetration and will instantly obliterate a person with plate mail. It all depends on the angle the bolt hits the armor and the vitals underneath.

because you're just fucking a guy. what he calls himself doesn't matter. if he calls himself an attack helicopter, that doesn't make you a mechanic it still makes you fucking gay

Current year you faggot.

>implying Cred Forums and Cred Forums in general isn't full of wishy washy men that change their opinion every week

The vast majority of women might be repugnant dredges but it's not going to stop me from loving vagina. Traps are mentally unstable anyway.

I like armour that looks comfy.

I thought you were the guy saying that she would have had custom armor and therefore no reason to bind her tits as opposed to munitions grade which I think would have been more available due to France getting it's shit pushed in at the time.

>Not liking both.

This is some advanced autism.


>this whole post

>Going through this much mental gymnastics
If it has a penis its a man. If you're attracted to something with a penis, that makes you gay. End of story.
No reason to be ashamed of being a fag user, its the current year and all that.

Kanuka > Noa

>you will never assert your physical superiority over an amazon(male)

Not gonna lie, I would fuck the shit out of some traps if they looked like this irl

The point is THEY DON'T

unf - make it happen.
>tfw no game lets you be a twink in loincloth.

You really don't have to go out of your way to accomodate tits unless they're huge. It's not like fat is incompressible, if you're packing a low C or less you can fit that shit in a breastplate. You don't need a custom mold.

It's been that way for years now


at 14 or so they can

real people grow up though unfortunately. also that would be illegal

>newfags not recognizing pasta
This is why I love threads like this. They show that the Cred Forums and tumblr idiots don't actually post here very often and are only here to argue about their retarded political beliefs.

Trips confirm, praise kek.
Sadly not everyone has gotten used to it, and that's why we have a couple of retards in here getting triggered.

This guy gets it.

>implying full plate shouldn't be the standard, with skimpier armors being unlockable sidegrades
Step it up. If it transforms during battle then you don't get to see them fight in skimpy armor.

>muh attack helicopters

I sure hope you get taken for a helicopter ride someday.

that sounds like a lot of fun



This is why we are drifting furhter from Gods light....

>i like dicks

Why does Cred Forums hate women?
enjoy your vacation.

Some come really close

Yeah. Let that autism flow faggot

Is that pic supposed to be an example of that?

>Why does Cred Forums hate women?
We don't?
We like to look at them - enjoy their form and attributes.
We just don't like inconsistencies.


I'm pretty hairless (except for a very tiny tuft on my chest) and I have thick pubes. It happens, user.

When did I not say that? You have the reading comp. Of a shitskin. I just said that they fought, you said they couldn't at all. You're a gigantic retard

Inb4 Trump loses.
Good job missing the point you retard. I never said anything other than it happened.
So you are just stupid?

I wanna put this queer into a coma

I think I remember seeing this pasta only once before

>Grasping at straws
Guess by your logic, even infants were soldiers :^)

>Why does Cred Forums hate women?
I don't hate women. Most women are fine. I hate the retarded SJW women and nu-males who are trying to push a narrative of devs being unrealistic on women when the fact that women even being in those positions is highly unrealistic to begin with. It's fucking hypocritical and disgusting.

Goddamn, I want one of them to sit on my face right fucking now.

And men's inconsistencies are somehow better? This is the same board that sent Nintendo a thank you card, then proceeds to shitpost about their business practices a few months later. This is the same site that used to meme about Gurren Lagann being amazing and epic when it aired, but now calls it the worst shit ever since it got a dub.

depends on the game.
If it's stupid bullshit bikini
if it's trying to be seriously realistic.


>different people have different opinions
really makes you think

Best thing I got on my phone.

gonna chimp out nig nog?

>Not a single argument to one of these
>''g-get out Cred Forums reee....''

Stylish armor > bikini armor > realistic armor

If the story is going for realism then there shouldn't be female combatants at all except for maybe one woman who is shown to be exceptional.

sexy, though a little problematic, I think. sauce?

>Unshorn fetlocks


She is the only one who
realistic and historicaly accurate female warrior in video game

Women could literally be slaves tomorrow if men so decided and there is very little they could do ab out that. They are inferior. Only valued for the wet hole and their ability to raise children even though they fail at that now. You have to hit them to kick in the feminine urges to remind them. Grow up kiddo.

But really tho, Cred Forums should take this political discussion to the designated politics board.

