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Battleborn costs money.
Paladins does not.

Another shill thread???!!?!?!??!
Just like the other one from an hour ago


1.) Battleborn costs money, Paladins is free
2.) Paladins is F2P Overwatch, Battleborn is completely different
3.) Battleborn has similar numbers upon release too
4.) Battleborn is multi-plat, Paladins in not
5.) Battelborn has moved to consoles
The horse things looks neat though


I want Gearbox to die.

Nobody but (You) mentioned blizz

>you didnt buy Battleborn

Well one is free

Paladins is multiplat.

>Battelborn has moved to consoles


they know their audience

Sold, downloading now.

That's not a fair comparison because Paladins is F2P which Battleborn needs to wake up and realize they need to do the same.

Where are you people getting these stats from?

Battleborn is ugly as shit and Paladins looks at least passable. Battleborn could even have great mechanics and gameplay, but nobody would set aside the time to even try it.

Not right now though.

Yes, even its sub-Reddit recommends people buy the console version over PC

>Boxed game even with multiple price cuts even going so far as 80% off didn't even win agaisnt Overwatch
>Going F2P when Paladins exist
Game is already dead even if they go F2P
Do you honestly believe they can pull Evolve numbers

>What is steam?

Battleborn made the fatal flaw of trying to appeal to people who don't play video games.

No it's not, but most of us realized that it wasn't shills but genuine blizzdrones and that they will never shut the fuck up.

Console is ALMOST as dead as PC, but it's still where more of the players are.

Battleborn is hideous. Paladins isn't as aesthetic or polished as Overwatch but it has a decent art style. If you release a game that loops like blunder born in this day and age you deserve no more than 100 players.

Is it too late to jump on the Paladins hype train? I want to become a pro streamer and make mad dosh by donations and have jailbait groupies cream themselves when I meet and greet them at conventions

This made me realize that even if Battleborn goes F2P, it's already doomed. I'm always happy to see Gearbox getting fucked.

>that one meme that was too much

Should've just kept their mouths shut. This happens if you spout memes

Wow, a generic elf.

What's worse is that it was them looking for a fight.

Character design is all over the place
Art style looks disgusting

Not a great combination, especially if you're competing with the polish of Overwatch and now Paladins

Where are you going to get the Borderlands 3 money from, Randy?

Is she finally back in the game now?

>Hi-Rez dumped Tribes for this and Smite.

I'd choke the life out of them and fuck their cold dead bodies, fucking jews.

Dumped? Have you been living under the rock? They made a huge update to Tribes a while back. That is to say they dont update it as often as SMITE but they havent completely abandoned it. Understandable, given SMITE is the third biggest MOBA in the world so thats their darling.

I don't see the need for the horse thing, just give a move speed boost at the start

>Call a game "Paladins".
>There are no fucking Paladins.

You realize at one point, in it's fucking beta, Tribes was as popular as TF2 before they started sniffing the life out of it.

What's left of it now is it's decaying corpse.

I still feel bad for battleborn and then i remember it has terrible optimization so i cant play it. At least overwatch runs properly.


they deleted Ying from the game because she pissed SJWs off

Literally steamcocks will play any shit game if it free

I know right?


and blizzdrones will play any shit with blizzard on thee cover
more news at 11

Reminder that even Evolve didn't have players drop off this fast.

Well, I wont play the game until they add her back to the game.

If they censor her in any way at all then this game will be completely dead to me. I'm sick of this shit.

>Battelborn has moved to consoles
>where it has 500 players instead of 300
Nice senpai.

Curious if they remove cheesecake from Paladins, given how much they add it on SMITE.

Paladins is literally F2P overwatch clone
Battleborn is a completly different paid shooter with rpg elements.

I want hi rez to die

>Battleborn has similar numbers upon release too

No, paladins at peak had 33k people playing it, currently it has 14k which is still higher than the peak players of battleborn at 12k

Paladins is also multi plat, so you can't use the argument "Lol battleborn is split between 3 platforms"

The only real answer that matters is that paladins is f2p

battleborn is a shit game fuck off shill

>not global agenda

fucking nu-Cred Forums

Why not both?

