ITT: Power Level stories

ITT: Power Level stories

>Work at a coffee shop
>Coffee shop is next to a college
>Coffee shop has a Wii U with Sm4sh
>Cleaning up on a slow day
>Suddenly, 5-6 neckbeards arrive
>One is actually wearing a fedora
>They notice Sm4sh
>Sperg out
>Frame Data, Tier lists, Tourney rules, coffee shop music is drowned by their screaming
>They start playing
>Their leader is apparently too good at this game and no-one can beat him
>"Sure, a little bit", been playing since 64
>Look at my boss, he says ok since it's a slow day
>systematically beat each and everyone
>Their leader is last, with the smuggest face ever
>3 stock him
>suddenly King of the Nerds
>They come daily literally asking "Can user come out and play"

Does anyone has this kind of stories they wanna share?

I understand maybe every third word in that post. Look at this fucking nerd. I'm going to take a photograph of this and make a thread about it later to tell all my internet friends.

What would you say is the Supernatural of video games?

Final Fantasy

The correct answer is Shin Megami Tensei.

>at house party a year or two back
>pretty tipsy, notice tekken tag tourney 2
>ask if anyone wants to play
>'sure it'll be fun' says some girl
>absolutely obliterate her, i'm not even especially good, she's just that fucking bad
>doesn't talk to me for the rest of the night

well what was the FUCKING point

To prove that you do not compromise.

>get text message
>It's some kid at his baseball game
>Say wrong number bro
>Someone responds to the picture
>Realize it's a group chat I was added to
>Nobody in it is one of my contacts
>Say wrong number again
>Some responds
>Just ignore us buddy!
>Decide to fuck with em
>Ayo fuck off send anime tiddy
>Dude says to not get weird
>I don't know any of you dweebs I'll be as weird as I want dork
>A number says that they may have added me by mistake
>Delete chat, it never comes up again
>An hour later I realize that all my co workers have me as a contact but I don't have them
>All the numbers matched my area
>Remember on of my bosses loves baseball
>She may have added me to it

And that's the story of how I may have revealed my anime tiddy love to my boss

>teaching an entry level class
>students are working on an assignment
>I'm grading so stuff up front
>hear the goober crew start talking about vidya
>I ignore it, I'm not a slave driver and if they don't finish the project by the end of class too bad for them
>they keep going and it's getting louder
>I can now see that their sperging is distracting the kids around them
>"Hey, you guys, stop chatting about Destiny and finish your lab work"!
>"sheeeeit ey yo teach, prof dog yo, you play destiny? You gayma mang"?
>"Just finish your assignment and do it quietly "
>smarter student that sits closer to my desk asks me what I like to play
>we shoot the shit about classic stealth and isometric grid tactics

Wasn't that bad I guess.

You had to assert your dominance through superior limb based combat

>friends start playing DnD
>my character became so powerful out of sheer luck, it made them all look like idiots

>my character became so powerful out of sheer luck, it made them all look like idiots
I'm gonna need you to tell the story

>work one summer in a kitchen ware store
>guy in shorts comes in
>has a mgs concept art of snake on his leg
>comment on his tat when he's about to leave
>y-you too

>tfw no friends that would ever be willing to play DND
>tfw no friends at all in fact

>Calling my ISP support for a return item and the operator wants to talk about BATTLEFIELD ebin moments with me

I know it was just to soften me up, but I could care less

>apparently in my friends call circle
>get group text message images
>they go fucking nuts and fill my phone with over 50 messages
>send a mass "fuck off" message
>gee user calm down
Its 2 in the fucking morning. Stop texting 20 messages a minute and go to sleep

>he doesn't understand "coffee" or "shop"
weak bait, the point of trolling is to be believable you millenial

I can be your friend

>be really good at making friends and finding things to bring people and myself closer together
>every friend group i come into contact with always has one person who thinks they are a god when it comes to fighting games
>usually just fuck around with them not trying unless they actually manage to get close to beating me/actually beat me
>every time i try i stomp them into the ground so bad everyone that isn't playing just laughs at the person trying to beat me
>almost all of the people who think they are good tier whore like crazy so i pick trash tier characters to fight them with for shits and gigs and 3 stock/only get hit once or twice
>out of around 30 people i'm friends with only 2 will ever agree to fight me but i don't like playing against them cause they rage so hard when they lose
>usually pick the characters that require high technical skill so the ragers try to play the characters i play saying they are easy and op and fail miserably with those characters especially since i know exactly what they are going try to do at almost every moment

I've beat numerous people when black out drunk on many occasions even when my eyes arn't open and i'm not even that good in the grand scheme of things i have really high win rates in most games online but no where near tourney level except maybe in tekken and smash. all i want is someone who is better than me that i can play with alot to finally get a little better

kek you sound like a piece of shit pussylicker

but fujoshits dont care about smt

>i totally am not making up stories right now

>make a paladin
>roll extremely high base stats when making character
>missed the first day of campaign but make second one
>friend works me into the story and levels me up a bit for it
>I'm apparently a huge meat shield
>they're exploring a mage tower and find me trapped in a force field
>they start fighting constructs
>friend apparently has shit luck with rolls and has become the bumbling retard rogue of the group
>rolls like shit and misses the construct and falls over
>other friend who's a monk runs straight into the room right over a carpet that turns out to be a mimic
>rolls like shit and now its constricting him
>my first turn ever
>have no idea what to do because I'm new
>raise my hammer up, call upon my faith and strike the force field
>roll a 20
>the barrier shatters
>next turn run over to guy stuck in carpet
>put my shield in the carpet opening as a prop
>shout "begone phantom upholstery" and try to un roll it
>roll 18
>carpet unrolls effortlessly and we set the carpet on fire
That's all that's happened so far and the dick ass rogue already hates me

Everything about this post makes me hate you.

>user do you play videogames

i don't have the best memory of early Cred Forums. can the other oldfags tell me when people like this guy turned into an every thread kind of deal?

I dunno, I remember when late night Cred Forums was all comfy and fun

DM sounds shitty if this is true. Rolling a 20 doesn't mean you automatically WIN at whatever you're trying to do

Just ignore him, he forgot there are no upvotes here.

>called out on their fake stories


It does tho, a 20 is doing a task extremely well.

why? been playing fighting games since i was 6 and actually tried to get good at them and it just came kinda naturally. and when i say i usually play the highly technical characters most of the time it isn't intentional. i like the character designs and they end up being hard to play/technical

I hate it when I see this auto-win nat 20 shit.

>we enter the BBEG lair
>it's a treant lich
>bard roles to seduce
>natural 20
>it falls madly in love with you and agrees to stop being evil


Some tasks are beyond your character's ability.

Get a new phone number Jesus, just toss your SIM and go get another one, be like yea my phone broke so I got a new one. Huh? No that's not my number anymore I don't know who that was.
Problem solved.

>oh god I'm such a huge faggot and I hate fun

>get a jock room mate
>has his friends over
>he drops that he is a Tekken god and none of his friends ever beat him
>turn my head instinctively
>"You play, dude?"
>A bit, yeah.
>we fire up Tekken 5
>he picks Bruce
>I pick Kazuya
>he's not bad, but the first couple of matches I roll over him
>he slowly adapts, but ultimately loses the set
>afterwards, we would have occasional sets
>he would one up me, then I would one up him, and so on - we were pretty much equals
Good time.

>Go to rooftop bar with friends
>Bar has multiple semi-private rooms
>One room has a big widescreen TV with consoles hooked up
>Some people are already there, someone is playing while the others drink/watch/chat
>Typical dudebro looking guy
>He's playing Vanquish
>He's playing it like a cover shooter
>Just runs from cover to cover, barely even rocket boosts
>He's stuck one part because he keeps trying to pop out of cover like a typical FPS
>"Hey man, you stuck?"
>"Sup bro, want to give it a shot?"
>Passes me controller
>Throw grenade and go jump out of cover in AR mode and blow it up above enemies
>Use rocket boost to hit enemies and use AR mode
>I'm not even great at the game
>"Yooooooooo" starts erupting as he and his friends watch gameplay
>Passed the controller back and showed him how to do stuff
>Spent much of the night talking to him and his friends about video games and stuff
>I think I got some of them into Platinum games

I know DnD really is a game of pretend and all, but if there aren't rules to hold to then why the fuck play at all?


