Are you a sci-fi or a fantasy guy?

Are you a sci-fi or a fantasy guy?

Or Science-Fantasy?

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Science fantasy famalam.

Gimme dem magic space guns.


Sci fi definitely. Nothing wrong with fantasy though.
there really isn't enough science fantasy media

I'm up for anything as long as it's well written.

What genre does SMT belong to?

scifi over fantasy but both together is nice

plenty scifi and fantasy in megami tensei

Religion. Sci-fi applies to none of them, except maybe strange journey


>tfw finally got around to watching Eva
It was twice as good as everyone said, some of it was pretentious garbage, but it was still fucking cool.

sci-fi that don't involve giant mechs
giants mechs are gay as fuck

There's no real difference between scifi and fantasy, literally just different presentations for the same thing. You people are treating aesthetical choices as distinct genres.

'Hard scifi' is a joke and if you like that shit you might as well read engineering textbooks instead, fiction simply isn't for you.

>Every Sci Fi vs Magic setting is always "look at how we've invented science to destroy magic"

Why is there never an actual balance of powers, I thought that was the point. One upping the other side.

>There's no real difference between scifi and fantasy, literally just different presentations for the same thing. You people are treating aesthetical choices as distinct genres.

I agree with this in a general sense, especially with how most sci-fi and fantasy is written today. Genre definitions only really matter in terms of marketing.

Good stuff. EVA is always best watched on your own time, not when someone badgers you into watching it.

Though I didnt find anything about it to be very pretentious, in a way it plays itself very straight, especially on a re-watch.

>'Hard scifi' is a joke and if you like that shit you might as well read engineering textbooks instead, fiction simply isn't for you.

You wanna know how I can tell you're a waste of skin?

I certainly can tell you're a STEM student.

It's a good thing nobody mentioned genres you fucking retard.

Whether you consider them setting types or genres doesn't fucking matter. The OP asked what people prefer, not for your useless fucking opinion.

kill yourself.

nah studying history bro, but I still like hard sci-fi.

get fucked.

Giant fucking robots with goddamn swords man.

Fantasy Mecha is the best genre.

Cause they mirror human history, n how science has cost us our spirituality. Also , I think Dune is somewhat what you're looking for? The setting takes place after all computers were destroyed(cause AI always leads to fuckin killer robots)

I am into all of it
That being said my fav vidya setting is TES

I felt like everything that happens has a place in the plot, but often the way that it's done feels pretentious. But maybe I've just become jaded by the capeshit threads on Cred Forums.

I really enjoyed how stuff starts clicking together in the later episodes. Things like Yui/Unit 01, Rei, AT Fields, the Second Impact, Instrumentality, Adam, it all comes together in a really crisp manner.

Speculative fiction

>The setting takes place after all computers were destroyed(cause AI always leads to fuckin killer robots)
That's not why Butlerain Jihad happened, unless you count prequels as canon.


The alternate reality in which Mechonis killed the Bionis

fantasyfag here

>Speculative fiction
terms like this and "magical realism" are for people too embarrassed to say they write sci-fi or fantasy.

Is science-fantasy one genre where its a mixture of sicence and fantasy or is it just liking science and fantasy separately?


science-fantasy is literally the gayest shit. gayer than fucking gay elves

you know what's science-fantasy? steampunk. star gays. etc.

it's fucking shit.

>He hasn't had the pleasure of playing literal Knights in space with laser swords.

You are missing out.

fuck off, Atwood. Oryx and Crake is biopunk and you know it.

I love tolkien-esque fantasy where unlikely heroes can go do hero things. Or just plain adventure.

On the other hand I also like cyberpunk. I don't think those two can exist together in a meaningful way without getting Hyper Light Drifter abstract

Anime IS DEAD!!!!!!!!!

Is that some escaflowne? I need to rewatch that shit.


Also Halo is a nice blend of hard-sci fi and fantasy

Both but fantasy tends to have more and better games.

I wish there was a sci fi dwarf fortress (both modes)

halo isn't a nice anything

>power armour
>controlled electronically and internally by a human pilot
It's mecha.

>hard sci-fi


Do you even know what that means.

it's one genre, so to speak. something you see it listed under 'speculative fiction' but I don't like how nonspecific that term is. sometimes the descriptor 'magitek' is used, but that's not a very widespread practice.

>some of it was pretentious garbage
Rewatch it again after your brain finishes developing

Halo is not fantasy at all

its pure science fiction


>power armour
It's an soul-powered alien cyborg zombie god.

Early stage Halo was getting close to that, especially in books like Fall of Reach. Of course the games dont really give an indication of that though.

Five Star Stories

>not sci-fantasy

Gurren Lagann with mecha crafted by magical energy

Digimon, literal data becoming a distinct lifeform

Zero Escape, a world steeped in future-tech and sci-fi mythos, but also fantastical nonsense like accessing the morphogenetic field to be in two times at once

The two can play together just fine.

>There are people who have seen Neon Genesis Evangelion but still haven't watched End of Evangelion
>One guy even told me "I'll wait until the blu-reis are released"

that's steampunk

I said "some" user.

Refresh my memory, I only read the first two a long time ago and wikied the summaries for the rest of the books

I remember "humanity became too dependant on thinking machines" being a factor, but I always imagined some skynet shit going down with it

>Halo books

Wearing power armour.

If Star Wars and Dune are considered Science Fantasy then Halo is definitely bleeding into that zone, especially when we bring in the newer shit.

>There are people who haven't watched the last two episodes of the series

all the religious stuff IS pretentious garbage. Anno openly admits it.

I miss the good giant robot pop culture references in cartoons

You get extremely realistic hard fiction and then a bunch of magical girls used to win the war against the homicidal aliens.

Does Xenogears count as Mecha Fantasy? It starts out pretty fantasy with magic and castles and generic JRPG village before it just turns straight Sci-Fi by the end.

Y-you too.

window dressing dosent mean pretentious garbage, bullshit aside its not anything remotely offensive enough to be called pretentious

No it's not. Magitek is literally machines run by fucking magic.

Steampunk requires steam power.

steampunk implies everything is just super science. Taking a supernatural being, turnng into a crystal, and using those crystals to fuel your power armor is beyond the scope of steampunk.

Star Wars and Dune are both pure science fiction too.

I'm a tank guy.

That shit was sci-fi from the opening cinematic

Those words don't really have any relation.

More restraints than armour, really.

I don't thk they need to see it though. New fans aren't the ones who sent the death threats to Gainax. This isn't the same anime fandom that was around in the 90's. EoE isn't neccesarilly meant to speak to them, especially if they were satisified with the happy ending.

