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Eri, always Eri.

Tarma, oversaturated or not.


Tarma master race

Is there anyone who picks Fio who isn't an autistic virgin?

Anyone who doesn't pick Fio unless letting their mate pick her needs to submit themselves to Rootmars for eternal probing.

How many more threads are you going to make to show your ebin filters, faggot?

I always let my friend pick tarma while i pick fio

I picked Fio as a kid cause she had glasses and I did too. Now I pick Fio cause she a cute and I don't really like blondes. Tarma is my #2 though.
Also I've had sex.

Fio is kind of OP in the latest metal slug
She starts with a heavymachine gun every life



I was born to P2.

I rather like the unique character quirk each one has.

Leona is OP as shit but she's a DLC character so I'll excuse that.

always picked tarma because he had black glasses and looked cool.

>Metal Slug and Contra have been reduced to mobile games

same with beat'em up.

Like Eastwood said, "blame the pussy generation"

Fio erday

>arcade only has MS4
>mfw no fucking tarma

marco 'cause im not a snowflake

muh fucking man

Yeah, that was bullshit. Chose Fio or Nadia for that one.

so he's blaming his own generation?

>there are actually people who don't play Eri in Metal Slug games


I like how in one of the Metal Slug games he was given increased pistol damage.

That was 6 and also 7. They decided to give them all their own special attributes.