She was removed because she was bugged as fuck
Stop with the SJW shit

F2P vs P2P, so people expect less from Paladins. Also, Battleborn is proSJW and Paladins antiSJW.

>Paladins was a fresh shooter with interesting with (some) interesting mechanics on top of cliche as fuck characters
>Everything unique was patched out and now its literally f2p overwatch

Fucking why, i used to enjoy this game

>They removed her underboob

Fuck that man, it made her design come together nicely

what's up with DOTA-esque games having so similar subtitles/names? Usually involves being the "hero" or "champion"

they hope it'll will attract LoL faggots

They will get the money Lent to them. That is how this works. They don't save up to pay for their next game.

>Champions/Heroes/Legends/Dawn/War of (the) Realm/Storm/Ancients/Gate/Titans

When is Ying returning? She is cute as a button and an Asian elf.

>Looks at list, picks two at random for funsies
>Heroes of the....Storm
>wait, nvm try again
>Dawn of the...Gate

familiarity, I guess

it's like how every "make your own" game have a "craft" in their title, which hilariously enough I'm surprised Lego didn't use, they could have gone for Legocraft

>they censored the underboob




No Porn

i wanna fuck that elf

>Where are you going to get the Borderlands 3 money from, Randy?

Alien Colonial Marines 2? with 5 season passes?


It's funny when League shows lewd shit all the time.

Go home Randy

Well shit I didnt notice

No fucking way

Good. Mai waifu is forever pure.

>70 Burgerbux for a game everyone knows is shit
>A game that's free

Battleborn didn't even retain the numbers it got after that Humble Bundle deal. It's a garbage game and no one wants to play it.

even they lost hope
he sound like hes about to cry any minute, his voice is so shaky


>soldier with a tiny head

>battleborn gets buried by OW and Paladins

BRUTAL. Maybe a 3rd game will finally make it f2p.

Holy fuck, this is so funny. They know that it's a failure and they still have to wear shit eating grins and parade it around in front of a completely indifferent audience.

Gearbox has brought endless entertainment for free. That's quite an accomplishment when you reflect on it.

Overwatch is dead, Battleborn is dead and now Paladin is dying.

Hero shooter are confirmed as dead genre

i dont want them to fail but they fucking deserve this. they ruined borderlands for me by fucking multiplayer.

how can i motivate myself to work for hours and days for guns when some modder can just join me anytime with infinite dmg guns and infinite health shields and just god mode his way through the game.

i hate this because i have no self control so if there is a way to turn on god mode i will because its like why would i intentionally handicap myself by not using over powered gear?

they should have paid attention to their game more and made it fun rather than go to A kill these guys then go to B then go back to A to collect your reward

> ON

god that disgusting UI

its just so fucking aweful

>tfw Gearbox is still entitled to fulfill the season pass shit

a-any anons from australia wanna play with me?

>tfw they hired C grade shitters to quickly pump out effortless DLC to staunch their bleeding profits

How the fuck did someone manage to make this gif? Isn't the original video shot from only one angle?

Someone post that image where Battleborn's UI looks almost identical to the joke FPS UI Cred Forums made a few years ago.

They should just make the remaining new characters titty monster sluts. Then maybe they would get attention.

spiderman did it

>literally 100 times more players
holy fuck, BB can't recover from this

>not Dawn of the Storm

But that would be objectifying the wyminz, and that's a big Gearbox no no.

All of them have to look like disfigured trannies because that's what real wyminz look like.

use your fucking eyes

>still playing paladins when they are remaking all their female characters "SJW friendly"

>double peace

So is this game just Overwatch but free? I could get some friends into that.

look at the OP, they censored her underboobs

>you play Overwatch, if you have cash to spend
>you play Paladins, if you don't have cash to spend
>you play Battleborn if you...?

well, Cred Forums?

hate money

who is this girl and why am I seeing her everywhere

...are a retarded bordermemes faggot that plays $70 for a shitter version of a F2P game

They have to do something, because nobody gives a shit about the game.

suck Gearbox cock

>battlecuck, made to compete with Overwatch, failed miserably
>paladins, made for people who can't afford Overwatch, trash as well



Holy fuck I didn't notice, I must be blind. But are you sure that's the model they'll use when they'll put her back in the game? Might just be for advertising.

