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i wish

Fromsoft fucked the series with V. Unlikely we will ever get another, or at least another GOOD Armored core.

hackazacki already confirmed we were getting another armored core

VD was still a good game. It fixed alot of problems with ACV. So I have hope.

>weebshits get their shitty arcade shooter mecha trash back
>mech patricians are stuck with no new simulator games that actually have a single player campaign


>Mech Warrior and Mech Assault are dead
>Zone of the Enders is Dead
>Good fucking luck getting any gundam media in the states nowadays.
>Mechwarrior Online is trash

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Since it's Miyacucky it's gonna have the anime bullshit turned up to a billion, so I'm sure it's gonna be a love-or-hate game.

Still doesn't compare to AC4A.

No mega bosses to fight.

Garbage side to side camera that constantly got stuck in walls.

Fucking wall hopping? what the fuck were they smoking?

I haven't played Armored Core since in PS2, is AC4 or 5's any good?

AC4A (for Answer) is damn good.
ACV was garbage.
Apparently ACVD was slightly less garbage, but I am yet to see it.

Seconding this, I recently got an Xbox 360 and want to know which AC to get.


\acfa on ps3

no one plays on xbox

MWO isn't that bad. Despite all its balancing flaws, the core gameplay and especially the mech models are amazing. The problem is that you can only play a shallow team deathmatch focused game for so long before getting bored of it.

If only someone actually competent would buy the franchise from Piggy and make a singleplayer campaign MW4 Mercs using the same engine and assets while introducing proper balance, it would be literally the best mech game ever made. Better than both MW3 and 4 combined, due to how good the core mechanics are.


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xbox one needs a mech warrior/assault game