Why do you think lying on a Khamer string forum is impressive? This clearly never happened

Because it just won't end?

Doing a task extremely well that's beyond your ability just means you fail it spectacularly.

you mean cafe, right? A coffee shop is a place that sells you coffee beans.

Because the chances of rolling a 20 is really fucking slim and should be rewarded in some way.
>yeah whatever you did the task, next

you're retarded, if you were asked to swim up a waterfall, but rolled a 20, would you expect that to work? a peak physical fitness human with all the luck in the world could not possibly do that, it's in the rules that this is not a thing, stop thinking nat-20s have anything to do with skill rolls other than "you performed a task to your maximum ability", not "you win"

>no rules
but there are rules, and 20 is succeeding extremely well.

A coffee shop is a dutch weed store

>work at a coffee shop
Do you make more money than your boyfriend? Or does he have a real job?

refer to the chances of rolling a 20 are the same as every other number on that die.

so by that logic, rolling a 1 should just make you implode

A good game master will always come up with something.
>i'll try and swim up the waterfall
>lol okay, roll
>nat 20
>nice, a giant bird spots you and mistakes you for prey
>it starts flying away with you until you wrestle free
>you land safely at the top of the waterfall
It's about being creative, I know it's much to ask for in this day and age.

Rolling 1 is a critical failure and your task will be affected as such.
please stop triggering me with your lacking knowledge of dnd

you're still stupid
The game is about working with your abilities not relying on some random or deus ex machina shit to get the job done.

post more

it's about internal logical consistency, getting picked up by a bird has fucking nothing to do with how skillful you are at swimming, your example is still just "20 = win" which isn't how the game works, you shouldn't have a 1/20 chance of completing an impossible task at any given time

iF a set task if beyond the player character's ability, then the dm should be aware of that and not allow a skill check in the first place. If the skill check was possible due the dm's set difficulty, then I don't see the issue.

Rule 0: go with what the group finds the most fun.

It's a tabletop game. Players can fuck off with the rules if they want.

Friendly reminder to watch the acquisitions incorporated DND pax series, it's fun as fuck.
Played by web comic artists such as penny arcade dudes.

>furry porn
Every time

can you let it ride though
say nat 20 is peak human performance, would that make consecutive 20s a superhuman feat, or maybe triple 20s a baldfaced miracle

It's still about skill, a 1/20 chance of a miracle happening doesn't change that.

Because you have way too high an opinion of yourself based on several things that you said.


>pick low tier characters to fuck with my tierfag friends
>play only super technical characters they don't understand how to play

So... are they tierfags that would know which characters are technical or not and you pick low tier characters to fuck with them or do you only play technical characters?

Or option 3, you're full of shit.

Going with that one.

so if the group gets wiped in an encounter they were being dumb in, by all accounts they should just walk out of the encounter and keep their character because it's "fun"?

Yes, if they want to.

a 20 is a confirmed hit/crit or maximum that YOU can PERFORM not something else taking the reigns and doing your task for you or you performing beyond your boundaries

I don't really care tbqhwyf I think DnD is for gay nerds xD

I wish I had friends who played DnD.

Scratch that. I wish I had friends.

>by all accounts they should just walk out of the encounter and keep their character because it's "fun"?
Yes? If they're having more fun without consequences than with, then that's what they should do

Says who?
It's a board game, rules can be tweaked according to the preferences of the players. If they don't want to worry about resources then toss out any kind of resource management. If they think losing their character forever upon death isn't fun then let them resurrect later in the campaign, or something.

Why does it hurt your soul when people you don't know and will never meet are playing a game in a way you don't approve of?

>succeeding extremely well
>equal to always succeeding
ESL fuck off

A crazy paladin hammer smashing his way out of a force barrier thanks to his faith sounds like a fun and rememberable way to introduce the character. Why do you object to the fact that making two very high rolls allows him to succeed the actions his character attempted? They're low level, it's not like they're battling mythical beasts. If they were in the tower of some master mage whose barriers are unbreakable, a single trap would've pulverized them before they even reached the captured paladin.

I bet you're one of those DMs that constantly tries to "win" by killing the PCs instead of telling a story and having fun together.



I kekled

crashing this plane

>mfw reading this whole thread without having played a game of dnd in my life
maybe i should just go to sleep

>given a chance to roll, indicating the ability to succeed

>but fujoshits dont care about smt

Imagine I posted a picture of someone smacking you because you're wrong.

>3 years ago
>new years fucking eve
>me and two best buds go to random house party
>one friend casually mentions my Tekken skills
>suddenly the host insists that we play
>insist on not, and that we continue drinking and eating
>host and his lady friends all gather around the tv
>proceed to win every match for about 30 min
>get bored and go back to drinking table
>mfw everyone who sucked continued to play for HOURS, because they want a 'chance' to win
>me and buds leave a hour before 12

All I wanted was to get wasted and have fun, buddy even said sorry for pointing it out, to be fair, the host was a fucking idiot with no situational awareness.


Anyone got links to some nice /tg/ dnd screencaps
There was that one about some demigods ursuping the master gods which I enjoyed

I've never played DnD, but I listen to a DnD podcast so I understand most of it. The main mechanic of DnD is dice rolling to determine actions and effects. A low dice roll means you fucked up, a high dice roll means you did good. A natural 20 means a citical hit, which can be interpreted in different ways. Climbing a rope for example, if you roll a 20 you might climb the rope so fast it ignites and prevents your compatriots from climbing. Or if the DM is boring you just climb the rope good. If you roll a 1 then you can't even find the rope in front of your nose and probably fall over and land in goblin shit.
I wish I could play DnD at least once in my life.

>so if the group gets wiped in an encounter they were being dumb in, by all accounts they should just walk out of the encounter and keep their character because it's "fun"?
Yeah, I mean the DM is the one who extrapolates on the results of a roll. If he goes with that angle from a natural 20 and everyone else is cool with it, what's the problem?

>Why does it hurt your soul when people you don't know and will never meet are playing a game in a way you don't approve of?
Fuck off, casual. Why not just watch a movie then?

>Go to a birthday party with people I don't know too well but I'm looking forward to making more friends since they seem nice
>They have a console and they are eagerly playing since being a "nerd" is cool nowadays :^)
>Get asked if I want to play
>Destroy everyone. Feel like a bully and some of them get salty. It gets awkward fast.

I'm never playing with anything worthwhile with casuals ever again. It's just Mario Party for me from now on.

>if you roll a 20 you might climb the rope so fast it ignites and prevents your compatriots from climbing
oh mai gawd thats so wacky and funneh


>DnD actions can never have comedic outcomes
I bet you're fun to play with!

I bet your players think you're a blast.

>Climbing a rope for example, if you roll a 20 you might climb the rope so fast it ignites and prevents your compatriots from climbing. Or if the DM is boring you just climb the rop
If you do this or think this is how it should be done, you should honestly consider suicide

>tfw I was blessed with friends who don't get pissy or awkward when they get destroyed
>tfw all of us excel at different games so we get to destroy each other depending on what we're playing

Good shit.

Basically you have a one in twenty chance in dnd of making a critical roll, which essentially means you're character does whatever they're attempting to do as best as the possibly can. Usually this results in an outcome for you that's even more beneficial than simply rolling highly.

People here are arguing whether or not it should allow a character to do something that would normally be entirely impossible for them to accomplish.

The argument boils down to whether or not you value guidelines set by a DM that help keep consistency in the various rules and logic of the world you created, or random nonsense that essentially means players can rely on luck to bullshit their way through a session without having to actually play intelligently and creatively.

>dnd actions should be copy and pasted out of loony tunes
I guess we'll never know if you're fun to play with because you're never going to actually play

>if you roll a 20 you might climb the rope so fast it ignites and prevents your compatriots from climbing.
That sounds like it would suck a lot

Post dank nat 20 memes.

Setting overrides the human peak. Default DnD says you can swim up a waterfall if you're wearing enough magic shit or just high enough level, and you can forego one or two pieces of magic shit by trusting your luck with dice.

Of course, this means that nat 20 isn't actually auto win. But breaking a glass pane with a hammer and unrolling a rug aren't as amazing as swimming up a waterfall.

