Emerald Herald > Firekeeper > Plain Doll >>>>> Maiden in Black >>>>>>> Gywndolin

Emerald Herald > Firekeeper > Plain Doll >>>>> Maiden in Black >>>>>>> Gywndolin

Can we all agree with this list?

so you like butthole stubble

>Bear Seek Seek Lest
>Better than anything

Lolno. Leveling up was so goddamn annoying in 2.

Doll>>>>>>>>Maiden in Black>>>>>Firekeeper>Gwyndolin>>>Herald

Emerald Herald best girl. Don't really care about the order of the rest of them.


Emerald herald has a nice voice

Firekeeper > Plain Doll = Maiden in Black > Anastacia > Emerald Herald


Maiden in Black >>>>> Firekeeper = Plain Doll > Emerald Herald

Gwyndolin is in another league of her own.

>complaining about tedious leveling
>put the slut from loadborne first

Load times were patched years ago, jealous PC friend.

Best waifu.


Mah onion.

>complains about Herald being annoying
>likes literal blatant waifubait doll
How do you fall for waifubait that is explicitly design in-universe to be waifubait? At least MiB tried to be a bit more subtle about it.

>Look at this faggot, liking characters that were designed to be likable. True patricians like myself like shitty, annoying characters because that's the hipster thing to do!

Does the Emerald Herald ever say anything new?






Been wondering the same about Firekeeper.

>How dare this faggot actually not be a sheep that will fall for any blatant bait, no matter how shitty and unappealing it is otherwise. Why doesn't he just eat up shit like the rest of us do? Fucking baka gaijin doesn't appreciate moe!

are you gay

Plain doll has the most inspired/original concept for me and i feel like she says the coolest shit but it's been awhile since I played demons souls or DS2

>Calls other people sheep

Right, like I said, you're a filthy hipster.

Pro-tip: nobody respects you for having shit taste.

I don't recall her saying anything different in Majula, but you see her in a couple other places where she says something different.

When you give her the firekeeper soul, the eyes, and when you're ready to fight the final boss.


Dollslut should be at the very bottom, she literally in the game to pander to horny virgins. Emerald Herald is best girl, though.

You know how Bloodborne should end?

Have the Hunter mate with Lady Maria!

Bonfire-chan > all

>Have the Hunter mate with Lady Maria!
That would probably piss off doll fans everywhere.

"I will always be at your side,
Until hope has fully withered"

>there exist people that don't think the maiden in black is best girl

>Gwyndolin >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Everyone else

>Gwynevere>everyone else except Gwyndolin>>>>>>>>>>Gwyndolin


Your mom being blacked is the best girl

Not him but what a lovely comeback. Where did you get that from?