>religious stuff
you are like a little baby



Star Wars is fantasy (and even then only depending on who you ask) because it has literal magic and spirits.

Halo is just straight up sci fi

Doesn't it have prophecies and shit? That's a pretty fantastical element.

Magicpunk then


we're operating on different semantics then. I don't consider pretentiousness inherently offensive.

At the same time


Would play/watch.

I'm being flexible with the use of "offensive". The religious references in EVA are pretty benign and in general are nice aesthetic flairs, I dont really know anyone who was super bothered by it aside from randoms on the internet.

The people who think those references are what make up EVAs substance are full retard though.

-punk is a loaded suffix with connotations most science-fantasy doesn't even glance at

Yeah, but then it goes Fantasy before it becomes Sci-Fi again.

I mean you had dudes with magical spells and dudes in castles and weird fantasy creatures and animal people. Knights in armor using swords. That's all fantasy stuff.

attempting to impress by affecting greater importance or merit than is actually possessed.

The religious shit is pretentious.

A lot of the human tech in early halo was pretty hard sci fi.

>hard sci fi.

I love all of these setting as long as I get something actually interesting instead of another generic garbage world in trash game made unsurprisingly by American studio

Its really not though. Hell the story is good enough on its own to even back it up.

then nothing is science fiction then because they all have that shit in it

I like science fantasy, but it's sadly of variety that doesn't really get made anymore.

>watching both Top wo Nerae! back to back
I'd say Lensmen too, but those are predominantly male


In order of preference
Science Fantasy
Fantasy (mostly because 99 percent is Tolkienesque wank)

FUCK YOU! I'm going to all the final fantasy wikis and changing the genre to magicpunk

It exists brah. It's called To The Stars, second best madoka fanfiction after Fargo.

The truth is we're at a stage where sci-fi and fantasy are pretty much different ends of the same spectrum, not separate things.


>all that talk when the eva's armour layers are being penetrated
Yes, I know about episode 19.
It's both.

I'm not even being insulting

Eva is meant to be watched as a depressed young man the first time around, but you need to rewatch after you learn about Freud, Jung, etc and get some life experience

were we ever not at that stage? one of the very first scifi works was about a scientist using lightning and alchemy to make a superzombie

>creator explicitly states it doesn't mean anything

The literal opposite of pretension.

I prefer speculative fiction, where the science isn't just reskinned fantasy.

Cyberpunk is the general limit of my sci fi.

This just in, handcuffs are power armour

>le taking quotes out of context

Neon Genesis Evangelion roughly means something like "Gospel of the New Age"

If you don't see how that relates the story's themes then perhaps you arent ready for this convo. Anno likes to bullshit and make fun of himself but he knows what he's doing at the end of the day.

The use of religious imagery is top tier, even if it has no real depth.

That's some fucking radical armour

Fucking Magitek

>Anno openly admits it.

So it's not pretentious.

Japan has a strong fascination with Christianity, and understands pretty much none of it.

It's just aesthetic.





I started reading that after the series ended, but lost interest.

oh absolutely.

this manga/anime was so dissapointing, Its the first one I dropped in a very long time and I really cant put my finger on it really, just kinda stopped reading it and only watched the first season

I love this manga, modern military in fantasy setting is nice idea. But why the anime is so bad? I couldn't watch the second season.

His rationale for choosing the title is pretty much the same reason as Sega using "Genesis" for the console.

They're just cool-sounding foreign words with a general definition that works for whatever you're doing.

that's Gate, right? Something about it just rubbed me the wrong way when I tried to watch it

Halo is far from hard sci-fi. By virtue of ship designs alone.

>the religious is pretentious garbage!
>doesn't understand nip (especially anno's insecure) culture of modesty
>has never read the gnostic texts
>has never smoked DMT
>probably hasn't even eaten a mushroom on his pizza before

Handcuffs are mechanized? Handcuffs give the wearer an advantage in combat, protection and mobility?

It is slow building for the first 6 or so chapters, but after that it is a wild ride.

Try Fargo if you want something that just absolutely never stalls for 30 chapters straight. Extremely well written, and the action just never stops, ever.

FROM SOFTWARE has got you covered.

Because it started good, then it just ended with typical anime harem plus Japanese nationalism is strong with it.

Never once I've been so disappointed in anime adaptation


did anything ever explain conclusively if Metatron was actually supernatural or not?

The whole rest of the episodes was a mishmash of toku, mecha and kaiju.

as long it's cool - whatever

Bad analogy, desu.

If I get the urge for more Madoka, I'll give it a read. Thanks.

Thanks guys, I get what you mean now that I better understand the context.

Are any of the sequels worth watching?

Honestly I think we've gotten to the point where punk as a suffix is meaningless. Steampunk doesn't necessarily have punk elements. Might as well just be called steam.. stuff. Or just steam. Or just don't call it anything because you can't have a whole genre defined by nothing more than a vague aesthetic you idiots

ignore this rant

>has never smoked DMT
it's on my to-do list.

about as much an advantage as the Evangelion's armour.
They act as another barrier to surpass, not much more.

>Dat sweet ass opening

The manga has some cool moments. Like a bunch of commandos stealthily flying into the enemy capital city via helicopter silenced by dark elf magic to drop a dragons in the city square.

neither, I don't have autism

>you can't have a whole genre defined by nothing more than a vague aesthetic
tell that to vaporwave

Modern sequel fucking when?

If you havent watched End of Evangelion do so now.

The Rebuilds are OK so long as you don't expect a pure retelling of the old story. Its honestly best to see them as something of an actual sequel, because its doing something entirely different on a thematic level. You'll see once you watch them.

I watched EoE, and loved it.

Thanks, I'll get around to it sometime, are they all retellings, or are any of them actual sequels?

Watch EoE.
Don't watch the rebuilds, they're all borderline star wars prequel tier.

It's postmodern sci-fi. For all intents and purposes it's basically science fantasy.

it's possible. From has four projects planned. DSIII DLC, new Armored Core, something entirely new, and one of their old IP's. and there sure as hell is no point making a new Kings Field game after getting sick of makings Souls games.

Rebuild 1 is very close to early EVA until about midway.

Rebuild 2 is where the serious deviations start happening.

Rebuild 3 is a complete deviation that surprised just about everyone. Nobody knows what the fuck 4 will be.

I call them sequels because on a subtle level they seem to carry itself as if the previous series already happened in some way, along with strong traces of commentary on the series as a whole. They're not reboots at all IMO.