>Still this bad at reading my post
Guess by your logic only people on the front lines are real soldiers :^)

Thanks for the laugh.

why would you do something so mean?

Welcome to the internet age where no one has accountability. People are evil so what can you expect

Armor will protect you from errant crossfire and weak follow-up attacks at best.

If your opponent is actually trying to kill you, your armor isn't really going to do much to keep them from doing that.

The idea that you can put on a huge suit of armor and be a human tank and storm through the battlefield is a video game thing.

If you want realism in your historical or fantasy games, everyone should be fighting nearly naked.

do you think she still poops wherever she wants?



I forgot to mention but i prefer the latter for barbarians and gladiators (or equivalents)

They never did fight you fucking retard. That's not what a fucking home defender is used for.
>Complains about others having poor reading comprehension
>Even types like a 5 year old
>Or shitskin
Yes, user. Thanks for your contribution to the thread.

Relistic armour, which means woman wears no armour and makes dinner


both, depends on the mood

knights/monks or any combination of the two should be completely covered for honor and piety
high level armor and non-magic metals like iron, as well as anyone wearing furs because theyre supposedly way up north should be at at least 75% coverage, and only bare on limbs/head
archers or assassins or any other dex based characters, anyone wearing light armor, hides, or pelts or exotic/ magic metals like mithril, crystal, adamantium, etc should be around 50% for mobility's sake
bandits, rogues, and other lawless heathens can wear

I'll see comments saying things like "Wow, I can't believe I signed that thank you card" or "Wow, I can't believe that Cred Forums was cringy enough to make a row row fight the power flash". Is this just new people that weren't there sharing their opinions several years late?

Yeah, those damn SJW boogeyman with knowing a bit about the past.
>I can't read.
Yes, you made it really clear you are a stupid 12 year old.

What about armor in modern/future/sci-fi settings?

He actually makes my penis confused and I'm no queer. If I don't hit him that means I'm a fag. I'm no fag.

>If your opponent is actually trying to kill you, your armor isn't really going to do much to keep them from doing that.
t. man who doesn't know shit about armor

>any form of video game armor
If games were "realistic" every character would be wearing chain mail or leather

Even if she had fully covered armor, a crossbow bolt is going to puncture it regardless

So we can all agree that women in battle attires is a fucking retarded anyways and Granblue does it best?

Is this supposed to be some stupid DeviantArt's interpretation of Xena and Gabrielle?

all these white people #love refugees while blacks and asians know that it'll cost them money/welfare will be split to these poorfags

Thank God for women being able to cook. If they couldn't, all that'd be left is for men to produce shit-tier garbage meals. Not their fault men are shitty cooks though, I guess.

That wouldn't be too bad if they made armor with removable parts so you can still flash your baps when handing in quest rewards and cover them in battle. I know its still not that practical because removable parts in armor could still become chinks in that armor because they're not designed to be strictly solid but it'll still work.

Fuck off bowfags.

What is impact force?

You must have a sad, insecure life. Embrace your desire to plow girly men like most of Thailand has.

a one on one is going to end with a tussel on the ground and a knife anywhere you can stick it anyways

Armor on women has to be form fitting.

>TFW no games with good armor/clothing damage system


Leather armor is useless fyi

that's wrong.

Swords are very ineffective against a suit of plate armor which is why you can see in medieval fighting manuals that they had diagrams instructing people in armor either to hold their sword with one hand down the langth of the blade and try to poke it through the enemy's helmet visor or hold the sword by the end of hte blade and use it as a mace , hitting with the handle.

Shut up about things you don't know about, you ignorant kid.

Why are brown girls so hot in vidya and anime, but absolutely shit tier in real life?


Dead or Alive.

Art of Fighting.

Senran Kagura.

Neptunia U

>beating up a trap to cover up your own homosexual feelings

That sounds pretty gay, user.

chainmail is actually heavier and more cumbersome than plate

>Cred Forums is one person and/or Cred Forums holds a single opinion
>using Cred Forums as a representative in an argument against men
this is new levels of retarded.

>Thank God for women being able to cook


2D makes everything better. Forever alone women worship 2D men over 3D men for a reason too.

Can you post your tits now?

Depend on the class I choose to go with. If I play a paladin/knight I want a realistic plate armor, if i play a ranger I want a leather with a cape, for a mage I want a robe with a hood and if I played a barbarian I want something like the picture.

