So now that you can install and play DS ROMs without a flashcart, what is your excuse for not having a hacked 3DS?

So now that you can install and play DS ROMs without a flashcart, what is your excuse for not having a hacked 3DS?

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I spent more time installing the CFW than playing the games themselves.
Shit library.

I have enough money to purchase my entertainment. Dont worry though, i dont pay for cable.

I recently installed the CFW but from there can't find any good sites to get 3DS games, any suggestions?

I got a Vita. You can pirate any game, you have all the homebrew necessary and a good library of games.

Your move.


links to guides most guides i google for are trash

You can? Got a link to that?
Last I heard they could get into the CD card in DS mode, but no rom reading

Source or I will bang your ass in

I'm not a weeb


The source is his ass

Go wild

Can't play PSP on 3.6, not interested in weebshit, only got 4Gb because jesus fuck those card prices
always make sure to download .cia instead of .3ds

Thanks user

I have installed freeshop. There's nothing better than downloading legit games from nintendo for 0$

is there a guide somewhere to hacking this?

i've searched google and didnt find anything that looked cohesive

why do you make this thread everyday?

>drancia saga on the japanese eshop only
>no one dumps the game
>can't read moon to google the game up for download in japanese sites
>mfw trying to read google translated moon sites


I have a DS flash cart, so I don't need that feature on my 3DS.

I already have a hacked 3DS, although it's still on Luma3DS emuNAND.

I recently got a New 3DS XL (with all my stuff from my og 3DS transferred over) and I want to use my og 3DS for playing JP/EU games. Where do I begin?

A tutorial for dummies would be nice.

No you can't. Do more research dipshit.

Don't thank that faggot.

Listen here, user. What you want to do is find freeShop and the latest FBI on Github and install the CIAs for those from there. Then, you use freeShop or FBI to download games directly from Nintendo's servers via title keys.

Congrats, you never need to hunt down games again.

>So now that you can install and play DS ROMs without a flashcart
[Citation needed]

Except not every game is available digitally dipshit.

that's exponentially slower though.

Waiting for Cubic Ninja since I got locked out of browserhax. DNS trick doesn't work on 10.7 apparently.

How'd you transfer your saves from the o3ds to n3ds?

you still need a flash card for DS roms
but even those old ass R4s are supported so meh

It's pretty easy if you have a9lh on both 3dses.
You back up ctrnand on o3ds, do a system transfer to n3ds, then install your ctrnand onto your n3ds.

Have you tried deleting your browser settings and setting your console date to 01.01.2000?

I like to pay for things I like and have an issue with any sort of tampering with hardware or software. Still love my n3ds xl though.

I'm not aware of any that aren't.

Not really. You have to first wait for the CIA files to copy over to your microSD card and then you have to put the card back into your 3DS and install the games, which still takes a long time. Downloading from Nintendo you pretty much only have to wait for the install portion.

and downloading something like BD takes 3 hours longer than doing the former method would.

Does it? I didn't notice any real difference in the amount of time it took to install something like Senran Kagura via CIA versus freeShop.

Don't know about BD since I have a physical copy.

>all games are available
FreEshop and FBI are user-fed with data they dump, so that means plenty of games aren't listed since they haven't been dumped

For instance: you can't find Kingdom Hearts DDD on freeshop

>buying things
stop triggering me

Tried before. The prompt pops up locking me out of browser until I update

I already have Rxtools but I've heard the process is easier now? Should I switch CFW? My SDcard is a mess and I want to clean it up.

Oh. I stand corrected then. I still stand by using freeShop or FBI's QR code installation since it means I don't need to take my SD card out of my 3DS.

Use freeShop too, you can download lots of games from there.
Not every single one is there, but you may find some that are difficult to find in the interwebz.

Then I have to install a9lh on my o3ds only emunand on it. Is that the only way?

especially when transferring 30 GB worth of games it's much faster to download them using sources that are faster than .25 mb every couple seconds.

Because I don't mind paying for the few games I play every year.

my system is 11 so i'm fucked

Because win dumb and don't know how to hack my New Nintendo 3DS.

>It's an N3DS Ver. 9.5.0-22U

What they fuck do I do if I wanna play 3DS games and normal DS games?

Does anyone know where I can get all the SMT IV DLC? Not Apoc, original.

Had to order a game with an exploit to hack it, since I couldn't use browserhax on 10.7. Should arrive today, then I'll hack this shit.

I have a R4 that I use to play old DS stuff. After hacking it, will I still need it?

It's too late for me, my 3DS is too far updated.

How I can do it?

>Lying with no source

What spawned this eternal flood of "why haven't you hacked your 3DS yet"? Every goddamn day, "don't tell me you haven't hacked your 3DS" or whatever.

I'm pleased I did it. I've spent a goodly amount on 3DS games in the past and will continue to buy games I really want to support, but being able to play games I was on the fence about is nice. I can't figure out FreeShop but at least CIAs are simple to work with.

Too bad most custom themes are shitty or irrelevant to me.

Can a hacked European 3DS play American ROMs or access the American eShop?

Game Freak hate Europe.

I can play the euro version of phoenix wright trilogy on my 3ds.