Because it's literally my dad could beat up your dad simulator originally written by an obnoxius war nerd. Wish fulfilment, power tripping and insecurities in near lethal doses.

I think you mean magicpunk

the little feet are cute

>kana still says ririsu

the first one is a retelling of the first anime arc, from Shinji's arrival to him and Rei vs screaming triangle. only strictly new content is a scene at the end desgned to make you suddenly very confused.. It's worth watching regardless because the redesigned Remiel is poetry in non-Euclidean motion.

Rebuild 2 brings Asuka in, but it skips most of the action arc. There's a wholly new character introduced and things go completely off the rails towards the end. It's an absolute rollercoaser the first time you watch it.

Third movie is almost wholly a new storyline, the only thing resembling the main series is Kaworu and Shinji's blossoming intimacy.

4th movie never ever because Anno took a break to direct Godzilla Resurrection

Just asking.
Do you actually like mecha or you just like Evangelion?

Watched EoV and was pretty good, not as good as all the weebs like to tout it as being but still better than most anime movies coming out these days. Still doesn't hold a candle to most of Miyazakis movies but goon non the less.

The Rebuild series is Lucas Prequel Tier in terms of quality.

Shame the fandom had devolved into waifuniggers and pseudo-intellects that constantly spew nothing but "2deep4u" or some other petty strawman intellect insulting phrase im response to constructive criticisms (aka saying how the movie isn't as good as Citizen Kain or Spirited Away).

>that feel when 40k is essentially the Eva of the West minus mecha focus

>>that feel when 40k is essentially the Eva of the West minus mecha focus

dude what


Dunbine is GOAT
The eva rebuilds are shit. I only enjoyed the original show.

I like mecha but I greatly prefer super robot over real robot. too much real robot comes across as half /k/ autofellatio and half NO FUN, with hardly any getting creative to circumvent the limitations

The fanbase

Eva may be overrated but it hasnt been surpassed.

Shame about the show being kinda a shitty version of Krull

It already was when it came out, by the show it was supposed to be a tribute to.

Pretty much supernatural as they never fullynexplained it (Maybe they did in the anime but I never saw that).



if anything comes close, it's Shinsekai Yori. I cannot stress enough how much I loved it. an absolute 10/10

I can enjoy both types equally, the only no fun faggots are early UC purists.


anymore contenders? I was kinda half-assed baiting for reccs


Ashura.. :(

is he ok

Actually yes. They all become ghosts and are waiting to be reborn on the Earth at the end.

Eh, Squealer was the highlight of the show. That sc you posted the screenshot of was particularly excellent, 10/10 foreshadowing.
Gay kids shenanigans and the whiny MC were rather boring though, I found none of them to be likeable.
But yeah, I agree, I like it much more than Eva.

t. weeb

154h post, best post

Hows the music and animation?

Wondering if I should just read the novel or watch it.

Fantasty more than Sci fi because I love medieval settings and magic. I am a huge fan of science fiction shows/games as well but my favorite aspect of them are the space politics and cultural exchange and most just don't focus on that.

Just got on this thread, but what are some Cred Forums approved Mechacore essentials? Vidya and anime.

So far I've only watched Eva, Gurren Lagann and Code Geass, even thou they are completely different from eachother, I loved them all.

Never played a mecha game, but I'm in the mood to try.

honestly despite all its flaws and the MC's lolicon tendencies, I was rather impressed by the Bakemonogatari animes for having the balls to proclaim some rather unconventional life advice that goes against the moral binary most things try to stick to without being equally shallow "there are no rules, do anything to get ahead' cynicism. At lot of it revolves around how at the end of the day you just can't force other people to be better people so if you are being victimized it falls to you to do something, even if you weren't ding anything wrong or its not fair, having the moral highground won't help you.

if you haven't already, watch gunbuster and diebuster

I love Argento Soma to bits, but I havn't rewatched it in a long time so I may be a bit rose-tinted.

while just a slice of life, Barakamon is one of the best slice of life's I've seen that isn't actually a gag comedy.

in terms of a fairly straightforward story but great imagery there's Les Portrait de petite Cosette

Hells is an interesting watch. I've never before seen a movie with so many consecutive climaxes.

and an absolute must for comedy is the english dub of Golden Boy. It might seem iffy at first but by the end of the first episode you should realize it's more than what it seemed at first.

Monogatari is one of my fav series, got that down

Will check out the others, thanks dude

after the first couple episodes I came to appreciate the kids since their perspective really threw off my ability to gauge what kind of story I was actually in for and where it was going with everything

Watch gunbuster for super robots

>there are people who still think Shinji's a fucking pussy-ass bitch who only cries and runs away

Shinji is basically just prototype Gendo

sci fi

but I hate the casual garbage like Evangelion

give me stuff like Patlabor or VOTOMS

Giant Robo for one of the best anime you will ever see.

What did she mean by this?

This pleases user.
Feed me more...

a couple more,

Kaiba, Tatami Galaxy, the Kara no Kyoukai OVA's, the KARAS OVA's (the in media res opening is really bland but not indicative of the rest of the story at all), Kino's Journey, Legend of Koizumi, and Knights of Cydonia,

She was saying anything to get that fucker moving in the way she knew how.

Strangely enough, in videogames I prefer fantasy, whereas in movies and books I far prefer sci-fi.

>Knights of Cydonia
God, don't remind me of that shit.

I'm generally more into fantasy than I'm into sci-fi, but mostly because I'm a map whore who gets really into fantasy geopolitics, which are easier to relate to and get into while in games sci-fi rarely bothers with political elements beyond "the corporations have taken over eeeeeeeverything!".

That said, settings like Strangereal from Ace Combat that stradle the line between the two definitions are some of my favorites. I just don't get to see them often.

Eva is okay, not the greates shit like many try to make it seems, but it's not bad imo. Votoms and Patlabor (the OVAs and the TV show mostly) are GOAT though.
He kinda was though, sometimes he got better, but overall he was a whinny bitch. At least Amuro manned up and became a reliable pilot, while counting on Shinji was like a gamble for the whole show.
If you wanna play mech games, check the Assault suit Valken and Leynos games.

what's your opinion on Dune

I like both, to be honest. Though usually, fantasy settings sometimes come with a super-advanced civilization/alien race with sci-fi tier shit in it. Can't name too many sci-fi settings boring things from fantasy tropes.

This show had so much potential before it became a stupid harem. But Nihei needed the money so I understand why he did it.