Fantasy homes are only single-parent if Dad was eaten by something.

Whatever looks good, it's not like it matter if they are fully armored since the whole concept of female warriors is just fantasy and myth.
Even women soldiers in today's armies don't really do much.

Does this count as realistic armor?

Only blunt weapons and crossbows are going to do serious damage if you're wearing plate armor.
Unless they hit a joint or something, but you're retarded if you let your opponent aim for it.

If you wanna see my boytits, sure.

>perfectly molded to her boobs


What are they supposed to be that way so glancing blows will slide off?

post more centaur waifus and i will decide

Queen's Blade Spiral Chaos kind of has that, but I'm sure you already know about that.

Bet they can pass as a girl's with all that estrogen in your brain.

Remember that time Bioware made a joke of female armors being unrealistic while making an SJW fanfic game of gays and minorities banding up to defeat patriarchy? unfortunately, I do.

>Hurr game of thrones has it, it must have happened in real life too!
And not just because of your shit taste in TV.

And if you didn't have armor, you would've been already dead by that point.


>nu-male posting
What a waste.

Calm down user, it's just a reaction image that signifies laughter.

I wouldn't say heavier but more cumbersome is a definite yes.

What's the deal with that belt?

If your character is so perfect at dodging attacks, armor is negligible and should be tossed for mobility and agility.

If your character is a dumbfuck that frequently gets hit by even the most telegraphed attacks, heavy armor made out of some bullshit Adamantium-esque material is what they're gonna wear.

How many females in vidya are portrayed as cumbersome dumbfucks that only know how to swing big weapons around?

They're almost always acrobatic.

Most brown people have the opposite problem of having way too many family members living together. I'm mostly referring to Indians and Southeast Asians rather than blacks.

I think that was just supposed to be a reaction image buddy

Break Undies mod for Oblivion

There's a Skyrim version too but practically no armor supports it.

This is like the best Pasta ever, and I never really see it any more.
I know, right? Maybe people don't understand it's pasta so they dont use it.

>ignoring Schola the god

It looks better from the front, though I think they were trying to prevent clipping for fatter characters.

There is Oblivion mods that add a armor damage system and maybe some for Skyrim.
Look at that butthurt.
Nope but I remember you acting like a faggot, oh wait that is what you are doing now.

I just recently got into skallagrim, he's pretty nice to listen to

Both, but I like full suits with boob plates the most.

>w-were the majority!

Kek every time

Dumb shit/pol/sters try to legitimze their cancer by implying everyone agrees with them. As if they aren't the most detested board, who only exist as a concession and a containment measure on the part of the previous administrator. As if they haven't been here for less than a third of the sites lifetime. As if all of us who've been here for a decade are going to just go "oh shit both those Cred Forumstards said 'we' in their post when talking about their opinion, that must translate to like hundreds of people i'm clearly outnumbered!"

how stupid are you lmao

what a dick he hit his friend on the nose

Fucking 343 I swear to God they were the greatest mistake to happen for a hand-held casual game series

Looks retarded m80.

Go here

dark souls :^)


"... i think we should just talk about video games..."



I want to be able to tell if it's a man or a woman.

Not that I disagree with a lot of that but you can't fight the winds of change so stop trying.

>implying Christmas Tree isn't best weapon.

>Being this triggered
You have no power here.
And I don't have to defend anything, the truth will out regardless of your fee-fees.

I need more games with christmas trees as weapons.

You mean the whole thing or just certain parts?

Wow, its almost like they know women's purpose is to look pretty

You wouldn't try to kill someone wearing a plate armor anyway, since it means he's rich enough to be ransomed


Anyone with a double digit number of posts in Cred Forums should be shadowbanned from every other board. It is a containment board after all

Nothing seems to be more torturous to a Cred Forumslack than not getting attention

Only a complete retard could simultaneously act like there's a great racist conspiracy to discredit blacks (as if they needed any help) and act like racism is just a vocal minority.

Here's a life tip for you: Politically Correct is not synonymous with Correct.

Are you actually disabled or what?

I don't know if you realize this, but outside of your reddit tier circle jerks people ARE getting fed up with your sjw progressive bullshit.

anybody know what game is this?

Is this your character? I'd fuck the shit out of her.