So I say try it!

Not possible yet.
Last i see they are getting old homebrew running and moonshell.

Yes to both. You can do literally anything at this point



I'm going to go play some twewy fuck you all

When you register for 3dsiso, do you need to register with a legit e-mail address or will a 10minute mail one do the trick as well?

I cant find any info on installing ds roms, can someone give me a link?

What do I do for the new system update? Can I update safely?

I just hacked my 3DS like 3 weeks ago and I have literally no idea how things work since I just followed the guide


Since quite a while ago

If you're updated to 11, you're boned.

You can use anything, they don't ever actually email you a confirmation nor require it to use the site.

I have a DS flashcart, though since I have a second 3DS, and I keep seeing these threads I went ahead and softmodded it, using that a9hl guide


Stop lying faggot, you can't play DS Roms yet.

Because I'm not taking a soldering iron to my 3DS just to downgrade it

I don't know how.

you can now?

So is 11.1 safe to update? I'm using al9h and the latest lumas

You don't have to take my word for it but when I looked it up, people were saying that luma is fine but other cfw were broken. I updated to the latest luma and ran the update and everything still works.

I installed it but I have a question.

I need to buy a bigger card. Do I just need to copy everything over or do I need to do the process again?

I'm sure this is a silly question but I'm not totally familiar with the features and requirements of everything I used to install the CFW.

>Q: How do I move to a new SD card at the end of this?
>A: Just copy all the files to the new SD card.

from the FAQ

do i still need to hardmod for 10.6?

Nobody is talking about SKY3DS. Did I do a mistake buying it?

I don't pirate games, so it does nothing for me.

There was never a time where buying a Sky3DS was a good idea, so yes.

emulators and homebrew, aswell as custom themes

You can now? Finally?

>What is your excuse
I don't know how to hack a 3DS

I failed at my math and IT exam

>now that you can install and play DS ROMs without a flashcart
but you can't

Why not? I checked in the internet and they said it was the safest option for the N3ds. I also read that CFW could damage and even break the console

The by fast best uses of cfw are streaming the screens to pc at decent quality, playing region free games, playing gba games Nintendo never wanted to port, and backing up saves. Who said anything about being a poorfag, it's just increased functionality. Oh, not to mention your system is unbrickable.

Sounds you did absolutely no research, at least not any good research. CFW has had next to no chance to brick a console for a long time now. A9LH is arguably safer than even a non-hacked 3DS, since you can recover from a software brick with a backup you've had before (So you don't lose games, NNID, etc)

Sky3DS can't even play DLC or play games online. It'd have been literally cheaper to just sell your 3DS and buy a lower FW one to hack.

You can still pirate single-player games fine, but you're extremely limited when there's no need to be in the current CFW scene.

Just a warning to people wanting to put CFW on their 3DS, it takes a lot of fucking time that you have to be paying attention to the whole time. It took me around 10 hours of nonstop work to get mine hacked and nearly bricked it because I wasn't looking at the 3ds for 10 minutes and didn't see if it completed properly.

>To be able to emulate 3ds roms on Citra you have to decrypt them
>To decrypt the roms you have to hack your 3ds

could someone explain this to me

>Just a warning to people wanting to put CFW on their 3DS, it takes a lot of fucking time that you have to be paying attention to the whole time. It took me around 10 hours of nonstop work to get mine hacked and nearly bricked it because I wasn't looking at the 3ds for 10 minutes and didn't see if it completed properly.
Nigger what, stop it with this bait

It took me literally 2 hours to do yesterday from scratch.

It's easy.

Continue buying the 3ds games because you're a retard.

not anymore. the guide has been simplified exponentially. takes like an hour or so of work now.

Did the method change from last time or do you just have the fastest fucking SD card in the universe?

It changed about a month ago, no idea when you did yours but mine finished within 2 hours as well.

I did mine like 3 months ago and I had to copy different NANDS all over the place and it took forever, guess that explains that.

Even if you could, I'd rather play DS games on PC.

How do you play touchscreen games then :0

How do you even edit shit on a 3ds? How do they load firmware and shit? They hook it up to the computer with the charger and install files that way, or what?

SD card and an entrypoint (usually web browser or a game)

Can I also hack my 2DsS?

download decrypted roms. That was hard.

Too bad Citra emulation is still a mess.

Should I bother updating my A9LH sysNAND to 11.1?

Is laziness a good one?

How the fuck do i do it?

Needs to be as simple as the homebrew launcher for Wii. Risk of bricking is too high right now too. Also I want to be able to play online smash 3ds.

I'm on 11.0

Is there a retard-proof method to installing CFW, let alone on that firmware? Something like Henkaku for 3DS would really activate my almonds.

So I'm looking at the guides, and to start I need to
A)Solder some shit directly onto the 3ds for a hardmod
B)Already have another 3ds onhand that has custom Firmware already installed

That sounds prohibitive.

Yes unless you're in firmware version 11.0 or 11.1.

In other words, if you bought your 2DS recently or updated it like a fucking tard, then you're fucked.

2DS = O3DS by the way

Nah on 11.0 you gotta either solder an sd card onto your 3ds or have a buddy with a hacked 3ds.