Already in thread, Ideon for one of the biggest infuences on Eva, directed by the creator of Gundam
Escaflowne, nice fantasy mecha but it is also mainly a love story if that isn't your thing. Top tier music and art, very dense - no filler and constantly stuff happening.
Gundam 0079 - although dated reallu fucking great.
Gundam 0080 for a super great 6 episode OVA, need to watch 0079 for setting first though.
Personal favourite, but only partly mecha. Brigadoon: Marin and Melan. Criminally underrated, about a 13yo girl who is protected by a cyborg alien after an alien world appears in the sky releasing other alien cyborgs. Looks cute, but becomes really fucking depressing (lack of defined demographic probably part of the reason for being so unknown). Pure love between loli and cyborg
Only watched a bit, Xabungle for very funny comedy.
Only heard good things about Votoms.

Fug, I forgot. Patlabor is also great comedy, though I've only seen the first OVA I've only hears good things about the TV series.

Escaflowne show or movie?

The manga in its entirety didn't explain shit about the Gauna and the ending was just god awful.

Show. I haven't seen the movie but I hear it's pretty butchered.

The setting somehow comes off as far more horrifying and hopeless to me than Warhammer 40k ever could because of the Butlerian Jihad and all things that claim descent from it.

For that reason I haven't yet read the books, although I have read fairly extensively [and a bit obsessively] ABOUT the books, and while its story sounds like the sort of thing that would be exactly up my alley I'm too weirded out by the universe to actually do it.

Yeah, to describe how the plot progresses, imagine an exhausted fat kid running hurdles but just tripping through them all

cool, thanks!

That's why I said "casual garbage". It's pretty innocuous like TTGL but the fans like to bloat it up.

Seriously if they want a really great Gainax mecha why aren't people bringing up Gunbuster?

Why? ;_;

It was a weird twist on the harem genre for a while. You have a regula protagonist, and he's surrounded by clones and genderless beings and 50 foot monsters, a bear, and an android among others after the only regular human female dies really early in. It was wild

Gunbuster has been mentioned like four times so far

Because it's fairly old now and normalfags get turned off by anime tiddies.

Though, ripping your shirt open while doing a manly roar is always fucking badass, even when a cute teenage girl does it.

The first Rebuild is nearly a 1:1 remastering of the first 6 episodes or so. The 2nd goes its own way and ends up being pure schlock with no substance. You might enjoy some of the action and drama the first time around because the production values of it are still pretty nice, but it comes at the cost of messing up the characters and not really having any kind of meaningful development for any of them at all. The third movie tries to take a step back from the schlockiness and be gain a bit more substance again but it ends up failing so fucking hard at everything on the narrative it's just goddamn embarrassing what an incredible piece of shit it is and how insanely little it did to progress the story or characters in any way.

Now all we have left is a final 4th movie and it's probably taking so fucking long to be made because Anno has no idea how to end this fucking mess he's created. And it's no wonder either, they changed their ideas of what the Rebuild series would be with each movie they made. How they expected that to end well is beyond me.

And yeah I know he was busy making a Godzilla movie as well but even with that in mind this shit is taking way too long.

TLDR Rebuild is shit and Anno is a one-hit wonder HACK.

>Code Geass
Goddamned Code Geass. First anime I've ever watched, actually actively searched for and watched, rather than just watching because it was what was on TV at the time.

And still to this day I have to find many other shows that follow its structure, a story about someone who begins with comparatively little and actively seeks out to build an empire, and as the show progresses builds a world superpower. Overlord seemed to be heading in that direction and I greatly enjoyed it, but apparently new seasons never ever and not even the manga is finished.

Screw everything about this gay earth.

>genderless beings
The third-genders are basically teenagers with early-stage fetus genitals (basically vaginas), and those genitals develop when they fall in love (and they go through EXTREME puberty).

Though, I still don't understand where it was stated that the people that were born a specific gender were able to switch genders at will. That shit came up out of nowhere.

Also you faggots should watch SEL, Tehxnolyze, Ergo Proxy, and GitS. Also Code Geass is LoGH for kids.

I generally prefer Sci-Fi, but I like Fantasy sometimes

Science-Fantasy is fucking awesome when done right and I wish more things did it
in fact, can anyone give me a list of some of the best Science-Fantasy stuff? I feel like it's a small genre

Eva is fairly old but I guess it had those rebuild stuff.

And man Diebuster is a massive downgrade.

I'm talking about casuals.

FF7 is good science fantasy, so is Nier

Touhou Project.

>one-hit wonder HACK.
God, eva-fags are pathetic.

Sci-fi for life.
I'm close to running out of cyberpunk anime to watch.

Shinsekai Yori has really low production values. The animation is mostly bad. The music can be good at times. If you like reading you're probably better off reading the book.

>Diebuster is a massive downgrade
Diebuster's good in its own right. Certainly doesn't have the same artistic quality as Gunbuster and doesn't deal into time distortion between massive distances as Gunbuster did, but it still is a solid story about growing up, which is to be expected since it has a good number of people who worked on FLCL work on it too.

>sci-fi or a fantasy
Which is the one that has robot dinosaurs covered in guns?

Fuck year zoids!


Ergo Proxy is also cyberpunk for kids.

>Escaflowne show or movie?
Movie looks good and has some really bad-ass action scenes, but in terms of story, characters, atmosphere, it's UTTER SHIT. It's quite literally the "edgy re-imagining" of the original, where every character is a brooding edgy psychopath badass struck by depression type of bullshit, and all the fun and nuance of the original is completely gone.

It really does look good though, and it may be worth watching just for the visuals and music alone after you've watched the show.

The show is actually a load of fun though. It's really SILLY, like seriously dumb at times, but it's also surprisingly clever and neat at other moments.
The shoujo roots of the story are pretty strong in it though, so I hope that you don't mind some really weird romance subplots and a whole bunch of princesses being surrounded by riddiculously handsome bad-ass knights woeing them.

Also, get ready for things getting seriously silly and weird towards the end, and some subplots that are just completely dumb.

Still love the show. Mostly because of the music and some really genuinelly good craftsmanship and worldbuilding on display.

Gunbuster is significantly older than eva (1988 vs 1995, shit is almost 30 years old) and didn't have multiple modern re-runs, merely a sequel.
Also, the sooner you stop caring about /m/-newfags' favorite/most influencial show, the better it'll be.
I didn't enjoy the few episodes I watched, but then maybe that's because I was expecting Gunbuster II : Great Gunbuster.

OOO was better than Fourze.
>that music
>those characters
>those character interactions
Sure the fighting wasn't the best but it made up for it in other areas.
That fucking intro is so goddamn memorable too.