The main goal of DnD is to fuck over everyone else in your party.

Hey, your posts are pretty good. How many levels of irony are you currently operating on?

>tfw my best friend is into all sorts of games, fps, fightan, rts, assfagots you name it
>he's extremely bad at them
>he still wants to play against/together with me and is a sore loser

>I have never actually played dnd and only watch funny e celeb dnd podcasts

>I do not enjoy having fun, in fact it hurts me

if a DM makes a boss that's specifically immune to, say, sleep spells

Then you shouldn't be able to sleep him even if you roll a 20. Blind luck should never overcome the set in stone logic of the world that a DM went to the trouble to specifically create, even the guide book says this. If you think otherwise then you've never actually been in the position of DMing a legitimate DnD campaign.

Natural 20s are suppose to always be a hit in combat, but if you are rolling for a skill you aren't suppose to be able to crit it. No matter how well the barbarian roles, he can't convince the king that he is his wife with bluff.

If you are like 5 points off, then I don't think there is anything wrong with the DM giving it to you on a 20, but there is a limit. It would be bullshit if you just a 5% minimum success rate for literally every task.

>at party
>the host have Guitar Hero, duno what version
>ask if anyone want to play
>me and another guy say yes
>I've played like 2-3 times before
>other guy suggest Through the Fire and Flames
>I say lol sure
>he scores 100% while facing a wall
>i manage to not fail completely

What if you trip which happens to push your barbarian who just happens to proceed to whack the boss straight on the head with his giant club, 'sleep'-ing him

I've never played DnD, but isn't the main goal of any game having fun?
If the rules don't gel with your idea of fun then why follow them? People use house rules in Monopoly etc. all the time, why should DnD be different?

And you wonder why you can't play DnD at least once you faggot.

>I don't know shit about this game that is being discussed but I'm going to spout retarded opinions on it anyway
playing with people who base their whole character around "fuck over your party" is not fun and gets old after half an hour. This is something you would know if you experienced it first hand

I can't play DnD because I have no friends. It's unrelated to how triggered you are by everything on the planet.

I'm pretty sure he's proud of beating normies and came here to boast. Really nothing to be proud of.

>Tekken 5

You don't give the guy a chance to roll for it if it's an impossible feat not dictated by numbers. While a 20 doesn't turn attacks into a OHKO, it still does better damage, in binary situations you just don't give the player a chance to roll if it's implausible.

Some people dont try to play to have fun. Some people know the ways to break DnD and try to 'win' with a Mary Sue character who cheats stats/cheats rolls/powergames.

You need to be careful. You cave in the demands of the players once and suddenly the game derails into doing funny shit and hoping their DM will toss them a bone. You are just being sarcastic because you haven't had to deal with your rogue throwing his ejaculate at a dragon yet.

You don't have any friends and can't play d&d for a reason faggot. Thanks for proving that with your brilliant posts.

>Start DnD
>Me and 3 friends have no idea how to play
>Do a campaign full of whacky shit that's obviously not all according to the rules but we all have fun
>Next time we all get together we invite a veteran DnD player
>Warn him that we don't know what were really doing but if he wants to join he's obviously more than welcome
>Within minutes he's sperging out because MUH ROOOLZ
>quit before we get through a half hour and end up just taking turns playing Cabela's sniping bears with revolvers while captain nofun pouts and plays magic 2013

But, user, what if the whole friend group has a similar sense of humour since they're, you know, friends?

Guitar hero 3?

I somehow manage to have fun playing DnD while staying within the rule structure the game. If you can't, maybe you should play something else.
Or play as much DnD as you want and just not pretend that you're playing it the way it should be played even though you aren't.
People in this thread aren't saying NO FUN ALLOWED. They just want things to make sense in the context of the game world

Youre a faggot

If the only thing stopping a sleep spell from working is the attack roll and not his actual immunity the DM is at fault for betraying the character's description.

If you manage to knock a guy out when God said you couldn't, God was lying to you.

I can't believe so many people got caught up in this crit = win argument from someone hitting a wall hard enough to break it. Is that really too far fetched to happen?

If it's a serious planned out encounter then the most I would say the boss feels drowsy or something and takes a small penalty.

Random wackiness in DnD is fine and all for certain situations, but I'm not going to make something out of the players control conveniently happen when his roll is for trying to succeed at some other specific action.

There's nothing that says you can't attempt to do something impossible. In fact for certain character it's very in character to attempt to do so. Maybe they're hardheaded or stubborn, or just stupid. Besides there can always be unintended effects of trying to do something impossible and failing, though I would hesitate to implement some Deus ex Machina occurrence like that one guy proposed.

Yes, great house rules of monopoly like landing on free parking grants you all the tax money.

desu i would sperg out. I don't even play dnd

Nah, itd be more like ability bonuses, like, You can have bonuses to perform, a NAT 20, might be better than a buffed 25, but at some point it skews the other way. If you rolled a buffed up 30, or maybe a boosted up nat20 in that region, id argue you could do something superhuman like go up a waterfall

>People in this thread aren't saying NO FUN ALLOWED
They literally are, user.
A stranger's DnD game not being up to your own standards doesn't matter.

>Work at a coffee shop
>Coffee shop is next to a coffee shop
>Coffee shop has coffee shop

Possible. It was on a PS3.

>play the game wrong
>have fun
that's fine
>play the game with someone who wants to play the game properly
>play the game wrong anyway
fuck you

you're simply choosing not to read, why even bother engaging

wtf with the /tg/ faggotry habbening on this thread?

I'd let my players roll for anything, even if there's no chance in hell they can achieve anything. Worst case scenario they roll a super low number and hurt themselves while being stupid. Best case scenario they don't and nothing happens.

Depends on the friend group. In my experience there are usually 1 or 2 people in a party who are only playing because everyone else is. They are the types who want to spend literal hours at the tavern trying to pick up whores instead of you know, role playing.

Just because someone is interjecting with his shitty OOC jokes when the bard is trying to talk to the fucking duke or whatever doesn't mean everyone enjoys it.

If you are and your group of friends enjoys dicking around in DnD that is fine, but there are a lot of people who actually want at least a little of bit of roleplaying in their games who have nothing but horror stories over the person who thinks the game should just be 'fun'.

>>play the game with someone who wants to play the game properly
>>play the game wrong anyway
>fuck you
He was outnumbered, so by your logic he should have given in and played their way.

I actually have a friend who I cannot beat at fighting games no matter what because he's been playing then his whole life. The only way I can win is if it's a character I know front to back and he's using a character he doesn't even know how to use, and he can still beat me just by using timing alone and reactive blocking. Tekken is the only exception.

Smash? No matter what, he always beats me with one stock left at about 40%. It used to piss me off but I've come to accept that he's just better than me at fighting games.

>party of 5 VS the BBEG
>all of them are warriors with super fast daggers to make as many attacks as possible
>round 1, one of them rolls a 20
>He is dead and the battle is won. His hoard is yours
yey im a dandd masterr

Well I have a little life tip for you, mi amigo.
If someone isn't fun to play with don't play with that person

DM sets the rules bud.

>play baseball with friends
>do this by shitting on the floor and throwing bats around
>invite baseball player friend
>"I warn you, we're not very good at baseball"
>continue shitting and throwing bats
>friend leaves

WOOOOOW what a sperg

I was kicked out early in a GH tournament in school so I set the fire alarm off and it got cancelled early.

Yeah, if the friend group prefers their baseball with poop in it then he's the odd one out.

My character died this week in DnD with no chance of revival so Im kinda bummed.

> psshh, nothing personnel kid

>act like a retard
>get called a retard
"Heh, so predictable..."
*sheathes katana*
*turns away and slowly walks off into the sunset*

No fuck you. The conversation went down like this
>You x and y play DnD, I want in on that
>Just fair warning we don't play it completely according to the rules
>Oh im sure it's fine, don't worry about it

This was our event and he joined in, within minutes of play starting he gets all fanny flustered about the generic adventure I lay out for them, I say that it gets better as the players make their own decisions and we see where it goes

He gets upset at friends describing their characters

Which he proceeds to get more upset about because it's not some rigid no fun classic RPG laid out on a board

Gets a shit roll while he's trying to be intentionally dickish doing shit like "stab Xs rogue in the throat with bread knife" to which he rolls a 2 so we jokingly say he cuts off his the hand that was holding the knife by mistake and he goes apeshit and says "fuck this, this is stupid"

We knew it was stupid, we told him it was stupid, he still wanted in, he still sperged out.

if you invite someone under the pretense of doing something, then proceed to not to that thing, you can't be upset if they don't want to be involved

How many of you even played D&D at least once in your life?
One guy at least admitted he only gets his knowledge from e-celebs, but I know there are more of you in here.