This one they reverted though, because everyone rightfully complained that they had ruined her design.

Isn't her backstory taken straight out of a doujinshi? How come doujin artists didn't sue?

Maybe they should try appealing to the social justice crowd with more stronk wyminz characters. They have money and like to spend it on video games, right?

Her face is fucking unsettling

>i don't wanna sound like a total faggot, so I will refer to hentai as 'doujinshi'

So is Hi Rez gonna dump Smite now like they did Tribes? Gotta move onto the next fad now that MOBAs are dying

please respond

WTF is this design? How did anybody approve this?


At least I'm not a weeb.

all joking aside, is Paladins actually fun?

You are, but you are too stupid to grasp what a doujinshi is




Now fap to my waifu.

>C grade shitters

Is this what the future holds for me


reminds me of Elsa

Borderlands never had good PVP

want a slower-paced team FPS with Moba-esque mechanics.

But it seems not a lot of people want that, since it's dead.


There was nothing wrong with the first statement. You must be mentally retarded if you don't think hentai works like that aren't doujinshi, faggot.

But you know they were up for desexualizing their character designs before, now that paladins is open beta and on steam, more sjw will complain and they will change it again, and the majority outcry to keep it the same will now be the minority

>like that

like what? you didn't describe what her 'doujinshi' was like, faggot

stop acting so coy and just accept this nice, big cock of humility up your tight anus and just move on

Daily Battleborn hate thread?

If you don't know the story behind it then I advise you to lurk more. I'm not going to hand it on a silver plate to a faggot such as yourself.

Battleborn: full price bad looking game with F2P elements released at same time as OW by a dev known for being mostly shit with nearly no advertising.

Paladins: Its shit and the furry grenade launcher dude was at least when I played it one of the most OP chars I've seen in a shooter, having vastly superior damage, suitability, mobility and utility than everyone else while having one of the lower skill caps in the game.

I will never understand how they agreed on that soldier design and seemingly like it enough to not just hide it somewhere but actualy put him on the coverart.

It`s like george lukas trying to push jar jar bings

>act for source of a claim
>lol, not gonna spoonfeed you with my source faggot, that means i am right and you are wrong ;)

Even my 'humility cock up your anus' remark was better arguing tactic than this.

Anyway, keep using the term incorrectly, you double nigger!

Better read up what doujinshi means so you won't make a complete idiot out of yourself in the future.

Oh shit, that hurt my sides.

Truthfully though, who even thought Battleborn was going to do well? It barely had any marketing, and up until it launched I totally forgot about it. The game just looked terrible from the get-go.

Dude, that is literally my line. And you still not gonna provide any source of the 'doujinshi' Widow's story was based on or anything, hiding under privillage of 'n-no spoonfeeding'

You can shut me up easily. You can make my pathetic life even more pathetic, possibly pushing me to killing myself over being wrong and making fool of myself yet again. All you have to do is drop the name or a link.

dumb simpson poster

Theres not even the population of a high school playing this game at once. I hope all those people are really close by now. bless their hearts.

This place has become a cesspool for the fact that people hand over links to newfags like you instead of encouraging them to do some leg work like it was before. I'm not going to do your work for you. If you haven't heard about it since Overwatch released then I don't know what to tell you other than to lurk more.

He's memeing you. It was an old rumor but there is no doujin.

One remarkable thing is how well Paladins ripped off the excellent gunplay of Overwatch just in time for this open beta.

I didn't think these guys had it in them.

Again, the 'spoonfeeding' shield.

You feel like you do not have to back anything with a claim, because you are not gonna 'spoonfeed' anyone. This isn't how it works.

I can make a claim I know you, Ryan Jones, from a real life. And that you are a village faggot that takes in up the ass from anyone in our small, little town of Chickenshaw.

I don't have anything to back that up with, but if you ask me for a proof I will just claim I'm not gonna spoonfeed you.

See how stupid this is? So drop your pretentious act and subpar arguing tactics you humongous fruit and either drop a name or description or anything related to the story or just admit your name is Ryan Jones and you love taking it up the butt.