OOO was fantasy tho

Really, the only thing that Diebuster has in relation to Gunbuster is the ending, where they're all getting ready to catch and celebrate the return of Noriko and that other chick.

only the first episode of ergo proxy was good. it was all downhill from there

best sci fi rider coming through

Sci-fi and mecha anime is undoubtedly best anime

most of it is obscure 80's and 90's OVAs, half of which are thinly veiled adaptions of western movies

I know. I was going to mention that fantasy > sci-fi.

There's Gaim too, with its magic ancient alien civilization and expanding sentient Lovecraftian alien forest shit. I like how Urobutcher went from VNs to anime to toku to literal Korean puppet shows.


>only the first episode of ergo proxy was good.
Ergo Proxy is interesting though. It has some of the most clever ideas for individual episodes I've ever seen, and some of the most brilliant works with forshadowing ever (in an anime, that is). There are actually so many good ideas in that damn thing it's beyond belief.

It's just that it none of it makes sense TOGETHER. The characters are weak and the overarching story is absolutely vapid and pointless. It's so much wasted potential and good ideas.

Gaim is poor man's Ryuki though

no, he's an out-of-practice actor doing Pokemon shows now though

>yfw OOOs and KLK have the exact same ending

Thanks a lot for the suggestions, I can get busy now.

I really like that type of story in general, too.
Specially if they manage to stay somewhat plausible and grounded, with believable steps climbed by the MC.

if it can be classified as a genre it is generic. what do you think the gen in generic even means?

>It's a fantasy world is actually post apocalyptic Earth story

>if it can be classified as a genre it is generic. what do you think the gen in generic even means?
Gen means "origin" or "source". Although in this case it's more likely to be derived from the word "genus", species or type.

The word "generic" however means something very different than "being a part of a genre". Generic means "not having any other notable qualities THAN being part of the genre".
Plenty works fall into certain genres (or into the notion of "genre fiction", which is yet another different thing and a different use of the therm genre) but still offer elements, merrits and qualities that transcend the genre and give the work some additional worth beyond it's conformity with the genre conventions.

"Generic" refers to works that lack such qualities.

>Monster Hunter

>It's a fantasy world is actually a coma episode


Fantasy a shit.

>Are you a sci-fi or a fantasy guy?
>Or Science-Fantasy?
All of the above nigga don't make me choose.

Good thread anons, thanks for the reccs!

y'know, for an anime that revolves around nudity so much, it's a remarkable dearth of KlK doujins regarding nudism

>Kojima will never give us Space Souls

Escaflowne was good but the movie was better.

Post-gunpowder low fantasy is the shit.




>Queen Zaza Dump


It might only have one chapter out so far, but it's the shit.

Well Butlerian Jihad isn't actually ever detailed much in the original books, the ones actually written by Frank Herbert and not his son and a licensed SW EU writer. It really is more of a plot device to explore what would a setting like that look like without computers. And it's not that weird, at least the first books. It's very rich though, and very detailed. Would recommend getting into it as soon as you can.


>power armour
It's a restraint. The fleshy thing inside is much more powerful when the ''''''armor'''''' is disabled.
>controlled electronically and internally by a human pilot
What a bunch of made up crap.
Are you saying that mechs from Robot Alchemic Drive aren't mechs because they aren't controled from the inside?


>What a bunch of made up crap.
Except they are quite literally controlled from the inside.

I just like pure scifi.

Eva was such a fucking disappointment strictly because it kept undoing all the development.
>Asuka's becoming a team player!
>Shinji's becoming a badass!
>Rei is becoming emotional!
>lol naw it's a grimdark deconstruction we have to undo all of that so it'll be dark and depressing and make the kiddies think it's deep
Whenever anyone calls Eva good I tell them to fuck off and watch GaoGaiGar.



Fantasy based in a post-post-apocalypse of a Sci-fi setting.

This is going to turn into nationalistsic not whale hunting shit isn't it?

>fantasy kingdom is literally a 3rd-world country with neighboring kingdoms having modern-day technology or even being super advanced
Elona's funny that way.

got damn vaan slew those niggas like they werent even shit

here's another series with the science-fantasy schtick

i went in blind watching this and it was great

Bunch of crap = 'it's mech because it's controlled from the inside'.
Don't make up retarded conditions that don't have anything to do with mech being mech.

fight me

but seriously I wish for more UC gundam stuff. maybe I should finally check out that UCGO private server.

>Get to endgame
>Get Power Armor
>Get Magic Kraut Space Magic Tech Clubs

Pick one

That shit looks so 80's and I love it.

Oh, Mr. Atwood. God bless your black, Jewish little heart.

I mostly just like Eva. But Mecha is still pretty cool.

Jet Alone

>It's a trapped into a fantasy MMORPG episode

weird youd say that because some people didnt like the movie

still one of the best opening scenes i've seen

Because in the anime, the pacing gets worse the longer it goes on.
Manga has better pacing, but it still has shit pacing on the plot
It goes from
Into a minor pilgrimage is going to take forever

SMT2, the first Raidou, the DDS games and SJ were all heavy into sci-fi, the rest not as much

Yup, shit's from 1983. The 80s were among the best decades for mecha stuff, along with the 70s and 90s.

i find sci-fi too bland and unrealistic to be believable and interesting.
i'd rather go for fantasy of some kind; i recognize the need of variance however.

How does this even fucking work?

How can you have giant robots without guns and electricity? These whole concept is stupid.

I never said those were the only characteristics of mecha, but you'd be a fool to deny it isn't by far one of it's most common elements. Whether you like it or not, Eva's aren't purely biological creatures, they are artifically created biomechanical weapons controlled in some way or another by humans. I think that's enoygh to define it as mecha. Do you think Brigadoon is mecha?

i just couldnt stomach the JSDF slaughtering all the enemy soldiers because they didnt have guns too

it's tripe as far as im concerned

>W-whoah! How come a show about giant magic knight armors don't make sense?

>it's tripe as far as im concerned
The web novel is ultranationalistic tripe. The manga at least had the courtesy to tone it down a little. It's still nationalistic tripe though. I really do doubt the JSDF would be able to handle spec op forces from the US, Russia and China all at the same time.

>modern military in fantasy setting is nice idea
Is there any games who do this outside of spellcross?

the main guy's mech is powered by a crystal plucked from the heart of a freshly slain dragon. I forget what the rest run off but I think it was something similar to Mist from FFIX

I want a mecha game that has combat like blodborne.

>even if it has no real depth.

So, it's pretentious.

>weird youd say that because some people didnt like the movie
Actually, nobody really liked the movie. I find it absolutely insane anyone would ever think it's better than the show. The movie was a travesty.