Kingdoms of Amalur

But i agree with him, better than agreeing with a assblasted Cred Forums retard that will just go to another board and complain about ''muh videogames are dissapointing this year''

>low level armor is practical, nice looking armor
>high level armor is bride dresses, clown suits and other retarded shit

This irks me regardless of gender

>Default: Normal armor with minimal/no skin shown
>High tier: Normal armor with gilded bits and maybe some cloth or spikes
>Mid tier: Bikini Armor, but practical in appearance and stats
>Low tier: Bikini Armor that's pure fanservice and gives little to no stats

Game where bikini armor is the main attraction? Into the garbage.
Game where a strong character is the main attraction? Worth playing.

Bikini Armor should be a bonus with little to no perks (except the obvious two), and nothing more.

Game of Thrones is the plebbest of pleb tv shows. Fucking Gilmore Girls is probably higher brow. Stay mad.

I'll let you in on a little secret. No one cares about women being in strong roles. They will never know or even begin to understand the suffering of man, and as such, are not interesting being put in the same roles. In fact, even if they are, people flip out when you show women getting tortured or beaten as badly as men do in some games, so it's not like they could get away with doing that to begin with.

This is nothing against women personally. It's just the same reason that you can't play as a man in Cooking Mama. A man's place is being a master chef, if he does cook, while a woman's job is jut to prepare meals for her family. And even then, I don't know how many people really would want to play a cooking game about some guy. Does that one anime have one yet?


>game has high magic
>boob plate is too unbelievable

I mean, come on.

Dynasty Warriors 7 had a plethora of Christmas items as joke weapons, but it was DLC. The Christmas Tree itself isn't a sword, it's actually the lance. Though considering the way the lance in DW7 works, it's more a glorified drill with a handle.

Alas, they didn't just copy and paste them into DW8.

Season 6 cemented the show as full on franchise rape

Cover the nipple; women are just objects for my pleasure

I thought the filenames made that obvious, but yes.

bestiality is illegal, user

Style over substance. I don't care about realism in works of fiction.

The false standard that made up shit and imaginative elements have to follow a real life example needs to go.

I'm saying the standard has to go, not the application. If you want to have females with "realistic" armor, please go ahead and do so. But don't act like someone not following this, is a "problem that needs to be rooted out".

Too bad Cred Forums would not know the truth even if it started tea bagging them
You may had a point if both those posts were from one user.
Your mom.

absolute shit taste

*shrugs* you never know sometimes

and so

You think that's bad? In Final Fantasy XIV there are eyepatches (wich count as headgear) that have way higher defense stats than say, a metal helm.
How does that even work?

>caring about realism in a digital medium where characters often break the laws of physics

Over time it seems many people have forgotten the most important ingredient to a good gaming experience: The good game.

And by game I'm not referring to shader effects, high polygon counts, compelling story, or any of the other irrelevant nonsense I don't give a submarining fuck about. I mean the actual gameplay. The part where you control stuff and have it interact with other stuff and then your brain generates fun.
If I wanted a compelling story I'd read a book. There's only a few million of them already in existence, majority of which were written by people whose talents compare to the best video game writers, the same way Kobe Bryant's penis might compare to that of a poorly endowed tit mouse.
If enduring 90 minutes of CGI cutscenes dubbed with pornography-grade voice acting sounds exciting to you, I suggest you immediately open up your web browser, browse on over to your friendly neighborhood torrent site, and start downloading something called a MOVIE. Any of them really, because apparently you're very easily satisfied.
Perhaps I'm romanticizing the past here, but but I remember a time when most games were about being challenged to explore new gameplay mechanics, about learning and solving new puzzles, about improving your skills against all types of adversaries and about feeling proud of your accomplishments.
Now they're mostly shiny particle effected vessels guiding any soccer mom caliber gamer through a generic 3rd grade level story where anyone with a brain the size of a steroid shrunk testicle can pretend to be a hero and maintain a fantasy of NOT SUCKING BALLS AT VIDEO GAMES.

>B-but I need a reason for what I'm doing, motivation for my character, a back story!

Would you really need a backstory to play Donkey Kong, you twat? How about football? Or Poker? If the process of playing a game isn't fun for you, then maybe you should find a different hobby.

who gives a fuck whats legal?
everything is legal what you can get away with.

Oh, for what it's worth, I actually hate playing Bullet (Valkenhayn main), but I think her design is great. Those shorts, that skin color, those boobs, what's not to like?

in no video game where there is that type of armor is there realistic body damage where you would die to a single arrow even to the head.

this picture is unfair in that even if she was not exposed the game she exists in still wouldn't treat the arrow damage realistically.

