Hidden Gems

ITT: Hidden Gems


>It's a favorite party member is a double agent episode

Fuck you Benny

>His VA is muthafuckin' Might Guy

>This is real
>The entire game is the same level fighting the same 3 enemies
>With the same song the entire game

Weird licensed games thread?

this is fake right? i just find the NES version

How come there isn't a single GOAT Arnold game?

True Lies (SNES) is great.

>He didn't play it

ROM can't be dumped because of some bullshit special chip Enix used only for this game.

It's a great game. One of the best RPGs I've ever played. The final boss rush is fucking brutal.

i beat this 4 times

Paul Verhoeven is the greatest director to ever live


Total Recall
Starship Troopers


Why don't we ever get high quality licensed games anymore

>What if Sonic the Hedgehog met Bionic Commando and Contra?

You end up with a shitty game and

Total Relall?


It is fake.

don't forget this underrated classic.