The opening was awesome though.

>How can you have giant robots without guns and electricity?
Physics of the world where the show takes place are different with some very strange elements like rocks that become lighter than air when heated, or crystals that are formed within dragon bodies that are an excellent sources of energy etc..
Also, the mechs are based on salvaged technology of a much older civilization that perished, and also electricity and guns ARE a thing in the world, just not entirely common.

There is also a massive mothership of a robot civilization that freely jumps between dimensions, the world is literally an invisible moon of Earth and also Isac Newton is the main fucking villain of the show.

You know, it's a fucking FANTASY, they can make up whatever fucking shit they want.

break blade is pretty good and the music a great as well

and i like main character and his back story too

Sci-fi any day of the week. Fantasy is annoying.

I don't even care, Giant robots are dumb and impacticle anyway.

A tank would be much better.

>didn't explain shit about the Gauna
Fuck you
Explaining them will fucking destroy the mistery and probably turn them into ME tier
the ending was awful though

i admit i liked he choosed the 50 foot monster girl OUR SIZE DIFFERENCE IS ONLY 28.5 METERS

tanks can't transform into a supersonic aircraft like the escaflowne can

>I don't even care,
Clearly you do. Also, you might be legitimately autistic.

>he chose best waifu
oh good.her design is what made me check the anime out in the first place

I really like low fantasy.
I despise science-fantasy, it's so fucking boring to me for some reason. It's a setting that always creates plots revolving around stupid bullshit rather than human drama. Also magic vs tech with one being the obvious bad guy is really tired.

eh i liked it

There was a time when tanks were impractical.

> stirring things up mentioning tanks

>muh pseudoscientific deconstruction-of-the-mecha-genre show that's actually just harem


How is it not mecha they literally pilot giant fucking robotic suits I'm so mad

They control a giant monster in a suit.

>Digital Devil Story
>Sci-fi doesn't apply

Alternate history.

Well, the blurays ARE released now. What's their excuse?

I miss 2009 I still had hope then

It's a monster that looks and acts like a giant robotic suit

I can't into fantasy sadly, its like my brain was activationg the "bullshit" signal every time I see something remotely magical in a game.

my biggest gripe with science vs magic is that it feels like they would be immediately combined to make giant crystal powered robots shooting magic missile guns


It's either that or magical girls (Nanoha, Fate, etc.), user. Both are extremely destructive.

As long as there are robots, I'm game.

I love science fiction but I fucking hate that everything is so pretentious.

We have cool fantasy games like Dragon Quest that are not generic tolkien-esque stories but everything on scifi is "too mature for you" like Mass Effect.

The only thing that's close to something not generic is SMT. But I wouldn't mind a cRPG like Fallout 2 with wh40k.

The idea that scientists would get pissy over magic and hate it is a silly one, scientists would love magic and would study the shit out of it, and then we'd end up with magitech.

These anons know what's up.

I like sci-fi more than fantasy but they're both cool. Don't know much about science fantasy but Shadowrun's pretty neato.

What is this? Looks like Scryed with a loli pilot

here's another on like that



Fuck mechs. Just give me a good Fighter, and I'm good to go.

>countless settings and stories, incredible variation
>90% is just ripping off tolkien, basically always just boils down to "band of heroes defeat evil"

I have never played a mech game before in my life

Is there one that lets me make Metal Gear Rex?

You're nothing looking that much, sci-fi can broken down to pew-pews

Not really. Metal Gears are pretty unique in their retarded designs. Especially RAY and REX.

Does time-travel shenanigans causing a gradual Lovecraftian invasion count as Science-Fantasy or is Science-Horror a thing? Steins;Gate and Alien: Isolation are two of my favorite games of the past decade.

Sci-fi is mostly mechs, starwars and star trek
I mean mass effect is basically star trek with more pew pew and dinosaur people.

Fighter jets in space are even dumber than robots in space.

Which do you prefer: Super robots or Real robots?

>is Science-Horror a thing
it's very much a thing

Super robots, i kinda got burned out of Real robots due to most of them being Nazi wannabes vs democracy wannabe with some weird bullshit about MCs and rivals having way too much power

oh yeah, about mechas and stuff, some dude in /m/ mentioned a gundam thread over here a while ago, and how people shared some games with him and stuff

I just wanted to know if it's cool because I love gundam, have a mega folder full of shit and wanted to spread the love

>have a mega folder full of shit
Famalamb post that shit so I can copy it in my cloud.

Regalia. Everything about the show is complete trash except for the animation.



Do it senpai. I love gundam

kill yourself evafaggot

>not liking lolibot onee-samas

I'm ok with lolibot but Regalia was shit, famalam.

How so? We're only 4 episodes in.

how the fuck does hirai keeps getting hired

Jesus Christ that hiraiface.

i dunno but i hate his designs especially SEED's

That scene is sorta ruined by how the music is better than the action and how low it is in the mix.



knock yourselves out.

also , if you have stuff of your own, feel free to share.

It's directed by the director of Comet Lucifer, that should tell you everything you need to know.

Thanks, mate

no problemo, dude. hope you like g gen, because it's what I have the most.

Fuck yeah I do, I'm playing Wars right now. I'm ready to hit Spirits as well.

>Be writefag
>Have an idea for a series where mechs are actually organic and grown in labs
>See people arguing in this thread about Evangelion
>Never seen Eva before
>Look it up
>Mechs are organic
>No way I can write my story without people saying I'm ripping off Eva
Well damn. I didn't think my idea was original, but I didn't think it was the plot of the most popular mech series either.

Sci-fi all the way.

Sci-fantasy can be good too, but I prefer sci-fi.

Make it like the pilots suffer the same damage as the organic mech. Then you'll be ripping off Fafner instead

as long it's good, people don't give a slightest fuck if you ripped off something or not
also it's literally impossible to be original anyway. Way too much media exist - someone will say that you ripped off something regardless what you create.

What are some good sci-fantasy games?

other than Shadowrun

tfw no Escaflowne game

Director for Comet Lucifer is Kikuchi Yasuhito. Regalia is directed by Tosaka Shin.

Also that's not an argument anyway.

holy shit, I used the Frieden II as well. such a great ship.

to be honest, this whole thing started with the g gen folder after I couldn't find a wii rom for wars anywhere. I had the ps2 rom for it, and also a few other g gen roms, so I thought: 'why the fuck not?'

>Have an idea for a series where mechs are actually organic
>realize you are an organic mech yourself

Hmm, my mistake then, I thought it was directed by Yasuhito and merely written by the Infinite Stratos 2 guy.