If a game set out to be more of a simulation in how wounding and damage works then yeah, skimpy armor is stupid. But in the games that it does exist no weapon does realistic damage and they way as well be hitting each other with inflatable toys.

>Too bad Cred Forums would not know the truth even if it started tea bagging them
>You may had a point if both those posts were from one user.
How new? Or just retarded?

Thanks for the reminder, almost forgot about that pasta


Magic properties of clothing.

which game?

Fucking newfags.

Neither as I am not you

desu senpai I like tapered female plate armour

>mfw my state says it's illegal to fuck animals but a-okay to watch

>these newfags.

You think that's bad? In Final Fantasy XIV there's magic (which counts as weapon) that has way higher defense stats than say, a metal sword.
How does that even work?

the "winds of change" are leakage from the local sewage containment tank, amounting to a tiny portion of the site's userbase. Cred Forums has a lot of traffic but most Cred Forums users are not Cred Forumslacks and most boards could not give two shit's about Cred Forums's political agenda (which is not even an actual singular thing, there's a lot of conflicting agendas on Cred Forums) anymore than we would give a shit about Cred Forums tripfag drama or /s4s/ maymays.

When you occasionally see Cred Forums pasta on other boards it's not because Cred Forums cancer is part of the culture of the userbase at large, just that Cred Forums crossposters are particularly zealous about shoving their political feces down everyone's throats, everywhere they go.

THAT is what people are tired of. We're here to shitpost about vidya. Trying to co opt a chinese cartoon board into your butthurt culture war tantrum or whatever the fuck you call your shitposting crusade is asinine.

for what?fetish purposes?

Realistic as long as it's done well, good looking armor is way sexier than skimpy shit could ever be

yea sure grrrl power

Bless. Korean MMO sort of like Lineage 2, but with faction based PVP. Still in beta with a shit machine translation.

You think that's bad?

This is the strongest "helmet" in FF5.

Congrats on the yous but you're getting repetitive at this point, hopefully you're not so retarded and you're just a trap lover taking the piss out of everybody here like always.

>That post
And people say that the CRT PAC is just a fad that has no real impact.... lmao

And nothing of value was lost

Because i always want to be able to tell whether i'm looking at a man or a woman. That's how i judge a persons actions and general behavior. It's very important.

I'm referring to the real world user. The fact that Trump is leading the polls is really indicative of this.

It's from the Naked Gun movies, isn't it?

>Wanting realism
>Wanting women in combat positions
Nothing Cred Forums about choosing one or the other you dumbfuck.

realistic female armor in a game like Warband.
tiddies metal bikinis in my animes games and high fantasy games.

If a dude is swinging around a sword 3x the size of his body, then a chick walking around wearing a metal bikini is totally justified.

>Boob plate
Not realistic unless it's ornamental.


I thought that was from the south park movie


>When you occasionally see Cred Forums pasta on other boards it's not because Cred Forums cancer is part of the culture of the userbase at large, just that Cred Forums crossposters are particularly zealous about shoving their political feces down everyone's throats, everywhere they go.
Right now you're being the only one "particularly zealous". Besides that that whole statement reeks of newfaggotry. Before Cred Forums, all the Cred Forums shit has been part of other boards that usually had off-topic discussions. You're probably too new to remember the Cred Forums frontpage full of porn and movie threads, but that's how its been back then.

And yes, its exactly because what you call Cred Forums cancer is actually the general userbase of this site. The difference is, that the political climate in games and society at this particular time, makes people post said shit more often. Its not Cred Forums that is leaking, its the blatant baiting and deliberately riling up shit, that makes people post something like that, instead of, as you like to meme it: "shitpost about vidya".

Now either deal with it, or fuck off back to wherever you came from.

Full body armor but boob plate.

It's from a lot of things but I'm pretty sure it wasn't in Naked Gun.

Yes user everyone who disagrees with you is part of a presidential conspiracy. It's not that your retarded or anything, everyone is a shill except you

trump is not leading the polls. the polls are tied up, with both candidates swapping single digit leads every week or so

>Overexageration without good reason
Is to shock people into thinking "woah, look at these cool shit!". If you can't even discover this by yourself stop analyzing games.

ITT: mad af

Is that what Dragon Age has become? Only played the first one.


