Silent Hill

I have been watching videos on this game recently.

Thoughts on this game? Also general Silent Hill thread.

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It's like a beer that's 2% alcohol by volume. Nearly there, but not what you need.

it's the second less worse game not made by Team Silent

Are you implying Shattered Memories is the least worse game of the non Team Silent games?

Why does this game get so much praise when it looks the most different from the Silent Hill games?

hmm.. where's that SH DL link guy...

He will show up. Let's just continue to discuss Silent Hill games.

>favorite game
>favorite monster
>favorite level/area

Pyramid Head

>favorite game
>favorite monster
sh4 twinhead
>favorite level/area
SH1 Midwich school
>favorite song/music
laura theme

>favorite song/music

This is a tough decision but I'm just going to go with the entire SH1 soundtrack. It's still the scariest soundtrack in the whole series to me.

i're been WAITINGGG!!!!

Maybe he is jerking off?

>Favorite character
>Favorite song
>Favorite location

Pyramid Head
Amusement Park in SH3

See >Favorite character
James (SH2 is definitely my favorite of the series)

In my restless dreams, I see that towm....

>Silent Hill Homecoming ( Something about the whole little brother thing hits home for me)

>Abstract Daddy SH2

>SH4 Henry's Apartment


SH2 DDL:!rFcj1SIJ!47JH9M4OrzmQKuaiJ6IqUgmgz_SVNtk4LIYNSa-D-_8

SH2 torrent:!bYcEnbhC!rYnhvcJiRC46T6yExS0Y61JHZ-5N3WxFvfZMI8xbyhE

SH3 DDL:!2JNkgJ7b!nfPf5cIs6I5K-sdAs7RcnHvGA2hAvIGdpQuIoBhF3iE

SH3 torrent:!GVVGRLpD!SyklVbuLIkc38ZYji5QL3sWHKtHt9-Bto700My8pH7c

SH4 DDL:!Us1XTaII!cglH0dZOaH5yQEm4cnEh3eyUz4bIf6rACQqcVzkb4Hc

The SH1 is a PS1 rip that you gotta emulate.
The "sh2proxy" is an all-in-one fix, and is included in the pack.
If you use the NEW fix mentioned in the guide, you can use the sh2proxy's EXE as a no-cd crack!

In case you experience issues saving the game / not being able to edit the disp.ini, make sure the files aren't set to "Read Only", and run the game as Administrator.
If SH2 gets stuck in a black screen upon launch, close it and re-start it again.

>Harry Mason
>You're not here
>Cemetery in SH2

>No Tomorrow or End of Small Sanctuary
>Lakeview Hotel

Had no problems launching SH1 pc version, but SH2 is a fucking pain I tell you, I suggest everyone to use emulator to play SH2 on PCSX2 works best, you just have to make your own bindings on keyboard and you can play with no problems, none of the fixes helped me fix SH2 problems, I had sound issues, stuck on screen after cinematic, save issues and so on, PS2 emulator had none of those problems

because it was good

>favorite game

>favorite monster
Nurses and doctors in SH1

>favorite level/area
Otherworld hospital in SH3

>Favorite character

>Favorite song
Lisa's Theme Not Tomorrow ;;


SH2 as well, with a chuckle mention to downpour
the protagonist
Neely's bar

Man homecoming deserves every bit of hate it gets, but the sad part is they almost had something.


Does this ever get updated?