Either way the characters and plot are painfully boring.


>don't watch the back blast
>Sun Tzu calls you an idiot
>watch the back blast
>friends call you a retard
There's just no fucking winning, is there?

Eva is not the first or last story about organic mechs. Nobody will give a fuck.
In reality, Eva is really remembered for it's focus on mental damage of the mostly children characters, odd religious and post apocalyptic imagery, fucked up intersocial relationships and weird mix of east-asian philosophy with Jungian psychology.

You might want to avoid those and people won't really be all that reminded of evangelion in your work.

I get the feeling while playing it that they wanted to put literally fucking everything in the game regardless of whether or not it fit, and the end result was a great game with such a chaotic mess of a plot that everything had to be fucking explained in a book. Still a lot of fun though.


I dunno, they're pretty cute and serviceable for a super robot show

The big reveal is apparently in the 6th episode though the PV is kinda spoiler-ish



>that design
That's just the worst.

>not liking Haken

Good thing you added the Wii version of Wars and World because those run with better frame rate than the PS2 versions.

Clusterfuck of a Gespenst.

Fantasy alone is shit.
Sci-fi alone can be good

Sci-fantasy is great

How can you be so wrong?

>not liking gespesnts

>have a mech
>have a dragon
i think we all know the answer

>not having a dragon mech

just have mecha godzilla

Yeah, mech.


>le Hirai face meme

How to spot non-mecha fans 101.

at first I downloaded the ps2 versions because that's what I had. a few years after that, I got a wii and after I modded it, I went looking for wars and world's roms. world's was easy to find, but I couldn't find wars' anywhere, and when I found it, it was a 5+ year rar in 3 parts, one of them with a broken link.

I had given up hope when some dude sent me a mega link for the rom.

at some point I decided to put up together a g gen folder, and since I had other gundam games laying around, I thought I'd just upload them.

to be honest, I made a thread on /m/ first, but nobody cared or noticed, then the other day some dude mentioned people over here got him g gen f and true odyssey's roms, so I've been meaning to make a gundam thread to share my folder ever since, except I wasn't sure if it was okay to just dump a link for it here and stuff

I wish there was more stuff like the this, Gunparade March or MuvLuv VNs. I don't mind stupid romantic subplots, harems or "charatur building" as long as they don't forget to constantly remind the reader or viewer about how miserable everything fucking is and how humanity is ultimately fucked. My biggest gripe with Sidonia's second season is that they shifter the perspective from that a bit too much and that's a no-no in my book.

I like both
although i like magic a bit more, scifi's cool

They're really good. Especially Nylund's stuff, but his are more militaristic in nature with a sci-fi setting.

Probably /m/ already played those and don't care about it anymore. Just share it when a Gundam/mecha thread pop up on Cred Forums, there will always be somebody who's new to gundam and wanna try those.

Niggas doesn't know that MJP and Fafner are cool shit

Phantasy Star IV
Is there any good sci-fi RPGs?

Reminder that the money that would have gone to Big 0 Season 3 went to Tim and Eric.

I like them all, but science-fantasy has gotta be my favourite.
If Outlaw Star had giant mechs, it'd be my GOAT setting.

Also, for any of you Gundamfags that may not know; there's a G Gen Overworld translation project going on, and it seems to be getting pretty close to completion.

>you have to like this horrible dead fish sameface in order to like the robots of that anime
Nigga, fuck right off.



that thing is surprisingly good for what it is

Whatever you say Gainaxfag. You can pretend you like mecha all you want but at the end of the day you only care about how PWETTY SPARKLY everything looks.

>it seems to be getting pretty close to completion.
everything seems close in comparison to 65%


>if you don't like pic related you hate mecha
Nigga, fuck right off.

who exactly are the "enemies" in these games?

Silly goose, Gundam SEED is not good but Hirai's other works are almost always enjoyable.

You are allowing one bad apple to spoil the bunch.
You are also a faggot who lets style come over storytelling.

Would you shit on Go Nagai or Osuma Tezuka or Akira Toriyama because they adopted simple same facish styles for their stories?

You are a faggot. Reeking of Gainax wank and seasonal waifus There's a reason Gainax died. Because they couldn't tell a good story to save their life and relied entirely on their animation style and throwing money down the drain and hoping it'd be enough

Psycho Haros

This is like the ultimate bait picture.

Evangelion is not mecha. The Eva's aren't mechs. They're man-made angels, with a human soul inside of them. Which is why only specific kids who've lost their mother's can pilot them. The Pilot has little to no control over them. If the Eva so desires, it can and will (see episode 19) break free of its restraints.

If the giant are mecha, then so is Cyborg from Teen Titans.

An example of real mecha is Gundam, or Patlabor.

You are acting way way too defensive about shitty Hiraifaces user. I don't hate MJP or Fafner, on the contrary I'll even say MJP is the best CGI mecha around. I just don't like fishfaces.

>real mecha is Gundam
Gundams are super robots, user

>Better than Fafner

You just keep proving your poor taste. They're both good though and I can't wait for the new MJP episode

it's a tie between mecha and steampunk mech for me

is there any steampunk mech game?

Try watching the End of Eva. He's literally useless there.

His mom is doing all the work

reminder that genreshit is bad and that you should feel bad for liking it.
love, /lit/

pic related and Sakura Taisen series I guess

>science fantasy

Does Awesomenauts count? That's got a lot of fantasy shit retooled into a futuristic theme. There's a paladin (pic), a shaman, an RPG-style monk, and a fire-breathing dragon at the very least. And some historical cliches like cowboys, Soviet Russia Planet Russia, known today as "The Moon", and the mafia.

>whore sucking a robodick right on the cover
how did they get away with this

Been playing Xenosaga II recently. I love the mech shit even though everything else is kind of meh. Battle system is top tier though.

Let it go user. The wild ride isn't for everyone


So you wouldn't say "literally" then, would you?

This is something that you have to accept if you want to be a writer. NO story is original. If you've had an idea for a story, you can be completely sure someone else has had that idea before (hell, it's almost guaranteed that if it's sci-fi, Phillip K Dick has made a story about it already). What's important is what you make with it, how you develope it, how you design the characters, the pacing, the conclusion, etc.

After all, originality and imagination were never about "creation" but simply "distortion". Imagination is the ability to take your experiences and mix them and twist them with others, and then, perhaps you may have something that could be considered "original".