Dragon Age Origins didn't have any SJW pandering but it then it just became fanfic by tumblr writers. But yeah Inquisition became like satire on itself.

>has magic and elf shit
Seems like a wasted effort, like trying to make a Digimon game with real thermodynamics, e.g. no more spontaneous energy blasts from stagnant sources. Does anyone actually care that much?

>being this new

Depends on the setting, type of character, class, personality, etc. If male barbarians dress in loincloths the women should look like the just strangled Jabba the Hut. It goes the other way too. If the setting or art style calls for massive walking tank knights, then I don't think I should be able to tell men and women apart when fully geared up. Personally what appeals to me is something in between. Leave me a little bit of mystery. I don't need to see the goods, but I should at least be aware you have them.

BDO has durability aesthetics

Dark Souls has the perfect mix of practical armors and shit that appeals to weeaboos while still remaining true to the DkS world

>trump is not leading the polls
Sure whatever you say, CTR shill.

>before Cred Forums, all the Cred Forums shit has been part of other boards that usually had off topic discussions
sure, in the months leading up to Cred Forums's creation after /new/ got particularly bad. You might not know about any of that since you've probably been here since 2013.

movies and porn are not Cred Forums shit. I'm talking about a particular breed of political agenda driven shitposting. Cred Forumslacks seem to think they have the right to shit up the entire website, like they are automatically welcome to post their off topic political diatribes everywhere because they think they represent the site. They don't represent anyone other than their own cancerous selves, they're not welcome anywhere but on their own cancerous board, and whenever they post their stupid shit on our boards and no one responds it's not because people agree with it it's because no one can be arsed to give them a (you) and say fuck off.

if I seem zealous it's because Cred Forums's superlative shittery has actually driven me to care about this stupid site. Newfaggots should fuck off back to whatever third rate site they crawled out of, failing that they should stick to the containment area that has been so very generously provided for them

It's terrible. Every straight character save for maybe Varric has a stick up their ass and every LGBT character is a flaming homosexual.


If the game aims for realism, women shouldn't be in the battlefield to begin with. Waste of resources. So no to "realistic" armor.

If the game aims for fantasy, chain mail bikinis are obviously better as they let women feel sexy and men get something to stare.


Spotted ponywanker
go bckl to /mlp/

You are a waste of resources you retard.

>3 to 5 percent leads in some states
>deficits in other states

and it'll be the reverse next week, and then switch again the week after that. the point is that the race is close and essentially tied.

the point stands fucknuts

As someone who has browsed this website every day since 2008 i can tell you that Cred Forums has always been this way.

You're delusional if you think Cred Forums changed anything other than giving them a platform.

No if anyone's point still stands it would be mine. If people were still falling for your faggoty sjw bullship Trump would not be doing nearly as good as he is. Even while you cry and whimper about how he's a fascist retard out to get everyone that isn't white.

where the fuck did all that shit come from. I didn't even express a political opinion, you just assume that because I disagreed with your misleading assertion that your dear leader leads in the polls i am part of some conspiracy against you and fit a specific political strawman profile.

this is why everyone thinks you people are retarded




Fine with both but full armor has that sort of beauty to it that I really like.

No point in bumping anymore.

Where does the "fantasy armor isn't realistic" meme come from? It's perfectly realistic. This is exactly what a woman would wear if they were in a real battle - they are stupid pigsluts that only care about seducing chad above all else. Too stupid to realise that they could actually die, their lust for chad's dick is too strong. This is actually what a woman would wear in a real battle

>dear leader
For someone that chastises others for jumping to conclusions, you are guilty of the same exact thing. Nowhere have I stated I support Trump or his positions.
>part of some conspiracy against you and fit a specific political strawman profile
Well isn't that something coming from someone doing the same exact thing. Huh really makes you think.
>this is why everyone thinks you people are retarded
No this is why everyone else is starting to see how retarded YOU people are.

Hit the nail on the head user.


somewhere in the middle. realistic armor is boring as fuck, i prefer a stylized one with boob plates.

Given that you got butthurt at his lead being questioned, and you cited one of the talking points of his support base ("faggotry sjw bullshit"), and your criticism of me was of being a shill of his opposition (which you implicitly denigrate as "crying and whimpering) identifying you as a Trump supporter is not speculative or difficult.

Trump supporters really do lack a shred self awareness.

I prefer sex appeal period. I don't care what it is for female armor as long as its sexy