I don't really care. He doesn't know what a doujinshi is and that's my main point, I don't care about that thing.

she is getting a rework you dumb fuck

> Having a battleborn character as a hero


He played you like a fiddle.

whoa hey now

Look at this fag

Why do the females in BB look severely anorexic?

those two will be the next to be censored

How do you know this? As far as I know there is no way to get PS4 numbers.

We live in the Waifufaggotry age.
Tumblrs wont play a game unless it has cute pixar style characters.

>Battleborn has moved to consoles

Yeah there's like 5 more people playing on consoles... My local CEX almost has a whole shelf of preowned copies of Battleborn. They're selling it brand new for £10 in some places

>Feminism is AWESOME
It sure is Randy, it sure is.

>that ugly face in the final version
I don't give a shit about the cleavage but oh god why did they make her face look like shit?

How did we go from
>>sexy ice witch
>>a-cup preteen with dreamworks face

I just tried Paladins. It seems a bit more of a cluster fuck than Overwatch, but not entirely terrible. I guess the Ratchet rip off was my favorite since you can easily spam heal and he has a decent gun. Thank god he's support so I never have to worry about someone else picking him.

This isn't true at all, she got temporarily removed because she was massively fucking imbalanced, and needed a lot of work to be at all fair to play.

She's still in the shooting range, just not playable.

Because Blizzard didn't use literal character designs and assets from them.

Not even Gearbox did.
I remember reading in February that Randy said he wasn't even sure people would play it.

>sueing for generic ideas


Plays like Overwatch but with MOBA features like items you can buy between rounds. Stuff like lifesteal, damage boosts and such.

>Feeding and falling for blatant misinformation
Kill yourselves, god that shit pisses me off like no other. Ying is unchanged physically and she'll be back in a few days.

>But are you sure that's the model they'll use when they'll put her back in the game? Might just be for advertising.
It's just for advertising. Hell Ying is in the game now, she's just not selectable, her model is unchanged on the firing range and was unchanged in the demonstration that was streamed earlier.

>Being this thirsty to jump on MUH SJWs that you're blatantly lying to people about shit in the game being censored when it isn't.


Is that an actual screenshot?


Damn this is too cute.

>4.) Battleborn is multi-plat, Paladins in not
should be the other way around then?

Hi-rez knows that they have to pump out fanservice characters to make a buck, unlike Gearbox with their Tim Burton looking creatures.

A very cherry picked one, with all optional HUD stuff on and a bunch of other elements that just show up temporarily, but yes.

Be honest here, user.
Are you going to try the Battleborn the moment it goes f2p, just to see how good lel or bad it is? I know i am.

Its from a very specific point in the co-op campaign.

How stupid are you?

Wish there was more cute Ying fanart.

so the models have not changed at all?

Massive sever problems making it unplayable.

Ying is getting an updated model for when she gets put back into the game. Here it is: artstation.com/artwork/ozDmB

Spoiler: Underboob is still there.

No, it's just blizdrones spreading misinformation.

Don't you have a nintendo game to go cry about?

So what did they change then?

Her kit. She used to be damage but now she's a healer.

>Randy Pitchfork

I hate how he acts like some summer camp counselor trying to be cool so the kids will like him.

>I own Duke Nukem, am I cool rite kids? I can take a joke! But the other day I saw a joke about women astronauts that offended me so I twitted about unfollowing a page, let's sing a song together!

>Paladins already lost half of its players overnight

And Cred Forums shills insisted it'd be the Overwatch killer. Can't even break 40k players at any given time.

40K consecutive players is pretty good though, especially when you consider that this only counts the Steam players; not people launching the game from the Hi-Rez launcher.

I meant concurrent, what the fuck

paladin's character design doesn't make me want to vomit for one

The 100 people that probably use the Hi-Rez launcher doesn't help much

Design is unchanged, see and this pic for her skins.

what is it considered if you own overwatch and play paladins?

everything is better that Battleborn. I was part of the "Close Beta". It was shit. They don't change the game after this beta. Just a little polish. The point of this "Beta" was just to advertise the game not to get a proper feedback. After the Close Beta I gave my negative query and they kick me from the forums