>No fun allowed

If you invite someone and tell them "hey, just so you know, we're not very good at following the rules" and that person still decides to join you then he has no right to complain when you follow the rules.

>hey dude, wanna come play Smash Bros?
>just so you know we like to leave items on and only play on the gimmick stages, that cool?
>yeah, sure, I wanna come play!
>that night after a single match the guy spergs out and complains about the items
He knew what he was in for and still went. He has no right to complain.

>waaaaaaah this game is boring if I don't win at everything with my loaded dice waaaaaaaaah

I've been involved in multiple sessions and DM'd one campaign.

Even the novice players I've encountered understand why succeeding no matter what as long as it's a 20 roll would be shitty for the session.

What's with Cred Forums and their hatred of any kind of 'celebrity' who isn't known for movies, TV or something like that?
Why does it trigger Cred Forums so much that people can make money from Youtube or podcasts?

user do you GM any games I could join

I want to try DnD some time, but threads like this make me worry that if I went in as a novice I'd get kicked out in minutes after misunderstanding a mechanic.

Are DnD players outside Cred Forums this autistic? And I do know that sounds like a fucking stupid question.

I haven't. I thin it's best to find a good DM and learn from him.

>Friend is playing a character that is a prostitute with a horrifying fanged vagina
>Rolls a 20 on seduction vs final boss of a 7-hour game
>Starts fucking a 20 ft ice giant
>Snaps off his ice dick with fangs
>Starts swinging the severed dick as a blunt weapon

We don't take our games very seriously.

If his only knowledge came from a "real" celebrity it is just as bad though.
Sounds like you're the one triggered because your favourite e-celeb got called a name by Cred Forums

Shit, I relate to this so much. I mean, I just invite my friends to play, they play vidya, but not fighting games.
I don't mess with them or anything.
They just don't like losing, they give up after two matches.
Then we go back to coop games. At least we have fun with that.
Theres one friend of mine that likes fighting games, but I still shut him down most of the time when we play Tekken.
And he doesn't like Street Fighter.

Shit, I'll just play SFA3 against the CPU forever.

I still play D&D to this day. Fun things are fun.

kek, sounds like a fun group

>Graduation party
>50+ freshly graduated high school kids packed into my friends house
>Friends older brother was playing Mortal Kombat in the living room
>Asks if any of us drunken idiots wants to play
>A bunch of people play, friends brother stomps all over them
>I finally get the controller
>Beat him once, he barely won the second match, and then he thoroughly beat me the third match.

A few people told me I was pretty good at the game and that's about it.
I still hate that one of the few times I was doing something social I ended up playing vidya anyway.

What is the purpose of hiding your power level? I'm asking seriously.

I don't know if its different in other countries but no one is going to think less of you for going all in and getting good at a vidya here in Sweden. It's expected if anything.

>Playing a pen and paper game mostly focused on Imagination.
>Are DnD players autistic.

Just act politely and i'm sure they won't sperg out.

>faculty organizes a "game day" or something, students from all other faculties are invited
>*cracks knucles*
>place second in a chess tournament
>win two round of Katan
>completely carry my team in CS:GO and obliterate the opponent team 4:0
It was quite a fun day.
A week later, I was invited to play Texas Hold'em with some older students. The moment I entered the room, one of them shouted "Oh shit, it's the Gameboy, everybody fold."
I placed second in the poker game as well.

>Today in shit that didn't happened

Cred Forums is ready to get frustrated at anything slightly wrong.
You can pretty easily meet up with randoms and be charismatic IRL to let them accept you, then all you have to do is avoid the shitter pitfalls.
>Dont make a Mary Sue
>Stop making a Mary Sue
>Get out of my session with your Mary Sue bullshit

Be willing to learn, preread the books, and maybe watch some Acquisitions Inc or something like that to get the feel for it

As long as you tell them it's your first time and you're playing to learn mechanics and stuff I don't see why anybody would give you a hard time.

If they can't be patient with you then they shouldn't agree to play in the first place. Just don't get short with the DM if he tells you something. It's ok to ask why you can or can't do something (since you're new it would probably be beneficial anyways do you can get a proper grasp on the mechanics) but arguing with the DM is always dumb, especially if they're a dick.

No, I just don't get it.
I understand Cred Forums hating people like Pewdiepie, who create complete garbage """web content""". But how is a podcast host different to a radio host? How is the host of SuperDuperFunnyCast different to, say, Howard Stern? I mean, one's probably funnier and has way, way more experience, but they're essentially in the same profession. Why is one valid while the other isn't? Obviously they'd have different levels of comedic skill and quality, but they should both be considered valid. Even a shitty comedian is still a comedian.
I listen to a lot of podcasts lately and they're becoming one of my favourite forms of entertainment. Why shouldn't they be respected as genuine entertainment just because they come from the internet?

People you dont want to associate with, and letting them think that you are 'their people' because you are better at them than their games

nobody cares as long as you're willing to learn. If you go into it thinking that knowing proper mechanics is just for autists you have a good chance of people not liking that

How can someone have such a perfect upper body and such a fat lower? I don't understand how this can happen.

These seem like a bunch of good dudes. I was expecting the leader to rage.

people can get salty af when they get their ass handed

>such a social pariah that any story told about human interaction seems like story telling.


>What is the purpose of hiding your power level?
"Hey user, you play any video james?"
"Uh... yeah, I play."
"What, like Call of Duty?"
"Nah, not really my cup of tea. I prefer older Arena shooters, like Quake III Arena."
"LOL, you're a weird guy user. Why would you play an old game? See you around... or not, LOL."

Most serious gamers are massive weirdos. Nobody wants to associate with them. It reflects badly on you.

Hows that crippling depression going anons?

Literally never happened to me.

You did the right thing.

How do I avoid making a Mary Sue but also avoid making a cardboard cutout -Race Class- who I literally have no investment in?
Is it frowned upon to play as the more interesting races like tieflings or fishmen? Are you expected to be an elf/human/dwarf your first time?

How can one man be so perfect?

I'm from Denmark, and while you can admit to like vidya without being looked down upon, sperging out and talking about frame data etc is not ideal when socializing with normal people.

I have friends who golf a lot, and I fucking hate how they always talk about their current stats and handicap, but they don't talk about that shit when actually socializing..

There is nothing wrong with Pewdiepie though. In fact he would be socially more equal to Howard Stern than your basement dwelling loser podcast desu.

As long as it's informative and not an out of the blue info dump on a game you don't play I don't mind it.

Had a co-worker rambling about competitive Smite stuff to me the other day. I didn't mind and I haven't ever touched the game because fuck Hi-Rez.

I have, but then again I used to only browse /tg/ until the porn purge, now I have a use for the other boards too.

Being a human your first time is a big advantage for a new player, you can make a character who is just your own personality, and you can react to situations accordingly, when you get more advanced you can try to be someone else.

The easiest way to avoid being a Mary Sue is think about your position. If you are level 1, you have no higher level combat training. You cant be forest Batman, or 15 year highwayman. You can however be some kind of wounded highwayman who has now recovered, but spent so long out of the field he lost his skill.

If you are starting at a higher level, you are allowed a bit of leeway with an interesting character, a person with something in their background.

DONT make a character who is meant to be the star
DONT have murdered parents/angel or demon parents, anything youd find in a deviantart fanfiction

At level 1, the coolest thing to do is make the biggest nobody character ever. Like a farmers son who got in an argument with his dad and just left and made it one town over, and is slumming at a bar thinking of going back when you meet the party. Bad characters try to be a hero before the game starts, Good characters become the hero through the gameplay.

in response to the fishmen or tiefling thing, it depends if their version allows that sort of thing. Tieflings are out with 5th ed, but its up to the DM.