A good story doesn't come from a good idea, comes from a good execution of a good idea.

demons were cool
everything else was hot garbage

Post best Gundams

I used to think I hated both, because when I thought of Sci-Fi I thought of corny shit like Star Trek, but as time has gone on I have realized that almost everything I like falls into the Sci-Fi category.
Fantasy will always be shit to me so long as the genre remains "dude Tolkien lmao", hardly any are fantastical at all, it's almost universally the same set of races and monsters set in pseudo-medieval times.


Black Story Turn A

>darkest of days


>being scared of getting accused of ripping something off
>not stealing like an artist

> tfw just found out the turn a was designed my a murrican

what a sick sad world we live in


Worst trope is
>hurr durr technology and human civilization is bad nature and magic is much better
The worst thing is it is present in every movie where these two themes meet

took me awhile to realize that Sunrise Eiyuutan 3 is name of the game when I tried to figure out what this suit is from
I need to learn a lot

sorry read it wrong

the first design for the new gundam was rejected by tomino but then he used it as an antagonist mobile suit instead

t. someone who only reads dramas and non-fiction


I'm kind of tired of medieval fantasy settings and tend to fly towards either sci-if or sci-fantasy lately, but I don't say no to good old wizards&dragons stuff.

Guilty Gear

is reconguista in G any good?

i just read a spoiler that "a thing" from turn A is in it and it piqued my interest


Holy fuck I hate evangelion
>dude muh budget restraints
>muh frames on screen for minutes we couldn't pad it out any better
>muh last two episodes are clipshow mishmash
>muh style over substance
If you want good mecha anime look at the stuff Anno horribly aped not the stuff he made.


the best part is how naive it comes across
>Why would you want guns and cars? They're gross and hurt the planet! Just be a wizard instead.

Technophobia will never go away because it bolsters the confidence of people that are too stupid to understand computers by letting them feel like their ignorance represents some sort of moral high ground.

>Burger King Blast
I fucking love this crazy shit.

I like them both.
Some days fantasy, others sci fi.
Although, I really have been into Scifi of late thanks to Elite Dangerous.
For while lot of nothing, I'm enjoying just jumping around visiting nebulae.

>mfw I'll never cruise the galaxy in my stars and bars covered Cobra

wtf i hate eva now

what thing? I don't remember anything, to be honest.

and yeah, it's okay. just don't go expecting another turn a.

Magic is just science we don't understand.

I used to think Sci-fi. But CoD made me realize I hate Sci-fi.


Real robots. Votoms, SDF Macross, 08th ms team. More realistic, the better. Real shame that anything realistic after 2005 has been all absolute shit. The japanese have lost touch with what real war is, and all their stuff is second hand or pure fabrications of what war is.

They need to be nuked a third time to remember. To remember that war... war never changes.

don't cut yourself with your edginess

Science Fantasy is by far the worst out of the three and Final Fantasy beat it to the ground.

>Missing the entire point

I thought a picture spoke a thousand words but words don't seem to work on the retarded.

Nigga that ain't much of a harem.

Redhead bitch shows first selfless compassionate feelings of her life in the last 5 seconds of the movie and is disgusted by them.

Mom-Clone Doll becomes a god of existential self-actualization and fucks off to space.

And they don't even fight each other for him

08th ms team was power of love bullshit.
Votoms is great though. Check out the other stuff Takahashi directod like Dougram and Layzner.

fantasy > sci-fantasy >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> literal dogshit>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> literally mcliteral garbage >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> sci-fi

You're forgetting FLAG and Gasaraki.

Are there any other fantasy mecha video games out there?


muh Tolkien

but all those things are literary garbage

>Fiction is for losers I only read philosophy and history

nobody said that
Stop making baseless assumptions about other people.

why SEED exists?

> technophobia

you mean luddites?

At the end of the day, the greatest tech is indistinguishable from magic.
So Science-Fantasy.

To learn from past mistakes.

what would you like to see in a game where you control the mech from the cockpit with manual levers and cranks?

That too.

Because they had a bunch of great designs, and instead of spreading them out over multiple series they needed to blow them all at once on a horrible show.

> tfw i've been using the term luddite wrong for all these years

Are we all in agreement that Warhammer 40k is neither fantasy nor or science fiction but rather a stunted abortion of both?

Wait, isn't this that game where you play as not! Trump and build a wall to keep out the immigrants?

I'll take all three, providing the underlying games are good.
No point in having a cool setting if it's no fun to play.


I felt like the basic concept of tower defense would quickly get stale without some sort of culminating point to the levels so I went on to make giant mech fights ala Goemon's Great Adventure:

Sounds like a good idea for a Super Robot game.

I'd kill for a DCS style sim set in UC Gundam. So probably like Gundam Side Story 2.0

>Minority vacuum
This is fucking beautiful. Every time I see this game, you're bringing new shit to the table and I love it.

Science Fantasy in dieselpunk style


I mean yeah it's not necessary, but goddam is it cool.

Do you take meds for this kind of autism?

>Dystopian with a tech cap of mid-1900s
If anything, I'd prefer a RTS FPS hybrid in the vein of Nuclear Dawn and the Natural Selection games.
>A Commander leads the growth and development of each Kingdom while ground troops include several player-controlled entities
>Magic-side has the potential to get the most powerful shit available to them really early, but have to sacrifice leaving a massive weakness in their other positions for a while until they can patch it up, FPS units include various types of spellslingers, wand and staff users alike, battlemages, healers, and Summoners
>Tech side starts in Medieval grade with pure melees sans heavy artillery and is more well-rounded
>As it advances from Medieval to Classical to Steampunk, Dieselpunk, modern, Atompunk, their gear gets more varied and powerful, gaining a wide array of ranged weaponry heavy and light
>Game over when either side's main base is overrun

>tfw bought the GameMaker Studio humble bundle just so I could make my own mecha games
Going for an SRPG first; do you guys think it's fine to go with the older SRW/G Gen style with icons on the map, or should I try and learn how to make an isometric one with full sprites instead?

Start simple and classic. Fun is more important that visuals.

I really don't like Gate, it's something made exclusively for a Japanese audience.

Alright, thanks.


>Star Wars
>Science fiction

Star Wars doesn't even come close to Dune

I had no problem with that aspect of the show, it would be mostly the same no matter which first world country was in that scenario. But it raises the completely unanswered question of "why aren't there any magic users in the enemy armies?"

Also the hot springs shootout was buttfucking retarded and feels like pure wish fulfillment conceived by a twelve year old with something to prove. I love me some slapstick fiascoes, but the whole setup was completely out of place in a series that tries to have semi-serious politics. The author tries to have it both ways and it smells of poor writing.

I don't think he tried to imply they do.