Replaying FFVII for the 100th time. Every time I play it I find more and more translation errors...

Replaying FFVII for the 100th time. Every time I play it I find more and more translation errors. There are entire conversations that make no sense.

Didn't bother me in 98 but fuck. Keeps it from 10/10 for me

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The translation is pretty hit or miss, but it still has tons of great moments that make up for it.

>look behind Don Corneo's bed
>get a Hyper

Brah, there are entire plot points that make no sense in the translation

Played it like 4838483 times and never realized that...

>"Are you...

>...the BEAUTIFUL bro?"

I'm curious how the remake will do things.

>Replaying FFVII for the 100th time

Probably because despite it's flaws the OP still considers the game to be great. I've replayed a certain game over a dozen times because of how much I like it.

I'm working away from home for 5 weeks. Pretty much only sauce of entertainment is my Vita so I thought let's play FFVII again.

They'll most likely tone down a few scenes since the campy writing won't translate well to HD. And considering the translation, there are probably some scenes that had a very different tone in the JP version which the remake will probably be based around.

>10/10 for me
I wonder why, user

I hate how the PS4 trophies for this game are all dumb shit.
>get barret on a date
>get aries 4th limit break

I decided to download the HD version the other day and boy howdy have I gotten lost in the game again. Decided I'm going to 100% it this time although I fucked up the date with Barret somewhere along the line. I'm having a lot of fun

I'm going to do all the shit I couldn't be bothered to do before like Emerald Weapon, master materia. Aeris' level 4 etc

Why haven't you played the fan re-translation? It was finished a few years ago. It's even compatible with Steam.

Most of the actually important stuff is communicated in more ways than just through dialogue, it's not like the translation makes the story unintelligibile.

This guy are sick
Always makes me smile


The translation is fucked. The careless use of the word "clone" fucked an entire generation's perception of the plot.

>The translation is fucked. The careless use of the word "clone" fucked an entire generation's perception of the plot.

...go on?


Isn't that the guy who tried replacing Cait Sith with his OC donutsteel?

>get aries 4th limit break
What's the problem here? I get this every playthrough


Assuming that is indeed him it was part of his retranslation project, and when he tried shilling it here a few years back he got laughed out.

>Keeps it from 10/10 for me

Seconding this - tell me more

Some people still believe that Cloud is a literal clone but Cloud was in reality just another subject to an experiment with Jenova cells
They could have used a more appropriate word but I don't really know what word it could have been

You have to go out of your way to do really specific shit to get it and it doesn't really pay off in the end for obvious reasons

Kept it from playing it altogether for me.

Really? Looks like i missed that. Now you got to tell me details could make my day at the moment.

Well, Subject would of been better. Added ambiguity bonus too. When you first see them you would think "oh these are subjects like worshippers" then later on penny drops that it's test subjects

I like those achievements because it IS out of the way shit. Why give an achievement for things you'd normally do?

Level 99, winning chocobo races, all limit breaks or ultimate weapons, materia mastery, and other unnecessary content make great achievements to get extra mileage out of the game

VII will always be a 10/10 for me, even with the translation.

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7 is a game that did define JRPGS in the west. You could be contrain and say 6 was better but most people i know and have spoeken too agree that 7 was the one that started the love in many hearts for JRPGs.

But she poops from there!

that's pretty hot desu

>he played a lot
>hes never run around the edges of the environments mashing X
I dont believe you.

Bet he doesn't even know about the barrels in the train graveyard.

>tfw fucked up and progress to far and couldnt get the aeris cheevo

>There are entire conversations that make no sense.
>that one translation that turns Cloud into cuck

Everyone knows about that. You cant not know about that after your second playthrough AT LEAST

cuck as in sexual or cuck as in i am not voting for donald? hard to keep up with Cred Forums memes

dont use that word here, shitsmith.

>not knowing motherfucking Johny

Oh i know i was just asking as the meaning of the word has changed thanks to Cred Forums so at least define you mean sexual cuck insted of doesnt support the donald cuck.

Yeah that clone shit confused me too and made me think his childhood memories were implanted or something.

No Johnny had a crush on Tifa because she ran the bar next to his parents house in Sector 7. When you meet him in Costa del So he notices that you're cloud, the ex soldier childhood friend Tifa talks about to prior to the game. He also calls you a playboy and a murderer.

The English translation makes it sound like HE is her childhood friend and when Tifa stays by herself to talk with him awhile about what happened (his parents probably died in the destruction they helped cause at sector 7) there are inferences from English speaking players that they had a relationship.

The Japanese version confirms he had an unrequited love and crush for her which turns later into admiration. He called you a playboy due to unused lines in the game where he saw you at wall market with Aeris. He's jealous as fuck.

Expanded material outside the game has him inspired to be a new man and make his own bar.

... in addition to johnny being angry at you when you see him in line at the whore house. Because he thinks you have Tifa and are fucking around on her while he's lonely trying to get in to some sluts for gil

>first time playing FF7
don't get any enemy skills, die to most bosses, miss everything missable
>2nd time
miss few enemy skills and items
>3rd time
still miss some minor bullshit
>4th time
Use advanced walkthrough so I don't miss anything. Beat Ruby and Emerald, master every materia, get all achievements minus 99million Gil one.

Fuck you game I'm done with you

Johnny isn't going to be in the remake is he... Incidental stories like his won't be in.

The little boy that talks about his secret stash in his sleep won't be in.

The goofy shinra grunt stuff on Junon will be gone.

The slap fight won't make it.

Its just going to be a grim pilgrimage, a single plot thread down a linear path.

This isn't what I wanted ;_;

Can someone please tell me how do Cait Sith and Red XIII attack *physically* work?
The one has a megaphone... how the fuck do you attack with a megaphone? By smashing it on enemy's head? What sense does it make? And how the fuck do you attack using hairpins? Seriously, how does that even work??

Red does a somersault and gives you a nasty little scratch

>equip cloud with better sword
>still uses buster sword in all cutscenes
>still uses buster sword in advent children
That's how

It's stupid, also FF6 had a guy throwing playing cards at robots and they would explode.

And to think that people complained about the gunblade.

People complain about gunblades because there are folk who come out and say they're realistic and argue for how they could work due to them being reverse bayonet hybrid monsters.

But the thing doesn't even shoot. It's an exploding sword. There are obvious reasons that won't work yet somehow...

>...Hmm. That's how you'll fool them.
>.........Hmmmmmmm. So that's how you fooled them.

>still uses buster sword in advent children

I don't understand. My last playthrough I was nice to Aeris and did all choices to boost her score. Yet Tifa showed up for my date. I thought Aeris is always in the lead unless you go out of your way to piss her off

I thought the PC port (1998) fixed those translation errors.