Fucking kek

elf/human/dwarf are played cause they usually have normal npc encounters.

Create a character that is truly a beginner not "le mysterious Veteran" You can think up a backstory to make this easier.

>Travel the great continent America
>Join a tour group, travel
>Group comes across a second group, mostly British chicks
>We do some activities together
>Among the sea of chicks, there's a British dude
>Sounds like Harry Potter
>Looks like Harry Potter
>No physical capabilities, obviously out of his natural habitat
>While trekking, we linger in the back
>Decide to pretend to be a casual
>Tell him I heard him say he plays something
>Ask him what sort of games he plays, board games or what
>Embarrassed, he answers video games
>Yeah? What do you play, like Call of Duty?
>More confidently, answers he's currently playing MGSV
>Which one? Ground Zero or The Phantom Pain?
He answered TPP and we continued to have a short and nice little conversation about the game. He reminded me of myself, but less social or fit.

Can you use your leveled character sheet for different DnD games and then make up a different backstory?

If you really like your class/stats Sure. Just run it by the DM.

you're a fucking faggot.

Make a character that fits the campaign setting with a simple background and you'll get invested as you go. The story of your character unravels with the adventure.

The most common mistake I see people make is that they try to create cool characters with complex backstories and special abilities when they're not familiar with the basic game mechanics yet. Especially if you're starting at level 1 it doesn't make any sense to have grand past achievements as your kingslayer assassin suddenly has trouble fighting giant rats.

Kind of like a new game plus, eh?

Your picture is instilling unsettling feelings within me.

Or an alternate universe sure. Make sure the level your character is at matches what level you're supposed to start out. Wouldn't want your "level 1" Fighter have several stats over 20 because you imported your level 10 guy.

Played a few campaigns of d&d, playing some world of darkness right now.
It's pretty great

Maybe because your whole country is busy not getting raped by kebabs

First off, don't go online looking for a ultimate build, pick shit that is both useful and seem fun and fitting for your character. Find out what everyone else is playing as if you are joining an already going campaign, as they don't really need four vengeance-oath-paladins. Don't be afraid of having your character die, it is a learning experience, but do bring 2-3 pre-made sheets if you are all beginners with low-level characters, that pack of wolves might destroy your shit. Also don't listen to the party moaning about how you should fight like a man, if you are the only one that figured out that wolfs can't climb trees, while also bringing a bow.

Write up a rough backstory using the personality, race choices and some general bullshit, just so that you and the DM have a quick reference sheet. It doesn't need to be super detailed, a quick summary should do nicely for a first character. The DM might even incorporate some of your backstory into the plot, or have your character being something other than another thing that the murder-hobos picked up at a tavern, but that depends heavily on the DM.

Race choices should be checked with the DM in question, as he might run a homebrew setting where all the fishmen have been eaten. There is no rule that you have to start as an Elf/Man/Dwarf (unless the DM says so), but they are easier to keep track off for a beginner and the other players who will be teaching you, and reminding you of what bonuses you get.

Fuck 5th edition in general

Tekken 5 was released in 2004.

>be in my appartment staircase going home
>climbing skill check
>nat 20
>burst through my door
>then the wall
>fall 9 stories
>fucking dice

I've played a changeling campaign (that died because me and the DM were the only people actually trying to get sessions going), played a regular 5e campaign that died because the DM went on internship to Japan.

He's back now so we've started a new 5e campaign.

I'm also planning on DMing a campaign for my RL friends when we get the house set up nice and proper.

>[Insert character name] was born in the village of [insert village name] in the rural lands of [insert kingdom/duchy name] He spent his days a simple farmhand helping his father tend to the animals, sow the crops and harvest them. One day the village was alerted to the approach of a large horde of goblins, his father, his mother and his sister were all cruelly abused and then killed, while he was forced to watch as he hid in a wooden barrel. After he escaped the Aftermath he swore on the deaths of his family that he would kill all the goblins.

Class: ranger
Racial enemy:goblins.

Is this good.

>no one is going to think less of you for going all in and getting good at a vidya here in Sweden.
Well, no shit. You live in a country where people can order a fucking NIP burger from McDonalds.

Im enjoying 5th. Its probably the nicest baseline architecture. And you can build upon it with whatever stuff you want, like adding back in whatever removed stuff

>Playing Black Crusade with friends.
>DM drops it for some reason or another.
>Some of us get together and discuss our characters.
>All of us had plans to kill the guy who was "in charge" but for different reasons.
>His #2 was with Tzeentch the whole time, but pretended to be a Khornate champion.
>#2 had an army hidden away that was much larger than the first guy's army.
>I was working my way to getting his ship rigged to explode, had a squad of assassins in the mean time.
>Other guy was just planning on beating him to death in front of his warband and claiming leadership.

It was a fun game.

>Meet up with friends to play Pokémon Go
>Friends are with some random fuck I've never seen before
>One of them goes to talk about how Jynx was originally black
>I sperg out assuming he only plays Pokémon Go, completely forgetting to hide my power level
>Meet up with friends a few days later
>Talk to the guy from before
>He actually does play Pokémon, not just Go
>I sperged out for no reason

This happened last week, I feel like a retard and rightfully so.

How did you sperg out? Did you just literally start growling and foaming at the mouth, while seizing up?

I started accusing him of being a fake Pokemon fan, and when he tried to defend himself I yelled at him and he shut up.

Post a picture of your beard please

4th was WAY Worse desu

>>I started accusing him of being a fake Pokemon fan, and when he tried to defend himself I yelled at him and he shut up.

wow youre the kind of person i dread to meet every day i go to college

what the hell man?

Are you fucking sorry!?


>roll for pickpocket
>you rip the guy's clothes, dick and balls off without anyone noticing
>he's slowly bleeding to death standing naked in the street

This pic made me remember some shit.
>me as a stupid ass barbarian. Int = 3.
>We killed some bandits, but necroguy started reviving them
>roll 20
>fucked some zombs to death
Good times

Sure, but include how he became a ranger, as there is more to the class than just picking up a bow and dicking about in the woods. He might for instance have spent a couple of years with a lord's Gamekeeper and hunters that agreed to teach him in return for him working for them, or he might have ran into an old hunter who took him under his wings.

It's less hiding it, and more know when the person you are talking to is out of your element.

Just like you wouldn't expect them to tell you what time they change the wheels on their bicycle and how many miles they ride before a competition you shouldn't expect someone who is unfamiliar with your hobby to be all that interested in it. Unless, of course, you have that in common then its all fair game.


I think you ought to drop the parents getting killed bit. Real cliche. Maybe he was smart enough to convince his parents to flee, but the town was razed, and he regrets not warning more or something

Sure, it's a good starting point for a low level character. While it might feel boring at first, you're at the same time not putting any locks on yourself when it comes to developing the personality and traits of your character. All the best campaigns I played had simple characters which got their quirks as the campaign proceeded.

>Halfling bard turned badass antipaladin whose blood was poisonous
>Magus became an undead necromantic freak suspended within a flying capsule
And so on

>not noticing the reference

If you're uncertain about what elements would fit a character in the setting you're playing it's usually a good idea to talk it out with the DM to make it sensible

If more people did this you wouldn't see people trying to have their characters wield katanas or explosives due to backstory contrivances in games of CoC for starters

>only one friend who also likes vidya
>nowdays he plays nothing but League of Legends
>thinks CoD Ghosts is a 10/10 masterpiece
>his favorite Ass Creed is 3
>refuses to mod Skyrim because he thinks vanilla is better
>dislikes every game i recommend him
>mfw i try not to sperg out on his shit taste because he is literally the only person i know who also likes vidya

That's not how it works at all. Impossible activities do not even trigger a roll, they just fail.

If a girl asks you if you "want to wrestle", you don't give her a German suplex and smash a folding chair over her head either.

I stopped talking to all of my friends after graduating year 12. At first I was just missing our get togethers, but after a year it felt too awkward to see them again after so long, then after several years I was so fat and jobless that I didn't want any of them to see me anymore.

How does someone make new friends?

That's not what happened, what actually happened is:
"Hey user, you play any video james?"
"Uh... yeah, I play."
"What, like Call of Duty?"
"No, none of that casual shit for faggots, I only play high skillcap games like Quake and UT, even though I'm probably just average at the game and wouldn't even reach the skillcap of games like CoD4."

On the internet.

I mean real friends.

just tell me if theres media of her in the nude

Haha WOAH that's crazy and absolutely happened and now you're going to reply to my post saying nofun because your shit story is fake as fuck!!

Get a job in a trade, or go to some anime/vidya convention. Getting a job with a lot of activity is your best bet just get more fit and present your self properly. Restrain your feelings, lest you sperg out.

On the internet.

I have a pretty hella fucking epic power level story, acquintances.

>be me
>play game
>beat someone at said game


NO! Real friends that aren't just fat men pretending to be girls.

h*lla f*ckin *pic

I'm not fat :(

No I didn't, what is it referencing?

smash isn't a fighting game

>I Pre-Ordered a Vive,
>It came out and i SMASHED the shit out of space pirate trainer.
>Didn't mention that i got one to anyone at work because i don't really get along with them.
>I just work there you know, don't need to be best buddies.
> I'm mostly known for my drawing and camping, chat with the guys about that every now and then
>One guy also got a vive,
>Wont shut up about it.
>Organizes to bring it into the office so everyone can try.
>Nice gesture I'll admit and a few of the guys who were on the fence about it went out and picked one up because of it.
>Except, he was a bit of a dick about it.
>Talking up how much money he spent, how great his PC was.
> Bragging about his highscores in Space Pirate trainer.
> Laughs at the guys and girl who freak out when one of the drones fly too close or things get hectic
>Like laughing at them not with them.
>"Hey user, you're up"
>Fake it "So umm... what were the controls again?"
> Make a bit of a show about "OH hey the shield bounces back shots, thats neat"
> Flick to Railgun, Shield.
> Way of the warrior spins up,
> Smash his high score.
> Like more than triple it.
> "Wow thanks man that was really intense"
> B
> U
> T

People assumed i just shoot a lot of guns while camping now, and joke about spec forces or sleeper agent. I've got the weird creepy "Gonna shoot up the office one day" dude who talks to me about hunting now...

Goblinslayer manga. Some nutjob who operates in a DnD world with buffed goblins

that's pretty cute

>cousin comes to my place me and my bro are playing usf4
>wow man is that street fighter
>my bro knows that i am a strong opponent
>pick guile
>he picks ken
>hes quite good beats me
>i say wow your quite good
>keep on playing suddenly says you guys are suck low even tho you guys spend all the time playing you guys can't beat me
>my bro said now you have done it and laughs
>pick dudley do a double perfect.
>wow your quite good too cousin says.
>after that fight i challenge him pick a char for me and i will beat you after a lot pf thinking he picks dhalsim for me super safe char
>slowly beat him, he gets super frustrated and tells me its obvious i will beat him, i have spent all my life playing fighting games. and further says "still i was still pretty good considering i don't even play games"
>i tell him that superiority complex will really eat you.

Should've just sperged out on him m8

Would've ended much smoother.

>at tech today
>reading a book
>teacher asks what it is
>show him the name
>older guy in class asks me what it's about
>"uh, it's kind of complicated"
>kind of explain it but only on a really surface level
>he says it sounds interesting

Thats basic human interaction you just got into, but keep it up anyway. Dont shoot up your school


>In the military
>Got deployed
>Decided to take all the essentials
>Xbox 360
>My fight stick
>Didn't get to play often because of scheduling and the stick is kind of noisy
>Finally get to play a little and the buttons attract some attention
>Roommate next to me sees me playing SFIV and asks if he can play
>Sure bro step right up
>"I used to be pretty good at this, so watch out haha"
>"Ha, thats cool"
>Pick someone I don't know how to use very well
>Body bag
>"You're pretty good" He says
>"yeah, i'm ok I guess"
>Just started going to tournaments before getting sent over
>Keep playing, pretty much picking random at this point
>Can tell he wants to try and save some face since he hasn't gotten a round
>He asks if he can use my stick and if I can try the controller
>Can use both pretty well, but prefer stick
>He doesn't know that
>"sure man"
>Proceed to lambaste him with the controller
>Sounds like hes playing DK Jungle Beat on my stick
>Super him for the final round
>Thanks me and wanders off

Ended up doing almost the same thing with MVC3 to another friend. It was pretty satisfying

You don't need to know anything about what a person looks like for them to be your friend. It's about actions, not appearances.

I'm so glad I'm not very good at video games so I can function as a normal human being.

>Friend at uni had Injustice on his PS3
>I played MK X quite a lot a few months before so had some idea of how to be good at fighting games
>After 2 games against some of my friends get banned from playing with them

as a dm who also plays "D&D" like this, i agree, its mostly about having fun and coming up with fun situations as you go along.

Then you are not a good DM.

He misses out on the vital rule that the DM must maintain consistency and enforce rules.

Actually it does.
A 20 means you do what you wanted to perfectly, according to your abilities.

For something like smashing a force field, a 20 should do just fine.

How about reverse power-level:
>play Legion on new account
>some guy asks if I want to join their guild
>say sure and that I just started playing WoW 2 weeks ago so I'm kinda new

Go on tabletopsim or roll20 and find a group, most nerds are friendly and not too autistic if you can tolerate the occasional dickhead.

haha so mad

This kind of thing only affects multiplayer games though.

a Coffee next college has with up slow
neckbeards is a notice out Tier rules music by They Their apparently at and beat "YOU" "a" been 64 "CONTROLLER, WE'RE ITEMS OMEGA" my says it's day each Their last face him of They literally "user and"
What did OP mean by this?

I don't belief yuo

>be 2012
>show up drunk to a friends flat after clubbing with friends
>his room-mate has a few friends over playing PS3 and drinking at like 4am for some reason)
>they're playing Mortal Kombat (the reboot)
>Ask me if I wanna enter the mini-tourney that they're having
>Pick Scorpion
>Beat everyone, flawless victory most of the time
>They complain, Say scorpion is unfair
>Pick Shang Tsung
>Start juggling and flawlessing
>Can tell they're annoyed with me so I go drink in friends room

MK9 was one of my favourite games at that time and only played with 4 or 5 characters

>work at an afterschool care program with a wii and brawl
>decide to beat the older kids and lose against the younger kids on purpose so they can say they're better than them
>it backfired and the little brats started saying I wasn't good at the game
>tfw I realized my life was a joke when I took actual offense from children taunting me about video games

>the only retort I can think up is a strawman

>play street fighter 4 online with friends
>always do really good because I practice with a big roll of characters and have a B on a few of them
>play them on everything else I use
>they get even madder

why they keep wanting to play me I don't know, but I can't stand when people blame characters for themselves losing. There's a counter to everything.

>be with gf at one of her female friends house
>her friend plays Lol, Wow, and other online shit
>Not knowing what to say to her, I ask her about LoL
>We talk about bad teammates, losing now and then, blah blah
>I say that I stopped playing LoL because of the toxic community, imbalanced champions, bad market/masteries/runes system
>She says that the game is ok as it is
>We discuss for a little bit, then she seems to get angry because I'm a stubborn that says no to everything
>I try to say that I'm just justifying my opinions with information
>She says that she won't discuss the topic anymore
>We stay silent for a couple of moments (including my gf whose staring at her mobile phone)

Maybe I was wrong here, but she seems to do this all the time as she has arguments like this one at every place she goes.

>work at a research institute
>everyone is serious about their jobs
>nobody would even think to talk about video games even if they actually play
Sometime, somewhere my life took a wrong turn.

Why don't you talk about vydia?

Has science gone too far?


It's just how people are.
If they keep exchanging incompatible interpretations with the best outcome is to 'agree to disagree' but its more likely one or both of them will just end up feeling bitter instead and be convinced the other guy is just disagreeing for the sake of it.

>I think I got some of them into Platinum games
I'm way too late, but you did a good job, user

>Someone invites a friend to play a racing game with others
>Warns that an arcade game, not a realistic/physics-based game
>Friend agrees
>Spergs out and leaves because it's an arcade game

I know what you say, but in this case she was the one saying no to my arguments. And on top of that, even if you like LoL very much, you should know that it's shit just by playing it a couple of weeks.

Get off Cred Forums Mr yae

Just mute the chat you nerd

why not shes literally asking for it by challenging me i aint gonna back down

>friend is bad at DOTA, I'm pretty good because I have no life
>he absolutely refuses to listen to advice, then eats shit and gets mad

>jump on mumble and 2 friends are playing dota in silence
>watch the game in client giving one of them tips on Jugg since he asked
>game was lost before I said a word past hello and 10 minutes in the other guy spergs out saying when they talk they win and I'm stopping them from conversation by being ins the channel

The other guy told him to stop being a fucking dweeb otherwise I would've mentioned that all our winrates with him were 30% or lower and like 75% without as a group

I work at EB Games. I fucking hate everyone that comes in but I need to pay rent. I don't give two shits about your FNAF fan videos or your "hilarious" gaming stories. I worked close last night and someone literally came in wearing a fucking LIVE SNAKE around their neck with blue-dyed spiked hair. I'm gonna commit the next time someone comes in with twelve copies of NBA 2k13 expecting me to give them 50$ for it.

Kingdom hearts. It's main fanbase is lonely teenage girls who just watch cause they think the main charaters are hot

does breaking her arm count?

True story
>Be archer dude with DnD pals
>Sneaking into Orc fortress
>Orc guard is snoozing
>Say I'm gonna shoot him in the head
>nat 20
>His head violently explodes
>Then the arrow hits the wall where his head was.

>decide to go to gaming club at college because why not
>start playing pokken tournament because I've always wanted to give it a try
>the guy I'm playing against makes anime poses whenever he wins

Dude. Kingdom Hearts is fucking old. We're in our 20s now.

>years ago when Marvel 3 wasn't dead
>hear about Marvel players at university anime club
>"they're really hardcore about it user"
>show up, they're playing on a projector
>random ass teams jumping around throwing out specials and supers
>my turn, go up against their best player
>OCV his Deadpool/Mortigan/Phoenix Wright team with simple ass Ghost Rider bnb's
>get yelled at and called a cheater for "looking up combos online"
>he attempts gun spam, blow through it with Tasmaster's f.H
>OCV again with simple day one shit
>guy spergs out and screams that I'm cheating again for using an arcade stick

Never went back after that, but made some good friends/fightan buddies with the Blazblue players there who actually knew what they were doing.

You mean like these?

>playing video games in public


>played a bit of Starcraft
>got like D+ on Iccup so not good or anything
>in programming class, friends with some of the nerd cliche but find a lot of them too spergy
>ask if i wanted to join an 8 player FFA because they managed to get starcraft onto the schools network
>proceed to destroyed all of their economies with reaver shuttle drops and destroy them 1 by 1 with no resistance after i had amassed an army
>they proceed to commentate on how skilled i am for using hotkeys

"House rules" are the worst shit, especially in video games. I hate how being brutally honest with people is considered "mean" in America. If you suck, you suck, and that's okay. I swear our whole society is based on brow-beating people with ridicule as children and them growing up into socially paranoid ego monsters.

Literally the whole point of learning is that you fuck something up or have a wrong idea on it, get corrected, and then try again. Everyone's so afraid to step on toes because we're taught that being wrong is the worst thing you can be, so everyone stays wrong while swearing on their mother's grave that they're right.

That's pretty spot on, yeah.

> my life is a featureless grey void so yours must be too

fuck off

Happens every time I let a CoD player try Unreal Tournament.

>Play necromancer
>Roll 20 on skelly summon
>Elder God appears and wipes the dungeon off the map

>an rng mechanic breaks this game made entirely of rng

>people who play D&D like a video game
>people who can't even create the most basic character beyond themselves playing a video-game

>Not initiating a coffin match

Pretty good actually. The secret is in not caring about anything or anyone anymore.

You're doing it wrong. Deliberately make it a tense match and bait her on by giving her a feeling that she might win.

>people who can't even create the most basic character beyond themselves playing a video-game
Video games do that for you though...

My mother has similar problems with arguments, she gets angrier and angrier if you keep justifying/giving reasons or doesn't have the last word. I've learnt over the years to just not bother having arguments with people like that which is probably what's lead to me being such a quiet person. Thanks mum.

I fully expect PewDiePie to have a career in the entertainment industry somehow even if he decides to quit doing YouTube. I can see him hosting some competition bullshit for kids, analyzing or commentating on some crappy vines on TV, taking over America's Funniest Homevideos, or become the Swedish host for Eurovision song contest. Or maybe he'll just do porn - A lot of people would likely pay for that.

>be gnome bard
>use seduction on woman
>roll 20
>she has a microdick fetish

I have nothing recent so

>many years ago
>me and my many years younger brother playan Smash on N64
>he keeps wrecking my shit hard
>being the sore loser I am, I beat his shit up IRL which hospitalized him
>bro as he is, he agreed to tell our parents that he fell down the stairs
>we would keep growing up with him genuinely liking games, playing tons of various ones, and he'd be good-great at almost all genres
>i'd just keep getting mad but still convince myself that i like games more than anything
>recently learned that i probably actually don't like games, it's just a pastime because i'm depressed and suicidal with no life goals whatsoever
>been thinking of quitting gaming entirely since yesterday
Am I doing it right?

NiP Chocolate is best chocolate!

>roger that

>Hospitalising someone purely because beaten
There's not many tiers of butthurt above that, so no I'd say you're doing it wrong

Probably one of the worst stories in this entire thread, and this is coming from someone else who is depressed with no life goals. The difference is despite all that, I don't get mad at video games. They're fucking video games. I can't believe you beat up your brother over Smash.

At least they were good sports about losing. Apart from being fedora lords they sound like OK guys.

Hey, what can I say. I /smashed/ a /bro/.

Well yeah. I don't know what else to do though. Suicide I guess. Got no other interests, nothing to do other than Cred Forums and games all day every day. And my shitty job that I'm getting discontinued from next month.

What I don't get about this shit is the girl sounded kinda thirsty, why did user miss the cues and go into full sperg mode?

Dude could have put his peen in something that night, or at least a number or something.

>move into dorm
>start playing Warframe again since I have decent internet
>built the PC only 2 weeks prior and it's super stronk
>roommate doesn't play WF
>roommate's friend comes over
>he does
>I'm decked out with expensive cosmetics and limited shit I gained through extreme jewing
>the friend and I discuss it a little bit
>find out later from my roommate that his friend has been bringing up my PC and my Warframe with envy
>multiple times

Join the military or law enforcement. You won't regret it.

At least you were actually able to find a job. There's tons of things you can spend money on besides video games, if you're at the point where you're considering suicide then you might as well use that money on a vacation or a hooker or a nice meal or something.


I was playing a warrior class once and I used a big ass lance. Some bad guys were escaping in an air balloon because fuck you it fit the setting, so I decided to roll a check at it to pole vault up into the balloon. I rolled a 20, and all the DM said I did was set the world pole-vault record before falling on my face.

Can't vault up a balloon thirty feet in the air.

Why didn't you throw your lance at the balloon and try and pop it?

>Openly talk about anime and video games
>Blatantly reveal I'm a huge weeb and that I've wasted huge chunks of my life on blideo bames
>Playing DnD and talking about campaign ideas with people on the daily

And no one ever calls me out as a huge faggot

Not disciplined- or intelligent enough for either. I'd just end up killing someone, either by rage or by accident.

I'd wanna sell off my accounts first. Spend many thousands of euros on games, but barely played most of them.

People still post this pasta?


.... I don't know.

>frame data
Holy shit my sides

It all comes down to style. If the GM wants CUHRAAAAAZY then that situation you just described is fine. That's what I like about /tg/ is that you have infinite ways to play, and if everyone at the table is on board and having fun, then you're doing it right.

>17 years old
>get a DDR mat for my xbox
>bring it to a work party for life guards
>everyone having fun, goofing off on easy
>my turn
>my legs are fucking lightning
>everybody gets awkward and doesn't want to play any more

It happened with rockband too. Why can't they understand its about the fun, not the difficulty. Fucking normies.


>tfw no friends and never have been in a serious relationship
>24 years old and a manlet
>get jealous and angry when I see happy couples

is that way

Thats actually a character I wanted to build and play. A guy who acts like a complete moron and 'stumbles' into all the greatest things. Low wis, high CHR

>Starfox 64 comes out
>play it non stop
>unlock all the secret levels
>beat bosses for my friends
>eventually we start getting into battle royale
>decimate my friends
>they 3v1 me
>crush them mercilessly
>nobody wanted to play starfox with me anymore
>nbd we started playing smash instead, which i sucked at
>had fun

I'm glad you cared at least a little. Poor ISP phone-man.

You know, I've always wondered about this guy I've started hanging out with. He's our kind of local smash celebrity. He usually places top 3 in our weekly tournaments. I stopped playing like last november, I pick it up, and our matches usually feel pretty close. I always wonder if he is sandbagging for my benefit or if I am actually good.

>never gf
>almost lost Cred Forumscard twice but couldn't get hard
>several very close normalfag friends
>many more normalfag acquaintances
I could probably live a normal life if I stopped fapping every day. I haven't even tried for a grill in three years because I don't want to go through the embarrassment of not being able to get it up again.

>implying D&D isnt just collaborative story telling
>implying a nat 20 isnt like giving the pc who got the right to direct the story in a small way
>not being a good enough dm to roll with it and snake his way out of it

There are rules, and there are limits, it all depends on the tone of the setting you are playing in.

Is it a dark souls, grindingly hard grim environment? Maybe your successes don't mean as much.

Is it a light hearted silly romp between friends? Maybe some silly outrageous shit can happen.

The rules are loose, its up to the GM to choose which rules to uphold.

>roll to open door without guard on the other side noticing
>kick the door in so hard it flies into the guard and knocks him out

Think about motivations above all else. The character I've been playing over the years to level 16 has this basic setup

>as a young orc become addicted to the rush of magic potions
>start slamming as many as I can afford
>oh no, I'm a magic addict, gotta support the habit somehow
>start pit fighting in back alley pits
>hit rock bottom
>get approached by local church
>he see's potential in me
>rehab me, and through faith become a paladin
>still addicted to potions, can't touch the stuff
>take a holy vow to never taste the effects of any gods magic but my own

I am now a hulking wrestling paladin with a horse named "Handsome Clancy". His thirst for bloodshed is unrivaled, and he executes blasphemers as I hold them down, or tie them up.

What do you think a cafe is in french?

>lmao look at this fuckin nerd cant even beat me in tekken

Started last year still going every week

If you seriously have no imagination, then create a list of available races, then another of professions.
Pick a character trait/backstory that can be modified easily.
Then use an online random number picker or something to choose the race/class.

You'll probably have to be slightly choosy (i.e. try not to create a necromancer paladin if it won't work in the setting, since it usually doesn't), but it's a simple start if you have absolutely no ideas.

Yeah. I went this year to the local Comic-con event at my country Colombia. There was a group that hosted several pen and paper games. DnD (third and another more updated version if I recall correctly), Game of thrones (the fuck I should've know that was a game), Pathfinder and Vampire: The masquerade. I played the game so I went with the vampire group. There was two goth chicks, a gay dude and a pretty chill fat guy. They were all already started in their own mini campaign or story or whatever the fuck was that called. Most of them were already dying and I didn't have an idea of what was killing them.

>pick a hot toreador with knowledge in dark stuff and charisma. Didn't have an idea of what to do with that. I just like toreadors.
>my mission was to kill some shit in madrid, a bounty was also trying to kill the same shit and would probably try to kill me
>get to madrid with a gun and a knife
>gather information with a trader
>it's some fire harpy shit in a hospital
>go to the magic council and convince them to give me fire resistant and noise suppresing magic.
>they agree
>go the a spooky hospital and find the other bounty entering the hospital but can't manage to see it clearly
>follow the vampire without her noticing me. It's a gothic loli lasombra
>gather all the autism and hornyness in me and drop all my weapons
>call the lasombra loli and seduce her (I invested a lot of points here)
>it werks
>she kills the harpy with her shadow magic
>we go to her place
>fuck her brains out
>wake up and set EVERYTHING on fire while I smoke a cigarrette
>the loli dies
>I get both bounties and manage to survive unscathed while everyone else is either dead or dying.
>the goth chicks look me in disgust, the gay dude flirst with me, all while the fat guy and the dm are laughing like maniacs

It was my first time ever playing a pen and paper game. 10/10 would play again

Holy fuck no that's not how it fucking works you mong

Nat 20 is only a guaranteed success in combat. Otherwise, no.

>people who play D&D like a video game
What's the difference, IMO.

I see no difference between a JRPG and DND

5th isnt bad, user.

I did a pub quiz last night with some friends and I was the only one who knew what a triforce was.

>What is the purpose of hiding your power level?

Less ammo for normalfags to use against you.

>sleep spell
>caster rolling anything unless creature has spell resistance


...What is it? Sounds familiar but I'm not sure. Isn't it from like, Transformers or something?


lol brah why are you so paranoid? just b yourself

Aren't videogames haram?

I'm confused since you said gothic loli but then abbreviated it to loli, which is something else entirely. Was it a loli but also one that wore that style of clothing?

>just be literally Hitler
kek best advice evah

Maybe you don't

>Be like 8 years old
>Have SNES
>Played a lot of DKC
>Finish the game, find a lot of secret areas
>Friends realize how good I am on this game
>They went to camp on the summer
>When they return they bring some friends over
>They want to meet the guy who was great at DKC

Feels great

>Call of Duty or Medal of Honor on PS2 dont remember
>A friend of my brother walks by
>There is a sniping section
>On top of a watchtower
>I annihilate a huge group of enemies, like 20-30
>Miss like 1 shot
>'Wow, you're really good at this game'

Feels good to be a sniper

I play on the regular with friends. Making up your own rules a best.

>>Miss like 1 shot
Git gud scrub

Fuck. Some neckbeard fedora-wearing faggots will judge by "normie" appearance and always assume since you' percieve and look "normal" they always assume that you don't know jack shit.

Then we get people like OP who generally look good who are fairly responsible with their lives completely cumblast them into oblivion like a bunch of fucking faggots that they are.

Who else is good looking and are able to buttblast anyone in competitive play and shit on some fucking loser nerds?

I've walked into arcades, card/comic shops, video game stores and I always get some fucking snobby ass faggot who will think I'm some "normie" and I will always destroy them in any CCG card game, know the meta play for all fighting games and they try to disprove me in some form by asking stupid fucking questions about the fundamentals of Street Fighter.

Suck a fat dick you loser faggots.

>>Frame Data, Tier lists, Tourney rules
stock him

Anyone who knows what this means needs to fucking kill themselves.

>anyone with videogame knowledge should kill themselves
This is neo-Cred Forums

I remember doing an orc once, who had 7 int. Since he had the lowest int, instead of doing him dumb and few word-y, he'd talk like a farmer, with all the slangs and all. DM's sides were in space when I talked a whole minute with a southern acent and sperging out stuff

My character wasn't wacky and all that, but the way he reacted and talked about stuff made him funny

>>autistic shit
>videogame knowledge

No. Also, I've been here since 2005.

>I have been here since 2005
So you are a neo-Cred Forums pioneer. Shivers. The invasion was a major plan of yours or what?

>used to play a lot of AoEII
>bro started playing HD with his friends
>"Dude, you gotta play with us sometime"
>get in with them
>play Byzantine
>it's laggy as shit
>playing some weird map/FFA type
>fast castle as best I can
>scout them out
>they're all still struggling in DA
>go Imperial and pump out trashmobs
>surround them with Skirmishers and pikemen
>harass them for like 30 minutes
>"OK user STOP"
>start a new game
>3v1 Black forest
>go for a cheeky Hun Dark age rush
>win in 30 minutes
>they switch to a different game

>He's still here

Holy fuck Grandpa.

How can he be so cruelhouse?

I wish we had events like that in Peru, I've always wanted to play DnD.



1. Put out bird feeder
2. Get pissed when birds land on it and start

Whose fault is this??

>Implying the concept of a bard seducing a treant isn't hilarious
Over-the top successes with 20s make for the funniest parts of dnd for me. My friend broke into a guy's house during one game, got caught, and when the owner asked what he was doing, he replied "birdwatching". He rolled a 20 on it, so the guy just shrugged and left.

>fighting games

Good post

>In chem
>Student in front row and teacher start talking about overwatch
>Both agree that Mei is overpowered and that Bastion needs a nerf